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In addition to the TEXT, with ANALYTICAL



CHAPTER, the Work contains







GLORY or GOD.' Chap. v. 5.
the expressions DIED TO SIN,' THE BODY OF SIN,' of DEATH.'
the question WHO is THE HUSBAND ?
Chap. vn. 1-4.
Is THE PERSON DESCRIBED IN CHAPTER vii. 13-25, REthe question
On the MEANING OF LAW,' in Chap. vn. 21, 23, 25 vni. 2.
On the MEANING OF THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH,' in Chap. vm. 1-4.







on the












On the LOVE OF GOD.'




etc. etc.




C. Clark, eui

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Preliminary Remarks on the Nature of
our Investigation, 1.
The number of our Lord's testimonies
to the Atonement, and the circumstances connected with them, 2.
Whether all the Testimonies of Christ
on His Atoning Death are recorded, 7.
The Method to be followed, in evolving
the import of His Sayings, 9.
The importance of Biblical Ideas on
Christ's Death, 10.
Divine Love providing the Atonement
or, the Love of God in Harmony with


Justice, as the only Channel of Life, 13.
Influence of Christ's Deity, 21.
Single Phrases descriptive of the unique


position of Jesus; or, His standing
between God and Man, 30.
Sayings of Jesus referring to a Sending



by the Father,




Sayings which represent the Death of
Jesus asHisgreat act of obedience, and
as the righteousness of His people, 199.
26. Christ's offering, that His followers
might be sanctified in truth, 203.
. Sayings relative to the subjective lifegiving effects of Christ's death, 213.
K. Christ crucified, the Antitype of the
Brazen Serpent, etc., 214.
n. Christ giving His Flesh for the Life of
the World, 227.


overcoming the World, 254.


Sayings of Christ assuming that He is
the second Adam, and acting with the
Father in his Atoning Work, 40.
Separate Sayings which affirm or imply
the necessity of the Atonement, 47.
Classification of the Sayings into those


receiving Baptism as the conscious Sin-bearer, 96.
16. Christ, as the Sin-bearer, taking on
Him the burdens and sicknesses of
15. Christ

His people, 104.



The Sayings

historic fact of Christ's Sufferings
illustrated by His Sayings, 111.
of Christ as the conscious
Sin-bearer in prospect of His agony,
and during it, 112.

testifying that
transgressors during His crucifixion, 127.
Single Expressions byChrieit in reference
to a work given Him to do, 140.
The classification of Christ's Sayings,
as they represent the effects of His
death, etc., 147.
Christ describing Himself as dying to
be a Ransom for many, 148.
The Testimony of Christ that his death
is the sacrifice of the New Covenant
for the remission of sin, 165.
Christ fulfilling the law for His people,
and thus bringing in a righteousness
or atouement for them, 183.

19. Christ, the Sin-bearer,

He was




to be

The Atonement




Satan of his dominion, 258.
vicarious death taking the
sting out of Death, etc., 265.
86. Christ laying down His life for the
sheep, and thus becoming the actual
35. Christ's

which represent Christ as the Sinbearer, and as the willing Servant, 63.
13. The Baptist's testimony to Jesus as
the Sin- bearer, 65.
14. The name, Son of man, further exhibiting Him as the Sin-bearer, 80.

The relation

of the Atonement to other
interests in the Universe, 238.
Christ in connection with
31. The
the raising of the Temple of God, 239.
32. The Atonement of Christ deciding the
the World
judicial process to
shall belong, 248.
n, Christ, by


Shepherd of the sheep, 270.
which represent Christ's
dominion as the reward of His atonement, 283.

The influence

of the Atonement in procuring the gift of the Holy Ghost, 291.
39. Christ's abasement as the second Man
opening heaven, and restoring com38.

munion between men and angels, 299.
Sayings of Jesus which represent the
Atonement as glorifying God, 304.
41. The efficacious character of the Atonement, etc., 312.
42. The Atonement extending to all times
in the World's history, and to all

Nations, 326.

numbered with




Sayings which particularly relate to
the application of the Atonement, 329.
The preaching of Forgiveness based on
the Atonement, and even connected
with it, 330.


place which Christ assigns to the
Atonement in the Church, 337.
Christ's Sayings which represent Faith

as the organ or instrument of receiving the Atonement, 341.
happiness, or irremediable
woe, decided by the manner in which
men receive the Atonement, 346.
The Influence of the Atonement correctly understood on the whole domain

47. Endless



Morals and Religion, 353.



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A.D. 325.





















D. .19 . . 37 that peace should . To Donatus [A. 250]... 250]. 250]. The confessors to Cyprian [A.. To the clergy. 250]. . 16. 1 of Borne..D. .D.. . To the clergy. 2. f>.. that they should not be left without superintendence [A. To the martyrs and 11. .. 246]. 7. the same [A... the presbyters and deacons abiding at . . and the other confessors [A.. . . .D.57 . Caldonius to Cyprian [A.D. 250]. concerning granting peace to the lapsed prema.. 17 . To the presbyters and deacons about the foregoing and follow- . . 250].D. 23 .. 250]. PAGE INTRODUCTORY NOTICE BY THE TRANSLATOR.CONTENTS. .. Celerinus to Luciau [A.. D. concerning those peace [A.D. BISHOP AND MARTYR. Cyprian to Caldonius [A. about . . . . . To the 14.40 17. 4. Pontius the Deacon. turely. 55 56 .D. 250].. . concerning prayer to God [A.. 20. 13... C.D. -without the privity of the bishops [A. 250]. . 1. 18.D. 43 45 in haste to receive 47 48 51 250]. To his people [A. clergy.D. ing letters [A.. . To Moyses and Maximus. 250]. To the presbyters and deacons assembled at Rome [A. To the clergy. THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. .68 . the presbyters and deacons of Carthage [A. 250]. who sought . 12. . be granted to the lapsed [A. . 250]. 15. 3. 250]. ix By xiii EPISTLES. and the rest of the confessors [A.D. Rogatiauus the presbyter. 250]. . confessors 250]... To the Carthaginian clergy from the clergy Cyprian's retirement [A. [A.D.54. 8. 250].. To To To To Rome 1-i .D.D. 18 250]. . who were . ... .D.D. 19..D.. To the martyrs and confessors [A. concerning the lapsed and catechumens. 250]. .D. . 9. 27 .33 10.

of his ordination. .. Rome in . To the same about the ordination 34.D.D. . 250]. 250]. 251].98 . The presbyters and deacons abiding 30. Cyprian to the lapsed [A. a reader [A.D. . and about the appointment of Saturus as reader and Optatus as subdeacon [A.. clergy.. 101 excommuni103 Excommunication of Felicissimus with his people [A. .' 95 of Numidicus as presbyter [A. To the same about the ordination 35. 251].117 Cornelius. The Roman clergy to Cyprian [A. clergy.. about the letters sent to Rome and received thence [A. . 32. 250]. .. about the cation of Felicissimus [A. 29. . 81 to Cyprian [A. 27.. bidding them show every kindness to the confessors in prison [A. To the clergy and people about the ordination of Aurelius as 33. . . .D. 64 250]. To the presbyters and deacons abiding at Rome [A.D. . 93 of Celerinus as a reader [A. . . and the rest of the confessors [A. . ..D.70 . 250]. 251]. and the forwardness of Lucian. 31.D. Maximus. To Cornelius about Cyprian's approval 42. .CONTENTS. .D.61 . [A. To the [A. . Ill and . To Caldonius. 117 119 121 .. concerning Polycarp the Adrumetine [A. 251]..67 . To Moyses and Maximus. 250]. . and strangers . . . - '. 26..D..251]. . [A.76 .D. clergy. 250]. vi PAGB 21. 45. . and the modesty of Celerinus [A. 250].D. 105 people. Cornelius to Cyprian on the return of the confessors to unity 44. . 250].D.D. To the 36. . . Caldonius. . 25. 105 . To the Carthaginian clergy. To the clergy 23. others. To the presbyters and deacons [A.D. Moyses. . concerning the confessors. concerning the case of the poor 250 or 251]. at Rome.D. .D.113 whom . To the 40. .. 251]. . 39.D. 251]. .. To Cornelius on 41. Herculanus. 250]. . and the other confessors.78 . on the Rome letters sent to . 250 or 251].D. Herculanus. and at 81 250]. 28. Nicostratus.D. TotheRoman confessors. 250]. reply [A. 250]. and others on the 38. . .D. his refusal to receive Novatian's ordination concerning Felicissimus [A. To [A. . 251]. . Lucian to Celerinus 22.92 . his having sent letters to the confessors Novatian had seduced [A.D.D.100 . 250]. 68 250]. urgingtheirreturntounity[A. To the 37. 24.D. concerning five schismatic presbyters of the faction of Felicissimus [A. . .85 . . .D. To the same on 43.D.

49. 64. 57. confessors from schism [A. concerning Fortunatus against the heretics [A. 255]. To the Numidian bishops on the redemption of from captivity among the barbarians [A.D.D. who had made the presbyter Faustinus a guardian [A. bishop of Rome. . concerning some virgins [probably A.D. 252]. To Euchratius about an actor [probably A. formerly their bishop [A.CONTENTS. 253].D. ..D. 228 . concerning the baptism of heretics [A. . and Felicissimus. concerning granting peace to the lapsed [A. 252]. 255].D. 251]. 54.D. 251]. .D.. 126 .D.. 59. 68. congratulating them on 52.D.. 254].D. To Lucius.D. 67..D. 63. 249 or A.. To the people of Thibaris. .D. To 55. 252]. . 46. To Fidus on the baptism of infants [A.D.. concerning those who had been overcome by tortures [A.. To Januarius and other Numidian bishops on baptizing tics [A. . Cornelius to Cyprian. 254].. clergy and people abiding in Spain. concerning Basilides and Martial [A. joined himself to Novatian [A. 58..D. ..D. To Epictetus and the congregation at Assurse. To Csecilius on the sacrament of the cup of the Lord [A. 254]. 252]. concerning a council [A. against the epistle of Stephen about the baptism of heretics TA. To Pope Stephanus. . . 252]. To 73. To Cornelius. To 72. 48. at Furni. 256]. .' Pompey. . 62.. Maximus and the other confessors to Cyprian about their re- turn from schism [A. To 70. 253]. Cyprian to the confessors. Cornelius. 69.D. 251].D.D. their brethren ..D. 249]. 249]. To Rogatianus. To Cornelius in exile. 251] . concerning For- 61. 221 who had . 154 . . To 71.250 . 152 159 180 189 To Pomponius. 124 . . concerning the faction of Novatian with his party [A.225 the bishop [A. .. 125 Novatus .. concerning Marcion tunatianus. 253]. . 130 133 or . returned from banishment [A. 53. To Antonianus about Cornelius and Novatian [A.. 253]. 253]. congratulating him on the return of the . 252]. 60. 47. Pope Stephen. To the clergy and people 66. of Aries. . 231 235 243 here- . Cyprian to Cornelius. 256]. To Florentius Pupianus.D. 195 192 . about Victor. exhorting to martyrdom [A.. Cyprian's answer to Cornelius concerning the crimes of [A. Quintus. concerning his confession [A.. . 51. 249]. .D.D... To the 199 202 204 208 . 130 their re- turn from schism [A.D. . 252]. . Jubaianus. 252]. .D... . . . concerning the baptism of heretics [A. 253 256 260 276 . 255].D.. To Fortunatus and his other colleagues. .D. 56. concerning the deacon who contended against 65.D. 50. . on calumniators [A. ..

. . 250 or A. To [A. 78. " ".329 his retirement a little . . . .423 . ."50 . TREATISES. Rome 82.. the Lapsed. .D. 4. the Dress of Virgins. . the Unity of the Church. On On On On 5.D.. To Magnus on baptizing 76. On the On the Vanity of Mortality. . . and those who obtain 75. 257]. the Novatians. 7. bishop of Csesarea in Cappadocia. .D.. against . . .D.324 Cyprian to Sergius Rogatianus. . . concerning martyrdom [A.D. . . . 333 . his clergy before his . ' "77 398 . 79.D.D. 257]. the Lord's Prayer.. grace on a sick-bed [A. Firmilian. . . 257]. 6.285 . the letter of Stephen [A. . . 74.D. 2. Idols. Reply of Felix and the rest of the martyrs to the same 77. . . 325 . . . 3.D. To Demetrianus. . . 81.443 452 . . prison [A.. 257]. Reply of Nemesianus and others to Cyprian [A. to Cyprian. 1... .. .331 . and the other confessors in . and people. 257]. .D. and other martyrs in the mines [A. 258]. . .CONTENTS. . . To Successus on the tidings of the persecution brought from 80. . Cyprian to Nemesianus. 302 315 321 323 [A. . 256]. .. .. . . . . 255]. 258]. . Reply of Lucius and the rest to the same [A.

D. which led to his conversion That he was born of respectable parentage. as illustrating the social and religious feelings and usages that The then prevailed munity. and often in the immediate presence of a linger- . apart from their intrinsic worth. among the members of the Christian com- Nothing can enable us more vividly to realize the which than does the indignation with which the prelate denounces the intense the convictions formed the common high-strained enthusiasm level of the Christian experience. ilTTLE known of the early history of Thascius Cyprian (born probably about 200 A. and A. martyrdom [A. writings of Cyprian. 248]. who dared not confess.INTRODUCTORY NOTICE BY THE TRANSLATOR. With some resistance on his own self. His ordination and his elevation to the episcopate rapidly followed his conversion.) until the period of his intimacy with the Carthaginian is presbyter Csecilius.D. presbyters. Living in the atmosphere of evasions of those persecution. and not without great objections on the part of older who saw themselves superseded by his promotion. to the study and practice of Christianity. and devoted him- with all the energies of an ardent and vigorous mind. have a very considerable historical interest and value. the lapses of those who shrank from martyrdom. highly educated for the profession of a rhetorician. the popular urgency constrained him to accept the office of bishop of Carthage [A. 258]. is all that can be said with any degree of certainty.D.D. 246. At his baptism he assumed the name of his friend Cascilius. which he held until his part.

and in every way maintaining his episcopal superthis intendence in his absence.INTROD UCTOE Y NOTICE. has been adopted. i. excepting the one to Donatus. and exhorting. 368. or fragment of a treatise. Vanity In the following translation the order of Migne the Jews. most natural. controlling. Of the Lapsed may serve as an illustration. x ing death. warning. ii. which places the letter to Donatus. .). note 6. were probably written during the period of Cyprian's retirement. and Felicissimus. Novatus. many circumstances were sincerely believed and honestly recorded.D. in wellbeing of the church. " In what a state this Dean Milman observes high wrought of enthusiasm must men have been. instead of with the Treatises. directing. and with the condition of those who had been perverted by them. all matters connected with the The first 39 of the Epistles. and his retreat gave occasion to a sharp attack upon his conduct. and others. He appears to have returned to his public duties early in June 251. as seems : . The breaking out of the Decian persecution. Cyprian had written his Epistle to Donatus shortly after his baptism his treatise. During year he wrote many letters from his place of concealment to the clergy and others at Rome and at Carthage. p. induced Cyprian to retire into concealment for a time . A. 190.D. The question proposed in Epistle 52 was settled in 1 Milman's History of Christianity. and saw every event that occurred around them in the glow of their excited imagination so that . which will not be for a moment received as true by the calm and critical The account given by Cyprian in his treatise on reader. vol. first among the Epistles. 246] Idols and his three books of Testimonies against of . vol. the professors of Christianity were nerved up to a wonderful contempt of suffering and of worldly enjoyment. in a letter from the Roman to the Carthaginian clergy (Epistle ii. Then follow many letters between himself and Cornelius bishop of Rome. who could relate and 1 believe such statements as miraculous I" Before being advanced to the episcopate. p. 250. on subjects connected with the schisms of Novatian. on the [A.

D. The 59th Epistle is referred by Bishop Pearson to the of the year 253. Cyprian is alluding to the impending persecution of Gallus. seems very unsatisfactory . whether it should be referred to A. under which Cornelius was banished in July 252.D. and 79. at .D. was declared younger to have suffered martyrdom at the date of this Epistle. and the weight of The remaining authority is in favour of the earlier date. on the ground that the Rogatianus to whom it is inwho survived the Decian persecution. . 61. From his place of exile he wrote Epistle 76. Pamelius prefers' the latter ferable. when discipline had become relaxed. 78. the date 253 seems pre. 250 or 257. p. scribed was one This. was also banished. the Council that was held in May 252 . The 68th Epistle is easily dated by the reference 246 to an episcopate of six years' duration and it page must therefore have been written in A. Doubts are entertained as to the date of Epistle 80. and therefore it must have been written before September 14th in that year. which was the date of the death of CorLucius. Cyprian was banished to Curubis by the Emperor Valerian. The 56th Epistle was a letter of congratulation to Cornelius on his banishment . beginning There seems nothing to suggest the date of Epistles 60 and 252. . which therefore must have been written about the end of November nelius. date. which was replied to in Epistles 77. It is usual to assign Epistle 64 to the same year. as he supposes. 328. si and the reference to that anticipated decision limits the date of the letter to about April in the same year. however. A. or at least to a very early period of Cyprian's official life but it seems scarcely likely that his episcopal counsel should have been sought by a brother bishop in a matter of practice. except the probability that they were written during a time of peace . until he had had some experience and as it was probably written at a time of peace. In the 53d Epistle. before the outbreak of the Decian persecution. and for this reason they are referred to the beginning of Cyprian's episcopate. his successor. On the 14th September. 254. and a man than the one who. and was congratulated on his return by Cyprian in Epistle 57.INTRODUCTORY NOTICE. 249.

that. but the use of other texts and of preceding translations has not been rejected in the endeavour to approximate to the sense of the author. as written by his subjoined. Tertullian. Moreover. an exact rendering has been sought after. Cyprian's Life. however. For -the sake of uniformity. the meaning of the writer is believed to be given fairly and The style of Cyprian. in the order of the For the convenience Epistles as well as in their divisions. But. and cuity. as a rule. sometimes in preference to a version in fluent English. xii Epistles are easily limited by their contents to the period im- mediately preceding Cyprian's martyrdom. The Translator has only to add. except in cases where the corruption or obscurity of the text seems insurmountable. the general form of Migne' s text has been used in the following translation . like that of his master intelligibly. the number of each Epistle in the Oxford edition is appended in a note. is .INTRODUCTORY NOTICE. it has been thought well to adhere to the arrangement of Migne. own deacon Pontius. in another is marked much more by vehemence than perspioften no easy matter to give exact expression it is language to the idea contained in the original text. For a similar reason. of reference. such various readings as might suggest different shades of meaning in doubtful passages have been given.

I have thought it Not well to prepare this brief and compendious narrative. the devout priest and glorious witness of God. LTHOUGII CYPRIAN. immortal remembrance. or I had nearly said. his eloquence example should be recorded in writing. yet.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. have given such honour even to laypeople and catechumens who have obtained martyrdom. but that to our posterity also this incomparable and lofty pattern may be prolonged into It would assuredly be hard that. when our fathers . for reverence of their very martyrdom. since to his works and deserts it is justly due that his survives . well nigh all. BISHOP AND MARTYR. who. BY PONTIUS THE DEACON. of the circumstances of their sufferings. so that they might be brought to our knowledge also who as yet were not born. that he will probably never cease to speak even to the end of the world . that the life of so great a man can be unknown to any even of the heathen nations. composed many writings whereby the memory of his worthy name and although the profuse fertility of and of God's grace so expands itself in the exuberance and richness of his discourse. as to record many. the passion of such a priest and such a martyr as Cyprian should be passed over.

For to eloquence itself fails of suitable powers fully to satisfy your And thus I am sorely pressed on both sides. except that the multitude of his glories is itself sufficient for itself. the of his approach description goodness. had much to teach. I should say too little. or if it be possible everything. and that what he did while he lived should be hidden from the And. that needs no other heraldry. the clouds of this world had emerged into the light of spiritual wisdom. that I am deterred by the contemand great. indeed. At what shall I from what direction point. liberal arts may have had pursuits previously. . if I have discerned any of his more illustrious labours. if I should say that the powers of eloquence fail me. except from the beginning of his faith and from his heavenly birth? inasmuch as the doings of a man of God should not be reckoned from any point except from the time that he was born of and He may God. and It enhances my difficulty. But nothing when he had learned sacred knowledge. about him. entreaties. although now his living words are silent. and confess myself incompetent to plation discourse in a way that shall be worthy of the honour of his deserts. shall I begin. I will speak of them only asking meanwhile for this indulgence. and unable to relate such noble deeds in such a way world. are anxious to hear also you very much. then. if I was with him in any of his doings. For he . that they may appear as great as in fact they are. of their greatness. longing with eager warmth at least become acquainted with his deeds. he believed that before God nothing was worthy in comparison of the observance of continency. and breaking through therein . that whatever I shall say too little (for too little I must needs say) may rather be attributed to my ignorance than subtracted from his glory. 2. and so so admirable. since he burdens me with his virtues. these doings of his were such. and you press me hard with your desire. have imbued his mind while engaged but these things I pass over . for as yet they had to do with anything but his secular advantage.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. While his faith was in its first rudiments. And in this behalf. xiv independently of his martyrdom.

6. for the thing is beyond belief) preceded the sowing. 1 3. the fruit the root. and whom.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. Who has ever recorded such a marvel? His second birth had not yet enlightened the new man with the entire splendour of the divine light. and the mind attain to the full capacity of truth. if he trod under foot the lust of the flesh with the robust and healthy vigour of holiness. he immediately laid hold of what he had discovered. and which even he did not maintain who said that he had kept all the commandments of the law . I pray. no one presses out the vintage harvest from the trenches just formed. no one ever yet sought for ripened fruit from newly planted slips. whereby with premature swift- ness of piety he almost began to be perfect before he had of the ancients. as of faith yet unskilled. nothing is the contempt of this world's ambition. . By distributing his means for the relief of the indigence of the poor. their untaught inexperience should 1 1 Tim. than which more pernicious. by dispensing the purchase-money of entire estates. as yet this man trusted nobody surpassing the age of antiquity. and the observance of that mercy which God has preferred even to His sacrifices. has done this ? of the most celebrated veterans in the Who Who faith. Then what is even when he had learned from the reading of Scripture greater certain things not according to the condition of his noviciate. In him the threshing preceded (if it may be said. the vintage the shoots. has attempted any such thing. but in proportion to the earliness of his faith. yet he was already overcoming the ancient and pristine darkness by the mere dawning of the light. learnt the way to be perfect. The apostle's epistle says that novices should be passed over. whose hearts and ears have throbbed to the divine words for many years. But in him all incredible things concurred. thought that the heart might then become what it xv ought to be. lest by the stupor of heathenism that clings to their yet unconfirmed minds. accomhis plished by glorious and admirable labours ? No one reaps immediately upon his sowing . for his own advantage in deserving well of God. he at once realized two benefits. perhaps. iii.

gave way from to abstain . Job. and I think lie furnished an illustration that alone. although as yet he did not believe that He had come . I have said but little. roots. he accomplished with the obedience of entire consecration that deserved well of the Lord. For faith by by although in the Acts of the in any respect 1 Apostles the eunuch is described as at once baptized by Philip. close imitation. that if he had read of any one being set forth with the praise of God. and his devotion. while the other. gained such advantage by his virtue thus tried. he taught that we should do whatever Job had previously done. and as he came from the Lord he was reading the prophet Isaiah. Neither poverty nor pain broke him down . and one to whom there was none upon earth to be compared. glorious by God's testimony. the persuasion of his wife did not influence him . entrust every grade of honour to one who believed with such There are many things which he did while a disposition ? and still a many things which now as a presbyter layman. in respect of God's grace. For his discourse concerning was usually. no postponement.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. He first. coming from the ignorant heathens. xvi sin against God. the dreadful suffering of his own body did not His virtue remained established in its own shake his firmness. there was no delay. testimony of He. temple of the For he was a Jew. founded upon deep under no onset of the devil tempting him 1 Acts viii. he did many things which. greater progress is made than time. and he hoped in Christ. after the examples of righteous men and following them with a of old. because he believed with his whole heart. we may so that while call forth a similar we are doing like things God for ourselves. began with a faith as mature as that with which few perhaps have finished their course. contemning the loss of his estate. that he had no perception of the temporal losses even of his affection. was called a true worshipper of God. he immediately received the presbyFor who is there that would not terate and the priesthood. this is not a fair parallel. In short. 37. home. he would persuade us to inthis If quire on account of what doings he had pleased God.

It stances. influenced by his attenmight be. who had converted him from his worldly errors to the acknowledgment of the true This man he loved with entire honour and all divinity. but as the parent of his new life. and his summons was at hand. and of praiseworthy memory. as it was considered. the degree of the episcopate while still a neophyte. For the proof of his good works I think that this one thing is enough. stimulated to such a pitch of when he was departing from this world. that . And tions. b .THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. who desire to please God. No widow returned from him with an empty lap . regarding him with an obedient veneration. the fellowship of his of his affection. . he afterwards made the heir would be tedious to go through individual circumit would be laborious to enumerate all his doings. not only as the friend and comrade of his soul. examples of all good men. that although not yet resplendent with the glitter of office. he commended to him his wife and children so that him whom he had made a partner in excessive love. 4. not pass over that remarkable fact. as well he at length he. by name Csecilius. observance. I will priesthood that was coming upon him. His house was open to every comer. he gave promise of entire trustworthiness for the Moreover. mighty to Such things ought they do. and in the untaught season of his spiritual life. Although still in the early days of his faith. He had a close association among us with a just man. that by the judgment of God and the favour of the people. a generous disposition so shone forth in him. of the way in which. he was chosen to the office of the priesthood and 5. but only of hope. and in age as well as in honour a presbyter. by him as a . And thus running through the by always imitating those who also worthy of were better than others he made himself imitation. no blind man was unguided blessing his companion none faltering in step was unsupnone stripped of help by the for a staff him ported by not was the of hand protected by him as a defender. xvii God with a grateful faith even in his adversity. a novice. he was accustomed to say. way of life. and. was.

Possibly that moreover a future martyr. joyous. being inflame of did not nor did an excesthe world him. how great his is ? sufficient to relate the manner in what vigour ? strictness? So much what piety was his ? mercy? how great his from his face sanctity and grace beamed the minds of the beholders. not only a bishop. of being let down through equal to plain to be seen that the rest were expecting his coming all spirit of suspense. so that he thus became more worthy. as he a window. as the event proved. reckoning them afterwards. except that he deserved both to be revered and to be And . giving place to and thinking himself unworthy of a claim to so great honour. how benevolently he gave them indulgence ! how mercifully he for- gave them. his dress itself also . It was apostolic experience desired. for in him whom then with a latent foreboding of divinity they were in such wise demanding. among his closest and most intimate friends who would not be amazed at the forgetfulness of a mind so ! retentive ? Henceforth who which he bore himself 6. And with this excitement were the eager in his love men of older standing. when the entire people by God's inspiration leapt forward and honour. how patiently. to the astonishment For of many. sieging throughout all the avenues of access an anxious love was circulating. I speak unwillingly. yet pride loved. Some resisted him. Neither was his excessive. might then have happened to him. he humbly withdrew. nor his affability mingled tempering of both so that it might be doubted whether he most deserved to be revered or to be loved. desiring with a spiritual longing. but I must with an anxious came needs speak. had he also been the apostle in the honour of ordination. yet with what gentleness. even that he might overcome them . The tenance. was not out of harmony with his counsubdued to a fitting mean.xviii THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. but a that it confounded His countenance was grave and severity gloomy. and received him when he with excessive joy. For he is made more worthy who dispenses with what he deserves. but A crowded fraternity was bethe doors of the and house. they were seeking not only a priest. people at that time inflamed.

at that time. in accordance with the rapidity where- with he always attained everything. and had not the impending desolation needed the aid of so fertile a mind. than does such an ambitious frugality from ostentation. For nothing else was proper than that he who in the secret recesses of his conscience was rich in the full honour of religion and faith. whom as a catechumen he had Let the priests of piety consider. indeed. did not make him so. it 7. so learn there to restrain the malignity of . because this latter no less from. six penury make him sordid. unity to schismatics. what is of more to heretics. of a too feeble faith in respect of the loss of their Whence friends. And therefore for such merits he at once obtained the glory of proscription also. or those whom the loved ? teaching of their very rank has trained to the duty of good cessively affected kind of attire arises works. He might. or those whom the common obligation of the Sacrament has bound to the duty of manifesting love. to be consoled with the hope of futurity ? should we mercy? whence patience? Who was ill blood arising from the envenomed O with the sweetness of a wholesome remedy? envy. or. had it not been needful for him to pass through all the grades of and thus to arrive at the highest. For conceive of him as being at that time taken away by the Who was there to show the advandignity of martyrdom. of holiness. boastfulness. truth Lord ? Who and the law of were the blaspheming Gentiles to be overcome by retorting upon themselves the accusations which they heap upon us ? By whom were Christians of too tender an affection. Cyprian the bishop's throne received such as he had been before. should moreover be renowned in the publicly diffused report of the Gentiles. as if with a kind of bridle of the lessons of the was there to teach penitence to the lapsed. advancing by faith ? Who was there to restrain virgins to the fitting discipline of modesty and a dress worthy glory. especially when with repeated calls he was frequently demanded for the lions. But what did he as bishop in respect of the poor. peacefulness evangelical prayer to the sons of God ? By whom importance.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. have hastened to the crown of martyrdom appointed for him. tage of grace.

in short. that the man who was needed for so many and so excellent purposes tion of martyrdom. 8. it follows that we may prove that was not conceived by human pusillanimity. and reserved alive for an example to raise tation of his divine discourse ? of martyrdom. and violent rage of a cruel persecution had laid waste God's people . to animate so many confessors sealed with a second inscription on their distinguished brows. For a mind dedicated in all things to God. as indeed is The unusual the case. who between the resounding waves of the opposing schisms could steer the middle course of the church in a steady path. man was preeither for cutting or for cherishing them. although I have already touched slightly on the matter. the various art of the celestial medicine according to the nature of the wound. some one who when men were wounded and hurt by the attacking enemy. bade [him seek] the place of concealment. and thus enslaved believed that even in suffering unless it had obeyed the Lord. itself it would about the benefit of the delay. divine ? Could . there in various manifestations of rage he had destroyed There needed individuals with different kinds of overthrow. kindling their ardour with a heavenly trumpet ? Fortunately. also spiritually trained. I think that something may here be said to the divine admonitions. and this suffering he assuredly would have evaded as usual. Are not such plans. was withheld from the consumma- Do you wish to be assured that the cause of his withdrawal was not fear ? to allege nothing else. but. xx Who was there up such great martyrs by the exhorWho was there. wherever the incautious soldier laid bare his side. if he had evaded it before. By what appears subsequently to have occurred. It was indeed that fear and rightly so that fear which would dread to offend the Lord that fear which prefers to obey God's commands rather than to be crowned in disobedience.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. was truly divine. and since the artful enemy could not deceive all by that withdrawal one fraud. who then sin. Moreover. I ask. A served of an intelligence. he did suffer subsequently. and truly by the Spirit's direction. fortunately it occurred then. besides other excellences. use the remedy of could.

it would be a wrong to pass over what the pontiff of Christ did. let me glance at the rest.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. but that he might become perfect who would do something more than the publican or the heathen. lessons. that there was well of God. carrying off day by day with abrupt attack numberless people." After9. and practising a clemency which was like the divine clemency. impiously exposing their own friends. themselves. city. and excessive destruction of a hateful disease invaded every house in succession of the trembling populace.a dreadful plague. loved even his enemies. teaching by examples from divine how greatly the duties of benevolence avail to deserve Then afterwards he subjoined. nothing wonderful in our cherishing our own people only with the needed attentions of love. who. but to aliens also. of the person exclude death who was sure to die of the plague. this have been done without God ? xxi Let them consider who think that such things as these can happen by chance. by contemplation of a lot which in their turn would be theirs. but the carcases of the many. wards there broke out . In these circumstances. To them the church replies with clear voice. as if with the exclusion house. exhorts. On the people assembled together in one place he first of all urged the benefits of mercy. Still. " I do not allow and do not believe that such needful men are reserved without the decree of God. itself also. exhibiting all these kindnesses not only to His people. and. shunning the contagion. saying. who excelled the pontiffs of the world as much in kindly affection as he did in truth of religion. and from time God to time gives showers to nourish the seed. every one from his own All were shuddering. And if a man professes to be a son of God. overcoming evil with good. fleeing. one trembled at the remembrance of a similar event. why does not he imitate the . No No one did to another what he himself wished to experience. as the continually for the salvation of those that Lord admonishes and makes His sun to rise. if it seem well. no longer bodies. one could There lay about the meanwhile. who would pray persecute him. demanded the pity of the passers-by for over the whole No one regarded anything besides his cruel gains.

But if the Gentiles could have heard these things as they stood before the rostrum. manifested more than wealth. he is excluded from the which relate. which the necessity of a limited space does not permit to be detailed in more lengthened discourse. were unable to manifest . although very much might be done before Christ. there are Acts In the meantime. I omit many other matters. to speak more truly. times all fulness is attributed. he. better with the worse." 10. for the city's safety. who were slain by the king and Tobias collected together those cast out. and. the kindness of wealth. whereby he might please both God the Father. that it benevolent. so good and so For impiety always makes this return. And what God's priest the repays replied to the interrogation of the proconsul. He must forgive. but rather that the propagation of a good Father should be proved in His offspring by the emulation of His goodness. and for the present Thus what is good was done in the so excellent a priest ? of liberality overflowing works to all men. whose very name proceeds from faith? Thus the ministrations are constantly distributed according to the quality of the men and their degrees. horrors of the infernal abode. yet that something more might be done after Christ. indeed. who would not press forward to be found in some part of such a warfare. and forgive again. Banishment followed these actions. of his own race only. And under such a teacher. making up by their own labour a service dearer than all riches." said he. many important ones. and concerning O which this much is sufficient to have been said. by the straitness of poverty. they would probably at once have believed. not to those only who are of the household of faith. What. xxii "It becomes us. should a Christian people do. then. Something more was done than is recorded of the incomparable benevolence of Tobias. and Christ the Judge. Many who. I say. he must of right concede that. he who city who had done some good had striven that the eyes of the living should not suffer the 11.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. "to example of his Father? answer to our birth and it is not fitting that those who are evidently born of God should be degenerate. who. vigilant in the . and frequently forgive or. since to His .

I punishment. if the ministrations of men had been wanting. which we suffer for the trial of the proof of our virtue. and they have the same name as their parents . which accounts banishment a penalty. indeed. either birds. although this might otherwise appear to be a punishment. a destitute state and a de- But let serted country should not perceive its many exiles. or. watches of benevolence. Christian. God. their country is too dear. To them. selves if they would persuade us against God. yet. the priest of God. away with the belief that anything would be wanting to the least of us. Besides. far removed in the pathless regions of the world.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. he lays aside the conversation of the former man. squalid in appearance. as in the case of Elias. he is a stranger. no pleasantness of verdure. had provided unacknowledged goodness. while honestly serving God. had come thither although to him. his fellow-citizens. would have ministered. it is not a punishment. or angels. as in that of Daniel. he cannot regard it as In addition. among the parents themselves of his earthly life. For while the continency of the Holy Spirit restrains him from carnal desires. but vast wooded rocks be- tween the inhospitable jaws of a totally deserted solitude. filthy in situation. having no wholesome water. But. the world look to this. those Let us conceive of the place. but we abhor even our parents them- To them. Away. so long as he stands for the confession of . I pass over the addition of all possible delights. for the present. if Cyprian. . and even among associated with the affairs of his an exile. he is a stranger even in his own city. it is a severe punishment to live outside their own city to the Wherefore. that when xxiii oh wickedness with were forsaking the ! all desolate appearance of the city. yet in causes and sentences of this kind. yet the witness of their own conscience may still attribute the last and worst wickedness to who can lay upon the innocent what they think to be a will not now describe a charming place . because it is a glory. suppose banishment not to be a punishment to us. Such a place might have borne the name of exile. . I might almost say. though he were banished into a hidden and secret place. and. the whole of this world is one home. no neighbouring shore.

xxiv THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. For. he imitated the stroke of the ac- customed punishment. the name. of at least one day should be accorded a that delay diately have should until I me. secret as he wished. whereby He wished His priest to be so certain in exile of his passion that was to follow. And because he could not then declare it in words. these things. very anxiously read what had been noted down. who. with hand expanded and flattened like a blade. I will not pass over God's wonderful visitation. as it were. But the youth. Curubis possessed not only an exile. and then the kindness of the citizens themselves." said he. that for the soul of such a man there was divinely provided a sunny and suitable spot. which I knew not. which supplied to him everything whereof he appeared to be deprived. but a martyr too. who had always been from needing the assistance of all urgent in merciful works. and expressed what he wished to be understood as clearly as by speech. a dwelling. For on that day whereon we first abode in the place of banishthe condescension of his love had chosen me among (for his household companions to be a voluntary exile would that he could also have chosen me to share his passion !). then sitting. for he had asked nothing of me with the accustomed interrogation. where I seemed to myself to be led before the tribunal of the proconsul. yet I was sunk in the repose ment : of slumber. 12. arranged my property in some reasonable order. he began at once to note' down a sentence on his tablet. who was standing at his back. " there " ere appeared to me. a young man of unusual stature. that in his full confidence of the threatening martyrdom. And now let us return with thankfulness to what I had suggested in the second place. So far was God's pontiff. I understood the future I began to ask and to beg immesentence of my passion. not to mention the number of the brethren who visited him. And when I had urgently repeated my . When he looked upon me. led me to the praetorium. And. he showed me by an intelligible sign what was contained in the writing of that tablet. and all that has before been promised to be added to those who seek the kingdom and righteousness of God.

Nothing was diminished of the words of God. of the interpretation. begging that he might arrange his affairs on the day which he had thus obtained. on which. after the year was expired. at the commencement of the year. that the remains of fear still set my exulting heart beating with excessive agitation. Moreover. me the intelligence of my passion by gesture by words. he his tablet. . hastened to signify repeatedly by secret signal that the delay was granted which had been asked for until the morrow. For anything is usually set forth in words. indeed. For although we do not read of the day of the Lord as a year in sacred Scripture. Whence it is of no consequence if. For. that youth. under the ordinary expression of a day." 13. to speak more plainly. the fact had been announced to him. on that day. xxv began again to note down.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. it is only a year that in this place is implied. For. twisting his fingers one behind disclosed to rather than And I. Careparticular in accordance with its anasks for delay till the morrow. He sentence of his passion was being deliberated on. that it was explained rather by signs than by speech. yet trembled so with fear of the uncertainty the other. as being a just one. whenever what is set forth is accomplished. who already had entreaty. Moreover. nothing was mutilated of so sacred a promise. What could be more plain than this revelation ? What could be more blessed than this condescension ? Everything was foretold to him beforehand which subsequently followed. I know not what. until afterwards. because that which is the greater ought to be fuller in meaning. no one knew why this had been shown to him. yet that space of time as due in making promise of we regard future things. I rejoiced with very glad heart with joy at the although delay accorded. he was crowned. was because the utterance of speech was reserved for the manifestation of the time itself. on But I perceived from the calmness of his countenance that the judge's mind was moved by my petition. in this case. although the sentence had not been read. when the fully consider each nouncement. This one day signified a year. which he was about to pass in the world after his vision.

14. became dumb . I find something similar crowned. being at hand. in the Scriptures. And. the ground of asking for delay arose out of his wish to arrange his affairs and settle his will. and noble with the world's distinctions. that their urgency might not be in some sort hollow. so that he asked for tablets by a sign. and indeed for this reason only. on account of stantly looked for of the most sacred victim . indul- gence was granted to him even by those very persons who had ejected and were about to slay him. But he . in the meantime. In the meantime. and people of most illustrious rank and family. ancient friendship with him.xxvi THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. with the entire outlay of his last stewardship. And I think that for no other reason. just as if they were ignorant of it. Yet what affairs or what will had he to arrange. indeed. the morrow drew near. in the daily expectation of dying. he both admonished his faith and fortified his priest. and on that account most blessed martyr. Now also a them according to messenger came to him from the city from Xistus. because he did not believe the promise of a son. when. they also offered places to which he might retire. every day was to him as if the crown might be attributed to each. being about to write his son's name rather than utter it. the good and peace-making priest. and. to speak more accurately. he was Nevertheless. and so arranged his will. that. repeatedly urged his withdrawal . With reason. on the very day on which he had seen it. made to him by the angel. also in this case. where God's messenger declared the impending passion of His priest rather by signs. And therefore. except ecclesiastical concerns ? thus that last delay was received. he might relieve the poor also who were before him with the final or. For Zacharias the priest. who. but the exact day of his was not passion spoken of by any of the same. in order that whatever had to be disposed of by his final decision concerning the care And of cherishing the poor might be arranged. The coming executioner was in- who should strike through that devoted neck and thus. his impending was suffering certainly known by all. Moreover. having so benevolently ordered matters. there assembled to him many eminent people.

at his gardens. that a pleasing sacrifice to God. which at the beginning of his faith he had sold. the officer with his soldiers on a sudden came imexpectedly on him. being restored by God's mercy. manifesting cheerfulness in his look and courage in his heart. at his gardens. and was animating them to tread under foot the sufferings of this present time by the contemplation of a Indeed. of the Lord. when. when on a sudden a scattered rumour prevailed throughout all Carthage. On all sides all men were flocking together to a spectacle. he would assuredly have sold again for the use of the poor. and did not consent to their tempting persuasions. however. whom there was nobody who did not know as well for fame in the honourable opinion of all. as on account of the recollection of his most renowned work. having his mind suspended upon heaven. in the exhortations that now. or rather. to speak more truly. But that lofty glory of so great a man must not be passed over without announcement. as opportunity was given. And these were the daily acts of a priest destined for discourse. thought that he had come unexpectedly on him. he returned from the prsetorium to the officer's house. that he would be put to death in the very act of speaking about God. he went forward with a lofty and elevated mien. certain that what had been long delayed would be settled. when the world was swelling. such was his love of sacred glory to come hereafter. But when could a mind ever prepared be taken unawares. if he had not wished to avoid ill-will from the persecutors. xxvii had now set the world aside. to us glorious his illustrious from the devotion of the Gentiles. as if by an unforeseen attack ? Therefore now he went forward. I say. 15.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. that now Thascius was brought forward. A gentle and to be . he wished that his prayers in regard to his suffering might be so answered. if it had been bidden him by divine command. and which. and of its trust in its princes breathing out hatred of the name. behold. He would perhaps even then have done what was being asked for by so many and faithful friends. he was instructing God's servants. But being delayed to the morrow. at the bidding of the proconsul. had him in charge faith. mourned over even by custody.

Far be it from me to complain. perhaps. that even God's people Yet. he would not have had any power to do so the day rejoicing at the consciousness of the future martyr. as that the fancy of man should decide the fate of so blessed a martyr. he had to pass by the race-course. of the world. were as usual in his meantime. which a year before the divine condescension foretold. people in the officer's house . who. But the morrow. and was walled in on all sides by And the ranks of a mingled multitude. though he was the officer of Christ and God. of sloth fulness or aversion in the proconsul. the clouds being scattered throughout the circuit . the day shone upon with a brilliant sun. as if such a numberless they had come with an itself. promised. that 16. in matters divinely ordered. was running to the crown of righteousness. as he forth. But when he had come to the pratorium. He went out from the house of the officer. having finished his contest. had wished to put off. in anxiety that nothing should be done throughout the night without their knowledge. as the proconsul had not yet come him.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN.] that destined. There. some one may ask Avhat was the priest. The whole and friends. And rightly. he had to pass by the place of a corresponding struggle. that for his own part the proconsul was then unwilling. The goodness of God granted him at that time. as he went. kept watch before the officer's door. At last that other day dawned if that even the tyrant himself divine day which. required to be literally the morrow. reason And some think that this arose from the fact. his associates company. and as if it had been contrived on purpose. so that even in the very moment of his passion he might enjoy the honour . [and hence had the respite. so truly worthy of should watch on the passion of the it. xxviii when taken and placed for one night in the so that we. a place of retirement was accorded assembled troop to assault death sat moistened after his long journey with excessive perspiration (the seat was by chance covered with linen. Now. Far be it from me to admit such an evil into the consciousness of a religious mind. of his returning from the praBtorium to the officer. army hung upon his company. and.

a crowd and that nothing might be centurions and tribunes guarded his him . are divine. and an enemy of the gods. as if he might wish to change his moistened garments for drier ones and he doubtless coveted nothing further in respect of his . one of the officers (" Tesserarius"). and nothing . therefore." Is it any wonder that he de- We spised suffering in body who had despised death in soul ? Why should we say more ? He was suddenly announced to the proconsul . he gave example to his friends. 17. " said. spiritual worthy of such a bishop and such a witness. . And when he left the doors of the of soldiery accompanied wanting in his passion. nothing than this sentence. wherein he was called a standard-bearer of the sect. a not be a to sentence sentence. emulating their teacher. he is placed before him he is interrogated more. of the passion. he was the first in the province to consecrate the first-fruits of martyrdom. who Had formerly been a Christian. prsetorium. the name. and one who was to be an example his blood discipline would begin Nothing could be more complete. And by his blood discipline began to be established . xxix of the episcopate). offered him his clothes. who was accustomed to teach concerning the bearing of Christ's standard he had been an enemy of the gods. He had been a standard-bearer. a glorious sentence. rashly spoken. more true. apply medicines to annoyances which probably no will to-day longer exist. who com. 18. although said by a heathen. since. and of the martyr going to God. when many were about to follow in a similar manner. For all the things which were to his people . is. and that with to be established. Moreover. in the imitation of a glory like his own. the now blood-stained sweat proffered kindness than to possess He made reply to him. since priests are accustomed to prophesy said.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. but it was the discipline of martyrs. who. He answers judge reads from who he his tablet the sentence which lately in the vision he had not read. he is brought forward . themselves also gave a confirmation to discipline by the very blood of their own example. Nor is it indeed to be wondered at. And as to his thus. manded the idols to be destroyed.

by the extent of the space beyond. that there might not even be wanting to him (what happened in the case of Zacchgeus). that the entire congregation should suffer at once in the fellowship of a like glory. with its trees thickly itself planted on all sides. he tried to hasten the slowness of the exe- was [to wield] the sword. although general . as his ambassador. noble deeds. he also was the first to decorate the . yet whoever under the eyes of Christ beholding. not one is ever recorded. by the sufficient testimony of that desire did in some sort send a missive to God. were crowned by God the Judge For not that which the wish desired could occur. to have come to suffering. what is more. and in the hearing of the priest. and at length supplied him with the permitted strength. whose office strengthened the hand of the centurion with power granted from above to accomplish the death of the excellent man. having with his own hands bound his eyes. was also the first who in Africa imbued his priestly crown [with blood of martyrdom]. so that it affords where he was about to suffer is a noble spectacle. in outspoken words. eagerly desired to suffer. that he was gazed upon from the trees. suffered with such a bishop as theirs and. and who with the blade in his failing right hand with difficulty clasped until the mature hour of glorification trembling fingers. persons who favoured him had climbed up into the branches of the trees. it resulted that Cyprian. who as well in sight as in feeling. and in which he had been the first to do . His passion being thus accomplished. the view was not attainable to the confused crowd. And now. as they had ever heard him in his own discourses. O blessed people of the church. Although devotion surrendered to God is always in consecrated men reckoned instead of martyrdom. 19. But as. For from the time at which the episcopal order is enumerated at Carthage.xxx side. cutioner. even of good men and priests. THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. who had been an example to all good men. and. yet Cyprian attained even to the perfect crown by the consummation of the Lord such wise many so that in that very city in which he had in lived. Now the place level. ! viz. because he was the first who began to be such after the apostles.

I grieve that I remained behind. ? I that I am not his Still Yet victory grieve companion. my and twofold affections are burdening a heart too limited for Shall I grieve that I was not his associate? But I must in his I at his Shall yet triumph triumph victory. What shall I do now ? Between joy at his passion. xxxi insignia of his heavenly priesthood with glorious gore. and grief at still mind is divided in different directions. what you also are of. them.. that it was my intention to be his companion.THE LIFE AND PASSION OF CYPRIAN. . Much and excessively I exult at his glory but still more dostill to aware . remaining. you I must in simplicity confess.


finally. and to enjoy the annual and appointed respite of the 2 Moreover. but I confess that this is the appropriate time for its fulfilment. Cyprian had promised Donatus that he would have a discourse now ivith him concerning being reminded of and Com- things divine. And that no profane intruder interrupt our converse. greeting. and. " is given among the treatises. by the [study of the sacred] 3 narratives. The the neighbouring thickets ensure us solitude. he fulfils it. and." ." A "Fabulis. to train the conscience of the breast to the apprehension of the divine precepts.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. dearest Donatus. You rightly remind me. AEGUMENT. ^ECILIUS CYPRIAN to Donatus sends. let us seek this bower. nor any unrestrained clatter of a noisy household disturb it. his promise. and vagrant may 1 2 In the Oxford edition this epistle Wearying. he exhorts to contempt of it. he declares how he had been changed thereby . and to reading and prayer. In such a place as this it is delightful to pass the day in discourse. 3 fatigantis. the place is in accord with the declining year. soil. EPISTLE I. pointing out the errors of the ivorld. the vintage festival invites the mind to unbend in repose. and the pleasant aspect of the gardens harmonizes with the gentle breezes of a mild autumn in soothing and cheering the senses. mending at length the grace of God conferred in baptism. when season. for I not only remember my promise. 1 TO DONATUS.

2. Nevertheless. of mind mediocrity of is my is anything The poor shallow understanding produces a very limited harvest. your eye pleasures your mind as well as your ears you are altogether a listener . what has not been accumulated with tardy painstaking during the lapse of years.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. tion of faith rather with the substance. Pleasantly here we clothe our thoughts in words . words. and remote from truth and light. wavering hither and thither. 3. in the public speak will assist me. and uncertain of my wandering steps. and enriches the soil with no fruitful deposits. And that rny what kind or of what amount likely to communicate to yours 1 yet. and a listener. tossed about on the foam of this boastful age. for the subject itself on which I am about to In courts of justice. With sight. with such powers as I have. that a man a truth which the should be capable of being born again . with an eagerness proportioned to your affection. a copious eloquence may but in speaking of the Lord glory of a voluble ambition a of chaste God. not decked up to charm a popular audience with cultivated rhetoric. not clever but weighty. and especially as diffi- cult in respect of my character at that time. than with the powers. Despising the [other] of is now fixed on me. although at the present time your only pleasure and your only interest is in our discourse. and nourished by what we see. but has been inhaled in one breath of ripening grace. be the in assembly. expression strives for the convicsimplicity . political debate. but simple and fitted by their unvarnished truthfulness for the proclamation of the divine mercy. I will set about the matter. I used to regard it as a difficult matter. knowing nothing of my real life. While I was still lying in darkness and gloomy night. Accept what is felt before it is spoken. the mind is at once instructed by what we hear. too. of eloquence. Therefore accept from me things. 2 of the vine branches creeping in pendent mazes the reeds that support them have made for us a porch of vines and a leafy shelter. and while we gratify our eyes with the trailings among agreeable outlook upon trees and vines.

I used to indulge my sins as if they were actually parts of me. by the help of the water of new birth. regards it as a punishment when he is alone. from which I did not believe that I could by possibility be delivered. is such a conchanged in heart and soul. It is inevitable. had been infused into my recon- 4. pride inflate. cruelty stimulate. version possible." said I.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. that the love of wine should entice. the stain of former years had been washed away. then. and because I despaired of better things. assure themselves to me. or acquired by us has become inveterate by long accustomed use ? These things have become deeply and radically engrained within us. what had to . ever has been. after that. covetousness disquiet. costly attire. and a light from above. what before had seemed difficult began to suggest a means of accomplishment. and bodily structure. when simple clothing? does he reduce himself to ordinary and has felt the charm of the fasces One who and of civic honours shrinks from becoming a mere private and inglorious citizen. and dignified by the numerous association of an officious train. hidden things to be revealed. doubtful things at once began ciled heart. in a wondrous manner. divine mercy had announced man to a new quickened should be able to put my salvation. The man who is attended by crowds of clients. either innate in us has hardened in the corruption of our material nature. as it with allurements that will not let go their hold. lust hasten to ruin. dark things to be enlightened. that there should be a sudden and rapid although retaining all his divestment of all which." These were my frequent thoughts. serene and pure. anger inflame. and that a in the laver of saving life off for 3 what he had previously been water . When does he learn thrift who has been used to liberal And he who has been banquets and sumptuous feasts ? in and and has been celebrated for his glittering gold purple. For as I myself was held in bonds by the innumerable errors of my previous life. should be himself " " How. ambition delight. and indigenous to me. a second birth had restored me to a new man . by the agency of the Spirit breathed from heaven. But after that. so I was disposed to acquiesce in my clinging vices.

But if not beget carelessness. had been living in the practice of sins. From Him we have life. You yourself as- know and recollect as well as I do what was taken from us. that the assurance we have gained may so the old enemy 5. suredly Anything like boasting in one's own praise hateful. if. "shone. was of the earth earthly. if you walk with a firm and steady step. is checked by no closed barriers within stint in bounded spaces it flows perpetually. affluence. 4 been thought impossible. with a sound certain in its . that I born of the flesh. Thence is given power.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. foreknow the indications of . so that now we sin not the beginning of the work of faith. and what was given to us by that death of away and that life of virtue. with modest chastity. and creep upon us again. you keep the way of innocence. but had now begun to be of God. You yourself know this without evil. and be ready to receive in the degree in which we bring to it a capacious faith. the way of righteousness. liberty and power to do is given you in proportion to the increase For there of your spiritual grace. The Spirit freely flowing forth is restrained by no limits. and was animated by the Spirit of holiness. as is the case with the dispensing of earthly benefits. whereas that we sinned before was the result of human error. while yet in this world. by power derived and conceived from Him we do. Only let fear be the keeper of innocence. is but declare to be the gift of God . in that measure we draw from it an overflowing grace. who of His mercy has flowed into our hearts in the access of celestial grace. it is exuberant Let our heart only be athirst. although we cannot [in reality] boast but only be grateful for whatever we do not ascribe to man's virtue my information. to be capable of being achieved so was enabled to acknowledge that what previously. : 1 Or. depending on God with your whole strength and with your whole heart. may be kept by righteous submissiveness in the hostelry of a grateful mind. any measure or is not. 1 that the Lord. you only be what you have begun to be. of God. the heavenly gift. being ." "infulsit" . All our power is of is God I say. things to come. from Him we have strength.

but that it becomes still greater and itself is world. to stretch them out struggling. gentleness to the unruly. by startling threats to force to avow themselves the impure and vagrant spirits that have betaken themselves into the bodies of men whom thev ti purpose to destroy. the carnal view is still darkened by the clouds of this world. that able to sick. so that it can rule over all the imperious host of the attacking adversary with its sway 6. howling. Thus. . not alone that withdrawn from the mischievous associations of the who is purged and pure can suffer no stain of a hostile irruption. in respect of what we have already begun to be. to drive them with heavy blows to come out of them. while you yourself are removed from earthly contacts. to bid peace to those that are at enmity. the Spirit that we have received while in that we have not possesses its own liberty of action . as one stronger in its might. and with self- and increasing gratitude to God. with unblemished virtue. But in order that the characteristics of the divine may ! shine more brightly by the development of the truth. to is quench the virus of poisons for the healing of the purge out the stains of foolish souls by restored health. yet changed our body and members. but the penalty is manifest. Consider recollection with all the roads blocked up by robbers. with a simple voice. the obscurity caused by sin being wiped away. repose to the violent. the seas beset with pirates. For a brief space conceive yourself to be transported to one of the loftiest peaks of some inaccessible mountain. to beat them with scourges. I will give you light to apprehend it. you will rejoice the greater joy that you have escaped it. wars scattered all over the earth with the bloody horror of . and with eyes turned in various directions look upon the eddies of the billowy world. How great is this empire of the mind. but is not seen the strokes inflicted are hidden. thence gaze on the appearances of things lying below you. and what a power it has. you will at once begin to feel compassion for the world. groaning with increase of constantly renewing pain.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. I will draw away the veil from the darkness of this hidden world. 5 mind. to roast them with fire the matter is carried : on there.

but for their madness. not on the plea that they are grand but because the cruelty guiltless. but is it what more repulsive ? Training is undergone to acquire the power to murder. and the skill that best able to kill is is an exercise and an art. and although a grander display of yet. crime. they are adorned for a voluntary death . Hence turn your looks to the abominations. And in looking upon scenes so frightful and so impious and so deadly. and his sister is hard by. you will behold a concourse more fraught with sadness than any solitude. in action calculated to express the image of the truth. which in the case of an individual is admitted to be a crime. a brother is in the arena. and camps. murder. The body is fed up with stronger food. What state of things. It the tragic buskin which relates in verse the crimes of ancient The old horrors 1 of parricide and incest are unfolded days. Man slaughtered that man may be gratified. that blood may gladden the lust of cruel eyes. of sufficiently beautiful person. is called a virtue when it is committed wholesale. cities prepared. What can be said more inhuman. will pay the increase in order even the mother present at her own miseries. and the achievement of murder is its glory. and the vigorous mass of limbs is enriched with brawn and muscle. in which men. that the wretch fattened for punishment may die a harder death. is perpetrated on a scale. of another kind of spectacle. In the theatres also you will behold what may well cause you grief and shame. whom none have condemned. . they do not seem to be aware that they are parricides with their eyes. oh shame that she ! may be pomp increases the price of the exhibition. they boast themselves to the wild beasts of their own miseries. The gladiatorial games are 7. And you turn your eyes and your regards to the themselves. They not for their fight with beasts. can that be. I pray you. Impunity is claimed for the wicked deeds. if now. Fathers look on their own sons.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 8. clad in costly garments? Living men. 6 The whole world is wet with mutual blood . Crime is not only is taught. not less to be deplored. so is 1 Errors . v I. offer men of ripe age. and what can it be like. wretched men. committed.

never abolished by process of time impiety is never buried in oblivion. what a degradation of morals it is. to gaze in detail upon the endurance of incestuous abominations ! Men are emasculated. violate the purity of boys. returns from it immodest. now pouring down in a golden shower. most pleasing there who has most completely broken man into the woman.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. In the mimes. he not such a creature suggest? flatters the affections. the more virtue of his crime skilful he is considered to be. Crimes never die out by the lapse of ages that. he drives out the more vigorous conscience of a virtuous breast . against the covenant and law of one's birth. that whatever has once been done what by may be done again. to be polluted by histrionic gestures. They picture Venus immodest. nor is there wanting authority for the enticing abomination. and to such miserable beings their crimes become their religion. earthly love in the midst of his own thunders. Such a one is looked upon and he down is the . . as the ages pass by. become examples. what a stimulus to abominable deeds. oh shame ! and looked upon with pleasure. Things which have now ceased to be wickedness is . that the mischief may creep upon people with a less perceptible approach. He grows into praise by and the more he is degraded. And what can- He inflames the senses. morethe over. what food for vice. now growing white in the feathers of a swan. by teaching of infamies. not be forgotten. 7 any crime that was formerly comEach generation is reminded may it hears. Still further. the matron. Adultery is learnt while it is seen . now breaking forth by the help of birds to And now put the question. mitted . Can he who looks upon such things be healthy-minded or modest? Men imitate the gods whom they adore. or to hear what he may do. who perchance had gone to the spectacle a modest woman. inflamed with . Mars adulterous and that Jupiter of theirs not more supreme in dominion than in vice. and all the pride and vigour of their sex is effeminated in the disgrace of their enervated body . the spectator is attracted either to reconsider what he may have done in secret. actual deeds of vice and while the mischief having public authority panders to vices.

possibly you may think that the Forum at least is free from such things. nor polluted by the association of criminals. doing things which afford no gratification even to those who do them. willingly doing what. whether exposed for sale in brothels OF abominations of hidden within the domestic walls of which abominations. condemning themselves at the same time as they condemn people the culprits. is guilty of such things as these does not accuse others of them. men with frenzied lusts rushing upon men. you would behold things done by immodest persons which no chaste eye could look upon . you would see what even to see is a crime . and the statutes are publicly prescribed on brazen tablets. although the laws are carved on twelve tables. But after considering the public roads full of pitfalls. Yet wrong is done in the midst of the laws themselves. as if consciousness were not a sufficient condemnation. The depraved maligns the depraved.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. I am deceived if the man who the perception of sight. has escaped. accuse. Then turn your gaze in that direction there you will discover more odious so that than thence you will be ever. and recall their dark recesses to 9. many kinds scattered abroad over the whole after battles of world. wickedness is committed in the . Oh. and thinks that he himself. you would see what people embruted with the madness of vice deny that they have done. and yet hasten to do. when they have done. though conscious of the guilt. they denounce abroad what they commit at home. that it is neither exposed to exasperating is wrongs. And I beg you not to wonder at the things that persons of is the kind speak : the offence of their mouths in words least of which they are guilty. after the lust. and an impudence quite in accordance with shameless people. they a daring which assuredly is fitly mated with vice. this 10. The same who are accusers in public are criminals in private. the audacity greater in proportion to the secrecy of the crime. 8 if placed on that lofty watch-tower you could into the if secret gaze places you could open the closed doors of sleeping chambers. after exhibitions either bloody or infamous. things : more desirous of turning away your eyes.

and whatever is public has can be the modesty. Crimes are everywhere common and everywhere . on the one hand. the witness defames. and the executioner also . the rack that stretches. . meantime the guilty do not even perish There is no fear about the laws. Among these also 1 The dresses of peace. when there are none to condemn the wicked. in order that the accused may perish innocently. in the place 1 disputants rages . no concern for either inquisitor or judge when the sentence can be bought off for money. and when peace is broken among the togas. it is not cared for. and the judge becomes the culprit. whoever does The laws is an offence to them. on all sides the venal impudence of hired voices sets about the falsification of charges. what can be the integrity. that prevails there. and deceives. I will now direct you to such things as the world in its ignorance accounts good. children are cheated of their inheritances. 9 very face of the statutes innocence is not preserved even where it is defended. another by a capital fraud makes a false deposition .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. One man forges a will. He who sentence. the Forum echoes with the madness of strife. And in such cases who is there to help ? One's it patron he He makes ? sells his The judge ? But avenge crimes commits a feint. But that ment were seeking to attract your attention to those things whereof the sad and revolting view may offend the gaze of a better conscience. strangers are endowed with their estates. more tortures for one poor human body than has limbs. By turns the rancour of . sits to them. the pernicious poison acts by means of degraded minds. the false accuser attacks. not imitate the wicked have come begun to to terms with crimes. crime now among the guilty to be innocent . in the multiform character of sin. on the other. while in the with the innocent. the fire that burns up. the claw that tears. There close at hand is there is the spear and the sword. What be allowed. and one only meets with those who ought themselves to be condemned ? we may not perchance appear as if we were out extreme cases. It is a . and with the view of disparagepicking 11. The opponent makes his charge.

In respect of what you regard as honours. excluding the poor from their neighbourhood. in his purple. and the hanger-on. when the time- serving sycophant has departed. Yet with what baseness has he purchased this glitter What ! submit to ! contempts of the proud has he had first to what haughty thresholds has he as an early courtier besieged ! How many scornful footsteps of arro- men has he had to precede. a train waiting not upon gant great his person. there is hidden the virus of ensnaring mischief. forests to forests. degrading end. joyous indeed. deserting them. empty fulness to have desired to set forth in the gratification of a disappointing spectacle. as he thinks. then the losses that whom you consider rich. that by and by a similar procession might attend and precede him with salutations. what the people would not receive. it was a vain and foolish boastentreaties. add But those.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who and who. . done to the squandered family-estate smite upon the con- have exhausted the fortune are which the favour of the populace was known. craftily mingled in deadly juices. Assuredly. moreover. what you think power in the camp. forsooth. the power of licence in the chief command. but for his fasces. that man distinguished by his brilliant dress. you may see the Of these. seems. the destruction that you have swallowed assails you. what you count affluence in riches. but upon his power ! for he has no claim to be regarded for his character. science. just as some poison. who possess immense heaps of 12. in which the flavour having been medicated with sweetness. stretch out their fields far and wide into space without any limits. and an appearance of smiling wickedness. and what would ruin the magistrates. expenses by breath and the asked for with fickle and people's bought. thronged in the crowd of clients. finally. of what you consider the fasces. but the treacherous deception of hidden calamity. the glory of the purple in the magisterial office. glittering. but when it is drunk up. when taken. to be an ordinary its draught . You see. has defiled the exposed side of the man who has It is then that the mischiefs retired into a private condition. 10 you will behold things that will shock you.

their master. and harass them with malicious lawsuits. although bands of satellites. in fine. and the deep darkness of senseless greed although he might disburden himself and get rid of the load. for themselves. Or think you that even those are secure. man is constrained to dread no less than he is dreaded. either in builtup heaps or in buried stores. the safeguard of watchful arms surrounds ? [On lets A the contrary. ! for their children. Even as he does not allow his inferiors to feel exacts he its penalties equally may be hedged in with . the odious blindness of perception. and may guard his person with the enclosure and protection of a numerous retinue. no communication to the poor. shut up at home as if it were another's. In the midst of the banquet he sighs. 11 and gold and mighty sums of money. although he drinks from a jewelled goblet and when his luxurious bed has enfolded his body languid with feasting in its yielding bosom. and oh. And oh. Exaltation from the more powerful. that they can keep others from possess- ing it . poor wretch. And yet such people call that their own money. nor does he perceive. and from which they derive no benefit either for their friends. Such an one enjoys no security either in his food or in his sleep. that these things are merely gilded torments. at least are safe with some stable that those permanence among the chap- of honour and vast wealth. in the glitter of royal palaces. that he is held in bondage by his gold.] they have greater fear than others. Their possession amounts to this only. lest the robber should spoil. and that he is the slave of his luxury and wealth rather than silver . what a marvellous perversion of names they " goods" which they aj^olutely put to none ! call those things but bad uses. he lies wakeful in the midst of the down . he rather continues to brood over his vexing wealth. even in the midst of their riches those are torn to pieces by the anxiety of vague thought. lest the envy of some wealthier neighbour should become hostile.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. lest the murderer should attack. 13. whom. or. he goes on obstinately From him there is no clinging to his tormenting hoards. liberality to dependents. which they guard with jealous labour.

how free from all shocks is that safeguard. the it greater the height of dignity and honours attained. are constrained to have more love for what we shall be. so does the heavenly Spirit infuse itself into us. as the shower yields moisture. to lift his eyes admitted to the gift of God. smiles to rage. Hence. then. as the day gives light. anchored on the ground of the harbour of salvafrom earth to heaven . it to cast down. and to be purged from earthly dregs. Pie who is How in its perennial blessings. lies altogether beneath actually greater than the world can crave nothing. he may boast. and having been tion. however. can desire nothing. the soul. It cajoles to deceive.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. for a the one solid and firm and constant security. and far transcends all this earthly than higher and begins to be that which it believes itself to be. is this. terrible to others. the one peaceful and trustworthy tranquillity. ! We by being allowed to know and to condemn what we were. Do you. stable. With a certain usury of mischief. it the sun. to be loosed from the snares of this entangling world. in its rises 15. When elaborate effort accessible to . Neither for this purpose is it necessary to pay a price so that man's either in the way <f bribery or of labour elevation or dignity or power should be begotten in him with . how affairs others his consciousness. to withdraw from these eddies of a distracting O man world. 12 is it security. whom the celestial warfare has en- listed in the spiritual camp. want the whom power makes terrible to themselves. as the fountain flows. it entices to slay. power. 14. from the world. only observe a discipline uncor- rupted and chastened in the virtues of religion. of of those all. lifts up first is. inevitable that he himself should The power sense of security. Be constant . that whatever in human to his esteem lofty and grand. has recognised its Author. and fitted for the light of eternal heavenly the protection He will see what crafty mischief of the foe immortality that previously attacked us has been in progress against us. it is a gratuitous gift from God. all. and. the greater is the interest of penalty required. and it is the sun shines spontaneously. and being already very near God in mind. but As gaze into heaven.

such and things as contain not the reality of perishing afford no abiding assurance to their possessors. listen to. These things. whose breast has once been supplied with heavenly food. the temperate meal resound with psalms . now speak with God. 16. now let God speak with you. poor . Let us embellish this house with the colours with the light of justice : this will never fall into decay with the wear of age. for. nor shall it be defiled by the tarnishing of the colours of its of innocence. patience. 13 as well in prayer as in reading. It can neither decay nor be destroyed it can only be fashioned into greater perfecthis honour. now that the sun is sloping towards the evening. let Whom He Him make has made rich. yet. Ceilings enriched with gold. in which the Holy Spirit has begun to make His abode. you who are rather to be adorned. none shall direct you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. undertake this office. possession walls nor of . if. and that that dwelling in which God has dwelt as in a temple. and houses adorned with mosaics of costly marble. the sweetness of religious music charm our ears. in there can be no poverty to him fact. briefly for the pre- tion sent. But remains in a beauty perpetually vivid. let us enlighten it its Whatever is artificially beautified is gold. we ought to have some moderation in our conversation . in perfect permanent splendour. is is tenacious and your voice musical. when the body returns to it. as we are neighbours. You will provide a better entertainment for we have something your dearest friends. and a time of ears as what associated is as whatever remains of the day. and as your memory leisure. let us spend it in gladness. For although what you profitably hear delights your its goodness. is of more importance than all others. will seem mean to you. as your wont. indulgent in and your assured faith and nothing is so pleasant to your pleasant to you in God. while spiritual to . let Him instruct you in His precepts. nor let even the hour of repast be without heavenly Let grace. now when you know that it is you yourself who are rather to be perfected. your well-balanced mind. dearest Donatus. and since this is a holiday rest. and are likely to talk together frequently. in .

in the place of a shepherd. Since. Therefore. and because a conflict is impending. that the blessed father 2 Cyprian has for a certain reason withdrawn " in doing which he acted quite rightly. but have eaten their milk. it have not corrected the wanderer. We have been informed by Crementius the sub-deacon. daring tJie interval of the bishop's absence. to keep watch over the flock . whose own the sheep are not. that in the time of persecution Cyprian ARGUMENT. willing that this conflict should show to angels and to men that the victor shall who came to us . with their accustomed zeal for the faith. and . 1. good shepherd. . xxxiv. : Ep. 3 Ezek. had withdrawn himself. But the hireling. fulfilling " I am the teaches. if we be will be said to us. 2 Papam. from you. because he is a person of eminence. who in such wise negligent had been placed in charge. EPISTLE II. seeth the wolf coming. they remind the Carthaginian clergy of their duty. be crowned. while the vanquished shall in himself receive the doom which has been made manifest to us. The Roman clergy had learnt from Crementius the sub-deacon. and was. it devolves upon us who appear to be placed on high. and found neglectful. 1 Oxford ed." which God has allowed in the world. as it was said to our predecessors also. and leaveth the sheep. and instruct them what to do in the case of the lapsed. that we have not sought for that which was lost. moreover. ABOUT THE RETIREMENT OF THE BLESSED CYPRIAN. 3. moreover.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 1 FROM THE ROMAN CLERGY TO THE CARTHAGINIAN CLERGY. 4. and been 3 clothed with their wool and then also the Lord Himself. for the sake of co-operating with His servants in their struggle against the adversary. saying. and have not bound up that which was broken. who lay down my life for the sheep. viii. what had been written in the law and the prophets.

have even recalled those who were ascend- 4 ing to do that to which they were constrained. but exhorting them to stand firm in the faith. 17. 4 That is to say. 3." . that you also ought to do the like. however. to repent. but be able to ascertain from very many who come to you from God blessing us. haply. Him who if in any way they may receive pardon from be it . but exhorted them. He He me 1 Feed 1 15 my answered. off and is intended to bear upon Cyprian's There seems no meaning in interpreting the passage as a . that you desire you to be good you are aware that no slight danger threatens do not exhort our brethren to stand stedfast in shepherds. therefore." We this saying arose out of the very circumstance of his with3 drawal. we both have done and that. and do exhort : them. fallen John may amend their xxi. 11. all eternal sufferings than the fear of men and a short-lived discomfort. beloved should be found hirelings. To Simon. brethren. The church stands in faith. is and following Him afar retirement. not forsaking the brethren. as being of those who rush headlong into idolatry. " to the Capitol to sacrifice. us. lest. since if you you the faith. we did not abandon. seems most probable that the allusion is to Peter's denial of his Lord. or that they were afraid. and is variously understood. too. and the wolf speaks thus He Thee. 2. 12. although they were separated from us." " Lovest thou saith to him. and to be ready to go with the And we Lord. and the rest of the disciples did likewise. then.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. you Neither is it will these things ourselves with all anxiety and worldly having before our eyes rather the fear of God and do still risk. It a very obscure passage. : scattereth them. reference to Peter's death. so that the brotherhood be not absolutely rooted out. but we brethren. when seized. whether that they were persons of eminence. I do love 2 know that sheep. We are unwilling. they should become worse. in words only that we exhort you to this . with the fear of man these. fleeth. if they should deserted by us. You see. notwithstanding that some have been driven to fall by very terror. is able to grant so that even those 1 John 3 This who have 2 x.

Moreover. that they may stand firm and sted- Bassianus has come to us fast in the faith. as that if any who may have fallen into this temptation begin to be taken with sickness. ever heartily farewell. and we request of you who have a zeal for God. We bid you. Know. And we likewise beg you in your turn to have us in remembrance. catechumens when seized with sickness ought is to be afforded them. however. have widows or bedridden people 1 who are unable to main. whatever occasion By whomsoever of you. which also we have here added. grant to us that we may all be found in these works. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and may so make amends for their previous sin.e. a considerable risk is incurred by those whose duty it is to do this office. moreover. or those who are in prisons or are excluded from their own dwellings. and will be appointed ruler are sure that he cities. May God. then. as occasions may serve. who gives all things to that hope in Him. as one who has been faithful in the least. and repent of what they have done. or send a message. that . and the whole Church. it should in any wise be granted them. to send a copy of this letter to whomsoever you are able. And there are other matters which are incumbent on you. and desire comOr if you munion. 1C minds by your exhortation and if they should be seized once may confess. 1 Clinomeni. if the bodies of the martyrs and others be not buried. tain themselves. and on duty may have been performed. over ten them as do the elders. we this is regarded as a good servant. 2 I. or make your own opportunities. more. as to the implied promise of their preparation for baptism. which itself also with the deepest anxiety keeps watch over all who call on the name of the Lord. as matter of the greatest importance. The brethren who are in bonds greet you. And. 2 but help not to be deceived. these ought in all cases to have some to minister to them. beloved brethren.

