Customer: PDO Attn: UIE / 22 Circulation to: PARSONS Said Al Shuely LTEM Job No. P.O. : 335 PAN No: E/002 Date: 28/01/2006 Project Title : C310707 – 132kV OHL REINFORCEMENT NORTH (EPC) Potential Change * Clarification * Query * Advice : YES /NO Work cannot proceed Client input needed Work will proceed Originator : Kunju Mohammed without Client input within 10 days unless otherwise advised Contractor : LTEM Subject: Creepage Distance for 132kV Circuit Breaker Insulators
The creepage available for Silicon rubber insulator is 5150mm, which is less than the required 5800mm as per C6 – 5.7 of the contract specifications. The manufacturer have already supplied this Switchgear with the above insulator in PDO in several other projects, and the slight reduction in creepage has been accepted by PDO in view of the better performance parameters of silicon rubber insulators. In view of above, We request PDO to accept silicon rubber insulator with 5150mm creepage for 132kV Breakers.

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Response Required by: 05/02/2006 Authorised: Date:

Circuit Breaker manufacturer’s (ABB) letter Customer Response:

Please respond to Telefax : 24590811 Approved – Proceed Not Approved Customer Representative

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Issue Date: 11/16/2011

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