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Pre-Apprenticeship Training program

Building construction is a dangerous occupation. Even many professionals are injured. As a preApprenticeship Training Student, we ask it ut utt stuaents accept full responsftrility for their own SAfCtY. PLEASE READ Ar,r


Th i sa g r eementandrrv aj v :l g li* , * 1 3 , 2 0 1 0 in f a v o r o f B r o o k | y n Un it e d forInnovative Development, Local a non-for-profit organizationlocateo Hudson at4g5 Avenue, Brooklyn New York' 11201 well orbin's as as Green Machine consiruction & Remodeling, New york. Inc. of _--' I request authorization for myself participate unpaid to in an internship purposes hands for of on experience to engage activities in retated to'consiruciion At notime i b, .*p..ting wo*. witt additional stipendswages services or for provided. I understand thisRelease that --' discharges andorbin,s BUILD Green Machine Construction & Remodeling from.any Inc' liability claim tie | ilt;; or that against BUTLD orbin,s or Green Machine construction & Remodelingwitn Inc. resfect any.bodily personal illness, to inJui, injury, death, property or damage may that result myactivitifs from caused th6n.!tigrn.e BUILD orbin,s by of or Green Machine construction & Remodeling.lnc. assumeJhe of injury harm i neroy risk o, intheactivity release and BUILD and orbin's Green Big Machine constiuction & Remodeling, in. from liability injury, all for illness, or death property damage resulting theactivities. from to -_-' I agree comply allsafety code and with dress rules regulations forparticipation onworksite by state laws' Failure comply result notn.irg uldrld participate'-in-tne required to wili in to hands learning on environment. I have informed activities been the --' included work behazardous, inthe may including not but limited to construction, and loading unloading ofmaterials, transportaiion from work and toand the site. grant convey BUIL-Dright, and -_-' I hereby and unto all tifle, interestany allphotographic in and images and video audio or recordings byBUrLD made durin[ iiro.nt tn, Activities BUILD, with including, notlimited but to,-any ;il[i.;, proceeds, or other benefits derived from photographs such orrecordings.

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