Ep. Wherein. . ARGUMENT. especially as it can be requires it This of the from gathered sufficiently Roman the title itself. by the firmness of his faith. I greatly congratulate you. EPISTLE 17 III. harmony with the integrity of his adminis- an honourable consummation also attended him. which Cyprian clergy. ii. I have sent you back the person who wrote nor epistle. I have. the persons to in whom it . 3. and even the paper itself. my opinion on the matter. not only what is glorious to you in connection with the memory of your bishop. gave me the idea that something had been taken away. so that by your means is made known to me. in tration. For in proportion as the fall of a bishop is an event which tends ruinously to the fall of his followers. and I was wavering doubtfully in 1. 1 - TO THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACONS ABIDING AT ROME. to is Tfie letter replying. I received a letter sent to me from you by Crementius the sub-deacon. greatly that. that you honour his memory with a testimony so public and so illustrious. but what ought to afford to me also an example of faith and virtue. 2 of the excellent man. sets himself forth to his brethren as an object of imitation. greeting. is a familiar and friendly epistle. to the elders and deacons. or had been changed from the original. moreover. so that no formal argument.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. so on the other hand it is a useful and helpful thing when a bishop. B Fabian. my colleague. brethren abiding at the report of the departure sends. is missing.: Ep. bishop of Rome. Cyprian When Rome. 2 ix. moreover. letter. was still uncertain among us. in which I was most abundantly informed of his glorious end and I rejoiced . read another 3 which neither was written were plainly declared and inasmuch as in the same letter both the writing and the matter. 1 Oxford 3 The foregoing ed. my beloved brethren.

dearest brethren. greeting. 18 actually came to hand. Cyprian exhorts his clergy from his place of retirement) that in his absence they should be united . having confessed their Lord with a glorious voice. since the whole of 1 2 Oxford scil. dearest brethren. v. that we may know this. I bid you. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. I salute you. and further. have been put in prison. rejoicing that I am informed 1. privilege should at length be formartyrs the lidden them. ed. to carry. 1 TO THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACOXS. I beg you. moreover. that nothing should be wanting to prisoners or to the rest of poor . and write me again what is the truth of the matter. : Ep. For it is a very serious thing if the truth of a clerical letter is corrupted by any falsehood or deceit. Carthage. EPISTLE IV. I entreat that nothing be wanting. ARGUMENT. ascertain whether the writing and subscription are yours. "blood. In respect of means. lest. In order. his beloved brethren. whether for those who. of the prosperity of all things in respect of your safety also . for meeting the expenses. if they in this prison. and as the condition of the place * does not permit me to 'be with you now. and still stand fast in the Lord. or for those who are labouring in poverty and want. that they should keep the people should rush in crowds to visit the in quiet. that there may be nothing wanting either to discipline or diligence. by your faith and your religion. Being by the grace of God in safety. then. where the populace had already demanded Cyprian's . to discharge there both your own office and mine.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that you may examine the very same which you gave to Crementius the epistle as whether it it is the sub-deacon. ever heartily farewell.

always and have me in remembrance. and thus. : celebrate the eucharist. . satiably wish for all. meek and humble in all things. Farewell ! EPISTLE V. and to have regard to the people. sell. me. Greet all heartily farewell the brotherhood. AEGUMENT. 2 Qui illic i. xiv. "the oblation" (vpoc- . the beginnings gether at once." "who ed. and those who are with For. brethren. that many might have means whence they could assist the necessities and burthens of individuals. so that the presbyters also. lest from this very thing ill-will be aroused. suspicion is diminished. greet you. because. except that the writer directs the confessors also to be admonished by the clergy of their 1 " (popa). and to I provide for quietness. beloved and dearly longed-for. of divine consideration has already shed a that this eagerness must be cautiously I think brightness. therefore. yet and in not in numbers collected tonot crowds." Ep. I beg also that there may be no lack. Victor the deacon. indulged. as befits the servants of God. on whom by their glorious 2. on your parts. Oxford apud confessores offerunt. sum which was the small collected there 19 was distributed among the clergy for cases of that kind.e. and the means of access be denied. wisdom and carefulness to preserve peace. bid you. varying the people that by thus changing the persons and come together. we ought to accommodate ourselves to the times. Tlie argument of this letter is nearly the same as that of the preceding one. and see that this may be more safely managed with moderawho there offer l with the tion. 2 TO THE PEESBYTERS AND DEACONS. one by one take turns with the deacons may individually . while we inTake counsel. For although from their affection the brethren are eager to approach and to visit those good confessors. we lose all.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. confessors.

that it has touched with its desolation even a portion of the clergy. And although some reasons might appear to urge me to the duty of myself hastening to come to you. prayers. by the divine mercy. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. that examined them with abundant counsel. for instance. still to preserve my retreat and my quiet for a while. measure overwhelmed my people. with a view to other advantages connected with the peace and safety of us all of which advantages an account will be given you by our beloved brother Tertullus. therefore. I may hereafter greet you at all events as safe. the author of this counsel . . of my eagerness and desire for firstly. has. his brethren. because which is the chief consideration in my you. yet it seemed to me better. In the meantime let the poor be taken care of as much and as well as possible . was moreover. enhancement to my sorrows. stand fast both in faith and virtue. added this 1. that those of you whose presence there is least suspicious and least perilous. and we might be able to consult together on those matters which are required by the general advantage. besides his other care which he zealously bestows on divine labours. in respect of doing those things which are required for the religious administration. should in my stead discharge my duty. in this letter I both exhort and command you. 2. and not rashly trust myself into the sight of the public and especially that I should beware of that place where I had been so often inquired for and sought after. Relying. but espefully : ? . as I have learned.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and an occasion for this. which have I abundantly known. moreover. in respect of the government of the church. and obey the presbyters His own retirement incidentally furnishes deacons. upon your love and your piety. beloved brethren. and having carethen. who. with this greeting. letter to my greet the whole of my clergy in health and since the stormy time which has in a great But safety. I pray the Lord that. to give attention to humility. I had wished indeed. 20 duty. that I should be cautious and moderate. who. might wisely arrange them .

after imprisonment often repeated. and in all things seeking the Lord's approval. only let them know from you and be instructed. cially those who have 21 stood with unshaken faith and have not forsaken Christ's flock. For I have given you an example. after exposures to wild beasts." And the Lord also says. but more humble. 15. 14. 1 It is thought that Cyprian here speaks of an order of men called Parabolani. the same shall be saved. let them be supplied with whatever things are necessary. the discipline of the church requires of them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 3 Apoc. that ye should do as I have done to you. yet if there be any who are in want either of clothing or maintenance. John ii." 4 Let them imitate the Lord. moreover. that they ought to be humble and modest and peaceable." and again. xiii. so that those who have achieved glory by what they have testified. * Matt. saying. be bestowed upon the glorious confessors. accord- ing to the authority of Scripture. accomplished. And although I know that very many of those have been maintained by the vow 1 and by the love of the brethren. who. your Lord and Master. means be supplied to them to enable them to bear their poverty. 22. For there remains more than what is yet seen to be crown. as I formerly wrote to you. " 2 Eccles. so that what the troublous time has not effected in respect of their faith. "Praise not any man before 2 his death. " If I. may not be accomplished by want in respect of their afflictions." who systematically devoted themselves to the service of the sick and poor and imprisoned. ye ought also to wash one another's feet. that. . Let a more earnest care. while they were still kept in prison. "Be thou faithful unto death. and learn what. xi. may show themselves in consummation of their praise. may achieve glory also by their characters. 10. after scourging. He washed His disciples' feet. that they should maintain the honour of their name. to attain a heavenly worthy. 28. x." 5 Let them also follow the example of the Apostle Paul. have washed your feet. "He that endureth to the end. by your diligence. since it is written. who at the very time of His For then passion was not more proud. and I 3 will give thee a crown of life.

strongest. These And brethren. by the wicked and evil characters of a few. fellowship. Donatus and Fortunatus." we might not be 1 any of you. Novatus and Gordius. iii. but boasts. . The Lord grant that I may soon both see them again. being condemned by their testimony and judgment. suggest to our he who humble th himself shall be ex- when they should rather fear the who more eagerly attacks the man that the time ensnaring adversary. and even members that have confessed Christ. and be mindful of me. I made up my mind to do nothing on my own private opinion. did we eat any man's bread for nought. But as soon as. and by salutary exhortation may establish their minds to preserve is For I am grieved when I hear that some of them run about wickedly and proudly. 8. the honourable glories of many and good confessors are tarnished whom they ought to fear. I chargeable to now is as " pray you. 4. by the grace of God. 2 alted. he did not " Neither proudly arrogate anything to himself when he said. those things I bid you. without your advice and without the consent of the people. I have not been able to reply by myself. and even after his rapture to the third heaven and paradise. wrote to me. strives to overcome fiis conqueror. . finally. but cause that. 2 Luke xiv. they be excluded from their That. and becoming more virulent. but wrought with labour and travail night and day. are defiled by unlawful concubinage. 11. In respect of that which our fellow-presbyters. for the very reason that he is conquered. I shall have come to you. their glory. is the illustrious and true confessor.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. brethren beloved and dearly longed-for. as our respective dignity requires." several matters. which either have been or are to be done. ever heartily fareGreet the brotherhood that is well. and cannot be ruled either by deacons or by presbyters. . and give themselves up to follies or to discords that members of Christ. that 3. concerning whom afterwards the church does not blush. since. 1 2 Thess. 22 in everything continued meek and humble . from the first commencement of my episcopacy. then we will discuss in common. lest.

the share of the bishop of the church is devil has not been able to overcome. his brethren. in the same proportion we rejoice over you whom the ness. Farewell. and tell them to 23 remember me. 1. 1 H TO ROGATIANUS THE PRESBYTER. 1 Oxford ed. and now my voice has no other object. and lives. . xiii. that after such these there should also come an increase. For what can I wish greater or better in my prayers than to see the flock of Christ enlightened by For although all the the honour of your confession? brethren ought to rejoice in this. by the true and my heart towards you. to the presbyter Rogatianus.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. being the faith. Cyprian and to the other I had both heretofore. the glory of the bishop. ip/io. we fight Care must be taken. were not afraid to return unbidden into their country. in the common gladis the For the glory greatest. first of all. He AHGUMENT. in clearly which I congratulated your faith and virtue with exulting confessors. : Ep. you should hold fast are still jour glory with a brave and persevering virtue. simple love of We in the world : daily for our beginnings as we are still placed in the battle-field . sent you a letter. Yet I exhort you by our common faith. beloved bravest and brethren. words. than with joyous mind. AND THE OTHER CONFESSORS. with you earnestly from me. yet. exhorts Rogatianus and to maintain discipline) that none ivlw in word should seem to deny the other confessors had confessed Christ Him in deed. 2. greeting. casually exiled on account of rebuking Some of them. that. EPISTLE VI. having overcome the adversary in this first encounter. In proportion as we grieve over those whom a hostile persecution has cast down. repeatedly and always to announce the glory of your name.

to observe and fulfil this. that a blessed It is com- a slight thing to have been able to attain anything ." so on the other hand those are dear to God to discipline the name of God is whose conformity through that trembleth at" 2 declared with a testimony of praise. and many others." '" and " As strangers. The Lord taught this in He said. but by being actually the attainment. 15. " Lo thou art made a confessor . lest a worse thing come unto sin no more. 2. " Behold." says he. sin no more. 24. 16. v. : from fleshly lusts. it the more behoves you confessors. exhorts pilgrims. among the Gentiles 2 Isa." as they the tranquillity of a good life is fitting for all Christians. that keeps a His instruction when man for God. as it is written. which war against the conversation honest 1 John 4 Matt. lest also. grace also forsook them." 5 " Shine as And similarly Peter lights in the world. abstain says. as being those whose characters should provoke to imitation the life and conduct of all. " Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify 4 And Paul the apostle your Father which is in heaven. who have been made an example to the rest of the brethren." Conceive of Him as saying this also to His confessor. . 3. as those on whose account " the name of God is blasphemed among 3 the Gentiles. so long walked in the Lord's ways. were able to keep the grace given to them. 1 a worse thing come unto thee. v. and since peacef ulness and humility and Solomon thee. 14.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. according to the word of the Lord. 5 Phil. When the discipline of the Lord was forsaken by them. . fecting. We must persevere in the straight and narrow road of praise and glory . ii. the Lord Himself forewarning and saying. soul. 24 what you have begun to be with such mencement should be consummated in you. who looks to none other man than " to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit. For as the Jews were alienated from God. having your that whereas they 3 Rom & . thou art made whole. but the per- alive. is it preserved. it is more to be able to keep what you have attained . Ixvi. and Saul. and His word. even as faith itself and saving birth makes Nor not by being received.

hid not my face from the filthiness of spitting. the greatest part of you. iv. to another returns to perish when suffered is his days in intoxication arrested. they 25 may by your good works. guard its glory by tranquil and virtuous lives. 7 you. But I hear that some infect your number." " neither do I lious. . 16. are careful for . 5 Isa. 1." And dares any one now. self forgetful. since the lower one " He is. 1 shall behold." let those who follow the Lord humbly and did. 2 Either among then. although high-minded. or as a thief. 7 Luke is. 15. the more exalted he may become . and as a lamb before her shearers is being a criminal ! : 4 "I am not rebelopened not His mouth. 48. I gave my back to I the smiters. 20." This. so He and be haughty. and my cheeks to the palms of their hands. that 5. is least What. I rejoice to say. Isa. the same shall be great. 12. gainsay. indeed. liii. xi." that how execrable should it appear to is 11. and destroy better and preserve 4." Our Lord " was led as a sheep to the slaughter . and which they made by the honour of your confession itself. that country whence he was banished. as of the peacefully and silently tread in His steps. but fear for if God spared not the natural branches. 7. when one spends by your name. as criminals having returned from banishment without authority. 1 1 Pet. as says the Lord. "But let none of you ii. lift up him- dumb. but as 2 I hear that some are puffed up and are " Be not it is written. suffer as a murderer. 6 John xiii. who lives by and in this very One. not now as being a Christian. 6. as well of the deeds which He commands which He left to us either by HimBut if " the servant is not greater self or by His apostles 1 6 than his Lord. yourselves. even as being lovers and guardians of your own praise. 21. glorify the Lord. See 1 Pet. 5. should rebuke and check and tion For what a disgrace correct. arrogant." 3 4 Rom. or as having committed some crime for which they became amenable to punishment. take heed 3 lest He also spare not thee. or as an evil-doer. and debauchery.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. speak against you as evil-doers. the praise of a distinguished name by their corrupt conversa- whom you ." says He.

xix." The Oxford translation has " bathed in s Matt. 6." Gal. you 4 God . 1 " 2 Lev." "But if ye bite and find to fault with one another. yet I myself have also sent you from the small means of my own which I had with me. both lately when you were still kept in prison. . to supply whatever was needful. and may be received. Illustrata. 2G which I have learnt with extreme anguish and grief of mind. We had renounced just. . Let us confirm one another by mutual exhortations.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 250 Victor also. v. and it is written. and have followed the Lord. and so that when let us more and more go forward in the Lord of His mercy He shall have made that peace which He promises to give. that there are not wanting those who defile the temples of God. associating their beds promiscuously with women's ! In which. be no contentions and emulations among you. and now also again. For he who. 18. daily good the world when we were baptized but we have now indeed renounced the world when tried and approved by God. that by their offence glorious. and the members sanctified after confession you and made 1 with a disgraceful and infamous concubinage. . preserved pure to Christ's according precept." 3 From abuse and revilings also I entreat to abstain. there is a great guilt in this very thing. pieces and another 250 I had also sent before. 39. There ought also originate examples for the ruin of others. whether by our brethren or by the heathen. and stand and live in His faith and fear. either for your clothing or for your food. " Thou shalt 2 love thy neighbour as thyself. . xxii. in all things corrected and renewed for the better and those who formerly admired our glory in our courage may now admire the discipline in our lives. to wit. take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. [And although I have most fully written to our clergy. we may return to the church new and almost changed men. speaks things peaceable and and confesses Christ. even if there be no pollution of their conscience. for " revilers do not attain the kingdom of and the which has confessed Christ should be . 15." tongue sound and with its honour. 4 light. we leave all that we have. since the Lord left to us His peace.

Although I know. our flock. his brethren. 27 a reader has Lecome a deacon. nor observe the heavenly commandments given to us for our salvation. that in order to appease and entreat the Lord. which has in a great measure laid waste. ever heartily farewell . and not in deeds.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. every one of us pleas- ing himself. and is even still laying waste. written : " is by some. but also with fastings and with tears. renouncing the world in words only. Our Lord did the will of His Father. has visited us according to our sins. in brackets therefore doubted : Ep. brethren beloved. beloved brethren. we must lament not only in words. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. you also are 1. to satisfy our pride. xi. But I rejoice when I know that very many 175. found only in one MS. For we must perceive and confess that the so disordered ruin arising from that affliction.] you. 2 TO THE CLERGY. in that we do not keep the way of the Lord. and who from sent l I bid are aiding your necessities with their contributions. EPISTLE VII. and we do not do the will of our Lord eager about our patrimony and our gain. still I myself remind your religious anxiety. that from greeting. the fear which we all of us owe to God. instantly urgent in continual petitions and earnest prayers to Him. except that he exhorts in this to diligent prayer. and displeasing smitten as we deserve. seeking . and is with me. yielding ourselves wholly to emulation and to strife. the The argument of same as that of the present epistle is nearly the two preceding. all is others. Its . CONCERNING PRAYER TO GOD. and with every kind of urgency. since it 1 The portion inserted gentiineness 2 Oxford is ed. you of our brethren of their love are striving with each other. ARGUMENT. careless of simplicity and faith. therefore And we are that servant. and be mindful of me.

" Then. 10. although prayer be offered with one mind." if only our prayers. 28 which knoweth and has not obeyed his 1 But what stripes. many stripes. "Nevertheless my loving4 Let us ask. delay : our receiving. because He Himself also adds." we feel the rods and the stripes. you ought to know (since the Lord has condescended to show and to reveal it) that it was said in a vision. when even confessors." what blows. then will I visit their transgressions with the rod." if and tardiness in we shall and there be and receive . " If they forsake my law and walk not in my judgsaying. knock at the door and with these we must be urgent and persevering. gaining glory. be beaten with very midst of the torments. who ought to be au example of virtuous life to others. 3 Satisfacimus. do we not deserve. " Ask. while an inflated and immodest boastfulness about their own confession excessively elates some. It is for this reason that and their iniquities with stripes. 4 Ps. that the attending people were bidden to pray for certain 1 Luke xii. easily pass rack until they cause them to abandon their faith. which the more induced and constrained me to write this letter to you. Ixxxix. not by the cessation of his torture. let them to the but wrench them on the crown. kindness will I not scatter away from them. shall his master's will. 2 Ps. saying. and ye shall obtain. . without any end of condemtortures which do not nation. tortures come upon them. but by the quickness of his death. and our tears. 5 opened. even as the divine judgment has forewarned us. do not maintain discipline? Therefore. because we neither please God with good deeds nor atone 3 for our sins. afterwards. 5 Luke xi. These things we suffer by our own fault and our own in the deserving. 30-32. our groanings. unless some one taken away by the divine compassion should depart will. Let us of our inmost heart and of our entire mind ask for God's mercy. if my they profane statutes and keep not my com- mandments.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. without any comfort of death. 47. even . 3. For. 33. ments. because " to him that knocketh also it shall be let us knock. and tortures without any cessation of the tormentor. Ixxxix. since we have grievously offended. 2.

2 Acts iv. that ye love one another. it was told him that the youth who was thus sitting on the right hand was saddened and grieved because his commandments were not observed . according to the peace which our vailed among all ? Lord gave us. 1 Ps. bore a net. " I say command. 6. in order to catch the And when he who saw marvelled people standing round. 19. a young man also being seated at his right hand. which he threatened to throw. . and ye shall excessively displeased Him who had said. a family. and there was not a consent of the brethren one and simple. but that he on the left was exultant because an opportunity was afforded him of receiving from the father of the family the power of This was shown long before the tempest of this destroying. what this could be. and wills disagreeing. holding his chin in his right hand. it shall be done for you of my Father which is in heaven. 4 Matt. " And the multitude of them 2 And the that believed were of one heart and of one soul. and these evils would not have come upon the brethren. 12. there were agreement among all brethren. but that were dissonant voices. sorrowful look. 29 in their petitions there persons pointed out to them. This is my 3 And again." 4 But if two of one mind can do so much. And we have seen that which had been shown fulfilled that while we despise the commandments of . occupied his place with a But another standing on the left hand. if the brotherhood had been animated with one spirit. what might be effected if the unanimity preBut if." unto you. saying.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who. Yes. we should before this have obtained from the divine mercy what we seek nor should we be wavering so long in this peril of our salvation and our faith. and a united concord since it is written." " Lord has bidden us with His own voice. Ixviii. For there also was shown that there sate the father of . 8 John xv. the of the because obtain. 4. 32. devastation arose. . truly. anxious and somewhat sad with a kind of indignation." 1 and we read in the Acts of the Apostles. xviii. and that this " Ask. that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that you shall ask. " God who maketh men to be of one mind in a house." disagreement people was out of harmony.

to entreat the make sins much more sins." 4 But if for us and for our both laboured and watched and prayed. and and whereby we now offend the Lord. Satan place we read. separate us from the love of Christ ? and Who 1 Heb. Let us urgently pray and groan with continual petitions. Jesus Christ the Lord if only we repent of our sins past. cling closely to His Christ . who rebukes that He amends that He may rebukes. and continued all night in 3 And assuredly what He prayed for. those who were imperfectly armed and too careless to resist. 4 Luke xxii. . the bonds of sleep. first of and satisfaction to and an all. and pray with urgency and watchfulness. God the Father ! We to pray to have an advocate intercessor for our sins. and confess our God. and watch in the same. may amend. 2 Col. For know. that in another " And the Lord said to Peter. if we still stand fast in the faith both in afflictions is to say. The Father corrects and pro- acknowledge our and He Lord Himself. and.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." doubtedly God. that we were sleepy in our prayers. that thy faith fail not. But He so prayed for us. He prayer to God. but bore behalf. and the way of our example." for on our since He was not a sinner. iv.. frequently and watchfully prayed. as the Apostle Paul bids us. Behold. the enemy was receiving a power of doing mischief. and did not pray with watchfulness . saying. xii." 2 For the apostles also ceased not to pray day and night and the Lord also Himself. the teacher of our discipline. " Continue in prayer. 3 Luke vi. and then through Him. 32. 5. 30 the Lord. as perplexities. that " shall it is written. that I was not long ago reproached with this also in a vision. as we read in the Gospel " He went out into a mountain to pray. how ought we to be instant in prayers . 6. Let us therefore strike off and break away from preserve. beloved brethren. while we do not keep the salutary ordinances of the law that He has given. come engage to walk in His ways. : the sins of others. 2. and His commandments. 12. prayed . by the cast of his net. 31. for the time to to fear tects us. and was overwhelming. and unl " rebukes whom He when He loves. has desired to sift you as wheat : but I have prayed for thee.

as to believers.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. It was my duty not to conceal these special matters. safe. in the meantime. his viii. Let each his own even now off the conone. 7. 2 This prediction of settled times was published in unsettled ones and was fulfilled by the sudden and unexpected death of Decius. to the very least of sins. an examination and searching out of the heart." us to command : 2 are admonished by these divine condescensions both concerning a spare diet and a temperate use of drink . And do not you for your part keep this letter concealed among For it is yourselves. acknowledging sins." said He. to wit. Let them know that we are proved by our Lord. or persecution. His servants. to intercept those words with which the Lord condescends to admonish and instruct us. . wanting and yet in His trials He has always proved His has never at any time been help us to be sifted and proved. 31 Shall tribulation. under the conflict of this present affliction. matters by which each one of us may be both instructed and guided. " Tell " to be him. but that. nothing ] Persecution of that kind clinging to His body and blood. or peril. or lest the mind. put versation of the old man. that some who still remain may be proved. in his . he putteth to the 1 Rom. there is a little But we delay. but let the brethren have it to read. and let them never fail of that faith whereby we have once believed in Him. it expedition against the Goths. hand " For no plough man who is fit looks back as for the kingdom of 35. or famine. or distress. or None of these things can nakedness. God wills is people . although and placed among very many unworthy of His condescension. the part of one who desires that his brother should not be warned and instructed. should be less watchful unto prayers and supplication. yet He has condescended of His goodness towards 6. or sword ?" tear can away those \vho are separate believers. nor to hide them alone in my own consciousness. lest worldly enticement should enervate the breast now elevated with celestial vigour. weighed down by too abundant feasting. because peace is coming. Finally.

He will maintain us safe from the disturbances of the enemy." 1 And. 32 God. who. Farewell. a peaceful calm. and with full faith that we shall receive. 26. when she was delivered. as it behoves those to entreat who are situated between the who wail. calls whither Christ calls us. Salute the brotherhood in my name .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 2 Gen. if He shall see us fearful concerning His anger . but for all the brethren. looked back in defiance of the commandment. . light . Let us ask that peace may we may be quickly helped in our concealments and our dangers . Let us only. but enjoined them. that those things may be fulfilled which the Lord deigns to show to His servants. and have me in remembrance. finally. and the stedfast faith of the persevering may glory. lost the benefit 2 of her escape. without ceasing to ask. and remind them to remember me. 62. after the storms the affectionate aids of and whirlwinds. in simplicity and unanimity beseech the Lord. and the remnants of those who fear between the manifold slaughter of the yielding. after the darkness. but to things which are beLet us lift up our eyes to the earth with its delights and enticements whither the devil fore. bids to each one. the O restoration of the church. ever heartily farewell . the accustomed grandeurs of the divine majesty whereby both the blasphemy of persecutors may be restrained. serenity . even as the Lord has taught us when He to pray. beloved brethren. after be soon restored . Let us look not to things which are behind. firmness of those who still stand. to pray for all in common prayer and concordant supplication. if corrected and amended by the present tribulation. I bid you. not private prayer. heaven. If the Lord shall behold us humble and peaceable . the security of our salvation . the repentance of the lapsed renewed. that ' the rains. Let each one of us pray God not for himself only. entreating not only with groaning but with tears. if He shall see us joined one with another . pardon also shall follow. 8. Discipline hath preceded. when they prayed. lest deceive us. xix. paternal love. us back. Lot's wife. 1 Luke ix. and the little ruins of those .

than he that is in the world "2 . than is the divine protection towards lifting up. while some are even now within reach of the crown increased also. Cyprian. our virtue. no sufferings or tortures overcome you.. who. to contend in the extremest contest. : Ep. but by the very tortures themselves you were more and more stimulated to the conflict bravely and firmly you have returned with ready devotion. become leaders to the rest in overcoming their tortures. gloried. of victory . . having afforded an example of virtue and faith. that punishment was undergone which drove the confessors of Christ into exile . yet the present confession is so much the more illustrious and greater in honour as it is braver in sufferino. commending the African martyrs mar- vellously for their constancy.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. blessed brethren. x. EPISTLE 83 VIII. most brave and Lord and in I gladly salvation. your hearing she Mother. at rejoice of faith wherein and the church. ARGUMENT. l>y the to Cyprian martyrs and confessors in Christ our God the Father. can I commend most praises courageous brethren ? you. in con- sequence of an enduring confession. indeed. urges them to perseverance the example of their colleague Mappalicus. contending in the With what strife. until the strife yielded. no threats terrify " you. when. because greater is He that is in TIS. . 4. Of you I find that some are already crowned. as it behoves the soldiers of Christ in the divine camp : that no allurements may deceive the incorruptible stedfastness of your faith. being overcome. * John iv. and the glory of the combatants has Nor were you kept back from the struggle by fear of tortures. but all whom the danger has shut up in a glorious company are animated to carry on the struggle with an equal and common warmth of virtue. The O O combat has increased. nor is the earthly punishment able to do more towards casting down. glories. Lately. everlasting and am thankful. 1 TO THE MARTYRS AND CONFESSORS. This truth proved by the glorious struggle of the brethren. is 1 Oxford ed.

overcame the hooks The scourge. could not conquer invincible faith. what a spectacle was that to the Lord. the spiritual contest. not to over- throw the stedfast faith. admiration the heavenly contest. and have not yielded to sufferings. and the limbs. even unto the glorious consummation. the battle of Christ. but believing and armed with the weapons of faith. with unyielding test of that mind. indeed. . saw His servants stood with free voice. how acceptable to the eyes of and devotion of His soldiers ! As God it is in the allegiance written in the Psalms. which has received the crown from the consummation of its virtues. was present at His own contest . 34 With what vocal proclamation can I extol the strength of the perseverance of your faith ? You have heart and your borne the sharpest examination by torture. beaten and torn as they were. of weapons of this world. cxvi. which the tortures themselves did not give. How did Christ re- How willingly did He both fight and conquer in such servants of His. severer. how the servants of great. Oh. 15. but to send the men of God more The multitude of those who were quickly to the Lord. saw with the conpresent God. which might subdue the flames of Gehenna with its glorious gore." 1 tality at Precious the cost of is its the death which has bought immorblood. strengthened.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. The more brave than the tortured stood torturers . all its rage. the The examination by torture waxing crown has given. when the Holy Spirit at once speaks to us and warns us : " Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. continued for a long time to this result. He animated the champions and assertors 1 Ps. with divine virtue bare. often repeated that bent and tore them. as the protector of their faith. with God that were tortured. and giving to believers as much as he who taketh believes joice therein ! that he receives ! He lifted up. even membrane which enclosed the entrails were the although O and it was no longer the limbs but the wounds of broken. but rather the sufferings have given way to you. Blood was flowing which might quench the blaze of persecution. how sublime. The end of torments.

25. in which we are crowned. but one rethey ceiveth the prize ? So run that ye may obtain. my up for Avhich the Lord. once conquered death on our " "When behalf." Moreover. 2 Tim. "You shall see a contest And to-morrow. vii. saying." 3 This is the struggle of our faith in which we engage. 14." says he. what ye that hour what ye shall speak : for it shall speak.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. in which we conquer." fight. This is " Bethis struggle would be." it is A voice filled with the Holy Spirit proof of this saying. vii. he says. I have kept the faith : me a crown of righteousness. heavenly contest was exhibited. but we an 4 incorruptible." prophets. I have finished henceforth there is laid course. waged by the Matt. For not ye that speak. and ye shall call show what His name Emmanuel. x. Map- 26. a virgin shall conceive and bear a son. This is the struggle which the blessed Apostle Paul has shown to us. and the servant of God was crowned in the struggle of the promised which he A the contest which the prophet Isaiah of old " It shall be no light contest for you with predicted. take no thought shall be given you in 35 they. appoints struggle. . but the Spirit of your Father which 1 The present struggle has afforded a speaketh in you. 5 by the apostles. 6-8. and the time of my assumption is at hand. hold." " Now they do it that they may receive a corruptible crown. always conquers it in us. 2 And in order to since the God men. setting forth his own struggle. therefore. 20. 1 This fight." says He. he added the words. the righteous judge. and declaring that he himself should soon be a sacrifice for the Lord's sake. 19. the Lord fulfilled. " that a which run in race. and not to me only. * 1 Cor. . attain the crown of glory. 13 ix. " deliver you up. predicted of old begun by the Lord." that said with the testimony of virtue and faith. iii. but unto all them also that love His 5 appearing. " I am now ready to be offered. vide 24. run all indeed. 3 Isa. in which it behoves us to run and to "Do ye not know. And He who of His name. iv. I have fought a good fight. broke forth from the martyr's mouth when the most blessed Mappalicus said to the proconsul in the midst of his tor- ments. 2 Isa. shall give me at that day . Lam.

either case is equally lofty the former more secure. soldiers that stedfast in faith. after glory. the church. pledged I not only beseech but exhort the rest of you." 1 that Therefore. But before the day of your contest. who is not such a He one as that only looks on His servants. may also be united in the consummation of their virtue and a celestial crown . For the Lord is the " searcher out of the reins and He looks through secret things. In order to merit the crown from Him. ceive in his promise you all should follow that martyr now most other partners of that engagement. and those the entertainment of a dungeon. if the day of your contest shall come. who will judge the hearts. blessed. engage bravely. patient in suffering. peace shall supervene. struggles of our conflict not only crowns. and more joyous . that you by your joy may dry the tears of our Mother. out. His own testimony alone is sufficient. have overcome the world and trodden it under foot. the stedIf the battle shall call fastness of others who stand also. by the provocation of your example. who are united at once by the bond of confession. and that you may confirm. who mourns over the wreck and death of very many. a leave of absence. the latter us. the Lord with the consummation of our victory. to wit. victors in tortures. Himself is engaged. and the and comrades. beloved brethren. he received the reward which he deand himself. that served. but He Himself Himself also in the also wrestles in us. of the mercy of God. as knowing that you are fighting under you the eyes of a present Lord. being received blessed church of to flourish in the praises of the church. O . if be saddened as if he were inferior to those who before you have suffered tortures.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 23. and so have come to the Lord by a glorious road. and beholds which is concealed. that you are attaining by the confession of His name to His own glory . Nor did the faithful voice de- he exhibited the fight to which he had . but is crowned. ii. to hasten to illustrious. let there still remain to you the sound Nor let any one of you will and the glorious conscience. 36 in his own name palicus promised again to the proconsul and that of his colleagues. fight with constancy. 1 Rev.

that my forbearing silence would avail to quietness. " icas not wanting the vigour the priesthood. as of either honour. had icere Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. : Ep. hoping greeting. so that some. Fare ye well. xvi. with which the I bid you. too little mindful of dis- ters of cipline. always heartily farewell in the Lord . CONCERNING CERTAIN PRESBYTERS WHO HAD RASHLY GRANTED PEACE TO THE LAPSED BEFORE THE PERSECUTION HAD BEEN APPEASED. and the modesty of the confessors.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. ! EPISTLE IX. when 1 Oxford ed. 1 TO THE CLERGY. But since the unreasonable and reckless presumption of some is seeking by its boldness to disturb both the honour of the martyrs. and have me in remembrance. . most soldier of Christ may be crowned for glory. now she has become purple in the blood of the martyrs. I have long been patient. and hasty with a rash already begun checked" 1. to precipitation^ icho communicate with the lapsed. and the tranquillity of the whole people. Among her flowers are wanting neither roses nor lilies. Now let each one strive for the largest dignity of Let them receive crowns. AND WITHOUT THE PRIVITY OF THE BISHOPS. or of purple. 37 which the honour of the divine condescension illuminates. brave and beloved brethren. ARGUMENT. beloved brethren.ht O O and from the Lord's displeasure. In the heavenly camp labours. The argument of this epistle is following ivords of the 14th epistle: contained in the " To the presby- and deacons" he says. too it behoves me no longer to keep silence. some of the presbyters. ours. which in our own times the glorious blood of martyrs renders illustrious She was white before in the works of the brethren . either white. we not to fear For what danger ouc. lest much reticence should issue in danger both to the people to ourselves. as of suffering. both peace and strife have their own flowers. his brethren.

" . have committed it. who. 32. wretched that they are so that they who truly repenting might satisfy God. x." drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils ye cannot 3 be partakers of the Lord's table and of the table of devils. moreover. And I wish. while without the means of restoring salvation they desire to please. forgiven again of men. they themselves know who. and still 1 Matt. while persecution is still raging. and their name is presented . 21. considering neither the Lord's future judgment nor the bishop now placed over them. since our Lord and Judge has said. But it is not now the occasion for dissimulating when our brotherhood is deceived by some of you. 8 1 Cor. claim to themselves entire authority (a thing which was never in any wise done under our predecessors). and by imposition of the hand of the bishop public and clergy receive the right of communion : now with their time unfulfilled. both as the Father and as merciful. him will I also deny. that they could make good their claim to all things. and.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. with their prayers and works. are seduced more deeply to and they who might raise themselves up fall the more . as I always have dissembled and borne it. while the peace of the church itself is not yet restored. and blasphemies . they are admitted to communion. them. x. 38 remembering neither the gospel nor own their place. great crime which persecution has compelled to be committed. I could dissemble and bear the discredit of my episcopal authority. 2 Mark * " iii. for a set time. 29. but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost shall not have forgiveness." the sins shall be unto sons He has "All said. and according to the rules of discipline come to 4 confession. 33. but is guilty of 2 Also the blessed apostle has said. 28. " Ye cannot eternal sin. become a still For that it is a very greater stumbling-block to the lapsed. perish For although in smaller sins sinners may do penance "deeply. him will I also confess before my Father which is in heaven. ." He who withholds these words from our brethren deceives . if it could be so without the sacrifice of our brethren's safety. Exomologesis. with discredit and contempt of the bishop ? 2. "Whosoever shall confess me before men. 1 And but whosoever shall deny me.

by day also. and hearing and speaking those things whereby the Lord condescends to warn and the Lord. communicate with the when even if lapsed. and with the observance given and prescribed by Him. they lay the blessed martyrs open to ill-will. to you. the innocent age of boys is among us filled with the Holy Spirit. as 4. almost even before the departure of the martyrs. and the divine protection have brought me back to His church. the martyrs. 27. they should be admonished by the presbyters' and deacons' sugges- was always done in time past. before my return. should first have received peace for the Lord's mercy. For besides the visions of the night. shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. before the fear of persecution is quenched. Then. But now they are not guilty who so little observe the law of Scripture . bring . the eucharist " Whosoever is shall eat the 3. the hands of the bishop and clergy are not yet laid upon given to them . being instructed by those placed above them. tions. were to consider less carefully the Scriptures. mindful of my place. and involve the glorious servants of God with the God so that although they." 1 them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. they may do all things with the fear of God. the church herself. which the same martyrs and confessors bid to be maintained. in the heat of their glory. bread and drink the cup of the Lord unworthily. and to desire anything more. shall 1 Cor. and peace granted them. and offer and give them the eucharist. and have asked that their wishes should then be examined. despising the Lord's law and that observance. moreover. confession is not yet made. but they will be guilty who are in office and do not suggest these things to brethren. so that. disregarding the honour which the blessed martyrs with the confessors maintain for me. seeing in an ecstasy with their eyes. xi. have directed letters to me. 1 let shall hear all things when me back again those certain ones among you who bade me withdraw. priest of . For this reason the divine rebuke does not cease to chastise us night nor day. when our Mother. In the meanwhile. yet these. And you instruct us. although it is written. 39 while the penance is not yet performed.

Cyprian to you in my letters. Concerning this matter. AKGUMENT. were given. 1 TO THE MARTYRS AND CONFESSORS WHO SOUGHT THAT PEACE SHOULD BE GRANTED TO THE LAPSED. knowing that. to admonish 1 Oxford ed. when. we begin to be gathered together once more into the bosom regard man. Fare ye well. my brave and beloved 1. dearly beloved brethren and earnestly longed-for. ever heartily farewell in the Lord. For while brethren. his beloved The anxiety of my situation and the brethren. both of which I have bidden to be read to you. I letters . excessive entreaty so that. 1 wrote I recalled and by my confessors to the letters in much as possible Lortfs commands? advice as the which martyrs the martyrs and confessors. EPISTLE X. fear of the Lord constrain me.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. against the gospel law. xv. and have to plead their cause both before me and before the confessors themselves and before the whole people. our Mother. as follows: this letter is given below in that those icho When I found li had polluted their hands and mouths with sacrilegious contact. of the church. or had no less infected their conscience with tvicked were everywhere soliciting the martyrs. still in the . and who do not at least fear God. with God's permission. thousands of certificates '. that those who so maintain the faith of the Lord should and bravely devotedly also maintain the law and discipline of the Lord. wish you. The occasion of Epistle xiv. and were also corrupting the confessors icith importunate and certificates. and to the people. . greeting. without any distinction or examination of the individuals. and have me in remembrance. : Ep. 40 who and incautious and are rash boastful. if they shall same course. I shall use that power of persevere admonition which the Lord bids me use so that they may meanwhile be withheld from offering. I have written to the martyrs and confessors.

" 2. so that the deacons passing in and out of the prison controlled the wishes of the martyrs by their counsels. and to be gathered together once more . " Whosoever shall eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord 1 unworthily. both of valour and of the fear of God. as was the to it is case always in time past under my predecessors . contrary also to your respectful petition. and to instruct those that are either hurrying or ignorant. with great sorrow of mind.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and by the Scripture But now. 1 gather that precepts. hasten to be own made alive ? Who would not be to attain earjer O But it is may not become their butchers. who consider neither the fear of God nor the honour of the bishop. before confession even of the gravest and most heinous sin was made. For . both in respect of God with caution. Although you sent me in which you ask that your wishes should be examined. you should obey His precepts. that those who ought to be to his salvation ? shepherds of the sheep 1 1 Cor. not only the divine precepts are not suggested to you by them. And to the lapsed indeed pardon may be granted ia of this For what dead person would not respect thing. shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. before hands were placed upon the repentance by the bishops and clergy. inasmuch as you have been made an example to others. dare to offer on their behalf. contrary to the gospel law. are relaxed by certain presbyters. the duty of those placed over them to keep the ordinance. and to give them the eucharist. although it is written. 27. that is. and that peace should be granted to certain of the lapsed as soon as with the end of the persecution we should letters to have begun to meet with our clergy. before penance was performed. it behoves all Christ's soldiers to 41 keep the precepts of their more especially fitting that you commander. And I had indeed believed that the presbyters and deacons who are there present with you would admonish and instruct you more fully concerning the law of the gospel. those presbyters. to profane the sacred body of the Lord. so that those things which are done by you yourselves. but that they are even rather restrained. and in respect of God's priest with honour. xi.

by is more urged on to ruin. and we are admonished. you also should anxiously and cautiously weigh the wishes of those who petition you. and then. they were in all respects. are pressed what time your predecessors the marcareful tyrs conceded. 4. both of which letters I have directed to be read to you. and that your by you I suffers violence .THE EPISTLES OF CJPEIAN. first receive peace from the Lord. Let them learn. in such a way as to . and considering what and 3. that the shamelessness of some. as friends of the Lord. with your wishes. he . And since I hear. must consider also the kinds and qualities of their sins. 42 to concede those things which tend to destruction deceive. which I find does not cease to be the case there among you so as to prevent the divine judgment from instructing very many of you also in the discipline of Now this can all be done. most brave and beloved brethren. that the Mother should at your requests. ing persons. that. modesty beg you with what entreaties I mindful of as the may. since. from therefore. lest. in accordance offending God. even before the very Gentiles. and let them wait for ripe and peaceable times to give peace The first thing is. you must inspect both the You conduct and the doings O and the deserts of each one. and hereafter sort of things in past how to exercise judgment with Him. But you ought also to bring back and amend that matter according to your diligence. gospel. if you will regulate those things that are asked of you with a careful consideration of religion. event of anything being abruptly and unworthily either promised by you or done by me. but. either make favours in distributing your benefits. or seek to make a profit of an unlawful trade. that the commandments of the Lord may be kept without corruption or violation. that the peace of her children should be considered. For we are visited and chastened frequently. perceiving and restraining those who. even you. by acceptthe church. what they ought to have taught reserve let them your petitions and wishes for the bishops. Concerning this I have written both to the clergy and to the people. our church should in the begin to blush. Nor is is to the lapsed raised in this manner.

" said he. ever heartily in the Lord farewell . " Whether one member suffer. very brave and beloved brethren. who may be asserted to be neighbours and connections. may be presented to us. Fare those well. / have could to quiet their minds. xi. and so direct to us letters in conformity with faith and discipline. ARGUMENT. xvii. 2 2 Cor. and have instructed to be retained in ecclesiastical discipline" Cyprian to his brethren among the people wlio stand That you bewail and grieve over the downfall fast. whose penitence you see to be very near to full satisfaction. : Ep." which was never in any case done by the martyrs so that a vague and blind petition should by and by heap reproach upon us. I sympathize with you in your suffering and grief.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. <( Such a one with his friends and twenty or name designate those by should be granted. and have me in remembrance. 1 Oxford ed. : . of the man who receives the certificate. I bid you. greeting. whom you have known. done what them I this letter is also suggested in " " Among the people also" he says. And again he has laid it down in his epistle. 3 1 Cor. all the members suffer with 3 it or one member rejoice. therefore. communion along with his friends. 26. beloved brethren. and suffer and " Who is feel what the blessed apostle said weak. For it opens a wide " door to say. ." 1. The substance of Epistle xiv. who also bewail with you and grieve for each one. thirty or more. " and I am not weak? who is and I burn not?"' offended. xii. to some as that it . 43 to whom you desire that peace For I hear that certificates are so given " Let such a one be received to is said. all the members rejoice with it. ye EPISTLE XL 1 TO THE PEOPLE. and freedmen and servants. of our brethren I know from myself. saying. 29. And for this reason I beg you that you will designate by name in the certificate whom you yourselves see.

yourselves. V must be Yet I do not think that there any haste. nor that anything must be done incautiously and immaturely. For. had deceived them. presbyters ought that they might cherish the sheep committed to their care. have already begun to comful of to offer on their behalf. 44 for our brethren. and by the divine authority might instruct them in the way of obtaining salvation by prayer.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and no one can come to communion unless the hands of the how much bishop and clergy be first imposed upon him more ought all such matters as these to be observed with caution and moderation. healing. The the divine indignation blessed martyrs have me about certain persons. and sins which are not committed against God. and to give them the eucharist. 3. guide them each one. Even you. requesting that their may be examined into. is being grasped be more seriously incurred. Lord. penance may be in a set time. neither mind- the gospel nor considering what the martyrs have written to me. as soon as peace is written to wishes given to us all by the Lord. who would be watchful in the satisfaction and the deprecation of God's anger. ! . as in smaller municate with the lapsed. unless some of the presbyters. by way of gratifying them. therefore. and confession may be made with performed him who performs the penance. when it was fitting that they should attain to these things in due course. and control the minds of the lapsed by counsel and by your investigation of the life of . in these gravest and extremest sins have our to and deacons indeed. Yet I hear that certain of the presbyters. we shall begin to return to the church. at. 2. have inflicted a like pain on us by their wounds. to these the divine mercvis able to brine. given you. inasmuch as they tear away part of our bowels with them. When. nor reserving to the bishop the honour of his priesthood and of his dignity. while peace lest. who. having lapsed and fallen prostrate under the severity of the persecution. I am aware of the peacefulness as well as the fear of our people. then the wishes of each one shall be looked into in your presence. and with your judgment. according to the discipline of the This warning.

Fare ye well. and commanded it to be also read to them. before he has carefully repaired it. according to the divine precepts. THAT THEY SHOULD NOT BE LEFT WITHOUT SUPERINTENDENCE. may be able to examine the letters and the wishes of the blessed martyrs. and have me in remembrance. shattered and broken with the waves. by a violent effort. Let no one pluck the unripe fruit at a time as yet premature. that for the mitigation of their violence in any manner for the meantime. being called together according to the Lord's discipline. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. letter. n EPISTLE XII. I beg. 1 TO THE CLERGY. both of which letters I have directed to be read to you. Let no one commit his ship. ARGUMENT. as though they ivould endeavour. having made confession and received the hands im- posed upon them for repentance. ivhether of their own accord. . unless he has seen it mended by a skilful workman. and in the presence of the confessors. and with your opinion also. CONCERNING THE LAPSED AND GATECHUMENS. that when by advice. Let none be in haste to accept and to put on a rent tunic. own 45 moderation. anew to the deep. I. broke forth ivith a daring demand. Let them bear with patience my Let them look for my return. God's mercy I come to you. xviii. concerning this 1 ivrote twice to the clergy. they should be remitted 1 Oxford ed. is lie The lurden of this found below in the 14^/t " ichen some the of says. with many of my co-bishops. I bid you. : Ep. Concerning this matter I have written both to the clergy and to the martyrs and confessors. ever heartily farewell in the Lord . epistle. as of the succeeding one. if any who had received a certificate from the martyrs were departing from this life. and has received it arranged by the fuller. brethren beloved and most longed-for. or by the suggestion of any other. " But afterwards" lapsed. to extort the peace that had been promised to them by the martyrs and confessors.

however. be able to make confession of their sin. before any presbyter who a presbyter should not be found and death begins to be imminent. to the presbyters and deacons. that you have answered greeting. 2. and remind them and Fare ye well. beloved Greet brethren. ever heartily farewell . Cyprian quently written to you. . although as well the advantage as the need of our brotherhood would certainly be best provided for if. that are imploring the divine favour. the whole brotherhood in my ask them to be mindful of me. and cheer them by your consolation. 46 to the tyrs" Lord with the peace promised them by the mar~ etc. and with true penitence have persevered in good works . Cherish also by your presence the rest of the people who are lapsed. who meekly. before even a deacon. beloved brethren. in reply to my many letters which I have freto me nothing 1. if they should be seized with any misfortune and peril of sickness. to be granted to them. and may tigate . or my if hands upon them for repentance. let your vigilance not be wanting let not the mercy of the Lord be denied to those to them also. Since. with the imposition of without waiting for might be present. catechumens. receiving information from you. presence. I could accurately inves- and advise upon the management of affairs. be assisted by their privilege with God. but the divine remedy will be granted may not fail of shall not 1 To the hearers also. that they the faith and of God's mercy. they should come to the Lord with the peace which the martyrs have desired." name. by their letters to us. that they I think that our brethren must be dealt with who have received certificates from the martyrs. humbly. and that the summer has already begun a season that is disturbed with continual and heavy sicknesses. 1 " Audientibus. soil. . I marvel. and remember me. For those be forsaken by the aid and assistance of the Lord. I bid you. I see that there is not yet any opportunity of coming to you. if there are any overtaken by danger. his brethren. and placed near to death.THE EPISTLES OF CJPRIAN. should. that.

however. EPISTLE 47 XIII. they begin to be oppressed with any sickness or risk. according to the discipline of the church. beloved brethren. especially since it is written. of God. deserves well of the Lord by his obedience and his and repent. and have received the imposition assisted if of hands on them by you in acknowledgment of their peni- tence. 2. remembering the divine and patience. and can be by their help with the Lord in respect of their sins. may be admitted to peace . and realized by keeping the commandments. our brethren. : Ep. I think I have sufficiently written on this subject in the last letter that was sent to you. They penitence who are oppressed with sickness. when they have made confession. who. But others who.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. his brethren. wherein greeting. I have read your letter. xix. that they who have received a certificate from the martyrs. that wrote your wholesome counsel was not wanting to you 1. we may debate upon all kinds of things. 1 TO THE CLERGY. they should manifest a religious patience to God. Peace must be attained through penitence. 5. and obeying the priests with meekness precept. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. without having 1 Oxford ed. ARGUMENT. Since. " Remember from whence thou hast fallen. should be remitted to the Lord with the peace promised to them by the martyrs. but others are to be kept back until the peace of the church is secured. so that when by His mercy we come together. ii. if they are relieved by is the suffrages of the martyrs. and eagerly urge their being received to communion. CONCERNING THOSE WHO ARE IN HASTE TO RECEIVE PEACE." 2 righteous works. . laying aside all rash haste. Now he repents. ypu intimate that some are petulant. 2 Rev. and have desired in this matter that some rule should be given by me to you. that.

and tion. meeting together with the clergy in the presence also of the to whom themselves. in dependence province. ever heartily farewell. faith and fear. that while such as are exiles. that the chief officers discipline. some of the lapsed should be hasty to anticipate even confessors themselves." Cyprian says. even to those themselves who are eager. and with constancy repent of what they have done. we may be able to their shown for be is to order all things with the religiousness of a common consulta- But how irreligious is it. and the strife is daily If they truly celebrated. gives them peace " should publicly. 2 TO THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACONS ASSEMBLED AT ROME. are envious (since this is the cause not of a few. the things 1 gives an account of which he did Faciunt invidiam therein. they they require ! times themselves offering them freely more than they ask. them to Greet the brotherhood in all be mindful of me. honour people who stand fast." Those who were eager to be received into the church without certificates would produce ill-will to those who refused to receive them. 48 l received any certificate from the martyrs. For this is suitable to the modesty and the and even the life of all of us. he who cannot be delayed may be crowned. I bid you. must wait. The struggle is still going forward. nor of one whole world). driven from their country. Thus Rigaltius explains the passage. and have me in remembrance. and the fervour of their faith prevails. : Ep. its usual way " These." . his withdrawal having sent to and of Rome for " : are producing ill-will to us. and tell well. and mischievous. as if they were too strict. for the public peace of the church itself. and If they are so overto enter into the church before them what in their own power. nor of one church. xx. moreover. the have anxious. EPISTLE XIV. wait until the church in 2 Oxford ed. and spoiled of all their property. He ARGUMENT. Fare ye my name. but of the on the protection of the Lord. have not yet returned to the church.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. beloved brethren.

either in spirit. I have thought it necessary to write this letter to you. fear of God. they should entreat the mercy of God. so as to wanting fail in any benefit that I could afford my my brethren by my counsel. were everywhere soliciting the martyrs. lest. nor rebuke. to the clergy. although absent in body. beloved brethren. or in act. withdrew for a while. when I found that those who had polluted their hands and mouths with sacrilegious conhad no less infected their consciences with wicked certificates.) 1. I did. Having ascertained. to strengthen and console them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. as the Lord's commands teach. I. the burst of the disturbance arose. xxii. Roman (Comp. wherein I might ' give an account to you of my doings. when tortures came. by my over-bold presence. I was not provoked. greeting. in which neither counsel to the clergy. according to the law of faith and the exiles. reached both to our tortured brethren and to those who as yet were only imprisoned with a view to torture. my words endeavour. or D . Moreover. nor exhortation to the confessors. Ep. nay. and the people with first violent clamour repeatedly demanded me. or in advice. which I have transmitted to you . was wanting to the full extent that. copies of the letters ivhich he had written to his people . these thirteen letters sent forth at various times declare to you. when it was necessary. in anything that my poor 2. the tumult which had begun might be still further Nevertheless. to the nor my appeals and persuasions to the whole brotherthat hood. and were also corrupting the confessors with importunate and excessive tact. immediately . and my diligence for. abilities And what enabled me. my discipline. 49 his justification. with the Lord's help. according to the Lord's precepts. my poor abilities could But afterwards. that what I have done and am doincj O has been told to you in a somewhat garbled and untruthful manner. taking into consideration not so much my own safety as the public peace of the brethren. he makes use of the same words ivhich he had employed in them. Cyprian to his brethren the presbyters and deacons assembled at Rome.

broke forth with But a daring demand. I wrote letters in which I recalled by advice. 50 any discrimination or examination of the individuals themselves. as though they would endeavour by a violent effort to extort the peace that had been promised to them by the martyrs and confessors . by your judgment. too little mindful of discipline^ and hasty. thousands of certificates were entreaties. my To the the martyrs and confessors to the Lord's commands. ings. ought should in any respect be different. I had read your letter which you lately wrote hither to my clergy by Crementius the sub-deacon. The cases of the rest. after their lapse. to the effect that assistanceshould be given to those who might. could to quiet their minds. I judged even although they might have received certificates from the martyrs. I have done what I position. so that some. besides. moreover. lest our proceedwhich to be united and to agree in all things. they should be remitted to the Lord with the peace promised them were departing from Nor in this did I give them a law. and that the vehemence of those who were anxious to disturb by the martyrs. I ordered altogether to be put off. and have instructed them to mainto tain ecclesiastical discipline.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. everything should be restrained . whether of their accord. deacons also was not wanting the vigour of and presbyters the priesthood . as much as possible. and to be reserved till I should be present. concerning this also I wrote twice to the clergy. who had already begun communicate with the lapsed. so that. and received the imposition of hands on them for repentance. bo seized with sickness. if any who had received a certificate from the martyrs this life. with a rash precipitation. or by the suggestion of any other. and when. and commanded it to be read to them . contrary to the law of the gospel. that so. but as it seemed fit both that honour should be paid to the martyrs. without beincr daily given. or rashly constitute myself the author of the direction . were restrained by my interAmong the people. that for the mitigation of their violence in any manner for the meantime. 3. and it well to stand might penitently desire communion . having made confession. own afterwards. when some of the lapsed. when the Lord has given to .

that. greeting. yet in their seem in some manner to martyrdom have become debtors you" 1. below. that you threw light into the gloom of their prison by your letters . In a certain manner I am also there with you in prison. a companion both of your faith and virtue. so that. that you animated. we may be able to arrange and reform everyI bid you. . and several bishops shall have begun to assemble into one place. when he came. forcibly to my sented I beheld in him. ARGUMENT. burden of Tlie xxxi. 51 us peace. thing. having the advantage also of your counsel. and God's soldier in glorious engagements. : Ep. EPISTLE XV. his brethren. robust in their own faith and confession. you inflamed them to a much more ardent desire for heavenly glory . in his words I heard you. AND THE EEST OF THE CONFESSORS. and repreall of yon. accompanying their happiness with deserved praises. beloved brethren. 1 Oxford ed. I affection. . beloved brethren. although all this may seem to come from the faith of the confessors they to and may the divine indulgence.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the whole of you and when he spoke sweetly and often of your love to me. as well as each individual. ever heartily farewell. Cyprian to Moyses and Maximus. Celerinus. 1 TO MOYSES AND MAXIMUS. subject ice owe. has come to me. by your appeals and your letters . and give you our deepest and abundant thanks. that you urged them onward in the course . I rejoice very greatly when such things are brought to me from you by such men as he. that you came to them in such way as you could enter . that you refreshed their minds. xxxvii. as we believe and hope. the presbyters and the other confessors. future victors by the power of your address. where the this letter is given Roman ll clergy say : in Epistle On which you.

. were undergoing. who made the sun and moon was a greater light in your dungeon.. dailv * magistrates and consuls or pro- by . To the winter succeeded the mildness of spring.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and when in retirement I pray with private petition. day membering you I offer prayer with many. Spirit does not think that I Confession shuts you up allow our love to be separated. at once ments. And I indeed. you ascend to and heights. . beseech of the Lord a full acknowledg- your crowns and your praises. but he who continues always battling with punish. is sealed by the brightness of a year's honour. 52 who am thus bound to your hearts. but He to you. let them glory in the ensigns of their yearly and in their twelve fasces. is not overcome with suffering. long lapse by A first and single confession makes blessed . when asked to retire from prison. but to you were present roses and flowers from the delights of . and 2. in the continuance of its victorious glory. your glory. you the delights of the the love associates me with your honour. affection up in the sacrifices both when and night. Now. you confess as often as. But my poor ability weak to recompense you you give more when you remember me in prayer. He conquers once who suffers ever your merits increase. enjoy with Your individual divine approval. the heavenly consuls go dignity. the winter of persecution. even by the delay of your suffering are not but of the time. irradiated with that eternal and brilliant light the gloom of the place of punishment. and the brightness of Christ glowing in your hearts and minds. rising sun and the waning moon enlightened the world The . instead of the inclemencies of winter. shut up in prison. let is crowned. your praises you prefer the prison with faith and virtue as the months roll onward. passed over the rolling circle of the returning year. and meditating only divine things. passed through but you. increasing wasting. which to others was so horrible and deadly. are as numerous as the days things. already breathing only celestial ment is to too . has dignity in you and already. Behold. me shuts in prison . since. loftier . rejoicing with roses and crowned with flowers . The winter has the vicissitudes of the months . rethere. O/ therefore.

how elevated. by the vigour of your courage. the summer celestial is 53 garlands wreathed your brows. paradise. and. rich bunches out of the Lord's vineyard. and the threshing-floor is have sown glory. The longer is your strife. . the vicissitude of the seasons with spiritual deserts. What now must be the mind in you. you willingly thus is celebrated the year rolls on with the Lord's servants. celestial 3. how large . and with tion of worldly pressure. placed in the Lord's threshing-floor. drink of the martyrdom. and the horror of the very abode of punishment. Thus cup suffering. Punishment is there subdued torture is worn out death is not feared but desired. to the joy of the Lord Himself. Abundantly blessed are they who. rewards. . passing through these footprints of glory. are daily exhibiting in your virtues a spectacle in the sight of God. . have already departed from the world. so that he who has conquered is crowned with eternity of life. being overcome by the reward of immortality. you yourselves as grains of wheat. and hold. winnowed and precious corn. not who But yet your glory engaged in contest. from your number. are long glories the and with an unmoved and unshaken faith battle. and despise thirst. are still standing fast. Be- fruitful with the fertility of the harvest. regard the dwelling-place of a prison as your granary. behold the chaff burnt up with unquenchable fire . now purged and garnered. grape which The vintage is pressed out of doors. and the shall hereafter flow into the cups is trodden in You. branches with fruit already ripe. Nor is there wanting to the autumn spiritual grace for discharging the duties of the season. to follow the of about and. and. trodden by the tribula- the presses.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. your comrades. the loftier will be your crown. and tread under foot the squalor of the dungeon. having finished their journey of virtue and faith. who fruit of glory. have attained to the embrace and the kiss of the Lord. waging is less. but it is crowded with a manifold multitude of contests you conquer hunger. . reap the filled with grain but you . and fill your wine-press in the torturing brave to bear shed instead of wine and blood your prison. The struggle is one.

THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. passes from these regions of the world subdued. that. It now remains. resting upon His roots. have stood bravely by the Lord's commands. you have made your martyrdoms. . but of the future. brethren. when that voice. certificate written in the name of the martyrs by Lucianus. when rewards of Christ nothing but the precepts of God and the are considered ! The then only God's will will is . ever heartily farewell . Know greeting. many by and have confirmed the the truth of your martyrdom ? Truly. very brave and beloved. that you should be are mindful of tions. and obtains from the Lord's goodness even what it asks. examples. penetrates to God's ears. which is illustrious by the purification of confession. 4. who have maintained the gospel discipline with the simple vigour of your faith. For what do you ask from the Lord's mercy which you do not deserve to obtain? you who have thus observed the Lord's commands. EPISTLE XVI. Christ's martyrs. and remember me. that you now live. concerning whom the account of what they have 1 Oxford ed. -when such and so great things are resolved. I bid you. you have brought others to the fear of God. and truly. : Ep. and praiseworthy for the continual tenor of its honour. you have joined discipline with virtue. founded with strong foundation upon the Rock. A ARGUMENT. and heaven being open to it. and al- placed in the flesh. you should among your great and also think of me in your divine considera- mind and spirit . to all. All the confessors to Father 2 Cyprian. 1 THE CONFESSORS TO CYPRIAN. 54 the heart. 2 " Cypriano Papse. still that. it is the life not of though you the present world. and by His wavering faith of apostles. with the glory of your virtue uncorrupted. and that I should be in your prayers and supplications. to the realms above. xxiii. beloved brethren. me ." to Pope Cyprian. who. gospel witnesses.

1 Oxford ed. in the meantime. until. peace being granted to us by the Lord. departure therefrom. ought yet especially after their grave lapse. both an exorcist and a reader. and in which they requested that the peace given by themselves should be assured to those concerning O whom the account of what they have done since their crime has been. And therefore. his brethren. " Upon whom greeting. that. . 1 TO THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACONS ABOUT THE FOREGOING AND THE FOLLOWING LETTERS. ARGUMENT. by true penitence and Now I have absolute humility. the clergy. satisfactory counsel and judgment of all of us. shall I look. and that 2 trembleth at my words'?" Although we ought all to be this. as it waits for the estimation. who wrote in reply. Lucianus wrote this. 2 Isa. we shall be 'able to assemble together into one place. EPISTLE XVII. they may. but upon him that is humble and quiet. deserve well of the Lord. which they wish to be made known by me to all my colleagues. I do not dare to prejudge. let us abide by the letters which I lately wrote to you. and deacons. there being present of holy martyrs. satisfactory. of which I have now sent a copy to many of my colleagues. in your and we have estimation. . 55 done since the commission of their sin has been. in our which matter. we have granted peace desired that this rescript should be made known by you to We bid you to have peace with the the other bishops also. and that there must be no .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and so to assume a common cause for my own decision. : Ep. those to be so who must labour. 2. read the letter of the whole body of confessors. The Lord speaketh and saith. that they were pleased with what I had decided. martyrs No account before the is to be peace of Cyprian to the presbyters made of certificates from the the church is restored. Ixvi. xxvi.

Ep. certain of the lapsed had confessed Christ. 56 examine into the cases of individuals. and. not being willing to obey either me or the nor allowing their ca. in that they now let go their possessions and homes. and and to fault. beloved their former brethren. 3 . xxiv. before they went away into exile. Thus Felix. Caldonius consults Cyprian as to whether peace should be granted them. I have enclosed with my letter a copy of each letter. and what I replied to him. and so. and Lucius. " Presbyterium subministrabat . that they may be more and more settled down to not add another fault to what had hitherto been patience. Bona Oxford ed. remem- 1 CALDONIUS TO CYPRIAN. AKGUMENT. Caldonius to Cyprian and his fellow-presbyters abiding at Carthage. Victoria. in the urgency of a new persecution. which the not hastily to grant peace. became exiles.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. And thus they seem to me to have atoned for their former crime. probably as vicar or curate. after having now has in keeping. who assisted in the office of presbyter 3 under Decimus.ses to be examined in accordance gospel. sought for peace. " Some" would seem to be correct (Goldhorn) but it has no authority. greeting. with the letters of all the confessors. and have me in brance. a woman. and have left their possessions. and was very near to me in bonds (I knew that same Felix very thoroughly). his wife. When. were banished. repenting. being faithful. But that you may know both what my colleague Caldonius wrote to me. the whole of which I beg you to read to our brethren. : 2 . it sacrificed. ever heartily farewell . Salute all the brotherhood. follow Christ. I bid you. The necessity of the times induces us But was well to write to you. Fare ye well ! EPISTLE XVIII. were again tried. Moreover. that they treasury 1 2 who." assisted.

and their former stain. and (with no conscience guilty of the crime. by a true repentance and confession of the name of Christ. have restored to themselves. Since. write to me. 57 by name. sacrificed) began to cry against them. therefore. has been done away by a more powerful virtue. therefore. as it were. that peace should not be refused to such lapsed as. which they. sxv. being banished and deprived of all their property. it you was who did was it!" also these were asking for peace. "I did not do banished. ever heartily farewell. : Ep. although I have referred them to your judgment. they 1 Oxford ed. you do everything discreetly and wisely. you should wish me to do anything by the common decision. all We we have repented. then. Greet our brethren . by true penitence and by the glory of a confession of the Lord. which is abundantly Nor do we wonder sensible. and have therefore returned to Him. " saying. greeting. ARGUMENT. to ivit. when. being justified by their words. skilled and exercised as you are in the Scriptures of the You have Lord. they ought not to lie any longer under the power of the devil. that. by the help of the Lord. and full of honesty and faith. beloved brethren. beyond acquiescing in the opinion of Caldonius. they have washed away all their sin. arid have publicly confessed Christ" seems to me that they ought to receive peace. have recovered the faith which we had lost. Cyprian treats of nothing peculiar in this epistle. his brother. received your letter. Since. judged quite correctly about granting peace to our brethren. who was dragged by her husband to sacrifice. 1 CYPRIAN REPLIES TO CALDONIUS. prostrate . but because those who held her hands. that I might yet it not appear to presume anything rashly. have deserved it.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. EPISTLE XIX. our brethren greet you. We have Cyprian to Caldonius. it. beloved brother. by which before they had condemned themselves. I bid you. If. .

and their fall. In writing this letter to you. and be transferred into their former condition in we dealt with their how have know that you may these. of action I bid Lord's precepts. 58 up and have begun to stand with And I wish that the others also would repent after Christ. also communicate that among all to as these. you. many may be and one agreement. ever heartily farewell.THE EPISTLES OF CJPEIAN. you did not inti- mate anything to anything that done me concerning your wellbeing. . with letters to to book a sent have you. . 1. continually happens especially to those who are appointed for the confession of Christ. EPISTLE XX. and had name in the presence of the magistrates of the confessed His world but sorrowful. in that from the time when I was in your company I have never been able to receive your letters. to extort peace. and have satisfied them and they replied that they also agree with me in the same opinion which very thing do you according to the catholic faith also . although you knew that Mcmtanus. and to the martyrs and confessors. which letters have already been sent to many of our colleagues. beloved brother. 2 Oxford ed. was coming to me from you out of the dungeon. greeting. our common brother. rejoicing in that I had heard that you had been tried on behalf of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. For I know is that every one looks not 1 Probably the treatise. . my lord and brother. have lifted themselves . Celerinus. 2 CELEKINUS TO LUCIA K ARGUMENT. I have been rejoicing and sorrowful. on behalf of Ids beseeches peace from tJie lapsed sisters at Carthaginian confessors. : Ep. Home. I urgent and eager rashness and importunity l the number of five. that I wrote to the clergy and to the people. This. Celerinus to Lucian. however. nor about in connection with you. On now the to the things that are of the Lapsed. according of our colleagues as observed one to the mode you can. to the servants of God. xxi. And now lately a twofold sorrow has fallen upon me that .

with that is. with blood. as seems manifest to us. until the aid of our Lord Jesus Christ. you are washed in that sacred blood. I said that perhaps you had forgotten to write to me. nevertheless. have spent the days in tears. that if. and. and that will at the death of my time of devastation has fallen from Christ who sister. For if from the lowest place I may be called by you yours.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. worthy. or through those my lords who have been crowned. So may He crown you whose name you have confessed. beloved of the Lord. along Know. yet. when I also was in such a purple confession. and 2 ashes. or brother.Florida. in sackcloth. 59 Moreworld. from whom you are about to ask it. is. or should they now reach you. that their mine. God only knows. but that he is hoping for a heavenly crown. and provoked our Lord." soil well " cluding section of Ep. See con- The Oxford translator has " empurpled. For I remember your former ficed love." " Until our 2 The Oxford edition has a variation here. your company. if I should be worthy to hear myself named 1 Celerinus . be crowned with to even I. and affection manifested through you. For I believe. I a great tribulation remember your former And you love day therefore I ask that will grieve with me you and night. do not see each other. that viii. shall come to the help of so terrible a shipwreck. 2. as if you were present with me. as follows Lord Jesus Christ afford help." . grant my desire. or through those my lords who may have been crowned." purpled. that although in this world we in my letters. for all purpurea. that you would answer them to me. over. first of all. and I took notice of them former love was still around me and Yet I beseech. from whom you : will entreat that these dreadful shipwrecks may be pardoned. that I am placed in the midst of . weeping day and night. and have suffered for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ before my letters find you in this world. And for her deeds I in this day of paschal rejoicing. that you 1 also you will grieve knew ". in this for she has sacri- . and pity be manifested through you. yet in the future we shall embrace one Entreat that I may be another in the presence of Christ. and I am still spending them so to this day. the rest for our sisters whom Numeria and Candida. I remembered my oldest brethren.

until a bishop should be appointed. gifts for herself that she might not sacrifice . it. my lords. I know. that she has not Their cause having been lately heard. because they have us as brethren. 60 whose sin. and ask from them. according to their repent- For I watch." and now made a priest of God over them. 4. are. 3 Dodwcll conjectures this name to be from drv-^waa. always called Etecusa 3 God is my because she witness. happy are you. in which we trust. and applies it to Candida. the chief rulers commanded them in the meantime to remain as they to sacrificed. 1 Ps. beseech Him. For I have heard that you have received the ministry hear of their good works. your brethren. Oh. in the room of Fabian. 3. that you the case to the rest of your colleagues. It would appear that Candida therefore A repented of her purpose of sacrificing. and the same 2 I ask. But. therefore my their minister has acknowledged it. ance and the works which they have done towards our banished by whom themselves you will colleagues who came from you that Christ. [we pray] that you would be indulgent in all these matters. by your holy prayers and petitions. as it is written. refer will is first you our sisters. I say. which now has come to pass . (unhappy) or diMvacc (unwilling). you. will have mercy His when martyrs. when she was actually on her way . we ought to keep believe that Christ. should remit such a great sin to those For this latter I have Numeria and Candida. to obtain your wishes which you have always You have desired to be sent into prison for His desired ! name's sake. upon them. even sleeping on the ground.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that whichever of lord. 4 spot in the Roman Forum which must of necessity be passed by in the ascent to the Capitol. since you are friends as well as witnesses of Christ. therefore. 2 This seems altogether unintelligible : the original is probably cor- rupt. as far as possible. xx. crowned.e. grant thee according to thine own heart . of the purpled ones. "The Lord ] and I entreat by our Lord Jesus Christ. and thence gave have descended. to effect 5 i. but she 4 appears only to have ascended to the Tria Fata.

and all the confessors who have come thence hither from you . to Celerinus. who himself also who also bravely confessed the name who moreover. this too. my lord and brother. so may Christ grant you He has given you not only in con- me. and Saturninus. and even to this day have tended them in all things. For you ought to know wrestled with the devil. . be mindful of petition . that by your 1 Oxford ed. under the torture of the grappling claws. and who also strongly begs and Your brethren Calphurnius and. with his you labour with a ready will. EPISTLE XXI. Maria. that it is not I alone who ask this on their behalf. : Ep. I since know that Macharius. most dearly beloved lord and brother. and acquiesce in my that sacred crown which fession but also in holiness. and entreats this. that they may receive help For this. greeting. I shall be worthy I have received letter. Statius and Severianus. bravely confessed. 4. 61 I entreat. but also from you. But I ought not to burden that sacred heart of yours any more. his lord. in which so laden me with have you expressions of kindness. as well as in that of all the brethren. and they have ministered to sixty-five. and (if so) colleague in Christ. Cornelia and Emerita. salute you. you ought to know. AKGUMENT. have written also to my lords your brethren which I request that you will deign to read to them. all about this matter. your brethren the confessors. For all are with them. to whom these very sisters went down to the harbour and took them up into the city. 1. to Lucian be called Lucian assents to the petition of Celerinus. that I letters. in which you have always walked and have always been an example to the saints. salute will sisters you. of Christ. 1 LUCIAN REPLIES TO CELERINUS. therefore. as well as a witness. all the holy brethren. that you will relate to all my lords.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. beloved lord Lucian. xxii. rejoicing in your sanguinary confession.

have given to all. by that voice how you love the faith. wherein by the command of the emperor we were ordered to be put to death by hunger and thirst. 2. in 2 Now / also so great a crime committed." of a man such I may am who as I confessed the name fore the inferior magistrates. " And. d) wish that we could by possibility mention them without rediscipline." Moreover. brother. and how zealous you are for Christ's which I know and rejoice that you are actively beloved. Assuredly we should not then think of them with so many tears as we do membering now. then. which I also earnestly desired after so long a time to read. shall ask still my from you. the fire from the effect of our torture was so intolerable 3 that for peace 1 2 The emperor Decius. If any one. whereby I know him. of God with trembling be- For you. saying to me in your writing. in martyrs. be worthy to be called your brother. as what we in all cases decreed when we were in this tribulation.s on whose behalf I which vou told us concernino. and were shut up in two cells. by the smoke of tolerable. moreover. The passage is hopelessly confused. after being called away." etc. when you confessed. have wished to overload me with your letter. by mutual agreement. You ought o When to know what has been done concerning o the blessed martyr Paulus was us. that so they might weaken us by hunger and thirst. in the body. and our suffering was so in- . so that I exulted in reading. v. J. Moreover. he called me and said to me : " Lucian. fire. all of us whom the Lord has condescended in such tribulation to call away. in the presence of Christ I say to you. in which you deigned to " if call me to remembrance. . already to be esteemed among the occupied. grant it in my name. 62 reason of your so burdening me I was almost overcome with such excessive joy . by our letters.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the pioneer of Antichrist. [but] have conquered and those divine words. by God's will. You peace see. you our sisters. the letter. by the benefit of your so great humility. how [I have done this] in part of what Paulus bade me. not only frightened back the great serpent 1 himself.

