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Published by: api-3699443 on Oct 18, 2008
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Microsoft, Apple and HP: those are few brands of various softwares and programs that surely enable every

individual to complete their paper works efficiently. With the programs they produce, together with the advanced technology around us, life becomes easier. Thus, the role of an employee goes simpler with computers. Tasks are simplified because computers do the complex segments of management systems in addition to the methods and forms of production. In other words, with a simple button-press, intricate works can be done easily. What is then the spirit of being a real manager if most processes are done in an automated way? As time passes, discoveries of scientific concepts arise in chorus with the difficulty of business systems because of the sudden expansion of trade coverage through increase in demand and integrated globalization. Computerization has been introduced in order to capably assist business dealings and to accurately check its financial position and performance in a fast and simple manner. Even decisional matters could be guided by a computer system. In line with this, do computers fully replace our managers? With the help of computers, there is a fast and precise recording of business transactions, proper handling of data gathered from those activities and objectification of decision-making process. However, are those advantages enough to consider it as a substitution to administrators? Consider the significance of a manager in a business. If a computer deals with objective information, those data are still insufficient to make decisions. With managers, subjective ideas would be considered in decision-making. Also, managers protect the business from improper handling of its computer-controlled facilities. Based on these sentiments, could managers be ever replaced by computers? Our society is improved through application of computers. However, managers still have a big responsibility in facilitating those activities that will surely improve our economic and social health, and a significance to the business even with regards to the multiple functions of computers that may replace them as administrators and officers of an organization. With proper human supervision, the advantages of a technology will be accompanied with guidance and care that would sum up with a full control tending the business into a more profitable one. This, together with the help of computers, will lead us to development and success. As an aspiring manager, how can we be more significant in managing a business considering the big importance of computers in administration and supervision?

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