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Christmas Carol - Before You Read Worksheet

Christmas Carol - Before You Read Worksheet

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Published by Kieran McGovern

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Published by: Kieran McGovern on Nov 16, 2011
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A Christmas Carol: Before Reading

a) Label this picture with the words below.

candle, accounts book, quill pen, gold coins, gloves b) Why do you think there are coins on the table?

c) Why do you think Scrooge is wearing gloves?

d) Which of the sentences do you think will be true? 1. The story happens in London in the 1840s. 2. It’s about a nice old gentleman. 3. The weather in the story is cold e)Which of these words do you not expect to read? cold, train, poor, sick, grave, goose, church, kind, charity, You can find the answers in Stave 1 of A Christmas Carol


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