Spesina. as well as the preceding. and the rest of the martyrs whose names I Bassus in the dungeon of the perjured. G3 But now we have attained the brightit. of whom in a few days you will hear of me as a companion. For now there are eight days. Herennius. My sisters Januaria and Sophia. Victorinus. Fortunata. as Lord has begun to give peace to the church itself. whose names I have Alexius. for I wrote letter to you. greet Numeria and Candida. who [shall have peace 1 ] according to the precept of Paulus. but also those whom you know to be very near to our heart. Quintianus. and the sisters. and our tractate. brother. Julia. and the money-changers. and Maris. Therefore they must pardon me. among are there with you. I bid you heartily farewell." 3 This epistle. . but are omitted in the original. and all not written. Victor. therefore. and Getulicus. 2 " There are many conjectures as to the meaning of this. Do you greet the con3. And cus at the torture. I received a morsel of bread and my water by measure. nobody could bear ness itself. whom I commend to you. five intervening days. Bassianus and all the clergy. greet 1 These words in brackets are necessary to the sense. since the And therefore. All my colleagues greet you. with his companions. and confession being made.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. greet Satu- We rus with his family. Donata. Martial. Paulus after torture. to the day in which which I was day For before these eight days. Sabina. fessors of the Lord who have intimated. who by God's will were put to death in the prison by hunger. Januaria. the case being set forth before the bishop. not only these may have peace. Fortunio in prison. and Emerita. Colonica. 2 Mappalisubjoin. Collecta. from the in shut up again. here. Dativa. Calphurnius and Maria. but who also is my colleague. "Petrario" "in the mines. seems to be very imperfect. according to the precept of Paulus. Pejerario. because I am already weary. arid the sisters. I ask that." Perhaps the most plausible is the emendation. beloved brother. whose names you whom also are Saturninus. Uranius. and Aristo. and Alexius.

constituting himself for a time an authority for unskilled people. any more than the ought not to be concealed from you. whereas Mappalicus the martyr. cautious and modest. Cyprian takes they may care that not only his own letters. of the less instructed sort. there others." is very unsatisfactory. who had fallen. of In this letter the seditious peace.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. earnest indeed in faith. still remaining in prison. was given of my discipline and dilicame another matter which. For our brother and some slight account gence. should be sent to them. and of Cyprian informs demand of the the Roman clergy the lapsed to be restored to of Lucian. has attempted certain things. wrote no letters contrary to the gospel. moreover. Some read. xxvii. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons abiding at Rome. AND CONCERNING THE FORWARDNESS OF LUCIAN AND THE MODESTY OF CELERINUS THE CONFESSOR.'2 who had fallen. CONCERNING MANY OF THE CONFESSORS. who himself also is one of the confessors. After the letters that I wrote to you. but also those of Celerinus and Lucian. better 1." Oxford ed. ARGUMENT. in which what I had done was explained. But Lucian. his brethren. Satur- ninus. and robust in virtue. mindful of the law and discipline. commanded peace to be given to her. " his mother and sisters. in many -written. greeting. probably. 1 TO THE CLERGY ABIDING AT ROME. : places . beloved brethren." says the Oxford translator. 64 EPISTLE XXII. In order that forwardness understand these matters. sent out no letters of this kind. but little established in the reading of the Lord's word. Lucian. moved with domestic affection for his mother. not while only having probably been little The meaning 1 2 " versed in writing. after his torture. so that certificates written by his hand were given indis- criminately to many persons in the name of Paulus . but only. " by persons confessors. Ep.

written by Paulas was still in prison. and that he wished that this decree should be communicated through me to the other bishops. something might be done more moderately and temperately the same Lucian wrote a letter in the name of all the confessors. Their rulers being frightened and subdued. seem to deny to many what they now are all boasting that they have received from the martyrs and confessors. a young man who had undergone the torture. and 3. because and to Finally. this seditious practice has already begun to appear for in our province. and the Lord's command. some measure. I wrote in letters to . some turbulent spirits. ignorant saying that he must obey the Lord rather than his fellow-servant. I. because Aurelius did not how know to write himself. through some of its cities. to you. In the name also of Aurelius. and the sacredness and sincerity of the gospel were dissolved. For he wrote in the name of all. to put a stop to this practice. in which well nigh every bond of faith. either by vigour of mind or by strength of faith. an attack has been made by the multitude upon their rulers. . 2. decease persisted doing that this had been commanded him by Paulus. as it were. . were of little avail to resist them. But after I sent my letters to them. but even after his the in same things under his name. they have compelled that peace to be given to them immediately which they all cried out had been once given to them by the martyrs and confessors. and fear of God. in which I did not fail to ask and persuade them that consideration might be had for the law of the Lord and the gospel. that they had given peace to all. With us. moreover. 65 gave everywhere in his name own hand. who in time past were with difficulty governed E . that. In order. when I have begun to hear the cases of each one examine into them. of which letter I transmitted a copy " of whom the account of what It was added indeed. which I have sent to you under the enclosure of the former letter. " they have done since their crime has been satisfactory a thing this which excites a greater odium against me. them. certificates written with his the hand of the same Lucian.THE EPISTLES OF CYPETAN. many certificates were given.

it is not martyrs made by the Lord called a "I marvel epistle the gospel. But though we. plied labour in respect of everything. laid down in his that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ. we other gospel unto you l accursed. and began to be more violent. Copies also of the good and stout confessor. and how reverent both in his humility and fear for our faith . and. I have sent both to you to read. and might learn the truth itself. of matters. is mischievous on account of the disFor while the like that he causes for my reverential dealing. but that martyrs are since Paul also. and he says that this was commanded him by Paulus. and of the Holy Ghost. this man. moreover. were inflamed by by a firebrand. which he letter of Celerinus. and by his facility. 66 by me. so say 1 1 Gal. said that the nations are to be baptized in the name of the Father. that you may know both to him. let him be said before. in that little considered that make gospel . unto another gospel : which is not another but there be some that trouble you. my colleague. the wrote to Lucian the same confessor also what Lucian reI have sent to you . As again. and of the Son. how moderate and cautious my Celerinus the confessor. while Lucian. is less skilful concerning is word." let now him be accursed. and my diligence. preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you. as I have the understanding of the Lord's said. and what I replied to him. and would : . I have sent a copy of the letters that I wrote to my clergy about these to this letter as if you what Caldonius. . and to extort the peace granted to them. If any man preach any than that ye have received. and Lord has be done away in baptism their past sins are to . from heaven. ignorant of the precept and of the law. his integrity and faithfulness wrote. commands peace to be granted and sins to be done away in the name of Paulus . i 6-9. and were delayed my till coming. as you by the same Lucian to Cele- will observe in the letter sent which he very rinus. or an angel pervert the gospel of Christ. the apostle whom the chosen vessel unto Him.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN.

The numbering of the epistles has hitherto been in accordance with Migne's edition of the text. xxix. of the law of the Lord. it has been thought better to continue the correct order in this translation. 67 4. and withstood with the whole strength of faith the onset of ill-will. in which are contained the full vigour of the gospel and the robust discipline . ever heartily farewell. and the rest. . greetThat nothing may be unknown to your consciousness. therefore. brethren. AND ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT OF SATURUS AS READER. and what Cyprian had written to Rome. 1 TO THE CLERGY. that according to the gospel law. ON THE LETTERS SENT TO ROME. and that before the letters which I last sent you reached you. beloved brethren. after this. Nicostratus. I have sent you a copy of each letter. so that my work was shortened from above. But your letter. came opportunely as also did those which the blessed confessors. But I ought to acquaint you in my letter concerning this. you declared to me. of what was written to me and what I replied. your judgment also strongly and unanimously concurred I bid you. Moyses and Maximus. AND OPTATUS AS SUB-DEACON. In each case. Your words much assisted me as I laboured here. which I received. his brethren. Ep. written to my clergy. beloved and longed-for. AKGUMENT.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. The clergy are informed by this letter of the ordination of Saturns and Optatus. with mine. EPISTLE XXIII. that for a very urgent reason I have sent a letter to the clergy who abide that 1 Oxford ed. the number of the epistle in the translation will be one earlier than in the original. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons.. sent to Saturninus and Aurelius. and I believe my rejoinder will not displease you. and the others. but as he here follows a typographical error in numbering this epistle " xxiv." and all : the subsequent ones accordingly. ing.

" as in the Oxford translation. has ters . while I know that very many of ours are absent. therefore. but what. farewell . 1. xxviii. me been done by advice of all your absence had been begun. already. Nothing new. having clergy. in the city. greeting. 2 TO MOYSES AND MAXIMUS AND THE EEST OF THE CONFESSORS. the confessor. upon urgent necessity. I had already known from rumour. then. beloved brethren.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and when with the teacher-presbyl we were carefully trying readers in appointing Optatus from among the readers to be a teacher of the hearers examining. I bid you. all 2 Oxford ed. This letter is one of congratulation to the Roman confessors. his very beloved brethren. EPISTLE XXIV. by once to on entrusted in Saturus Easter-day. be nuVht Know. 68 And since it behoved me to write by clergy. ' ' . daily duty. the reading . the presbyters. and to the other confessors. but teaching presbyters. . and the few that are there are hardly sufficient for the ministry of the it was necessary to appoint some new ones. Optatus. and again. Fare ye well." For these were a distinct class of presbyters 1 " not being teachers. that I have made Saturus a O whom and reader. that the highest conNot " teachers and presbyters. most brave and brethren. : Ep. on the general has. rejoicing greatly and abundantly congratulating you. whether all things were found fitting in them. Cyprian to Moyses and Maximus. the glory of your faith and blessed virtue. ARGUMENT. ever heartily and remember me. in of us been accomplished. who sent. . a sub-deacon next to the we had made the general advice. which ought to be found in such as were being prepared for the clerical office. first of all. and these were to be judges of the fitness of such as were to be teachers of the hearers.

happened that here martyrdoms were consum- openings of the fight victory. subsequently lays it down in " " we do know that we know his epistle Hereby. remembering this charge. those who endeavour to make a breach and bring impious hands to the work of underto have before afforded the the Lord's precepts mining indications of courage. and teach all nations. 69 descension of our Lord Jesus Christ should have prepared you for the crown by confession of His name. He sent forth His apostles. The in the gospel. after His resurrection. preceding in the struggle.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 2. with a title to double confession. and tizing of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. and now to afford lessons of life. and have pledged your brethren from the cup of salvation. that the sacred precepts of the gospel and the commandments of life once delivered to us should be kept with firm and rigid observance. who have become chiefs and leaders in the battle of our day. and to drive away in this struggle. have broken the Thence have arisen happy first onset of the rising war. 18-20." 1 And the Apostle in earth. to stand with a firm step. tortures. have set forward the standard of the celestial warfare you have made a beginning of the spiritual contest which God has . All power is given unto me in heaven and Go ye therefore. thence have begun good auspices of . Hence you mated by have delivered to us garlands woven by your hand. has been made an example of virtue to the brethren. when. bapof the Father. . saying. It But he who. with unshaken strength and unyielding firmness. To these glorious beginnings of confession and the omens of a victorious warfare. : 1 Matt. purposed to be now waged by your valour you. them in the name John. Behold another lofty degree of your glory . : Lord. that Lord in confession. " charges them. For you. by the strength of your faith. has been added the maintenance of which I observed from the vigour of your you lately sent to your colleagues joined with you discipline. and of the Son. behold. letter to the with anxious admonition. xxviii. ." says he. is on common ground with the martyrs in honour. deserving well of God.

The Lord has shed forth His condescension in manifold kinds of liberality. xxxi. 4. that it should be the . whose times have been brightened by such a felicity. to keep the firmness of one's profession to the condescension that He has were. 3 MOYSES. I bid you. MAXIMUS. reads "prater" but in notes." while most MSS. most brave and blessed brethren.re. and keepeth not His commandments. * You prompt the keeping of and the truth is not in him. as I congratulate the martyrs there honoured for the glory of . on Christ. AND THE OTHER CONFESSORS ANSWER THE FOREGOING LETTER. if we keep His commandments. I rejoice. "and to endeavour to overthrow the Lord's precepts. therefore. and to deny Christ's gospel. not to become a martyr for the Lord's sake" (or. brethren and as much most and faithful brave your behalf. among this is to be 2 . Ep. NICOSTRATUS. knoweth Him. ever heartily farewell . is to a martyr of Christ. gratefully Roman confessors acknowledge had received tJie consolation from Cyprian s 3. : . is a liar. inviolate all evils. so much do I also equally congratulate you for the crown of the Lord's discipline.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. EPISTLE XXV. He has distributed the praises of good soldiers and their spiritual We also are sharers in your glories in plentiful variety. become secu. honour we count your glory our glory. you observe the divine and heavenly comThis mands. to become. For to wish to tiy to overthrow the Lord's Him to use against granted you . "by the Lord's help")." 8 Oxford ed." these precepts. and remember me. fortune of our day to see the proved servants of God and Christ's soldiers crowned." Baluz. their strength. 70 He that saith he Him. ARGUMENT. be a confessor of the Lord and for the and a martyr Lord. a rebel with arms that this is to wish to confess it you have received from Him. " propter. read " per Dominion. Tliey which the 1 1 2 "And John ii. as precepts .

the bright and glowing light. good work. for the latter. . on account of the present desolations of many brethren 1. and Nicostratus and Rufinus. . and the other confessors persevering in the faith of the truth. letter has shone upon us as a calm in the midst of a tempest. than he who has acted also is not less to be honoured who has than he who has warned. unless the former had . fought except that sometimes the weight of glory more redounds to him who trains. and will restore you the fruit due to this so r . instructed we might O For your crown. greeting. and in the Holy Spirit.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. perchance. but a happiness. with a more earnest will attain to the destined that. Coecilius Cyprian. . throughout almost the whole world. than to him who has shown himself a teachable learner. and received it with a hungry desire so that we rejoice to find ourselves by it sufficiently fed and strengthened for encounter with the foe. as in the densest darkness. and in His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. the judgment of Cyprian ac- is quiesced in. perhaps for no other reason than our saddened and more vigorously animated by your letter. To church of the CarMoyses and Maximus. of the lapsed. as we are among various and manifold sorrows. the grace of divine providence wished to keep us so long shut up in the prison chains. deacons. would not have had what he has practised. and have gathered some alleviation for the griefs of From which we can already perceive that spirit. this chief consolation has reached us. Thus w e drank it up with a thirsty spirit. and as the longed-for tranquillity in the midst of a troubled sea. in God the Father. bishop of the thaginians. and as repose in labours. Placed. Martyrdom The words of the case is 71 not a punishment. as health in dangers and pains. The Lord will reward you for that love of yours. for he who exhorts is not less worthy of the reward of the crown than he who suffers not less worthy of he praise is he who has taught. that we have been lifted up by the receipt of your letter. taught him. brother. the gospel are brands to In inflame faith. letter. presbyters.

THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. or what more blessed. 72 we have 2. in death itself. and inflames us to the following of the track of such dignity. all worldly impediments being broken through. and the powers and dominions of heaven. received great joy. deaths. which is dreaded by all 1 than. before his very executioners ? than among the raging and varied and exquisite tortures of worldly power. pieces. although departing ? than to have mounted to heaven with the world left behind? than. great refreshment. when torn to and tortured by all the instruments of cruelty. For what more glorious. that the things which were related be told in such manner as they were done. brother Cyprian. great comfort. For such departures should have been proclaimed with such words. which also raises our spirit of the Father. can to any man from the divine condescension. glorious. again. we have in some manner perceived with our ears Lord giving them the promised testimony in the presence It is this. to confess Christ the Son of God with a spirit still free. we saw those glorious triumphs of the followed them martyrs . by death have attained immortality? than. with glorious and deserved cially in that you I will not say. the day by day. and with our eyes in some sort have as they went to heaven. happen forsaken men. might from your letter. to . even when the body is racked and torn and cut to pieces. but immortalities the praises. to have testimony subdued death itself. to stand among the angels ? than. of martyrs. Moreover. Therefore. than to confess the Lord God. and have contemplated them seated among angels. espehave described. by dying. Thus. we say. to have overcome the torture by the tortures themselves ? than by itself. then. having 3. already to stand free in the sight of God 1 than to enjoy the heavenly kingdom without any delay ? than to have become an associate of Christ's than to have become by the divine passion in Christ's name ? condescension the judge of one's own judge ? than to have off an unstained the confession of conscience from brought His name ? than to have refused to obey human and sacrilaws the faith ? than have borne witness to to legious against the truth with a public ? than.

we are 2 Matt. Matt. 22. brought together in the gospel. and the brother shall deliver up the brother to death. when men shall persecute you. 6 Rev." and " To him that overcometh will I give to sit on my throne. iii." 5 Moreover the separate us from the love of Christ distress." persecuted for righteousness' sake : for theirs is the kingdom 2 Blessed shall ye be. and we have already conquered the our opponents of God. own not worthy of me : and he that soul more than me is not worthy of me. 38. For thy sake are we killed all the are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. and have subdued their nefarious laws against the truth. as it were. torches placed under us. . viii. and hate you. even as I also overcame and am set down on the throne of my Father. 21. we not only do not dread. stimulates us or mother more than when me says. in all these things who hath loved us. or persecution. by the very fact of our not yielding to them. 10-12." 6 we are more than conquerors for Him 5. or famine. 18. 35." And again. For loveth his our Lord. and followeth after me. and he that endureth to the end shall be 4 saved . " Blessed are they which are worthy of me. 1 And although we have not yet shed our blood. is not And again. and feel. 6 Kom. 3 their fathers persecute the prophets which were before you. and things of the like kind. and the father the son. v. * Matt. 3 Supplicia sua post fidem amare coepisse. or nakedness. as with the trumpet of His " He that loveth father Pie to this battle gospel. ? " apostle : Who shall shall tribulation. or sword clay ? (As long . Rejoice.) it is we Nay. xxi. strength of mind one's own have wrestled with all the agonies of a than not to have shuddered at the flow of ? mangled body to 73 blood ? than to have begun to love one's punish1 than to think it an ments. x. or peril. And he that taketh not is his cross. When we read these things. " Because ye shall stand before kings and powers. but we even provoke the enemies of the truth .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and be exceeding glad : for so did of heaven. with the Lord's words to inflame faith. or written. after having faith to bear them? injury to one's life not to have left it? 4. x. 37.

May He hold forth to us the divine arms. divided from your brethren." . although in the meantime you have been. those who. those weapons that know not how to be conquered. 74 prepared to shed it. beloved Cyprian. you have ever afforded necessary supplies from your that in all things you have always just acquisitions shown yourself in some sense present that in no part of your duty have you hung behind as a deserter. and granted pearls to swine "of our postponement. which cannot be the of the Spirit. had. and worthily. dogs. will at length bring forth His soldiers. it makes puts off heaven.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. therefore. that. bishop. had with the holiness profane we facility Lord unto of the 1 Lit. captain. For to whom should we rather commit these things for him to ask for us. with hasty and eager desire. and will confirm and and. Let no one think that l is any clemency departure a hindrance to our glory. . whom He has hitherto trained and proved in the camp of our prison. unmindful of their sins. without respect 2 for the gospel. and those who. But what more strongly stimulated us to a greater joy we cannot be that own . the shield of faith. which has never been and sword shattered. extorted peace from the presbyters in your absence. that of His mercy the Lord will it is every day more and more arm and adorn every one of us with greater abundance and readiness. which is never accustomed to be broken. as a good strengthen us by the strength of His power . as destined victims ask help of the priest ? 6. Entreat not true clemency to put off martyrs by delay. . than to our so glorious be pierced through. for it this delay of our obstructs us. you have frequently confirmed the confessors by your letters . in the duty of your episcopate. For but must describe with all the testimony of our observe that you have both rebuked with fitting censure. owing to the condition of the times. the kind of contest when faith is struggling in the encounter. 2 although a great u Sanctum. which cannot the helmet of salvation. voice. to the field of the battle set before them. wont to be injured. Behold another joy of ours. and in it glorious sight of God. it withholds the For in a contest of this kind. the breastplate of righteousness." . silent upon.

presbyters. lest what might have been sooner diminished by abstinence. should. this it is which proves penitence this it is which skins over a deep wound this it is which raises up the ruins of the fallen spirit and restores them. confessors. other and greater destruction. waiting for the judgment of others upon itself. instead of repressing. as in your letters you your- advice of all self also testify . : . be prolonged by growing indigestion. An let them be checked by the fact that they are not unblushing number has never been accustomed to have weight in extenuation of a crime . and bearing the sentence of others upon its own judgment. humility. which quells and restrains the burning vapour of their For the physician will not give to the sick raging sins. so that. and subjection. with tears that satisfy God. for where is the divine word left. and one which has extended with incredible destructiveness almost over the whole earth. Nor let them be animated by the fact that they are many. if pardon be so easily granted to sinners ? Certainly their the season spirits are to be cheered and to be nourished up to of their maturity. through impatience. 75 crime. so that those very eyes which wickedly looked upon idols may wash away. should stimulate the power of the raging disease. but again and again. to he treated cautiously and with moderation. while wishing unseasonably to bring we may not appear to be bringing about repairs to the ruins. patience. lest the unseasonable nourish- ment. modesty. but rather few. the unlawful things that they Nothing is necessary for diseases but patience had done. polluted with impious sacrifices must be purified with good works. with the the bishops. and the spirit must be renewed and consecrated in the recesses of the faithful heart. discipline. the food of healthy bodies. let faithful tears be shed from the eyes not once only. Hands. deacons. therefore. as you yourself write. but shame. . and even the laymen who abide fast.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and they are to be instructed from the Holy Scriptures how great and surpassing a sin they have committed. . 7. Let the frequent groanings of the penitents be heard. and wretched mouths defiled with accursed food must be purged with words of true peni- tence. that is to say. ought only.

ever heartily farewell in the Lord . blessed and most glorious father.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. could also have been kept by Christ in communion. and the healing is un- they who are physician done by any little casualty. that the imprisoned martyrs prived of communion ? if those who have forsaken the down their lives. and have us in remembrance. unless the material of the whole fire again be extinguished even to the extremes! spark so that men of this kind should justly know that even they themselves are . since they might have retained by their own right what now necessity. that in the of chains in bound cincture God's are name. if they who have denied Him are in no peril of their faith? where. more advantaged by the very delay. The argument of this letter is found beloio in. For the faith which could confess Christ. where shall it be shut up in the keeping of a squalid prison. which they of their own free will have sought. it for them- . EPISTLE XXVI. glorious lay they magnitude of their dangers and their But if they betray too much impatience. ARGUMENT. 1 CYPRIAN TO THE LAPSED. if. t/tat peace should be granted them. " " They wrote to me" says he. by tolerating it. but claiming 1 Oxford ed. if the remedies be not used faithslowness. they can overcome their suffering . they are compelled to sue for. by a We bid you. and demand communion with intolerable eagerness. if they who have not kept the confession of God are not dewhere. xxxiii. not asking Letter xxvii. 7G weary and weak wrestle with their pain . The flame is quickly recalled fully from their very to a conflagration. for unfaithful is the scar which the has too quickly produced . and so at length hope for health. Besaid that they who confess Christ are sides. : Ep. and that more trusty remedies are applied by the necessary postponement. they vainly utter with petulant and unbridled tongues those querulous and faith do not feel the sins ? invidious reproaches which avail nothing against the truth.

I marvel that some." alive . xvi. xxii. 2 " God is not the For we indeed and we pray that. God of the dead. 19. whose precepts and admonitions we ought to observe. 1 Matt. That thou art Peter. together with what replied to he 1. : shall be bound on earth shall in heaven : and whatsoever thou be loosed in heaven. through the changes of times and successions. in remembrance of their sin. describing the honour of a bishop and the order of His church. 77 selves as already granted. and if the church be among them and in them. then. the ordering of bishops and the plan of the church flows onwards so that the church . is . . and says to Peter : " I say unto thee. when they should rather be aware that they are writing to the church. speaks in the Gospel. have chosen to write to me as if they wrote in the name of the church when the church is established in the bishop and the clergy. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingagainst dom of heaven and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth it. because they say that Paulus to all . founded upon the bishops. and upon this rock will I and the gates of hell shall not prevail build my church . But if certain lapsed ones claim to be the church. as you will read in their letter of has given peace which 1 have sent you a copy. with daring temerity. is But them" replying is the letter I briefly of the lapsed to which wanting. as those who ought to appease God. what is left but for us to ask of they may these very persons that they would deign to admit us into the church? Therefore it behoves them to be submissive and quiet and modest. and all who stand [fast in the faith]. a Matt. the living. and every act of the church is controlled by these same rulers. Since this.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and not to write letters in the name of the church. For far be it from the mercy of God and His uncontrolled might to suffer the number of the lapsed to be called the Church . but of desire that all by our may be made supplications and groans." 1 shalt loose Thence. 18. Our Lord. since it is written. 32. is founded on the divine law. be restored to their original state.

10. and discipline. as I lately received. their labour to the Lord. : . Oxford ed. .THE EPISTLES OF C7PRIAN. beloved brethren. having regard to the mediocrity of my place and scended to tell of His kindness. 78 But some have lately written to me. and now read that you have written very differently. these persons beseeching have written to me that they acknowledge their sin. gloriously 2. who are of the humble and meek and trembling and fearlapsed. I beg that and whoever you will discriminate between your wishes are who this add have sent names to the you letter. if they should receive it when saying that was would be sweeter to them. and are truly repentant. your names. that their satisfaction might be admitted by the Lord. nevertheless. your to me with and transmit the certificate several certificate. even peace itself. knowing that He has " said. When We are unprofitable have done all these things. for he 1 2 Luke xvii. say. I bid you. For I must first know to whom I have to reply . EPISTLE XXVII. 1 TO THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACONS. xxxiy. and who have never made a boast of and liberally. and it appears that it is the one of which lie speaks in the following letter . Ep. The argument of this letter is sufficiently in agreement with the preceding. AKGUMENT. to secure peace . and are who have always laboured in the church and ing God. conduct. How greatly I I present. who hath condecongratulate these. and although they had received from the martyrs. what such." shall Thinking of which things. and such kind of servants deserve Which letters. the Lord is my witness. ever heartily fareand tranquilly according to the Lord's live quietly Fare ye well. ye 1 servants: we have done that which was our duty to do. well. and do not hurry rashly or importunately certificates but that they are waiting for my presence. then I will respond to each of the matters that you have written.

a presbyter. and repent. whose benefit we desire with all humility to consult. by communicating with the lapsed. deceiving certain brethren also from among our people. V. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. and his deacon who. " Remember from whence 1 And again. they are inviting it is written. 2 Isa. 12." " ture says. You have done uprightly and with discipline. whilst the salutary truth is hindered by mischievous blandishments and flatteries.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 1 8 Rev." 2 2. xxx. greeting. and his deacon. praises his clergy for having rejected 79 from communion Gains of Didda. " ii. have been frequently taken in their wicked errors . When thou shalt be converted and lament. our wholesome and true counsels have no success. not knowing that . that. since it is written. and shalt know where thou hast been. not with affected adulation. * Isa. that while they refuse wholesome food and beneficial drink as bitter and distasteful. then thou shalt be saved. and exhorts them to do the same with certain others. have persisted obstinately in their presumption and audacity. beloved brethren. Yet how can those mourn and repent. and crave those things which seem to please them and to be sweet for the present. call you happy 5. iii. Thus saith the Lord. but with sincere faith. LXX. and the wounded and unhealthy mind of the lapsed suffers what those also who are bodily diseased and sick often suffer. that they may supplicate the Lord with true penitence and groaning and sorrow. and whose salvation we take care for. whose groanings and tears some of the presbyters obstruct when they rashly think that they may be communicated with. when warned by my colleagues not to do this. 15. and offering their oblations. . as you wrote to me. and destroy the path of your feet?"' Naturally. who rashly communicated with the lapsed. by the advice of my colleagues who were present. They which lead thee. 1. his brethren. you have decided not to communicate with Gains the presbyter of Didda. the divine Scripthou art fallen. " They who 3 cause you to err." E. LXX. and who once and again.

since many of the clergy are still absent. beloved brethren. let them only abstain from the monthly division. and do not recede from and be careful to read these same letters better counsels . even thus late. should come to you . an acolyte. to communicate with the lapsed." preaching. 1 not so as to seem to be deprived of the ministry of the church. sub-deacons. by the Lord's permission. you wished we me shall assemble together again. to you. not only with my colleagues. brotherhood. but that all matters being in a sound state. or if that. before our decree. For a matter which hereafter may constitute an example as regards the must be weighed and adjudged with In the meanwhile. Greet all the . Moreto reply what I thought concerning Philumenus and Fortunatus. physician is Do their its regardlessness remedy of the avail to their safety. does the true skilful sweet enticement charms. whilst the deceiving with 3. but also with the whole of the people themselves. according my letters. by the Lord's mercy. who retired in the midst of the time of trial. let him be expelled from our communion. whether of our presbyters or deacons or of strangers. dictione. to my if colleagues also. and have not considered. I bid ministers of the church careful deliberation. 80 and death by to themselves mischief Nor and intemperance. and plead the cause of his rashness before all of us when. 1 Some read " this. if any unrestrained and imtogether. any we may maintain a healthful plan for soothing and healing the wounds of the lapsed. and this case of each one must be considered separately and fully investigated. therefore. petuous person. ever heartily farewell. that they should return to their place . over. intending to deal very fully with all when. with unanimity and concord. you. should dare. and have now returned. we shall begin to assemble In the meantime.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and Favorinus. and fare ye well. there are any present. they may be reserved till my coming. Of which thing I cannot make myself sole judge. take counsel about this faithfully and wholesomely.

greeting. Any indulgence shown to the lapsed is required That the accordance with the law of the gospel. that so we may have a common plan for the advantage of the administration of the church. 2 Oxford ed. has enjoined to be taken. I have. know what sort of a letter I afterwards wrote to the clergy. EPISTLE XXIX. : Ep. . I shall take such proceedings as the Lord. after all. the combined temerity of certain of the lapsed. of which I have sent you a copy. sent you a copy of this. according to His gospel. and deacons abiding at Rome. moreover. TO CYPRIAN. beloved brethren. The Roman clergy are informed of the temerity of the lapsed who were demanding peace. and Optatus the sub-deacon. ARGUMENT. xxxv. as well as what I briefly But that you may also replied to them in the meantime. claiming it as already given because they say that Paulus has given peace to all.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. xxxvi. who refuse to repent and to make satisfaction Cyprian to the presbyters his brethren. The Roman church declares judgment con- its cerning the lapsed to be in agreement with the Carthaginian decrees. ARGUMENT. : Ep. EPISTLE XXVIII. I bid you. not asking that peace might be given to but them. 2 THE PRESBYTERS AND DEACONS ABIDING AT ROME. that I should keep back from your knowledge nothing of those matters which are transacted among us. wrote . their temerity should not be repressed either by my letters or yours. For after I wrote to you the letter which I sent by Saturus the reader. to be in 1 Oxford ed. as you will read in their letter to God. Both our common love and the reason of the thing demand. to me. and should not yield to wholesome counsels. beloved brethren. But if. 81 1 TO THE PEESBYTERS AND DEACONS ABIDING AT ROME. ever by heartily farewell.

let them try to compare it with the gospel. according to the proper discipline. we are indeed considerably surprised as that with such urgency. that they already peace for themselves. as claim. in that you rightly restrain the wickedness of some. and at so unseasonable and bitter a time. and disordered with a twofold grief. it is proved that they have it not. read your letter which you had sent by Fortunatus the subdeacon. of which we have those severely although things spoken afflicted us and our spirit. is manifest from the fact that the lapsed are referred to the bishops. they not accept the judgment of those from whom they have thought fit to ask for the peace. The presbyters The is to seditious demand for be attributed to faction. they should not so much ask for. precisely on the assumption of its not with the out of being harmony . wherefore do it in heaven. we were smitten with a double sorrow. should have wished to hurry to such an extreme as this. that there was not any rest given to you in such necessities of the persecution. nay. and deacons abiding at Rome. and. by your exhortation to That they repentance. peace made by Felicissimus 1. 82 peace granted ly the confessors depends only upon grace and good-will. which they certainly have not got ? But if they think that they have from any other source the prerogative of communion. But on what principle can that give gospel communion which seems to be established contrary to For since every pregospel truth ? rogative contemplates the privilege of association. that so at length it may abundantly avail them. show the legitimate way of salvation.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. beloved brother. if it is not out of harmony with the gospel law. and that the unreasonable petulance of the lapsed brethren was declared to be But carried even to a dangerous boldness of expression. excessive a sin. why do they ask for what they possess ? But if. yet your vigour and the severity you have used. greeting. should say have If they have it. being in so great and that rates the so . modeheavy load of our grief. carefully Cyprian. by the very fact that they are asking for it. to father 1 we When.

setting the martyrs at variance with the gospel. on what principle do they think that the salva- which if they had sacrificed they thought that they should not have. although they ought to maintain that law tion. on the other. besides. For as they were urged by many. but the martyrs have established another. if they be not found to if have attained it by the observation of that gospel whence they become martyrs so that. no one should be . the most holy martyrs that a proper measure of modesty and of truth must thought be observed on both sides. then. lest. can assuredly do that which themselves grant he orders to it ? Why be done. overcome by the suffering of the torture. they were to be referred to the bishops ? who orders a thing to be done. see what it For if they say that this matter. For. more careful to determine nothing contrary to the gospel. it can be overcome by the novelty of another decree . will be in danger on both sides. strives to receive the name of martyr from the than he who gospel. 83 Him with whom it seeks to be associated. they might lose salvation . reasonably. must of necessity lose the indulgence and privilege of the this is alien it association. For if the martyrs thought that peace was to be granted to them. 2. was to be given to those who are said to have sacrificed . by losing peace. why did not they did they think that. as they themFor he selves say. to be informed of this : if martyrs become martyrs for no other reason than that by not sacrificing they may keep the peace of the church even to the shedding of their own blood. case itself . because be associated. then they. on the one hand. in others which they themselves appear to have held before In which thing we observe that they have their own eyes ? put forward against their own cause the very thing which they thought made for them. and. nay. as we understand. Let them. from His will with whom it seeks to then.will of THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the glorious crown of confession will be taken from the heads of the martyrs. is they are trying to do in gospel has established the' one decree. the majesty of the gospel will already appear shattered and cast down. as the speaks and proclaims. We should like. But.

although we have often become aware of your mutual love and charity. that they should show modesty. that without the insti- gation of certain persons they would lantly to claim peace for themselves. brother. never desist from soothing the spirits of the lapsed and affording to the erring the medicine of truth. although the temper of the sick is wont to reject the kind offices of those This wound of the lapsed is who would as yet fresh. therefoi'e. 3. have dared so petu- all We know the faith of we know her training. instead of the still rising into a . salutary remedies of delay. that . and the sore is tumour and therefore we are certain. demand on their behalf. theirs shall have worn out. if only there be not those who arm them for their own danger. they judged that the purity of the gospel law ought to be maintained unimpaired. How mency vastly better selves. her humility . that they should prove their grief for their lapse. if by their would have been the the prayers of those own humility easily obtained. that urgency of in the when. and in holding communion with not themselves them. instructing them perversely. and by due honour for God's priest should draw forth upon themselves the divine mercy. they will love that very delay which refers them to a faithful medicine. that they should exhibit some shame. For we do not believe. men them- stood fast had been aided it is is asked for asked is is more worthy. by their submission. the fatal poisons of a premature communion. that. we know whence also we have marvelled that we should the Carthaginian church. 84 in remitting them to the bishop they conceived that they would consult their own modesty so as to be no further dis- quieted. observe certain things somewhat rudely suggested against you by letter. they should appeal to God's cle1 for themselves. that they should manifest humility.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that they should repent of their fault. and. It is time. in. that course of more protracted time. But of your charity. heal them. in many illustrations of reciprocal affection of one another. what is ! since that when he for letters of these who which whom asked should be obtained.

however. also the others of the Roman clergy. It is no wonder. 2 Pope. and made a true witness to itself in the heavenly is accustomed to be satisfied with God for its only and neither to seek the praises nor to dread the judge. when from the company of that very wickedness a certain Futurus came. for previously. who. replying. brother also 1 Oxford ed. to another letter of Cyprian. Although a mind conscious to itself of 1. during the vacancy of the see. father uprightness. also. more fully and substantially in the present one . and from ichich they quote a few words. greeting. nor did he get the letters which he wanted. 4. as being an object of anxiety. whose mem- But the bers are scattered through every various province. a standard-bearer of Privatus. By the way. the presbyters and deacons abiding Home. and relying on the vigour of evangelical discipline. as the judge. they thank Cyprian for his letters sent to the Roman This letter was written. . deceitfulness of that crafty man could not be hid from us even before we had your letters . we were neither ignorant who he was. which is thought not to be extant. 85 In respect. in desiring to inform us of the matter. We bid 1 THE KOMAN CLERGY TO CYPRIAN. knowing that they owe their conscience to God alone decrees. charges of any other. for it becomes us all to watch for the body of the whole church. ARGUMENT. and was desirous of fraudulently obtaining letters from us. : Ep. xxx. of Privatus of Lambesa. they TJie Roman had spoken of in clergy enter into the matters which the foregoing letter. after the death of Fabian.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. EPISTLE XXX. you have acted as you usually do. moreover. as were confessors and martyrs. yet those are worthy of double praise. you heartily farewell in the Lord. at To 2 Cyprian. yet desire that their doings should be approved by their brethren themselves.

than. disinherited of the faith. nor have these sudden appliances against the wicked repelling but recently occurred to us but this us as the ancient severity. since the apostle us. than to have fallen from the height of praise it is a smaller crime not to have been honoured with a good testimony. as sharers in. . all are In the same way we thought to have laboured in that that find praise with we might in . and will be tossed hither and thither by the various and uncertain and the helm of counsel being. any who set themselves against it as adverse waves. . L 8. than to have lost the honour of good testimonies it is less discredit to have lain without the announcement of virtues. as to maintain the due will of severity of the divine vigour ? which he who resists. 86 should do this. with your usual Cyprian. discipline. the among ancient would not have published such said " that your faith is praise concerning 1 spoken of throughout the whole world. than by storms of things wrenched from . For it is less disgrace never to have attained to the heraldry of praise. which we are all regarded as of censure and discipline.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. ignoble without praise. as it were. your counsels. when he . ." unless already from thence that vigour had borrowed the roots of faith from those times from which praise and glory it is a very great crime to have become degenerate. found not so much judges of. For what is there either in allied in the same agreement in peace so suitable. his hands. that you have wished that we should be modesty and inborn industry. necessity wander in the unsteady course of affairs. he will drive the ship of the so that it would appear church's safety among the rocks that the church's safety can be no otherwise secured. is read of faith. or in a war of persecution so necessary. 1 Rom. and by maintaining the ever-guarded rule of discipline itself Nor as if it were the rudder of safety in the tempest. so your doings while we you to be fellow-heirs with you be able and might approve them we because in your good counsels. . 2. who. is it now but has been considered that this counsel lately by us. to have lost our proper praises. entirely accord with them. the ancient .

whence also Far be also. 1 Sacramentum. has obeyed those edicts by the very confession of the name tricks to excuse fact by which he wished to appear to have obeyed them. our former have proved. whose own minds were beMoreover. he who seeks for deceitful himself. 3. new wounds should be impressed on the old wounds of their transgression . swell up into the odium of the greatest crime. whereas. also. has denied Christ . and he who wants to appear to have satisfied either edicts or laws put forth against the gospel. unless they are maintained by anxious and careful pains. too. who had polluted their hands and their mouths with unlawful sacrifices. And since the whole mystery 1 of faith is understood to be contained in the of. . so that even repentance should be snatched from these . not less than if they had approached to the wicked altars. we have declared our faith and consent against those. they were held fast by the very fact that they had testified to him and against those who had used those certificates when made. That we are not saying this dishonestly. but are falling around. of Christ. For he is not guiltless of . as if escape those ensnaring nets of the devil . since they had certainly asserted their presence by ordering that they should be so written. wickedness who has bidden it to be done cerned in the crime with whose consent . although they had not been present when they were made. 87 For those tilings which ai'e proclaimed to the glory of any one. both against those who had you themselves as unfaithful by the unlawful presentabetrayed letters tion of wicked they thought that they would certificates. should be still afforded for communion and by a false mercy.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and to loosen their it slacken her vigour with so the nerves of her severity by overthrowing the majesty of faith so that. fore polluted were polluted . and certainly not likely to avail. remedies of a too hasty kind. when the wrecks of your ruined brethren are . nor is he uncon- it is publicly spoken although it was not committed by him. very hands and mouths from the Roman church to profane a facility. not only lying. wherein we have declared our opinion to with a very plain statement.

whom slay. For where can the medicine of indulgence profit. if he only hides the wound. following up their felicities .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. to from the confessors. they For he who does to be betrayers of the gospel. on the occasion of martyrdom. that you refreshed their minds. those who. with worthy praises. for the gospel conin a glorious contest. their martyrdom and from the divine mercy. and its dignity. loses had wished what he possessed. so that although all may seem to come from the faith of those who confess. agreeing with our letters the dignity of their confession has you have letters shut up here in prison. if. that they might not deservedly forfeit the honour of martyrdom. but. But once more. you have inflamed them to a more ardent forward . desire of heavenly glory. to speak the truth. to return to the point whence our discourse . and does not suffer dangers. will be victors by and by . and have revoked the unlawful they might not be a disgrace to the church. that you have brightened the darkness of their prison by your letters that you came to them in whatever way you could enter. and whom. Unless they had done this. by intercepting repentance. Nevertheless. In which matter we ought to give you also. yet they seem in to have become in some sort debtors to you. by the power of your discourse. to their greater overthrow. so that so fitting to maintain the tenor of evangelical vigour unimpaired. letters wherein they have maintained the severity still of the gospel discipline. This is not the necessary remedy of time to close the scar ? to cure. that. robust in their own faith and confession. if even the physician himmakes easy way for new self. 88 wretched beings. especially since it was to none petitions. not guard what he has. 5. by violating the condition whereon he possesses it. their faith has once already crowned fession. and we do abundant give you. as to those who had given themselves up to be tortured and cut to pieces by raging men on behalf of the gospel. the ruins of gospel discipline would not easily be restored. thanks. that that much you urged them you animated. if we wish 4. as we believe and hope. in that condition whereon he possesses it. by your addresses and letters .

who can arrange all things of this kind. as those who appear to have fallen into those calamities of the time. that in the same manner as those who fell. However. had no bishop appointed as yet. with the same prayers and tears. deacons. who stand fast. let us pray for the lapsed. presbyters. to have gone forth. and who can take account of those who are lapsed. who up to the present time seem to have escaped the destruction of these times of ours. be judged by all of no effect. lest anything done as it ought not to be. and to since that cannot be a firm decree which shall not appear to have had the consent of Look upon almost the whole world devastated. that they . you shall find subjoined the sort of letters that we also sent to Sicily. large in proportion as the crime appears to be widely propagated. with bishops. for this reason that they were too incautious with a blind rashness. is known many. should. let not the remedies be fewer than the deaths. since the departure of Fabian of most noble memory. with one and the same counsel. so those who strive to set in order this mischief fell should use every moderation in counsels. guard. seems extremely invidious and burdensome to examine into what seems to have been committed by many. and consider that therefore an extent of counsel is asked for. let us. very many. as well 6. arm one another . Let not the medicine be less than the wound. let us by turns cherish. what you also have yourself declared in so important a matter. having. With mutual prayers. and observe that the remains and the ruins of the fallen are lying about on every side. Thus. although upon us is incumbent a greater necessity of delaying this affair . with authority and wisdom. 89 appears to have digressed. entreat the divine majesty. as it were. on account of the difficulties of affairs and times. is satisfactory to us. and ask peace for the church's name.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that the peace of the church must first be maintained . then. we and confessors. as well as with the laity should deal with the case of the lapsed. that an assembly for counsel being gathered together. except For it by the advice of many when so great a crime diffused among so be or that one should give a sentence .

greater risk and shame not have besought the aid of peace. let us pray that penitence follow also the effects of the pardon of the lapsed when they have understood own . but certainly let them not leap over it . let off by through the fear of death. a patience which is not careless. let them watch at the gates of the heavenly camp. that may be have patience with us for a while. But let all this be in the recesses of the subtle mischief. let they shudder at the magnitude of the guilt with a truly medicinal hand they deal with wound of their heart and conscience and the deep them blush even to ask . a necessary humility. they willing to and the fact of their unquietness be added to the heap of For modesty is very greatly fitting for them in whose sins it is an immodest mind that is condemned. that it is a matter of to . . and let them resume the shield of faith. their crime. but let . not against the church. their sins. momentary nor over-hasty cure may . incurred. but let them be armed with modesty.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Let them send tears as their ambassadors for their groanings. let them resume the trumpet of their them not therewith sound a point of war them arm themselves indeed with the weapons of modesty. over their fall. a bashful entreaty. but assuredly let them not break them down let them present themselves at the threshold us. by which they perceive that they have been deserters . 90 may be raised up let us pray for those who stand. A modest petition will much avail them. and prove their grief and shame for the crime they have committed. and no longer disturb the fluctuating condition of the church. 7. . lest they may seem themselves to have inflamed an internal persecution for so. discharge the office of advocate. the deadly if if . but let those believe that they are armed against the devil. brought forth from their deepest heart. sufferings Nay. which they had put prayers. and may perceive that it needs no . Let them indeed knock at the doors. that they may not be tempted to such a degree as to be destroyed let us pray that those who are said to have fallen may acknowledge the greatness of their sin. which grieves their denial that are even now armed their foe. again. let except. of the church.

as He is merciful. sacrament l . the . " Whosoever shall deny me before men. and in God Himself knowing what He 1 " In sacramento. but He has also prepared the vast and eternal gloom of perpetual night. but He has also prepared eternal punishment. the heat of the persecution had driven out from other provinces. moreover. in the law of their very entreaty 91 let considera- had for the time let it be with downcast entreaty. and. have thought that nothing new was to be done before the appointment of a bishop but we believe that the care of the lapsed must be moderately dealt with." engagement and with xviii. but He has also prepared hell. will do with such. finally. placed afar off. scil. having repented and professed a detestation of their deeds with frequency. 33 . perhaps in a in way harmony with ecclesiastical discipline. and as He invites to the banquet. when there reto them." so it is written. we for a long time." forgave thee . "I 2 all that debt. Desiring to maintain the moderation of this middle course in these matters.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. but of such as impending death does not suffer to bear the delay. 32. and some whom. 8. so that. because thou desiredst me. him will I also deny before my Father and before His angels. 9.! For God. tion be . so the man that hath not a wedding garment He binds hands and feet. betrayed the groans. since he also who is besought ought to be bent. so also ought the divine censure. such cautious and careful help should be ministered. so He exacts obedience to His and indeed carefully exacts it . in the meantime. whilst the grant of a bishop is withheld from us by God." their religious 2 Matt. He has prepared places of refreshment. weeping they signs of a grieving and truly penitent spirit. and casts him out beyond the assembly of the saints. x. . . no hope of living. not provoked and as the divine clemency ought to be looked to. with subdued petition. He has prepared the light that none can approach unto. cause of such as are able to bear the delays of postponement should be kept in suspense . as far as man can tell. and as it is written. Luke xii. mains. lie has prepared heaven. with some of the bishops who are near to us and within reach. " fidei . Matt. precepts. and indeed many of us. if with if with have if with tears.

. And. or presbyters. bidden Saturus the you. and have memory. that what I have written. let them have the opportunity of tranthem scribing although I have. reader. I have sent you copies to read. to give liberty of copying them to any individuals who wish it . the presbyters. what Moyses and Maximus. AND RECEIVED THENCE. will : more Ep. his brethren.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. if any bishops from foreign places. moreover. Cyprian greeting. ABOUT THE LETTERS SENT TO ROME. Do you take care. or deacons. take anxious care that neither ungodly men should praise our smooth facility. and what they have replied to me. our brother. ever heartily ns in Lord . however. might know what presbyters That you. for the present. my I have sent to the clergy acting at Rome. xxxlL fully consider them . and what they have replied. 1 Oxford we ed. The Carthaginian clergy are requested to take Roman clergy and Cyprian's care that the letters of the answer are communicated. maybe observed by all. EPISTLE XXXI. or should arrive them hear among from you and if they wish to transcribe copies of the letters and to take them to their own people. an agreement. the to and deacons. and the rest of the confessors that with them are kept in prison. the condition of the church in any manner. But about the other matters which were to be dealt with. moreover. while we. nor truly penitent men bid you. ARGUMENT. my colleagues. and. We farewell in the glorious father. 1 TO THE CARTHAGINIAN CLERGY. let all these matters . so that. should be present. in ordering. one and faithful. beloved brethren. be made known to our brethren. as I have also written to several of my colleagues. the letters deacons. most blessed and accuse our severity as cruel. 92 what way He will examine the balance of His judgment. with as much diligence as you can. moreover. replied likewise to my letters. and Rufinus and Nicostratus.

we one place. and to the whole In ordinations of the clergy. Ep. advanced. but. an illustrious youth. I bid you. inferior in the natural abilities of his age. As often as the adversary wished to call forth the servants of God. It had been a slight matter. EPISTLE XXXII. so often this prompt and brave soldier both fought and conquered. already approved by the Lord. people. in years still very young. Aurelius. and when at length he fought in a severer conflict. and dear to God. both when he conquered in the course and was banished. Cyprian to the elders and deacons. so that. after over- coming the magistrates. But human testimonies must not be waited for when the divine approval precedes. brethren. previously to have engaged under the eyes of a few. in the praise of virtue and of 1. with the general advice. . after exile. Fare ye well. been glorious in the victory of his confession. and tells the the confessor has been commends. by the Lord's permission. ABOUT THE ORDINATION OF AURELIUS AS A READER. Cyprian clergy and people that Aurelius ordained a reader by him. and weigh the character and deserts of individuals. Salute the 1 TO THE CLERGY AND PEOPLE. when he was banished . has contended here in a double conflict. might vanquish tortures also. the constancy of his virtue and his mind. whereby he was even deserving of a higher degree in the church.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. we usually consult you beforehand. but superior in the honour [he has gained]. ever heartily farewell. having twice confessed and twice faith. to assemble into shall begin beloved and longed for. and. brotherhood. 93 when. : Nor . our brother. he deserved also in the forum to engage with a more illustrious virtue . he was triumphant and victorious in the battle of suffering. xxxviii. brethren. 1 Oxford ed. by the way. in a common council. beloved greeting. he might also triumph over the proconsul. AEGUMENT.

beloved priest. by solemnly entering on his office . . be beheld by the there to have been heard with the wonder of the surrounding people. be conspicuous for their character. in the meantime. to read . after confession. my prayers by yours. 2. And since joy is always hasty. in the meantime read for Cyprian which is said to be an augury or beginning of future peace. there to have been conspicuous to the multitude of the Gentiles. Such an one. than to sound Him forth in the solemn repetition of the divine lessons. and. the servants of God should in confession conquer by their courage. and gladness can bear no delay. 1 Aurelius not being able to discharge the functions of his office in public. that he o-lory of the honour of his virtue. in the that is. for me made a beginning of peace. . and that you desire that as many such as possible may be ordained in our church. Know. 94 can I discover what I ought to speak most of in him. and the martyr for a reader with the I bid you. of a reader. that larger increase. he has meantime. he should begin with the office of reading because nothing is more suitable for the voice which has confessed the Lord in a glorious utterance. he reads on the Lord's day. because of the persecution. here to be heard with the joy of the brotherhood. most beloved brethren. that this man has been ordained by me and by my colleagues who were then present. the his wounds or the modesty of his character. 1 and assist Do you frequently be urgent in supplications. after the sublime words which spoke out the witness of Christ. than. the gospel of Christ whence martyrs are made . that it seems excellent in as one who should be an example reserved that he is divinely ecclesiastical of the way in which to the rest for discipline. I know that you will both gladly welcome these tidings. that the Lord's mercy favour- ing us may soon restore both the priest safe to his people. then. merited higher degrees of clerical ordination and But. or praiseworthy is distinguished by He for the admirableness of his bashfulness. I judged it well. to come to the desk after the scaffold.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. here to brethren. is both so dignity and so lowly in humility. to be estimated not his years by but by his deserts.

therefore. that they who had grandly confessed Christ should afterwards adorn Christ's Exult. brethren in God 95 the Father.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. his benefits. in a vision nity of heavenly glory. was constrained by her own admonition and ex. ABOUT THE ORDINATION OF CELERINUS AS READER. engaged with the very chief and author of the disturbance. Moreover. wherein I and my colleagues who were then present mention to you Celerinus. greeting. EPISTLE XXXIII. wherewith the acknowledged and em- Lord has condescended to embellish and illustrate His church in our times by granting a respite to His good confessors and His glorious martyrs. to the presbyters and deacons. ever heartily farewell. of the context. in the midst of the burning beginnings of the persecution. xxxix. The divine Cyprian people. ARGUMENT. is sufficiently indicated by the very circumstances 1. when he hesitated to yield to the church. 1 TO THE CLERGY AND PEOPLE. 2. our brother. and to the whole brethren in the Lord. whom the Lord honoured with the dig- hortation. and she had more power. joice with me on receiving my letter. not to refuse our persuasions . should be braced. except that he largely commends the constancy of Celerinus in his confession of the faith. . He . invincible firmness the adversary of his 1 Oxford ed. in conquering with . : own conflict. and in Jesus Christ. as added to our clergy. and reclergy in ecclesiastical ministries. but by divine condescension who. and constrained him. This letter is about the same in purport with the preceding. This man was the first in the struggle of our days he was the leader among Christ's soldiers he. not by human recommendation. because it was not right. that both of these letters were written during his retreat. glorious alike for his courage and his character. that he should be without ecclesiastical honour. Ep. beloved brethren. by night. nor was it becoming.

that lived in faith and virtue. his paternal and maternal uncles. with the of a tedious conflict. . the glory of the wounds made the victory the memory of in . but were is his parents true and spiritual soldiers of God. glow forth. long-abiding and permanent penalties For nineteen days. worn out with tedious wasting away. yet the serpent was trodden on and ground down and vanquished. he rivals and relations in equal honours of divine condescension.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. was some time since crowned with martyrdom. merited and crowns from the palms Lord by We their illustrious passion. In his their glorious body shine the bright evidences of his wounds traces manifested. casting down the devil by the confession of Christ. but triumphant by a miracle. but loftier than those who and firmer than the links which bound him . so that what one hears he may also see. with He lay in punishments. Moreover. who has little faith what he hears. His grandmother. Celerina. greater than those that but imprisoned him stood . Great which the things are they marvellous things are they brotherhood may hear of his virtues and of his praises. the faith of the eyes is not wanting. our beloved. 3. In the servant of God. he was racked and in irons but although his body was laid remained free and at liberty. and appear on the man's sinews and limbs. And should any one appear like Thomas. God fed his soul. who themselves also were once warring in the camps of the world. and although his feet were bound on the rack. his spirit wasted away by the long endurance of hunger and thirst . shut up in the close guard of a dungeon. an unfamiliar and novel thing. and more sublime than those who judged him . the scars preserves that glory. the stronger nourishments. spiritual for his punishments. . as often as we celebrate the passions and days of the martyrs in the annual commemora- . as you remember. as bound. imprisoned. 96 made a way for others to conquer. Nor is that kind of title to glories in the case Celerinus. of He advancing in the footsteps of his kindred . Laurentius and Egnatius. always offer sacrifices for them. lying prostrate. in chains. a victor with no small amount of wounds. judged. His flesh .

praiseworthy in the former for strength. for a posterity so illustrious. which he so bravely and Let the voice that has confessed the faithfully follows? Lord daily be heard in those things which the Lord spoke. Equal both. just as the dignity of their offspring I should call brightens their crown. Let it be seen whether there is any further degree to which he can be advanced in the church. came to us with such condescension of the Lord. greater praise and honour is it to beI cannot tell come of noble rank in the celestial heraldry family ! whom more whether those ancestors. he was associated in the alliance of divine honour with whom. in the latter for modesty. and pass to and fro. he should read the precepts and gospel of the Lord. be degenerate and inferior family dignity and a generous nobility provoked. whom. for an origin so glorious. beloved brethren. and conspicuous to the whole people for the brightness of his honour. and equally affording examples to every one of virtues and character. that. he had been united.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. . As they were lifted up by divine condescension. blessed. moreover. while the reading of the gospel is heard from his lips. and fitted both for con- and for peace. 4. So equally between them does the divine condescension flow. in all the insignia of virtue and praise. He should have been associated with Aurelius in reading with . so the sublimity of his ancestry illuminates his glory. every one who hears should imitate the faith of the reader. There is nothing in which a confessor can do more good to the brethren than that. whom this it is a matter of heraldry and of praise to be a patriof how much cian. by domestic examples of virtue and faith. that. that is. illustrious by the testimony and wonder of the very man who had persecuted him. resting on the loftiness of a higher station. what else behoved to be done except that he should be placed on the desk. therefore. so they were lowly in their own peacefulness and tranquillity. and each like to the other. But if in a worldly tion. on the tribunal of the church . in that proportion they were humble in modesty. When this man. or him. in proportion as they were sublime in glory. flict G . 97 Nor could he.

snatched from the midst of death. ABOUT THE OEDINATION OF NUMIDICUS AS PRESBYTER. Cyprian tells the clergy and people that Numidicus has been ordained by him presbyter . because it was fitting that the candle should be placed in a candlestick. " The to the presbyters his and deacons. brethren. and to the whole very dear and longed-for. pose He has kept a kind of resurrection. I bid you. and briefly commends his worth. quantities. earnestly longed for. 98 In such servants the Lord rejoices in confessors of this kind He glories. ever heartily farewell. 2 Oxford ed. where. Cyprian people. EPISTLE XXXIV. while nothing is seen by the brethren loftier more lowly in humility. beheld by all the surrounding brotherhood. being wrought on their behalf . of their glory. in honour. : Ep.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. xL . greeting. 2 TO THE SAME. so that. . that be honoured with the same presents as the and may share the monthly divisions in equalled presbyters. so to speak. beloved and so they may . brethren. that these for the present are appointed readers. Know. nothing the brotherhood l then. brotherhood may follow and imitate these same persons " v. . whence it may give light to all. But know that I have already purposed the honour of the presbytery for them. for this pur- them safe. ARGUMENT. the way of life of may accompany these same persons. whose way and conversation is so advan5. and that their glorious countenances should be established in a higher place. willed them to remain long here in the church . 1. to sit with us hereafter in their advanced and strengthened years although in nothing can he seem to be inferior in the qualities of age who has consummated his age by the dignity of his glory. that it affords to tageous to the announcement For this purpose Christ has others a teaching of discipline. they may give an incitement of glory to the beholders.

this that the Lord might add him to our clergy." . and who beheld with joy his wife abiding by his side. : adorn with glorious priests the number of our presbyters And when that had been desolated by the lapse of some. slain by stones and by the flames. was drawn out and revived.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. He may make men so meek and lowly to flourish in the honour of our assembly. and should sit with us among the clergy. very dear and longed for. by the Lord's protection. we have come into your presence once more. God permits. sought for the corpse of her father. both to the common joy and to the greatest glory of our church ought to be told for you must know that I have been admonished to you and instructed by divine condescension. sumed. was fore. and might dead. let what is revealed be done. he shall be advanced to a larger office in his region. He himself. when. I bid you. " unconquered. when afterwards his daughter. In the meantime. ever heartily farewell. that Numidicus the . illustrious by the brightest light of confession. that we receive this gift of God with thanksgiving. as we see. and left for dead. 1 Otherwise. that so the strength of His church being re- newed. 99 That which belongs. dearest brethren. brethren. burned (I should rather say. with the anxious consideration of was found half affection. overwhelmed with stones. exalted in the honour both of virtue and of faith . and remained unwillingly l from among the companions whom he himself had sent beBut the reason of his remaining behind. half conpreserved) together with the rest. presbyter should be appointed in the number of Carthaginian a man presbyters. who by his exhortation sent before himself an abundant number of martyrs. hoping from the Lord's mercy more ornaments of the same kind.

which portion. When. desiring soon to come to you. I have supplemented by sendinoto the same by Naricus the acolyte another share. to have regard to the common peace. by God's grace. his beloved brethren. and of the sick. It behoves me also. Greet your brotherhood in my name. beloved brethren. so that the sufferers may be more largely and promptly dealt with. to be absent from you. from my own portion. CONCERNING THE CARE OF THE POOR AND STRANGERS. 100 EPISTLE XXXV. For where could I be better or more joyful than there where the Lord willed me both to believe and to it to [in honour] ? I request that you will diligently take care of the widows.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. which I have left with Rogatianus. and that I ought should condescend to intimate to come. and I should be the cause of breaking the peace. 1 TO THE CLERGY. if any should grow up be indigent. therefore. as of all the brethren. or if the Lord me before. beloved greeting. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. In safety. . and tell them to be mindful of me. lest my presence should provoke the jealousy and violence of the heathens. or the f>oor} or strangers. ever heartily farewell . I bid you. although with weariness of spirit. then I will come to you. you write that matters are arranged. the sick. I greet you. in the meantime. and have me in remembrance. brethren. 1 Oxford ed : Ep. Moreover. and to satisfy the wish as well of myself and you. ARGUMENT. and of all the poor. however. who ought rather to be careful for the quiet of all. lest it should be all appropriated. vii. He cautions them against neglecting the ividows. and. our fellow-presbyter . you may supply the expenses for strangers.

the circumstances of the place and of my station would permit me to present myself at this time with them . for the purpose of celebrating their memory annually . and. finally. frequently been admonished in my letters to manifest all care for those who with a glorious voice have confessed the 1. Lord. towards those icho were alive. and are confined in prison yet. that they should not forget the poor also. . He himself to tortures and to death. although they were not tortured in prison.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. 101 1 TO THE CLERGY. dearest brethren. For neither is their virtue nor their honour too little for them also to be allied with the blessed martyrs. promptly and gladly would I fulfil most courageous brethren beseech you. as those who died. in prison . Although 1 know. that the days of their death should be carefully noted. As far as they could. But I be the representative of my your diligence those things which behove to be done in rein my spect of those whom the divine condescension has rendered illustrious in such merits of their faith and virtue. : Ep. and do let all all the duties of love towards our appointed ministry. EPISTLE XXXVI. He exhorts Ids clergy tliat every kindness and care should le exercised towards the confessors. has suffered whatever he was willing to suffer . as well AEGUMENT. BIDDING THEM SHOW EVEEY KINDNESS TO THE CONFESSORS IN PRISON. again and again. that no consideration be wanting to them And I wish that to whose glory there is nothing wanting. I urge it upon you. xii. yet depart thence by the glorious exit of death. duty. that you have greeting. they bore whatever they were prepared and who under the eyes of God has offered equipped to bear. . Let there be also a more zealous watchfulness and care bestowed upon the bodies of all those who. for it was not he that was wanting to the 1 Oxford ed. his brethren.

x. "Be thou faithful unto death. Lord. which things. brotherhood in 1 my Matt. in which our blessed brethren in prison pass the by gate of a glorious death to their immortality. and does write and intimate me the days. to whom. is not wanting besides in that respect in any care of their bodies. I bid you. ever heartily farewell. and I again. 22. it is written. although Tertullus.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. be saved. and remember me. 102 tortures. saith the They have en- uncorrupted and unstained merits of their virtues through. even unto the end." the same carried have and dured " Who- will I also confess 1 Father which shall him 2 in heaven. also. * Rev. " He that endureth to the end. 10. has written." They have persevered in their faithfulness. Fare ye 2 well. and have given an example of faith to the other poor. in addition to the other solicitude and care which he shows to the brethren in all serthe vice of labour. to such. Matt. and have not left the camp of Christ . and greatly longed Greet the for. . but the tortures that were wanting to him. brethren beloved. and there are celebrated here by us oblations and sacrifices for their to commemorations. with the Lord's protection. Let your care also (as I have already often written) and your diligence not be wanting to the poor. indeed. who. as stand fast in the faith and bravely fight with us. but faithfully serve with the Lord. that we may celebrate their commemoration among the memorials of the martyrs." saith the Lord. we should now show a greater love and care. take note of their days on which they depart. confessed is Him. soever shall confess before my They have me before men. the glory of the martyr is consummated. 32. our most faithful and devoted brother. Finally. we shall soon celebrate with you. I mean. 2. and stedfastness. x. 3 will give thee a crown of life. ii. And. in that they are neither constrained by poverty nor prostrated by the tempest of persecution. name. When to the willingness and the confession of the name in prison and in chains is added also the conclusion of dying. and irivincibleness. even unto death.

is to Cyprian to Caldonius and Herculanus. his fellow-presbyters. I have been greatly grieved. K. and and conditions and deserts. and to scatter the the receipt of your to . so that. AEGUMENT. you tell me now that Felicissimus has been attempting many things with wickedness and craft. and if any. moreover. : Ep. and with a their wishes with such at the same time an addition as might be also to take note of their ages . Felicissimus. also to letter. G. HERCULANUS. dearest brethren. his colleagues. "in monte" (vide Neander. . although I sent you as my substi- tutes to discharge the necessities of our brethren. 1. as charity requires. and sons from their parents. "in the mount. with funds. . to separate the sheep from the shepherd. sedition." ed. tried to divide with the bishop. AND OTHERS. might promote any that were worthy and humble and meek to the offices of the ecclesiastical administration he has interfered. upon whom falls the charge of knowing all of them thoroughly. wished to exercise their crafts. EPISTLE XXXVII. moreover. that I also. at greeting. of which I had formerly known a good deal. members And of Christ. he has now. a portion of the people that is. together with his companions in be restrained from the communion of all. ABOUT THE EXCOMMUNICATION OF FELIOISSIMUS. Kogatianus and Numidicus. and directed that no one should be relieved. myself posed and to preserve the flock unharmed. with a wicked exercise of power. who desired to obey in death. violent dread that those communicate with him 1 Oxford 2 Or.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. besides his old frauds and plundering. and that those things which I had desired should not be ascertained by careful examination he has also threatened our brethren. 252). to assist sufficient. that although I have always proand wished to keep all our brotherhood safe. 103 1 TO CALDONIUS. me should not 2 xli. i. who had first approached to be relieved.

