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You can effortlessly send turns back and forth via email. 1 . And once the game starts. Big Bang Board Games recognizes this and becomes part of their Mac OS X experience. and your iTunes playlists is just what you’d hope to find. Casual games are not best played full screen. The Big Bang Board games lets you enjoy a casual game within the context of all the great iApps that make using Mac OS X such a pleasure. iSight. the tight integration into Apple’s Address Book. invite your IM buddy to a match from within the game itself or just scan your local network–it’s never been this easy.Big Bang Board Games and the Macintosh At the core of Big Bang Board Games is the use of Apple technology and the iApps. or iChatting or doing a bit of email. People like to play them while surfing.

and when you click Invite your friend will be sent your game key. and they’ll automatically join your game. you will see some of your available buddies displayed at the bottom of the main window. if iChat is running. 2 . They simply need to accept the key file.You can click the up and down arrows near them to scroll through the list. Multiplayer via e-mail . On the pane that asks which side you’d like to play.just click the Solo button at the top of the main window. move your mouse over their icon and click Invite if they already have the game and Share. you will have a chance to add comments. if they don’t.For Bonjour LAN play.When you find a buddy you’d like to play against. Multiplayer via Bonjour . click the “Network” button.Finding/Starting a Game There are multiple ways you can start a game once you have launched the Big Bang Board Game: Solo Game .Big Bang Games can be played by e-mail! Clicking the e-mail button at the top of the screen will start a new game and give you a chance to name it and enter an opponent’s email address. Clicking this button will enable two people to play at the same computer. After you finish a turn. and a new solo Big Bang Board Game will begin. and the game will automatically form an email to send the game file to your opponent. When you click Share.when you start the application. double click it. Multiplayer via iChat . there is also a Hot Seat button. a copy of that specific game will be sent to them via iChat.

this slider controls the amount of “bounce” the pieces have when they move. a single click will pick up or put down pieces. Each game has it’s own unique preferences.this slider controls the ability of the computer in single player games. this option will highlight places that piece can move. your opponent will use a chat bubble. check this box. 3 . Show previous moves . Show legal moves .when you pick up a piece.when enabled. Graphics Quality .when enabled. instead of sound.if you don’t want to end up playing multiple games at once. Use fantasy game pieces .uses a larger game board size for new games. disappearing at the cutoff specified here. Artificial Intelligence .this slider controls the amount of graphical effects the game uses.this slider limits the number of moves shown on the board. Use sticky piece movement . to talk to you. Previous moves will be shown with a series of arrows that grow more transparent as the game progresses.Preferences There are a whole range of preferences you can set under the Preferences menu item. Close current game before starting a new game .select between beautiful fantasy pieces or traditional game pieces. No more dragging! Display AI chat speech as text . Bounce Pieces . Here’s a brief explanation of each one: General Maximize new game windows . allowing you to taylor each game to your liking.

If you are behind a firewall or have a special network setup. 4 . keeping your downloads folder nice and tidy. Share my email with opponents . Automatically launch iChat . but you can feel free to change it. Share my iChat handle with opponents .. if you don’t want to automatically use the Big Bang Proxy Server hosted by Freeverse. Automatically quit when I finish my turn .this option will automatically delete received game keys.if you open a Play By Email game. Store past opponents in Address Book . the iChat integration will be turned on. Mail Automatically store all Play By Email files in my Documents store your email games in your Documents folder by default. this option will automatically close the application when you’re done. . you may need to enter your external IP address and a port you’d like to host on here.iChat will be launched when you start your Big Bang Game if it is not already.will send your email address to opponents you play against for their records. saving you a step.Address Book The name field and icon will auto-fill with information from your address book.. Delete key files upon use . iChat iChat Buddies Enabled . Use this email address.when enabled.choose the email address you use for the purpose of Play-By-Email games.will store any information your opponents send you in your Address Book.will send your iChat handle to opponents for their records.

