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Do I Really Need to Write?

Do I Really Need to Write?

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Published by Aniruddha Sastikar
I write; I write; I write...
I write; I write; I write...

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Published by: Aniruddha Sastikar on Nov 16, 2011
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I write; I write; I write, Sometimes I ask myself, "Do I really need to? My mind has questions, "Am I trying to show I am a good at it?

" Or "What do I or others get out of it?" Is there a real need to write something...? I observe, I come across, I feel about, about my dreams, my memoirs, about people, their aspirations, their hopes, their dreams, Or about many other things which I or they imagine out of this world....? The answer is a big "YES". Instincts from deep within, push me to pen down, what I see, I feel, I touch, a child's innocent smile, the experiences behind a wrinkled face, the tall trees, the flowers, the birds, and all beings around me... The heart whispers to write, about the pains, the small happiness of Lord's beings, expand their brief laughs and contract their sad tears, things which touch my heart... I write; I write; I write, to express the Lord, to reach out beyond borders, to touch and enter hearts, and stay their forever. I write; I write; I write, to leave a legacy of words, for generations to come. I have to keep writing, before the Lord sends a final Welcome.

© AniruddhaSastikar. 2011.

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