I congratulate several of the brethren that they have withdrawn from this boldness. which he first of all declared. since of his own accord he has Read this letter preferred to be separated from the church. But Augendus also. also of adultery. ever heartily farewell . have declared that they have discovered. of mine to our brethren. a hasty madness in which respect. and have asseverated that they will all which things we shall then judicially examine. he hath rushed forth with many more. . place with many of our colleagues. 104 2.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. is. but of and asserted brethren. let him know that he shall not communicate in the church with us. Fare ye well. " on the mount. grave men. probably in some church or congregation assembled by Felicissimus. who. whoever shall ally himself with his conspiracy and faction. since Felicissimus has threatened that they should who had obeyed us. in the meantime. inasmuch as he adds to his frauds and the crime rapines. disturbing the peace of the presence. prove with the Lord's permission. on an eminence near or in Carthage. that others also will peaceably do. which we have known by the clearest truth. and remember me. and have rather chosen to consent with you." 1 Or. which. a sedition with of chief and a faction himself as a leader of honour of my station. And since. has equally associated himself with him in this conspiracy and faction.. I bid you. we shall assemble in one when. Moreover. let him bear the sentence which that factious and impetuous man has provoked on himself. neither moved by the nor shaken by your authority and his own impulse. may remain their stipends know will for certain. considering neither his bishop nor his church. their mother. if he should further persevere with him. I and with the church. that let him receive the sentence with communicated who us. quickly withdraw from their rash error. that he may know that he is 1 not communicate with him in death excommunicated by us . and receive from the bishop who dispenses them. and also transmit it to Carthage to the clergy. after all these things. which our brethren. indeed. beloved brethren. the names being added of those who have joined themselves with Felicissimus. so that they indeed. ' .

confessors " Budinarius. whole people. and Paula the sempstress. Butinarius would then mean a maker of vessels suitable p. Caldonius. 2 The " to Cyprian. 105 1 THE LETTER OF CALDONIUS. the xlii. presbyters. read it as another name 1 proposes butinarius. AND OTHERS. In manner. See Sophocles' Glossary of Byzantine Greek. also 2 We have rewith Rogatianus and Numidicus. greeting." Although. Kepostus among 3 stained ones. ARGUMENT. jected Felicissimus and . as in the like told the clergy. and others carry had bidden them. the original of our bottle. : Ep." spilt their blood." : The Oxford editor changes it into Burdonarius. which he derives from fivrivn. 5 TO THE PEOPLE. 408). lapsed inthout any discrimination. . CONCERNING FIVE SCHISMATIC PRESBYTERS OF THE FACTION OF FELICISSIMUS. 1 3 4 against himself. for containing vinegar. his colleagues. Cyprian that Felicissimus is to be avoided. ON THE EXCOMMUNICATION OF FELICISSIMUS WITH HIS PEOPLE. ARGUMENT. etc.. Herculanus. xliii. s." Salmasius. Some Rutili. what effect the preceding letter into Caldonius. with Herculanus and Victor. greeting. Ep. which you ought to know from my subscription also we have rejected Sophronius and Soliassus (budinarius). 5 Oxford ed.I. who not only granted peace to the this. and which he identifies with ftolm. HERCULANUS. in a long note on a passage in the life of Aurelian (Hist. so epistle but one before now he tells the people. etc. v. V. a vessel for containing vinegar. Aug. EPISTLE XXXVIII. together with five presbyters of his faction.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. fioiJTTis. meaning a " carrier on mules. but stirred up sedition and schism 1. who had " Soliassus and Budinarius. : . 4 himself also one of the exiles. also Augendus from communion Bloodthe and Irene of the from exiles." sdl. Cyprian to Oxford " ed. EPISTLE XXXIX. exact meaning of this word is unknown..

tions to certain not to maintain the ecclesiastical discipline with faith and quietness according to the Lord's precepts. nay. with the other ministers. and do not cease to confirm individuals by their assiduous exhortations. and to have wished arm a portion of our broken fraternity against God's priesthood. from the church. since mindful of their conspiracy. although we were forgiving and silent. By my letters I say. lapsed by moreover. Virtius. before their own conscience. And lest it should be too little to have cor- rupted the minds of certain confessors. dearest brethren for the malignity and treachery that I of certain of the presbyters has accomplished this. they have suffered the punishment which they had so that. have passed sentence on themselves in accordance with your suffrages and the divine these conspirators and evil men of their own accord have driven themselves deserved . not to keep the glory of their confession with an uncorrupt and unspotted conversation. not to agree with their bishop. they of their own accord have cast themselves out they themselves. neither by our wish nor desire. . 2. should not be allowed to come to you before Easter-day . not cast out by us. 106 1 dearest brethren. Now cissimus. and. presbyters. and byter. men has appeared whence came the faction of Felion what root and by what strength it stood. to govern and reform the minds of the wholesome counsels. and once more begin their sacrilegious machinations with their accustomed craft. by the glory of the divine condealso the and deacons. These it supplied in former times encouragements and exhortaconfessors. that is. indeed. also ecclesiastical administration in all its duties. . I their admonish. they renew their old attack upon me. afford you the full attention of their presence. of God's providence. as much as I can.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. a most faithful and upright pres- Rogatianus and Numidicus. and as I can. I visit you with my letters. good men and devoted to the scension." . and retaining that ancient venom against my episcopate. illustrious and confessors. they have now turned their attention with their to 1 Some read " Britius" or " Briccius. against your suffrage and God's judgment. yet. And.

and moreover by all the bishops 2 either in our province or beyond the sea. watch against the snares of the devil. This is Those five another persecution and another temptation. But I pray you. Now overturning. and those who. contrary to the evangelical discipline and although it was once arranged as well by us as by the con. by the falsehood of a fallacious peace." soil. that they might turn away the feeble hearts of the brethren to their deadly nets by the prethe same scheme. that God should not be besought. them. and that he who has denied Christ should not appeal for mercy to the same Christ whom he had denied . should decide upon a moderate sentence. and is 1 2 " Clericis " Eoman urbicis. 107 envenomed deceitful ness to the ruin of the lapsed. and our counsels being compared. that no and the appointed novelty should be introduced in respect of the case of the lapsed unless we all assembled into one place. by the misfortune of their fall. to a fatal rash- ness. tempered alike with discipline and with mercy . our counsel they have rebelled. that after the fault of the crime.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. satisfaction. dearest brethren. against this all priestly authority and factious destroyed by power conspiracies. leaving off prayers and continual and supplications. 4. brethren. sea. taking care for your own salvation. are and invite less fit and less sturdy to take stronger counsel ." . the city clergy. the same varication of the truth. at Rome. but that the Lord's priests being forsaken. to turn away from the healing of their wound the sick and the wounded. that I myself am not able to come to you at the present juncture. be diligently on your guard against this death-bearing fallacy. who were are none other than the five leaders presbyters with the that they associated in an edict. and. whereby." " " across the Romse. a new tradition of a sacrilegious appointment should arise. repentance also should be taken away . and that the Lord should not be appeased through bishops and priests. fessors 1 city clergy. What sufferings do I now endure. lately magistrates might overthrow our faith." soil. the 3. with long Lord is to be appeased. is again brought about by the five presbyters linked with Felicissimus to the destruction of salvation.

xxiii. thirst for drink. with their adulterous elders . Ye shall have peace. for peace seem to Hence. and there is one church. and Christ is one. for food. nor to be enfolded in your embraces. although the bishop ought to be careful and tranquillity in all things. which. " Hearken not unto the words of the false prophets. but not out of the mouth of the Lord. are thus also attempting. that there is not even an opportunity for the priest whom you made with so much love and eagerness to greet you. those who. we are anxious that on our coining a greater tumult may not and so. The Lord cries aloud. They say to them that despise the word of the 2 Lord. lamentation. nor my tears floAving day and night. he himself should have afforded material for sedition.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. doctrines. hunger bittered persecution anew. by the threats and by the snares of perfidious men. tears me to pieces with my constant mourning. saying. They are promising to bring back and recall the lapsed into the church. night for day. however. not rashly to trust to mischievous words. from your continual grief and countenance. There is one God. They speak. since. 17. and a mournful separation from you. to corrupt the chastity of the church and violate the truth of the gospel. poison for medicine. This greater grief is added to my worn spirit. that in the midst of so much solicitude and necessity I am not able myself to hasten to you. death for Let not the age nor the authority deceive you of safety. who themselves have departed from the church. that I myself cannot exhort you according to the teaching of the Lord and of His gospel! An exile of now two years was not sufficient. . I not only admonish but counsel you. nor to take darkness for light. in my loneliness without you. a Jer. beloved brethren. 16. of Susannah. 108 that I myself cannot approach you each one. answering to the ancient wickedness of the two as they attempted to corrupt and violate the chaste 1 Susannah. and one chair founded 1 Hist. and from your sight." They are now offering peace who have not peace themselves. for the visions of their own hearts deceive them. and to have em- arise there . 5. nor to yield an easy consent to deceitful sayings.

upon the rock by the word of the Lord. spoken to turn you 2 Let away from the Lord your God. men of this kind. 9. xv. . 5." and they do not know that make you to err from the ways of no one snatch you. is sacrilegious." 1 They inter- cept your prayers. xiii. prophet. is Depart far from the contagion of impious. from the gospel of Christ let no one take sons of the church away from the church let them perish alone for themselves who have wished to perish let them remain outside the church alone who have departed from the church . except the and the one priesthood.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " But if the blind lead are blind leaders of the blind. . " And that it is written. They intercept your tears with which you wash away the guilt of the sin you have committed . The Lord warns us in His gospel. 2 Deut. by you . . have deserved to undergo the sentence of their own conspiracy and malignity. and flee from their words. is adulterous. as the Lord warns you and says. on whose behalf we pray that they may be raised up rejected . and now according to God's judgment. let . that ye may establish your own tradi3 tion. scattereth. let one downfall be sufficient for the lapsed no one by his fraud hurl down those who wish to rise let no one cast down more deeply and depress those who are down. Whosoever gathereth elseWhatsoever is appointed by human mad- where. of that hath that dreamer or dreams." Let them who reject the commandment of God and endeavour to keep their own tradition be bravely and firmly 6. ness. according to your votes. " Ye reject the commandment of God. They the blind. avoiding them as a cancer and a plague. which you pour forth with us to God day and night. they intercept the peace which you truly and faithfully ask from the mercy of the Lord. let . iiot be constituted or a one altar new 100 Another altar can- priesthood be made. let them alone be without bishops who have rebelled against bishops let them alone undergo no one. saying. Christians. so that the divine disposition is violated. 3 Mark vii. . shall be put to death. the penalties of their conspiracies who formerly. to appease Him with a righteous satisfaction. 14. the Lord . 1 Matt. they shall both fall into the ditch. beloved brethren.

promises good that he may give evil. Avoid the wolves the who separate the sheep from the shepherd . avoid of the devil. and acquiesce in our counsels. both for you who stand fast to persevere and to maintain bravely. continual firmness . cajoles that he may injure. Depart from such. saying. always deceitful and lying. 3-5. Let no man deceive you with vain words . The apostle instructs us. v. he promises salvation. who desire that you should be recalled to the church by the clemency of the Lord. he is l up with foolishness from such withdraw thyself. of the adversary have fallen. promises life that he may put to death. Be not ye therefore par2 There is no reason that you should be takers with them. that in this second temptation you should faithfully take counsel for your hope and your 1 1 Tim. and his poisons are plain. your glorious which you kept in persecution with a and if any of you by the circumvention stability. I entreat you. dearly beloved brethren." deceived with vain words. he promises a church. for because of these things cometh the wrath of God lifted : upon the children of disobedience. when he who believes him may utterly perish apart from the church. who pray for the fullest peace from God. lies that he may deceive. Now also his He words are evident. " If any man teach otherwise. peace may not possibly be attained . It is now the occasion. and consent not to the whole- some words of our Lord Jesus Christ and His doctrine. first for the mother. . vi. 7. 110 by God's hand and arm . no one turn away from let all hope of safety those who are half alive and entreating that they may receive their former health . and then for her children. mingle your tears with our wailings. Join also your petitions and prayers with our prayers and petitions . that he who has sinned may he not come to salvation so contrives that . in order that promises peace. and begin to be partakers of their depravity.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." " And again he says. 6. 2 Eph. let no one extinguish every of salvation to those that are wavering in light of the way the darkness of their lapse. who daily pour out for you continual prayers to the Lord. 7. who from the beginning envenomed tongue of the world.

and will not hearken unto the priest or unto the judge that shall be in those days. being present. in 1 Deut. xliv. dearest brethren. since it is written. Ill peace . "And the man that will do presumptuously. and having. by the ] Lord's protection. : Ep. beloved brother. ever heartily farewell. and that you plead with me in continual prayer that the mercy of God may be entreated. shall quickly pass away . and Augendus the deacon. that Novatian had been made bishop come to us. which itself also. . 1. ARGUMENT. we considered at once that they must be restrained from communion with us . 2 Oxford ed. even that man shall die. There have by Novatian. greeting. we shall be able as well to arrange as to complete the matters which require to be done according to your judgment and to the general advice of all of us as it has been decided before. EPISTLE XL. and a certain Macha3us and Longinus. so that I shall be again presented to you after Easter-day with my colleagues. 2 TO CORNELIUS. that you should not depart from the priests of the Lord. as we discovered. as well from the letters which they brought with them. But if anybody refusing to repent and to make satisfaction to God. I bid you. But. as from their discourse and disturbed declaration. shall yield to the party of Felicissimus and his satellites. 12. The messengers sent by Novatian to intimate Ms ordination to the church of Carthage are rejected by Cyprian." Of this persecution this is the latest and final temptation. his brother. who. ON HIS EEFUSAL TO RECEIVE NOVATIAN'S ORDINATION.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. sent . Maximus the presbyter. and him know shall join himself to the heretical faction. Cyprian to Cornelius. xvii. by the wickedness of an unlawful ordination made in opposition to the catholic church. and in order that the Lord may pardon you. let that he cannot afterwards return to the church and communicate with the bishops and the people of Christ.

who themselves also. would be a long business to collect into a letter the matters in which they have been refuted and repressed. when he 2." in each week. you shall hear everything most fully from Primitivus our co-presbyter." "stationary assembly. I and pertinaciously my colleagues. to be called it of our colleague. through certain districts. they seek for companions in their obstinacy to join to themselves in their schism. who in 'order that. our colleagues. by greater authority and . in addition. And when in our solemn assembly 1 they burst in with invidious abuse and turbulent clamour. put forward manifest proofs and testimonies in con- formity with their gravity and faithfulness. and to cut and tear the one body of the catholic church. so that it was not even necessary that those who had come as sent by Novatian should be heard any further. through the houses of many. and whom we natus.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN.manifest proof. who had come together to me. should be publicly investigated by us and by the people. and in which they have been manifested as having into question And because it caused heresy by their unlawful attempts. But there came. the wickedness of the adverse party might be quelled through them. demanding that the accusations. came and reported the truth of the matter. To whom and error 1 " In statione. 112 the meanwhile. Pompeius and Stephanus. which they said that they brought and would prove. raging boldness should ever cease. so that. and Fridays these being the Wednesdays . refuted and repelled the things which they and obstinately endeavoured to assert. were arrival of our colleagues Caldonius and Fortuthe awaiting had lately sent to you as ambassadors. when they were present at your ordination. running about from door to door. by way of instructing us thereon. they are striving here also to distract the members of Christ into schismatical parties. any further by the abusive voice of rivals. several of to our fellow-bishops. shall And come lest their to you. MARSHALL. we said that was not consistent with our gravity to suffer the honour who had already been chosen and ordained and approved by the laudable sentence of many. or from city to city.

dearest brother. they must return to the church. As was Cyprian to Cornelius his brother. not only by the persuasion of our letters. hesitation Cyprian excuses himself for not having without believed in the ordination of Cornelius. ever heartily farewell. I bid you. and associate them into the bond of Christian charity. dearest brother.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. fitting for leagues Caldonius and Fortunatus. But since the obstinate and inflexible pertinacity of the adverse party 1 Oxford ed. another can be judgment means no Thus. until Caldonius and he received the letters of his colleagues Fortunatus. has not only rejected xlv. ABOUT CYPRIAN'S APPROVAL OF HIS ORDINATION. if they confess themselves to is be maintainers of the gospel of Christ. and especially for upright and peaceable priests. and incidentally repeats. even to the extent of refusing to receive accusations agains* him. we recently sent our col1. and putes. when a made and approved by the testimony and once bishop his of colleagues and the people. strive and labour with all their power to bring the members of the divided body into the unity of the catholic church. we have once mand them to we given this reply. but by their presence and the advice of all of you. ARGUMENT. God's servants. in respect of the contrary faction of the Novatian party. H : Ep. ichich fully testified to its legitimacy . nor shall 113 com- cease to lay aside their pernicious dissensions and disto be aware that it is an impiety to forsake their and Mother. AND CONCERNING FELICISSIMUS. to acknowledge and understand that. that he did not in the very Jirst in- stance give his adhesion to that. . by terest peaceably and faithfully. 1 TO CORNELIUS. but rather to Cornelius. if they consult their own inappointed. EPISTLE XLI. greeting. that they might.

and having respect for the sacerdotal gravity and sanctity. Let those beware. 1 The Oxford edition follows some ness" rather than " gladness. nor carelessly and rudely published. not easily be put forward. 2. that in so great and so religious an assembly of brethren. we repudiated those things which from the other party had been heaped together with bitter virulence into a document transmitted to us . who are placed far apart and dwelling across the sea. [This has been done]. with uncertain opinions. at the 1 general gladness. which may move a scandal by means of a quarrelsome pen in the minds of the hearers. we have bidden also that our brethren." authorities in reading this "sad- . be directed to you. rejoice to throw abroad in the meantime things which they cannot prove. and unmindful of the divine law and holiness. has appointed a bishop for itself. and to the had been already plainly declared whole of the people in this place. and. bringing these same things under the notice of our several colleagues throughout the province. in which God's priests were sitting together. and confuse brethren. and His altar was set. contrary to the sacra- the bosom and the embrace of delivered of the divine appointment and of catholic unity.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. although our mind and intention to the brethren. when having received letters lately from both parties. who. 1U its root and Mother. we read your letters. in the ears of every one. they ought For those things should neither to be read nor to be heard. by whom all these things were undoubtedly alleged and proved to us with colleagues. remembering the common honour. we have directed our letters to you. Moreover. having received your letters as well as those of our ment once coming also of our colleagues Pompeius and Stephanus. alike considering and weighing. obeying either their own rage or lust. and intimated your ordination to the episcopate. good men and very dear to us. Moreover. but even r with a discord spreading and reviving itself worse and worse. with letters from them. has made an adulterous and opposed head outside the church . in conformity with the requirements alike of the sanctity and the truth of the divine tradition and ecclesiastical institution.

who were present at your ordination at that place. against you." 5 The co-presbyter here spoken of is Novatian. we it thence to obtain judged necessary 1 Ps. but that which is good to the edifying of faith. I ordered them to be were the letters of your co-presbyter sitting read to the clergy and the people. and did not echo with any barkings of curses and reviliugs. when such things are written by the calumnious temerity of some. as had the true ring of religious simplicity in them. even though they with you. nor did we seek for any novelty. we show what the : 4 right course of conduct to pursue is. dearest brother. when they are written by any. 19. 1." There is a variety of readings. 2 Ps. 29. who by their slanderous and calumnious fabrications disturbed the minds and perplexed the hearts of our colleagues. that it may mini3 ster grace unto the hearers. are satisfied with scattering stains upon it with lying reports and false rumours. as it is fitting for prelates and priests to do. we should exert ourselves. For it was sufficient for you to announce yourself by letters to have been made bishop. and 1 And elsewhere: " Thy mouth thy lips from speaking guile?" abounded in malice." Further. 13. " that these things ought to be done. To set this matter at rest. should be For otherwise. 5 as they breathed a tone of religious simplicity. 3. and thy tongue embraced deceit. iv. Assuredly. and slanderedst thine own mother's son. Thou satest and spakest against thy brother. we do not allow them to be read among us when such letters came to . will become of that which we learn and which we declare to be laid down in Scripture " Keep thy tongue from evil. me and therefore. we did not forget the ancient usage. that such things. The Oxford text reads. if. : . 115 and although they may not be successful in destroying and ruining innocence. 8 Eph. as well as of several of the brethren." 2 Also what the apostle says: "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth. 20. what repudiated as far as we are concerned. unless there had been a dissenting faction on the other side. " When such writings came to me concerning you and your co-presbyters sitting -with you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. xxxiv. But in desiring letters from our colleagues. 4 Lit.

sent by me. But. For this. and of the church that they have forsaken. and by Nicephorus the acolyte. declaring the testimony of their letters to be and life. the brotherhood may be informed of all things by us. and also to the people. which I had written concerning the same Felicissimus and his presbytery to the clergy there. to gather into the church the dispersed and wandering sheep which the wilful and heretical temptation of some is separating from Mother. dearest brother. and they. I bid you. 116 the strong and decided authority of our colleagues who wrote to us . if you will also bid copies of the letters which I had sent lately by our colleagues Caldonius and Fortunatus to you. and teaching. and those who delight either in novelty or evil. according to our advice weighed in wholesome reason. when you from their letters what they have thought and what they have pronounced. that so as well there as here scribed by their have heard the own hand. the minds of the brethren tossing about in this sea have have deprived even your and decidedly approved your priesthood. declaring your ordination. to be careful to maintain as much as we can the unity delivered by the Lord.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. fully deserved by your character. and ought to my labour after. and of Felicissimus. those only being left outside. and. to be read to the brethren there . so far as pertains to the cause of certain presbyters here. our colleagues have sent you letters sub- that you may learn. faction their . we especially both labour after. . Mettius the subdeacon. who by their obstinacy and madness have persisted. and through His apostles to us sincerely brother. of every scruple of doubt or of difference . rivals. that you may know what has been done here. and have been unwilling to return to us who themselves will have to give an account to the Lord of the dissension and separation made by them. their successors. But you will do better. ever heartily farewell. and. and the course of the whole transaction. 4. brother. parties. MoreI have here transmitted also copies of the same by over. as far as in us lies. to be read for the common satisfaction.

charged the same Mettius sent by letter.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. THAT THEY SHOULD RETURN TO UNITY. 2 Oxford ed. Pie exhorts the Roman confessors who had been seduced by the faction of Novatian and Novatus. : Ep. 1 to Oxford ed. is letter appears and the Cyprian to Cornelius his brother. ARGUMENT. EPISTLE XLII. moreover. and you should think that this letter should be given to the confessors. xlvii. to return to their Mother. and. EPISTLE XLIII. 117 1 TO THE SAME. that he should be guided by your decision . for the sake of our mutual affection. dearest it. ever heartily farewell. and necessary for you. seduced by the obstinacy and depravity of Novatian and Novatus. xlvi. dearest brother. that is. in which letter I might induce them. ARGUMENT. Maximus and Nicostratus. to the catholic church. ON HIS HAVING SENT LETTERS TO THE CONFESSORS WHOM NOVATIAN HAD SEDUCED. I bid you. and the other congreeting. to return to unity. The argument of this letter sufficiently manifest that this follovjing were sent by one messenger. 2 TO THE ROMAN CONFESSORS. to write a short letter to the confessors who are there with it you. from the It title. : Ep. lest any one should pretend that I had written otherwise than according to the contents of my I have. I have thought both obligatory on me. me if to you. This letter I have first of all entrusted to you by Mettius the sub- deacon for your perusal. . have departed from the church . As you have frequently gathered from my Cyprian fessors. then that he should deliver brother. greeting.

be made. and from His peace and concord since it is more fitting for glorious and good soldiers to sit down within their own camp. that the one mind and the of Lord's flock should be lacerated by a divided body emulation. For as our unanimity and concord ought by no means to be divided. done . I entreat that in you. and what love for the letters. and the inweighs praise. and for your saddens me. dearest may .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. spirit seizes me. . you . and fidelity consult for For when I me down and it find that contrary to there. I bid you. and so placed within to manage and provide for those things which are to be dealt with in common. And think not that you are thus maintaining the gospel of Christ when you separate yourselves from the flock of Christ. members should be torn asunder. 118 beloved. tolerable grief of a smitten. contrary to the unity of the you catholic institution. and acquiesce wherein I both write and with simplicity you. I entreat you. believe. mode associated brotherhood in these my letters. ever heartily farewell. we beg and entreat you with what exhortations we can. and to our brotherhood. and because we cannot forsake the church and go outside her to come to you. rather to return to the church your Mother. evangelical law. almost prostrate. brethren. at all events. . what honour I have ever observed in my of speaking for your confession. That is had consented that another bishop should what is neither right nor allowable to be that another church should be set up that Christ's . and for your doings. return to the Mother whence you have gone forth. that unlawful rending of our brotherhood may not continue but remembering both your confession and the divine tradition. contrary to ecclesiastical order. whence you came to the glory of confession with the rejoicing of the same Mother.

3. should return to us . the presbyters and deacons abiding in the Adrumetine colony. Ep. in that they relate things other1 Oxford ed. not to Cornelius. notwithstanding that previously Polycarp himself had written rather to It appears tolerably plain from the context Cornelius. in the absence of our co-bishop Polycarp. all things when should be in the meantime suspended as they were. that it was done from no levity or contempt. yet after Libeto that place. but to the Roman clergy. in which I perceived that you were annoyed that. I have read your letters. But several of our colleagues who had assembled into one place had determined that. until the of ours. But when we came before them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. : . dearest brother. were ignorant of what had been decided in common by us. xlviii. his brother. sometimes disturb men's minds spirits by their words. In respect of which I wish you to know. whereas letters from the Adrumetine colony in the name of Polycarp were directed to you. that this itself Cyprian to Cornelius 1. having reduced matters there to same colleagues peace. 119 1 TO CORNELIUS. having discovered their truth. He excuses himself in this letter for what had oc- curred. and Some persons. and our purpose was understood. so that the agreement of the churches abiding there was in no respect (broken. which you sent by Primitivus our co-presbyter. was written after the preceding ones. while our co-bishops Caldonius and Fortunatus were sent as ambassadors to you. however. ARGUMENT. EPISTLE XLIV. they themselves also began to observe what the others did. and certainly to believe. in that. during the time that he was at Adrumetum. greeting. 2. CONCERNING POLYCARP THE ADRUMETINE. or. letters had been sent thence by the clergy of Poll/carp. letters began to be directed and I came ralis thence to the presbyters and to the deacons.

that so the whole of our colleagues might decidedly approve of and maintain both you and your communion. and Stephanus. may and protect appointed by His goodwill and help. both the needful cause and the right order. and from the account and from the testimonies of our co-bishops Pompeius. ever heartily farewell. inspiring them to govern. that is as well to the unity of the catholic church as to its charity. hence with a plan that they may sail without any offence. who furnish every person is the truth. you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 120 For we. lest a schism made in the city should since our confuse the minds of the absent with uncertain opinions. That we. know that we have exhorted them to acknowledge wise than who sails and hold the root and womb of the catholic church. as in fact is done. we decided having obtained by means of the bishops the truth of the matter. and has Numidia and Mauritania attached to it. and that our design has under Providence been rid of sent forwarded. so that the Lord who condescends and appoint for Himself priests in His church. may steadily and firmly administer this office. so that from the replies of our colleagues. and Fortunatus. and with the most manifest and substantial approval . and keep it in the concor- dant unanimity of the catholic church. with the rest of our colleagues. But province is wide-spread. we rejoice. and so at length every scruple being got from the breast of every one that letters should be you by all who were placed anywhere in the province . and moreover the glorious innocence. I bid . dearest brother. and having got a greater authority for the proof of your ordination. and to elect them also when elected gentleness for cherishing the penitence of the lapsed. and Caldonius. the divine condescension will accomplish . and supplying both for the of the restraining vigour contumacy wicked. For thus as well the truth as the dignity of your episcopate has been established in the most open light. who have thence written to us. 4. That all which has by God's direction come to pass. of your ordination might be known by all.

Urbanus and Sidonius the presbyters. swelling pride of some. came back. And when they came. of which you also have been made aware from our co-bishops and from my letters. In proCornelius to Cyprian his brother. loving peace and desiring unity. ON THE RETURN OF THE CONFESSORS TO UNITY. 3 yet there was no fitting assurance to induce us But came to our Maximus the confessor and pres- easily to believe that they were thoroughly changed. Ep. xlix. acknowledging their error. announced that the swelling pride of these men was already soothed. and the thanks which we gave to Almighty God and to our Lord Christ. EPISTLE XLV. as if of a serpent. and were required by the presbyters to give an account of what they had done.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " Announced the : 2 Novatian. brethren of approved faith. we determined to hear from their own mouth and confession those things which they had sent by the messengers. of others. when they. greeting. ARGUMENT. the softened temper . indeed. and were charged with having very lately repeatedly sent 1 Oxford 8 Baluz. our from which they had gone forth. was the joy with which we were affected. so that faith could not hastily be reposed in them. and perceiving the poisoned cunning of the malignant man. as they with one heart profess. but since many things had preceded this which they had contrived. equally with themselves. Cornelius informs Cyprian of the solemn return of the confessors to the church^ and describes it. respect of those confessors who had been circumvented and almost deceived and alienated from the church by the craft 2 and malice of that wily and subtle man. with singleness of will to the church And first. desired to return into the church . affirming that confessors byter. 121 1 CORNELIUS TO CYPRIAN." : ed. that and we to the solicitude sustained in anxiety portion 1. afterwards.

And that you may know the feelof and the advice of each one. There was one voice from all. that what had been done before might fall into oblivion. v. which you will read When these things were done. that they might see those very men established in the church whom they had long seen and mourned as wanderers and scattered. know bishop of the most holy catholic church quote their very that Cornelius 1 Matt. And to is own " " words. and several brethren who had joined themselves to Sidonius. I decided that the presbytery should be brought together. and been the authors of heresy. Maximus. embracing them as if they had this day been set free from the penalty of the dungeon. I decided also to bring all. in their name." they say. And when these and other matters had been charged upon them. We. and had disturbed nearly all the of through all churches. who were also present to-day . ing to your knowledge our various opinions. Urbanus. desiring with earnest prayers them. so that they suffered hands to be imposed on him as if upon a bishop. the churches. for they shall see God. Their will being known. 122 letters full calumnies and reproaches. following the evangelical word which says. . came to the presbytery. 2. as though nothing had been either done or said." l What remained was. and [promising] that henceforth. giving thanks to God. all were expressing the joy of their heart by tears. 8. [declaring] that only through being misled they had also committed schismatical acts. subjoined. (for there were present five bishops. that the people should be informed of all this proceeding. they would now exhibit to God a heart clean and pure. a great concourse of the brotherhood was assembled. they affirmed that they had been deceived.) so that by well-grounded counsel it might be determined with the consent of all what oucht O to be observed in respect of their persons.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and that they had not known what was in those letters. and no mention might be made of it. they entreated that they might be done away and alto- gether discharged from memory. all things on both sides being forgiven. The whole of this transaction therefore being brought before me. " Blessed are the pure in heart.

give thanks to Almighty God and to Christ our Lord. But we believe nay. we have 123 We con- we were deceived and For although we seemed. and one Holy Spirit . by captious perfidy loquacity. 1 to allow that what they had confessed before the power of the world they might Wherefore we approve when established in the church? to take his own place . without authority that profession of theirs." etc. no delay being made. to have held a kind of communion with a man who was a schismatic and a heretic. elected by Almighty God. These things therefore. in whose power all things are reserved. . we have transmitted and I have sent away at once Nicephorus the acolyte. : Who would not be moved by . that the craft Farewell. yet our mind was always For we are not ignorant sincere in the church. we confide in it . suffered imposture .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and by Christ our Lord. confessed. at the same moment. for certain that the others also who have been ranged in this error will shortly return into the church when they see their leaders acting with us. that there is o one God that there is one Christ the Lord whom we have fess our error . remitted all things to Almighty God. written to you in the same hour. f " 1 Baluzius reads. and that there ought to be one bishop in the catholic church. the rest But we received with great approbation of the people. bade Maximus the presbyter we 3. dearest brother. that all know may and prevarication of this schismatic and heretic are from day to day being reduced to nothing. you might. hastening to descend to embarkation. that you ought to send these letters also to the other churches. as if you had been present among that clergy and in that assembly of people. I think. as it were." Were we not rightly induced by that confession of theirs. brother. brother. that so.

124 EPISTLE XLVL 1 ANSWER TO CORNELIUS. and iTrbanus. the confessors. and have sought again in the soundness of faith the home of unity and truth thither they . have re-entered into the catholic church. and its unity and 1. read your letter. ! returned. and re1 Oxford 2 Some unity. nay. with Sidonius and Macarius. and that they who had might gloriously return . " read. to God the Father Almighty. dearest brother. his brother. behold the uncorrupted and substantial dignity of these confessors." ed. Cyprian to Cornelius that I both have rendered not constantly nor altogether corrupted by the For we have of obstinacy perfidy and heretical wickedness. that the church is thus divinely protected. : Ep. greeting. that is. CONGRATULATING HIM ON THE RETURN OF THE CONFESSORS FROM SCHISM. who had not been overcome in strength and courage. that Maximus the presbyter. that they have departed from the deserters and fugitives. I profess and do render the greatest thanks without ceasing. that they have left the betrayers of the faith. li. that whence they had gone forth to glory. might not be tried by the faith of their charity and .THE EPISTLES OF CTPRIAN. with the greatest joy. and to His Christ the Lord and our God and Saviour. Behold the safe and unspotted integrity of their praise . that they have laid aside their error. and the impugners of the catholic church With reason did both the people and the brotherhood receive them when they Christ. and given up their schismatical. to wit. and reminds him how much that return benefits the catholic church. confessed Christ should not afterwards desert the camp of and that they might not tempt the faith of their 2 charity and unity. ARGUMENT. CYPRIAN'S He congratulates him on the return of the confessors to the church. their heretical madness. as you write. and have exultingly received the greatest holiness is joy from [the fulfilment of] our common desire . since in the glory of confessors who had maintained their glory.

turned to unity. when cast down by the powers of God. no less than in heaven. is 125 none who does not reckon himself 1 can estimate the joy of that day from our own For if. what must have been the joy there when the matter itself. read. : Ep. so that they thought they were following the communion of confessors. 8 CORNELIUS TO CYPRIAN. 7. and make a way of returning for others by the faith and approval of their example ? For this error had led away certain of our brethren.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. since it has been proved that good and glorious soldiers of Christ could not long be detained without the church by the deceitfulness and perfidy I bid you. dearest brother. and the catholic church When has been shown to be one. . and to be able neither to be cut nor divided. light was infused into the breasts of all. Cornelius gives Cyprian an account of the faction of "Novatian. That nothing might be wanting to the future punishment of this wretched man. Cornelius to Cyprian his brother. and the general gladness. in this place. 1. AEGUMENT." 8 Oxford ed." how much greater is the joy in earth. CONCERNING THE FACTION OF NOVATIAN WITH HIS PARTY. was carried all ? For since the Lord in His gospel " that there is the says joy in heaven over one sinner highest 2 that repenteth. (on the expulsion 1 2 Some old editions Luke xv. Nor can any one now be easily deceived by the talkative words of a raging schismatic. ever heartily farewell. the whole number of the brethren rejoiced at your letter which you sent concerning their confession. We feelings. there a partner and a sharer. " of that thing. and received this tidings of common rejoicing with the greatest alacrity. greeting. 2. EPISTLE XL VII. this error was removed. over confessors who return with their on under the eyes of glory and with praise to the church of God. of others.

TJien he describes at length Novatus crimes. seeing that the day after the guilty factimely tion Jtad come to him he had received Cornelius' letter. 126 by you of Maximus. and Evaristus. ARGUMENT. He praises Cornelius.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. dearest brother. and his successor to the people over whom he had previously presided. I think that has risen again . EPISTLE XLVIII. Nicostratus. Therefore let care be taken that it be made known to all our co-bishops and brethren. Cyprian to Cornelius his brother. that Nicostratus is accused of many crimes. and Machseus . moreover (which is reserved to him for a perpetual punishment). CONCERNING THE CRIMES OF NOVATUS. as I intimated in my former letter which I sent to you by Augendus the confessor. CYPRIAN'S 1 ANSWER TO CORNELIUS. ever heartily farewell. that Evaristus has been the author of a schism . and that not only has he committed frauds and plunders on his secular patroness. and Novatus. and Longinus. I bid you. he has abstracted no small deposits of the church. and that Zetus has been appointed bishop in his room. ) he and. You have acted. and the schism that had before been stirred up by him in Africa. : Ep. have already come thither. and Dionysius. in sending us in haste Nicephorus the acolyte. that lie had given him warning. but. so that you may know what kind of leaders and protectors that schismatic and heretic constantly had joined to his side. greeting. glorious gladness concerning 1 Oxford ed. lii. who both told us the the return of the confessors. 1. both with diligence and love. and Primus. whose affairs he managed . dearest brother. . But he contrived greater and worse things by his malice and insatiable wickedness than those which he was then always practising among his own people .

127 and most fully instructed us against the new and mischievous devices of Novatian and Novatus for attacking the church For whereas on the clay before. as if to have changed the clime w ere to change the man. church. that Nicostratus. itself already lost and ready to ruin others who should join it. v. and disowned widows and orphans. 1 Eph. from the consciousness of his rapines and And now a deserter and a fugitive from the ful crimes." blessed apostle says this. he roves about far and wide through other provinces. he goes on to boast and announce himself a confessor. 31. both learnt ourselves. . and himself having made shipwreck of truth and faith. having lost the diaconate of sacred administrations. since Novatus ought rather to have been the church's money by the deposits of the r . faction of heretical wickedness had arrived here. and an exile from the church of Christ. For when the Apostle Paul says. did not wish so much to come into Africa as to escape thither from the his frightcity. and with his sacred voice testifies to the unity of Christ with the church. banished from the see and from the people. and shall cleave unto his wife two shall be one flesh. because he had abstracted a sacrilegious fraud. cleaving to one another with indivisible links. I say. This is a great mystery but I speak 1 when. that mischievous of Christ. is preparing for some who are like him. and have begun to teach and to instruct others. that Evaristus from being a bishop has now not remained even a layman but. who has spoiled and wronged the church of Christ ? 2. For about Novatus there need have been nothing told by you to us. Nicephorus arrived with your letter. on the day From which we after. although he can no longer either be called or be a confessor of Christ who has denied Christ's church. the concerning Christ and the church. shipwrecks : moreover. as fearful . .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. "For this cause shall a man leave his and they father and mother. how can he be with Christ who is not with the spouse of Christ. and in His church ? Or how does he assume to himself the charge of ruling or governing the church. 32.

' another persecution. forcibly separating a part of the people from the clergy. endeavoured to do similar and equal things there. either in or the peace of their character. as it were. . a whirlwind and tempest to ways make shipwrecks of the faith. a torch and fire to blow up the flames of sedition. after he retired from the city. This is the same Novatus who returned to the church. . Neither can those remain in God's church. without my leave or knowledge. when the storm of tranquillity. to overthrow the minds of the brethren. he there committed still greater who in the one place had made a and graver crimes. as always greedy of novelty. that is. that of deceiving. Orphans despoiled by defrauded. Finally. and dividing the concord of the fraternity that was firmly knit together and mutually loving one another. and after they have committed crimes. The wicked are always madly carried away by their own furious passions. never faithful that he may love. moneys morelife . the and the whirlwind departed. inflated with the arroand stupidity of swelling pride . the foe of quiet. when Novatus withdrew thence from among you. He who. in the other made a bishop. Since Rome from her greatness plainly ought to take precedence of Carthage. was to our people. of his own and ambition appointed his attendant Felicissimus a deacon. separated some of the brethren here from the bishop in the persecution itself. 128 shown by ns to you. Nor let any one be surprised at this in such men. always condemned by the the priests as a heretic and a perfidious man . always known with gance bad repute voice of all to the bishops there . widows him. and the glorious and good confessors who by his instigation had departed from the church. who first sowed among us the flames of discord and schism who. calm arose there in part. the adversary enemy of peace. who have not agitated maintained its divine and the conversation of their ecclesiastical discipline.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and with his own tempest sailing also to it is factiousness Rome to overthrow the church. al- he may betray: he flatters for the purpose inquisitive. raging with the rapacity of an insatiable avarice. He deacon contrary to the church. they are by the very consciousness of a depraved mind.

He welcoming this.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. And now does he dare to condemn the hands of those who sacrifice. since the " Every planting which my heavenly gospel says. But in respect to the other brethren. a voluntary departure." 1 He alone who has not been planted in the precepts and warnings of God the Father. on which his cause was to be investigation dealt with before us. that they may escape the deadly nets of his solicitations. Father hath not planted shall be rooted up. dearest brother. 3. and our own patience. ever heartily farewell. He long ago feared this consciousness of crime : on account of this he regarded it as certain that he would not only be turned out of the presbytery. 129 over of the church withheld. but restrained from communion and by the urgency of the brethren. The womb of his wife was smitten by a blow of his heel and in the miscarriage that soon followed. 13. exact from him those penalties which we behold inflicted in his madness. Such indeed. His father also <lied of hunger in the street. with a sort of desire of escaping and evading condemnation. we labour that they may avoid the mischievous neighbourhood of the crafty impostor. anticipated the judgment of the priests by . 4. I bid you. by which the son who was being born was slain ? . . will unite the rest with us. the offspring was brought forth. the fruit of a father's murder. I . when he himself is more guilty in his feet. for one can- by not perish unless Lord in His it is plain that he must perish. we trust may return by His mercy. that they may once more seek the church from which he deserved divine authority to be expelled. xv. and the indul- gence of Christ our Lord. over whom we grieve were that they were circumvented by him. with the Lord's help. as if to have anticipated the sentence to have escaped the punishment. and wrought so that he who was to be ejected and excluded all this stir from the church. and afterwards even in death was not buried by him. if the persecution had not prevented. 1 Matt. the day of was coming on. committed all these crimes. can depart from the church : he alone can forsake the bishops and abide in his madness with schismatics and heretics. But the mercy of God the Father.

that for many years you may fare well. with us with equal earnestness. having passed by all other matters. greeting. : : . CONGRATULATING THEM ON THEIR RETURN FROM SCHISM. dearest brethren. Urbanus. as well as with the whole clergy. also to Urbanus. 130 EPISTLE XLIX. Oxford ed. have made peace with Cornelius our bishop. 2 FROM CYPRIAN TO THE CONFESSORS. dearest brother. liv. 1 MAXIMUS AND THE OTHER CONFESSORS TO CYPRIAN. and about the peace of the church. EPISTLE L. Ep. Cyprian congratulates their return into the church. Maximus. considering the interests and the peace of the church. and reserved them to God's judgment. Ep. ABOUT THEIR RETURN FROM SCHISM. taken that we having advice. 1. I confess that I was as greatly overjoyed as I had before been overjoyed when I learnt the glory of your confession.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and When I Sidonius. that you also rejoice together are to Cyprian certain. his brethren. liii. We their brother. and the Roman confessors on replies to their letters. that you wrote to me about your return. dearest brother. and Macharius. greeting. and especially. Sidonius. Cyprian to Maximus the presbyter. and even with the forward affection of the brethren. You ought most certainly to know from these our letters that this was done with the joy of the whole church. and Macharius. We pray. ARGUMENT. ARGUMENT. and thankfully received tidings of 1 2 Oxford ed. They inform Cyprian that they had returned to the church. read your letters. and the brotherly restoration.

131 For the heavenly and spiritual renown of your warfare. and have given by your walk an example of love and peace to others so that the truth of the church. it seemed had been left in the dungeon. however. you have kept in the peace of the Lord the fitting tenor of your faith and the law of undivided charity and concord. that I could not hold communion with those whom once I had begun After the schismatical and heretical error to love. and the unity of the gospel mystery which is held by us. whence with the most vigorous strength you leapt forth to wage the battle and to subdue the adversary. yet laid hold of you. or how much each one may glory for himself I confess that I congratulate you more. anew the same camp whence you went forth. although they had gone into the prison with the praise and congratulations of the church. 3. or rather wickedness to seek . is another confession of your faith and praise . and I more boast of you to others. . moreover. are also linked together by your consent and bond. so that because we see that there are tares in the church we ourselves should withdraw from the church to labour that we may be wheat.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. this. and I was greatly afflicted. For although there seem to be tares in the church. in respect of this your peaceful return and charity. that : when we ought only the wheat shall . and confessors of Christ do not become the leaders of error. Let others consider how much they may congratulate after you. For the trophies from the battle-field ought to be brought back thither whence the arms for the field had been received. Now. and not to become a sharer in other men's error. having stood forth as praiseworthy originators of virtue and honour. lest the church of Christ should not retain those same glorious warriors whom Christ had furnished for glory. to confess that the church is one. For there the dignity of your name seemed to have stayed behind when the soldiers of Christ did not return from the prison to the church. on your going forth from prison. I grieved vehemently. : For you ought in simplicity to hear what was in my heart. as if your glory neither our faith nor our charity ought to be hindered. 2.

is feeble ability has expressed as well as it 2 could the unity of the catholic church. blinded by their own swelling. and have. That is a proud obstinacy and a sacrilegious presumption which a depraved madness assumes to itself and while some are always assuming to themselves more dominion than meek justice demands. 4. earth. 132 begin to be gathered into the Lord's barns. . as ever heartily farewell. censure which may neither wanting for the nor medicine which may rebuke. and we possibly can. for the sake of our mutual love. ii. love for you to read . wherein there lapsed. when you return to the church in the unity of charity and I bid you. and greatly longed for. or can separate by human judgment all the tares from the wheat. All which matters you can look into thoroughly. my in such a way as both to approve and love it what we have written in words you fulfil in deeds. dearest brethren. 1 2 Tim. that we may be vessels of But to the Lord alone it is granted to break as gold or silver. some to dishonour. read inasmuch it . and considering the Lord's balances. Which pamphlet I now more and more trust will be pleasing to you. 2 Of the Unity of tlie Church. extol themselves. 20. to whom also is given the rod of iron. the vessels of earth. nor may any one claim to himself what the father has given to the son alone. peace. have long and carefully pondered with ourselves." labour as much 1 Let us strive.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. great some to honour and also of wood and of and but silver. The servant cannot be greater than his lord. dearest brethren. so as to think that he can take the fan for win- nowing and purging the threshing-floor. if you will read the pamphlets which I have lately read here. " In a house there are not only vessels of gold and says. they perish from the church and while they insolently . they lose the For which reason we also. we may receive The apostle in his epistle fruit for our labour and work. since you heal. transmitted to you also tion. . now Moreover. and have weighed what was to be done with due moderation. keeping moderalight of truth. and thinking of the and mercy of God the Father.

In which matters. elected . greeting. dearest brother.' induce him to this. in which I observed that your mind. Moreover.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. having received letters from disposed in his mind towards his party. moreover. and explains that Cornelius was an excellent man. Iv. nelius. I re- ceived your first letters. : Ep. from solicitude for the 1 Oxford ed. you desired in these letters that I should write to you once more what heresy Novatian had introduced. wrote. and legitimately while Novatian was guilty of many crimes. Cyprian confirms him in his former opinion. that is. EPISTLE 133 LI. that is. namely. and adhering to the catholic church. ARGUMENT. if you are anxiously careful. and know at once that you held communion with him. in which you intimated that you did not hold communion with Novatian. had begun to be with the catholic church. When Antonianus. . 1. lie That he may narrates the history of the whole disturbance between Cornelius andNovatian. for me to transmit a copy of those held one You same letters to Cornelius our colleague. so that he might lay aside all anxiety. consists the for and at Novatian heresy. at the commencement of the letter he excuses himself his own change of opinion the end he explains wherein Cyprian to Antonianus in respect of the lapsed. and common agreement with Cornelius our co-bishop. and had obtained an unlawful election. firmly maintaining the concord of the priestly college. had begun to waver. that of continuing to hold communion with Cor- Novatian. indeed. by the way. 2. 1 TO ANTONIANUS ABOUT CORNELIUS AND NOVATIAN. or on what grounds Cornelius holds communion with Trophimus and the sacrificers. with the catholic church. But subsequently there arrived other letters of yours by Quintus our co-presbyter. For although previously you had settled your sent opinion and consent firmly. his brother. influenced by the letters of Novatian. but followed my advice.

that they might be reproved by my voice. former severity of judgment. of all indeed. I will set before you. since an opportunity was given of repeating the struggle and of regaining salvation. I say not with a light air. and men who are once established upon the strong rock with solid firmness. or offered abominable sacrifices. is not to be blamed. be frequently agitated hither and thither by various opinions. 'Both of which things have been done have made easy by me. that they might pursue the way of repentance. For when the battle was still going on. are to have peace to them. I assert this first of all. that grave men. as by gusts of wind rushing on them. and while at first and at the commence- ment I maintained evangelical I seem to have turned its my mind vigour. nor with any one. and the struggle of a glorious contest was raging in the persecution. you have been disturbed subsequently by 3. are not moved. dearest brother. the hesitating anxiety of a mind undecided in the fear of God. That the letters of Novatian may not do this with you. and so be turned from its purpose with some reproach of levity. changeable and uncertain. the courage of the soldiers had to be excited with every exhortation. but. as you also seem troubled about what I too have done. when the presbyters and deacons had written to me about some persons. Novatian. so stained their conscience with who have yet subsequently discipline and from as to think that those from certificates. as I see that after the first opinion expressed in your letters of letter.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. an account of the matter in few words. lest their mind. and especially the minds of the lapsed had to be roused with the trumpet call. but even with a wind or a tempest. Finally. and with full urgency. as it were. and stimulated rather to the ardour of confession and the glory of martyrdom. and are Yet. faith. not without long balanced and pondered reasons. lest any should think that I have lightly withdrawn from my purpose. not my only with prayers and lamentations. 4. of voice. as you have desired. I must clear my own person and cause in your eyes. that they were without moderation . my And first brother. 134 diligently seeking out the truth of a doubtful matter.

. necessary to be done. then the advice gathered from the comparison of all opinions being communicated and weighed. should rashly wish to communicate with the lapsed. And this also I wrote very fully to Rome. " However. and to the confessors." fessor. as well as with the laity who stand fast. deacons. and the presbyter Moyses. 1 Ep. we might determine what was But if any one. 2 Ep. then. xiii. he who cannot be delayed may be crowned. and the struggle is daily celebrated if they truly and substantially repent of what they have done. and confessors. joined with You may know that I wrote this from their Cornelius. then I " If these are so excessively eager. for in their letter they wrote thus : also in have declared so yourself you important a matter is satisfactory to us. they have added also this what they require in their own power. before our council. we should 2 It was added also Novatian then writing. and the rest who were then shut up in prison. now a to the lapsed Which and was brought all martyr. 5. and reciting with his own voice what he had written. that the peace of the church must first . to the clergy who were then still acting without a bishop. : : : should allow the bishops to assemble into one place." But I put off deciding what was to be arranged about the case of the lapsed. presbyters. with bishop. but are now in the church. so that when quiet and tranquillity should be granted. Maximus the presbyter. and before the opinion decided upon by the advice of all.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. subscribing who were letter sick that peace ought to be at the point of de- and was sent throughout the whole world. then still a con- deal with the case of the lapsed. xxxi. and the divine indulgence . but granted parture. he himself should be withheld from communion. the time itself providing for them more than they ask the battle is still being carried on. 135 and were eagerly pressing forward to receive communion re1 plying to them in my letter which is still in existence. knowledge of all the churches and to the the brethren. 2. and the ardour of their faith prevails. that an assembly for counsel being be maintained gathered together. what reply.

and lies against God's priests uttered from the . and. concerning heads of our decisions are collected. . we met together and the divine Scriptures being on both sides. number of bishops in Africa should also wrote to this thing. whom their afforded was ing faith and the divine protection had preserved in soundness 6. and the And lest perchance the seem unsatisfactory. Rome. although many things are ventilated by the voices of many.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. as the agreement of our college. Concerning which it has now become necessary to write to you. should. had put off everything to the common determination of our council. according to what I had before comprised in my letters. as heathens . so that they might rashly rush to communion. 7. of the times. lest and safety. with equal gravity and wholesome moderation. on the other hand. cases. and the necessities of individuals be examined into. like the world. and opportunity of meeta large number of bishops. and the wishes. to what had been before decided. should the censure of the gospel be relaxed. nor yet. they should fail still more through desperation. so that neither should hope of communion and peace be wholly denied to the lapsed. Yet afterwards. concurred in the lapsed might receive not only pardon. which I trust has come to you. so long as there still was an opening by which the bishops. because the church was closed to them. we Cornelius our colleague. when . that you may know that I have done nothing lightly. to who himself also holding a council with very many same opinion as we had held. according to what is contained in a little book. we balanced the decision forward brought with wholesome moderation. and thought that the safety of the many must be provided for . and I do not now recede from these things advantage of healing their gathering the wound which have once been determined in our council by common agreement. but also a crown. and the fraternity together and of I submitted to the necessity required. in which the several tracted. and indeed communicated with no one of the lapsed as yet. the persecution was quieted. however. but that repentance should be long pro- live and the paternal clemency be sorrowfully besought. 136 According. but.

promoted through all the ecclesiastical offices. and remarkable for their testimony in announcement of him. made bishop by the judgment of God and of His Christ. moreover. Cornelius was city of tion. he did not either ask for the episcopate itself. having regard to the modesty of his virgin continency. but he himself suffered compulsion. and from the testimony of his fellow-bishops. he ascended by all the grades of religious service to the lofty summit of the priesthood. but from the judgment of the Lord God. to the rupture But it behoves you. and by the assembly of ancient priests and good men. And he was made bishop by very many of our colleagues who were then present in the Rome. but careweigh what your colleagues. not from the lies of malignants and detractors. and and such as are those accustomed to be who are chosen meek. 8. did he seize upon it but quiet otherwise. he did not. I come now. the whole number of whom has agreed with an absolute unanimity throughout the whole world. fully to . as some do. dearest brother. but. use force to be made a bishop. and the humility of his inborn and guarded veneration. and tossed about everywhere. modest and grave men. Then. nor did he wish it . that is. from an investigation of our life and teaching. when the . as others do when the swelling of their arrogance and pride inflates them. a thing which with laudable announcement commends our dearest Cornelius to God and Christ. For. Moreover. and to His church. of God to this office. devil's 137 mouth. and having often deserved well of the Lord in divine administrations. so as to be forced to receive the episcopal office. that with us you may more justly know Cornelius. when the place of Fabian. by the testimony of almost all the clergy. nor. copate . to the character of Cornelius our colleague. when no one had been made so before him. by the suffrage of the people who were then present. may do. who sent to us letters concerning his ordinahonourable and laudatory. who made him a bishop. and also to all his fellowhe was not one who on a sudden attained to the epispriests. good brother and a fellow-priest like-minded.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. not easily to receive what malignants and apostates may say. as a of the concord of catholic unity.

to be highest testimony of virtue and faith ? not he to be esteemed among the glorious confessors and established at is Is not this martyrs. who. or crucify him. the priest whom He willed to be made yet Cornelius. and cannot be spoken. when Cornelius resisted their deadly edicts. whosoever is made who ought to be alone. what strength of mind. who for so long a time sate awaiting the manglers of his body and the avengers of a ferocious tyrant. and estab- by the consent of all of us. that he intrepidly sate at Rome in the sacerdotal chair at that time when a tyrant. in what pertains to his devotion and . was threatening things that can. than that a priest of God was Rome. after the first there cannot be a second. or scorch him with fire.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. he is profane. and conquered the who was afterwards . which being occupied by the will of God. inasmuch as he would much more patiently and tolerantly hear that a rival prince was raised up against himself. when he had undertaken the episcoby the pate. he is without. 138 throne was place of Peter and the degree of the sacerdotal vacant . very much for claiming greatly boasting And as himself. would either rush upon him with the sword. none Then at all. or rend his bowels and his limbs with some unheard-of kind of punishment? Even though the majesty and goodness of the protecting Lord guarded when made. afterwards. is not second to him. not obtained by solicitation nor by extortion. although and about himself. whatever he could fear. but after one is in fact 9. what a virtue there was in the very undertaking of his episcopate. whosoever now wishes to become a bishop. he is an alien. must needs be made from without and he lished . odious to God's priests. but will of God who makes priests . cannot have the ordination of the church the unity of the church. and trampled on their threats and sufferings and tortures by the vigour of his faith. a thing that we ought with simple heart both thoroughly to look into and to praise. office. what firmness of faith. commended with the man. all suffer. dearest brother. Whoever he who does not hold may be. suffered tyrant first conquered of in by his priestly arms and in war.

and with the penitence of prayer confessed. for whom the return of the brethren and salvation restored to many made atonement. not. so that they who are bright in the light of their own conscience may be tarnished by the reports of others. yielded to necessity . Therefore the matter being considered there with several colleagues. has also arisen from the false reports praise us who depart For neither can they . when you know that this is always the 10. moreover. the case is not as the report and the falsehood of malignant people had conveyed to you. that Cornelius communicates everywhere with those who have sacrificed. and with perfect humility and satisfaction whom he had lately taken away. according to the information given to you by the letters of the malign ants. in bringing together the brethren. who would not all have returned to the church unless they had come in Trophimus' his former error. as legious some intimate . as our predecessors often did. and not only Trophimus.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. recalled the brotherhood company. But work of the devil. in such a way as to assume the place of a priest. you are to know that our colleagues have investigated. neither has he mingled in sacri- communion with the bishops who have sacrificed. but a very great number of brethren who had been with Trophimus. were admitted into the church of the Lord. but has merely associated with us those whose cause had been heard. Moreover. now when Trophimus returned to the church. and to defame a glorious name by false opinions. 11. For. For with respect to Trophimus also. as only to Yet Trophimus was admitted in such a manner communicate as a layman. Trophimus was received. his prayers were heard. this intelligence of the apostates. 139 in respect of certain discreditable and malignant that are bandied about concerning him. in respect of what has been told you. and whose innocence was approved. our dearest brother. and atoned for. I would not things have you wonder. and have certainly discovered that he has been blemished with no stain of a certificate. and since a very large part of the people had withdrawn it with Trophimus. But. to wound God's servants with lies. of whom you wished tidings to be written to you. 12.

dearest brother. . 140 from us. what a want of mercy it is. and his whole family. no one ought to complain of the priests for this. and one who. help is given to Yet after they have has been decided. nor ought we to expect to please them. connections. has reached that fatal result under compulsion one who has betrayed * . dearest brethren. 13. it were necessary that received peace should die . when once it has been decided that brethren are to be is aided in peril. and one who. For we must not place on a level one who has at once leapt forward with good-will to the abominable sacrifice. by himself undergoing the danger . there is much difference between those who have sacrificed. and how bitter is to the crime. 14. since even among those who have sacrificed. 1 Opprimi. while they displease us. as it sicknesses. do not with facility either hear or believe whatever is currently rumoured against Cornelius and about me.7 after lon^ O struiifrle OO and resistance. to life by the peace they have with peace received. danger. into his house and hospitality showing and offering to the Lord many souls living and safe to entreat for a single wounded one. Neither must you think. violently persist in soliciting brethren away from the church. them For if any are seized with in danger. they or by our force or hands urged on to the result of death . been assisted. as if. Wherefore. himself behalf of all. that those who receive certificates are to be put on some a par with those who have sacrificed . or destroyed. and peace has been granted to them in their 1 cannot [surely] be suffocated by us. and revolt against the church. who in peace given to them receive the pledge of life. then. that they. a reprieve given by God. although the token is who have of divine love and paternal lenity appears more in this way.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and has even received many brethren who were departing to banishment and flight. . And bound if therefore. one who has compelled his inmates or friends both himself and approaching the all his trial in and one who has spared inmates and servants. who. as do. because peace those granted to the dying. are moreover here received. has protected his wife and his children. Since. the condition and the case are frequently different.

and that on account of a single wounded one we have lost many sound ones. and is now admonished 15. in order that I not this which was not lawful. If we reject the repentance of those who have some confidence in a conscience that may be tolerated . that I to do. bears witness that for another time he is instructed and prepared. . and having been deceived. that I cannot come to the devil's altars. " I had previously read. and had been made aware by the that we must not sacrifice to idols. and no contact of deadly food has polluted his lips. 141 the hardship. we ruin by our hardness and And what will become. so that those whom a hateful persecution has not destroyed. and laments. not so much by guilt as by error. with their children. yet his conscience weeps when he hears us. to associate those who have received certificates. which itself also I should ought not not have received. when he by whom the certificate has been received may say. . is nevertheless polluted. that we have not cared for the wounded sheep. And whereas the Lord left the ninety and nine that were whole. may stained with having received a certificate." Now. at once whom they had kept they are hurried by the devil's invitation into heresy or schism . we not only do not seek the lapsed. but even drive them away when they come to us and while false prophets are not ceasing to lay waste and tear Christ's flock. that I am not allowed to sacrifice. we give an opportunity to dogs and wolves. unless the opportunity had been put before me. discourse of the bishop. I either went or charged some other person going to the magistrate. dearest brother. when the do might opportunity of receiving a certificate was offered. and Himself carried it when found upon His shoulders. of inhumanity. that the servant of God to worship images . and therefore. to say that I am a Christian. and it will be attributed to us in the day of judg- with their wife. and that although his hand is pure. however. safe. with those who have sacrificed. ment. of the thing wherein he has sinned. and that I pay a price for what is not lawful for me who is this purpose. not do even he after he has learnt from our admonitions that he ought not even to have done this.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and sought after the one wandering and weary.

that they profit Be ye followers of me. And l men in all things. x. ix. ix. but are begotten of the presumption of a too rigid philosophy.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 2G. 6 " They that be whole need mercy upon you . 33. he ways should pass over to heretics and schismatics where. But them there is that. neither let our ance. Concerning Moses. Christians and philosophers. 4 CoL ii. lest any man spoil 4 through philosophy and vain deceit. all the members rejoice with it. may strengthened into faith. 142 what the apostle says " I please seeking mine own profit. xii." saved. "Beware. or one member rejoice. but the may be Christ. " Be ye merciful. since in away through despair . 3 1 6 7 Luke vi. if rejected by the church. But there that a grave man ought not easily to be moved. whom we see to have been wounded in the fatal persecution. not of many. all the members suffer with it . 22. xi." What medical skill " the sound can he exercise who says. which could not be armed if one strength 17. xii." 3 The principle of the philosophers and stoics is diffedearest brother. and rent. healing art. 12. the apostle says. 2 1 Cor. but they that are sick. although he should afterwards be put to death on account of the name. Cor. 6 Num." member suffer. we find it said in the Scrip"5 " Now the man Moses was and the Lord very meek . 7 not a physician." and again. 1. who have no need of a physician?" We ought to give our assistto those who are wounded . but rather let us regard them as lying half alive. us think them dead. would never from the same men become afterwards both confessors and martyrs. if they had been altogether dead. and by repentance is armed to virtue. if. moreover. 1 1 Cor. . and who. tures. I cure only. as your Father also had in His gospel says." we are to avoid a wide difference between is And when you those things which do not come from God's clemency. again : : all 2 And again : " Whether one that I might gain the weak. 8. 16. by subsequent be repentance. should fall . or. who say that all sins are equal. hardly and cruelly from the church. 36. 3. Matt. he should turn himself to Gentile separated and to worldly works. as I also am of " To the weak I became as weak. which.

God. he says in his " Let him that thinketh he standeth. nor can any one be constrained to if the fruit of repentance be taken away. . dearest brother. any one should delude us with the pretence of repentance. 143 being placed outside the church. 3 1 Cor. and the Lord amend the sentence of His servants while yet. who is not mocked. If. us by repentance. and divided from unity and from chanty. 18. because there is no confession in the grave." 4 . and who looks into man's heart. and so fulfil the law of Christ " . Jesus Christ the Supporter and He is the propitiation for our sins. 1. x. the case of each individual having been examined into. he departs with the consolation of peace and communion. will . 1. 2. 2. saying. children. vi. 12. Bear ye one another's burdens. he will be found ready armed for the battle . and breaking down their arrogance. lest ye also be tempted. yea. And if any man sin." place says. but if sickness should press hard upon him before the battle. If the battle should come first. the judge ." 5 And Paul also. that those who had sacrificed should be assisted at death. 4. 3 and in another he fall. however. " Let all of you severally have regard to yourselves. that the receivers of certificates should in the meantime be admitted. that helpetli a brother shall be exalted . in his epistle. xviii.' 51 and that the apostle also has said. will judge of those things which we have imperfectly looked into. Gal. "Who art thou that another man's his own master he standeth servant? To judgest or f alleth stand. And therefore it was decided. strengthened by us. 5 1 John ii. xiv. has : 1 Prov. dearest " A brother brother. the apostle. 2 rebuking the also that. 2 19 (old version). for God is able to make him also proves that Jesus Christ the Lord is John our Advocate and Intercessor for our little "My sins. we have an Advocate with the Father. been here determined by us. these things write I unto you. he shall stand. we ought to remember that it is written. haughty. he could not in his death be crowned. that ye sin not.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. take heed lest he epistle. save that He shall find the repentance of the He will then ratify what shall have if sinners full and sound. Moreover. * Eom. we do not prejudge when the Lord is to be still.

" 19. that we may preserve him cured for God the judge? 20. It is one thing to stand for pardon. 9. Christ died for us more. is is one thing. we shall be written. and peace not therefore deficient in the is church. dearest brother. nor inhuman in cherishing the brethren. : it Rom. The church. as in the Gospel did the priest and Levite or rather. that repentance is relaxed to the lapsed. . Yet is virginity and strong. . ! a wounded brother There the battle. that either the wounded . flourishes. nor does the glorious design of continence languish through the sins of others. crowned with so and modesty preserve the vigour of continence broken down because repentance and pardon are facilitated to the adulterer. redeemed may not wholly perish. or that martyrdoms will fail for this cause. and that the hope of peace is offered to the penitent. that he may destroy. but to mourn with those that mourn. and to weep with them and to raise them up as much as we can by the and comfort of our love neither being too ungentle help and pertinacious in repelling their repentance. and thing to attain to glory 1 chastity Nor the tenor of their glory. when cast into v. courage of the brethren will be lessened. as priests of God and Christ. while . again. And do not think. their integrity continues steady terers even a time of repentance is given. another many virgins. 144 much " we were yet sinners.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. do we imitate what Christ both taught and did. being now justified by His blood. The strength of the truly believing remains unshaken and with those who fear and love God with their whole heart. If. Lo that weep. For to adul- granted by us. and snatch the wounded man from the jaws of the enemy. and pass by our prostrate lifeless brother. Whether of the two do we assist ? On whose side do we stand ? Whether do we favour the devil. . 8. lies stricken devil is by the in the field of enemy him whom he has striving to slay exhorting that he whom He has here Christ is . nor. Considering ] His love and mercy. we ought not to be so bitter. saved from wrath through Him. nor cruel. being too lax and easy in rashly yielding communion.

in another place time is granted for re- and the Lord threatens him that does not repent: "I " have. every bishop disposes and directs his own acts. 22. " to he purged divinely. which calleth herself a prophetess. not farthing . and from which the saving grace of baptism and of our Redeemer has delivered us. so that. first 2 works. in fine. 3 K Tob. which certainly is said to him who evidently has fallen. among our predecessors. from that death which once the blood of Christ extinguished." Moreover. when it " Remember whence thou art fallen. and the undivided sacrament of the catholic church endures." or "to be " " " soil. 21. of concord remains. to be cleansed and long purged by fare . and whom the Lord exhorts to rise up again by his works. because thou sufferest thy wife Jezebel.* another to have to prison." saith He. and wholly closed the gate of repentance against adultery." purged for a long while. It is one thing. . 145 go out thence until one has paid the uttermost another thing at once to receive the wages of faith and courage. 10. Still they did not withdraw bishops here in from the assembly of their co-bishops. to teach and to seduce my servants to commit pentance 1 . and do the sins. It is one thing. or to suppose that pardon is to be denied to the penitent. and will have to give an account of his purposes to the Lord. iv. assuredly. 2 Apoc. but from that which subsequently creeps in through is written. he who did not grant it should be separated from While the bond the church. because it is written. nor break the unity of the catholic church by the persistency of their severity or censure . another to be at once crowned by the Lord. These words are variously read.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and repent. ii. some of the our province thought that peace was not to be granted to adulterers. tortured by long suffering for sins. to be in suspense till the sentence of God at the day of judgment ." or purgari diutine. "Alms do 3 deliver from death." and not. purgari divine. many things against thee. because by some peace was granted to adulterers. And. But I wonder that some are so obstinate as to think that repentance is not to be granted to the lapsed. 5. purged all sins by suffering. indeed.

and their iniquity with stripes. exhort to repentance. Turn ye even to your heart. if his son ask bread. also. for He is gracious and merciful. says. punishing that He may correct ." For since it is written. Father." In the Psalms. and with fastand with weeping. and return unto the Lord your God. and by repentance not should return again to the prophet. more than over ninety and nine just persons 2 that need no repentance. 33. Ixxxix. if to them that repent. to eat things sacrificed to idols ." The Lord also in His Gospel. and with mourning and rend your heart. 13. and when He has corrected T " I will " their He ing. The Lord is here comparing the father liberal love of God the and the eternal and that evil father evil son. visit. " What man is there of you. 5 my loving-kindness will I not utterly take from them. and says. that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth. " God did make death. 32. being evil. and 4 of great kindness. slow to anger. and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation. threatening at the same time as He spares. And now. and not your garments." preserving. Ps. will he give him a stone ? or if he ask a fish. will he give him a serpent ? If ye then. Nevertheless. by a 1 4 But Apoc.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. how much your heavenly Father give good things to them to give shall that ask Him?" 6 after the flesh. 2 Luke upon earth. were not that And in the unto you." assuredly He who wills that none should perish. and repenteth Him of the evil appointed. 13. z Wisd. 9-11. God know how more good gifts unto your children. i. l whom it certainly the Lord would not He promises mercy "I say Gospel He says. yet if 20-22. . Jod if and sinful ii. neither hath He pleasure in the destruction 3 of the living. Matt. 23. vii. deeply offended he should see the same son xv. setting forth the love of the Father. whom. I will cast her into a bed. " Thus life. Behold. 12. we read as well the rebuke as the clemency of God. except they " repent of their deeds . 146 and fornication. ii. and she will not repent of her fornication. and I gave her a space to repent. 7. says. desires that sinners should repent. me with all also He by Joel Lord your cries- thus saith the God. . transgressions with the rod.

Although he may boast himself. however. we ought not even teaches. when a bishop has been made in the church by sixteen who strives by bribery to be made an adulterous and co-bishops extraneous bishop by the hands of deserters . merciful. in the first what he place. And therefore. to ask tion in death . divided by Christ throughout the whole world into many members. blessed . to be inquisitive as to he teaches out of the pale [of Whoever he may be. nor give evidence of sorrow for their sins with their whole heart. are to be absolutely restrained from the hope of communion and peace if they begin to beg them in the midst of sickness and peril because it is not for . the sins of his former 147 life being put away. or mourning and lamenting. ! but rather promises pardon and clemency. dearest brother. but the warning of urgent death. whom before he had cast out . because he who mourns calls forth mercy. and although there is one church. know that. how much more does that one and true Father. repentance for drives them sin. both rejoices and gives thanks. and. so long as the church]. and the punishment of the coming judgment. He who is stubborn and haughty heaps up wrath against himself. yet he who has not maintained brotherly love or ecclesiastical unity has lost even what he Unless he seems to you to be a bishop. dearest brother. restored to sobriety and morality and to the discipline of innocence by the sorrow of his repentance. 24. and with the eagerness of a father's exultation. to the character of Novatian. and whatever he may be. Himself Goodness and Mercy and Love rejoice nor threatens punishment in the repentance of His own sons to those who are now repenting. In reference. and also one episcopate diffused . good. and with manifest profession of their lamentation. he who is not in the church of Christ is not a Christian. afterwards reformed. previously had been.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Whence the Lord in the Gospel calls those that mourn. we have decided that those who do not repent. and loving yea. embraces the restored one. that and he is not worthy to receive consola- who has not reflected that he was about to die. and announce his philosophy or eloquence with lofty words. of whom you desired that intelligence should be written you what heresy he had introduced .

oblivion of humility and gentleness. since his fellow-bishops. proved in foundations of his trial. to make a human church. since he has cut himself off from the body of and from the unity of the church . should endeavour to separate the chaff from the wheat . that any one should either dare. and is sending through very many cities. what a swelling of arrogance it is. in spite of God's tradition. or break asunder the structure of the ecclesiastical body. and since the apostle " But in a says. but that they immediately fail together with their evil emulation. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 3. moreover. and not withdraw from the unity which God has " appointed. 2. Then. and through all the provinces. to the unity of the Spirit in the bond of endeavouring keep 1 peace. bishops old in years. can neither have the power nor the honour of a bishop. or. proscribed in persecution. iv. 25. not knowing that schismatics are always fervid at the beginning. since he has refused to maintain either the unity or the peace of the episcopate. But he could not hold the episcopate. but that they cannot increase nor add to what they have unlawfully begun. sound in faith. and says. and separates himself from the band of the church. and although there have already been ordained in each city. in spite of the combined and everywhere compacted unity of the catholic church. dares to create over these other false bishops : as if he could either wander over the whole world with the persistence of his new endeavour." nor the He then who neither maintains the unity of the Spii'it bond of peace. what a boasting of his own arrogance. to that he should think that he can discern the to the apostles tares from the wheat. that he may is his endeavouring new establish apostles some new own appointment . and from the assembly of priests. Bearing with one another in love. 148 through a harmonious multitude of many bishops . the apostle admonishes that we should mutually sustain one another. or what think that he is do what the Lord did not even grant able. as if it were granted to him to bear the fan and to purge the threshing-floor. great house there are not only vessels of gold 1 Eph. even if he had before been made bishop. by the propagation of his own discord.

has been deceived by an error. v. since the case of an adulterer is by far both sin no more. v. vi. that no whoremonger. or en- tering a brothel. thou art made whole . and the hope of lamenting and atoning is left. and have not remany of those : pented of the uncleanness." let him fraudulent and adulterers from his side and from the separate his company. the former. while wood are not burnt up except in the day of the Lord by the flame of the divine burning. 14. " Behold. let him in all cases judge equally.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. ii. lest graver and worse than that of one who has taken a certificate." 5 8 And 1 Cor. xii. Neither let the new heretics flatter themselves in this. because the latter has sinned by necessity. I shall bewail apostle who have sinned already. Or if he appoints himself a searcher and judge of the And as heart and reins. into the sink and filthy gulf of the common people. nor unclean person. 4 2 Cor. as says the apostle " Every sin that a man doeth is without the body. 20. to despise. 5. has befouled by detestable impurity a sanctified body and God's temple. the former by free will the latter." 27. that they say that they do not communicate with idolaters . and to condemn the vessels of wood and of clay . . to cast away. a violator of the matrimonial tie of another. but he that committeth fornication : 3 And yet to these persons sinneth against his own body. " For know this with according to the saying of the apostle : understanding. when I come to you. 18. and fornication. although among them there are both adulterers and fraudulent persons. who are held guilty of the crime of idolatry." themselves repentance is granted. the vessels of 26. and the vessels of clay are only broken by Him to whom is given the rod of iron. 21. hath any inheritance in the 1 2 Tim." should think to choose the vessels of gold and of silver. he knows that it is written. and lasciviousness 4 which they have committed. and of God. kingdom 2 s of Christ John Eph. 149 1 but also of wood and of earth. whose guilt is that of idolatry. nor covetous man. 2 a worse thing happen unto thee. thinking that it is sufficient for him : that he has not sacrificed. and of silver. according to the saying of the same " I fear lest.

xxiv. 28. 20. since from the apostolic proof it is evident that the adulterers and defrauders with whom they communicate are But with idolaters. xviii. in committing sins. according to our faith and the given rule of divine preaching. since the Lord forewarns us. "Mourn and tual 1 Col. they cannot be excused from the crime of idolatry. 150 " Mortify therefore your members which are upon the again : earth . nor can one be- come " The guilty for another. ineffec! and profitless tradition of heretical institution I to exhort to the repentance of atonement. but from the prompting of the adversary. that if they say that one is polluted by another's sin. and if of God. which are the service of idols : 1 of God. us. and exhorting in them. and 2 the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him." And " The fathers shall not die for the children. and he who. they contend. children shall not die for the fathers. whosoever violates the temple of violates God . and that pardon and mercy are not denied to penitents. and lusts born of the unclean spirit constrain men Thus it happens to act against God and to obey the devil. does the will For evil deeds do not of the devil. since we know. 26. both that sinners are brought back to repentance. saying. serves demons and idols. according to the faith of the divine Scriptures. that the idolatry of the delinquent passes over to one who is not guilty according to their own word . uncleanness. we certainly think to be restrained from the fruit of satisfaction. 2 Ezek. and covetousness." that no one 3 is and the hope of peace. vain Oh. righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him. and we are each a temple which God by adultery. mockery of a deceived fraternity deception of miserable and senseless mourners ! Oh. And oh. agrees the principle of truth. and the again : Every one shall die in Reading and observing this. and to take away the healing from the atonement to say to our brethren. . and evil concupisfor cence. 6. come from the Holy Spirit. iii. his own sin.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. God Himself being their author. 5. 3 Deut. by their own asseveration. that every one is himself held fast in his own sin ." For as our things' sake cometh the wrath bodies are members of Christ. putting off fornication.

that the ship may be constructed and fitted but when you have done this. urging upon any one the possession and use of ships. neither can confession be made there. you shall " never behold the result from its doings and its voyages? 29. things.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. . 151 and groan day and night. and those who lay waste the church of Christ. the ropes. which intercepts the fruits of repentance. and have asked for it. inasmuch as He is merciful and loving. from very desperation ? who would not turn away his mind from all design of lamentation? Do you think shall do. the sails. who will of a surety judge. or adversaries and enemies. be admitted to the peace in the grave there is . " Purchase. and the fruit of repentshall gather . and to be kept in it for the Lord. according to the apostle. but no vintage. ance is not to be denied to those who grieve. diligently persevere in shall you reap no harvest. but Who receive!" that the the its field husbandman could labour with all if you should say. and labour largely and for the washing away and cleansing of your sin . none of that peace which you seek shall you would not perish at once? who would not fall away. when He comes to His church. the groaning of those who mourn is to be admitted. and that peace may be granted by His priests to those who entreat and beseech the Lord's mercy. you were to say. " Till of husbandry. And because no confession. repentance itself is taken away by our hardness and cruelty. you shall press shall receive no fruits of your olive-yard. This is to shut up and to cut off the way of grief and of repentance so that while in all Scripture the Lord God soothes those who return to Him and repent. Whatsoever things are necessary to peace. you shall die without the pale of the church. you no apples from the trees . But apostates and deserters. But if we find that none ought to be restrained from repenting. even if outside the church they have been slain for His name." or if. those whom He shall find within it. material from excellent woods inweave your keel with the strongest and chosen oak labour on the rudder. cannot. frequently after all these but. you shed tears. my brother. you the skill cultivation. ought to be received within the church. they who have repented from their whole heart.