When checked. If you choose iTunes. and finally the option to Toggle the chat pane during network games. you can send images to your opponent simply by choosing the camera “emoticon” that appears when you roll the mouse over your character (either Sun or Moon).if you select Game Music. Under the Window menu.. respectively.select the radio button for how you’d like to be serenaded mid-game. Block Opponents from sharing their picture . Menu Items Under the Game’s menu. and the music.. or splash screen to the foreground. you will not receive any video images from your opponent. you will fine shortcuts for bringing the title window. the “Switch To. 5 .iTunes The three sliders at the top control the volume levels of the sound effects. iSight If you have a web cam plugged into your computer. the GameSmith window if you’re playing online via GameSmith.” menu item allows you to switch to other Big Bang games directly without having to find and launch them from the Finder. Listen to Game Music / iTunes Playlist / No Music . the vocal comments. you may select a playlist from the popup menu below. Mute game music when iTunes is playing . this option will automatically disable the in-game music if it detects you playing iTunes.

Big Bang 4-In-A-Row Object: Connect game pieces of your color so that a row of 4 game pieces is made. but it can be maddeningly difficult! Strategy: Getting three pieces in a row with no blocks on either side is a guaranteed win. with X going first. This ends your turn. 6 . or diagonal. Rows may be vertical. Should no player make a four-piece row by the time the entire board is full. Each player places a marker only once during a turn. The first player to do so wins. Strategy Remember that there are eight possible ways to get three in a row once you have the middle. click on any empty space directly above a space already filled. How to play Play alternates. horizontal. Big Bang Tic Tac Toe Object: Place three of your markers in a row. It may seem simple to see a line of four. but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to win. How to play: On your turn. the match ends in a draw. Try to maximize your chances at making these while not allowing your opponent to do the same.

then that hit piece is placed on the center strip of the board. How to Play: The beginning: Players have dice that match the color of their pieces. Whenever a player has a piece or pieces on the bar. To begin each player rolls a single die. Special Circumstances: If a piece lands on a single opponent piece. The higher roll goes first and that initial roll is also used by the winning player as their first roll of the game. “bear them off. If you roll doubles. Each die needs to be handled separately when moving. and you may “overshoot” to use a larger roll then necessary to move a piece into the repository. and the spaces 2 and 3 in front of your piece each is filled with multiple opponent pieces (so you can’t move there). 7 . and then off the board. before they can make any other move they must get their pieces off the bar. you play your move as if you had four dice of that amount instead of two. This is accomplished by using a number rolled to move your piece from the Bar onto your opponent’s home quadrant. The player moves their piece(s) forward.” for game play purposes the piece repository is considered to be one past the edge of the board. if you roll a 2 and a 3. you are not allowed to combine them to “jump” your piece 5 spaces ahead.Big Bang Backgammon Object: Move all of your checkers into your home quadrant. the bar. they may then “bear them off. For example.” The first player to bear off all pieces wins the game. Once a player has all of their pieces in their home quadrant. one space (“pip”) per number rolled with the following conditions: A piece may only move to a space that is not occupied by two or more of the opponent’s pieces.

Pieces may never jump over pieces of the same color. or “jump” an opposing piece in an adjacent diagonal square by landing in the unoccupied square immediately afterward. so know when to stop trying to hinder your opponent and just get all your pieces off the board as quick as possible. they may make the capture in the manner that they prefer and are not required to choose a sequence of jumps that result in more jumps than the sequence they chose. or by blocking his/her pieces so that they can not be moved. Strategy: The four back rows are unjumpable so it’s good to keep your pieces there as long as possible. On the next move. Good luck! 8 . it must be completed. (Odds are when you hit your opponent you will end up leaving that piece exposed to be hit in the subsequent turn. Any pieces which have been jumped are removed from the board. a King piece gains the ability to move in any diagonal direction (rather than the forward ones). Realize that at a certain point the game is just a horse race. Men may only jump forward.Strategy: It is much better to send your opponents pieces to the Bar when they are in your enemy’s home quadrant where they are sent the maximum distance back.) If possible. If nobody can do this. Try to trigger movement in the opponent’s ranks by sacrificing checkers. However. Do this by either capturing all of his/ her checkers. Any piece that makes it to the opponent’s back row becomes a King piece. Players MUST make captures whenever they are able to. thereby making it more difficult for your opponent to get off the Bar. a player must either move a piece into an adjacent diagonal unoccupied square. the game ends in a draw. fill as many pips as you can in your home quadrant with more than two pieces. Once a sequence is chosen. On a turn. Subsequent jumps are allowable so long as the piece encounters opposing pieces with unoccupied squares behind them. How to Play: Checkers (“men”) may only move in a forward diagonal direction. and you risk being sent the least distance. Big Bang Checkers (Draughts) Object: Prevent the opponent from being able to move.

