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Course Outline_3rd Quarter_eng 2

Course Outline_3rd Quarter_eng 2

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Published by: Nicole Ann Rose Malapo on Nov 16, 2011
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English Department SY 2011-2012 Topics/Selection Orientation

Course Outline: ENGLISH II Activity Discuss • Evaluation of the 1st Quarter • Requirements for 3rd Quarter • Course Outline Lecture Group Activity (Quiz Bee – Game Show Format) Lecture

3rd QUARTER Dates Day 1 Remarks

Requirements/Outpu t

Idioms (Dictionary of Idioms and their Origins, page 56 – 66)

Quiz (25 points)

Day 2

Review on the Literature Terms

Quiz (30 points)

Day 3

Introduction to Chinese Literature Selection: The Analects of Confucius (pp. 4 and 5)

Group Reporting • Ask 2-3 students of their favorite proverb. Show a picture of Confucius then ask the students if they know who Confucius is.

Group 1: Written Report Quiz (20 points) Quiz (15 points) Assignment 1. Choose among the analects then draw a symbol for the analect passage. 2. Research on the life of Lao Tze

Day 4 Day 5

As a high school student. the teacher asks the students to share an experience similar to the pictures. “How will you prevent road mishaps?” Day 7 • . Vocabulary Building Quiz (15 points) Assignment 1. the needy. write a 1-page essay answering the question. Living for Others by Lao Tzu (p.• • Selection: Verses from Book of Tao: VII. (For You I Will by Monica) Assignment Check-up: Who is Lao Tze? Vocabulary Building Sharing Insights Motivation: Show a picture of road mishaps. After showing the pictures. 23) • Quiz (15 points) Assignment: 1. As a high school student. draw how you can live for others esp. 7) • Vocabulary Building Sharing Insights (p. Day 6 • • • Selection: A Little Incident by Lu Hsun (p.5) Listening Activity: Listen to a song related to the moral of the verse.

Given a haiku.• Introduction to Japanese Literature Selection: In The Grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (to be photocopied) Sharing Insights Group 2: Written Report Quiz (20 points) Quiz (15 points) Assignment: 1. Vocabulary Building Sharing Insights Day 14 . Day 8 Day 10 9- Group Reporting • • • Film Showing (Rashomon) Vocabulary Building Sharing Insights Selection: Haiku by Basho (p.48) Group Reporting • Quiz (15 points) Assignment: 1. Day 11 Day 12 Group 3: Written Report Quiz (20 points) Quiz (15 points) Assignment: Write a letter of appreciation to your best friend. Compare and contrast the text and the film. draw your understanding of the haiku. 46) Learning About Japanese Poetry Sample Tanka: Every Single Thing by Priest Saigyo (to be photocopied) Introduction to Korean Literature Motivation: Show a long poem and a short poem • Vocabulary Building • Sharing Insights • Lecture • Haiku Writing ( Exercise B. p. Day 13 Selection: The Crane by Hwang Sun-won • • • Motivation: Listen to a song.

and Drafts Project (Author Pamphlet. Language in Literature: Afro-Asian Literature (Revised Ed. Differentiate a sijo from a haiku Vocabulary Building Sharing Insights Day 15 Grading System: Quarterly Exam Quizzes Homework. After this activity.) 2. Oral Report) 100% 15% 10% 35% 30% 15% . Quiz Notebook 5. Recitation Card 4. Author Pamphlet and Group Report 3.Selection: Sijo 1 by Hwang Chin-I. Sijo 2 by Chung Cheol and Sijo 3 • • • • Requirements: 1. the teacher listens to 2-3 students on their sharing of their experiences with nature. Seatwork. Long Plastic Envelope Show the students a picture of a sandy beach and ask them how they feel whenever they walk barefoot on a sandy beach. Written Report) Participation (Recitation.

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