I bid you. 1. Donatulus. Optatus. that inasmuch as they had already repented for the space of three years. These few things for the present. Ahymnus. Clementianus. I have brother. who had been the previously laid hold of in the persecution. out of many. . have written to me. But if there should arise to you an opportunity and power of coming to us. dearest 30. : Ep. dearest brethren. dearest run over as briefly as I could. since they have neither kept the unity of the spirit nor of the church. Superius our brother and colleague brought before you. 1 Oxford ed. and Florus. he would then consider the matter with them. afterwards. that when you were in city of Capsa for the purpose of ordaining a bishop. Privati- You anus. greeting. and to consider more fruitfully and more at large the things which make for a salutary agreement. that Ninus. we shall be able to confer more fully together. and fell. and confessing the name of the Lord. 152 of the church. his brethren. ever heartily farewell. CONCERNING THOSE WHO HAD BEEN OVERCOME BY TORTURES. EPISTLE LI I. from the degree of glory to tracy. that I might thereby both satisfy your desire. replies. had overcome the violence of the magis- and the attack of a raging populace. when tortured before the proconsul with severe sufferings. 1 TOFORTUNATUSANDHIS OTHER COLLEAGUES. through their lengthened agonies. and might link you more and more closely to the society of our college and body. ARGUMENT.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. whether certain lapsed persons icho had been overpowered by torture should be admitted to communion. our brethren. brother. and Felix. he thought they should be received. Ivi. were they were vanquished by the acuteness of the torments. but as after the festival of Easter there would be a council of bishops with him. Cyprian being consulted by his colleagues. Cyprian to Fortunatus.

incautiously and over-hastily granted to those.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. amidst the threats of the proconsul and the warring of the surrounding people. after this to receive them now to And communion. to whom we think it may be sufficient for entreating the mercy of the Lord. my have stood in the ranks of battle. but to exhaust the flesh. their for the ceased repentance space of three years : necessity. in respect of the Lord's mercy will not be wanting to those who are known 2. if the struggle should come on anew. and it may be sufficient for such to have lost their glory." 1 According to some readings. which in the conflict. might be able to regain their glory. but who. is unconquerable. I think that indeed. as you write. they have lamented with excessive munion Assuredly I do not think that peace penitential mourning. to have long unshaken resisted. have not been able to crown of their confession through weakness of the flesh especially since. to close the place of pardon to them. that for three years continually and sorrowfully. which is weak. they were not permitted to be slain. own opinion. by the bravery of their warfare. in their desire to die. and have peace granted to them. have not been previously wanting to the battle and who. 153 they were tending. For when it was decided in the council that penitents in peril of sickness should be assisted. but that we to ought not. " the name of the Lord. torments that wrenched and tore them with protracted repetition . not to conquer their faith. those ought to precede in receiving peace whom we see not to have fallen by weakness of mind. to have overcome the violence of the magistrates and to the rush of the raging populace with the persistency of faith. to have confessed the 1 name. may be extenuated by the plea of preceding deserts . but the tortures wrenched their wearied frames long enough. who we see. surely is . and had incurred not willingly but of grave lapse. moreover. to have suffered imprisonment. and deprive them of their Father's love and of our com. sustain the . it to consult whether it was well of whom you thought right which in the full virtue of faith not yet. so that in the last moment have been vanquished by the infirmity of the flesh. . having engaged and being wounded.

ever heartily farewell. Victor. you have written for me to give full consideration to this matter with many of my colleagues . during the first : celebrated to me. should not be received to peace. now on the appearance of a new persecution they decided that peace was to be granted to all those u-ho had repented. Montanus. Eutyches. as that of the letter African synod. Lucianus. and so great a subject claims greater and more careful counsel from the conference of many . and may be written to you. Junius. Cyprian announces is not so the entire of the bishops in the name of the Father Cornelius . Successus. dearest brethren. and therefore this letter this decree whole synod to much of Cyprian himself. however. tus. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Secundinus. Victorious. and as now almost all. Cyprian. Felix. Aurelius. unless perchance ARGUMENT.'Liberalis. 1 TO CORNELIUS. EPISTLE LIII. Faustinus. and have begun to come celebrations of Easter. : Ep. Quin- Honoratus. except after long penitence. Priscus. As the African bishops had previously decided in a certain council) that the lapsed. Saturninus. Rogatianus. 154 3. so that a decided opinion. may be established among us. peril of sickness ivas urgent . another Saturninus. Amplus. Marrutius. Nicomedes. Since. 1 Oxford ed. Tertullus. on the subject on which you have consulted me. another Saturninus. Hortensianus. so that they might be the more courageous for the contest of suffering. Ivii. are dwelling at brethren will consider it more at large with each one. Iambus. I bid you. CONCERNING GRANTING PEACE TO THE LAPSED. Fortunatus. Verianus. Sattius. Csecilius. weighed in the council of many priests. Herculanus. I home with their when they shall have completed the solemnity to be among their own people. Caldonius.

another Donatus. another Saturninus. to 1 Cornelius their brother. Nicomedes. Eutyches. another Fortunatus. greeting. and are admonished by frequent and repeated intimations that we should be prepared and armed for the struggle which the of another trouble is us. Hortensianus. Caldonius. For it was not right. Quintus. We having mutually taken counsel one with another. and to 1 The superscription in other texts is as follows " : Cyprian. Liberalis. Lucianus. Secundinus. Rogatus and Monulus. should receive peace on the very point of death. neither did the love of the Father nor divine mercy allow. Iambus. Verianus. Manthaneus. by our exhortations. that we should also prepare the people us by divine condescension. another Fortunatus. that things which were bound on earth should also be bound in heaven. allowed. loosed in the church. Demetrius. should undergo a long and full repentance ." and Munnulus. Junius. Amplus. that they who. Marrutius. Herculaneus. But now. Honoratus. that things might be loosed there which were here peace first . Sattius. Victor. another Donatus. we have decided that peace is to be given to those who have not withdrawn from the church of the Lord. another Saturninus. that the church should be closed to those that knock. Aurelius. dearest brother. Polycarp. Polycarpus. enemy announces to committed and gather together from all parts all the soldiers of Christ who desire arms. Eogatus their brother. Fortunatus. Felix. under the compulsion of this necessity.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Successus. greeting. had been overthrown by the adversary. moreover. and are anxious for the battle within the Lord's camp. Donatus. 155 Donatus. had indeed decided some time ago. Priscus. Tertullus. Privatianus. Saturninus. in the fierceness of persecution. and if the risk of sickness should be urgent. Privatianus. so that when they pass from this world. to Cornelius . Victorious. but have not ceased from the first day of their lapse to repent. they should be dismissed to their Lord without communion and since He Himself who gave the law. 1. and had polluted themselves with unlawful sacrifices. Demetrius. and had lapsed. another Saturninus. Faustiuus. Pompeius. when we see that the day again beginning to draw near. Pomponius. and to lament. Csecilius. Rogatian. or the help of the hope of salvation be denied to those who mourn and entreat.

help only being afforded to the sick in their departure. nor is communion to be granted by us to the dying. We should make a difference. and late assistance in sickness to the dying. between His name. have apostatized. and constantly and sorrowfully imploring divine and paternal consolation. which permitted the long postponement of the tears of the mourners. or. so long as peace and tranquillity prevailed. For we must comply with fitting intimations and ad- to beseech the . dearest brother. that we may arm it whom we wish to be safe against the adversary with For how do we the protection of the Lord's abundance. of army may be armed For the repentance the mourners was reasonably prolonged for a more pro- tracted time. if we deny to those warfare the blood of Christ ? those who. teach or provoke them to shed their blood in confession of those who are about to enter on the Or how do we make them fit for the cup of martyrdom. monitions. But now indeed peace is necessary. but to the living. not for the sick. In these times we grant peace.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that we may not leave those whom we stir up and exhort to the battle unarmed and naked. having become deserters to the heretics. and the Lord's for the contest of the heavenly warfare. . but to those who watch. are daily taking up parricidal arms against the church . We grant peace. either. but that the whole flock may be gathered together into one place. and. but for the strong . and ready to stand and fight bravely for the name of their Lord and for their own salvation. 2. not to those who sleep. if we do not first admit them to drink in the church the cup of the Lord by the right of communion ? 3. and those who do not depart from the church's threshold. are living heathenish lives. and having returned to the world which they have renounced. but may fortify them with the protection of Christ's body and blood . that the sheep may not be deserted in danger by the shepherds. as the Eucharist is appointed for this very purpose that may be a safeguard to the receivers. 156 Lord and [have decided] that they ought to be armed and equipped for the battle which is at hand. profess that they are now prepared for the battle.

therefore. but rather the evil ought to be assisted by the good. who in the struggle Nor is to be crowned. : . Concerning these the Discerner and Searcher of hidden things judges." First of all. episcopate as priests. are about to enter upon the warfare. according to what believe of them. but amid arms. and He will quickly come and judge of the secrets and hidden things of the heart. it is have granted peace avert from our brethren any one of the lapsed should deceive. hiding one thing in his heart and pronouncing another with his voice. say. But if which may so brave .THE EPISTLES OF C7PRIAN. . We. that through our ignorance he may not be the first one to be passed over. not amid indulgences. peace is not necessary to him from the bishop. since he is about to have the peace of his own glory. to be denied to those who are about to endure martyrdom. is let any one baptized in his own . But the evil ought not to stand in the way of the good. Neither is peace. so far as it is allowed to us to see and to judge. and to inspect the mind. but the 4. to the Lord yea. and shall overthrow the adversary with us in the encounter. for rest. and at the time of the impending struggle receiving peace without any purpose of doing battle. " that he who accepts martyrdom and blood. For the Lord says in His " But when Gospel they deliver you up. so that we. look upon the face of each one we are not able to scrutinize the heart . take no thought what ye shall speak for it shall be given you in that hour what ye shall speak. but for the field of battle. hear. we shall not repent of having granted peace to we and and bravely. For it is not ye that speak. not If. he cannot be fitted for martyrdom who is not armed for the contest by the church and his spirit is deficient which the Eucharist received does not raise and stimulate. he betrays and deceives himself. they shall stand desire. because there are some who will refuse since for this purpose peace should be granted to all who it. and about to receive a greater reward from the condescension of the Lord. seeking peace by guile. 157 We grant peace. may prepare offerings arid victims for God. who daily celebrate the sacrifices of God. men the great honour and glory of our to martyrs.

and I will require my sheep of their hand. Lest. 10-16. besides if. a man shall flee. . giving strength to His servants. And my sheep were scattered. The weak have ye not strengthened. will feed 2 Ezek. wherewith we deny peace. shr. and ye kill them that are fed but He . and I Matt. 20. because there were no shepherds and they became meat to all the beasts of the field . then. that. and ye clothe you with the wool. neither have ye brought again that which strayed. dies without his children. and dwelling and in solitude. neither have ye healed that which was sick. neither have ye comforted that which was broken. will it not be charged upon us that so good a soldier. having forspeaks and confesses in us? has not first. and cause them to cease from feeding my sheep . 3-G. which by His prophet utters and says ? " Behold. Behold. neither have ye sought that which was lost. x. preferred and without communion"? Will not either inactive peace that he hath. or shall die in fever and in weakness. ye consume the milk. I am against the shepherds. ye feed not my flock.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN.il fall by chance among thieves. who has forsaken all in hiding-places and contemning his house. negligence or cruel hardness be ascribed to us in the day of judgment. xxxiv. neither shall they feed them any more and I will deliver my sheep back. wherewith we oppose to them rather the severity of human from their 1 mouth. and has to follow his Lord. we have neither been willing to take care of the sheep trusted and committed to us in peace. the sheep committed to us by the Lord be demanded back from our mouth. Spirit since who how can he be found prepared or fit for that confession who in the reception of peace. : them with judgment." Now. He says that the Spirit of the Father speaks in those are delivered up and set in the confession of His name. who." 2 5. 19. and his parents. nor to arm them in battle ? Would not the charge be brought against us by the Lord.J nor brought O O them : Therefore thus saith the Lord. received the Spirit of the Father. Himself Then. and that which was strong ye wore out with labour. 158 1 of your Father which speaketh in you. saken everything that he has. and there was none who sought after them. pastors though we are.

to examine the cases of each one. OE AGAINST THE HERETICS. you in contemplation of the paternal mercy. will please But if there be test is urgent. any of our colleagues who. we to furnish arms to those who are about to fight. thinks that peace should not be granted to our brethren and sisters. will give to them when they are warring bid you. after the custom prevailing among 1 heretics. . we have determined by the suggestion of the Holy Spirit and the admonition of the Lord. as becomes God's priests in opposition to heretics. frequently shown to us from above . and not to be frightened by their threats. We. that a struggle is coming it has been. as befitted our faith and charity and solicitude. cruelty than [the benignity] of divine 159 and paternal love . ARGUMENT. EPISTLE LIV. namely. he shall give an account to the Lord in the day of judgment. of whose help and love we who trust in Him may be on. conveyed by many and manifest visions. 1 TO CORNELIUS. because He who in peace foretells to His soldiers that the battle will come. that the day of contest has approached. namely. concerning this we are often admonished by the providence and mercy of the Lord. not such as This is secure. but to be of a brave spirit. and to grant peace to the lapsed. yea. dearest brother. that a violent enemy will soon rise up against us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. ever victory in the encounter. because the enemy is foretold and shown to be at hand. lix. We heartily farewell. now that the con- trust. either of his grievous rigour or of his inhuman hardness. Oxford ed. but much more serious and fierce. rather And this. CONCERNING FORTUNATUS AND FELICISSIMUS. to gather within the camp the soldiers of Christ. Cyprian cinefly warns Cornelius in this letter not to hear the calumnies of Felicissimus and Fortunatus against him. those who. : began their heresy and schisms Ep. have laid before you what was in our own mind.

but also by that of very many of my fellow-bishops.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that the author of schism and disagreement. and that when he came attended by a band and faction of desperadoes. they would read them publicly. that if you would not receive the letters which they had brought. no new enemy of Christ. which you signified that Felicissimus. so that the letter is icith good reason in" Contra Hcereticos" scribed by Morell 1. corrupter of many marriages. there is an end of the vigour of the episcopacy. and condemned not only by my judgment. dearest brother. by the majesty of God and the severity of Christ our Lord and Judge . the violator of virgins. the destroyer and in . and of the sublime and divine power of . they may accomplish and by daring desperation. should not. but long ago excommunicated for his very many and grave crimes. they had attacked and to your one. I have read your letter. hitherto uncorrupt. and that what evil But men cannot do rightly and equitably. abundantly full of fraternal love and ecclesiastical discipline and priestly reproof. with others like himself. when I read your which you subjoined other letter. holy. brother. was considerably some degree dissurprised at observing that you turbed by the threats and terrors of those who had come. when. that the audacity of the most wicked men is to be dreaded. indicating also by the way whence heresy and schisms are wont to take their rise. I were in first threatened you with the greatest desperation. if the matter is thus. violate further the spouse of Christ. dearest brother. and such as were worthy of their mouth. modest. 2. has been rejected by you there. the fraudulent user of money entrusted to him. he was driven from with which it behoves a the church with the full vigour O to act from which church bishop long ago he was driven. and would utter many base and disgraceful things. But yet. by the dishonour of his presence and his immodest and incestuous contact. according to what you wrote. 160 with the contempt of one bishop in the church . which you sent by Saturus our brother the acolyte.

Nor does it matter whence comes world. therefore. or in fact now be Christians. an immoveable strength of faith and against all the irruptions and onsets of the waves that roar against us. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. I do not tremble at wound themselves and their clubs and stones and swords. 161 jroverning the church . both Gentiles and Jews threaten. It makes no difference . that we For are to be afraid of the threats or the snares of outcasts. chosen among His apostles that also in the beginning of the world it was none other than a brother who slew righteous Abel. because he claims for himself and assumes so much in the There ought to abide with us. and an angry brother pursued the fleeing Jacob. there to threaten me in my absence. what insolence it is in them. to yield because they threaten than and on that account Christ. which they brandish with L . who up or who rages. when here they have me present in their power ! I do not fear their reproaches with which they daily their own life . nor is the are not. a steady and unshaken courage should plant itself as with the fortitude and mass of a resisting rock. what swelling O and inflated and delivers delivered ' vain boasting on the part of these threateners. nor can we continue any longer. of whose hearts and minds the devil has taken possession. the terror or the danger to a bishop. and heretics and all those. dearest brother. and that they who have first been associated in the sacrament of unity shall be they who shall betray one another. For it is no ignominy to us to suffer from our brethren what Christ But suffered. enemy greater adversary . and is nevertheless made glorious by those very terrors and dangers. who lives subject to terrors and dangers. For we ought not to consider and regard the mere threats of the Gentiles or of the Jews. In the Gospel also we read that it was foretold that our foes should rather be of our own household. nor is it glory to them to do what Judas did.' O when we see that the Lord Himself was deserted by His and was betrayed by him whom He Himself had brethren. since God permits those to be up whom He appoints to be crowned. We daily attest their venomous madness with furious voice. and the youthful Joseph was sold by the act of his brethren. if it is come to this.

and his place was not found. sayclouds . above my the lofty mountains to the north I will ascend above the 4 And he added. ii. " O generation of vipers. "But he who presumes and who meets and warns haughty. the is us. and arrogant and haughty boastfulness. 14. I will place throne above the stars of God : I will sit on a lofty mountain. because we are disturbed with reproaches or are shaken with terrors . And l be found. and by his words. . nor priestly censure to be relaxed. ii. 63. whom the Lord rebukes by His prophet." : " Yet thou shalt descend into hell. I will be like the Most High. and puffing up. according to what the Lord says in His Gospel. and their villanies. their 3. * Isa. 6 Isa. 16." Whence also divine Scripture threatens a like punishment to such in another place. for his glory shall be dung and worms. how can ye." again the words of a sinful man. since holy Scripture saying. is every one at once betrayed and whether he has Christ in his heart. in thine heart. " For the day of the of hosts shall be upon every one that is injurious and Lord proud. me by their hatred. and to-morrow he shall not boasts of himself. xiv. " For thou hast said : . yet they daily slay words. and they that see thee shall wonder at thee. " And fear not shall accomplish nothing. xiv. dearest brother. I will ascend into heaven.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." 3 Exaltation. ecclesiastical discipline is not on that account to be forsaken. . 2 1 Mac. 12. lo. * Isa. But. and says. To-day he is lifted up. 1 Hab. die but once. saying. ii. or Antichrist. 3 Ps." 2 And : turned into his earth. and. and lofty. to the foundations ing. man who hath enlarged his soul as hell. again is : and raised above the cedars of Libanus I went by." 6 By his mouth. he was not yea. but from the spirit of Antichrist. spring not from the teaching of Christ who teaches humility. is discerned in his speaking. 5 of the earth . xxxviii. and upon every one that is lifted up. being . 5. 35. 15. 162 power such men are Yet they are not able to slay unless and although I must the Lord have allowed them to slay parricidal words : as far as lies in their homicides before God. because he shall perish. therefore. I sought him. and his thought " I have seen the wicked exalted. 13. 36. 62.

"Answerest thou the high priest so?" the Lord said nothing reproachfully against the high priest. but also on the priests. For since it is written. say to his brother. and an evil man out of J the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. viii. 2 1 Cor." the leprous man. John xviii. viii." 3 Raca. because doubtless in his mouth and his tongue he had most sinned. 22. rejecteth me .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. he said. shall be in danger of the Gehenna can they evade the rebuke of the Lord the shall say. 34. and he that rejecteth you." Whence also who implores help from Lazarus. v. 163 speak good things? for out of the abundance of the mouth speaketh. then laid Abraham's bosom. was immediately to be slain ? In Deuteronomy the Lord God " And the man that will do speaks. and will not hearken unto the priest or to the judge. when he w as despised by the Jews. shall and all the people. shall fear. God says. not obey his priest. how who heap up such expressions. s I Sam. writhing in torments. to Samuel. " He despised me. whosoever of fire. "Neither shall revilers inherit 2 and again the Lord says in His the kingdom of God. 7 Matt. vi. and the servant 8 said to him. 4." And when afterwards." that heareth you. 16. and Him that sent me . * Deut. He had received a buffet from a servant of the priest. presumptuously. 3 Matt. whosoever he shall be in those days." " Whosoever shall Gospel. to whom is granted such honour of the condescension of God. and he that rejecteth me. 6 Luke 8 x. while he. Thou fool and that rich sinner in . 10. do no more wickedly. that whosoever should avenger. man and shall die. in the time of His passion. is consumed by the heats of burning flame. " 6 And when he had cleansed 7 Go. and established in a place of comfort. xvii. that when they hear. evil. " They have not despised thee. 13. 35. show thyself to the priest. 4. . 12. suffers most punishment of all parts of his body in his mouth and his tongue. good man out of the good A heart the treasure bringeth forth good things . xii. 7. saying. nor 1 Matt. and him that judgeth here for the time. but they have 5 And the Lord also in the Gospel says. not only on their brethren." 4 Moreover. r rejecteth Him that sent me. 22. heareth me.

of the people. would make himself a judge. when the Lord says in His Gospel. "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them does not fall 4 to the ground without the will of your Father. . but of God. 29. brethren. 5. priests No one would rend the church by a division of the unity of No one. would found a new heresy. separate and without. " I wist not. in the Acts of the Apostles. and bloody. When. no one would stir up anything against the college of consider that there is no one. been priest: for it is written. thou me ?"* Also subsequently. from any other source than from this. after the divine judgment. He says. what kind of the power by 5. and swelling with arro- Christ. people. pleasing himself. the blessed Apostle Paul. are frightened neither by the threatening of a forewarning Lord. as to think that a priest is made without God's judg- ment. nor have schisms originated. and showing it. if. precedents whereby the priestly authority and divine condescension is established. and many are others. that God's priest is not obeyed nor do they . 3 ruler of thy people. according to divine teaching. 23. being enemies of the priests.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." When He 1 John xviii. are they who. " Revilest 2 thou God's priest ?" although they had begun to be sacri- and impious. 2 Acts xxiii. the whole fraternity should obey. but if witness of the evil bear . and rebels against the catholic church. gance. when it was said to him. 4. well. think you. x." Thou shalt not speak evil of the then. of the priest. unless any one be of such sacrilegious daring and abandoned mind. and the shadow. and had no longer retained anything of the yet Paul. whom. after the suffrage . 1G4 detracted any thing from the priest's honour . not now of the bishop. 3 Acts xxiii. 4 Matt. nor by the venFor neither have heresies geance of coming judgment? arisen. as it were. and for the time judge in the stead of Christ . however empty. such and so great examples. one person for the time priest in the church. but rather assert- " If I have ing His own innocence. that he was the high legious. the Lord having already crucified. why smitest spoken evil. said. considering the priestly honour and authority name itself. after the consent of the co-bishops.

THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who either appoints or 3 Isa. and says. . honoured with the testimony of the divine condescension . so often asked for in the circus " for the lions . faithfully linked Avith all his to his people by now four years' approved colleagues. 4. 1. 1G5 says that not even the least things are done without God's will." . that ye may add sin to sin." " Lord Himself They have in the twelve up a king for them" Their sacrifices are as set And again 2 the bread of mourning all that eat thereof shall be polluted. children that are deserters. on account of the sacrifices which. observant of discipline in time by the help of of peace in time of disturbance." in the amphitheatre. peace by the suffrage of an entire people. rmto you. but not of me and ye have made a 3 covenant. and by those who have their place outside the church. Ye have taken counsel. by whose direction and decision we know and believe that all things are ruled live : this is and governed. dearest brother. 4. but not of my Spirit. when a bishop is appointed grieving I speak as constrained into the place of one deceased. does any one think that the highest and greatest things are done in God's church either without God's knowledge or that is. proscribed with the name of his episcopate applied and attached to him. viii. by proclaimed edict. when he is protected God in persecution. as the prophets asserts. saying. it is manifest who . x selves. His stewards permission. but they are such as are made outside of the church such as are made contrary to the ordinance and tradition of the gospel. demanded anew in the circus " for the lions" by the clamour of the when such an one. not by the will of God. Undoubtedly there are bishops made. Woe : . 6. we are not whereby not to give honour to God. xxx. But I speak to you as being provoked I speak as . experience in his episcopate . ix." " And the Holy Spirit also cries by Isaiah. . assails 1 him Hos. and that priests ordained by His decree ? This is not to have faith. even in these very days on which I have written this letter to you. : not assuredly Christ. 2 Hos. the people were commanded to celebrate. is seen to be populace assailed by some desperate arid reckless men. Thus saith the Lord. and not by me. when he is chosen in time of .

and illustrated the attributes of God the Father by the testimony of His doings. days certain persons. my dearest brother. when His own disciples forsook the Lord Himself. never departs from Him at all. for if they had been of us. believe. of whom John also in his epistle says. xv. 7. yet that the church which believes on Christ. but that. contumacious. but he who. and enemies of God's priests. and are sure that Thou " art the Christ. he may rage more atrociously and more violently with a view to the church's dispersion. since both the foretold that there should be such. 13. and that those are the church who remain in the house of God . apostles Nor let formed such great and wonderful works.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that when the pilot is removed. Peter. on the other hand. 2 Matt. himself desires for himself either apostles. says. for this purpose persecutes with his malice the ruler of the church. to disturb any one who is faithful and mindful of the gospel. whom we see not to be established with the stability of wheat. Lord. nor even severely threaten them. upon same Lord the church had been built. proud. but they were not of us . and established in his own choice. no doubt they would breath of the 1 John vi. He said. Nevertheless. whom by speaking one for all. and holds that ! which it has once learned. the and " answering with the voice of the church. 166 protects his priests . turning to His " 1 " Will manifestly obye also go away 1 the law a man to his left own serving whereby liberty. but rather. doubtless. but blown about like chaff by the enemy scattering them. the Son of 2 the living God signifying. Nor ought it. as the adversary of Christ and the foe to His church. And yet He did not rebuke them when they went away. to whom shall we go ? Thou hast the words of eternal life and we . who perchurch. they are not the plantation planted by God the Father. 67. . and showing that those who departed from Christ perished by their own fault. " They went out from us. death or salvation. and retains the commands of the apostle who forewarns us if in the last . either depart from the church or act against the Lord and His have previously any one wonder that the servant placed over them should be forsaken by some.

" 2 8. inveterate heretics. and should be unwilling to repent and to return to the church. If we seek to please men. 2 Rom. who who some time back deserted from the church. But that I did not immediately write to you. and were lately excommunicated by the judgment of our fellow-bishops. i. For our own part. when evil men perish out of the church. iii. men both numerous and entitled to the greatest respect. "For what. constituted by a few. have continued with us. Also you would recognise Felicissimus. . about Fortunatus. 4. who on this matter wrote to you last year. nor to let our faith be lessened by the departure of the faithless. Nor ought the reproaches of the lost to move us in any degree to depart from the right path and from the sure rule." whether well of men difference one desires to deserve great or of God. but every man a liar. of his own accord and by his own sin. but moreover \vas lately driven from the church by you there. the stanis one of the well five presbyters who himself also is comprised in those long ago written to you by our co-bishops. especially since you already know enough the name of Fortunatus. I should not be the servant of Christ. dearest brother. same letters 1 1 John ii. and that they alone should remain in punishment who refused to be healed by the wholesomeness of our advice. 3 Gal. saying." he says. but if any one.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the matter was not such as ought at once and hastily to be brought under your notice. But if we strive and labour that we may please God. not to be disturbed. dearest ! brother. Since I was dard-bearer of sedition." 1 Paul also warns 167 us. as if it were great or to be feared . 19. 9. and those. "if some of them have departed from the Hath their unbelief made the faith of God of none faith ? effect? God forbid For God is true. that we who are anxious for their well-being should be blameless in the day of judgment. it befits our conscience. we ought to contemn human reproaches and abuse. apostle 3 There is a men. " If I should since also the instructs please us. to strive that none should perish [through going] out of the church by our fault . and who not only was excommunicated by them here. the Lord is offended. 3. 10. that pseudo-bishop. should perish.

among other matters which were to be brought under your notice from whom you had But while our by the wind. I have written to you by Felicianus the acolyte. and kne\r for certain that they abode in your memory and discipline. that you and our colleagues might know to whom to write. he has been forestalled by Felicissimus hastening to you. since place . or is detained by receiving other letters from us. or that he was one of the heretics. except those whom we have comprised in our letter. For Novatian's party have now made Maximus the presbyter who was lately sent to us as an ambassador for Novatian. who with wholesome and sound discipline govern the brethren in the all And this certainly. For thus their party. having gained an opportunity. I did not think told it necessary that the you quickly and urgentty. Privatus. from whom it behoved you to receive letters . yet is also said to these things are slighted by us . you would know either that he was polluted by sacrifice. should dare to write to you. an old heretic in the colony of many and grave Lambesa. but if any one. that there might by be found a short method of destroying error and of finding catholic church. that there had come to Carthage. But I intimated to you. as if by its speed it could prevail against innocence. my brother. follies of heretics For indeed it should be ought not to pertain to the majesty or the dignity of the catholic church. sent with Perseus our colleague. the advice of all out truth. and reciprocally. receiving and therefore perverted and profane. either retarded there wickedness always hastens. by means of a very great friend and a clerk. about that Fortunatus brother Felicianus is also. Nevertheless. many years ago condemned for crimes by the judgment of ninety bishops. by Felicianus. it was decided of us to write to you. and I had sent to you lately the names of the bishops appointed there. 10. . or by a certificate.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. to concern itself with what the audacity of heretics and schismatics may among attempt themselves. therefore. and their false bishop in that rejected from communion with us and I had not written to you about this. 168 confident that these things were in your knowledge.

and Maxim us. or of the 11. After they were detected and confounded in this their lie (only five who had made shipwreck coming together. concurred in desiring Fortunatus as a false bishop for themselves. their crimes agreeing. whom he himself had formerly appointed a pseudo-bishop outside the church. a few who either had sacrificed. which falsehood they boasted here also heretics. as is not hidden from your knowledge . and was not permitted. as children of the devil. our colleagues. as you write. condemned for wicked companions sacrifices and crimes proved against them by the judgment of nine bishops. my . made for himself that Fortunatus a pretended bishop. And brother. also our predecessors. in heresy. but cast down by sacrilegious These five. who. to boast that there were present twenty-five bishops . as if the truth could not sail after them. and convict their lying tongues by proof of the certainty. that so. 169 and severely remarked upon in the letters of Fabian and Donatus. And with these four was also joined Repostus of Suturnica. you may now know the other falsehoods which desperate and abandoned men have there spread about. according to the Oxford translation. came there were not to before among our brethren. and again excommunicated there had also also by many of us last year in a council.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. . worthy of his college. with persuasion the greatest part of his people. the proved heretic or. who not only fell himself in the persecution. is real madness. yet they. were present as 1 with the proved heretic. not to think nor to " with " Privatus. dearest as those brother. they sailed to Rome with the reward of their lies. of the sacrificers. and full of lies. And May come with him a certain Felix. Avhen he said that he wished to plead his cause before us in the council which we held on the Ides of then past. dared. and these being excommunicated by us). the ruler should be such who are ruled. saying that twenty-five bishops would come from Numidia to make a bishop for them. appointed Fortunatus as the associate of their madness . or had evil consciences. more than five false bishops who and Carthage. that although. But Jovinus also." 1 this. Or. Hence also. " a proud heretic.

if you were to seek the names from them. but the very hands and the mouths of . shall be rooted out. for the sake of deceiving the ears of the simple and the absent. 6. saying. that the night only lasts so long as until the day brightens . while the recent crimes of the guilty were still hot. and to interfere with their repentance. dearest brother. and not only the devil's altars. Nor does it behove me. but God's. save unto the Lord only. in which the cause is not mine. In fine. "Whosoever shall in another place the And deny. in the the deceits church. . That circumstance alone. 2 Matt. to do like things to them. and the various kinds of crimes." divine indignation and anger are not silent. 12.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Shall I not be angry with these 3 And they interfere that God may things? saith the Lord. xxii. "To them hast thou poured out a drink-offering. 3 Isa. him will I 2 says. and to go through in my discourse those things which they have committed. the darkness and gloom give place to light. even if this number were church would be overcome by heretics. men. the lapsed. 20. " He that sacrificeth unto any gods. God cries. of theirwickedness. either the righteousness by the unrighteous. x. they did not cease to communicate with the lapsed. 170 know that lies do not long deceive. that neither of sacrificers nor of heretics can there be collected twenty-five for them . and yet. were still smoking with the abominable sacrifices. but that when the day is clear and the sun has arisen. I pass over practised upon silent the conspiracies and adulteries. as shame. the number is exaggerated by a lie. 33. or true. Ivii. and to them hast thou offered a meat-offering. I do not think must be withheld that from the very first day of the persecution." 1 And Lord in the Gospel the deny me. since we have to consider what it becomes God's priests to utter and Nor ought to write. however. and I ought not grief to speak among us so much to seem provoked rather to heap Therefore I am together reproaches than crimes and sins. and the robberies which were going on through the night cease. nor man's." 1 Ex. they would have none which they could even falsely For such among them is the penury even of wicked give. and still commit. as if.

in the Capitol before they had sinned. take pains that the divine clemency may not heal the wounded in His church. who Himself they interpose that Christ and He who satisfactions. the phrase here as elsewhere is. not be besought with prayers professes that Him him who denies will deny." " That 2 by the malice of the devil they work 3 . " should do penance. who may it may not men by satisfy the deceitfulness of an offended God their that he has either blushed or feared to be a Christian before. and most glorious in the church. not be entreated. may consummate their I. 1 and that none should rashly grant peace to those who did not And those sacrilegious persons rush with impious repent. but we were not attended we wrote to. departing from the church . A letters on full council being held. nor he return to the church who had are used that the sins departed from the church. in order that the malice of the devil may consummate their 2 work. And beyond this. we decreed. True peace is done away by the falsehood of a false peace the healthful bosom of a mother satisfactions . 13. Capitol of Carthage. for the provinces imitated Du Cange gives many instances. v. that the brethren should repent. respect." Sell. Efforts may not be atoned for with just and lamentations." *' poenitentiam agerent.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Rome in this . by the interference of the stepmother. madness against God's priests. and those righteous men who are most eminent for the praise of the faith. to reproach the priests to assail with contumelies and with abusive words the confessors and virgins. not afterwards seek Christ his Lord. not only with our consent. By which is closed 1 Strictly. In the very time of persecution this matter. and raising their parricidal arms against the church. They corrupt the repent- ance of the wretched that lies. but also with our threatening. that the wounds may not be washed away with tears. the lapsed are com3 wherein pelled with their tongues and lips. that weeping and groaning may not be heard from the breast and from the lips of the lapsed. may declares that 171 He is angry .

since the anger and the fire and the day of the Lord is not feared since. O v ' believe a lie that they : might be judged who believed all 2 not the truth." O ye priests. that they made whole after their Paul the apostle in satisfactions. xxix. In the former. that is wretched . 10 ii. and unstained to preserve us in the latter. For neither is it he who hears. innocence flows pure knowledge our sins. whereby the sin is healed. A heavier labour is incumbent priests in asserting and maintaining the majesty of that we seem not to neglect anything in this respect. : " says. and us. epistle lays may sins his not return and be healed. and They received not the says. Finally. their mind is smitten by these things. and be And for this love of the truth. but had pleasure in unrighteousness. second. 172 it is not so much the modesty and the humiof shame our the that are smitten. and by just prayers " it down. brother. "And God gave them the spirit of torpor. that they might be saved. there comes a medicine to heal us. and moderate God is the faith of the militant people is disarmed by the taking away of the power of Christ and His fear ? Let the laity see to it how they may amend this. and repentance comes not to . Both of these they have lost by offending God.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. lram>punctionis. . that cause God shall send them strong should they delusion. Think you. guilty do a wrong to the innocent. indeed. 10-12. when God admonishes 1 2 Isa. lest repentance should follow. when Antichrist is at hand. " orig. as their and people lity own hope and life that are lacerated. they suffer the injury who think that they are doing it. and their sense of right is estranged : it is God's wrath that they do not perceive their sins." 1 that is. that is a sinner under the law things. on the God. as it is written. that their wickednesses against God are trifling. their sins small since by their means the majesty of an angry not besought. and their spirit is dull. both because the grace is lost which is received from the sanctification of baptism. but he w'ho smites and when the a brother. nor is it he who is smitten by his brother. but he who utters the reproach." The of to not sin the acto . And now. 2 Thess. their help. . highest degree happiness is.

and unwilling to entreat and to satisfy God. / After such things as these. given to God when the your blessing.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and ." . 2. or make confession of their crimes in the that they all feeling and fruit of repentance outside for themselves outside the church. from had set 2 up . were the Romans whose faith was praised in the preaching of the apostle. drawn from the or polluted with the deadly contagion of sacrifices. and church. opposed to the church. 2 Unless they had set up . 1 Is honour. no confession of sin being made. let not any knock at the church of Christ but repentance being done away with. that when and decree majesty He declares that He is indignant and angry with those who sacrifice. that they had taken away from the lapsed the hope of satisfaction and repentance. then." of God are so contemned. byters in deceitful words or those placed without should return to the church. tins commandment is for you. they still dare a false bishop having been appointed for them by heretics to set sail and to bear letters from schismatic and profane persons the throne of Peter. I. 1. a conventicle of their abandoned faca band of creatures with tion. lest they should entreat God. . and to the chief church whence and not to consider that these priestly unity takes it source to . judgment of the Lord be feared. to give glory unto Lord. let com. munion be 14. and let not the said. the bishops being despised and trodden under foot. my and I will curse If ye will not hear. But what was the reason of their coming and announcing the making of the pseudo-bishop in opposition to the bishops? For either they are pleased with what they have done. To offered to those these also it who was not are not in communion ? they had with- sufficient that gospel. will not lay it to heart. that they had taken away those involved in frauds or stained with adulteries. and 1 Mai. ii. when there had flowed together O evil consciences. moreover. 173 and if yc saith the name. I will even send a curse upon you. to whom faithlessness could have no access. let peace be proclaimed by the presand lest the lapsed should rise up. it is proposed by the sacrilegious. and when He threatens eternal penalties and perpetual punishments. Let not the wrath of God be considered.

meanwhile. he was at once deserted by almost all. Nay.THE EPISTLES OF C7PRIAN. was made a pseudo-bishop by the heretics. and are daily returning and with Fortunatus. after they saw that a false bishop was made there. For those to whom in past time delusions were offered. and have lately condemned. but there to plead their cause. when the Lord teaches and l " Let your communication be. nay. then more present to the judgment and hearing than are those very same persons who now seem to be associated last there were For you ought to know. . by the gravity of their judgment. Already their case has been examined. 174 persist in their retreat. and a portion of the flock has been decreed by been assigned to each individual pastor. and deceitful words were given. dearest brother. unless perchance the authority of the bishops constituted in Africa seems to a few desperate and abandoned men to be too little. v. by whom account is to be given to the Lord. that after he knocking at the [door of the] church. already sentence concerning them has been pronounced . if they are displeased and return. while we." 15. or they are so obstinately 1 Matt. year be reckoned with the presbyters and deacons. who have already judged concerning them. Yea. are anxiously weighing and carefully examining who ought to be received and admitted into the church. to the effect that they were to return to the church together . For. 37. nor is it fitting for the dignity of priests to be blamed for the levity of a changeable and inconstant mind. learned that they had been fooled and deceived. where they may be able to have both accusers and witnesses of their crime . it certainly behoves those over whom we are placed not to run about nor to break up the harmonious agreement of the bishops with their crafty and deceitful rashness. as it has they know whither they may all of us and is equally fair and just that the case of every one should be heard there where the crime has been committed . For some are either hindered by their crimes to such a degree. yea . If the number of those who judged concerning them says. which he is to rule and govern. their conscience bound in many bonds of sins. having to give account of his doing to the Lord . wickedness . or.

if you could. have been my facility. 1. because they had not come with true repentance. that they should calm their grief of mind. For as they rejoice are endurable proud besides. to sons. that the parts which nor is that pastor serviceable or wise who so mingles .THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. have proved worse than they had been before. full whose so that. so. as his of sins. and consent to receive and heal the and are glad when those who and less guilty return. dearest those evil and perverse men would see what labour is mine to when return from schism. I extort it from them. and those who are contaminated either by adulteries or by sacrifices. as his life is execrable. do not delight in spoke by prophet. 16. you persuade patience to our brethren. though they multiply thee. Letters they bring. are wicked. so return to the church. be with us here Oh. even if they Ecclus. dispositions within it. guilty of every crime. notwithstanding the opposition and contradiction of the people. editions. in addition to this.) is false. as it is were in the church. from the fact that one and another who. 175 and firmly opposed by their brethren. that they should suffer such to be And admitted. xvi. But what am I to say of those who have now sailed to you with Felicissimus. as the Lord " the son. that they cannot be received at all except with offence and risk to a great many. 2. as to corrupt the good Scarcely do I persuade the people. bringing to you letters as false as conscience disgraceful 1 he himself is . and who. as ambassadors sent by Fortunatus the pseudo-bishop. saying. For one who better than a thousand impious sons. the grief of the fraternity is made the more just. For neither must some putridities be so collected and brought are sound and whole should be together." 1 ] brother. such (The words in brackets are not found in many . and have not been able to keep the faith of their received by repentance. on the other hand. except the fear fears God is O ungodly of the Lord be with them. injured the diseased and affected sheep with his flock as to contaminate the whole flock with the infection of the clinging [Do not pay evil. attention to their number. nay. they murmur and are dissatisfied as often as the incorrigible and violent.

they do not dare to come to us or to approach to the threshold of the church. for the sake of circumventing and defrauding the brethren . God's priest. without her. and now. with the desire and the wish Even those things gather together the brotherhood. and one. I facility. entreat all to soldiers to shut my eyes to many things. unconquered and firm with the Lord's protection. if they can judgment. who. I beg all our fellowbe included within the camp of Christ. our Finally. and humanity are ready for those who come. undergo find any excuse or defence. bring Our patience. yield to threats. when he could not be was slain in the terrified with threats and stoning. nor is the bishop denied to any. suggests and furnishes to us examples of courage and faith. since the crimes which are charged upon them by the brethren are most grievous and grave. ting sins more than I ought. I dwelling-place of God the Father. let us see what thought they satisfaction. full love those who I almost sin myself. nor does the camp of Christ.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. they sail thither also to you. let them take it for certain that against such the church of the Lord stands closed . . have of making return into the church. confessing their sin with lowly and unaffected atonement. In addition. not with lamentation and atonements. what fruit of repentance they The church is neither closed here to any forward. through the province. at the . or suppose that they can make a way for themselves. For they cannot have the face to approach to us. and everywhere excluded for their crimes. but wander about. If they wish to let them come. since they have known their own conscience. or to stand before us. which are committed against God I do not investigate with to the full judgment of religion. but with terrors. and the I remit everything. Zacharias. in remitI embrace with prompt and return with repentance. The priest of God hold- ing fast the gospel and keeping Christ's precepts may be slain he cannot be conquered. But if there are some who think that they can return to the church not with prayers but with threats. same time crying out temple of God. being sufficiently known to all. 176 people ought to be expelled from the church. 17.

and that. 19." rash and wicked men forsake the heavenly and wholesome ways of the Lord. Is the dignity of the catholic church. have forsaken the ways of the also cry out " Thus saith the Lord. nor . and saying. to be laid aside. all to power be without the church may say that they wish to judge concerning a prelate in the church ? heretics concerning a Christian ? wounded men about a whole man ? maimed concerning man ? lapsed concerning one who stands fast ? guilty concerning their judge? sacrilegious men concerning a priest ? What is left but that the church should yield to the Capitol. moreover. Ye 1 For because a few Lord. and the Lord will forsake you. what we 177 and say against the heretics. 18. dearest brother.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and not doing holy things are deserted by the Holy Spirit. because he declares we resist. so as to think that the crimes of madmen are greater than the judgments of priests. images into the sacred and venerable assembly of our clergy. but. laid aside for this. in addition. let them know that they are not feared by God's For even Antichrist. Heretics arm us when . a sound and priests depart and remove the Lord's the and idols should pass over with their altars altar. xxiv. why do they threaten ? or if they threaten. to domineer by the power of their ficed terror ? them lay aside their arms. while the a larger and fuller material for declaiming against us and abusing us be afforded to Novatian if they who have sacri. 20. than divine protection avails to defend. yield to his arms will destroy us if they think that we are terrified 1 by their threatenings 2 Chron. that those who are set the people placed within also. when he shall begin to come. If they desire peace. or conceive that human endeavours can do more to attack. and have publicly denied Christ should begin not only to be entreated and admitted without penance done. we also ought not therefore to be unmindful of the divine tradition. make atonement. priests. is the faithful and uncorrupted majesty of and the priestly authority and it. let If they shall not enter into the shall we that he church because he threatens neither and violence. M .

and the sound and sincere affection of the good may be cleansed anew from all my . indeed. that you always read my letters to the very distinguished clergy with preside you there. whom they do not cease to provoke and exasperate. so inefficient by the infirmity. as not to find his humility and weakness animated by the It vigour and strength of the Lord who protects him. by the reading of this my letter. 20. But if they continue in their madness. And although I know. and that they may rather seek that the prayers and supplications of the priest may be poured out on their behalf. that they who sin with perfidious and cruel words may not also- We sin in deeds. soften their hearts. the filth of heretical disparagement. from the mutual love which we owe and manifest one towards another. since we shall receive from the Lord the reward of our death and Their concision of our blood. when they make peace itself worse to the brethren than persecution. or when we are slain. without considering the eternal punishments of Gehenna. that their breasts. weakness of human the enemies and impugners of God by strength from above . that He will. that. yet now I both warn and ask you to do by who request what at other times you do of your own accord and courtesy that so. that they may lay aside their madness. than themselves pour out the blood of the priest. is to be mourned and lamented. And we desire.. . may acknowledge the light of repentance. and weak. pray and beseech God. as not to be aroused against these their parricidal deceits is so so prostrate. covered over with the darkness of sins. but rather they lift us up and inflame us. they endeavour to imitate the coming of Antichrist. who is now approaching. dearest brother. and to your very holy and large congregation. it may be all purged out of the ears and of the hearts of the brethren.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 178 do they cast us down on our face. if any contagion of envenomed speech and of pestilent propagation has crept in there. whom the devil so blinds. and return to- soundness of mind . matters nothing to us by whom. no priest of God so abject. and cruelly persevere in and threats. that they may not fill up with crime what they speak in madness.

let them be heard . and not after the tradition which he received of us. A knowing that he that is such is subverted. D / and besides suificientlv cautious by their own vigilance. reject . cannot be associated with us. Tit. who is an adversary of Christ. 2 24." There can be no fellowship between faith and faithlessness." " man that is an heretic. 27. 7 2 Thess. G. if they heap together curses and threats. . (Vulg. A : 5 And although I know does not listen to lying lips. 33. xxviii. iii. 4. 17. and 4 " And again wicked hearken not to a wicked tongue. after one admonition. xviii. " We command you. who is hostile to His unity and peace. 6 Matt. that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh dis7 orderly." A " Solomon. . saying. 10. my yet. " Hedge in thy ears with thorns. but also publican. perverse man carrieth perdition in his 3 Also again." O O doer glveth heed to the tongue of the unjust. O man / */ cannot be taken nor deceived by the poisons of heretics. let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a And the blessed apostle not only warns. 11." . as they are deserters from the church because it is written. He who is not with Christ. 5 Prov. and sinneth. 4 Ecclus. If they come with prayers and atonements. that no banquets nor conferences be entertained with the wicked but that we should . that no commerce should be entered into with such . 1 " Evil communications And again: corrupt good manners. assuredly fortified by your foresiVht. " If he shall neglect to hear the church." commands us to withdraw from such. either my God in is them solicitude or . xvi." that our brotherhood there. be as much separated from them. 21. he says. 28). being 2 And the Holy Spirit speaks by condemned of himself. and that the teachings and precepts of God prevail with them only in proportion as the fear of even although needlessly. he and in his lips he hideth a fire.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. but a righteous mouth . xvii. decline. 179 But for the rest. xv. iii. " in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord." warneth us. 3 Prov. let 1 1 Cor. love persuaded me to write these things to you. and says. let our most beloved brethren firmly and avoid the words and conversations of those whose word creeps onwards like a cancer as the apostle says.

I ought to bring unto your conscience also the anxiety of to believe. ever heartily farewell. by the this place. Cyprian first of all excuses himself to the Thi- them. strengthen the brotherhood with such moderate powers of But since I am detained by such exhortation as I possess. greeting. Hence are baritans thai he had not been to visit men from the beginning of world who have suffered martyrdom. EXHORTING TO MARTYRDOM. animates and influences us to sustain everything. What an incitement is afforded to the endurance of mar- suggested illustrations of good the tyrdom by the brave and ready enduring of the contests of the stadium and the theatre. Iviii. I have written in the meandivine mercy by time this letter. 1 TO THE PEOPLE OF THIBARIS. 180 them be rejected. and to condescension of the Lord instructing me. in conformity with what you frequently desired myself to come to you and being present with you. had indeed thought. the reward be considered. the passion of our Lord. to be to you in my stead. he then furnishes inducements readily to undergo martyrdom. that I have not the power to travel far from be long absent from the people over whom I am placed. and gives them warning of the persecution at hand. For as. nor consider anything 1 Oxford ed. I bid you. moreover. Finally. Cyprian to the people abiding at Thibaris. and the end (occasum) of it has begun to hang the world and the time of Antichrist to draw near. that the day of affliction over our heads. and prayerfully desired if the state of things and the condition of the times permitted. I 1. especially that which surpasses all examples. then to . dearest brother. ARGUMENT. and hold my warning. : Ep. which now. . beloved brethren. urgent affairs. so that we must all stand prepared for the battle . let.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. EPISTLE LV. I am very often instigated and warned. For you ought to know and for certain.

that when the time shall come. ought himself also so 1 He walked. 1 John ii. saying. 17. and that we also should.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. John xvi. ye may remember that I told you of them. has taught that persecutions occur for the sake of our being proved. for which the soldiers of Christ ought to prepare themselves with uncorrupted faith and a and robust courage. that no one may desire anything from the world that is now dying. 16. when the ally tried with increasing afflictions. exhorts and Paul teaches. that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. viii. think it not strange concerning the fiery trial 2 3 1 Rom. For he wrote in his epistle. and quickens His servants. that we fied together. because they have not known the Father nor me. who said. " He that saith he abideth in Christ. according to the Apostle John. the blessed Apostle " are God's children . . 2-4. then heirs of God. beloved brethren. but may follow Christ. 181 but the glory of life eternal. and said. His apostle. and continu- Lord before predicted that these things would happen in the last times. who are established in the faith of His name. considering that they drink the cup of Christ's blood daily. " Beloved. Which things must all now be considered by us. . We if so be that we suffer with Him. And these things they will do unto you. which our Lord long ago foretold and taught us was approaching. to imitate that which Christ both taught and did. and the crown of the confession of the Lord and not regard those things which are coming as severer being such as were those which have passed away. and joint-heirs with Christ. be joined to the love of God by death and sufferings. A fiercer fight is now threatening. who both lives for ever. 6. but if children. Peter also." 3 Nor let any one wonder that we are harassed with constant persecutions." to walk even as Moreover. "The time cometh. But these things have I told you. by the example of righteous men who have gone before us. For this is to may wish to be found with Christ. saying. For there comes the time. and has instructed us for the warfare by the teaching and exhortation of His words." may also be glori- 2 2. for the reason that they themselves also be able to shed their blood for Christ.

beloved brethren. If ye be in the name of Christ. He first of all did. we might reasonably fear to die. 29. may be glad also with exceeding joy. and shall reproach your name as evil for the Son of man's sake. as if some new thing happened unto you but as often as ye partake in Christ's sufferings. 2 and in the world to come life He And everlasting. then the soldiers of God are For we proved. that when His glory shall be which is to try you. 2 Luke xviii. Let it be before your eyes." 3 3. The Lord desired that we should rejoice and leap for joy in persecutions. parents. foretelling and testifying that He will confess those before His Father who confess Him. happy are ye . 3 Luke vi. and endurance. because. who shall not receive seven- us. 12-14. that He who alone received all judgment from the Father. then the heavens are opened to martyrs." apostles taught us those things which from the Lord's precepts and the themselves also learnt they Himself thus strengthening Lord the heavenly commands. and shall cast you out. for the kingdom of God's sake.THE EPISTLES OF CYPPJAN. . and who will come to judge. or children. for. and suffering so that what He taught to be done. then are given the crowns of faith. ye is blasphemed." says. on the other hand. 182 nor do ye fall away. 30. again men shall hate you. behold. it is necessary that a mortal man should die. If we could r escape death. or or or brethren. . for the reproached name of the majesty and power of the Lord resteth on you. But since. when persecutions occur. fold more in this present time. He Himself first suffered for us. when in this very warfare the Lord walked first the Teacher of humility. or sisters. which indeed on their part Now 1 and saying. 23. and what He exhorts to suffer. rejoice in all things. and draw back from and refuse war. and w ill deny those who deny Him. land. but on our part is the glorified. revealed. " There is no man that hath left house. your reward is great in heaven. has already declared the decree of His judgment and of His future recognition. 22. iv. "Blessed are ye when. or wife. and leap for joy. have not in such a way given our name to warfare that we ought only to think about peace. 1 1 Pet. and shall separate you from their company. Rejoice ye in that day.

we are sure when we are slain to be crowned. who may not kill. suffices for a testimony of his martyrdom. let him not be moved shall at the terror of that flight concealed. or the tempest and the storm should if overwhelm you hastening in a rapid voyage over the seas. let He is is is .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who. be disturbed at not seeing the brotherhood gathered All are not together. whose companion in of the desert flight Christ not alone who. That Witness who proves martyrs. nor fear to be slain. he withdraw and be him be alarmed at the solitude not alone. and accomplish the ending provided by death with the reward of immortality since 4. as Pie has promised that He . gives a reward to him when he dies. Wherever. or thirst. beloved brethren. Let us. 183 we should embrace the occasion that comes by divine promise and condescension. Nor let any one. if nor. Juda3a being conquered and Jerusalem taken. the friend of God. in those days. Nor is the glory of martyrdom less that he has not perished publicly and before many. neither frightened by their youthful age nor broken down by captivity. place. each one of the brethren be separated from the flock for a time. but who must be killed. who initiated snke. and Misael. beloved brethren. in body. keeping God's temple wheresoever And if a robber should fall not without God. Christ everywhere looks upon His soldier fighting and for the sake of persecution. imitate righteous Abel. a wild beast should attack you . since the cause of perishing is to perish for Christ. Azarias. when he beholds our people driven away and scattered by the fear of persecution. if hunger. martyrdoms. he he is. or cold should distress you. a fugitive in the solitude or in the mountains . . who did not delay to offer his son as a victim with his own hands. Let us imitate the three children Ananias. is . overcame the king by the power of faith in his own kingdom. able to be there together. nor hearing the bishops discoursing. upon you. . 5. for the honour of His name. obeying God with a faith of devotion. will give in the resurrection. by the necessity of the season. he first being slain for righteousness' Let us imitate Abraham. and crowns them. not in spirit.

What shall we say of the cruel tortures of the blessed martyrs in the Maccabees. and the multiform sufferings of the seven brethren." 3 6. who created the heaven and the earth. broke forth with full faith and freedom. The uncorrupted and unconquered might of the Holy Spirit broke forth by their mouth. Matt. but the Spirit of 2 He said that what your Father which speaketh in you. for it shall be given you in that hour what ye this is the strength of know that God can deliver shall speak. who speak. that faith may be the more mightily proved. and herself dying also with her children? Do not they witness the proofs of great courage and faith." 1 serve is O They believed that they might escape according to their but they added. and yet not to fear death nor to give way. stood forth stronger both than the king's threats and the flames. as He does not depart nor is separated from those who confess Him. in asserting the honour of his God. 5. and 2 1 3 Dan. 184 who. when bidden to worship the image which Nebuchadnezzar the king had made. take no thought what ye shall speak." we are able to speak and to answer is given to us in that hour from heaven. iii. " and if not. and supplied and that it is not then we . we For the God whom able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace. x. But if king. saying. So Daniel. Himself both speaks and is crowned in us. thee. calling out and attesting their faith by these words : " king Nebuchadnezzar. 20. For it is not ye that speak. Bel and the Dragon. to believe and to from present death. too." that the king might that they could also die for the God they worshipped. and the mother comforting her children in their agonies. thy gods. 16-18. so that the words which the Lord in His Gospel spoke are seen to be true: " But when 'they shall seize you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 19. "I worship nothing but the Lord my God. we are not O careful to answer thee in this matter. know For courage and of faith. . our Father. faith. but the Spirit of God when he was required to worship the idol Bel. and He will deliver us out of thine hands. which the people and the king then worshipped. nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. be it known unto we that do not serve not. who.

that the disciple might not be excused if he learns and does not. but 1 John xv. 7. when He who had no sin of His own suffered The Son of God suffered that He might make us for us sons of God. therefore the world hateth you. Nor let any one of you. man. "If the world hate you. 185 exhort us by their sufferings to the triumphs of martyrdom ? What of the prophets whom the Holy Spirit quickened to the foreknowledge of future events 1 What of the apostles men were slain whom the Lord chose ? Since these righteous O for righteousness' sake. the world would love its own but because ye are not of the world. It is shown that none is free from the peril of persecution. If ye were of the world. but above him comes Christ also. . The enemy goeth about and rageth. or the coming of the threatening Antichrist. but I have chosen you out of the world. beloved brethren. tortures. remember that it hated me before you. so that they who were two years old and under were slain for appeared who An age not yet fitted for the battle His name's sake. as not to be found armed for all things by the evangelical exhortations and precepts. they will also persecute you. ! ! : by the fear of future persecution. That it might be manifest that they are slain for Christ's sake are innocent. and by terrified the heavenly warnings. when even these accomplished martyrdoms. If they have persecuted me. . If we suffer Christ hatred. if in this if the Maker and exile. The servant is not greater than his lord. and the son of man will not suffer that he may If we suffer from the world's continue to be a son of God first endured the world's hatred. innocent infancy was put to death for His name's sake." 1 Whatever our Lord and God taught. Remember the word that I said unto you. and He also warns us. if he a servant But how grave is the case of a Christian when his Master and that we should be unwilling to suffer for our own sins. world. reproaches Lord of the world experienced harder things than these. He also did. be so first suffered is unwilling to suffer. 18-20. fit for the crown. have they not taught us also to die ? The nativity of Christ witnessed at once the martyrdom of infants. saying. Antichrist is coming.THE EPISTLES OF CJPRIAN.

How great . shall ascend rest up for ever and ever . Let the sound ones be armed. and let us be prepared for the struggle with an uncorrupted mind. and in the and the smoke of their torments presence of the Lamb . and they shall have no who worship the beast and his image. and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels. beloved brethren.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. shall keep it unto eternal. 25. with Christ for a judge! Let us be armed. and to be crowned. to in the presence of God. with is engage our whole strength. life. Apoc." 3 secular contest men are trained and prepared. the dignity. 1 is his life in this world. with of a heavenly crown. that even the lapsed may 2 3 John xii. mixed in the cup of And in the Apocalypse " If any man His indignation. and how great the happiness of the glory. but can deliver us from his hands. the beast and his image. stood 1 . day nor night. He kill but rather fear Him which And again : able to destroy both body and soul in hell. with a devoted Let the camp of God go forth to the battle-field which is appointed to us. and says: "Fear not them which are not able to kill the soul . For the and reckon it a great glory of their honour if it should happen to them to be crowned in the sight of the people. enjoys the spectacle of our contest. and Behold a lofty and great in the presence of the emperor. The adversary is enraged and threatens. 8. as warns. and fighting in the encounter of faith His angels look on us. x. saying. 186 immediately the Lord follows to avenge our sufferings aud our wounds. xiv. the same also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God. and Christ looks on us. also the reward contest." life 2 He instructs and forewarns. 9-11. 28. lest he that is sound should lose the advantage of having lately courage. with a sound faith. glorious inasmuch as God looks upon us as we struggle. God looks upon us in the warfare. and extending His view over those whom He has condescended to make His He sons. let Matt. . the lapsed also be armed." " He that loveth his lose that hateth shall it and he . but there is One who He is to be Himself forethe body. and receive worship his mark in his forehead or in his hand. feared whose anger no one can escape.

that our breast may be fortified and safe against the darts of the enemy let our feet be shod with evangelical teaching. that they may not see the odious images . 187 regain what he has lost let honour provoke the whole . saying. taking the shield of faith. 1 Eph.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. whatever the enemy darts at us may be extinguished : let us take also for protection of our head the helmet of salvation. " : We not against flesh and blood. wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. and the helmet of salva1 tion. so that when the serpent shall begin to be trodden and crushed by us. and the princes of this world and of this darkness. and not placed in his mouth by the minister. that. that ye may be able to withstand in the most evil day. and having put on the breastplate of righteousness. and armed. Wherefore put on the whole armour. that when ye have done all ye may stand having your loins girt about with truth. The Apostle Paul wrestle teaches us to be armed and prepared. and to resist the threats of the devil let us put on the breastplate of righteousness. sign of the cross in baptism." 9. as some have pretended was the original mode of administration. 12-17. which is the word of God. that our mouth may be fortified. that we may be able to withstand. but against powers. that may bravely reject the deadly sacrifices . hereafter to receive from the Lord the reward of heavenly crowns. that the conquering tongue may confess Christ its Lord : let us also arm the right hand with the sword of the Spirit. against spirits of wickedness in high places. let us fortify ourselves with these in the most evil day spiritual and heavenly safeguards. it 2 Sell. observed here that the Eucharist was at this time received by the hand of the communicant. the hand which has received the Loi'd's body may embrace the Lord Himself. that our brow may be fortified. and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. let sorrow provoke the lapsed to the battle. so as to 2 keep safe the sign of God . mindful of 3 the Eucharist. by the protection of which. he may not be able to bite and trip us . : : up : let us bravely bear the shield of faith. that our eyes may be fortified. and the sword of the Spirit. Let us take these arms. 3 It is . : the vi. that our ears may be guarded from hearing the deadly edicts .

saying. 11. when that glory of God shall shine upon us. there should come to us a day of persecution. He promises by of the eous : .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. on the other hand. viii. Oh. and apostles. and Isaac. and martyrs to rejoice with the righteous and the friends of God in the kingdom of heaven. nor ear heard. thy Lord God. as they will remain guilty and wretched. ever heartily farewell. and Jacob. . I bid you. this our to have before our eyes and ever to revolve in our thoughts and feelings the punishments hearts . let this daily and nightly meditation. the soldier of Christ instructed in His precepts and warnings is not fearful for the battle. dearest brethren. with the pleasure of immortality given to us to repatriarchs. who. but to pay to us the reward of our faith and devotion What will be the glory and how great the joy to be admitted to see God. and to recognise the deservings of each one by the inspection of His divine knowledge. take hold of our be the preparation of our arms. 188 10. neither ! shall receive greater things For the apostle announces than anything that we here either do or suffer. way of glory to those that confess Him. while we think and meditate on these things. and to set on fire our persecutors with the per- petual burning of a penal fire. ceive there what neither eye hath hath entered into the heart of that we man seen." When that revelation shall come. when the will that Lord day be shall begin to at its coming. " The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come 1 hereafter which shall be revealed in us. 1 Rom. we shall be as happy and joyful. beloved brethren. so that it is necessary for them to be tormented with the devil himself in unquenchable fire. to send the guilty to Gehenna. honoured with the con- descension of God. 18. to be honoured to receive ! with Christ. the joy of eternal salvation and to greet Abraham. If. and all the light and prophets. have done the will of the devil. either as deserters from God or rebels against Him. but is prepared for the crown. count up His people. what and how great beloved brethren. Let these things. wicked and the rewards and the deservings of the rightwhat the Lord threatens by way of punishment against those that deny Him what.

what priest does not congratulate himself on the praises of his fellow-priest as if on his own or what brotherhood would not rejoice in the joy of its brethren ? It cannot be sufficiently declared how great was the exultation and how great the joy here. EPISTLE LVL 189 1 TO COENELIUS IN EXILE. . CONCERNING HIS CONFESSION. that you had stood forth as a leader of . We have greeting. while you precede them to glory. whence the tyrant took an excuse for his death. Ix. you have made many your companions in glory. : Ep. so that. and exhorts them to constancy and to mutual prayer for their confession one another. Cyprian praises in Cornelius and his people of the name of Christ even to banishment . the whole Roman church has confessed. Cyprian to Cornelius his brother. 1 Oxford ed. as well in respect of the approaching day of struggle in this life. or the inseparable love of the brethren. whether your prompt and decided faith. that the confession of the leader had increased by the consent of the brethren . when we had heard of your success and bravery. been made acquainted. Among you the courage of the bishop going before has been publicly first proved. confession to the brethren there . a mind united. Moreover. and a praises. As with you there is one mind and one voice. and have received with such exultation the honour of your confession. moreover. and have persuaded the people to become a confessor by being first prepared to confess on behalf of all. dearest brother. ARGUMENT.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and the unitedness of the brotherhood following has been shown. as after death. and. Damasus of Cornelius. as being account of which a calumny arose. mentions this epistle in the life that on 1. concord undivided. with the glorious testimonies of your faith and courage. that we count ourselves also sharers and companions in your merits and For as we have one church. so that we are at a loss what we ought of all to commend in you.

He attacked one first.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. The adof with forth to disturb the Christ leapt camp . he perceived that the soldiers of Christ are and stand sober and armed for the now watch- that they cannot be conquered. But when beaten back as well by the faith as by the vigour of the combined violent terror . sight single ! . that whatsoever God versary had is at the same time sought for by of peace will grant to the peaceful. since it is not ing. as a hawk to separate the dove from the flying troop for he who has not sufficient strength against all. The faith. as a wolf had tried to separate the sheep from the flock. army. firmly to cling to Christ . can by no means be overcome all. 190 2. so much bravery and He had thought that he could again strength he also found. that they do not fear death . attesting your merits by the commendation of your future doings. but that they can die . and. you have given great examples both of unanimity and dren. which the blessed apostle commended in you has shone brightly. and that by this very fact they are invincible. he was beaten back and conquered and as much fear and terror as lie had brought. lawful for the innocent even to kill the guilty . that they do not in turn assail their assailants. of bravery to the rest of the brethren. but that they both their lives and their blood . battle . once established. they may the readily deliver more quickly withdraw from the evil and cruel. with the same impetuosity with which he had come. as if they were novices and inexperienced as if little prepared and little cautious. dearest brethren. and agitate them in his accustomed manner. He even then in the foresaw this praise of courage and firmness of strength . that since up such malice and cruelty rages in the world. but. in praising the parents he provokes the chilspirit While you are thus unanimous. while you are thus brave. that the brethren should not be separated from brethren in persecution . . that a concord. What a what a glorious spectacle was that under the eyes of God of His church in the of that not joy Christ. that the people should be associated with the priests in peril . overthrow the servants of God. seeks to gain advantage from the solitude of individuals. the . You have taught them deeply to fear God.

a corrupter of truth. whom Antichrist attacks ? For neither does who whom he has already subdued. indeed. and hurling darts of poisonous eloquence. he goes on to harass those in whom he sees Christ dwell. How many lapsed were ! by a glorious confession They bravely stood. but that they had afterwards returned to themselves that true faith and their strength. is he more driven to fury by our very benefits and prosperity. gathered from the fear of God. a destroyer of repentance. 3. nor does he take the trouble to overthrow those whom he has already made his own. but for the crown of there restored ! . AVhat does Novatian say to these things. clamouring with his tongue to the ruin of the brethren. and had trembled at the fear of a new and unaccustomed thing. a teacher of arrogance. that it might appear that lately they had been taken at unawares. more ' severe in accordance with the wickedness of a secular philosophy than peaceable with the gentleness of the Lord's wisdom. but wound both himself and his friends still more severely. a foe to mercy. 191 at once went forth to the battle soldiers. had constantly and firmly strengthened them to all endurance . For it is plain that which the enemy had tried to begin all would have come if they could have heard. whom the devil molests. 4. and led without as captives and conquered . priest of God . but the whole camp. who are the Christians. and in proportion as the glory of love and faith srows here more and more. a murderer of love ? Does he now acknowledge who is the which is the church and the house of Christ . their suffering. Even although any one of such should have been seized. . as is the custom of foolish men. are God's servants. a deserter of the church. and that now they do not stand for pardon of their crime. The foe and enemy of the church despises he seek those and passes by those whom he has alienated from the church. since whoever heard ran hastily and came. and by the very suffering of repentance were made braver for the battle. does the madness of dissension O and envy break out anew there ? Does the wretched man not cure his own wound. dearest brother? Does he yet lay aside his error? Or.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN.

dearest in the presence of the Father's mercy. exile. his urith return his from colleagues. Then. those dwell in the house of mind. pointing out that the martyrdom of Cornelius and the 1 Oxford ed. who warns us. our love may continue in the presence of the Lord. by the swiftness of divine condescension. ARGUMENT. ever heartily farewell. for the sake of the mutual love by which we are We joined one to another. Let us remember one another in concord and unanimity. 1 TO LUCIUS THE BISHOP OF ROME. Let us on both sides always pray for one another. in watchLet us be urgent. brother. but is rather a punishment of treachery. Let us relieve burdens and afflictions by mutual love. Lucius on Cyprian. 5. contest For these are our heavenly arms. whom we God among no crown Nor will those that are of one withdrawn by the madness of see to have discord from the peaceful and divine household. Ixi. that the day of our and struggle is already approaching. in prayers. we should not cease to be instant with all the people in fastings. that since we are instructed by the providence of the Lord. as if in the consince it is manifest that. and frequent prayers. if people of this sort should be put to death outside the church. congratulates reminding him that martyrdom deferred does not make the glory less. it is of faith. These are the spiritual defences and divine weapons which defend us. shall go hence the first. which make us to stand fast and bravely to persevere. EPISTLE LVII. earnestly exhort as much as we can. and our prayers for our brethren and sisters not cease I bid you. 192 there is no reason for fession of the name . his flattering himself. and are admonished by the wholesome counsels of divine mercy. : Ep. . dearest brother. EETURNED FROM BANISHMENT. with constant groanings ings. that if any one of us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN.

We see represented in you what the brave and illustrious youths announced before the king. that they indeed were preChrist. with his colleagues. but that his it it among his oivn people. that your banishment was so divinely arranged. the divine condescension. nor did Daniel stand forth uncompleted in the praise he deserved. This we now find carried out in the faith of your confession. appointed you as well a confessor as a priest. and the pilot to manage the ship. and in the Lord's protection over you H . . that the benignant and liberal protection of the Lord has brought you back again to His own with the same glory. by a double in the administration of God's church. nor worship the God whom they worshipped.might be restored to feed his flock. but that his gods. for the confusion of the Ncvatians. pared to be burnt in the flames. dearest brother. but show forth the greatness of divine protection. but that he should return to the church greater than he had 2. We greeting. that so the shepherd . Among confessors of martyrdoms deferred do not diminish the merits of confession. when honour.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. when he had been sent to the lions for a prey. Cyprian. and the whole fraternity. because their death being frustrated. But now also we no less congratulate you and your companions. and with praises to you. he was protected by the Lord. and whom we also worship. had lately also congratulated you indeed. For the dignity of martyrdom was not the less in the case of the three youths. was able even to rescue them from the fiery furnace. and the ruler to govern the people and that it might appear . because. 193 banishment of Lucius had happened by divine direction. left it. to Lucius his brother. God so ordaining should be consummated not away from home. and from immi- the nent sufferings. and lived to glory. that they might not serve image which he had made . 1. not that the driven away should be wanting to the bishop banished and church. he foretells to him own impending martyrdom. and to deliver them from the hands of the king. they came forth safe from the fiery furnace .

he despises and passes by. yet the but the priestly authority has rather increased. We arose there whence the secular power suddenly broke forth against the church of Christ and the bishop Cornelius. punishment. not priest is assisting at the altar of to take only by the urgency of his speech and his words. and we perceive with the whole light of our heart. understand. whom. heretics. who exhorts the people of the arms confession. that we ourselves. the salutary and holy plans of the divine majesty.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. and preserved you for the church. who love you with mutual love. the Lord might show which was the church which is its one bishop chosen by divine appointment which presbyters are associated with the bishop in priestly honour which is the united and true people of Christ. not by his words. also What receive the very joyous fruit of your among all the brethren there . that the power were now given us to be with you there on your return. For Christ's adversary does not persecute and attack any except Christ's made down 4. In your return the his of confession has not been dignity abridged in the bishop. and to submit to martyrup dom. once prostrated and own. might. rest. linked together in the love of the Lord's flock they were whom the enemy would harass . on who the other hand. so that a God. and all of you . exultation what running together and embracing of each one as they arrive Scarcely can you be satisfied with the kisses of those who cling to you scarcely can the very faces and eyes of the people be satiated with seeing. whence the sudden persecution lately example of 3. those whom he sees to stand. dearest brother. At the joy of your coming the brotherhood there has begun to recognise what and ! . the devil would spare as being his own. camp and soldiers. 194 were prepared and ready to undergo all Lord withdrew you from punishment. and now that Antichrist is near. but by the his faith and courage. . so that. prepares the soldiers for the battle. dearest brother. his And He seeks to cast I wish. but by his deeds . so that while you. for the confusion and beating down of heretics. the blessed martyr. being present with the coming.