Each piece has its own legal ways of movement. Knights can move two squares in one direction. it never actually meets the pieces it jumps over).A pawn may move one square at a time.Big Bang Chess Object: To win at Chess. with the exception of a move to capture. A Rook can also be moved on the same turn as a king. and has no legal moves that would make the king safe. you must trap your opponent’s king so that he is threatened. but only if the king is Castling (see “special rules” below). Also. (if not. This is called a “checkmate”. Each player takes turns moving one piece. Legal Moves Pawn .Shaped like a horse. just rotate the board!) White always goes first. A good way to visualize the sphere of 9 . Pawns may only move directly forward. Rooks can not move diagonally. It can move in a straight line in any column or row. which may be two squares. since it does not move in a straight line. Rook . the lighter squares should be in the lower right corner of the board. Ending a legal move on a square occupied by an opponent’s piece is called a “capture”. No piece may move over or through any other pieces. because the opponent’s piece must be removed from the board. If you decide to play on a chessboard. How to Play Pieces are arranged on the board automatically by the computer. followed by one square in a perpendicular direction in a single move. Knight . the rook is one of the most powerful pieces in Chess. note that the Queen always takes her own color when arranging the back row. or on a space occupied by an opponent’s piece. the Knight is the only piece on the board that may jump over other pieces (Or arguably. which must be a forward diagonal move of one square. with the exception of the Knight. followed by black.Shaped like a castle. though this leaves the pawn vulnerable to “en passant” capture for a single move only (see “special rules” below). Moves can end either on a vacant space. with the exception of its first move.

the game is also a stalemate. or by moving another piece to eliminate the threat to the King.Each side has only one King. because it can move horizontally. the computer will make sure you make legal moves).If the King is not in check. The opponent’s next maneuver must cause the king to no longer be threatened. Kings can move one square in any direction (unless they are castling. because his entrapment ends the game.a pawn that reaches the last row on the other side of the board may be promoted to a knight. Queen . En passant capture . But in order for this to happen. the game is over. it’s the most powerful piece on the board. it’s important to keep it safe.When a King in check can not do anything to remove the threat. Special Rules Check . Also. see “special rules” below. vertically. Promotion . rook. Stalemate . the bishop is like a rook. by either moving the King out of harm’s way. the game is a tie. if there are not enough pieces on the board to allow a checkmate to ever occur. 10 . bishop. but aren’t more than 2 squares from the knight to be legal moves.when a King is threatened by an opposing piece. but a player’s only legal move is to move the King into check. instead of horizontally and vertically. “en passant” by landing on the space immediately behind the pawn (or. King .Starting next to the knight. but it can only move diagonally. The winner is the player who trapped the opponent’s king. or queen.probably one of the most obscure things you’ll never have to learn about Chess.Each side has only one Queen. (of course. When a pawn moves two squares forward.the knight’s movements is to consider the squares of the opposite color that aren’t next to the night. and the rook from that side may move to the square that the king moved through.The King may move two squares to the side. Bishop . Castling . Checkmate . when castling.) A king may not move onto any square where he may be threatened by an opposing piece. he is “in check”. and the King may not be in check. or travel through or into check. there may be no pieces obstructing either the king or the rook. or diagonally. as if the pawn had only moved one square). any piece may capture the pawn in passing.

