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Post Exhibition Checklist Gateway

Post Exhibition Checklist Gateway

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Published by: Yasmin Castro on Nov 16, 2011
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Name: _______________________________________ Directions: Fill in the appropriate days and dates and then use the following checklist

to ensure that all your work is done for the trimester. Show Yasmin your completed work and have her initial each item. Task Personal Narrative Description Write a reflective piece on how well you did this trimester. First draft is due to Yasmin, typed and double-spaced one week after your exhibition date Create a list of assigned work that was on your learning plan/assignment log that you did not complete this trimester. Present this list at the end of your exhibition; your work is due 10 days (including weekends/holidays) after your exhibition presentation (see the back of this sheet) Present the work that you have done this trimester. Be sure to answer three questions: What did you do? What did you learn? What evidence do you have? Write a letter that reflects upon the feedback you received at your exhibition. You need to make sure you incorporate your panels feedback by answering the following questions: o How did your exhibition go? What went well? o What will your work on for next time? (Which areas do you need to improve?) o What is your plan to improve these areas? We will have a learning plan meeting immediately after your exhibition. Take notes at the meeting and use them to create your plan for 2nd trimester Write a journal entry for each week of exhibitions. What did you learn about exhibitions that you can use to make your exhibition better? How did your exhibition go? What will you change next time? Once you get your feedback from Yasmin, finalize your narrative Use that list that you created of unfinished work and finish it! Due Date 11/18 Done?

Advisor Initials

List of Postexhibition contract work

Day of exhibition

Present Exhibition

Day of exhibition

Reflection Letter



Learning Plan Reflection on exhibitions Final Draft of Personal Narrative Contract Work

One week after exhibition 11/23


Directions: Fill in the table below with the work that you did not complete from the past trimester. This sheet is due with the first draft of your personal narrative at your exhibition. It does not have to be presented. Area of work from Learning Plan
EXAMPLE: Literacy

Specific work to be completed
Current Events was not complete. Need to read, find vocabulary, and summarize 3 more articles.


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