1 TO FIDUS. Ixiv. but forbids Therapius the bishop to do it in other cases. now that a bishop returns as a confessor of the Lord. ARGUMENT. From which plainly evident that this letter Oxford ed. is now and His priest. not ceasing to give thanks to God the Father. so. although it against the decrees of synods concerning the lapsed. occasion. ought to be offered up when the brethren are present. send this letter to you in the stead of us. a kind of representation has now gone before in you .THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. if the martyrdom of your confession should be consummated away from home. however. for the correction of those who thought that an infant must not be baptized before the eighth day after its birth. who perchance has called you back for this purpose. Ep. dearest brother . that He who is perfect. and setting forth to you by our letter our joy. colleagues. EPISTLE We bid you. it appears that the But I and my returning. we express the faithful inclination of our love here also in our sacrifices and our prayers. but keeping most firmly the faith of the church. For the victim which affords an example to the brotherhood both of courage and of faith. will keep and perfect in you the glorious crown of to your confession. 195 how great a joy will follow when Christ shall come : for because His advent will quickly approach. came and preached that Christ had come. that your glory should not be hidden. and makes perfect. that as soon as it was born it He takes might properly be baptized. His forerunner and preparer of His way. ever heartily farewell. he decreed ivith some of his fellow-bishops. that just as John. ON THE BAPTISM OF INFANTS. and to Christ His Son our Lord. In tins letter Cyprian is not establishing any new decree . dearest LVIII. is it 1 : was . brother. Lord and all also the brotherhood. to refuse to peace that had had been granted recall the been granted to one Victor. and as well pray as to entreat.

in which you Cyprian. should be regarded. and for this reason have allowed Victor granted to avail himself of the communion to him. formerly a presbyter. but whether a long time or a short time after is uncertain. but to save them. of which mention was made above in Epistle liii. to have read your letter. this course which you thought was to be taken. 1. council. in We who were present in Fidus their brother. granted peace to him before he had fully repented. But the judgment being long weighed among us. no one agreed . although the context indicates that it was written during a time of peace. . that our colleague Therapius. and witli over-eager haste. 196 written after both synods concerning the lapsed. But in respect of the case of infants.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Yet we people did not think that the peace once granted in any wise by a priest of God was to be taken away. which thing rather disturbed us. rashly at a too early season. it was considered sufficient to rebuke Therapius our colleague for having done this rashly. and without the request and consciousness of the no sickness rendering it urgent. against whom he had sinned . and no necessity compelling it. intimated concerning Victor. so that you think that one who is just born should not be baptized and sanctified within the eighth For in day. and had satisfied the Lord God. greeting. and others his colleagues number sixty-six. we must 1 Luke is. * men's lives. we all thought very differently in our council. that it was a departure from the authority of our decree. but we all rather judge that the mercy and grace of God is not to be refused to any one born of man. and that the law of ancient circumcision 2. . that peace should be granted to him before the legitimate and full time of satisfaction. and to have instructed him that he should not do the like with any other." as far as we can. For as the Lord " The Son of man is not come to destroy says in his Gospel. dearest brother. 56. which you say to be baptized within the second or third not ought day after their birth.

indeed. and to our eyes. since in . and the limbs of Elisha were spread over and joined to each of the limbs of the child. that his head was applied to his head. does not accept the person. they who are born appear to receive But whatever things are made by God. according to the of God ? strive that. making peace . unless that very grace also which is given to the baptized is given either less or more. we do not think that this ought to be alleged as any impediment to heavenly grace. at kissing it yet it is For although the infant is still fresh not such that any one should shudder in giving grace 1 and Tit. so that one of us still shudder at would any kissing it. there is same equality of the divine gift. that the aspect of an infant in the first days after its birth is not pure. the divine and spiritual equality. little limbs But in that that all fit and be equal to the larger limbs [of the man]. 3. and our age may have a difference in the increase of our bodies. nor could its his feet. 197 no soul be lost. Elisha. and his feet to the If this thing be considered with respect to the inequality of our birth and our body. so laid himself upon the infant son of the widow.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Moreover. whereas the Holy Spirit is not given with measure." of us to shudder at that which God hath 1 condescended to make. beseeching God. an infant could not be made equal with a person grown up and mature. from its birth. among all. according to the world. that an increase. For it is Nor ought any " To the written. expressed are like and equal. He as accept the age . are completed by the majesty and work of God their Maker. For what is wanting him who has once been formed in the womb by the hand To us. pure all things are pure. but not according to God . but by the love and mercy of the Father alike to all. i. to worldly course of days. For. whether infants or those who are older. in 15. For God. since they have once been is men made by God . and his face to his face. according to the age of the receivers. belief in divine Scripture declares to us. 4. who was lying dead. with respect to what you say. if possible. so does not He shows Himself a Father to all with since well-weighed equality for the attainment of heavenly grace.

is remission of sins granted they subsequently believed. and should . and that spiritual circumcision ought not to be hindered by carnal circumcision. but that absolutely every man is to be admitted to the grace of Christ. and spiritual circumcision was by by quicken us. and says. the eighth the first day after the Sabbath. their more heinous sins might rather hinder those who are mature and grown up and and older. since Peter also in the Acts of the Apostles speaks. that is. 5. that given to us. was to be that on which the Lord should rise again. and give us circumcision of the spirit.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. For because the eighth day. dearest brother. who. he has contracted the contagion of the ancient death at its earliest birth. is being lately born. when and nobody hindered from baptism and from grace how much rather ought we to shrink from hindering an infant. when we are embracing that which God has made. . For in respect of the observance of the eighth day in the Jewish circumcision of the flesh. " The Lord hath said to me 1 But if that I should call no man common or unclean. 28.* to consider the still recent hands of God O themselves. For which reason we think that no one is to be hindered from obtaining grace by that law which was already ordained. which in some sort we are kissing. but the sins 6. in the figure . sinners. to those But who had even again. in the man lately formed and freshly born. 198 the kiss of an infant every one of us ought. the first day after the Sabbath." anything could hinder men from obtaining grace. truth and the came. except in that. and the Lord's is. a sacrament was given beforehand in shadow and in usage but when Christ came. has not sinned. for his very religion's sake. which figure ceased when went before day. this council. if sinned much to the greatest against God. And him are remitted. that by us no one ought 1 Acts to own was our opinion in be hindered from baptism x. not his therefore. sins. it was fulfilled in truth. being born after the flesh according to Adam. day. who approaches the more easily on this very account to the reception of the that to forgiveness of sins of another.

greeting. . ARGUMENT. con1. who on this very account deserve more from our help and from the divine mercy. xi. rejoice with. Cyprian begins by deploring tJie captivity of of which he had heard from the Numi- the IretJiren. all the members members "Who suffer with it . is is to be one body of our 3 2 Cor. xii. For who would not grieve at misfortunes of that kind. dearest brethren. since it is is 199 merciful and kind and to be observed and main- tained in respect of all. Nemesianus. they do nothing else but entreat. Which. : grief of those Ep.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN." or one 2 and member rejoice. EPISTLE LIX. Maximus. We bid you. who loving to all. I have read your letter which you wrote to me from the solicitude of your love. 29. on the very beginning of their birth. lamenting and weeping. Modianus. and I am not weak?" also the captivity of our brethren must be reckoned as our is captivity. since the Apostle Paul speaks. cerning the captivity of our brethren and sisters. all the in another place he says. saying. ever heartily farewell. Nampulus. we think is to be even more observed in respect of infants and newly-born persons. that immediately. It is probable that this captivity of those barbarians against was whom was Decius went the icork war and to killed. and Honoratus. contributed by brethren and sisters and colleagues. since 2 1 Cor. without tears. ON THE REDEMPTION OF THEIR BRETHREN FROM CAPTIVITY AMONG THE BARBARIANS. Proculus. Victor. and says that he is sending them a hundred thousand sesterces. and not brethren. 1 TO THE NUMIDIAN BISHOPS. his With excessive grief of mind.it. Ixii. or who would not consider his brother's grief his own. and the esteemed as our 1 Oxford ed. " Whether one member suffer. dian bishops. Cyprian to Januarius. 26. who are endangered indeed there grief. dearest brother. 3 Wherefore now weak. and from the grace of God.

to deserve well of Christ our Judge and Lord and God. 16. whether each one of us will do for another what he would wish to be done for he himself were held captive among barbarians. but to strive with what powers we can. took us out of the jaws of the devil. all these things according and sorrowfully examining.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. considering letter. 200 union. and that the Spirit of God 1 dwelleth in even although love urged us you?" bring help to the brethren. and to act quickly by our obedience. 2 Gal. and reminded of mutual himself. but also religion. will not think that his wife is there if much kept captive. on whose behalf we must bewail not only the loss of liberty. . " Know 2. and not love only. should be sullied by the lust and contagion of the insulter." put brethren. lest the members dedicated honour of continence to Christ. of their suffering to allow the temples of God to be long captive. he be a father. who abides and dwells in us. with as But how grief as shame for the marriage the general grief among all of us. is mindful of humanity. that our faith may be tried. tie? great is but of modesty. ought to instigate? and strengthen us to redeem the members of the brethren. yet in this place less to we must have it was the temples of God which were taken not and that we ought by long inactivity and neglect captive. may now Himself be rescued and redeemed from who the hands of barbarians by His cross by a sum of money and blood who -who redeemed us suffers these things to happen for this reason. ye not that ye are the temple of God. For inasmuch as the Apostle Paul says again. all iii. by modest and devoted for ever m virtue. if there . if For who that love. 3. to Our your brotherhood. " As many of you as have been baptized into Christ have 2 on Christ is to be contemplated in our captive Christ. have iii. and must lament the bonds of barbarians less than the violence of seducers and abominable places. will not now consider that his sons are he be a husband. For as the Apostle Paul says. and suffering concerning the peril of virgins who are kept there. 1 1 Cor. promptly 27. and He is to be redeemed from the peril of capso that He tivity who redeemed us from the peril of death considered that .

for the searching out of the love of 4. and from that prison of slavery you delivered me. "I was sick. shut and bound P and lay up among barbarians. that nothing of such a kind may happen again. by the contributions of the clergy and people established with us. And we wish. captive. If. xxv. being always indeed. 06. thousand sesterces. and in so great and necessary a work that you have offered us fruitful fields in which we might cast the seeds of our hope. our mind. and ye " in the dungeon of I was He to will it be when begins say." being about to receive a reward from the Lord when the day of Finally. that they will their but if But that you willingly and liberally render help. ! may. captivity. . may be preserved safe from perils of this kind. we give you the warmest judgment shall come thanks that you have wished us to be sharers in your anxiety. in mind in your prayers our brethren and sisters may have who have laboured so promptly and liberally for this needful work. and that our brethren. 1 Matt. prone to the work of God.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and ye redeemed me!" " I was in came unto me. 201 of willingly and liberally gathered together supplies for the brethren. and the whole prayers that these things they happen. with the expectation of a harvest of the most abundant fruits which will proceed from this heavenly and saving We have then sent you a sum of one hundred operation. and ye visited me. which have been collected here in the church over which by the Lord's mercy we preside. but and money now even more stimulated to salutary works by the consideFor since the Lord in His ration of so great a suffering." 1 with how much greater reward for our work will Pie say now. counting it for certain that our church fraternity here beseech may not happen again by . however." how much more prison. any such thing should happen. protected by the majesty of the Lord. do not delay to tell us of it in your letters. and for the testing of the faith of our heart. which you will there dispense with what diligence you Gospel says. " I was And since again Pie says. indeed. according to the strength of their faith.

all of I have intimated and sent their amount. still persists in the discredit of the same art of his . conformity in and to remember your supplications you ought prayers. I think. not for the instruction. in their own names and the name of their and besides our own people. dearest brother. 1 TO EUCHRATIUS. dearest brethren. if the means of the church there are not sufficient^ lie recommends him to come to Carthage. that the 1 Oxford ed. 202 may always labour and that in return for their work you may present them in your sacrifices and good have I subjoined the names of each one and moreprayers. the to 1. I have added the names small sums. but for the destruction of boys. cpntributed some little according to their power. and as a master and teacher. that which he has unfortunately learnt he also imparts to others to communicate with : you ask whether such an one ought us. ARGUMENT. being settled among you. neither befits the divine majesty nor the discipline of the gospel. ii. graceful He forbids an actor. : Ep. . calling. From our mutual love and your reverence for me you have thought that I should be consulted. that he himself does not practise the histrionic art. and remember us. ever heartily farewell. so long as he teaches it to others . EPISTLE LX. who. of faith with the claims and charity. This. . neither does he excuse it because of Neither does he allow want of means. over also of my colleagues and fellow-priests. as to my opinion concerning a certain actor. and therefore. ABOUT AN ACTOR. Cyprian to Euchratius his brother. . that they . since necessaries may be supplied him from the resources of the church. greeting. We bid you. if he continue in his disfrom communicating in the church. who themselves also. in whom.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. as they were present. it to be an excuse for him.

he may transfer himself to us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. in the law. substitutes others in his place. And let him not think redeemed by an allowance to cease from sinning. his instructing and teaching in necessity also can be assisted among the rest who are maintained by the support of the church. tenance of the church. to the eternal torments of hunger and and therefore. ever heartily farewell. sadly and perniciously fattened in this world. I bid you. but himself learn wholesome things in the church. by the teaching of an immodest art that offend in this ! Nor any one excuse himself that he himself has given up the theatre. to afford support for those in need. that is. but also to express base and effeminate and luxurious gestures. how much greater is the crime. recall him from this thirst depravity and disgrace to the way of innocence. and not teach deadly things -to others without the church. and how the devil who pollutes the divine image may be gratified by But if such an the sins of a corrupted and enervated body. against God's appointment. and Jacob. What more he may wish he must seek thence. 203 modesty and credit of the church should be polluted by so disgraceful and infamous a contagion. and those manner are judged accursed. one alleges poverty and the necessity of small means. and leads them down. . if he be content. But if the church with you is not sufficient for this. but to himself. instead of himself 2. and Isaac. For since. an advantage not to us. and who. sparing indeed. what way a man may be broken down into a woman. that he may be content with the mainthat he is since this is . let alone. men are forbidden to put on a woman's garment. and his sex changed by art. from such gain as takes men away from the banquet of Abraham. as far as you can. and to the hope of eternal life. while he is still teaching the art to For he cannot appear to have given it up who others. and here receive what may be necessary to him for food and clothing. with very frugal but innocent food. but wholesome. supplies many in his stead . not only to take women's garments. dearest brother.

with some of his colleague Pomponius. and yet that the same virgins who have confessed that they have slept with men declare that they are chaste. Cyprian.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the kind of He which virgins some matters concerning be kept in their duty. iii." side . dearest brother. . which you sent letter desiring us to those virgins who. since the Lord speaks. 2 Jcr. replies to who had determined maintain their state with continency and firmness. since you have desired our advice. know that we do not depart from the traditions of the gospel and of the apostles. Ms that virgins colleagues. not to their husband^ but to Christ. and power of excommunication in may the the church. after having once determined to continue in and firmly to maintain their continency. should be to the church . " And I will give you pastors according 2 to mine heart. greeting. Seclatus. by side with men of whom you say that one is a deacon . 204 EPISTLE LXI. have afterwards been found to have remained in the same bed their condition. Concerning which matters. iv. lut who had yet subsequently been found in the same bed with to men. : Ep. CONCERNING SOME VIRGINS. your by Paconius our brother. 15. but with constancy and firmness take counsel for our brethren and sisters. Caecilius. and they shall feed you with discipline. Cyprian. if they were still received into communion found to be and admitted virgins. but if otherwise. since they are adulterous. ARGUMENT. by the icay. 1. 1 TO POMPONIUS. saying. to Pomponius their presbyters We have read. discipline by obstinately persevere should be ejected suggests. and those from who should the church. and maintain the discipline of the church by all the ways of usefulness and safety. and say what we thought of brother. Tertullus. 1 Oxford ed. they should be compelled to full repentance. with the who were present with them. Victor. asking and write again to you.

ad Pis. after they have become joined together by a very guilty conscience. In the first place. once with such as these. 3 but that we should faithfully consult for the life of each one. and to live according to their own fancy and lust. before watchfully to be may not be broken is the baggage must swiftly be is burnt up by the flames it No one who is near to danger is long safe. i Wisd. . because by and by they will not be able to be separated by our interference. and desires to rage " Do not also to hurt since the over them. 8 Some editors read here let them persevere 2 in modesty Ps. therefore.). when His 2 anger shall quickly burn against you. 457. in the "Whoso Psalms 205 despiseth discipline also the Holy Spirit is miser- admonishes and instructs us. apostle 4 The ship give place to the devil." delivered from perilous places. but to live together. ought to be bridled in all things and ruled by us. dearest brother. says." 2. still critical. We must interfere at entangled himself in the devil's nets. since both their weak sex and their age. nor the servant of God be able to escape the devil if he has reaching will fire. than that we who fear God should keep the divine precepts with every observation of discipline. saying. that it it. and not suffer virgins to dwell with men. both by overseers and people nothing is to be more eagerly sought after. 11. lest haply the Lord be angry. iv. Moreover. "fructu" for "ructu. I do not say to sleep together. great grief . And able again l it is and . and should not suffer our brethren to stray. lest an occasion should be given to the devil who ensnares us. " Keep discipline. that they may be separated while yet they can be separated in innocence . * Eph. us." written. iii. what a number of serious mischiefs we see to have and what a multitude of virgins we behold arisen hence unlawful and dangerous conjunctions of this corrupted by to our mind of But if they have faithfully kind. among the rocks and taken out of the cliffs ." but Goldhorn observes that a similar collocation of eructation with error is found iu Horace.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Ep.a> 12 (LXX. and ye perish from the right way. 27. ! dedicated themselves to Christ.

and what penalties does He threaten against such unchaste connections whose spiritual sword and the coming day of judgment. in excommunicating the deacon ! 1 Cor. J lest I make my brother to offend. the very talking together. without incurring and any evil report. we ought with And since it our all behoves all means to keep discipline. that she may be examined and proved whether she be a virgin . " If meat cause my brother to offend. ! ! the brethren may be able to escape. how much of dishonour and crime does it confess If a husband come upon his wife. and so in courage and steadiness await the reward of virginity. Nor let any one think that she can be defended by this excuse. 18. And therefore you have acted advisedly and with all vigour. since it is written. than that by their crimes they should fall into the fire. since both the hands and the eyes of the midwives and if she be found to be a virgin in that particular in which a woman may be so. and destined for His holiness. But if they are unwilling or unable to persevere. if the corruptions and teachings of sin begin to proceed from themselves ? 4. that they may afford an example and instruction to others concerning their conversation and character. who . that every one of are often deceived . 206 chastity. Certainly let them not cause a scandal to the brethren or sisters.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the mere embracing. is he not angry and raging. Assuredly the mere lying together. dedicated to Him. much more is it right that by overseers and deacons should be careful for this. and by the passion of his rage does he not perhaps take his sword into his hand ? And what shall Christ and our Lord and Judge think. and the act of kissing. when He sees His virgin. For how can they direct the integrity and continence of others. which may be corrupted and yet cannot be examined. counsel to provide and to strive. viii. and see her lying with another man." 3. dearest brother. lying with another? How indignant and angry is He. and the disgraceful and foul slumber of two persons lying together. it is better that they should marry. I will eat no flesh while the world standeth. yet she may have sinned in some other part of her body.

when the circumcision of the flesh was yet in force . return to let But if they obstinately persevere. and those who did not hearken to His who were appointed for the time. subsequently they should return to the same men. they should be ejected with a severer censure. that if . 207 has often abode with a virgin . the divine Scrip- . or if they should dwell together with the same men in one house or under the same roof. and admitted to the church yet with this threatening. in that they are cast out of the church. But if any one of them be found to be cor- rupted. if they have refused to obey the bishops and priests. But if they have who had been used repented of this their unlawful lying together. and if they should be found virgins. and there can be no salvation to any except in the church. when confession has been made. they can never be admitted by us into the church. but against Christ. her afterwards. immodest obstinacy. and will not hearken unto the priest or judge. mutually separate the church. do presumptuously. because she who has been guilty of this crime is an adulteress. but now that circumcision has begun judges to be of the spirit among God's and contumacious are slain faithful servants. and all the people shall hear and fear. not against a husband. For they cannot live out of it. let her abundantly repent. the with the sword of the proud Spirit. with this themselves. and. a due time being appointed. lest they should begin to set an example to others to go to ruin by their crimes. 12. let the virgins mean- time be carefully inspected by midwives . And then indeed they were slain with the sword. and therefore. since in the man that will " And Deuteronomy the Lord God says. xvii." His priests to be slain. and have mutually withdrawn from one another.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that man shall die. the others to sleep with virgins. since the house of God is one. and do no more 1 God commanded those who did not obey presumptuously. nor should such be afterwards easily received into the church. 13. 1 But Deut. Nor let them think their that the way of life or of salvation is still open to them. let them be received to communion. and do not let them know that. whosoever he shall be in those days. moreover.

But if some of theless Am the perverse persons refuse to obey. bdii. please them Christ our Lord and God. you should rule the you brotherhood.4 ON THE SACRAMENT OF THE CUP OF THE LORD. because they do nor obey wholesome precepts . life. but wine 1 Prov. let us follow the same " If I apostle. 12. : Ep. 10. in opposition to those ivho used water in the Lord's supper. 203 ture testifies not listen to. longed for. 8 GaL * Oxford i. and not offend God's priests nor the Lord's church by the enter into scandal of their wickedness. And of our brethren seem to be made if. dearest brother. brother beloved and in the Lord. iv. as far as we can. I should not be the ser- vant of Christ." 3 If we cannot please some. for the present. and take counsel of each one with a view to his salvation. heartily farewell EPISTLE TO (LECILIUS. so as to make please Christ. 10. Strait and narrow is the way through which we can.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that as much as by your salutary counsels." 1 loveth not undisciplined they who hate reproof shall 5. by observing His you. 16. who says. Therefore. ARGUMENT. Cyprian teaches. LXII. we have gained our brethren. 2 because I tell you the truth?" But if they shall obey us. But be consumed with disgrace. " An man him that correcteth him. let us assuredly. that the undisciplined perish. for it says. please men. and have formed them as well to salvation as to dignity by our address. knowing that an " I therefore become your enemy apostle also has said. endeavour that the undisciplined should not be consumed and perish. 2 Gal. that not water alone. Let those who have once made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven please God in all things. but excellent and great is the reward when we enter into glory. let us never- remain in our wholesome persuasion. xv. much I bid precepts. certain sorry by us. . ed.

dearest brother. that by water ivas Scripture. . the use of ivine in the sacrament of the Lord's body is illustrated. Know then that I have been admonished that. the founder and teacher of this sacrifice. acquitted by all of assuming anything arrogantly to himself. dearest brother. throughout the whole world. was designated in 209 be offered. and it is declared that by the symbol of Eucharist. is . seeing that constrained to fear offending the Lord unless he does he is he is 2. 1. water is understood the Christian congregation. he may behold the light of truth. 1. our Lord and God. greeting. I have thought it either as well a religious as a necessary thing to write to you this letter. as that the cup which is offered in remembrance of Him should be offered mingled with wine. it is necessary that a faithful servant should obey the Lord. if any one is still kept in this error. since I always hold my mediocrity with lowly and modest moderation. and that nothing must be done by us but what the Lord first did on our behalf. Nor must you think. what commanded. maintain the plan of evangelical truth. and in ministering to the people. did and taught. mixed with water. But when anything is prescribed by the inspiration and command of God.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. but certainly not the to By types drawn from the Old Testament. Cyprian to Cascilius his brother. in offering the cup. and do riot by human and novel institution depart from that which Christ our Master both prescribed and did yet since some. Although I know. that. that I am writing my own thoughts or man's . "I am the true vine. For when O Christ says. do not do that which Jesus Christ. by ignorance or simplicity in sanctifying the cup of the Lord. that very many of the bishops who are set over the churches of the Lord by divine condescension. or that I am boldly assuming this to myself of my own voluntary will. and of the tradition of the Lord. and return to the root and origin of the tradition of the Lord. Baptism. the tradition of the Lord must be observed." 1 the blood of Christ 1 John XT.

For who is more a priest of the most high God than our Lord Jesus Christ. since this is enough for us to embrace alone. to wit. ex. " And Melchizedek. 18. the Holy Spirit sacrament of the sacrifice of the from the person of the Father " Before the morning star I begat Thee . we find in Genesis also. after the order of Melchizedek . and says. but wine. His body and blood ? And with respect to Abraham. Thou 2 art a priest for ever. in respect of the sacra- all For Noe. but was covered by two. 4. and thus expressed the figure of the son. high priest that Melchizedek bore a type of Christ. assuredly whosoever believes in God and lives in 1 Gen. that Noe. brought forth bread and wine. that : .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. ment in that he was lying down with his thighs naked and exposed . setting forth a type of the future truth. that the nakedness of the father was observed by his second and was told abroad. that blessing going before belonged to our people. ./ according O to what divine Scripture testifies. that he blessed Abraham. 4. king 1 of Salem. And God. when in the cup there is no wine whereby the blood of Christ is shown mony 3. but wine. 210 assuredly not water. xiv. and offered that very same thing which Melchizedek had offered. did not drink water." which order is assuredly this coming from that sacrifice and thence declares in the Psalms. who offered a sacrifice to God the Father. that Melchizedek was a priest of the most high he offered wine and bread . bread and wine. that he was made naked in his household ." Now he was a of most and blessed the Abraham. that is. Also in the priest Melchizedek we see prefigured the Lord. saying to the Son descending God . passion of the Lord. which is declared by the sacrament and testi- the Scriptures. 2 Ps. that he drank wine . this same thing was to them a precursor and the Lord's passion . and it was accounted unto him for righteousness. . For if Abraham believed in God. that he of figure was drunken . neither can His blood by which we are redeemed and quickened appear to be in the cup. of forth. the eldest and the youngest and other matters which it is not necessary to follow out.

6." Whence faith . and so He who is the fulness of truth fulfilled the truth of the image prefigured." 3 benediction. Moreover the Holy . 2 Matt. Abraham are raised are gathered from the Gentiles. in the gospel from when we stones. and of the bread and wine. 1-5. forasmuch as he Lord is also is a son of Abraham. in respect of In Genesis.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. she hath underlaid her seven pillars. then. turn to me . Ye know. that the " This day find that "children of is. 9. and to those that want understanding she hath said. that it may appear that that was done in our Lord's passion which had been before predicted. / . of the altar and of the apostles. iii. Come. the figure of Christ's sacrifice precedes. and. salvation come to this house. Spirit by Solomon shows before the of the Lord's sacrifice. eat of my bread. and already is blessed in faithful Abraham. . 3 Luke xix. which thing the Lord completing and fulfilling. 4 Prov. when he says. that all nations should be blessed in him therefore they who l are of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. and drink of the wine which I have mingled for 4 He declares the wine mingled. iii. ix. 9. 1 In the blessing of Judah also this same thing is signiwhere there also is expressed a figure of Christ. therefore. " Abraham believed God. namely. : with prophetic voice the cup of the Lord mingled with water and wine. He answered and said./ O that they which are of faith. pronounced before to Abraham. Whoso is simple. and is set forth as justified as the blessed Apostle Paul proves. calling together with a lofty announcement to her cup." 2 And praised Zacchseus. let him. 211 is found righteous." 5. 6-9. saying. she hath killed her victims she hath mingled her wine in the goblet she hath also furnished her table and she hath sent forth her servants. these are the children of Abraham. foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles through faith. and says. offered bread and the cup mixed with wine. But the Scripture. moreover. " Wisdom hath builded her house. that Gal. as ordained in bread and wine . and it was accounted to him for righteousness. that the Abraham by Melchizedek the priest. . fied. might be duly celebrated. that is. he foretells you. making mention of the immotype lated victim.

and should rise up. in places which previously 1 2 Gen. so neither could we drink the blood of Christ unless Christ had first been trodden on and pressed. of wine cannot be attained to unless the first and had first drunk the cup of which He should also give believers to drink. " But as often as water baptism is referred is to. xliii. . that the Lord's blood may be that which was afterwards manifested in feet. elected people." says he. and ye shall know it. Behold. which shall now spring forth . people whom I have to give drink to my my 3 There purchased. thereof wine. tures. had been dry. 8. " He shall by the fore. and the cup of the Lord might be foretold by the prophets who announced it. rivers should 3 Isa. or pressed mention is made understood. and should Himself be the hope of the . after- 18-21. Thy garments red. that they might show forth my praise. what else is set forth than the wine of the cup of the blood of the Lord ? 7. briii. 2. 11. I will even Remember make a way in the wilderness. The treading also. wash His garment in wine. things. tbat among the nations. because just as the drinking bunch of grapes be trodden and pressed. saying. In Isaiah also the Holy Spirit testifies this same thing " Wherefore are concerning the Lord's passion. I will do a new thing. out by the press ? Assuredly. and Thy apparel as from the treading of the " Can water make garwine-press full and well trodden ? ments red ? or is it water in the wine-press which is trodden Gentiles. named alone in the Holy Scripas we see intimated in Isaiah : " the former not. with the and that He himself is the Lion of the conquered death and should couch sleeping in His passion. and says. and His clothing in 1 But when the blood of the grape the blood of the grape. tribe of To which things divine Scripture adds." God foretold by the prophet.pressure of the winepress. is repeatedly dwelt on . 212 He He should have praise and worship from his brethren . and. and rivers in the dry place." is mentioned. and consider not the things of old.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Isa. that should press down the back of His enemies yielding and hands with which He bore the cross and fleeing. xlix. Judah.

but whosoever since the drinketh of the water that I shall give him. 9. and my people when Christ. they shall thirst. John John vii. He that believeth on me. 14. it is again predicted and foretold before. 3 because what is received with a greedy and thirsting desire is drunk more fully and plentifully.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. shall not thirst 4 By which is also signified the very baptism of for ever. He shall lead them through the deserts. dearest prove that baptism is always indicated by the is brother." be more evident that the Lord is speaking there. should drink with us. admonishing what was before announced by the prophet. and should provide water for the elected people of God.' the Rock. v. it says that we thirst and drink. for those who were made sons of God by the generation of baptism. 2 Matt. shall bring forth water for them out of the rock . saying. " If man cries and let him come and drink. iv. and is not again repeated. " If should attain the grace of baptism. thirst. which and the water is fulfilled shall flow. As also. that when the divine Scripture speaks of baptism. in another place. xlviii. " Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again . baptism. saying. which indeed is once received. 37-39. Lord " also in the Gospel says. out of his And that it might belly shall flow rivers of living water. 13." ceived ." saving water. if they should thirst and seek after Christ. to Isa. spake He of the Spirit. as the Scripture saith." " he says. 21. and have attained to the Holy Spirit. But the cup of the Lord is always both thirsted for and drunk in the church. Nor 1 there need of very many arguments. shall drink who is 51 . is any says. Moreover. the rock shall be cloven. Scripture cup. 213 wards flow plenteously. . not of the " But this of but the adds. cloven by a stroke of the spear in His passion . that the Jews. who also. is attained the drinking of the Lord's cup. And let it disturb no one. which they that believe on Him 2 For by baptism the Holy Spirit is reand thus by those who are baptized. * 6. the Lord speaks to the Samaritan woman. that is. Blessed are they " which do hunger and thirst after righteousness . that is. should receive. in the gospel.

saying. when He came. xxvi. of this fruit of the vine. if in the sacrifice of God the Father and of Christ we do not offer wine. ye shall show forth the Lord's death until He come. This cup is the new testa- ye drink it. that the cup should be mingled with a union of wine and For. manifested the truth of it. saying. nor mix the cup of the Lord by the Lord's own tradition ? 10. Whence it the kingdom of my Father. saying." appears that the blood of Christ not offered is no wine in the cup. the blessed Apostle Paul. and appointed a preacher of the gospel truth. 28. blood of the is New 1 In which portion we find that the cup which the Lord offered was mixed. This body. and the same thing is confirmed and delivered by His apostle. " Drink and it to His water. and that thus we ought to understand the Lord. and that that was wine which He called His blood. He brake it. which shall be given for you do this in remembrance of me. as oft as But if it is both enjoined by the Lord. For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this 2 cup. until that day in which I shall drink new wine with you in of this it. gave for this . teaching by the example of His own authority. lays down these very He had given thanks. blessed He ye all which Testament. 23-26. since baptism and the cup in commanding that that faithful water. ment : when He had supped. 2 1 Cor. nor the Lord's if there be sacrifice celebrated with a legitimate consecration unless our oblation and sacrifice respond to His passion. the same night in which He was betrayed. But how shall we drink the new wine of the fruit of the vine with Christ in the kingdom of His Father. for the remission of sins." in blood : this do. chosen and sent by the Lord. disciples. we do in remembrance of the Lord the same thing 1 Matt. xi. taking the cup on the eve of His passion. I will not drink henceforth you. Moreover. Jesus. the water of life eternal. that as often as we drink. 29. . but. " The Lord things in his epistle. should be given to believers in baptism.THE EPISTLES OF CYPPJAN. 214 appellation of water. and said. After the same manner also He took the and when is my cup. my I say unto shall be shed for many. took bread . in rememmy brance of me.

intoxicates is assuredly mingled with wine. 6-9. and that disciples ought also to observe and to do the same things which the Master The both taught and did. which the Lord also did. As we said before. that. If any preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have l received. unto another gospel. how excellent it is. also But because Genesis. But though we. and would pervert the gospel of Christ. so say I now again. when silent in the He makes mention of the Lord's cup. let him be . contrary to evangelical and apostolical discipline. Since. And the cup of the Lord in such wise inebriates. and in the same way. i. . then. that each one recovers from that flavour of the world to the understanding of God. water is offered in some places in the Lord's cup. we find that 215 what was commanded not observed by us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. which water by itself cannot The Holy Spirit also is not express the blood of Christ. depart from the evangelical precepts." because doubtless " cup. " I wonder that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into grace. let him be anathema. I wonder very much whence has originated this practice. that it restores their minds to spiritual wisdom ." Pie added. that it makes them sober. the Lord's cup so inebriates them that drink. 5. man 11. is not such as since the Holy it is!" was intoxicated drinking wine. for water cannot intoxicate anybody. in the intoxication of the Lord's cup and the intoxication of the world's wine. neither the apostle himself nor an angel from heaven can preach or teach any otherwise than Christ has once taught and His apostles have announced. which is not another but there are some that trouble you. xxiii. that by that 1 Gal. blood Noe as excellent is " Thy intoxicating Spirit said in the Psalm. saying. and how 2 " says. . blessed apostle in another place more earnestly and strongly teaches." anathema. 2 Ps. Thy in- Now the cup which toxicating cup. or an angel from heaven. unless we also do what the Lord did and that mixing the Lord's cup in like manner we do not depart from the divine teaching but that we must not at all is . Psalms on the sacrament of this thing. preach any otherwise than that which we have preached to you.

" The waters which thou sawest. so. the people of the nations should rather flow together and assemble : the sacrifices of the Lord ! . For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts was the house of Israel . when and the soul relaxed. 15. tudes. when teaching and showing that the people of the Gentiles should succeed them. wine also was wanting. for the divine Scripture in the Apocalypse declares that the waters signify the people. are peoples and multi- and nations of the Gentiles. but Christ. nothing can is. in that He also bore understood the people. showed the blood of Christ. of water made wine that is. that separate the church the people established in the church. that that mixture cannot any more be sepais made one with rated. which association and conjunction of water and wine is so mingled in the Lord's cup. our For because Christ bore us sins. we but in the wine the water is water all. which. and the sorrowful and sad breast which before was oppressed by tormenting sins is eased by old laid is the joy of the divine mercy . . and tongues. when it is drunk. faithfully and Whence. the memory of the aside. saying. But how perverse and how contrary it is. and there arises an oblivion of the former worldly conversation. the blood of the Lord salvation have been drunk. xvii. the people is Christ. and that by the merit of faith we should subsequently attain to the place which the Jews had lost. as the Jews failed. and the assembly of believers is associated and conjoined with Him on whom it believes ." 1 which we evidently see to be contained also in the sacrament of the cup. But when see that in the is mingled in the cup with wine. upon which the whore sitteth.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. moreover. because that only is able to rejoice him who drinks in the church. we should make water of wine. 216 common wine the and all sadness and the cup of is man mind is dissolved. the ought to admonish and instruct us rather to offer wine in For because among the Jews there was a want of spiritual grace. 1 Apoc. laid aside. that although Lord at the marriage made wine of water. retains the Lord's truth. He showed that at the marriage of Christ and the church. when even the sacrament of that thing 12. 13.

15. in which very sacrament our people are shown to be made one. the people are dissociated from Christ but when both are mingled. ye do whatsoever I command you. assuredly it behoves us to obey and do that which Christ did. 2 Matt. For if any one offer wine only. we may know that there is one body. so in Christ. but friends. and what He commanded to be done. just as. in whom I am well 2 pleased . unless both should be united and joined together and compacted in the mass of one bread . . in consecrating the cup of the Lord. there is completed a spiritual and heavenly sacrament. who is together the heavenly bread. for any one to think that the custom of certain persons is to be followed. and are joined with one another by a close . way prevent always abiding.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " In vain do they worship me. the Father also testifies from heaven. For we must inquire whom they themselves have followed. i John xv. water alone cannot be offered." And that Christ alone ought to be heard. Neither is it becoming to follow the practice of man. henceforth I l call you not servants. dearest brother. and says. the blood of Christ is dissociated from us but if the water be alone. 5. Thus the cup of the Lord is not indeed water alone. even as wine alone cannot be offered. and ground. and adhering." Wherefore. but what Christ. " This is saying. like with which our number There is joined and united. so that in manner as many grains. then no reason. Thus. on the other hand. 14. but the truth of God . is who have thought in time past that water alone should be offered in the cup of the Lord. the body of the Lord cannot be flour alone or water alone. xvii. first did. collected. 14. if Christ alone must be heard. since He Himself says in the " If Gospel. make one bread . unless each be mingled with the other . . who is before all. since God speaks by Isaiah the prophet. nor wine alone. my well-beloved Son. union. For if in the sacrifice which Christ offered none is to be followed but Christ. and mixed into one mass. 217 from firmly persevering in that which they have believed in such a as to undivided love their from Christ. therefore. we ought not to give heed to what another before us may have thought was to be done. hear ye Him.

that ye may 2 tradition. of him shall the Son of man be ashamed. xxix. v. the Lord says in the Gospel. " Whosoever shall be however. . 2 4 Mark vii. who in the church and he then offers a true and full sacrifice . reject the commandment of God. when he proceeds to offer sees Christ Himself to have offered. 3 Matt. "to offer -wine. imitates that did God to the Father. taste of wine he should be redolent of Therefore thus the brotherhood is be- ginning even to be kept back from the passion of Christ in persecutions. through the flavour of the wine. how much rather is it forbidden to infringe such important ones." 3 he shall be so. it according to what he 15. our Lord and God." 5 " If I also And the I apostle 1 Isa. and least called the least in the shall teach kingdom men of heaven. But if we may not break even the least of the Lord's commandments. certainly that in priest truly dis- which Christ charges the office of Christ. But the discipline of all religion and truth is over- turned. lest in the morning hours." Moreover. ashamed of me. and lias commanded this to be done tradition into anything else than For ! if commemoration of Himself. 13. so great. " Whosoever shall break one of these commandments. so pertaining to the very sacrament of our Lord's passion and our own redemption. unless indeed any one should fear in the morning 4 sacrifices. and again l "Ye says.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Moreover. saying. unless what is spiritually prescribed be faithfully observed . lest by the the blood of Christ. its smell should be recognised by its fragrant odour by the perception of unbelievers. is Himself the chief priest of God the Father." 5 Mark viii. in another place He keep your own establishes it. since we commemorate the blood of Christ in the oblation of wine. and he should be known to be a Christian. pleased men. 218 And teaching the commandments and doctrines of men. and has first offered Himself a sacrifice to the Father. 19. saying. According to some texts is read here." in the same Lord this the Gospel repeats saying. by learning in the offerings to be disturbed concerning His blood and His blood-shedding. or to change it by human what was divinely appointed Jesus Christ. 13. speaks. 38.

" Does any one perchance 16. cxli. 219 1 But how can we shed our blood for Christ. 6. let us do what it is known the Lord did. that although in the morning. and 1 Gal. the Lord mingled with wine according offered." 4 But we in the morning. dearest from among our predecessors any have either by or ignorance simplicity not observed and kept this which the Lord by His example and teaching has instructed us to do. that so by continual repetition of the Lord's Supper 2 we may offer the mingled cup ? It behoved Christ to offer about the evening of the day. by the mercy of the Lord. 2. 3 Ex." s I Cor. 26. And let this conclusion be reached." As often. 2 " xii. who blush to drink the blood of Christ? should not be the servant of Christ. water alone is seen to be offered." up of lifting my hands be an evening celebrate the resurrection of the And 17. flatter himself with this notion. 4 Ps. xi. we ought to Lord sacrifice. that the Lord offered the mingled cup. but after supper. to what the Lord colleagues also about Frequentandis dominicis. that the very hour of sacrifice might show the setting and the evening of the world as it is written in Exodus. yet when we come to supper we offer the mingled ? But when we sup.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. For " For as often as Scripture says. "And all . have pardon granted to But we cannot be pardoned who are now admonished arid instructed by the Lord to offer the cup of his simplicity. i. to direct letters to our 10. so as to celebrate the truth of the sacrament in cup the presence of all the brotherhood. brother : if he may. the people of the synagogue of the children of Israel shall 3 kill it in the And again in the Psalms. Ought we then to celebrate the Lord's cup after supper. we make mention Lord's passion is of His passion in the sacrifice which all we do nothing else than what He did. t( Let the evening. ye do show forth the Lord's death till He come. because sacrifices (for the offer). as we offer the cup in commemoration of the Lord and of His passion. ye eat this bread and drink 5 this cup. But still [it may be said that] it was not in the morning. therefore. . we cannot call the people together to our banquet.

9. and there be no departure from what Christ both taught and did. seeing thou hatest instrucWhen thou sawesfc tion and easiest my words behind thee ? a thief. to commit not earthly. 1 Ps. who in the psalm reproveth. as it is written in Jeremiah. baptizing them in the name of the Father. and to observe His precepts. iii. and of the Holy Ghost : them forth. . but spiritual and thefts adulteries ? While any one is stealing from evan- gelical truth the words and doings of our Lord. " What hast thou to do to declare my statutes. " What is the chaff to the wheat ? am against the prophets. IS. I who my my steal people to in another place. since He Himself emphatically says in the Gospel." l For to declare the righteousness and the covenant of the Lord. and teach all nations. he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness. words every one from his neighbour. and to persevere in the former error. For religiously to watch. Go therefore. what is it else than to fall under the Lord's rebuke. thou consentedst with him. He says. 10. I do not to be anxiously careful.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the light of life. John viii. or that thou shouldest my covenant into thy mouth. what else is it than to cast away His words and to despise the Lord's instruction. we ought fearfully and God and of Christ. if we and are priests of know any one whom we ought Christ. "I am the light of the world . xxiii. 28. 16-18. and hast been partaker take with adulterers. " She committed adultery with stocks and stones. as He sent "All power is given unto me in heaven and earth. and not to do the same that the Lord did. and cause 2 err by their lies and by their lightness. he is corrupting and adulterating the divine precepts. and yet for all this 3 she turned not unto me. 220 so that the evangelical law this." Also Therefore. because Himself told His apostles in another place. and says. He says. 12. 8 Jer. and the Lord's tradition may be everywhere kept. 1." rather to follow than God and we ought to He follow Christ. fall unto us also. behold. and of the Son. 32. To neglect these things any further. 30." That this theft and adultery may in the not same prophet. 2 4 Jer. saith the Lord. but shall have 4 Lest therefore we should walk in darkness.

on the warning of the Lord. . Ixv. FORMERLY THEIR BISHOP. it befits our religion. their former bishop. to return to his episcopate. 1. while He instructs for the future what manded if we ought to do. He may find that we keep what He admonished us that we observe what He taught that we do what He did. 1 TO EPICTETUS AND TO THE CONGREGATION OF ASSURE. as well for other reasons as because it had been decreed that Assuritans not to lapsed bishops should not be admitted to their former rank.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. I was gravely and grievously disturbed. you. to . in mixing and offering the cup of the Lord. He warns Epictetus and the congregation of the allow Fortunatianus. and beginning 2 Oxford ed. and our fear. farewell. he were sound. . : Ep. dearest brethren. CONCERNING FORTUNATIANUS. to correct that which seems with some to have been erroneous so that when He shall begin to come in His brightness and heavenly majesty." of Christ. and the of and the office our priesthood. ARGUMENT. and to the people established at Assurse. He pardons for the past wherein we in our simplicity have erred. teaching O them to observe all 1 221 things O whatsoever I have com- we wish to walk in the light Wherefore. let us not depart from His precepts and monitions. EPISTLE LXIII. giving thanks that. I bid you. at learning that Fortunatianus. dearest brother. place itself. and. dearest brother. xxviii. His benign and liberal condescension is more and more illuminating our hearts with the light of truth. 18-20. ever heartily 19. to keep the truth of the Lord's tradition. And because already His second coming draws near to us. after the sad lapse of his fall. Therefore . formerly bishop among you. Cyprian to Epictetus his brother. but lapsed. greeting. was now wishing 1 to act as if Matt.

and to give persons himself to the work of entreating the Lord night and day. 2 * Ex. and the great man humbleth himself: and I will not forgive them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. or . 8 Isa. xxii. and says. to approach to the altar of right. in the first place. 9-11. the same wine of the wrath of God mixed in the cup of His anger . being either wholly hlinded in the darkness of the deceived by the sacrilegious persuasion of certain to be making atonement. although Lord says." " He that sacrificeth to save unto the Lord only. or as if he would not provoke a greater wrath and by indignation of the Lord against himself in the day of judgment. 222 claim for himself the episcopate. we read the anger of the Lord threatening. and he who has not taught the brethren to stand bravely in the battle. devil." 3 In the made : Apocalypse also. and saying. who. and in the and the smoke of their torments presence of the Lamb : ascend up for ever and ever neither shall they have * rest day nor night. Apoc. shall any god. therefore. " have They worshipped those whom their own fingers have and the mean man boweth down. and he shall be tormented with fire and shall drink of the brimstone in the presence of the holy angels. Shall I not be angry the to And in another place. Ivii. not being able to be a guide to the brethren in faith ness. on his own account. shall . and virtue. teaches those who are conquered and prostrate not even to ask [for pardon] . in boldand in temerity. 6. dares still to claim to himself the priesthood which he has betrayed. as if it were the altars of the devil. ii. Which thing distressed me . 1 2 be destroyed. " If any man worship the beast and his image. . for these things? saith the Lord. and them have ye offered a meat-offering. 20. xiv. and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand. when he ought tears. 9. how does he think that 1 Isa." 2. from God . who worship the beast and his image. and supplications. stands forth as a teacher in perfidy. these punishments in the day of judgment. Since. who. " To them have ye poured a drink-offering. the Lord threatens these torments. and prayers. 8. to those who obey the devil and sacrifice to idols. wretched man that he is. the Lord again speaks." Moreover.

and any as further. 2 Ex. . since . to have to do with faith. but him if written in the Gospel. have offered sacrilegious sacrifices. and gain. 3. and " The man in whom there shall be any says in Leviticus : " blemish or stain shall not approach to offer gifts to God ? Lord which has been Also in Exodus the Lord God forsake them. * John xxviii. they die. to have to do with modesty perfidious. or how does he think that his hand can be transferred to the sacrifice of God and the prayer of the captive to sacrilege and to crime. and doeth His will. in the indigestion lately left to the day. they are hurried headlong and suddenly by the night and error of their sins. ix. any man be a worshipper it is He heareth. lest Holy One. 43. God who he can act as a priest of 223 has obeyed and served the priests of the devil . 1 Lev. who. once turned away from the direct path of the true way. with profane cupidity. xxi. cannot claim to themselves the priesthood of their brethren in " God of His sight heareth not a sinner God. but. 17. that they might not continue to stand at the altar . believe that this rebuke has come from God's searching out. God. bring who have brought grievous sins upon themselves. They wonderful or the Lord's precepts. nor make any prayer for .THE EPISTLES OF CYPKIAN. desire gifts. and offerings. as unchaste persons. by sacrificing to idols. for which formerly they watched insatiably they still long also for suppers and banquets. Nor is it if now those reject our counsels. most manifestly proving now that they did not before serve religion. as profane. 2 And upon them. when in the sacred Scriptures God forbids the priests to approach to sacrifice even if they have been in lighter guilt. that is. xix. . who have denied the Lord. with reli. whose debauch. 3 Ex." they lest "And again: to minister at the altar of the sin come near to perchance the Lord when they come near the priests which let shall not 3 Those. 22. therefore. that they receive no light from the whole- some precepts." 4 Nevertheless the profound gloom of the falling darkness has so blinded the hearts of some. but rather their belly and Whence also we perceive and gain." : " And sanctify themselves. they belched forth. 31.

224 as earthly. as sacrilegious. however. with all attempt not any longer to act in the character of priest who. as far as in you lies. that they may not easily consent to the madness of another . partakers in but being sound. but. with That such persons may not return again to things sacred. we may keep them back from this audacity of their wickedness. 5. and to the contagion of the gion . recall the minds of the brethren from error. lest any one should of their error. and. that they may the crimes of abandoned not make themselves men . the profanation of the altar. continuing in their atonements and entreating the Lord's mercy. and in this darkness of the rage of the devil. to separate them from their since neither can the oblation be consecrated toils contagion where the Holy Spirit is not . madness if. shall persevere in this his madness. that they may be received there where once " the 1 of that soundness which Otherwise." they . Let the lapsed. by the blindness induced by the devil forgetful of his either crime. our counsel will be to separate individual 4. cast with the weight of a greater destruction beyond the lapses of the laity. have gone headlong . do you. among shall brethren from their deceitf ulness run into the . nor forsake the catholic church. the blindness which has begun shall remain in its deep night. which has been appointed one and alone by the Lord . not depart from entreating the Lord. down to the lowest pit of death. we must keep watch with all our powers. that they brethren. who acknowledge the greatness of their sin. and strive our strength. let them maintain the constant tenor of their salvation. their incurable continue. strive. with the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit. or become a minister and servant of the devil for deceiving the brotherhood. enduring vigour have preserved and guarded. that.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. nor can the Lord avail to any one by the prayers and supplications of one who him: self has done despite to the Lord. But if Fortunatianus. let them knock at the [door of the] church. But these insane persons. and of the 1 integrity preserved and guarded by them. as far as in us lies. with things divine . and.

WHO ARGUMENT. and those who entirely withdraw from the church. my colleagues present with : P . unless we may gather from the similar commencement in both letters. this letter icas written is uncertain.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 225 may return to Christ from whom they have and not listen to those who deceive them with a departed. But if any one should be impatient of entreating the Lord who is offended. Cyprian the following one. who were me were I and deeply and grievously distressed. letter." l Therefore let no one associate himself with the contumacious. for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience . to his brother Rogatianus. " Let no they were. EPISTLE LXIV. dying? shall and not obeying bishops sound and wholesome and has made himself an associate and a partaker with the I bid you. and . fallacious and deadly seduction since it is written. that it ivas written at the same synod with 1. to repeat once more ivhatever he has said occasion taking the pride in the previous power. who has both before this denied Christ. G. on reading your letter 1 2 Oxford ed. and should be unwilling to obey us. At what about the sacerdotal or episcopal time. greeting. he be able in that day to entreat the Lord. Eph. dearest brother. ever heartily farewell. be not ye therefore partakers with them. and now also the church of the blame to himself For how Christ. but should follow desperate and abandoned men. man deceive you with vain words. CONCERNING THE DEACON CONTENDED AGAINST THE BISHOP. and those who do not fear God. 2 TO KOGATIANUS. insults. he must take when the day of judgment shall come. 7. dearest brethren and longed for. however. Cyprian warns the bishop Hogatianus to restrain of the deacon ivho had provoked him with his and to compel him to repent of his boldness. Ep. v. iii. living.

7." came forth with His true l may know and all the . and said. And the man that will do presumptuously. and to equal themselves with the priest set over them . when three of the ministers Korah. And that we piously. when they man hear. Nor they alone. and trod on the people. the Lord in wrath exclaimed. and to exalt their neck against Aaron the priest. xvii. And you indeed have acted worthily. forgetful of your priestly station. but also two hundred and fifty others. whereby you might be justified on him at once. that people. he had provoked you by his insults and injuries. shall fear. and so immediately suffered the penalty of their sacrilegious audacity. were consumed by a fire breaking forth from the Lord. and with your accustomed humility towards us. 2 1 Sam.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that it might be proved that God's In the book priests are avenged by Him who makes priests. but they have rejected me. as you have in respect of men of this kind divine commands. 12. in whatever you should do by your priestly power in respect of an insolent deacon." avenge this. no more do im- shall die and shall that this voice of and highest majesty to God honour and avenge His priests . and will not hearken unto the priest or the judge. inasmuch as the Lord God says in " Deuteronomy. Dathan. who afflicted them with grievous injuries. when Samuel the priest was despised by the Jewish people on account of his age. that. as you are now. viii. He set over them Saul as a king. although you have power. 1 Deut. of Kings also. in rather complaining of him to us . and unmindful of his own office and ministry. and Abiram dared to deal proudly. " They have not rejected 2 And that He might thee. assured that all we your colleagues would regard it as a matter of satisfaction. that the despised priest might be avenged by divine vengeance on a proud people. they were swallowed up and devoured by the opening of the earth. who were their companions in boldness. 226 which you complained of your deacon. and pressed down their pride with all insults and penalties. whoever he shall be in those days. . according to the vigour of the episcopate and the authority of your throne. 13.

when it was said to him. show thyself to the and offer the gift. 23. and thereit behoves the deacon of audacity. but if well. 4 Matt. according to what we read in the Acts of the " Revilest thou thus God's Apostles." 4 With that humility which taught priest. to remember that the But deacons ought Lord chose apostles. even to the very day of His passion observed the honour to priests and evil of the ruler of high priests. as ministers of their episcopacy may may fore and of the church. All which things were therefore done by Him and humbly patiently. . 3 Acts xxiii. 227 Moreover also Solomon. " Go." honour His priests. " Fear the Lord with all thy soul. saying. why smitest thou maintained His evil. our Lord Jesus thy people. that high priest "?" answered and said. and teaches what is the priestly authority and power. in showing Himself such lawfully fully me ?" 5 . Thou shalt not speak 2." our and Christ Himself. in respect of false priests. brethren. and " Him. cleansed the leper. established in the Holy Spirit. 4. He said to him." 2 Mindful of which precepts. 31. deacons also dare against us by whom they are made . and the honour acknowledge 2 Ecclus. whom you write to repent of his of the priest. " Honour God with all thy soul. while apostles appointed for themselves deacons after the ascent of the Lord into heaven. viii. Answerest thou the high priest so ?" it w as r said to He said nothing the the of person high priest. that we might have an example of for He taught that true priests were and humility patience and to be honoured. B John vii.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and 1 Ecclus. 4. and priests . the blessed Apostle Paul. Judge. xviii. that is. "If I have spoken bear witness of the evil . received a blow. he was the high priest . as He w as r 3.bishops and overseers. for it is written. us also to be humble. 5. also under the very sting of His when He had passion. vii. testifies 3 Moreover. although they observed neither the fear of God For when He had nor the acknowledgment of Christ. " I wist not. and God. but rather reproachfully against own innocence. King. * and again. and reverence His saying. to 29. He still called him a priest whom He knew to be sacrilegious. But if we dare anything against God who makes bishops.

by either deposing him or excommunicating him. But if. and is a partaker of his pride and boldness.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 12. . and suffer us to keep our own purpose for we rather ask and desire to overcome the reproaches and injuries of individuals by clemency and patience. his will Geminius Faus- Geminius Victor had named in tinus the presbyter as his guardian or curator. and act against God's priest. dearest punish them by our priestly power. you must exercise against him the power of your dignity. For are the these things bee-innings o o of heretics. i. you may either restrain or excommunicate him also. : Ep. Since. ever heartily farewell. Let no man despise thy age ? And since you have written. WHO HAD MADE THE PRESBYTER FAUSTINUS A GUARDIAN. 2 TO THE CLERGY AND PEOPLE ABIDING AT FURNI. For if the Apostle Paul. and any others that may appear of a like disposition. Unless. writing to Timothy. brother. EPISTLE LXV. as we exhort and advise. 1 1 Tim. up outside thus they rebel against the and the appointment and the unity of God. 228 him with full humility. they should rather perceive that they have sinned and make satisfaction. he shall harass and provoke you with his insults. and with swelling haughtiness to despise him who is Thus they depart from the church thus a set over them. . inferring by the way. he forbids that offering should be made for him. that one has associated himself with that same deacon of yours. " Let no man despise thy youth. further. against the decision of a council of bishops. or that the sacrifice should be celebrated for his repose. ARGUMENT. said./ and the origins o o to satisfy the bishop set over to please themand endeavours of evil-minded schismatics selves. 2 Oxford ed. profane altar is set peace of Christ. ABOUT VICTOR." 1 how much rather must it be said by your colleagues to you. than to I bid you. . iv.

* in a council of the bishops. that he whom he has pledged himself. example of the Levitical tribe. when were also departing this life. 1 The Oxford translator notes here that the Roman law did not permit this office to 2 2 Tim. portion of the division that portion only cultivated the favour of God. Which plan and rule is now maintained in respect of the clergy."* As this how much rather ought those not to be please Him to said of all men. the Levitical tribe. and deacons. be declined. since every one honoured by the divine priesthood. nor be compelled to consider or to transact secular business. that clerics ought mix themselves up Cyprian to 229 in secular cares. and to have leisure for earthly and secular The form of which ordination and engagement doings r ! the Levites formerly observed under the law. divine and so that by authority arrangement. and ordained in the clerical service. our brother. . so that when the eleven tribes divided the land and shared the possessions. who. God may is entangleth himself with the affairs of this life. beingbusied with divine and spiritual things. from the not to 1. as our fellow-presbyters who sate with us. had named Geminius Faustinus the presexecutor to his will. when we were made aware that Geminius Victor. 4. the presbyters. from the fruits which grew. me were present with greatly disturbed. greeting. and to have leisure for prayers and For it is written : " No man that warreth for supplications. bound by M orldly anxieties and involvements. and for the divine ministries. All which was done tenance. and people I and my colleagues who were abiding at Furni. which was left free for the temple and the altar. that no one should appoint any 1 of the clergy and the ministers of God executor or guardian by his will. ought to serve only the altar and sacrifices.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. dearest brethren.' although byter v O lonsj O since it was decreed. are not able to withdraw from the church. ii. received nothing from that but while others cultivated the soil. for their food and main. they who waited on divine services might in no respect be called away. and received the tithes from the eleven tribes.

and if any one should do this. receiving as it were tenths of the fruits. and. and wholesomely providing for it. rather needlessly. has dared to appoint Geminius Faustinus. nor any sacrifice not deserve to be be celebrated for his repose. but in the honour of the brethren who contribute. 230 that they who are promoted by clerical ordination in the church of the Lord may be called off in no respect from the divine administration." Goldhorn observes here. who has wished to call away the priests and ministers from the altar. but may serve day and night 2. religiously and needfully made. at the same time. in heavenly and spiritual things. 1 " Pro dormitione ejus. since Victor. nor be tied down by worldly anxieties and matters . And therefore. . dearest brethren. nor any prayer be made in the church in his name. may be kept by us . 1 named at the altar of God For he does in the prayer of the priests. that so the decree of the priests. his execunot allowed that any offering be made by you for his tor.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. if what has now been done has been punished. an example be given to the rest of the brethren. contrary to the rule lately made in council by the priests. they may not withdraw from the altars and sacrifices. come that this altar to happen not with respect to the person of clerics any more. The bishops our predecessors religiously considering this. it is repose. ever heartily farewell. decided that no brother departing should name a cleric for executor or guardian . that no one should away to secular anxieties the priests and who are occupied with the service of His For care will probably be taken in time ministers of call God and church. a presbyter. that it was unlucky among the ancient Christians to speak of death. I bid you. no offering should be made for him.

lowed the sect Marcianus. but that. as well to the lapsed as to those seduced by him. as well by him as established in the same proabides at Aries. dearest brother. and that so peace might be granted. had seduced many. and that those who are wounded repent. But the style points to Cyprian as its author. Ep. are not admitted for the soothing of their wounds. and knock at the gate of the church with and groans. 231 1 TO POPE STEPHANUS. abiding Cyprian to 1. himself with Novatian. one the most ancient of all. dearest brother. has associated has departed from the unity of by others our fellow-bishops vince. and from the agreement of our body and priesthood. they must be thrown to become the prey of wolves and the booty of the which matter. Faustinus once and at has Lyons. that the comforts and aids of divine love and paternal tenderness are closed to the servants of God who and mourn. it is our business to advise for and to aid in. that by virtue of his authority rest absence appoint another in his place.. EPISTLE LXVI. This epistle does not appear in many uss. and a return to the church conceded them. informing me of those things which also I certainly know to have been told to you. Ixviii. the chief he should in his pontiff. . and by his schism had separated himself from the communion of the of the bishops. and grief . upon their repentance. who and the catholic church. WHO HAD JOINED HIMSELF TO NOVATIAN. forsaken without hope of peace and communion. again written colleague. As AEGUMENT. CONCERNING MARCIANUS OF ARLES.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. holding that most extreme depravity of heretical presumption. Cyprian warns Stephanus. Bishop of Aries. Oxford ed. since we who consider the divine devil 1 . greeting. his brother Stephen. tears. our to to me. when he folof Novatian. and the documents where it is found are among and : its the oldest. genuineness has been therefore doubted. that Marcianus.

and to set up an adulterous throne. . and to offer sacrilegious sacrifices opposed to the true priest . and to come to himself.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. How vain it is. he should repent and return to the church as a suppliant. he received back boasts ing his frowardness. and judged an enemy to the church. asking to be received into our communion. that lie himself had excluded himself. and could not by any of us be received into communion. as he had attempted to erect a profane altar. da thus exhibit the rebuke of vigour to sinners in such a way as that. to a right mind. rejected. and when he sent ambassadors to us into Africa. to mercy and to the salvation of the brotherhood. when Novatian has lately been repulsed and and excommunicated by God's priests throughout dearest brother. and hold the balance in governing the church. while the Bishop Cornelius was ordained in the catholic church by the judgment of God. many of our brethren have departed in suffice that . another may be substituted in his place. scattered Let it and wounded by him. and to judge of the majesty and dignity of the church jest ! Let be directed by you into the province and by which. and followhe has separated himself from our communion although Novatian himself. Wherefore it behoves you to write a very copious letter our fellow-bishops appointed in Gaul. whom he follows. and Christ's flock. because he does not yet seem to be excommunicated by us . we do not refuse the medicine of divine goodness and mercy in raising the lapsed and healing the wounded. should insult our assembly. 232 clemency. Marcian being excommunicated. not to suffer any longer that Marcian. word from a council of several priests who were here present. has formerly been excommunicated. the whole world. if he were willing to return clergy and people. froward and haughty. may be gathered together. which even to this day is contemned as 3. and hostile to 2. for us still to suffer his flatterers now to with us. and by the suffrages of the Therefore. nevertheless. in that he now for a long time the divine and announces that. letters to the people abiding at Aries. adhering to Novatian.

as who soon as this in lie its wait there character is . "access. neither have ye healed that which was sick. neither have ye bound up that which was broken. that and that we afford such a place of entertainment for the which those who are wounded and maimed by robbers may be received and cherished.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. as useful and merciful shepherds." avoided the rocks of . 233 and certainly these late years in those parts without peace the rest who remain be helped. and the link of unity so that if any one of our college should try to originate heresy. and the inns safe for the travellers ? And this ought now to be the case with we should receive to us with ready and kindly humanity our brethren. . and a secure station ? Or if. joined together by the bond of mutual concord. and protected by the host. dearest brother. and says. " who. by the breach of its defences . for that reason." according to Baluzius? Some old editions read. having Marcian. and as it were. the sea shall begin to be mischievous and dangerous to ships. ther. in medicine for cherishing arid preserving the sheep ? since the Lord speaks. neither have ye brought again that which was driven away. tossed on the rocks 2 of Marcian. are seeking the secure harbours of the church . any inn should begin to be beset and occupied by bv robbers. seek other houses of entertainment on the road. dearest bro- is body abundantly large. the of priests For. than to provide by diligent solicitude and wholesome travellers as is that in the Gospel. gather together For what if any harbour in the Lord's sheep into the flock. who groan both day and night. neither have ye sought 1 2 Suppl. on the road. which shall be safer. entreat . us. 4. others may help. "The diseased have ye not strengthened. where the lodging is trustworthy. so that whoever should enter would be caught O / the attack of those travellers. who. and beseeching the divine and fatherly mercy. do not the navigators direct 1 where there is a safe their ships to other neighbouring ports and practicable entrance. and to lacerate and lay waste Christ's flock. do not the discovered. For what is a greater or a more worthy care of overseers. let the comfort of our succour.

16. 234 And my sheep were scattered because lost. and says. neither shall they feed them any more : for I will deliver them from their mouth. " They that be " For whole need not a physician. for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. flock at their hands. For the glorious honour of our predecessors." 3 And demns men yourselves before men. blames and conof that kind. who. Since then arrogantly assume anything to themselves. Marcian has begun to be of these. since he himself is judged by all the priests. and let he himself were to judge of the college of priests.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. in his Gospel." 4 He says that those are execrable and who please themselves. but receive it . no there shepherd and they became meat to all the beasts Thereof the field. dearest brother. and none did search or seek after them. * Luke xvi. has stood forth as the opponent of mercy and detestable love. since Lord also in the Gospel warns. let him not pronounce him not so act as if sentence. proud and boastful shall all to perfection. fore thus saith the Lord. and allying himself with Novatian. swelling and inflated. Behold. since " But the man that is it is written. what else ought we to do. whose 1 Ezek. than to exhibit full diligence in gathering together and restoring the sheep of Christ. 10. but God knoweth your hearts . 12. but they that are sick ? we are we feed one flock. ix. nor ought we to suffer our suppliant and mourning brethren to be cruelly despised and trodden down by the haughty presumption of some. " Ye are they which justify bring nothing at as hell. saying. 5. and to apply the medicine of paternal affection to cure the wounds of the lapsed. that which was is ." l will feed Since therefore the Lord thus threatens such shepherds by whom the Lord's sheep are neglected and perish. the blessed martyrs Cornelius and Lucius. I am against the shepherds. and I them with judgment. 15. Hab. . xxxiv. ii. and cause them to and I will require my cease from feeding the flock . 2 Matt. who has enlarged his soul the Lord. yet although the ought to collect and cherish all the sheep which Christ by His blood and passion sought for. and many shepherds. 4-6. must be maintained. 5.

Secun- Honoratus. much more ought you. 1. and authority. dinus. Lu- cilianus. The context indicates that this was written during the primacy of Stephen. Basilides and Martial. and whom we to ought to write. I bid you. Moreover. full of the Spirit of God. Fortunatus. Polycarp. 235 in honour. bishops. having lapsed and become contaminated by the certificates of idolatry. and we all everywhere and entirely have judged the same thing. Victor. especially legitimate according to the decree of Cornelius. and that judged that peace should be granted when penitence was undergone. Januarius. AKGUMENT. honour and cherish with your weight brother. Saturninus. 1 TO THE CLERGY AND PEOPLE ABIDING IN SPAIN. Primus. Aries in the place of Marcian. the reward of peace and communion was not to be denied and this they attested by their letters. Nicomedes. since you have become their vicar and sucFor they. dearest brother. Petrus. . another Aurelius. to the lapsed. : Ep. 1 Oxford ed. but were prohibited from the priestly honour. ever heartily farewell. EPISTLE LXVII. Aurelius.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. another Januarius. Holy whom we observe to think dif- Intimate plainly to us who has been substituted at ferently. Pomponius. Ixvii. Successus. Sedatus. Cyprian with his fellow-bishops praises the clergy and people of Spain that they election had substituted in their place by a Sabinus and Felix . we hold as memory to dearest in a glorious martyrdom. Caecilius. he alludes by the ivay as. CONCERNING BASILIDES AND MARTIAL. Sattius. among us therefore a diverse feeling in whom there was one spirit . to certain matters about the ancient rite of episcopal election. Cyprian. For there could not be . and manifest that he does not hold the truth of the it is Spirit with the rest. and established cessor. that we may know to whom to direct our brethren. lapsed bishops might indeed be received to repentance.

the abiding people 3 at Emerita. being stained with the certificates of idolatry." "And when they come near to the altar of the Holy One to : 5 minister.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. When we had come together. Rogatianus. - e Astorga. and to the peoples abiding 2 1 and Asturica. Iambus. which according to the integrity of your faith and your fear of God you wrote to us by Felix and Sabinus our fellow-bishops. us. Geminius. Vincentius. they shall not bring sin upon them. . to be relieved either by the comfort the by help of our judgment. and Paulus. no greeting. " Let the priests which come near to the Lord God sanctify 4 And again themselves. less just or which in it is long since bidden by the voice of Heaven and prescribed by the law of God. divine precepts when a law. than needful. we read your letters. Marcellus. Tenax. it God. xxviii. ought not to hold the episcopate and administer the priesthood of God . lest they die. lest the Lord forsake them. xxi. also to Lselius the deacon. and warns him. 17. Quintus. another Saturninus. and your solicitude. Ex. Lucius. nor in matters of the divine prescription has interfered. Quietus. " Whoso- ever hath any spot or blemish upon him. Ex. For in Exodus God speaks to Moses. and 1 4 Leon. Felix. 236 Venantius. shall not approach to offer gifts to 2. and bound with the consciousness of wicked crimes. xix. yield anything to any one. dearly beloved brethren." Also in Leviticus the Lord commands. 43. and at Legio . Victorious. who and what sort of persons ought to serve the altar and to celebrate the divine sacrifices." c Since these things are announced and are made plain to is necessary that our obedience should wait upon the this kind can human indulman's or gence accept any person. to Felix the presbyter. Adelphius. 22. c Lev. signifying that Basilides and Martial. and establishes For we ought not to be forgetful what the Lord spoke to the Jews by Isaiah the prophet. Nevertheless to this your desire not so much our counsels as the divine precepts reply. rebuking. 3 Merida. . saying. Libosus. brethren in the Lord. and says. and you desired an answer to be written to you again concerning these things. Faustinas.

we ought in the ordinations of priests to 3 choose none but unstained and upright ministers. Separate " said from the tents of these wicked and He. may be heard in the prayers which they make for the safety of the Lord's people. while communicating with a 3." full diligence 4 for God's priesthood Nor whom it is manifest God will hear. lest. but if any man be a worshipper of God. yourselves. we find to be maniunrighteous priest fested also in Numbers." Mark vii."" Having which things before our eyes. widely removed from but in vain do they worship me. manded by Moses that the people should be separated from them. and doeth His will." says. being associated with the wicked. and Dathan. since it is written. 31. moreover. hardened men. all O priest . and yielding their consent to the and unlawful unjust episcopacy of their overseer.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." 3 " 2 1 Antistites. Abiram claimed for themselves the power of sacrificing in There also the Lord comopposition to Aaron the priest. that with and sincere investigation those should be chosen heareth. 26. who." ." " Ye reject the commandpeats in the Gospel. 13. " God heareth not a sinner. when Korah. ment of God. but their heart is . xxix. ' that eat thereof shall be polluted. 13. and says. " This lowed me me people. holily and worthily offering sacrifices to God. that ye may establish your own tradition. and . and says. themselves also " should be bound closely in the same wickedness. 4. teaching the doctrines This also the Lord reand commandments of men. lest ye perish together in their sins. and touch not those things which belong to On which them. 237 indignant that they had despised the divine precepts and fol" honoureth he human doctrines. when the divine reproof by Hosea the prophet threatens. with their lips. let who is a sinner."" teaching manifestly and showing that all are absolutely bound to the sin who have been contaminated by the sacrifice of a profane and which. " Their sacrifices shall be as the bread of mournine. 5 4 John ix. and solicitously and religiously considering them. Hos. the people flatter themselves that they can be free from the contagion of sin. xvi. Isa. him He On which account it is fitting. ix. 6 Xum.

15. " Take Aaron thy brother. 4. and the multitude were in one 2 Neither do we observe that place. of which matter itself also it is written in their Acts : " And they twelve called together." l the people under the eyes of . 25. Which very thing. " Peter." this was regarded by the apostles only in the ordinations of bishops and priests. and the ordination. to them "the whole congregation of the disciples. in the presence of all the assembly. which shall have been examined by the suffrage and judgment of all. too. when Peter speaks to the people of ordaining an apostle in the place of Judas. and put them upon Eleazar his son and let Aaron die there. 26. or the merits of the good may be declared. He instructs and shows that the ordination of priests ought not to be solemnized except with the knowledge of the people standing near. as in the book of Numbers the Lord commanded Moses. and fearing God. God commands a priest to be appointed in the presence of all the assembly . surely for this 1 Num. From i." it says. but also in those of deacons." But this." the calling together of the whole of the people. or of rejecting unworthy ones. and should be approved and suitable worthy by public judgment and testimony. saying. . 238 account a people obedient to the Lord's precepts. in the Acts of the Apostles." smacks of "emendation. that the priest should be chosen in the presence of all. according to divine instruction. of men was editor. about a hundred and twenty. and place them in the mount." it says. And this is subsequently observed. and strip Aaron of his garments. ought to separate themselves from a sinful prelate. and be added to his people. and not to associate themselves with the sacrifices of a sacrilegious since they themselves have the power either priest. Acts vi. with . especially of choosing worthy priests. Baluzius here interpolates. and said 3 which was done so diligently and carefully. some " the says a authorities. that in the presence of the people either the crimes of the wicked may be disclosed. that is. 2.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. may be just and legitimate. we observe to come from divine authority. 2 Acts number modern 3 xx. " stood up in the midst of the disciples. and Eleazar his son.

worthy persons according to the will of God. and ignorant of what had been done. and that those things which do not come of a legitimate and righteous ordination are displeasing to God. went to Rome and deceived Stephen our colleague. but according to human presumption. that Basilides. but not by me. and hands were imposed on him in the place of Basilides. and almost throughout all ordinations all the provinces." 2 Gal. was done by you in the ordination of our colleague Sabinus . For which reason you must diligently observe and keep the practice delivered from divine tradition and apostolic observance. 239 reason. that for the proper celebration of the neighbouring bishops of the same province should assemble with that people for which aprelate is ordained. God Himself manifests " by Hosea the prophet. But if deceive God. to canvass that he might be replaced unjustly in the episcopate from which he had been righteously deposed. saying. and who had written letters to you concerning him. They have set up for them1 selves a king. by surprise. 7. by the suffrage of the whole brotherhood. 2 But . he cannot not mocked. vi. " God is men. which is also maintained among us. after the detection of his crimes. so that. And this also. and have looked into the doings of each one as respects his habitual conduct.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who have most fully known the life of each one. Basilides could deceive it is written. and by the sentence of the bishops who had assembled in their presence. placed at a distance. we see. since 1 Hos. the episcopate was conferred upon him. and the bishop should be chosen in the presence of the people. and of the truth. or to the office of a priest. For he is not so much to be blamed who has been through heedlessness surprised by as he is to be execrated who has fraudulently taken him fraud. The result of this is. 4." 5. sometimes not are ordained. and the baring of his conscience even by his own confession. Neither can it rescind an ordination rightly perfected. inasmuch as to his former sins he has also added the crime of deceit and circumvention. viii. that no unworthy person might creep into the miniFor that unstry of the altar. that the sins of Basilides are not so much abolished as enhanced.

moreover. Wherefore. 2 " if with some. by acts which are publicly taken before a ducenarian procurator. . since as ye have written. and burying them together with strangers.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. righteous priest. a peaceable and and moreover honoured by the condescension cially since Cornelius also. and says. Saragossa. but were prohibited from the ordination of the clergy. has long ago decreed with us. and with all the bishops appointed throughout the whole world. disturb you. and had denied Christ and as there are many other and grave crimes in which Basilides and Martialis are held to be implicated such persons : ." 1 6. dearest brethren. signifies in his letter. that men of this sort might indeed be admitted to repentance. and as Felix and Sabinus our colleagues affirm. besides the stain of the certificate. 3 A collector of taxes. nor ought may . espeour colleague. among profane sepulchres. entreating God. as the steward of God. 240 neither can deceit advantage Martialis. has also affirmed. after the manner of foreign nations. turned himself to re- pentance. and placing his sons in the same college. A must be blameless. in such a way as that lie who also is involved in great crimes should hold his " bishop bishopric. dearly beloved brethren. and confessed that he blasphemed and because of the wound to his own conscience. . when he was prostrate in sickness. Nor let it 1 Tit. and considering himself sufficiently happy if it might be permitted him to communicate even as a layman Martialis also. and as another Felix of Ca3sar Augusta." so called from the amount of his salary. besides the long frequenting of the disgraceful and filthy banquets of the Gentiles in their college. voluntarily laying down his episcopate. blasphemed against God. attempt to claim for themselves the episcopate in vain men evident that it is of that kind church of Christ. since neither rule over the to offer sacrifices to God. since the apostle also warns. and from the priestly honour. 7. . i. of the Lord with martyrdom. 7. . 2 a maintainer of the faith and a defender of the truth. Basilides and Martialis have been contaminated by the abominable certificate of idolatry and Basilides." that he had yielded himself to idolatry.

that there is not left a portion of the priests which in no respect gives way under these ruins of things and wrecks of faith . Nor does the perfidy of others press down the Christian faith into ruin. deterred neither by the loneliness of a foreign country nor by the harassment of continual . either an uncertain faith is wavering. Yet although. and to corrupt as well the faith as the truth. and it was predicted by the voice of the Lord. captivity itself. and God only true." some " 3. evangelic vigour has not so failed in the church of God. everything good shall fail. 241 in these last times. and conquered the victor king even in their very Let the number either of prevaricators or who have now begun to rise in the church against the church. in these last times. or a fear of God without religion is vacillating. iii." . " by the furnaces . priestly dignity. : : 1 2 Some Rom. For God is true." 2 But if every man is a liar. and by the testimony of the the world is failing. read. and says from their faith hath their unbelief made the faith of God of none effect ? God forbid. but rather stimulates and exalts it to glory. Mattathias boldly vindicated God's law . according to what the blessed Apostle Paul " For what if some of these have fallen exhorts. but. nor the strength of Chris- is tian virtue or faith so languished. frequently and gloriously suffered martyrdoms . Among very many there still remains a sincere mind and a substantial religion. that Elias. stood and nobly contended that Daniel. although others succumbed and yielded. but every man a liar. These things have been foretold happen in the end of the world . persecution. and the Antichrist apostles.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. We and keep in view that. 8. Q by arms. that now that as about to drawing near. stood up faithfully against the Babylonian fires. or a peaceable concord does not continue. when the Jews gave way and departed from the divine religion. 4. subdued neither by their tender 1 years nor by threats. of traitors see to it. but evil and adverse things shall prosper. also that the three youths. with fast. and a spirit devoted to nothing but the Lord and its God. bold and sted- they maintain the honour of the divine majesty and the remember full observance of fear.

to do. and being joined in the fault. backbiters. and words behind thee : when thou sawest a thief. 2 Rom." of other men's sins And who are associated with the delinquents. while they are mingled in unlawful communion with the evil and sinners. but maintain as the sound and sincere constancy of your faith with religious fear. proud. inventors of evil things. are polluted by the contact also those of the guilty. not only they which commit those things. 30-32. " Whisperers. . 1.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 242 else ought we. the servants. are thus not separated in its penalty. dearly beloved brethren." Since who do such things are worthy of death. I bid you. ever heartily farewell. dearest brethren. and especially the priests. such a thing as this ought not to trouble our faith. and the unrepenting. boasters of themselves. who think that the godly hold communion discipline may be neglected. the religious solicitude of much your integrity and and exhort you as faith. and continue in the truth of God. not to mingle in sacrilegious communion with profane and polluted priests. saying. For which reason we not only approve. and says the same Paul the apostle besides. but they. of God. 17. but they 2 also which consent unto those who do these things. than forsake human errors and lies. "But thou hatest instruction. haters of God. 18. writes. Wherefore. did not underthing : stand that they which commit such things are worthy of death. who consent unto those who do such things who. injurious. since the Holy Spirit threatens such T in the Psalms. we can by our letters. says he. and come into punishment who do evil things. castedst my thou consentedst unto him. keeping the Lord's precepts ? what 9. 1 Ps. i. dearest brethren. and who rashly w ith Basilides and Martialis. who. he makes manifest and proves that not only they are worthy of death. although there have been found some among our colleagues. but applaud. although they knew the judgment of God. and hast been partaker with adull He shows that they become sharers and partakers terers.