All surrounded pieces become your color. but never deposit wisps into the opponent’s Mancala. Corners are impossible to surround so try to seize them! 12 . and there are wisps in the opponent’s globe opposite. or diagonally. Black goes first. but instead. then you deposit a wisp. you must pass. Play ends when both players pass. If the last wisp deposited ends up in your Mancala. Strategy Do not think in terms of saving up your Will o’ The Wisps. How to Play In this version. in the small globes going counter-clockwise around the board. If the wisp lands in an empty globe on your side. (Like the bluebird of happiness!) Big Bang Reversi Object Have the most pieces on the board with your own color. think more Zen-like. and depositing them. the bowls appear as horizontal glass globes with players facing each other over the rows. If a player ends up with no wisps on their side. since we’re in space and Gods. The players take turns picking up the stones (or in this case Will ‘o The Wisps) in one of the smaller globes on their side. To make a legal move. surround a chip or line(s) of chips horizontally. then all of the wisps in the opponent’s globes go to the opponent’s Mancala.Big Bang Mancala Object To have the most stones in your Mancala (the bowl at the right of the board) when there are no more stones in play. The more you give away the more comes back to you. both that wisp and the opponent’s wisps in that globe go into your Mancala. larger globes (Mancalas) on either side. If you pass your own Mancala. Strategy In the beginning of the game try to stay as close to the center of the board as possible. The closest row and the Mancala bowl to the right belongs to you. you get to take another turn. or when the board is full. How to Play Play alternates. one at a time. vertically. If you can not surround any chips.

13 .com/bbbg/ Visit for a complete listing of game rules. updates and demos. but realize depending on your network connections and firewall it may not be possible for us to address your specific issue. If you exerience problems please check our message boards and FAQ. 7 days a week Freeverse message board: http://forum.freeverse. Additionally.com/ Discuss classic and upcoming Freeverse titles If the game runs slowly. reduce the window size by click and holding down on the lower right corner and drag the window smaller. Internet play involves many variables outside of our control. Freeverse support webpage: http://www. under preferences.freeverse. reduce Graphics Complexity under the General preference pane.Technical Support/Help Big Bang Board Games webpage: http://www.freeverse.com/support/ Access online technical support 24 hours a day.

“Big Bang Board Games”. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. iTunes. 14 . Bonjour. iChat. iSight. Feline Entertainment 2D Art Steven Tzé and Chris Paretti Additional Programming Dan Gelder Music Andrew Tokuda.app. Programming. their names and icons are copyright Apple Computer. Jared Smith Big Bang Board Games are ©2005 by Freeverse. inc. the “Luna” and “Sol” voices and distinctive likenesses are trademarked by Freeverse. 3rd Light Digital Media Dori Eggan Text Dan Dickinson and Freeverse Staff Universal Binary Testing Mark Levin Voice Talent Joanna Oltman Smith. Mail.CREDITS Producers Ian Lynch Smith & Colin Lynch Smith Design. Andrew Tokuda. inc. 3D Art Rocco Bowling. Used Descriptively.

g. or portion thereof.You may not network the Software or otherwise use it or make it available for use on more than one computer at the same time. and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect..You may not rent or lease the Software. New York. you must treat the Software like any other copyrighted material (e. The Software is owned by Freeverse Software and is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. a book or musical recording). Under no circumstances shall Freeverse Software be liable for any incidental. or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subdivision (b)(3)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause as 252. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT.YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. your right to use this Software terminates automatically and you must then destroy all copies of the Software in your possession.Software License Agreement This is a legal agreement between you and Freeverse Software. DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE AND DESTROY ALL COPIES IN YOUR POSSESSION. reverse engineer. including. Phone (212) 929-3549. In no event shall Freeverse Software’s liability exceed the license fee paid. if any. even if Freeverse Software has been advised of the possibility of such damages.227-7013.. or disassemble the Software. decompile. expressed or implied. The Software and its related documentation are provided “AS IS” and without warranty of any kind and Freeverse Software expressly disclaims all other warranties. that provision of the Agreement shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to effect the intent of the parties. inc. Therefore. Be sure to read the following agreement before using the Software. nor may you modify. duplication. special. 15 . If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of the Agreement. 24th Street. to be unenforceable. Big Bang Board Games are ©2005 by Freeverse. Inc. but not limited to. BY USING THE SOFTWARE (REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED THE SOFTWARE OR NOT). or consequential damages that result from the use or inablility to use the Software or related documentation. Manufacturer is Freeverse Software. adapt. the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. covering your use of the Big Bang Board Games (the “Software”). 447 W. United States of America. Inc. The Software and documentation is provided with RESTRICTED RIGHTS. Freeverse Software reserves the right to make modifications or improvements to the Software at any time and without notice. Paying the license fee allows you the right to use one copy of the Software on a single computer. If you violate any part of this agreement. Use. translate. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York. NY 10011.

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