Tech (CST) EXAMINATION MODEL QUESTION PAPER ITCS1006 (D) DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING Maximum: 60 Marks Answer ONE question from each Unit All question carry equal mark Unit-I (1)What is histogram of digital image? Explain Histogram equalization with an Example.15M OR (2)(a)Explain about the basic relationships and distance measures between pixels in a digital image.8M (b)Explain about image sampling and quantization process.7M Unit-II (3)Discuss the following morphological operations with suitable examples. (a)Dilation (b) Erosion (c) Opening (d) Closing (e) Pruning 15M OR (4)What are filters? Explain spatial filters and frequency domain filters in detail 15M Unit-III (5)What is Image segmentation mention the characteristics of Segmentation. Also discuss any two segmentation techniques in detail.15M OR (6)Write about spatial domain and frequency domain models for enhancement of an image15M Unit-IV (7)(a)Explain the properties of the discrete cosine transform and slant transform.8M (b)Define image compression. Explain about the redundancies in a Digital image Explain about image compression models7M OR (8)(a)What are the different color models used in image processing? Explain in detail.7M (b)Explain about lossy predictive coding.8M 4 × 15 = 60M

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