Ixvi. 2 who to Florentius. makes priests. Ep. greeting. letter 1. and. 243 1 TO FLORENTIUS PUPIANUS. so disgraceful. that are still the same as you you were before perceive you believe the same things concerning me. Cyprian. ARGUMENT. x. suggested with some probability.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. a Matt. and that you persist in what you did believe. . is also called Thascius. moreover. lest by chance the dignity of your eminence and your martyrdom should be that stained by communion with me. that you are inquiring caremy character and after God the Judge who fully into . brother. ON CALUMNJATOES. and argues the lightness of his mind) in that he has so hastily trusted calumniators. that you ance for having either rashly heard or believed in time past things so wicked. 29. that you wish to judge but of the judgment for what am I ? This is not to believe in rebel against Christ "Are God I will not say of me. also is is it who Pupianus. were now at length turned to repent- his brother. that this form of superscription was intended to rebuke the rudeness of Florentius. of this is to stand and His gospel. who. forth as a so that although not two sparrows sold for a farthing says. God and of Christ. of them falls to the ground without the will of 1 ? my Father. concerning me. I had believed. From his saying. so execrable even among But even now in your letter I Gentiles. now discharged his episcopal office plainly evident that he is writing this under Pope Stephen. had used his heathen name of Thascius instead of his assumed 2 : It is name of Csecilius. which he had adopted from the presbyter who had been the means of his conversion. EPISTLE LXVIII. Cyprian clears himself in the eyes of Florentius Pupianus from various crimes of which he is accused by him . that he has for six years."* and His majesty and truth prove that even things of 1 Oxford He and neither little ed. in addressing Cyprian.

for the reason be a simple confidence of truth if. but preferred to be believed willing to be approved by the judgment and testimony of God the how much more does it behove His servants to observe who are not only approved by. any one himself appears if as a witness that every one would nor would favour himself. both all the brethren and Gentiles also well know and love my humility . For to believe that unworthy and unchaste. 3. 32." He says. this. that priests should be lowly. who will by and by judge all things. and kindly receive with good-will and 1 John v. and against our conscience resting upon the strength of its faith. and venomous hatred. which whosoever believes. any one put forward misassuredly chievous and adverse things against himself .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. But which of us is far from humility: I. my testimony is not true. must of necessity be found with them when the day of judgment shall come. But with you the fabrication ment and testimony of God of hostile and malignant men has prevailed against the divine decree. there could be anything else than a depraved mind and a deceitful tongue. but there may concerning himself. is announced of " If. in what us. But with respect to what you have said. was unon His own testimony. and you also knew and loved it while you were still in the church. and sacrilegious lies. 31. who daily serve the brethren. but even glory in the judg- Father. Think you that my testimony of myself is better than that of God ? when the Lord Himself teaches." Lord Himself. what else are ordained are than to believe that his priests are not appointed in the church by God. "I bear witness of myself. . 244 consequence are not done without the consciousness and permission of God. from whose breasts the Holy Spirit has departed. another is the announcer and witness. because both the Lord and His apostles ! were lowly . you think that God's priests are ordained in the church without they who His knowledge. nor through God ? 2. and says that is it testimony is not true. as if among lapsed and profane persons placed outside the church. and were in communion with me. but 1 But if the there is another who beareth witness of me.

but only clearing His say nothing against own innocence. when it " why smitest thou me ? ! was said to him. but they have despised me. "And the man that will do presumptuously. saying. when you held communion with me. in . " Answerest thou the high priest so?" guarding the priestly that it ought to be maintained. l And again He speaks to Samuel. and judge of a judge. Nor do I boast of these things. the high priest. lifted to the you highest sublimity of martyrdom. Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of thy 4 people. but with grief I bring them forward. when it came. but if well. when he might have lifted up himself boldly against who had those hood crucified the Lord. when it was said to Him." Unless perchance I was a priest to you before the persecution. 5. even that man shall die and all the shall and do when no more hear. 7. and will not hearken unto the priests or unto the judge who shall be in those days." so that even they who did not believe in God appointing a bishop. in the Gospel. 13. blessed apostle also. they presumppeople. viii. and the temple and the priestbut even although in false and degraded priests. fear. be a priest after the persecution For the persecution. and says. answered. bear witness of the The evil . 4." 2 And moreover the Lord. could still believe in the devil proscribing a bishop. 245 gladness every one that comes to the church. Sam. and who had already God and Christ. " Eevilest thou God's high priest?" spoke nothing reproachfully against the priest. he " I wist for not. . since you constitute yourself a judge of God and of 1 Deut. given for the time by God ? Although the Lord God says Deuteronomy. would and teaching dignity. still the mere empty shadow of the priestly name. who appoint yourself bishop of a bishop. bishop of the Christians . that he was the high priest sidering said. 23. But it depressed me with the burden of proscription. con- sacrificed . xvii. 12. or you. it is : written." have not despised thee. any possesses any the property of Ceecilius Cyprian.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " They tuously. brethren. since it " If was one holds or of ! publicly declared. and ceased to 4. xxiii. 2 1 3 John * Acts xviii. " If I have spoken evil.

heareth me . still arise. judged unworthy by men." . that so great a number of the faithful who have been summoned away [from the world] under my rule. Him that sent. and he that heareth me. nor the people a prelate. who is honoured by God's condescenpersons is For what swelling of sion. and thereby to who by vicarious ordination succeed to the all chief apostles : that heareth you. 6. and cattle a leader. nor Christ a repre2 nor God a priest Pupianus must come to the and and declare the decision of God rescue. 16." 1 have arisen schisms and heresies. and the communion sentative. " who says to the apostles. may not appear to have departed without hope of salvathat the new crowd of believers may not tion and of peace be considered to have failed of attaining any grace of baptism and the Holy Spirit by my ministiy that the peace conferred upon so many lapsed and penitent persons. . Bees have a king. behold now for six years the brotherhood has neither had a bishop. what soul. of what inflation of mind. and deign to pronounce concerning us. ! 1 Luke x. 2 " Antistitem. ! . nor the church a governor. among acknowledged vouchsafed by my examination. and in that the bishop who is one and rules over the this contemned by the haughty presumption of some and the man. heareth Him that sent me . nor the flock a pastor. Robbers obey their chief with an obedience full of How much more simple and better than you are humility. and keep faith to him. and robbers. that God and His Christ may thank you. is this. in that by your means a representative and ruler has been restored as well to their altar as to their people. and For from spiseth 5. rulers. dc- He me. pride arrogance to call prelates and priests to one's own recognition. authority of your judgment. and he that despiseth you. although The chief bloody. give judgment. and raging among swords and weapons is them and whom no divine feared. me. your judgment.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the brute cattle and dumb animals. and to establish our episcopate by the authority of your recognition. may not be abrogated by the Condescend for once. and unless I may be declared clear in your sight and absolved by church is . 246 Christ. and Christ accepted.

to death. against a priest." and again " A wicked doer giveth heed to the tongue of . as you have written. communion. indeed. but it was by your irreligious credulity. churches throughout the whole world who are associated with us in the bond of unity ? unless all these. and glorious by the memory of illustrious wounds and scars so many chaste widows virgins. . inviolate. is confessors . You have fallen into it. from their of the . but it was by your own sacrilegious disposition and will in easily hearkening to unchaste. 7. 247 judgment lias appointed. and in willingly believing them in defending other men's falseas if were own and your private property hoods. to unspeakable things against your brother. . . all the communion with me. have gone by an scruple. proscribed. acknowledging the priest of God. You say. conhave received heavenly crowns from the Wherefore have not they fallen glorification of the Lord ? into this scruple. xxviii. holy. "Hedge thine 1 ears with thorns. they your and in not remembering that it is written. sound. LXX. and bearing witness to him ? Wherefore have not so many bishops.THE EPISTLES OF CYPPJAN. or who in some places. or being taken were cast into prison and were in chains or who. directed letters to Cyprian the bishop. from among that people of ours which is illustrious demned road to the Lord . 28). you have fallen into it. xvii." Wherefore have not the martyrs fallen into this scruple. full Holy Ghost. who finally. : 2 the unjust. my colleagues. so many praiseworthy with us. modest. are polluted with the pollution of my lips. and by God's condescension committed to us so who have been put to the question and tormany tured. sent away into exile. . Pupianus who would not associate 2 Prov. 4. dungeon. 24 (Vulg. that the scruple into which you have fallen ought to be taken from your mind. but on whom an abandoned faction and a guilty band have agreed. 1 Ecclus. and hearken not to a wicked tongue. fallen into this who either. and have lost the hope of are in eternal life by the contagion of my nlone. when they departed from the midst of were us. to impious. and already by their passion near to the presence of God and of His Christ martyrs who. but a righteous man regards not lying lips.

and church by prelates rules the 2 John vi. although the whole people of the church are collected. kingdom 8. Nor does the Lord. if you will for once have respect to Christ. . . who by His decree and word. and that those flatter themselves in vain who creep in. and the church in the bishop . who even. 67-69. brother. 1 Kom. arid they are the church who are a people united to the priest. when disciples forsook turning to the twelve. both rules prelates themselves. Wherefore. " Lord. You have written also. "Will ye also go away?" then we go ? Thou and we believe. of priests 9. 248 himself with us. . but every man a liar. whom shall 2 Peter speaks the church was to be built. and think that they communicate secretly with some while the church. that he is not in the church. 3. which is catholic and one. and the flock which adheres to its pastor.THE EPISTLES OF CYPPJAN. since also the apostle says. would have had to be cast out. Peter answered Him. . and their guardian. and are sure. but is indeed connected and bound together by the cement who cohere with one another." 1 And the Lord also Him as He spoke. 4. shall dwell alone in paradise and in the of heaven. that although a rebellious and arrogant multitude of those who will not hear and obey that there. iii. is not cut nor divided. on art the of the living God. in the Gospel. if you consider God's majesty who ordains priests. said. and if any one be not with the bishop. to hast the word of Thou eternal life Son . yet the church does not depart from Christ . if they had been within." whom may depart. and joined to itself in an undivided concord they alone have remained without. not having peace with God's priests. " For what if some of them have departed from the faith ? shall their unbelief make the faith of God of none effect ? God forbid : . teaching and showing in the name of the church. suffer the wheat to be snatched from His floor but the chaff alone can be separated from the church. Whence you ought to know that the bishop is in the church. that on my account the church now has a portion of herself in a state of dispersion. and by His presence. the protector of His people. and united. for God is true.

1 Gen. nay. He also added this : who maketh the priest." 1 And . peace.servant . what has been . and of my confidence in You have my my Lord letter. so that they. " Behold. so that first I should consult my Lord whether He would permit peace to be granted to you. These things. this wonder. of the pure conscience of my mind. not hatred. and among other things which He condescended to show and to u Whoso therefore does not reveal. since his brethren said of Joseph. even although there still remains us respect and fear for the divine censure . shall hereafter begin who avengeth the priest. at first did not believe the words. and my God. either in persecution or in peace. But of those things that you have done. than believe the priest.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and I yours. but the divine judgment. both will be read. and who his slayers and sellers were put to confusion. and pride. afterwards the dreamer attained to what he had dreamed. For I remember what has already been manifested to me. in respect of the human solence . not only in we may have some ground for . and you to be received to the communion among of His church by His own showing and admonition. 10. In the day of judgment. xxxvii. 20. it is foolish for me to pretend to judge you. 249 innocence of bishops. but in persecution communion with you. I have written at length. if you will begin even a late repentance for your temerity. believe Christ. 19." Although I know some men dreams seem ridiculous and visions foolish. to believe Him that to yet assuredly it is to such as would rather believe in opposiBut it is no tion to the priest.prescribed by the authority of our Lord and God to an obedient and fearing. and in- if you will trust. . and to whom with pure whom I ceaselessly offer sacrifices. since you rather appoint yourself a judge over us. before the tribunal of Christ. let us slay him. dreamer cometh come now therefore. if will you God and His Christ and unstained lips most abundantly make satisfaction to I serve. afterwards believed the deeds.

1 TO JANUARIUS AND OTHER NUMIDIAN BISHOPS. Gargilius. Fortunatus.) " That ivhat heretics use is not baptism . Ep. Lucianus. Antonianus. 1. Hortensianus. Rogatianus. Caldonius.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. greeting. Nemesianus. they ought to be baptized. when they come 2 to the catholic church. another Saturninus. Victor. which is one. Cittinus. Liberalis. as also ichich our colleagues previously wrote to the bishops pre- siding in Numidia . and in the one that follows this. Nicomedes. our among them can in a letter colleague. Junius. Lucius. Eutycianus. Rogatianus. another Donatus. Sedatus. Victor. When we were together in council. Honoratus. Cyprian. On which matter. Ixx. Successus. (asking) whether. lius. another Victor. Marrutius. another Saturninus. of both of ichich letters I have subis made of both letters Moreover. ON BAPTIZING HERETICS. who has been lately carefully expressed in a Christ. Honoratus. yet since upon have you thought that of our mutual love we ought to be 1 2 "And Oxford ed." wrote to us concerning those heretics : . mention joined copies" in the Epistle to Jubaianus. although you yourselves hold therethe truth and certainty of the catholic rule. Marcus. Januarius. Tertullus. dearest brethren. Donatus. true. Modianus. CacciPolycarp. Herculanus. Maximus. Felix. Cassius. Quintus. Proculus. another Gargilius. Demetrius. and that none ARGUMENT. The argument of this letter and tlie next is found in a subsequent Epistle to Stephen (Ep. : receive benefit by the grace of Christ. Sattius. established in Mauritania. to their brethren Januarius. Saturninus. Pomponius. Ixxi. Primus. Nampulus. Saturninus. we read your letter which you who seem to be baptized by and schismatics. oppose letter ichich icas written on that subject to Quintus. 250 EPISTLE LXIX. still another Saturninus.

19 (LXX. xix. the fountain of living waters. that the fountain of strange water. must either change the inter- rogation or maintain the truth . being outside the church. which can hold ing." water should first be cleansed and sanctified by the priest. they contend. ii. Dost thou believe in eternal life and remission of sins through O the ? we mean that remission of sins is not granted except in the church. where there is no church. For when we say. and drink not from a Keep It is required. cannot put away his own sins? 2. " is And give to another remission of sins. xxxvi.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. since there is one baptism baptized in the holy church and it is written in the words appointed of the Lord. be cleansed from all your a filthiness . having received the chrism. Therefore they who holy church assert that heretics can baptize. so that. thee from the strange water. 13. moreover. 4 Num. 26. but we join with you in equal agreement. " They have forsaken me. sacred Scripture warns. and observed by us. unless indeed they attribute a church also to those who." 1 And again. 25. namely. and that among heretics. him the grace of is. ix. the anointing." Or how can he who baptizes the Holy Spirit book of Numbers. It is also that is he should who be anointed necessary baptized . and from all your new heart also will I give you. 8 Ezek. " 13 that who phet shall it is : its baptism the sins of the man because the Lord baptized says by Ezekiel the pro" Then will I water clean sprinkle upon you. and hewed them out broken cisterns. no water. 251 consulted. 2 Prov. then. who himself. and in idols will I cleanse whom : not? since the Lord says in the whatsoever the unclean person 4 toucheth shall be unclean." 3 But how can he cleanse and sanctify the water who is himself unclean. sins cannot be put away.). we put forward our opinion. and says. in an opinion long since decreed by our predecessors. have baptism. 2. . . and ye may wash away by . and have in 1 Jer. not as a new one. judg- and holding it for certain that no one can be abroad outside the church. But. you and a new spirit will I put within you. the very interrogation which is put in baptism is a witness of the truth. that lie may be anointed of God.

that he may be sanctified within by therefore he untrained to those who are holy. 2 . " Let not the written. cxli. is also. since holy. 252 Further.). for I am that he who has been seduced into it is So and baptized (tinctus) outside [of the church]. for a priest. John ix. should this aside even lay very thing in the true and ecclesiastical viz. 1 But he anointed are Christ. Hence it results. 2." Who. fell upon a profane one. moreover." 4 " Be written. But if he 3. " But the the one are An authorized reading here is. but if any written. . they [truly] baptized. But it is by the deceit of error to approve the baptism of heretics cannot give the Holy Spirit. one. that since with them all things baptize those is 1 oil. are sanctified on the altar. 5 (LXX. by a source and principle of unity. and doeth His will. while he seeks baptism. If one could baptize. to know and remember all among that it is 2 my head. saith the Lord. the Eucharist and the whence the baptized axe anointed. further. Besides. what prayer can a priest who is impious and a " God sinner offer for a since it is oil of a sinner anoint baptized person? heareth not a sinner . 31. who has neither an altar nor a church. therein a part cannot be void. it is the Eucharist whence the baptized with the oil sanctified on the altar. cannot sanctify the creature of oil. he could also give the Holy Spirit. man be a worshipper of 3 God. and schisto admit that have For matics. because he that is appointed is not endowed with the Holy Spirit. ye holy. that he a man coming to God. lest any one going out of the way and wandering from the path of truth should be anointed by heretics and adversaries of Christ. him He heareth. he cannot without who come since both baptism is one and and the church founded by Christ Holy Spirit Lord upon Peter. can give what he himself has not ? or how can he discharge spiritual functions And who himself has lost the Holy Spirit? must be baptized and renewed who comes the church.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. whence also there can be no spiritual anointing among heretics. and part be valid. xix." which the Holy Spirit before forewarned in the Psalms. Ps." 3 4 Lev. error. since it is manifest that the oil cannot be sanctified nor the Eucharist celebrated at But we ought O them.

An Mauritania. Wherefore we who are with the Lord. 19. our has to me. from us. and according to His condescension administer His priesthood in the church. a bishop in has asked advice concerning the baptism answer is heretics. futile to be and false. we should give the truth both of unity and We faith.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." Whence we also ought to gather and consider whether they who are the Lord's adversaries. and are called antichrists. by means of all the sacraments of divine grace. : Ep. ARGUMENT. who of given to Quintus. acknowledge the true faith of the one church. " He that is not with me is against me . 18. and said. can give the grace of Christ. coming adversaries and the antichrists do out of error and wickedness. but they were not of us . . greeting. the last time. 23. the commandments also. for if they had been of us. and he that gathereth lished And the blessed Apostle John not with me. Lucian. keeping has laid it down in his epistle. 3 Oxford ed. ever heartily farewell. EPISTLE LXX. and maintain the unity of the Lord. dearest brother. ought to repudiate and reject and regard as profane whatever His and to those who." and precepts of the Lord. no doubt they would have continued with us. . scattereth. 3 TO QUINTUS. to Quintus his brother. that you reported co-presbyter. 1 Cyprian Luke xi. 2 1 John ii. CONCERNING THE BAPTISM OF HERETICS. bid you. dearest brethren. have wished me to declare to you what I think concerning those who seem to have been baptized by heretics and schis1. " Ye have heard that 1 antichrist shall come whereby we know : now even that it is there are many antichrists They went out . by God which is His enemies and adversaries? setting forth in His Gospel. Ixxi. nothing of approved by tliat 253 which they have done ought For what can be ratified and estabdone by them whom the Lord calls us.

. a matter of more importance. that you may know what several of us fellow-bishops. they say that in this matter they follow ancient " which doubtless is one in the catholic church church be one. 25. but they come to us. But we say that those who come thence are not rebapFor indeed they do not tized among us. and purifying. but are baptized. our colleagues are led to think that they who have been dipped by heretics ought not to be baptized when they come to u?. because the church 1 cannot be any baptism out of the church].THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. because both grace and truth are one. xxxiv./ since there attained the grace of eternal quickens the people of God. with the brother presbyters who were present. 2. Ecclus. they strive to set before and prefer the sordid and profane washing of heretics to the true and only and legitimate baptism of the catholic church. in council. heretics than agree with us one baptism they are unwilling to baptize those that come. that the enemy and adversary of Christ should seem to have the power of washing. I have sent you a copy of the lately determined For I know not by what presumption some of epistle. But again some of our colleagues would rather give honour to and while by the assertion of . and if . therefore one. that here they may receive where there is both grace and all truth. baptized by one Now it is manifest that dead. baptism cannot exist outside the church. and another cannot be made alive by him who himself is not alive./ having O both lives for ever and life. for the reason that they say that there is one baptism [which same . and there For since there cannot be two baptisms. where there is nothing . grants this advantage to them. which is . indeed is is one. not " He who is considering that it is written. what availeth his washing?" 1 they who are not in the church of Christ are reckoned among the dead . 1 this 2 And is one church which. yields and consents to them. of which matter. receive anything there. they themAnd he who of his own authority selves have this baptism. 254 matics ." Otherwise. and sanctifying a man. they thus either themselves make two baptisms in saying that there is a baptism among heretics or certainly. if heretics truly baptize.

that he may become a sheep. they return truth and to their parent . and upon whom He built His when Paul disputed with him afterwards about circlaim cumcision. that it baptize. it was not necessary to Which also we observe in the present day. their sin and putting away if. so as to say that he held the primacy. Neither must we prescribe this from custom. looking forward to this. and not in any 3. we ought by all church. but should rather adopt as our own those which at any time are usefully and wholesomely suggested by our brethren and colleagues. and have gone sufficient to lay known to over from us to the heretics. first is hands for repentance upon those who are have been baptized in the church. and consulting faithfully for concord . having custom although . moreover. anything to himself insolently. and easily yielded to the lawful reason which Paul asserted. that we should not obstinately love our own opinions. because there can be nothing common to falsehood and truth. to death and immortality. to darkness and light. 255 among the ancients these were as yet the of beginnings heresy and schisms. and church.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and these. because in the holy church is the one water which makes sheep. first been baptized therein . nor did he despise Paul because he had previously been a persecutor of the church. that he ought rather to be obeyed by novices and those lately come . therefore. [opposite opinions] by reason. But if he who comes from the heretics has not previously been baptized in the church. but admitted the counsel of truth. because it had been a sheep. nor arrogantly assume anything . but over- come whom For neither did Peter. to Antichrist and Christ. furnishing thus an illustration to us both of concord and of patience. means to give maintain the unity of the catholic way to the enemies of faith and truth to respect. so that. when they returned to the church and repented. but comes as a stranger and entirely profane. first the Lord chose. so that those were involved in them who departed from the church. he must be baptized. subsequently acknowledging to the their error. if they be true and lawful. And therefore. may receive into His fold the estranged and the Shepherd vagrant sheep. Paul.

xiv. if and that each one ought not obstinately to contend for that which he had once imbibed and held . decreed. For we are not overcome when better things are presented to us. he should gladly embrace it. this dearest brother.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that it had been decreed by them. And the : you may know what kind of that on we have letters written subject. so that we. Ixxii. I have transmitted for our mutual love a of them. ARGUMENT. but we are instructed. CONCERNING A COUNCIL. common council established whose opinion. 256 and peace. and let the rest judge. ever heartily farewell. Cyprian with his colleagues in a certain council Stephen. and in harmony with the catholic faith and church. thing. let the first 1 In which place he has taught and shown hold his peace. indeed. by the well-weighed examination of Which 4. 29. tells 1 : . as being both religious and lawful and salutary." that many things are revealed to individuals for the better. 2 TO POPE STEPHEN. priests of God and prelates of His church. Lord's the church in the province of Africa and governed and Numidia. has laid down in his epistle this rule: "Moreover. a man of worthy with his other fellow-bishops. Ep. the Roman pontiff. Agrippinus also. who at that time memory. EPISTLE LXXI. should know that remission of sins cannot be given save in the church. I bid you. Oxford ed. as well for your own information as for that copy of our fellow-bishops who are in those parts. by His condescension. but if anything has appeared better and more useful. let But the prophets speak two or three. nor can the adversaries of Christ claim to themselves anything belonging to His grace. we also have followed. both that those who returned from heresy into 2 1 Cor. 30. especially in those matters which pertain to the unity of the church and the truth of our hope and faith . anything be revealed to another that sitteth by.

greeting. that this is maintained by the apostles. that those who have been dipped abroad outside the church. unless they receive also the baptism is it of the church. is one that more especially pertains both to the priestly authority and to the unity. thought it necessary for the arranging of certain matters. at which once . and that bishops or priests coming from the heretics should be received on no other condition. arising as these do from the ordination of the divine appointment . 5. scil. and have been stained among heretics and schismatics with the taint of profane water.THE EPISTLES OF CYPEIAN. But the subject in regard to which we had chiefly to write to you. in the house of Cornelius the centurion. that of the Spirit The of this passage has : rite of confirmation. many things were brought for- hold a council. in the Acts of the Apostles. to Stephen their brother. Except a man be born again of water. can they be " since it is written. For then and be the sons of can they be fully sanctified. is of no avail unless baptism have first been conferred. they " since it is written. and for their investigation by the 1. as well as the dignity. than that they should communicate as lay people. Cyprian and others. 1 be born of each sacrament." 2 For we finally if find also. ward and transacted. fully sanctified and be born again Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit" etc. God. . to gather together and to many priests were assembled at moreover. the Holy Ghost had descended upon the Gentiles The sense 1 been doubted. and to confer with your gravity and wisdom. ought they come to us and to the church be baptized. which is when one. to wit. but seems to be this Holy Ghost. that the birth of water is by baptism. which quotation is plainly meant to convey. We have common examination of a council. For only by being born of each sacrament. dearest brother. of the catholic church. or the giving of the . and kept in the truth of the saving faith. so that when. for the reason that to a small matter to lay hands on them that they may receive the Holy Ghost. he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 257 the church should be baptized. and of the Spirit. by 2 confirmation. confirmation and baptism. John iii. . at which.

who wait upon the altar and sacrifices. gifts to the Lord. filled with the Spirit. to be sound and stainless since the Lord God speaks in Leviticus. established in Mauritania also in a letter which our colleagues previously wrote to . in opposition to the one and divine altar." this same thing. after having stood forth as and that they ought not. " let the priests 1 Lev. But that that is not baptism which the heretics use and that none of those who oppose . still none the less the blessed Apostle Peter. who either have been before ordained in the catholic church. the divine precept and gospel. that they communicate as laymen. they blessed God in divers tongues. that or if. of both which letters I have subjoined copies. and connect with what we have said. any presbyters deacons. has lately been set forth with care in the letter which was written on that subject to Quintus. our colleague. believing in the Lord with their whole heart . to retain those arms of ordination and honour with which they For it behoves priests and ministers. consent and authority. on this condition. in Exodus. and says. and hold it to be enough that they 2. 21. on returning. And prescribes which come . fervent in the warmth and of their faith. with common should be received to peace. . rebelled against us. " No man that hath a stain or a blemish shall come nigh to offer enemies of peace . and when. We add. Christ can profit by the grace of Christ . mindful of the divine precept and the gospel. false and sacrilegious sacrifices without. 1 He Moreover. and says. dearest brother. again. xxi. however. as our fellow-bishops presiding in Numidia.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. or who have been promoted among the heretics by a profane ordination by the hands of false bishops and antichrists contrary to the appointment of Christ. that these also be received when they return. commanded that those same should be baptized who had already been filled with the men Holy that nothing might seem to be neglected to the observance by the apostolic instruction in all things of the law of Spirit. and have attempted to offer. and have subsequently stood forth as traitors and rebels against the church. 258 who were there.

when they pardon should be granted . . bid you. return. still cannot restore and recall with them those who. heartily We 1 Ex. near to the Lord them. knowledge." 1 259 God sanctify themselves. xxviii. according to the truth of your reliand faith. those things which are no less religious than gion true will be approved by you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. upon any one. and forestalled by death without. brother. as he shall give an account of his conduct to the Lord. and those who do not depart from the church. not lay aside what they have once imbibed. lest the Lord forsake "And when they come near to minister And again : at the altar of the holy place." bear iniquity upon greater iniquity. which He what stain . 2 Ex. seduced by them. but. dearest brother. and innocent. to your 3. lest they die. although they themselves return to the church.of judgment shall be required at the hands of those who have stood forth as the authors and . since each prelate has in the administration of the church the exercise of his will free. purchased and founded with His blood than. 43. and do not easily change their purpose . 22. and stood in leaders of their ruin. dearest ever farewell. it is sufficient that opposition to the church ? We have brought these things. keeping fast the bond of peace and concord among their colleagues. for the sake of our mutual honour and sincere affection believing that. or can be more odious. retain certain things peculiar which have once been adopted among them. they shall not 2 But what can be them. unmindful of evangelical peace and love. since perfidy ought certainly not to receive promotion in the For what do we reserve for the good household of faith. In which behalf we neither do violence to nor impose a law to themselves. than to have stood in opposition to Christ than to have scattered His church. . have perished outside the church without communion and peace whose souls in the day. if we honour those who have departed from us. But we know that some will . xix. to have fought with the madness of hostile discord against the unanimous and accordant people of God? Such as these. And therefore to such.

CONCERNING THE BAPTISM OF HERETICS. wishing that the impression of my mind should be signified to you. . Cyprian to Jubaianus his brother. 1 Oxford ed. Ixxiii. : Ep. as a compendious method. Cyprian refutes this letter. And now also. sent you a copy of the same letters. 260 EPISTLE LXXIL 1 TO JUBAIANUS. moreover. as to what I think concerning the baptism of heretics . and established outside the church. and the Bishop Jubaianus. who at any time come from the adulterous and unhallowed water to be washed and established this . dearest brother. and at the probably the decrees of the last synod. written to me. This baptism we cannot consider as valid or legitimate. ARGUMENT. sanctified by the truth of the saving water. but by some other person opposed to the opinion of Cyprian. and what. and with whatever he thinks will avail for care collects the greatest the defence of his cause. baptism. Cyprian ivrote a long letter to He had consulted Cyprian about same time had sent a letter not written by himself. what we decided in council when very many of us were present. You have greeting. when we had met together. a little after the seventh council of Carthage. deciding that there is one baptism which is appointed in the catholic church and that by this those are not re-baptized. he sends Jubaianus a copy of the letter to the Numidians and to Quintus. I have. 1. In the year of Christ 256. when he asked about the same thing. . since it is manifestly unlawful among them and since we have already expressed in our letters what we thought on this matter. Moreover. arrogate to themselves a matter neither within their right nor their power. but baptized by us. bishops as well of the province of Africa as of Numidia. who.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. our colleague. placed without. to the we number of same matter once more by seventy-one. I subsequently wrote back to Quintus. our judgment.

since he thinks that after the church. Nor 261 does what you have described in your letters dis- turb us. yea. and 1 that the baptism which is one is among us. that because Novatian arrogates to himself outside the church the image of the truth. that he without the church first baptized without. and the stedfastness For Novatian. and contrary to the church. that. self also was formerly baptized. after the manner of of reason and truth. moreover. that the Novatians re-baptize those whom they entice from us. knowing that there is one baptism. yet imitate human doings wishes to claim to himself the authority and truth of apes the catholic church. does it behove us to cease from our altar arid sacrifices. But what sort of a thing is this. because Novatian dares to do this thing. nay. although they are not men. baptism which is one. and trust for certain. and make us heretics. But we who hold the head and root of the one church know. ter to us which. since it is now many years and a " the source of 1 Or. has stood forth hitherto as a rebel and enemy for./ that nothing is lawful there outside the church. where he him: f. people are to be to be re-baptized outside begin by himself. we should forsake the truth of the church. so that he may say that the church is with him. lest we should appear to be celebrating the same or like things with him ? Utterly vain and foolish is it. it is no new or sudden thing for us to O to be baptized who come to the church those are that judge from among the heretics. But among O us . against the church he arrogates to himself this one. ought we therefore to re! pounce our throne 1 Or because Novatian endeavours wrongfully to set up an altar and to offer sacrifices. 2. while he himself is not in the church . when he maintained both But if Novatian the wisdom and truth of the divine unity.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. dearest brother. we are to think that we What then ? Because Novatian also usurps must not do it the honour of the priestly throne. thinks that those who have been baptized in the church are he ought to be re-baptized with an might extraneous and heretical baptism. since it does not in any wise mat- what the enemies of the church do." 3. so long as we ourselves hold a regard for our power.

if can obtain any grace. ought not to increase the stolidity of heretics by the patronage of our consent. the same church with us. saying that even those that epistle that mention was also came from him did not need to be baptized. that. when We they gladly and readily obey the truth. For it is not difficult for a teacher to insinuate true and lawful things into his mind. Apelletians. because they seemed to have been already baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. whether in respect of the same faith they we and heretics have one faith. 262 long time ago. confess the same Father. " and other plagues of heretics subverting the truth with their swords and poisons. Anthropians." I thought that this topic was not to be passed by. and discovered the truth of the church. and other pests." . nay. and thenceforward until the present day. that it was written. Therefore we ought to consider their faith who believe without. the same Holy Ghost. For we may also have one grace. having condemned heretical pravity. let us examine in the meantime about Marcion alone. who. they have both reasonably and gladly embraced the opportunity to attain the grace of the life-giving laver and of saving baptism.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. since he who is baptized might receive remission of sins according to what he believed. Valentinians. especially not be asked since I observed in the same made of Marcion. That it should who baptized. the mention of whom they 5. since I found in the letter the copy of which " you transmitted to me. under Agrippinus man a of worthy memory very many bishops assembling together have decided this . and swords. have one baptism if they have also one faith. comes for this purpose. Marcionites. so many thousands of heretics in our provinces have been converted to the church. may And also lest it 1 Or otherwise. the same Son. should be wearisome to go through all the heresies. and to enumerate either the follies or the madness of each of them. and learns for the purpose that he may live. and have neither despised nor delayed. Certainly. that he may learn. because it is no pleasure to speak of that which one either dreads or is ashamed to know. Ophites. 4. and poisons 1 of heretics for subverting the truth. If the Patripassians.

Christ born of the Virgin Mary. therefore. by his faith. and showed to His disciples that He had risen in the same flesh? Widely different is the after faith with Marcion. How then can one who is baptized among them seem to have obtained remission of sins. but if he believes what is false. What is this deceitful and faithless water? Certainly that which falsely assumes the resemblance of baptism. whether For the Lord the ground of his baptism can be made good. 19. sending His disciples. His resurrection. and of the Son. But if. who conquered death by dying. but rather he has received things adulterous and profane. instructed and taught them in what manner they ought to baptize. saying. who bare our sins. 6. and teach all nations. moreover. " Why me prevail while ? My wound is hard has indeed become unto it has no faithfulness. who as the Word was made flesh. xxviii. with them there . with the other heretics nay. and frustrates the grace of faith by a shadowy pretence. in whose sacrament the nations were to be baptized. is and contention. one could be baptized without.). 18 (LXX. and blasphemy. 263 Las been made in the letter transmitted by you to us. certainly he has received what he believed ." 2 . Does Marcion then maintain the Trinity ? Does he then assert the same Father. according to the same faith he could also attain 1 Matt. and the grace of the divine mercy. according to what he believed. he could not receive what is true . and of the Holy Ghost. when he has not the truth of the faith itself ? For if. xv." 1 He suggests the Trinity. according to a perverted faith. and.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Go ye. 18. whence me shall I be healed ? as deceitful water which The Holy Spirit makes mention by the prophet of deceitful water which has no faithfulness. baptizing them in the name of the Father. the Creator. saying. " All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. who by Himself first of all originated the resurrection of the flesh. as some suppose. 2 Jer. and obtain remission of sins. nothing but perfidy. which is hostile to holiness and truth. one could receive anything abroad out of the church according to his faith. . This matter of profane and adulterous baptism Jeremiah do they who afflict the prophet plainly rebukes. as we do ? Does he know the same Son.

that the divine vengeance may avenge and chastise when heretics do that in opposition to the church. and that none can usurp to himself. the the source of unity the power. without the . and saith unto them. and be sealed. and in the ordinance of the Lord. But in respect of the assertion of some concerning those who had been baptized in Samaria.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. or he who has been without has received neither. the power of sacrificing right . when we say that all things are arranged by divine direction by a certain law and by special ordinance. anything which is not of his own and power. that whatsoever he And after the loosed on earth should be loosed in heaven. namely. even so send I you. punishment what they unlawfully dared. He breathed on them. and Abiram endeavoured to usurp. authority of divine Scripture. For Corah. where there is none who can either bind or loose anything. 21-23. He speaks to the apostles. that which is given in baptism. and whence He appointed and showed can be given of first all built . Either he could obtain both privileges without by his faith. they are retained. But it is manifest where and by whom remission of the sins . For Lord gave that power to Peter. nothing can either be bound or loosed. The sons of Aaron also. are allowed to baptize and to give remission of sins but that without. in opposition to Moses and Aaron the and they did not do without priest." : . Whence we perceive that only they who are set over the church and established in the gospel law. which the church alone is allowed to do. were at once consumed in the sight of an angry Lord which punishment remains to those who introduce strange water by a false baptism. 7. they are remitted * unto them and whosesoever sins ye retain. Dathan. 8. resurrection. Receive ye the Holy Ghost whosesoever sins ye remit. who placed strange fire upon the altar. saying. . He to wit. And when He had said this. that when the Apostles . 9. "As the Father hath sent me. Nor do we propose this. also. in opposition to the bishops and priests. 1 John xx. dearest brother. upon whom the church. that he might obtain the Holy Ghost. 2G4 Holy Spirit and there is no need that hands should be laid on him when he comes.

there was no need that they should baptized by Philip the deacon. dearest brother. so that they are perfected with the Lord's seal. 10.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. we see that that place does not.. had been whom the same apostles had sent. And therefore. waters with four rivers. Why do AVC receive as allowed an adulterous and alien church. which now too is done who are baptized in the church are brought to the prelates of the church. with the four Gospels. for thinking that we should give way to heretics so far as to con- template the betrayal to them of that baptism. the Holy Spirit should be . iv. 24. invoked and poured out upon them. that they might receive the Holy Ghost. dearest brother. It is the duty of an standards entrusted to him. a foe to the divine unity. in the church which is one. be baptized any more. therefore. she bestows the grace of saving 1 Deut. and which alone to it bestow the grace of baptism and to remit is granted to sins. . but only that which was needed was performed by Peter and John viz. and by our prayers and by the imposition of hands obtain the Holy Spirit. when we know only one Christ and His one church ? The church. keep the "The Lord thy God is a jealous God. illustrious leader to It is written. There is no ground. that is. and among us. because they had obtained a legitimate and ecclesiastical baptism. by a celestial inundation. Samaria had believed with a true faith . wherewith. whereof that which does not bring forth good These trees she fruit is cut off and is cast into the fire. includes within her walls fruitbearing trees. 2G5 Peter and John came. It is a good soldier's duty to defend the camp of his general against rebels and enemies. and the people were perishing. setting justly allayed forth the likeness of paradise. His wrath when He was angry. and within. only hands were imposed on them. which is only granted to the one and only church. yet that they were not re-baptized . and hands being imposed. For they who had believed in touch the present case." x We who have received the Spirit of God ought to have a jealousy for the divine faith with such a jealousy as that wherewith Phineas both pleased God and . that prayer being made for them.

therefore. wherefore are we judged betrayers of unity? The and saving. from the church's fountains is not within the church water Can one impart to any one and saving draughts of paradise if he is perverted. and holy water of the church cannot be corrupted and adulterated. if we acknowledge the sacrament of unity. 37. come and drink l cries aloud. for her honour and unity we fight." . But if they are not in the church. and is founded upon one who has received the keys of it by the Lord's voice ? It is she who holds and possesses alone all the power of her spouse and Lord. access to the hope of life eternal. any one could be baptized among heretics. If he attained remission if was also sanctified. 38. if they act against the church. or to the church which is one. as well as her 2 by the divine glory.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. as the church herself also is uncorIf heretics are devoted tc rupted. If. and chaste. and of himself condemned. her grace. he 1 John vii. was made the temple of God. and banished outside the fountains of paradise. guard the thirsting people permission boundaries of the living fountains. they may use both her baptism and her other saving benefits. when their baptism is recognised by us since thence springs the whole origin of faith and the saving . of what Or. and the divine condescenFor sion for purifying and quickening the servants of God. where there is no fountain and river of living water at all . certainly he could also obtain remission of sins. that " whosoever thirsts should of the rivers of living wr ater that flowed out Shall "Whither is he to come who thirsts ? of His belly. we defend with faithful devotedness. In her we preside . we the of water God ." he come to the heretics. the church and established in the church. of sins. " with the courage of faith. and modest. wherefore are we esteemed prevaricators against truth? faithful. nay more. and has dried up and failed with the dryness of an eternal thirst ? ? those wholesome The Lord 11. 2 If he was sanctified. 266 Can any one who baptism. he also God ? If of I ask. For it is no small and insignificant matter which is conceded to heretics. we hold We the right of our possession. how can they baptize with the church's baptism 1 12.

three are one. Nor let any one say." when the apostles only delivered one church. 18." But after inspiration and revelation made to him. yet obtained the Creator Him. so that anything can be shown to have been alleged which pertained to this matter. the blessed Apostle Paul says of himself. because he has not believed in . but some acted in envy and dissension > Phil. whether as walking disorderly and against the discipline of the church. or as keeping the truth of the gospel with the fear of God. and injurious ." 2 find that this also can avail nothing to their benefit who support and applaud heretics. he who intelligently and knowingly perseveres in that course in which he had erred. 14. and one baptism. and communicated in such a way as that the apostles should appear to have approved the . as if it tended to favour " heretics. " We follow that which we have received from the apostles. Only every way. i. whether in pretence or in truth. as Spirit. as if custom were greater than truth or as if that were not to be sought after in spiritual matters which has been revealed as the better by the Holy For one who errs by simplicity may be pardoned. He was speaking of brethren. and a persecutor. nor of their baptism. was received by the apostles in the same baptism. For Paul. sins without pardon for his ignorance. when he is overcome by reason.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. . Hence it is in vain that some who are overcome by reason oppose to us custom. i. . baptism of heretics. 13. that the Apostle Paul declared. For as to what some say. mercy. because I did it l ignorantly. And he said that certain of them spoke the word of God with constancy and courage. since he If of the Holy Spirit . which is not ordained except in the same church and we cannot find that any one. . when he had been baptized by heretics. If of Christ . 267 he could not be. ilTim. For he resists with a certain presumption and obstinacy. was we not speaking of heretics. since the denies that Christ is God. " I who at first was a blasphemer. in his epistle. how can the Holy Spirit be at peace with him who is the enemy either of the Son or of the Father ? 13. let Christ be preached. he could not become His temple.

" how can they transact spiritual and divine matters. religious faith to the spirit of sessed? authority and to the apostolical tradition. which And when they say that there can be no fellowship between righteousness and unrighteousness. might increase he bore all spirit of dissension . who are the enemies of God. but by His apostles. we shall perceive that they may do nothing towards conferring the ecclesiastical and saving grace. 1-1. there 2 Tim. he thought anything was to be conceded he approved of their faith or baptism. we shall find that they. it is another for those who are without. 17. or unright- eousness justify? And when they say that "they are not 3 of God.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. no communion between light and 2 darkness. patiently. let not those who favour what Paul spoke concerning brethren. and act in opposition to the church. Wherefore. through the preaching of the speakers. ii. who. to baptize in the name of Christ. so long only as. but that but yet that whether in truth or in pretence. if. are called adversaries by Christ evangelical Himself. but are of the spirit of Antichrist. For when they say that "their word creeps as a canker. 268 that some maintained towards some indulged a malevolent him a benevolent love. Besides. execrated and detested the sacrilegious wickedness of heretics. how can either darkness illuminate. the name of Christ which Paul preached might come to the knowledge of many and the sowing of the word. Antichrists. and whose hearts the Antichrist has posaside the errors of human Wherefore. scattering and attacking the church of Christ. 3. in all their epistles. 16. 1 is no ground for any one. . vi." 1 how 15. or if he appointed that perfidious and blasphemous receive remission of their sins outside the church. if men could But if we consider what the apostles thought about heretics. laying we return with a sincere and dispute. . or heretics put forward but let them show if to the heretic. Again. for the circum2 2 Cor. such a word as that able to give remission of creeps like a canker to the ears of the hearers ? is sins. 3 1 John iv. which as yet had been new and irregular. it is one thing for those who are within the church to speak concerning the name of Christ .

who also said. 17. . 2 Matt." that all things are not at once to be received and assumedwhich are boasted of in the name of Christ. be judged to nay." He says. but only those things O which are done in the truth of Christ." every one that saith unto me. Lord. from the preaching and testimony of Christ Himself. who boasted would whom as to their having the Father. the Father who sent must be first known. can be of advantage to anybody." without the acknowledgment of His " No man cometh to the Father but same sets forth." no one should be easily deceived by false " Many. " Not of baptism. " But take He added And afterwards ceive many. saying. lest they and applaud themselves about the Father alone. * John xvii. For whereas in the Gospels. prophets and false Christs in His name. that they might know Thee. and says. He had sent. who was sent. therefore. I have foretold you all things. can they who among the heretics are said to be baptized in the name of Christ. whom Thou hast sent. and Jesus Christ. and in any manner. without the Father. it is not in such a way as that the Son alone. vii. in the name of Jesus Christ. the name of Christ is alleged for the remission of sins . and in the epistles of the apostles. and saying. 5. that it is the knowledge of the two which saves. He forewarns and the kingdom of heaven. . . when He says. then afterwards Christ. shall enter into 1 And again.THE EPISTLES OF GYPEIAN.should flatter Son. and there cannot be a hope of salvation except by knowing the two together how. opposing to us the name 269 of Christ. "And this is life eternal. 8 John xiv. 3. that : : 2 Whence it appears behold. xxiv. " shall come in am I Christ. 21. is 1 Matt. the only true God. vention of Christian truth. Lord. 3 But He the by me. and shall demy name." ye heed instructs. or against the Father. that the Father unless they believed on the Son profit them nothing. but that it might be shown to the Jews. ought also to know Christ the Son. 6. " All who are baptized everywhere. For they who know God the Father the Creator. even blasphemed. have obtained the grace when Christ Himself speaks. when God the Father is not known. 25." 4 Since.

outside the church. be baptized also in the name of Jesus Christ. that a Gentile baptized without. by whom He desired to be glorified. ! Christ. even as many as the Lord our God shall call. The gained the most ancient former.Christ. for the remission of were to shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. is rewarded by Christ. since Christ received that very power by which we are baptized and sanctified. that one who blasphemes and gravely 1 Acts ii. 38. and obtains remis- and the sanctification of baptism But by what power can he who denies God the Creator. everywhere. and he who blasphemes against Him whom Christ called His Lord and His God. and in opposition 18. because they had already baptism of the law and Moses." sins. after the resurrection. For unto and to and to all that you. promise your children. in conformity with what Peter tells them in the Acts of the " Apostles. sins against . and be baptized every one of you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. to wish to maintain and assert.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. obtain in baptism the remission of sins. then. but the condition of the Gentiles is another. and of undergoing death 1 What else is it then. not as though O the Father should be omitted. than to become a partaker with blaspheming heretics. and of the Son. and in whatever manner. yea. whose will He fulfilled even unto the obedience of drinking the cup. the Father of sion of sins. sent it be only in the name of Jesus Christ. do some say. when. and of the Holy Ghost. and ye this is Peter makes mention of Jesus Christ. Repent. so that Unless while one baptized in the full and united Trinity ? who denies Christ is denied by . he who denies His Father whom Christ Himself confessed is not denied . 1 are afar off. the apostles are by the Lord to the heathens. saying. How. 270 have obtained the remission of sins ? For the case of the Jews under the apostles was one. 39. can obtain remission of sin. but that the Son also might be ' joined to the Father. from the same Father whom He called greater than Himself. when Christ Himself commands the heathen to be to the church. they are bidden to baptize the Gentiles in the name of the Father. Finally.

5 if He who bids that those 2 Matt. and sin with the unceasing wickedness of a blas- if . that he and says. that no remission of sins can be received in baptism from the Son. the son is indignant. in the become of what Christ Himself lays down " He that curseth father or mother. . " No man can come unto me except were given unto him of my Father?" So that it is evident. any one have offered an insult to the father of any if in injury and frowardness he have wounded his reputation and his honour by a malevolent tongue. is violated with impunity in God. and with what means he can. 6 Matt. 13. either conceive this in his mind. strives to avenge his injured father's wrong. xv. xx. what will die the death . vi. 12. can receive of Christ ? What. who 3 let him curse their Luke xvi. can a servant of God. xv. who it is evident. Can a Christian. If the name of father. and the blasphemersof His Father. and know that Christ has declared. But if Christ's disciples are unwilling to learn from is due to the name of the Christ what veneration and honour still let them learn from earthly and secular examples. 4. and he who denies the Father should be thought to have the Son. 8. still heap up evil words on the person of the Father. and wrathful.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted self testifies. and that He puts away their sins in baptism. or put it forward in discourse ? And what will become of the pre- pheming tongue ? " Honour thy father and cepts of the divine law. and says. Think you that Christgrants impunity to the impious and profane. when baptized. not without the strongest Father. who denies the Son of God has not the Father. the Father and the Lord and God name remission of sins in the 271 of Christ. or believe it in faith. moreover. 1 it shall be rooted up." 3 19. Gospel. is it. and says. 65. which in man is comthy mother?" 4 manded to be honoured. which it is not plain that the Father has granted. ration than the children of light. especially since He further repeats. " The children of this world are wiser in their gene3 In this world of ours. although the Son Him- and of what kind is that." 1 John * Ex." rebuke. which say.

dearest brother. 20. yea. when one confesses Christ by And yet baptized in his own blood? benefit a does not heretic. and remission of sins are for that reason come to seek the pardon of the church ! Wherefore. than suffering. that he shall be guilty of eternal sin. that they had obtained when they confess that they have sinned. and are hostile to the church. that He who man who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. that when the heretics themselves. and all the evangelical and apostolical precepts to set forth. xiii. put off the sins of their blasphemies. and been put to death outside the church. contrary to the testimony of the apostle. Can the power of baptism be greater or of more avau than confession. assign who them nothing although they were to them the glory and the crown of martyrdom. now. before even men and is this unless the patrons and advocates of heretics declare that the who are slain in a false confession of Christ are heretics martyrs . we should mutilate the rights and sacrament of that same truth. Besides. Himself condescends to sanctify those who blaspheme against God the Father with threatens the And saving baptism. because there 1 1 Cor. the plan of the divine dispensation and unity. it will profit 1 slain. when they admit without baptism those who cannot. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. except in baptism. we ought both firmly to maintain the faith and truth of the catholic church. their Mother ? An execrable and detestable thing is actually asserted by some. those who think that they must as come to the church without bap- communicate with such tism. although he has baptism confessed Christ. 3. with eternal sins. 21. how vain and perverse a thing it is. do not consider that they are becoming partakers with other men's. having repudiated and forsaken cither the error or the wickedness in which they had previously been. 272 parents after the flesh should be punished and slain. says that burnt and and. Himself quickens those who revile their heavenly and spiritual Father. and to teach. and say to those who come to us and repent. But if not even the baptism of a public confession and blood can profit a heretic to salvation. acknowledge the truth of the church.

" who very passion. he has not only not put off his old sins. and sanctified by suffering. and true. 5. with a full and sincere acknowledgment of God the Father. that they certainly are not deprived of the sacrament of baptism who are baptized with the most glorious and greatest baptism of blood. concerning which the of the Lord also said. and only baptism of the holy church. may be born of both sacraments. On which place some. baptized hended and slain on confession of the name." Spirit. 50. are perfected. but rather heaped up still newer and greater ones ! Wherefore baptism cannot be common to us and to heretics. if in a hiding-place and a cave of robbers. know therefore. who are aiders and favourers of here. nor the faith. then. object to us the case of catechumens asking if any one of in the before he is church. that so they who are prepared. nor the Holy Ghost. and promises that he should be with Himself in paradise. and of Christ. in the lawful. and Holy Ghost . how much 273 less shall it be of advantage to him. Wherefore we who are set over the faith and truth ought not to deceive and mislead those who come to 1 John iii. to whom neither God the Father. stained with the contagion of adulterous water. nor the church itself. . and obtain the grace of the divine promise. and advance from the divine camp to do battle with the devil.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 2 Luke xii. that those are baptized in their own blood. is no salvation out of the church. And therefore it behoves those to be baptized who come from heresy to the church. nor Christ the Son. first. as if by human reasoning they were able to make void the truth of the Gospel declaration. by divine regeneration. because it is written. tics. he can- * 22. because he had not previously been born again of water? Let men of this kind. is common. when He speaks to the thief believing and confessing in His with. should be apprethese. for the kingdom of God. " Except a man be born of water and of the not enter into the kingdom of God. that He had " another baptism to be baptized 2 But the same Lord declares in the Gospel. that those catechumens hold the sound faith and truth of the church. whether he would lose the hope of salvation and the reward of confession.

but on this very account they are rather driven to the necessity of coming by the testimony of truth shown and proved to them. and implore the gifts and benefits of the church our Mother. who in past times. heretics. who already had been baptized with the baptism of John. shall coming from heresy to the church. Nor says. nay.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. . For if they shall see that it is determined and decreed by our judgment and sentence. and beg that their sins should be remitted to them . and the other gifts of the church . But further. But some one " become of those were The Lord is able by His mercy received without baptism ?" to give indulgence. reason for their coming to us. as we read in the Acts of the Apostles. but to instruct them when corrected by us. on behalf of 24. then. than pertinaciously and obstinately to struggle against brethren and fellow-priests 23. 274 the faith and truth. and in the church have fallen asleep. as if offended at the name of a second baptism . gladly and without delay to obey the truth when laid open and perceived. they will think that they are justly and legitimately in possession of the church nor will there be any also. and not to separate from the gifts of His church those who by simplicity were admitted into the church. they seem also to have the rest. and reformed for the kingdom of heaven by celestial discipline. heretiqs will be kept back from coming to the church. and repent. since it is more fitting for wise and God-fearing men. let any one think that. they more eagerly and readily hasten to us. that the baptism wherewith they are there baptized is considered just and legitimate. Nevertheless it does not follow that. and that no remission of sins can be given outside the church. when they know that there is no baptism without. because there was error at one time. Nor will heretics refuse to be baptized among us with the lawful and true baptism of the church. as they have baptism. there must always be error. when they shall have learnt from us that they also were baptized by Paul. because baptism is proposed to them. assured that they can in no wise attain to the true promise of divine grace unless they first come to the truth of the church. What. when.

in Genesis. especially apostle says. but His preand announcer who not only foretold our Lord in but even showed Him to the eyes. .. we have no such cusl tom. according to abilities. Christ Himself by whom others are baptized. the honour of our college. filled with divine grace even in his mother's who was sustained with the spirit and power of who was not an adversary of the Lord. nor was able afterwards to regain that which he had once given up. but to the person that seizes it. however. do not contend on his behalf of heretics with our colleagues and fellow-bishops. have begun to be last. gentleness. it is counted unlawful to baptize after God's enemies although we find that they were baptized whom . And since baptism and the church can by no means be separated from one another. and having the free exercise of judgment. holy Scripture divine matters. John had prophets womb Elias. who baptized . cursor . with whom we maintain a divine concord and the peace of " If the since the any man. xi. These things. Esau thence lost his birthright. . And now by 275 certain of us the baptism of heretics is asserted to occupy the ground. baptized: John." Charity of spirit. and by yielding and giving way have relinquished the right which you had received. For this . when you being anticipated. because he first baptized. is are maintained by us with patience and 1 1 Cor. as if by a certain dislike of re-baptizing. 26. the bond of faith. declares when.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Lord. But if on that account a heretic could obtain the right of baptism. as far as in us lies. and priestly concord. then baptism will not belong to the person that has it. my doing what he thinks well. and. and as to so prevent any one of the bishops prejudging none. neither the church of God. esteemed the greatest among the John. 25. I have briefly written to you. prescribing to none. and divided. But how dangerous it should depart from his right is in that any one and power. thought to be contentious. he who has first been able to lay hold on baptism has equally also laid hold on the church and you begin to appear to him as a heretic. words. We. 16. dearest brother.

23. so that in such a dispute none of the mischief of schism arose between them.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. moved with the difficulty of that very question. although there was a great deal of keenness. Augus- " contra Donatistas" cap. moreover. The very same things are indeed said which have already been sufficiently discussed. and it is better to pass by ichat suggested the risk of a mis- chievous dissension. : Ep. written a " Benefit of Patience. Although . in chap. because there is no necessity for it. but the other. He says there : " to writes Pompey on the same subCyprian. that they Stephen. moreover. had thought to annul the old custom about who endeavoured receiving heretics were to be excommunicated." On which ject. dearest brother. EPISTLE LXXIII. TJius. 276 reason. v. and very largely endowed with a sacred charity. not only did not agree with him on those points. 25: " I ivill not now reconsider what he angrily uttered against Stephen." which for the sake pamphlet on the of our mutual love we have transmitted to you. farewell. ivhom we have quoted at length. who. this to assert his (Migne. was then a bishop of the Roman church. The purport oftlds epistle is given in St. ARGUMENT. yet it was always in a spirit of brotherhood. greeting. Cyprian to his brother 1 Pompeius. because the from passage is opposed to those who strive schism from the Roman pontiff. AGAINST THE EPISTLE OF STEPHEN ABOUT THE BAPTISM OF HERETICS. we have with the best of our poor abilities. and at length the peace of Christ conquered in their faarts. Ixxiv. I bid you." Thus far Augustine. when he plainly signifies that Stephen. with the permission and inspiration of the Lord. tine's lib. for his part.) 1. 1 TO POMPEY. as we learn. but even had written and charged in opposition to him. Oxford ed. ever heartily. thought that unity might be maintained with them who thought differently. again. subject.

that is. claims for the one church one baptism . forgetful of unity. do not baptize such as come to them from one another. adopts the lies and the contagions of a profane washing. I have sent you a copy of his reply on the reading of which. yet. that hands be imposed on him for repentance. Let nothing be innovated. which were either haughtily assumed. dearest brother. matters. heaped And he charged that nothing own bosom. as if he were an innovator. or were not pertaining to the matter. 1 since the heretics themselves. endeavouring to maintain the cause of heretics against ChrisFor among other tians. says he. he judged the baptism of all heretics to be just and lawful. he moreover added this saying " If any one. probably. saying " The book of this law shall not to Joshua the son of Nun depart out of thy mouth but thou shalt meditate in it day : . Whence is that tradition? Whether does it descend from the authority of the Lord and of the gospel. holding the unity. He forbade one coming from any heresy to be baptized in the church. except what has been handed down.). or contradictory to his own view. which he unskilfully and without foresight wrote. or does it come from the commands and the For that those things which are epistles of the apostles? written must be done. who." 2. I have fully comprised what is to 277 be said concerning the which I sent you copies. and against the church of God. holding communion special baptisms their with the baptism of together into his all. and not manifestly he who. since you have desired that what Stephen our brother replied to my letters should be brought to your knowledge. heretics with regard to the doctrine of the Trinity. should be innovated except what had been handed down. God witnesses and admonishes. to wit. let nothing be innovated which has not been handed down. properly . And although special heresies have and different sins. " " heretics as Pope Stephen not regarding the Novatians (Oxford transl. 1 Meaning. but only admit them to communion.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. he. gathered up the sins of all. you will more and more observe his error in baptism of heretics in the letters of . in : own proper character. therefore. come to you from any heresy whatever.

who was the ninth bishop in that city. indignant and angry as often i. and more . wherefore is it that they should not be thought worthy of being condemned by us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. or contained in the epistles or Acts of the Apostles. and with greater impudence adding other enhancements to his crime. while as yet the more terrible plagues of heresy and had not broken forth while Marcion of Pontus had not yet emerged from Pontus. to prefer and not to observe that human God is 1 Josh. at all prescribed nor written that only hands should be laid upon a heretic for repentance. things which He commanded. But if it is evident that subsequently heresies became more numerous and worse and if. in time past. 3. that those who come from any heresy should not be baptized." 1 therefore. it is either prescribed in the Gospel. 278 and night. if they are pronounced to be people to be avoided. wrote such things of the heretics : this. let this divine and holy tradition be observed. and is within. but only hands laid upon them to repentance. daringly set himself to blaspheme against God the Father. and is granted of the divine condescension to the church alone. and apostles. sending His that the nations should be baptized. the Creator. taught that is written therein. when they. tradition to divine ordinance. since it is evident from the apostolic testimony that they are of their own selves condemned? So that no one ought to defame the apostles as if they had approved of the baptisms of heretics. whose master Cerdon came to Rome while Hyginus was still bishop. which is with us. commands all to observe If. and that so he might be com- municated with and if there is only one baptism. too. presumption. But if everywhere heretics are called nothing else than adversaries and antichrists. whom Marcion followed. or what . . the apostles. or had communicated with them without the church's baptism. and to be perverted and condemned of their own selves. what obstinacy is that. and armed with sacrilegious arms the heretical madness that rebelled against the church with greater wickedness and determination. it was never . 8. that thou mayest observe to do according to all Also the Lord.

THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 3-5. in the name of the same 1 Isa." 1 Also the Lord in the Gospel. " This people honoureth me with their lips. they attribute the effect of baptism to the majesty of the name. that for the purpose of celebrating the celestial sacraments. " If any man teach otherwise. and consent not to the wholesome words of our Lord Jesus Christ. 3 knowing nothing from such withdraw thyself. which consists in the same unity. but only receive them to communion. 3 1 Tim. But what is that blindness of soul. but their heart is far from But in vain do they worship me. and cannot be divided . and those who are without . teaching the doctrines me. and Christians should do that which antichrists do. because it is one. certainly also baptism. " Ye resimilarly rebuking and reproving. 13. he is proud. to refuse to recognise the unity which comes from God the Father. 13. Certainly an excellent and lawful tradition is set be: fore us by the teaching of our brother Stephen. wherefore. there- fore. vi. in the name of Jesus Christ. xxix. because it can neither be separated from the church nor from the 5. tradition relaxes cries out." 4. and from the tradition of Jesus Christ the Lord and our God ! For if the church is not with heretics. 2 Mark vii. are judged to be renewed and sanctified . that ye may keep your own 2 tradition. so that they who are baptized anywhere and anyhow. because He is one. Or if Holy Spirit. that she follows the examples of heretics . the blessed Apostle Paul himself also warns and instructs. saying. ject the commandment of God. as human as He 279 and passes by the divine precepts. which may afford us a suitable authority For in the same place of his epistle he has added and continued : " Since those who ! are specially heretics do not baptize those who come to them from one another." Mindful of which precept. what is that degradation of faith. cannot be among heretics. light should borrow her discipline from darkness. utters and says." To this point of evil has the church of God and spouse of Christ been developed. and cannot be among profane persons. and says by Isaiah the prophet. . and if thus the Holy Spirit is not there. and to His doctrine. and commandments of men.

280 Christ. 27. why cannot the Holy Spirit also be poured out upon the temple ? For he who has been sanctified. iii. For water alone is not able to and sanctify a man. also the Holy Spirit. spiritually bears sons . iii. having been baptized among the heretics. baptism. the Holy Spirit is not. 2 Tit. where they say that baptism is or else that there is no baptism where they say that the Spirit to cleanse ." He who. without the Spirit. is able to put on Christ." But if in how can is in the that is. " He 2 saved us by the washing of regeneration. But what a thing who because there cannot it is. for the reception of the Holy Spirit? Why does not the same majesty of the same name avail in the imposition of hands. unless he have away sins. one may be born spiritually among the heretics. his sins being put away in baptism. spouse God by For it is the church alone which. has become fitted for " As receiving the Holy Spirit . by silly to say. generate heresy. that although the second it is which we are born in Christ through the laver of regeneration. birth is spiritual. they contend. 6. saying. Otherwise He who is sent will be greater than Him who sends. or the Spirit be separated from Christ. 1 Gal. many l of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. which. Wherefore it is necessary that they should grant the Holy Spirit to be there. but not to be able to receive the Holy Spirit. so that one baptized without may begin indeed to put on Christ. and has been spiritually re-formed into a new man. . 5.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. to assert be baptism and contend that they God! For are not born in the church can be the sons of the blessed apostle sets forth and proves that baptism is that wherein the old man dies and the new man is born. regeneration washing. Spirit. are not hands laid upon the baptized persons among them. where is not. may much more receive the Holy Spirit whom Christ sent. to sons is not the of which Christ. availed in the sanctification For if any one born out of the church can of baptism ? become God's temple. since the apostle says. as if Christ could either be put on without the Moreover. conChrist? as the and united with joined Christ.

25. as to contend that sons are God from the baptism of Marcion . But as the birth of Christians is in baptism. name. that so. I will even send a curse will not lay Lord my it 1 Eph. and I . who maintains. being without. one is not born by the imposition of hands when he receives the Holy Ghost. when the Lord threatens. unless he who receives first have an existence. " Christ loved the church. it is manifest that heresy. why has the bitter obstinacy of our brother Stephen broken forth to such an extent. we must consider. being already born. moreover. 26.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. dearest brother. which is not the spouse of Christ. and if ye : to heart to give glory unto Almighty. for in the of Jesus the sake of the faith and the religion of the sacerdotal office which we discharge. so as that he schism. But further. O ye priests. In which place. before he has had the church But as no heresy at all. whether the account can be satisfactory in the day of judgment for a priest of God. " And now. and alone is cleansed by His washing. saith the upon you. while the generation and sanctification of baptism are with the spouse of Christ alone. For first God formed him. and approves. and to say that remission of sins is granted Christ where blasphemy is uttered against the Father and against Christ the Lord God ? 8. where and of whom and to whom he born. that He might sanctify it. nor can be cleansed nor sanctified by His washing. and then breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. who is able spiritually to conceive and to bear sons to God. and says. can have the sanctification of saving baptism. 281 same apostle again says. and of others who blaspheme against born God to the Father name . cleansing it with 1 the washing of water. 7. she is the beloved and who alone is sanctified spouse by Christ. For the Spirit cannot be received. should have is who is God as his Father. this commandment is for you if ye will not hear. of Valentinus and Apelles. then. cannot bear sons to God. even as it happened in the first man Adam. v." If. and gave Himself for it. but in baptism. he may receive the Holy Spirit. and equally no Mother? for his not a son of the church. and acquiesces in the baptism of blasphemers.

shall He find faith on " ~ the earth ? then. and sincere religion of 2 Luke God. faith to perfidy. " Thinkest thou. church of whilst truth. standards of the heavenly camp be betrayed . the whilst. is betrayed . if we guard the incorrupt and inviolate sanctity of His spouse. let the sacraments of the divine warfare be loosed . who war for the faith 1 Mai. Christ to Antilet the Deservedly thus do heresies and schisms arise day more by day.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. love to hatred. 9. the fear of God. who affirms that sons are born to God without. who. because we are God's faithful soldiers. let xviii. the majesty of God . let us cast away our arms . truth to falsehood. if the maintenance of the faith prevail. reason to error. 8. let us deliver to the devil the ordination of the gospel. most beloved brother. us keep . but maintains heresies against the church? Does he give glory to God. of an adulterer and a harlot ? who does not hold the unity and truth that arise from the will curse divine law. But if there be among us. 2. who judges that remission of sins is granted among those who blaspheme against God? Does he give glory to God. 1. hope to despair. if the words of the Lord abide in our thoughts and hearts. whilst that which is done without against the church is defended within in the very church itself." with the who communicates baptism of Marcion ? Does he give glory to God. the appointment of Christ. your blessings. whilst faith. and with serpents' locks shoot forth and cast out against the christ ! God with greater force the poison of their venom . both authority and support are afforded them : whilst their baptism is defended. if we keep the precepts of Christ. ii. light to darkness. frequently and more fruitfully grow up. when the Son of man cometh. are to be excommunicated ? If glory is thus given to God. immortality to death. Does he give glory to God. thinks that the priests of God. by advocacy of some. and let the church succumb and yield to heretics. a friend of heretics and an enemy to Christians. who support the truth of Christ and the unity of the church. let us give ourselves up to captivity . if the fear and the discipline of God is thus preserved by His worshippers and His priests. when He says. 282 1 Does he give glory to God.

Cor. which formerly flowed plentifully and freely. 24. xiv. if But 10. For if we return to the head and and having source of divine tradition. as it is written out truth : endureth and grows strong to eternity. the same Apostle Paul teaches. human error ceases . happens." 4 But there a brief is way for religious and simple minds. and the kingdom. but what just she does is : nor in her judg- there unrighteousness. and the truth abides in us. that one would rather maintain his own evil and false position. If a channel supplying water. but gentle and teachable. for custom withis the On which account. moreover. the should hold his peace. he is teachable who is meek and gentle to the patience Paul writes to not be " Now of learning. but the strength. but because he also teaches better who daily in- and advances by learning better which very thing. and have the truth. and the power of all ages. creases " that first . by a love of presumption and of it obstinacy. it behoves a bishop not only to teach. also to learn For . is opened into the light of the truth. to prevent the truth from prevailing and conquering . and the majesty. Looking forward to which. and said. let antiquity of error. us forsake the error and follow the truth. 38-40. "I the truth. " docibilis. we abide in are in Christ. and warns him that a bishop must "' litigious. than agree in the right and true which belongs to another. Nor ought custom. the blessed Apostle Timothy. and lives and prevails for ever and ever." 2 Tim. With her there is no accepting of persons or distinctions ments . suddenly ] 3 Esdras iv. which had crept in among some." 2 Wherefore. if we am Christ in us.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. whatever lay hid in obscurity under the gloom and cloud of darkness. knowing that in " Truth Esdras also the truth conquers. seen the reason of the heavenly sacraments. ii. . the camp God entrusted to us by 283 with faithful valour. nor contentious. Blessed " be the Lord God of truth This truth Christ showed to is ! us in His Gospel. both to put away error. if anything better be revealed to one sitting by. Original. let us keep fast those things which are true. - John 4 1 xiv. 6. 30. and to find and to elicit truth. when he admonishes.

if they would keep the divine precepts. pugns the sacrament of the divine tradition. flowing thence free and full. ! the world in which 1 Cant. 20. in the A " person of Christ. and one faith. it has failed in the midst of its course . my spouse. he im. Noah. who says. except by the one only baptism of one church. and one hope. with the fertility and plenty with which it issues from the spring ? may be same 1 And this it behoves the priests of God to do now. a well of living water. whence has taken rise both our order and our origin. a fountain sealed. and one church. eight souls. 11. garden enclosed is my sister. or drink is not in from its Moreover. how can he who the church enter into the same garden.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 13. that so. or fail. in that baptism of its ancient iniquity was purged away. he who was not in the ark of Noah could not be saved by water. that if in any respect the truth have wavered and vacillated. and a fountain sealed. showing and vindicating the unity. . that the constant stream does not flow uninterruptedly and continuously. as also baptism shall in like manner save 2 In how short and spiritual a summary has he set you. and one Christ. and the evangelical and apostolical tradition. 2 1 Pet. a garden with the fruit of apples. iii. Peter himself. 284 do we not go to the fountain. that is." l But if His church is a garden enclosed. and one baptism ordained only in the one church. then the channel being repaired and strengthened." forth the sacrament of unity For as. fountain ? saved by water. whether from the drying up of the springs the water has failed at the fountainhead. few. iv. if it has been caused by the fault of an interrupted or leaky channel. has commanded and warned us that we cannot be " In saved. that there is one God. The sacrament of which unity we see expressed also in the Canticles. 21. that there the reason of may be ascertained. For it has been delivered to us. the failure whether. from which unity whosoever will depart must needs be found with heretics and while he upholds them against the church. the water collected supplied for the use and drink of the city. " of were the ark. we should return to our Lord and origin." says he. 12. and thence may arise the ground of our action.

and 1 Oxford ed. as if we were not only brother. Ixxv. I 1 FIRMILIAN. We we gave the greatest thanks to the Lord. dearest brother. having repented. with the exception of those who had previously been baptized in the church. but written with a little same more vehemence and acerbity than becomes a bishop. be suspected. his brother in the Lord. The argument of this letter is exactly the that as of the previous one. to the effect that he would not hold communion with them so long as they should persist in their opinion concerning the baptism of heretics. our beloved deacon. Therefore. Firmilianus to Cyprian. as Eusebius to tells us from a letter Xistus. EPISTLE LXXIV. having explored and seen the truth . " Hist. 4.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 12. 285 so neither can he appear to be saved by baptism who has not been baptized in the church which is established in the unity of the Lord according to the sacrament of the one ark. ever heartily farewell. well-beloved 1. to be received by the imposition of hands only. Helenus. greethave received by Rogatian. For it behoves these. . TO CYPRIAN. BISHOP OF C. because it has happened that we who are separated from one another in body are thus united in spirit. chiefly for the reason. JEccles" book vii. it is observed and held by us. the letter sent by you which you wrote to us. and to be restored by the shepherd to the sheep-fold whence they had strayed. bid you.ESAREA IN CAPPADOCIA. dearest brother. ing. and so had passed over to the heretics. that Stephen letter to bishops of those parts. : Ep. when they return. the successor of Dionysius of Alexandria of Stephen. AGAINST THE LETTER OF STEPHEN. c. ARGUMENT. as may ivritten another had also and other Firmilianus. that all who are converted from any heresy whatever to the church must be baptized by the only and lawful baptism of the church.

" he says. they can common conversation nor discourse." saith the prophet. but inhabiting together one and the Which also it is becoming for us to say. " For the because. . 1 above the tops of the mountains. 3. on the other hand." Those that come together into this house are united with gladness. Except we may in this matter give thanks to Stephen. But let these things which were done by Stephen be passed by for the present. but as if. even as. 2. indeed. neither have a that received the favour of this benefit on account of Stephen. they are assuredly saddened when they see the diverse minds and the divided wills of some. to whom the divine word says it is a joy when one sinner repents and returns to the bond of unity. 28G occupying one country. God house of according to what is asked from the Lord in the psalm. spiritual house of God is one. 2. together. " that the mountain of the Lord shall be manifest. lest. to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of one's life. unless they themselves also were united to us. that among the saints there is great and desirous love for assembling " " how Behold. separated and divided from one another. Whence in another place also it is made manifest. 1. as though he had been the cause of concerning such great advantages. But assuredly this would not be said of the angels. ii.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that through him the world and the people of the Gentiles were delivered by the Lord's passion. while we remember his audaness and thanks. who have their conversation in heaven. certainly Stephen has not done anything deserving of kind- For neither can Judas be thought worthy and treachery wherewith he wickedly dealt by the Saviour. good and how pleasant "2 a thing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity ! For unity and peace and concord afford the greatest pleasure not only to men who believe and know the truth. and the self-same house. cxxxiii. as if not only they do not together invoke one and the same God. who rejoice at our unity . it shall come to pass in the last days. 2 Ps. that it has now happened through his unkindness that we receive But although we have the proof of your faith and wisdom. his perfidy 1 Isa. but also to heavenly angels themselves.

concerning which there is now a question. He everywhere and couples His own people in the bond of unity. though later in their age. 2 as Thou and I also are so that. "For. since souls cannot at all be united which divide themselves from God's unity. lo. joined with us in mind and spirit. who were so that although they were separated by long divine periods. Ixxiii. to add things does it 1 Ps. and says. 1 shall perish. according to the rule of truth and the wisdom of Christ. but by frequent repetition have committed them to memory. one. For even as the Lord who dwells in us is one and the same. and have given God thanks that we have found in brethren placed at such a distance such a unanimity of faith and truth with us. But we receive those things which you have written who they were our own ." it says. moreover. yet by inspiration they felt the same truths. and separated from them by a long space of time. 21. who are sent by the Lord swiftly running in the spirit of unity as." But such shall undergo the judgment of God according to their desert. as depart from His words Thee " Father. we have exulted with great joy. And knowing. or. it is of no advantage that some are very near and joined together bodily. to Job and Noah. grant prays to the Father for unity. that you who are sepa- among the first . rated from us by the most extensive regions approve yourselves to be. For the grace of God is mighty to associate and join together in the bond of charity and unity even those things which seem to be divided by a considerable space of earth. they may be one in us. if in spirit and mind they differ. And this also we now observe in you. . nor do we read them cursorily. '"'they that are far from joins their . nevertheless. 287 city and pride. All which arises from the divine unity. 27. whence sound has gone out into the whole earth. we bring a more lasting sadness on ourselves from the things that he has wickedly done. that you have settled this matter. 2 John xvii. either to repeat the same for the confirmation of the truth." as 4.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. Nor if hinder saving usefulness. concerning you. on the other hand. according to the way in which of old also the divine power associated in the bond of unanimity Ezekiel and Daniel.

and the soul cannot conceive or surpasses the whole and perfect word. that no one is so foolish as to believe that the apostles delivered this. rebelled against the church of God with their wicked lies. 288 some tilings for the sake of accumulating proof. when it is even well known that these heresies themselves. even as every one was led by . had been too But if if there by you but since the divine discourse nature. and after a long period. and for those wounded by the devil after the saving laver. that year serious they may be directed by the common counsel . it is not added as anything has been added by us. human tiplicity he who may first revelation be be distributed through many. Whence also speaks in prophecy is bidden to be silent if a made to a second. that some remedy may be sought for by repentance for lapsed brethren. when even Marcion the disciple of Cerdo is found to have introduced his sacrilegious tradition against God long after the apostles. arose subsequently . and the winter season was pressing. And indeed. added from them many . and give fuller satisfaction to the Lord.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. But also the time of Valentinus and Basilides is manifest. not as though they obtained remission of sins from us. For which reason it hap- by year we. after the apostles. we replied what we could to your letter. other new and more important matters hostile to faith and truth. therefore also the number grasp of prophets is so great. that they too. as respects what Stephen has said. the elders among and prelates. you have replied most abundantly. also consenting to his blasphemy. so that if any things are more pens of necessity us. But since that messenger sent may be compelled to by you was in haste to return to you. but that by our means they may be converted to the understanding of their sins. execrable and detestable as they are. that the divine wisdom in its mullittle said . assemble together to arrange those matters which are committed to our care. 5. moreover. as though the apostles forbade those who come from heresy to be baptized. and after long lapse of time Apelles. and delivered this also to be observed by their successors. It is plain that the other heretics also afterwards introduced their evil sects and perverse inventions.

what else does he do but adjudge himself with them. In which place. which belongs to the church alone. who. you have well answered that part where tradition Stephen said in his letter that heretics themselves also are of one mind in respect of baptism and that they do not baptize such as come to them from one another. making himself a partaker with such ? 6. other provinces also many things are varied because of the difference of the places and names. yet we add this moreover.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. yet in that which is greatest they hold one and the same agreement to blaspheme the Creator. and that all things are not observed among them alike. and asserts that have they baptism. as if the very men delivered this and warned us who to avoid in their epistles execrated heretics. were self-condemned. even herein defaming Peter and Paul the blessed apostles. is of men which maintains heretics. just as in very . and have declared against themselves an inevitable sentence before the day of judgment and he who confirms the baptism of these. 1 And yet on this account there is no departure at all from the peace and unity many of the catholic church. breaking the peace against you. as if we also ought to do this. and vainly pretend the authority of the apostles any one may know also from the fact. that concerning the celebration of Easter. Whence it appears that this them. But that they who are at Rome do not observe those tilings in all cases which are handed down from the beginning. 289 all of whom. figuring for themselves certain dreams and phantasms of an " of men. sufficiently ridiculous for any one to follow those that are in error. But. although you have already proved that it is . such as Stephen has now dared to make." Probably " for hominum. but only communicate with them. over and above. and concerning many other sacraments of divine matters. which his predecessors have always kept with you in mutual love and honour. although in some lesser matters they differ. . which are observed at Jerusalem. he may see that there are some diversities among them. moreover. and condemn himself. that it is not wonderful for heretics to act thus. error . it is evident." 1 "nominum" in the original having been read . 7.

that they who do not hold the true Lord the Father cannot hold the truth either of the Son or of the Holy Spirit . so neither may he baptize. since all power and grace are established in the church where the elders preside. and other neighbouring countries. as to be held and firmly vindicated against heretics. And as Stephen and those who agree with him contend that putting away of sins and second birth may result from sess the the baptism of heretics. All which we some time back confirmed in Iconium. which is a place in Phrygia. Assuredly it is but natural that these should 1 agree in having a baptism which is unreal. since he is an alien from spiritual and deifying sanctity. when we were assembled together with those who had gathered from Galatia and Cilicia. 8. These words within brackets are conjecturally interpolated. either foolish. Moreover. but have no authority. and endeavour to claim to themselves new prophecies. according which also they who are called Cataphrygians. For as a heretic may not lawfully ordain nor lay on hands. of whom. nor the Son. all other heretics. in the same way as they agree in repudiating the truth of the divinity . nor do anything holily or spiritually. when we observe that there has spirit of truth. fess that the Holy Spirit among whom they themselves is not . it is sufficient shortly to say in sum. can have neither the Father. if to we ask what Christ they announce. . and of imposition of hands. if they have separated themselves from the church of God. who pos- power both of baptizing. and of ordaining.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. of whom. can have nothing of power or of grace. but of error. we know that they who maintain their false prophesying against the faith of Christ cannot have Christ. [nor the Holy Spirit ~]. they will reply that they Him who sent the Spirit that speaks by Montanus preach and Prisca. since it is wicked or tedious to reply to their several statements." Literally. been not the And in these. in conformity with which also the blessed Apostle Paul baptized 1 2 " in the vanity (or unreality) of a baptism. 290 unknown God. when there was some doubt in certain minds concerning that matter. let con- them consider and under- stand that spiritual birth cannot be without the Spirit.

and of the Son. when baptism itself also is not ordained without the Spirit ? say they. and so laid hands on them that they might receive the Holy Ghost. Then this be the wisdom which Paul writes will in those is who are But who in the church is perfect and wise who perfected. while Paul was not fitted to give the Holy Spirit by imposition of hands to those who had been baptized by John. baptized with- obtain the grace of baptism by his disposition and which doubtless is ridiculous in itself. saying. wicked disposition could attract to itself from heaven the out. unless. and of the Holy Ghost. as if either a faith. and the cation of baptism tage. that this bare invocation of names is sufficient to the remission of sins and the sanctifi- . for the who has been baptized may have obtained grace by the invocation of the Trinity. " Many shall come in 1 my name. the Lord Himself manifests. saying. But what kind of a thing is it. I am Christ. perchance. to be inquired reason that he is absurd. For is no difference between a false prophet and name God as the former deceives in the 1 Mark xiii. 6. since these things are only then of advanboth he who baptizes has the Holy Spirit. that when we see that Paul. had first baptized them also with the baptism of the ? That. and shall deceive many. that they do not think it is who was the person that baptized.THE EPISTLES OF CJPRIAN." Because there a heretic. can either defend or believe this. may sanctification of the righteous. baptized his disciples are we to again. and that their invocation cannot obtain any grace. Paul was inferior to the bishops of these times. he who in any manner whatever is But. of the names of the Father. moreover. or a false faith the truth of believers. unless he church 9. hesitating baptize those who come to the church from heresy after their unhallowed and profane dipping. 291 anew with a spiritual baptism those who had already been baptized by John before the Holy Spirit had been sent by the Lord. after John's baptism. But that not all who call on the name of Christ are heard. so that these indeed can by imposition of hands alone give the Holy Spirit to those heretics who come [to the church]. of .

but was there arose among us on a sudden a certain woman. for the reason that that persecution was not over the whole world. and this after the long peace of the previous age arose suddenly.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. so the latter deceives in the sacrament of baptism. either in general to all men. pertaining to this very About two-andrtwenty years ago. And she was and acted moved by the impetus of the principal demons. local who in a state of ecstasy announced herself as a prophetess. and perceiving that there will be an earthquake. and so promised that she would cause the earth to be shaken. By these lies and boastings he had so subdued the minds of individuals. strive by falsehood to deceive men's wills. He would also make that woman walk in the . Not that the power of the demon was so great that he could but prevail to shake the earth. and with its unusual evils was made more terrible for the disturbance of our people. in the times after Emperor Alexander. 292 or Christ. But I wish to relate [some facts] to you concerning a circumstance which occurred among us. Both 10. she would say that that sometimes a wicked spirit. that for a long time she made anxious and deceived the brotherhood. were swallowed up by the opening of the gaping earth so that from this also a severe persecution arose against us of . pretends that he will do what he sees will happen. or primatter. and leaving their country and passing over into other regions secutor. Moreover. there were many and frequent earthquakes. so that many places were overthrown throughout Cappadocia and Pontus even certain cities. and not to be troubled or hurt in any degree by that walking. : name. . and fleeing hither and thither for fear of the persecution. prescient. Moreover. accomplishing certain wonderful and portentous things. Serenianus the Christian was then governor in our province. there happened in these parts many struggles and difficulties. But for there was an opportunity of passing over. the vately to Christians.keen winter with bare feet over frozen snow. dragged into the abyss. as if filled with the Holy Ghost. that they obeyed him and followed whithersoever he commanded and led. or to disturb the elements . a bitter and terrible perthe faithful being set in this state of disturbance.

inspired by God's grace. a man approved and always of good conversation in respect of religious discipline . of the Father. 293 she was hurrying to Judea and to Jerusalem. by its subtile fallacy. . stimulated by the exhortation also of very many brethren who were themselves strong and praiseworthy in the faith. when all things. by which a most wicked demon baptized through means of a woman ? Do Stephen and they who agree with him approve of this also. then. shall we say about the baptism of this woman. and of the Holy 1 Facere. also had frequently dared this. that nothing might seem to be different from the ecclesiastical rule. and another deacon. so that they same woman. perchance. no . had intercourse with that afterwards detected. But that woman. which was shortly For on a sudden there appeared unto presbyters. What. who. and to offer sacrifice to the Lord. Among them. a countryman.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. not without the sacrament of the accustomed utterance and also to baptize many. they the baptism of heretics contend that the demon who defend also conferred the grace of baptism in the and of the Son. . raised himself up against that wicked spirit to overcome it which moreover. or the regeneration of the saving laver duly completed. among other things by which she had deceived many. who previously by wiles and deceitfulness of the demon was attempting many things for the deceiving of the faithful. name Spirit. 11. was indeed a most wicked spirit. her one of the exorcists. especially when neither the symbol of the Trinity nor the legitimate and ecclesiastical interrogatory were wanting to her ? Can it be believed that either remission of sins was given. feigning as if Here also she deceived one of the she had come thence. to pretend with an invocation not to be contemned that she sanctified bread and 1 celebrated the Eucharist. making use of the usual and lawful words of interrogation. bravely resisted. yet were done by a demon? Unless. had predicted this a little while before. although after the image of truth. Yet that exorcist. that a certain adverse and unbelieving O tempter would come. and showed that that which was before thought holy.

which is the catholic church. But let us briefly run through the other matters also. O daughter. those must be counted not heretics. and hands are vainly laid baptized into Christ.294 THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. how can baptism be spiritual among those among whom there is no Holy Spirit ? And thus the water wherewith they are washed is to them only a carnal washing. there is the same error it is the very deceitfulness them the Holy Spirit is not at all. But the baptism of heretics can have the regenerawho are baptized among them if tion of the second birth. begets sons of God. 27. whether their baptism is carnal or spiritual. . with heretics. xi. and incline thine ear. 13. upon him who comes to us for the reception of the unless. has put on Christ. 2. own 3 people. it is she herself who alone bears sons of God. is the meaning of that which Stephen would assert. doubt. for the 2 Cor. which they use in such a manner that in external filth is it. which occurs in baptism. he has [not] put on the Spirit from so that Christ indeed may be Spirit . since the apostle says. 14. but the Holy Spirit not be with them. For the second birth. perhaps. as if in a common and washed away. only it is spiritual. Moreover." and. Christ. But if vulgar laver. our well-beloved deacon. they differ in no respect from the baptism of the Jews. not a sacrament of baptism. is hurrying to you. which were spoken of by you abundantly and most fully. For there are not many spouses of Christ." 1 certainly he who has been baptized among them into Christ. when they defend heretics. iii. who was sent by Christ. but children of God. that the presence and holiness of Christ is with those who are baptized among heretics ? For if the apostle of devils. For it follows that they must be asked by us. " I have espoused you. he might also receive the Holy Ghost. As many of you as are have put on Christ. But if he has put on Christ. and consider. especially as Rogatianus. what does not speak falsely when he " says. Hearken. that I may present you as a chaste 2 " virgin to Christ. For if it is carnal. since among 12. forget also thine 1 Gal. But if the spouse of Christ is one.

1. because also the spouse is one. 12. indeed forth and exposes them. when all without were perishing. 21. but the heretics do not gather with us. as appears to Stephen. that the church. whoever are not in the church with 1 Ps. and he that gathereth not with me scattereth." For if Christ is with us. and sealed with a divine seal? And as the ark of Noah was nothing else than the sacrament of the church of Christ. is a garden enclosed. iv. 8. which then. and declaring the sacrament of His unity. although she cannot be the mother of strange children. and have not seen the paradise 15. "I am come into 3 my garden. because the spouse is not an adulteress and a harlot. while them heresy brings the church takes them up when exposed. 4 Luke * Cant. 23. set forward. iii. own whom she has not born. showing that as they who were not in the ark with Noah not only were not purged and saved by water.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." 2 and. is certainly the heretics are in opposition to Christ. " He that is not with me for her 4 against me. But neither must sarily planted by God the Creator. and a fountain sealed. doubtless they scatter. Even as also the Apostle Peter laid down. 2 Cant. 8 Cant. and nourishes those cannot bear children of . c 1 Pet. according to the Song of Songs. and if we gather with Christ. says." 1 and. 5 a paradise with the fruit of apples. my spouse. the synagogue of heretics is not one with us. . kept those only safe who were within the ark. my spouse. but the heretics are not with us. xi. from Lebanon thou shalt come. but at once perished in that deluge . 11. how shall they be able to afford to another the living water of the saving laver from the fountain which is enclosed within. we are manifestly instructed to look to the unity of the church. They who have never entered into this garden. 13. " Thus " 6 also shall baptism in like manner make you safe . King hath greatly desired thy beauty. saying. and shalt pass over from the source of thy faith. v. And therefore Christ our Lord. 295 "Come with me. we pass over what has been necesremarked by you." We see that one person . Whence also she is everywhere But God unless. iv. my sister. xlv. so now also. setting forth that His spouse is one.

remit they are remitted unto them. 19. who says that remission of sins can be granted in the synagogues of heretics. and contends that he holds the succession from Peter. as well as those who agree with them. earth shall be loose on earth bound shall in heaven. other rocks and maintaining that For they who by the number of the church. by him when he 1 Matt. and whatsoever thou shalt be loosed in heaven. xvi. of those bapis also with them. 16. 296 Christ will perish outside. in opposition to us. assert- ting ing for themselves. may be perceived from this. sent by Christ. 23. and to the bishops who succeeded to them by vicarious ordination. unlawful priesthoods. established." l And again. what else are they than Korah. and Abiram. And in this respect I am justly indignant at this so- folly of Stephen. 22." Therefore the power of remitsins was given to the apostles. Dathan. and setting up profane altars. should introduce new buildings of baptism in them are baptized. and in some measure abolished. the Nor does he that church tized. on whom the foundations of the open and manifest church were establish there is laid. profane with a like wickedness. understand that the truth of the Christian rock is over- shadowed. But what is the greatness of his error. and does not abide on the foundation of the one church which was once based by Christ upon the rock. But the enemies of the one catholic church in which we are. when Christ breathed on the apostles alone. that " Whatsoever thou shalt bind on Christ said to Peter alone. many many churches . . in the Gospel. and whose soever sins ye 2 retain they are retained.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. " Receive ye the Holy Ghost : whose soever sins ye saying. doubtless. unless they are converted by penitence to the only and saving laver of the church. and to the churches which they. up his authority. and what the depth of his blindness. 2 John xx. that he who so boasts of the place of his episcopate. and about to suffer the same punishments which they did. and the adversaries of us who have succeeded the apostles. fill But he who approves their baptism maintains. just as their partners and abettors perished with a like death to theirs ? 17.

says he. and appoint a common altar and sacrifice. unless most ancient custom in any forsake the darkness? respect avail the Jews. what else does he do but communicate with them for whom he maintains and claims so much grace ? And now he hesitates in vain to consent to them. Stephen. that is. to meet together with them. by the sacrament of baptism. immediately obtains the grace of Christ : be briefly met and answered. not a moderate. 297 thus betrays and deserts unity. The apostle acknowledges that the Jews. and the other things also which are done among heretics will begin to seem just and lawful when they are done in the name of Christ . have yet a zeal for God. in the nameof the same Christ. And this indeed you Africans are able to say . that although this position may if baptism without in the of Christ availed for the cleansing of man . to which alone Christ has conceded the power of heavenly grace. when he concedes to them. 19. to heretics in this way church. upon the advent of Christ. as you have maintained in your letter that the name of Christ could be of no avail except in the church alone. and equally with them to mingle their prayers. But. in remaining in their old usage. so far as to say and assert that. against heretics. who announces that he holds by succession the throne of no zeal Peter. or when he sees the light. the name of Christ is of great advantage to faith and the sanctification of baptism . that they make sons of God by heavenly regeneration. that they pardon the former mortal sins. who is so foolish as to not to prefer custom to truth. although blinded by ignorance. and forsaking the new way of truth. is the filth stirred with of the old man is washed away by them. But with respect to the refutation of custom which they seem to oppose to the truth. so that whosoever is anywhere soever baptized in the name of Christ. the imposition of hands might avail also name for the reception of the Holy Spirit .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 18. and bound by the grossest wickedness. and to be a partaker with them in other matters also. but the very greatest power of grace. and renew to eternal life by the sancti- He who concedes and gives up the great and heavenly gifts of the fication of the divine laver. the Truth.

But to what they allege and say on behalf of the " Whether in heretics. that the apostle said. "as we do the prophets. that they sins.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. yet appear to recognise the same Father and Son with us very many of us meeting together in Iconiuin very carefully examined the . But they who still abide in life should be baptized with the baptism of the church." it is idle for us to reply . that the error of custom. since some doubted about the baptism of those 1 who. although they receive the new prophets. and accounted no baptism holy except that of the holy church. say they. 298 against Stephen. although. lest by may obtain remission of the presumption of others they remain in their Or. Christ is preached. What then. 21. be rejected which 20." " non modo dicunt. i. Certainly. will become of those who. being prevented by death. but it is read the epistle itself. nor is it needful to discuss this in a long argument. since it has always been observed here. or as persevering in sincere faith . neither of heretics nor of baptism of heretics. they are of the church? reckoned in the number of those who have been catechumens indeed among us. Nor do we remember that this at . whether as perfidiously speaking in agreement with himself. and to the Romans' custom we oppose custom. 18. but spoke of brethren only. but have died before they were baptized. to which they had attained by forsaking error. and we decided that every baptism was altogether to is arranged for without the church. "they not only speak of. coming from the heretics. but the custom of truth holding from the beginning that which was delivered by Christ and the apostles. no trifling 3 advantage of truth and faith. and to gather from the sufficient to apostle himself what the apostle said. in his epistle wherein he said made mention this. when it is manifest that the apostle. have been received without the baptism If they have departed this life. when you knew the truth you forsook But we join custom to truth." this obscure passage. 2 1 is Phil. that we knew none but one church of God. they had not gained the consummation of grace. matter." 3 Or. (but have). pretence or in 2 truth. any time began among us. a proposed reading of .

has given way. with the only and true baptism of the catholic church. that those also whom they. what else do you do than drink from their slough and mud and while you yourself are purged with the church's sanctification. "Abstain 2 from strange water. And whosoever dipped by them us. What. 2 Prov. are this is observed to among be regarded as not baptized. " Whosoever bread or drink the cup of the Lord unworthily. 299 old error. they touch the body and blood of the Lord. theirs who are received. that come to us are baptized among us as strangers and having obtained nothing. and die without the completion of grace." take up if. 27. But what a crime is theirs on the one hand who receive. although witness shall not be unpunished?" 1 1 Cor. "A false But indeed you 19 (LXX. xi. who had shall eat the shall We formerly been bishops in the catholic church. opposition to the church. be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord !" l 22. and afterwards had assumed to themselves the power of clerical ordination. and drink not from a strange fountain. xix. is to be made of what is written. or on the other. unhallowed fountains? For when you communicate with the baptism of heretics. ix. nor their sins put away. are 5.). it is 3 written. communion being rashly seized. there could be the laver of salvation. that their foulness not being washed away by the laver of the church.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 23. and obtain the regeneration of the laver of And yet there is a great difference between him who unwillingly and constrained by the necessity of persecution life. then. 8 Prov. have judged. or with impious voice blasphemes against the Father and God of Christ and the Creator of the whole And Stephen is not ashamed to assert and to say that remission of sins can be granted by those who are themselves set fast in all kinds of sins. you become befouled with the contact of the filth of others ? And do you not fear the judgment of God when you are giving testimony to heretics in . had baptized. although it is written. as if in the house of death world. leaving the sealed fountain of the church. you with church water the and for strange pollute your own. and him who with a profane will boldly rebels against the church. .

and have no although they they are to and therefore come the church. ! blame those who strive for the truth against falsehood. For while you think that all may be excommunicated by you. and obscuring the light of ecclesiastical heretical night . "A wrathful man stirreth up strifes." For what strifes and dissensions have you stirred up throughout the churches of the whole world Moreover. and not even the precepts of an apostle have been able to mould you to the rule of truth and peace. because ignorant the want of are counsel and discourse they easily turned by to wrath. known. and a 1 furious man heapeth up sins. And. come over For when many. so that of none more than of you does divine Scripture say. you are indignant Consider with what want of judgment you dare to after all this. . how great sin have you heaped up for yourself.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. truth. and having been the occasion of death to those that were desirous of living. for having denied to the thirsting the drink of the church. unites [with except that it is us] on behalf of the truth of the church ? and that the are also excited plain angry. beseech you that ye walk ! ! 1 Prov. 22. you take away grace. and said. 24. you assist the errors of those who come. xxix. and in confess that sins. you have excommunicated yourself alone from all . and you do not perceive that their souls will be required at your hands when the day of judgment shall come. or he who. " I therefore. the prisoner of the Lord. Do not deceive yourself. although he warned. For who ought more justly to be indignant against the other? whether he who supports God's enemies. 300 worse than error is all heretics. you heap up the darkness of the from them remission of sins. when you cut yourself off from so many flocks For it is yourself that you have cut off. which is given in baptism. as soon as their to you from them that they may receive the true light of the church. since he is really the schismatic who has made himself an apostate from the communion of ecclesiastical unity. in opposition to him who supports God's enemies. that are by saying they already baptized and have obtained the grace of the church outside the church.

one Lord. as we are sure you you who are in the south. ye your calling. so slippery. with long-suffering. 1-6. one 2 If the baptism of heretics be one and the same with God. and in us all. that no one should receive them into his house. forhearing one lowliness another in love. more. say that baptism to them and to us. the heretics ought to be received as if they had obtained the grace of lawful baptism. are even as called in one hope of Spirit. were denied to them when they came ! have kept the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. How carefully has Stephen these salutary fulfilled commands and warnings of the apostle. and to rebel of against the sacrament and the faith with the madness one there be man can a contumacious discord With such is to ! in whom perchance there is not even one mind. But as far as he is concerned. but Eph. one faith. if our faith iv. and shifting." ours. one baptism one God and Father of ] all. breaking peace with each one of them in various kinds of discord at one time with the eastern : churches. without doubt their faith also 1 Eph." . to cut himself off from the unity of love. rather deal with that concerning which there is the greatest They who contend that persons baptized among question. says the Apostle Paul ? " One Lord. and uncertain is it? let us 26. endeavouring to keep the unity of the body and one There is one Spirit in 'the bond of peace. with all and meekness. one faith. . one baptism. and through all. 5. keeping in the first For what is more place lowliness of mind and meekness or than to so many bishops meek have with lowly disagreed ! throughout the whole world. who is above all. 301 worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called. . so mindful of love and charity as to command the entire so fraternity. 25. from know at another time with he received bishops as messengers sufficiently patiently and meekly not to receive them even to the speech of an ordinary conference and even . and differs in no one and the same is But what respect. 6. whom . but also a shelter and This entertainment. iv. that not only peace and communion. let us leave him Spirit and one body.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and to make himself a stranger in all respects from his brethren. is one 2 .

that. and all our sakes. constantly of one mind. AND THOSE WHO OBTAIN GRACE ON A SICK-BED. AEGUMENT. and for the sake of maintaining heretics to divide the brotherhood . for are in Africa. why do we contend any more? Why do we call them heretics and not Christians ? Moreover. ON BAPTIZING THE NOVATIANS. it manifest that neither can baptism be common to us with heretics. moreover.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. is itself also is if among heretics. nor one faith. as the church may be known. since we and heretics have not one God. and in addition. false Christ. and all the brotherhood. has been wrongly that that is a letter) he teaches published as a separate 1 Otherwise " unity. is And yet Stephen is not ashamed to afford patronage to sucli in opposition to the church. assuredly also we have one follows that we say that He which cannot be separated and Lord there if : one. since between us there is nothing at all in common. bishops We who all bid you. with all the all the clergy. In the second part (which concerning all heretics hitherto. and thinking the same thing. : Ep. EPISTLE LXXV. to call Cyprian a worker. insinuating by the way that the legitimate succession in the see of Peter is known. The former part of this letter is of the same tenor with those that precede. . Ixix. nor even one Spirit. and a deceitful And he. 1 But is one Lord. 2 TO MAGNUS. 302 is it one. as the title sufficiently indicates. by falsely objecting to been himself." 2 Oxford ed. another those things which he himself ought deservedly to hear. and a false apostle. this unity divided at all. Some commentators omit this clause. except that he inculcates concerning the Novatians what he had in substance said . we may find you united with us even though afar off. nor one church. nor one Lord. farewell. conscious that all these characters are in has in advance of you. nor one body.

much as the capacity of my Respecting and the faith sanctity and truth of the divine Scriptures suggest. did not point out any species of heresy. and who. 23. not gathering with Him. inasmuch as he also is without the church and acting in opposition to the peace and love of Christ. you have consulted poor intelligence. were scattering His flock. when who were not with that those He testified in Him were His His Gospel adversaries. the last time. that all are adversaries of the Lord and antichrists. greeting. among other heretics. I answer. let him be unto thee as a heathen man and . as well as is 303 baptized by sprinkling on a the church. In addition." Whence it appears. matter. who are known to have departed from charity and from the unity of the catholic church. after his profane washing. He that is not with me is 1 gathereth not with me scattereth. Now if they who despise the church are counted 3 1 John ii. which and true. the Lord establishes it in His Gospel. by immersion in 1. 2 . but they were not of us for if they 2 had been of us. They went out from us. " saying. antichrists. but he called all who had gone out from the church. With your usual religious diligence. and even now are come many neither did he set antichrists . they also who come from Novatian ought.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 18. and says. were His adversaries . Matt. For right. dearest son. moreover. the blessed no heresy or schism. they would have continued with us. my to be baptized. 17. saying. but showed that all whatsoever who were not with Him. and he that Moreover. a publican. xviii. 19. " Ye have heard that antichrist cometh. as to whether. and who acted in opposition to the church. " But if he neglect to hear the church." Apostle John himself distinguished against me. Cyprian to Magnus his son. true baptism wherein one sick-bed. our Lord Jesus Christ. with the lawful. down any wherefore as specially separated we know that this is . that no heretics and schismatics at all have any power or For which reason Novatian neither ought to be nor can be excepted. from being counted among adversaries and antichrists. as and only baptism of the church. and sanctified in the catholic church." 3 1 Luke xi.

the she "My is which the choice one of her that bare her. were saved by water 3 unto even baptism shall save you. iii. Christ loved the church. and sacrilegious sacrifices. 3 1 Pet. 304 much more certainly is it necessary and enemies. heathens and publicans.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. vi. and corrupted names. he who is placed without cannot be quickened and sanctified from that water of which it is only granted to those who are within to make any use. and gave Himself for it. v. and lawless priesthoods. 21." proving and attesting that the one ark of Noah was a type of the one church. how can he who is not in the church sanctify 1 Cant. 4 But if and cleanse it with the \vashing of water. showing this. the Holy Spirit declares in of in the Song Songs. church." a sealed But my spouse." " He 1 A Concerning says again. And the well also of living if it is one and the same within. saying. the Apostle Paul. thus and of world in that the then. only one of her mother. Peter also. that the like figure whereis. . 2 a well of living water. " In the ark of Noah. and that only they who are in the church can be baptized and said. baptism he who was not in the ark of Noah could be saved by water. is one she is the . more openly and clearly still manifest" ing this same thing. If. 9. he who. eight souls. Moreover. has no access to the spring. can neither drink thence nor be sealed. dove. my undefiled. 2 4 Cant. few. being placed without. 25. Eph. is one. are by the Lord's sentence judged to be heathens and publicans. too. that He might the church . expiated purified. should be counted among heathens and publicans since they who sin less. a thing that is closed up cannot lie open to strangers also and profane persons. spring up. can also now be quickened by baptism. And if it is a fountain sealed. set forth that water. 2. 26. spouse garden enclosed . and is alone cleansed by His washing. 12. 20. or to drink. he who is not in the church to which alone baptism is granted. person of Christ. garden enclosed is my sister. if the of which is the a is Christ. and are only despisers of the church. iv. who forge false altars. writes to the Ephesians. . and says." the church is one which is loved by Christ. that rebels . But that the church is one.

or presides over the church. that he himself must charge 1 Ex. that is. 2 his blood shall be In which mystery is declared. since the church alone has the living water. and whosoever shall go out of the doors of thine house into the street. For the faith of the sacred Scripture sets forth that the church is not without. and all thy father's household unto thee into thine house . and thy mother. 19. with Novatian. who succeeded the bishop Fabian by lawful is and whom." that they who will live. beside the honour of the priesthood. since it is written of the sacrament of the passover. and escape from the destruction of the world. into the church . although he may have obtained grace in the church. . Novatian is not in the church. 18. who received the also also we see expressed bore a type of the command which said. if any one. it upon himself that he perishes 2 46. and thy brethren. sprang from himself. he who says that any one can be baptized and sanctified by Novatian must first show and teach that Novatian is in the church. she was not with Cornelius. that his blood shall be upon him . . shall depart and go out of the church. and the power of baptizing and cleansing man. ii. but whosoever of those thus collected together shall go out abroad. U Josh. and as she For if she is one.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. For the church is one. cannot be both within and without. nor can be separated nor divided against itself. succeeding to no one. that is. ordained in the church can neither have nor hold to the church in any way. and despising the evangelical and apostolic For he who has not been tradition. the Lord undivided house . or washed and cleansed by His washing ? 3. who herself church. But if she was with Cornelius. must be gathered together into one house alone." Which concerning Rahab. 4. that is. nor can he be reckoned as a bishop. xii. 305 be either loved by Christ. which lamb designated Christ: " In one house shall it be eaten : ye shall not carry forth the flesh 1 abroad out of the house. Wherefore. but maintains the unity of an inseparable and ordination. upon him. and of the lamb. glorified also with martyrdom. who. " Thou shalt bring thy father.

and says. Besides even the Lord's sacrifices themselves declare that Christian unanimity is linked together with itself by a firm and inseparable charity.. he may also be able to have the grace of the one baptism of the church. not dwelling in the house of God." 3 John x. teaching and enjoining must be avoided. if it be manifest that he holds the unity of the church. And 5.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 2 " Grex. For when the Lord calls bread. how can he be numbered not in the number of the flock ? the flock is among the flock who is Or how can he be esteemed a pastor. 2 " And there shall be one and one says again. appoint another false ' 1 John x. " It is God who maketh men to dwell of one mind in a house. . multitude. which is bore as being united pressed from and collected together. and forsaking their bishop. how inseparable is the sacrament of unity. in the church of God. succeeding to no one. 3 herd. and as condemned of himself. His blood." But shep- flock. since the Holy Spirit speaks in the Psalms. which is combined by the union of many grains. Ixviii. In fine. he seem if also is to and how hopeless are they. fies mingled with this cup of Christ. 6." 4 6. in which none dwell except they are of one heart and one mind. For that man will be guilty of that a heretic own ruin. saying. therefore the Lord. His body. who. * Ps. not being cast out by the bishop. 306 which the Apostle Paul explains. many He . who make earn for themselves from the indignation O a schism. while the true remains the church of God by and over shepherd presides successive ordination. 16.suggesting to us a unity that comes from divine authority. becomes a stranger and a profane person. lays it down. if my He one. who. and beginning from himself." 1 To which unity reducing His church. and a sinner. and grapes also signi- our flock linked together by the mingling of a united If Novatian is united to this bread of the Lord. " I and Father are one. that is. an enemy of the Lord's peace and of the divine unity. He indicates our people when He and calls clusters whom He the wine. as perverse. 30. and what excessive ruin they of God. but of own accord deserting from the church is by heretical his his presumption condemned of himself.

2 Matt. " Go not into the way of the Gentiles. because they were scattered from unity. And so great was the indignation of the Lord those who had made the schism. against he was immediately smitten by the majesty of the divine judgment. He commands the Gentiles as yet to be passed over. he was forbidden to . and had made another king for themselves. and gave them up to perdition. and forsaking their king. until He had cast them out of His sight for Israel was scattered from the house of David. baptizes 1 2 Kings xvii. should be reckoned among profane persons and Gentiles. Jeroboam the son of Nebat. so that returning thence he was slain on the way by the jaws of a lion which attacked him and dares any one to say that the saving water of baptism and heavenly grace can eat bread or to drink water with them. 7.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. to charge upon him his sins. saying. 307 bishop for themselves without. not observe . and tribe of removed them away. be in common with schismatics. and predict the future vengeance. 5." 1 It says that the Lord was very angry. that even when the against man of God w as sent to Jeroboam. But if any one objects. It says. 20. by way of saying that Novatian holds the same law which the catholic church holds. where there were schismatics. that the same persons who had then divided themselves from the tribe of Judah and Benjamin. x. and shows forth a greater light of intelligence. For when first He sent His disciples on the ministry of salvation. and forsaking Jerusalem had seceded to Samaria. r And when he did and took meat the command of God. 21. Pie shows He that schismatics were to be put on the same level as Gentiles. where ten tribes were divided from the Judah and Benjamin. with whom neither earthly food nor worldly drink ought to be in common ? Moreover. this. 2 and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not." Sending first to the Jews. . and they made themselves a king. the Lord satisfies us in His Gospel. and delivered them into the hand of spoilers. but by adding that even the city of the Samaritans was to be omitted. still bade them. " And pointed the Lord was very angry with all the seed of Israel. Holy Scripture declares in the books of Kings . apfor themselves another one without.

and indignation for the correction of their by the command of the Lord melted and purged by fire. they invoked the one and true God. with their own voice they themselves confess that remission of sins cannot be given except by the holy church . " eternal through the holy church ? in their interrogatory. and fastened to the altars. the same Christ the Son. that he seems not to differ from us in the baptismal interrogatory. being . Even those very censers in which incense had been lawlessly offered. they immediately suffered punishment for their unlawful endeavours . baptizing. let any one that thinks that this may be objected. who had re- ceived the legitimate priesthood by the condescension of God and the ordination of the Lord. besides. Living under the same law and religion. the same can be of no avail to such as these. divinely stricken. according to what the Holy Scrip" a memorial to the children of ture says. that he be not divine vengeance successors. could not be accepted. as Spirit. yet. and sacrifices offered irreligiously and lawlessly. contrary to the right of divine appointment. because of their office in opposition to they transgressed the ministry Aaron the priest. lest they should any more be used by the but that they might rather exhibit a memorial of the priests. to know the same remitted 8. and claimed to themselves the power of sacrificing. remission of sins and they lie life Then. Israel. that no stranger which is not of the seed of Aaron come near to offer incense before the Lord. Holy For even Korah. they show that sins cannot be among them. and not having this. nor profit them. know first of all." it says. nor the same interrogatory common to us and to For when they say. to have the same God the Father Christ the Son. namely. since they have not the church. were beaten out into flexible plates. who was to be invoked and worshipped . knows the same God and Father. " to be.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. the same Holy and that for this reason he may claim the power of Spirit. Dathan. But that they are said we. 308 with the same symbol with which we baptize. that there is not one law of the creed. and Abiram knew the same God as did the priest Aaron and Moses. "Dost thou believe the schismatics.

and to assume the primacy. 2 Num. By which to guilt be liable that all will is shown and example proved. And what the Lord had threatened that whosoever had not separated himself from Korah. Num. 4. and says. and. 309 And yet those men had not made a schism. but also the partakers. and showing that absolutely joined with the leaders in punishment." 1 are now doing who divide the church. doubtless. and touch nothing of theirs." then. and Abiram. says. xvi. be polluted 10. not only the leaders and originators. and Dathan. 5. contend in vain that any one can be baptized and among them. seeing that they are endeavouring against God what is not lawful to them ? Wherefore they who patronize Novatian or other schismatics of that kind. who have been contaminated by their crime. all that eat thereof shall 3 all are teaching. as 'the Lord by Moses commands. . as rebels against the peace and unity of Christ. immediately suffered punishment for his impious communion. find that in such wickedness. And. and in opposition to God's priests rebelled shamelessly and with hostility . " Separate yourselves from the tents of these most hardened men.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 1 . can be their deservings in the sight of on whom punishments are divinely denounced ? or how What. xvii. attempt to establish a throne for themselves." 2 fulfilled. 26. and to claim the How can they complete right of baptizing and of offering. as the bread of mourning them . 8 Hos. even as also by the prophet Osea the Holy " Their sacrifices shall be unto and as Spirit witnesses. they separated munion of the wicked . 9. are destined to punishfrom the comunless have themselves ment. but this these men as Korali. God. ix. when sanctified with a saving baptism plain that he who baptizes has not the power of baptizing. lest ye be con- sumed in their by Moses He sins. who with irreligious boldness mingle themselves with schismatics in opposition to prelates and priests . or obtain anything by lawless endeavours from God. that it may be better understood what is we it is the divine judgment against audacity of the like kind. what they do. nor had gone out abroad. well as its punishment. moreover.

they do contend for them. sending forth His disciples.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. those who patronize heretics or schismatics must answer us whether they have or have not the Holy Ghost. and therefore can indeed baptize. and says. Moreover. although they know that what they do not lawful. that it might be certain and manifest that none can Therefore baptize save those who have the Holy Spirit. and betrayers 1 of the church. That is to be wondered at. And and otherwise obstinate unteachable. yea. 21-23. that Christians should support and that prevaricators of the faith. Whose soever sins ye remit." which place He shows. 310 can such persons justify and sanctify the baptized. but cannot confer the Holy Spirit . yet still these. after His resurrection. For since in baptism every one has his own sins remitted. antichrists . who. For it is necessary that each one of them should maintain what they do . that they may receive the Holy Ghost. being enemies of the priests. strive to usurp things foreign and And yet we do lawless. they shall be retained. they shall be remitted unto them . rather to be Avill is indignant and aggrieved at. and 2 In whose soever sins ye retain. should stand within in the church itself. in accordance with their wickedness. And when He had said this. even speaks to them. since He must surely have been received there. He For " As the Father hath sent me. 11. the Lord proves and declares in His Gospel that sins can only be put away by those who have the Holy Spirit. who was to baptize Christ our Lord Himself. Receive ye the Holy Ghost. them. 2 I. and said to them. inasmuch as we show that those who have not the Holy Ghost are not able to baptize at all. If they have. and at this very point they are held fast by us. previously received the Holy Ghost while he was yet in his mother's womb. why are hands imposed on those who are baptized among them when they come to us. are without the Holy Ghost. and by no right conceded to them? not wonder that. John xx. nor when vanquished they easily yield. where 1 " Within the very barriers of the church . John. that he alone can baptize and give remission of sins who has the Holy Spirit." v. although at least confess this that all. He breathed on so send I you. whether heretics or schismatics. .

For in the sacrament of salvation the contagion of sins is not in such wise washed away. : all your And filthiness I will give and from you a new your idols will I cleanse you. dearest son. what I thought of who obtain God's grace in sickness and weakness. is certain. as that there should be need of saltpetre and other appliances also. have not the Holy Spirit. whether they are to be accounted legitimate Christians. according to the divine arrangement and the evangelical truth. that remission of sins cannot be given by those who. You have asked also. " Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you. and from my this point. in order that. and God bestows His mercy. nor can anything less occur in that case. that here may be nor can be given . In diffidence and modesty prejudges none. and to be and to become temples of God. otherwise Otherwise the is mind of is the breast of the man by the purified In the sacraments of salvation. As far as my poor understanding O conceives it. for those that they are not washed. if lie was He could be given? But if heretics 311 and schis- matics baptized without have not the Holy Spirit. is accepted what is drawn from the divine gifts. when holy Scripture speaks by the mouth of the prophet Ezekiel. when necessity compels./ I think that the divine benefits can in no respect be mutilated and weakened . but sprinkled. where. and a new spirit will I put all . And therefore. and says. as the filth of the skin is washed away in the carnal and ordinary and of the body washing. and ye shall be clean from. when they obtain the Lord's grace. and therefore hands are imposed on them among received what there neither is us. they may be able to obtain remission of sins. it is plain. it also. heart. so as from feeling what he thinks right. sanctified.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. believer washed. . any one that sick people seem to be sprinkled or affused. to prevent any doing what he feels to be right. 12. and a bath and a basin wherewith this vile body may be washed and purified. with the saving water. they must all absobe lutely baptized with the baptism of the church who come from adversaries and antichrists to the church of Christ. the divine methods confer the whole benefit on believers nor ought it to trouble merit of faith. with full and entire faith both of the giver and receiver.

in respect of some calling those who have obtained the peace of Christ by the saving water and by legitimate faith.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. xix. all things hold and may be consummated and perfected by the majesty of the Lord and by the truth of faith. Take the Levites from among the children of Israel. 2 3 Num. to cleanse thou shalt sprinkle them with the water of purificaAnd again " The water of sprinkling is a purificaWhence it appears that the sprinkling also of water cleanse them. and him. who by the law and right of 1 Ezek. that faith to conceive any one should be esteemed a legitimate Christian. 13. xxxvi. this is it is my allowed me by opinion. by an oversight only for the original text has "Soranus. as it appears. his infirmity presented no obstacle to Nor was he only the fullest degree of heavenly strength. under Trajan and Adrian. 9. itself And therefore. but he also with his restored and increased strength. they have taken these For I." who " of is described as Ephesus. and of a more recondite kind. on the seventh day he shall not be clean. know that to that paralytic and infirm man. as far as and to think. having read more. Num. a well-instructed 5 . not Christians. * viii. saying. where the faith both of receiver and giver is sound. and that when this is done in the church. Num. moreover. I do not find whence they take up this name. author in methodical medicine. 26. 12." just as the translator describes Socrates. 312 within you. 25. raised from his took up his bed bed by the divine indulgence. and on the seventh day shall be clean : but if he shall not be purified on the third day. unless perhaps. xix. but Clinics. 5-7. but. The Oxford translator has given this name as " Socrates" here. who know of Clinics from Hippocrates or Soranus. 8. . a Clinic in the Gospel." : And thus shalt thou do unto them. who lay on his bed during the long course of his his attainment in life. 13. And that soul shall be cut off from Israel : because the water of sprinkling hath not been sprinkled upon 2 And again " And the Lord spake unto Moses. them : 3 tion." : 4 prevails equally with the washing of salvation ." 1 Also in Numbers "And the man that shall be unclean until the evening shall be purified on the third : day. But." tion.

with an exuberant fruit of either thirty or sixty or a hundred fold. how much more does Christ. without accepting of persons. but. Whence it appeared that the mercy of Christ. Nay. verily. without distinction of years. upon all the people of God the gift of spiritual grace was shed. an omer was collected equally by each one. when each was called to receive a penny. according to the variety some is wasted. so as if to they escape the evil of their sickness. but yet not to be counted equal with others ? 14. is variety of plenty. and. who is the true sun and the true day. why are they offended in respect of their faith and the mercy of the Or have Lord ? in a shorter they obtained indeed the divine favour. and get well. prefiguring the things to come. For if the day all. and the heavenly grace that would subsequently follow. but that they are still empty and void. But. of the but is rises poured out altogether on the believer. equally sown. and some is increased into a large the Lord's seed of the soil. For there. let them not be deceived. wherefore should what is distributed equally by God be diminished by human 1 The exact meaning of this sentence is interpretation ? very doubtful. 1 But if they cannot be baptized who have already been sanctified by ecclesiastical baptism. without distinction either of sex or of age. Assuredly the same spiritual grace which is equally received in baptism by believers. 313 have obtained the grace of God in the church. when the manna flowed equal light over ! down from heaven. and if the sun is diffused with like and alike to all. any one think that those have gained nothing by faith shall Or if having only been sprinkled with the saving water. is subsequently either increased or diminished in our conversation and conduct as in the gospel . the Holy Spirit is not given by measure. without difference of sex. showed forth the nourishment of the heavenly bread and the food of the coming Christ.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. bestow in His church the light of of which equality we see eternal life with the like equality the sacrament celebrated in Exodus. was equally divided among all . they be baptized. but and more limited measure of the divine gift and Holy Spirit. so as indeed to be esteemed Christians. once more. .

which prevail on the the sea. and yet are trodden under foot by their by the power given by the Lord. voice. in the 16. could resist and prevail until he it came to the water . dedicated to God. 2. saying. that who are baptized by urgent necessity in sickness. and live in the church in praise and honour. however." in that the devil is day. which are called scorpions and serpents. This. the Holy Spirit is beginning to dwell. in very fact also we experience. all our fathers were under the cloud. having struggled long. And that that sea was u sacrament of baptism. so also the wicked spirits. when cast into water. but that in baptism An instance of this loses all the poison of his wickedness. and day by day make more and more advance in the increase of heavenly grace by the growth of their faith. 314 But 15. " Brethren. are free from the unclean spirit wherewith they those were previously moved. and were in the sea " . 6. and delayed in his perfidy. and by divine power by by and is will often that he leave he the out. dry ground. x. " Now all these things l And this also is done in the present were our examples.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. scourged. cannot prevail nor retain venom . . yet in that which he says he deceives. although says going men of God. and tortured human the and exorcists. we ought to know and to trust that there the devil is beaten down. if any one is moved by this. the blessed Apostle Paul declares. For as scorpions and serpents. and all passed through all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and and he added. and obtain grace. and burned. baptized and sanctified. and the man. . finally. When. us. who. I would not have you ignorant how that saying. he was both conquered and destroyed. cannot remain any longer body of a man in whom. and puts in practice what was before done by Pharaoh with the same obstinate and fraudulent deceit. that some of those who are baptized in sickness are still tempted by unclean let him know that the obstinate wickedness of the spirits. 1 1 Cor. we see in the king Pharaoh. but when he had come thither. devil prevails even up to the saving water. 1. is set free by the divine mercy. they come to the water of salvation and to the sanctification of baptism.

that they who come from heresy are not interrogated whether they are washed or sprinkled. We gather " this ivas that written in exile from these words. Jader.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. xiv. that they who. shown. Lucius. of each. . 1 Rom. while they who are water. Litteus. lie extols with wonderful commendations the martyrs in the mines. and so great consideration be had for heretics. Felix. to . Polianus. on the other hand. I its majesty suffer derogation. 12. and Dativus. IxxvL . so as to prevent any prelate from determining what he thinks right. seems just to some. as he shall give an account of his own doings to the Lord. . and in ecclesiastical baptism is and sanctity 17. the blessed Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Romans writes and says: "Every one of us shall give account for himself: l us not therefore judge one another. banished as lam on account of the confession of the name" to the tortures Cyprian to Nemesianus. : Ep. the consolations of each. are shaken by the return of the unclean spirit. 2 Oxford ed. dearest son." son. another Felix. some of those who 315 are baptized in health. so that it is manifest that the devil is driven out in baptism by the faith of the believer. Victor. have your letter. And. subsequently they begin to sin. 13. outside the church adversaries and antichrists. in the church are thought to have attained less of baptized among mercy and grace . ARGUMENT. my poor ability prevailed what I think prescribing to no one. dearest EPISTLE LXXVI. so far as and I have as far as I could. but among us the sound truth of divine faith disparaged. if and returns it if the faith afterwards shall fail unless. are polluted with profane should be judged to be baptized . 2 CYPRIAN TO NEMESIANUS AND OTHER MARTYRS IN THE MINES. let I bid you. ever heartily farewell. according to what replied. . his fellow1. opposing in a beautiful antithesis. indeed. If the limits of the place appointed me did not restrain me. whether they be clinics or peripatetics .

still abide in the dungeons of the prison. most blessed and beloved brethren. yet in love and in spirit I come expressing my mind in my letter. that these things have happened to you in consideration of the desert of your religion and your faith that the Lord should thus have lifted you to the lofty height of glory by the honour of His glorification. constancy in defending the And that nothing truth. Your glory. in charity. now counted in their punishments ? I do not marvel. or in the mines and in chains. seeing that you have always flourished in His church. 316 * bishops. if the limits of the place appointed me did not restrain me. modesty in humility. that I myself should come to see and to embrace you. indeed. when I am made aware of so many and such glorious things concerning my dearest friends. although not in bodily suffering. would demand. should be wanting to the example of good deeds in you. and of Jesus Christ our Lord. keeping firmly the Lord'. it is and praises of yours. Could I be silent and restrain my voice in stillness. and even though not permitted me to come to you in body and in movement. most brave and blessed brethren. to receive as many payments in heavenly rewards. guarding the tenor of the . also to his fellow-presbyters rest of the brethren in the mines. counting myself a partaker with you. and deacons. in which mind I joyfully exult in those virtues way I can. . watchfulness in helping those that suffer. as days are. things with which the divine condescension has honoured you. diligence faith. innocence . judgment in severity of discipline. advancing by the tediousness of their tortures to more ample titles of merit. concord . and of God our preserver. greater examples for the strengthening and part arming of the brethren. exhibiting by the very delays of their punishments. so that parl of you have already gone before by the consummation of their martyrdom to receive from their Lord the crown of their deserts . .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. everlasting greeting.s commands in simplicity. yet in community of love. in administration. and the martyrs of God the Father Almighty. But in what I bring myself into your presence . banished as I am for the sake of the confession of the name. mercy in cherishing the poor.

that while the flock follows its pastors. which ! guided to paradise in the way of salvation ! bound for the present time in the world. nor do they bind the feet of Christians for infamy. but glorify them for a crown. and imitates what it sees to be done by those set over it. : " of the cross. and attesting their faith with religious courage. not chains . you provoke the minds of your brethren to divine martyrdom. seeing all its is hope is not very greatly terrified Wood. The body is not cherished in the mines with couch and cushions. but to run quickly to Christ on a glorious road Let cruelty. either envious or malignant. used. To men who are dedicated to God." . from and from these sufferings you shall speedily come to the kingdom of heaven. by us. as if the spirit also could be bound with the body. But being first severely beaten with clubs. But what wonder if. 1 The servant of in the redeemed by wood to life eternal. and the places which previously had been accustomed to yield gold and silver have begun to receive them? Moreover. such things are ornaments. by exhibiting yourselves as leaders of virtue. the glorious of firstlings your confession. and the temples of God with disgraceful chains. and have bound your blessed limbs. not by the smith but by the Lord Oh feet blessedly bound. and illhave you begun by sufferings of that kind.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. you have been committed to the mine that is the home of gold and Christ acknowledges the sacrament of his salvation silver. 317 even now. For a Christian body at clubs. ! ! bonds and chains as long as it will. lingering for a while always free with the Lord the fetters and among cross-bars. or your' gold could be stained by the contact of iron. Oh feet blessedly bound. now except that the nature of the mines : is changed. but it is cherished with the refreshment and solace of Christ. they have put fetters on your feet. he is advanced by wood to the crown. which are loosed. is not a matter to be execrated 2. in the confession of your voice and tlte suffering of your body. as golden and silver vessels. that. The frame wearied with hold you here in its this earth 1 Scil. that they are Oh feet may be Oh feet. it may be crowned with the like merits of obedience by the Lord.

. but he who puts on Christ is both abundantly clothed and adorned. anything whatever must needs become that head which is illustrious on account of Christ's name. And be not conformed to this world . There the cleansed." For this it is which especially pleases God . li. Shivering. brethren. is may prove that good. fice of God is a broken spirit . being made victims to God. that ye what 4. xii. 3 Ps. 1 Phil. the head of the man. apostle. 18." 2 You offer this God you sacrifice to . by the mercies of God. detestable and foul to Gentiles. All that deformity. with what This temporal and brief be recompensed it be for the reward of a bright exchanged suffering. since the sacred Scripture speaks. 21. as the apostle exhorts and says. it is z this wherein our works with greater deserts are successful in earning God's good-will this it is which alone the obedience of our faith and devotion can render to the Lord for His . are foul and Christ. but it is no penalty to Your limbs unbathed. acceptable unto God. But there cannot be felt any loss of either religion or splendour shall how it ! shall most beloved brethren. The hair but since Christ is of your half-shorn head seems repulsive word . holy. although bread is scarce . will greatly profit you for the retribution of heavenly re" The sacriwards. a contrite and humbled heart God doth not despise. but within they are spiritually without the flesh is defiled. but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. and that faith. and perfect will of God. 2. down with and dirt . that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice. 8 Rom.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. in the fact that now there is no opportunity there to God's priests for offering and given celebrating the divine sacrifices yea. 318 labours lie lies prostrate on the ground. . when. you celebrate and offer a sacrifice to God equally precious and glorious. and eternal honour. but man liveth not by bread alone. you want clothing. and exhibiting yourselves as holy and unspotted offerings. saying. 1. iii. " I beseech you therefore. according to the word of the blessed " the Lord shall change the body of our humiliation. and acceptable. celebrate this sacrifice without intermission day and night. but by the disfigured with filth of God. that it may be fashioned like to the body of His brightness !" 3.

19. assists the struggling. ] Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. 12. who. the Lord declares and teaches in His " But when they deliver you up. not to medithought . 15. " to the Lord for all His benefits towards me? I will take the : cup of salvation. you have suggested to your brethren. and that tion we by the subduing of the adversary to the palm of the greatest contest. a manix. indeed. 13. saying. 14. Him. that they do not trust Him who promises to give His help to those who tate before confess . 319 great and saving benefits. crowns the conquering with the recompense of patience. and I will call upon the name of the Lord." believers. and do not on 6. For that it is His doing that we conquer. rewarding in us whatever He Himself has bestowed. take no Gospel. shall 1 Ps." Who would not gladly and readily receive the cup of salva? Who would not with joy and gladness desire that in which he himself also may render somewhat unto His Lord ? Who would not bravely and unfalteringly receive a death precious in the sight of the Lord. 20." says He. v. goodness." And again " Settle it therefore in your hearts. as the Lord promises and says. xxi. looking down from above upon us who are placed in the conflict for His name. is both the great confidence of resist. 15. hand the other threatens eternal punishment to those fear Him who who deny Him. and the gravest fault of the faithless. 19. as the Holy Spirit declares and witnesses in the Psalms " What shall I render. hereafter to be greatest in the kingdom of heaven. which your adversaries shall not be able to 3 In which. to please His eyes.THE EPISTLES OF CYPPJAN. approves the willing." 4 so. All which things. cxvi. 3 Luke * Matt. but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. and honouring what He has accomplished? 5. most brave and faithful soldiers of in Christ. For it is not ye that 2 speak. be called Moreover. fulfilling deeds what ye have previously taught in words. "Whosoever the greatest in the shall kingdom do and teach of heaven. attain how or what ye shall speak for it shall be given you same hour what ye shall speak. 2 Matt. in that : what ye shall answer for I will give you a mouth and wisdom. and affection. .

but with a heart reigning. that every one of you stands near to the promised reward of God. and separated from their prelates neither in the number of by the prison nor by the mines . what the loftiness of your mind. are secure from the judgment of God. whom and whom a double glory has advanced to the heavenly also a courage greater than their age has surpassed their years in the praise of their confession. so that every sex and every age should adorn the blessed flock In boys crown. beloved brethren. What now must be the vigour. have confessed alike with you.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 320 fold portion of the people. whom neither are there wanting vii'gins in the hundred-fold are added to the fruit of sixty-fold. and supplication is sought for in afflictions. and says. following your example. may rejoice together in the heavenly kingdom. sufferings of this present time are not ! . you are hastening to the rewards of martyrdom." 1 to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed because now your word is more effectual in And more quick to obtain what is more eagerly. 7. and have stood together against the wrongs of heretics and prayers. rejoicing in the endurance of His servants. 18. to behold after this darkness of the world the purest light. walk in the mines with a body captive indeed. that you know Christ is present with you. and alike have been crowned. who are ascending by His footsteps and in His paths to the eternal kingdoms You daily expect with joy the saving day of your departure and already about to withdraw from the world. of your victorious consciousness. and to receive a glory greater than all sufferings and conflicts. most blessed and most beloved 1 Rom. and ask that the divine condescension would consummate the confession of all of us that from this darkness and these snares of the world God would set us also free with you. as the apostle wit" The nesses. viii. I bid you. sound and glorious that we who here are united in the bond of charity and peace. . associated with you in the bond of the strongest charity. what triumph in your breast. of your martyrdom. . seek . what exultation in feeling. worthy in us. the oppressions of the heathens. and to the divine homes.

holy.. Ixxix. and always and every- where remember me. that we might see you. as suits the condition of the time. Dativus. and men from the world to draw near to belief. good and true teacher. EPISTLE LXXVII. in obedience more humble. And you yourself know. dearly beloved Cyprian. For while you do not cease in your writings to lay bare the hidden mysteries. DATIVUS. ought to say before the president. to their brother You speak. we are the bishops ivho wrote ments of the mines. them And is made of one mine Nemesianus. where mention 1. : X Ep. 321 brethren. 1 THE REPLY OF NEMESIANUS. Ixxvii. Cyprian. in abstinence more yourself to us. unconsciously you have described For you are greater than all men in discourse. FELIX. in speech more eloquent. ARGUMENT. in works more abundant. that our eager wish was. you thus make us to grow in faith. in patience more simple. TO CYPRIAN. For by whatever good things you have introduced in your many books. .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. 1 Oxford ed. AND VICTOR. nothing they contain the thanksgiving as well for the comfort conveyed by the letter as for the assistance sent therewith. that which we your as a disciples. beloved. and Victor. in counsel wiser. This else epistle and the than replies to two following ones contain inasmuch as the foregoing. in the Lord to gather that placed in different departthis is confirmed in Epistle were. But from reply the fact that three distinct letters are sent in to the single one of Cyprian's. in your letters always with deep meaning. eternal salvation. by the assiduous reading of which letters both the wicked are corrected and men of good faith are confirmed. For crown of a great confession. following you. ever farewell in the Lord. our teacher and our lover. Felix. in particular. and in good deeds more innocent. attain to the 2.

but also linked a heavenly friendship with those be who should so. Let us. have even placed fragrant flowers to their nostrils. the mountains of 'the mine to a have down geon . as you have . seeing that it has feared neither the first onsets of the world. furnished with heavenly arms. Therefore they before God bound with fetters . and those of our beloved Quirinus. " the sinews of the common enemy cut in two. you have stirred up . that your innocent spirit is not far from the hundred-fold reward. We bid you. have smoothed the hair of their have illuminated the darkness of the dun. then. and the severed sinews of the very carcase of the public foe were trodden under foot. and have shut out the foul odour of the smoke. and Amantius the acolytes. and since it furmany with an example of confession. you have slain the devil with a spiritual sword you have also ordered the troops God's soldiers. and Lucian. to the close encounter . that we may have God and Christ and the angels as supporters in all our actions. lord and over. prayers helpers bidden us. beloved Cyprian. nor hesitated to leave the nor dreaded to dwell in a desert place . have healed their limbs wounded with clubs . and fighting in the first rank. itself first spoke city. be in our one of another and let us ask. 322 you first in the proceedings before the proconsul have pronounced and. 1 Believe us. nished For it provoked others to acts of martyrdom by its own example and not only began to be a companion of the martyrs already departing from the world. 1 case Otherwise. More- feet half-shorn head your continued gifts. . the martyr-witness." . with your words. have loosened their 3. as a sounding trumpet. : of the brethren. on the one hand and on the other. nor shrunk from going into exile. brought smooth surface . dearest. which you sent to be distributed by Herennianus the subdeacon. and Maximus. his car- was trodden under foot.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. so that snares were on all sides laid for the enemy. who were condemned with us give you the greatest thanks. provided a supply of whatever had been wanting for the necessities of their bodies. that in your letter you have refreshed their suffering breasts .

323 Greet brother. Your we were exulting and had armed us for the struggle. namely. For he who is fession. showing doubtless the undivided love wherewith you have always loved us. a solace in our affliction. Ixxviii. and you who who first Christ. : Ep. all who are with All ours who with us are love you. which when we read we received a relaxation in our bonds. the To Cyprian our who are 1. and to us. The argument of same as that of the present letter is. Lucius. We occupied the course thence have communicated this to us from what you began. but of Lucius the martyr and the African bishop. For before our suffering we were called forth by you to glory. and desire to see you. to the crown of conan abundant fession is added the reward of your labours first 1 Oxford ed.THE EPISTLES OF CTPMIAN. and Amantius the acolytes. dearest brother. which you sent to us by Herennianus the subdeacon. while God that He had made us by His condescension conquerors in the battle the letter. ever heartily farewell. and all with me in the Lord. the brethren letter came rejoicing in brother and colleague. in sub- the preceding . EPISTLE LXXVIII. dearest brother. 2 Or. afforded us guidance to confession of the name of indeed. ARGUMENT. But in your case. " united. stance. so that we who had 2 one Spirit in the bond of peace might have the grace of your prayers. . who follow the footsteps of your confor an equal grace with you. 1 THE EEPLY TO THE SAME OF LUCIUS AND THE EEST OF THE MAETYES. and have us in mind. 2. and therefore it is not a letter of Lucius the Roman pontiff. and Lucian. and we were aroused and more strenuously animated to bear whatever more of punishment might be awaiting us. and one crown of confession." . and Maximus. you. hope first in the race is first also for the reward . greeting. and greet you. and a support in our necessity.

as you manifested to us that candid and blessed breast of yours which we have ever known.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and remember us. For with your words you have both adorned those things which had been less instructed in us. Jader. beloved. being filled with the Holy Spirit. To our dearest and best beloved Cyprian. thus. and may He be pleased to return to you the reward of good w ork. you have pledged ' your letter. Polianus. 324 measure which you shall receive from the Lord in the day of retribution. we And certainly do. dearest brother and earnestly desired. JADER. and in accordance with its largeness have uttered praises to God with us. EPISTLE LXXIX. together with the presbyters and all who are abid" 2 1 Oxford ed. if you have us in mind in your prayers. a sacrifice from every clean thing. which I trust you do to us in will even as 3." : . AND THE REST OF THE MARTYRS. and have strengthened O us to the sustaining of those sufferings which we bear. from the prophecy which. Felix. 1 as being certain of the heavenly rewards. The martyrs above spoken of acknowledge with gratitude the assistance sent to them by Cyprian. POLIANUS. Or. Ep. O brother most longed for. and had respect unto his offering. not as much as we deserve to hear. and God was pleased with the sweet savour. we have re- ceived what you sent to us from Quirinus and from yourself. and of the crown of martyrdom. Ixxix. patiently bear. r this so Farewell. 2 THE ANSWER OF FELIX. farewell. But I beg that you will command the letter which we have written to Quirinus to be sent forward. I bid you. ever heartily Greet all who are with you. Even as Noah offered to God. TO CYPRIAN. who have by your letter presented yourself to us. ARGUMENT. and of the kingdom of God. but as much as you are able to utter. All this will happen. so also may He have respect unto yours.

which. vi. and the rest of the I salute you. everlasting health. Cyprian to Sergius and Rogatianus. from whom we have received a sum under the name of an offering. . I greet my I Jader subscribed . lie consoles Rogatianus confessors in prison. by Herennianus the sub-deacon. reply to your salutation. that we have been thus comforted and strengthened by your address. which He has condescended to confer on us. AND THE OTHER CONFESSORS IN PRISON. out of the heavenly words . Lucian and Maximus our We brethren. ever heartily to farewell in God. "We bid you. ROGATIANUS. the them courage by the martyrs Rogatianus the elder and Feliletter itself indicates that it was written in exile. and in which you have condescended to comfort us as if we were sons. EPISTLE LXXX.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and gives example of cissirnus. 325 ing with us at the mine of Sigua. and we have given and do give thanks God the Father Almighty through His Christ. dearest brother. eternal health in the Lord. asking from the candour of your mind that you would deign to have us in mind in your constant prayers. lord Eutychianus. dearest brother. Greet all who abide with you. For what could happen to me more mit and more joyful than to be now close to you. strong and safe by the aid of your prayers. the The and his colleagues. 1. that the Lord would supply what is wanting in your confession and ours. I Polianus read I Felix wrote this it. : Ep. if the state in which I am placed would perme to come to you. confessors in the Lord. o' together with your letter which you wrote. that you might embrace me with those hands. 1 CYPRIAN TO SERGIUS. myself also desiring to enjoy the sight of you. dearest and most blessed brethren. pure and desirable 1 Oxford ed. it . ARGUMENT.

" ] blessed prison. and found shall be greatly rewarded them worthy of Himself. and shall run to and fro like tried them. where now are placed temples of God. : and received them as a sacrifice of a burntin due time regard shall be had unto them. to receive the crown. and your members are to be of to ! ( sanctified by divine confessions ! 2. is spirit is it is " Precious in the sight of the written. which. 1L 19. broken the death of His saints. yet is their hope and having been a little chastised. Lord's condescension. where the sacred Scripture speaks of the tortures which consecrate God's martyrs. more bright ! sends the than the heaven sun itself. nor of temporary punishment. cxvi. . have rejected the profane obedience What more pleasant and sublime "? now than to kiss your lips. but of immortality. 20. and sanctify them in the very trial of suffering: "And if they have suffered torments in the sight of men. Let no one think of death. who said. which your presence has enlightened men God O O blessed prison. that you go on in the strength of the Spirit. they full of immortality for God proved them. have become worthy of looking upon God ? But since opportunity to share in this joy. and maintaining the faith of the Lord. Nor let anything now be revolved in your hearts and minds besides the divine precepts and heavenly commands. The righteous shall shine. having the Lord as your protector and guide. s Ps. offering. i and Matt. I send this letter in and is not afforded my me stead to your your eyes. 326 innocent. with which the Holy Spirit has ever animated you to the endurance of suffering. xxviii. by which I congratulate and exhort that you you persevere strongly and steadily in the confession of the heavenly glory and having entered on the way of the ears to . and clearer than the light of this world. 15. to be looked upon even in presence by your eyes. but of eternal glory Lord since . even unto the end of the world. "A 2 and again. which with a glorious voice have confessed the Lord. 2 Ps. which O darkness. " Lo. As gold in the furnace hath He .THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN." a sacrifice to God : a contrite and humble heart God 3 doth not despise. despising the world." And again. I am with you alway.

3 Matt." the glory. and prophets. the righteous Abel was slain. are. but are not able to kill the soul but rather fear Him who is able to hateth his life in this : : destroy both soul and body in 3 hell. viii. They shall judge the nations. even at the first." judge and reign with Christ the Lord. women Blessed also. it and he that that loveth his life in this world shall lose . 3. although many are the afflictions of the righteous. if so be that we suffer with Him. To all of whom the Lord also in Himself has appointed an example. . he added the comparison of the present time and of the future " The sufferings of this present time are not compared with the coming glory which shall glory. it '' Of which behoves us to bear brightness. you reflect that you shall reign for ever. saying. and apostles who were sent. therefore." Moreover. x. who. 4-8. since in the beginning. and braver than their sex. but have afforded an example to other their constancy ! And lest anything should be to the glory of your number. 4 Rom. not only themselves are near to the crown of glory. in the joy of what is to come knowing that from the beginning of the world it has been so appointed that righteousness should suffer there in the conflict of the world." Paul also exhorts us we who desire to attain to the Lord's promises ought to " " the imitate the Lord in all things. 16. teaching that none shall attain to His kingdom but " He those who have followed Him in His own sparks . 18. viii. yet those are delivered from them all who trust in God. 28. heirs of God. 17. that every sex and women by wanting 1 Wisd. worthy to be be revealed in us." 2 And again " Fear not them which kill the body. world shall keep it unto life eternal. you must needs exult and tread under foot present sufferings. 4 that we may also be glorified together. and thereafter all righteous men. because. . then heirs. 2 5 John Rom. sons of God: but if sons. way. who are established with you in the same glory of confession. xii. 25. maintaining the Lord's faith. and have dominion over the people and their Lord shall * When." says he.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and that We joint-heirs with Christ . saying. iii. all afflictions when we consider and persecutions . 327 among the stubble.

and the you boys . and meditating day and night. we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. Azarias. and proving that against His confessors and martyrs the heat no power. " they say to the king. when shut up in the furnace. the Lord being present with them." Lest the virtue of their confession should be less without the testimony of their suffering. knew that they might even be delivered from their present punishment. in accordance with of hell could have your religion. they still would not boast of this. in all things Rogatianus the presbyter. the glorious old man who. " But if not. the fires gave way. they added that but yet they would not trust in delivered at the eternal liberty And you moment and . nor worship the golden image which thou hast set l up. in accordance with their faith.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. but that they who trusted in God should always continue unhurt and safe in all dangers. O king. to the glory of our time. with Felicissimus our brother. what must have been the faith in these youths which could deserve such full acknowledgment from the For." Although they believed. Misael. be is able to deliver us will deliver us it known unto from the burning out of thine hand. iii. that you may be able to come to the fruit of the eternal kingdom. and the sight of the Lord. for our God whom Lord. think of the future only. saying. God could do this. be but they thought on that glory of security. that O we furnace fiery king ! But : if will not serve thy gods. with your whole heart prepared for God. representing to us flames gave refreshment. with contempt for the present. nor claim it for themselves. makes a way for you by his religious courage and divine condescension. 16-18. ever quiet and temperate. prepared for every fate. also. 1 Dan. and to the embrace and kiss. And I beg you to consider more carefully. the divine condescension has also associated with in a glorious confession of the same kind as once did something and the illustrious Ananias. thee. king Nebuchadnezzar. youths to whom. and. O we serve and He not. that 4. 328 age also might be with you in honour. as we ought all to be. you may follow who. . retaining this faith. so as to wish to all things .

Pie may be crowned. The reason I why could not write to you immediately. that in a had been decreed by the Emperor Valerian (doubtless with Gallienus). : Ep. TELLING OF THE PERSECUTION. 329 receiving the attack of a ferocious people. now may be consummated also goes before you. being placed in the very heat of the 1. the month of September. greeting. we beseech the That Lord this in con- from beginnings going on to the highest cause those whom He has made to confess. that results. And Cyprian to his brother Successus." 2 Oxford cd. I bid you. Victor the deacon. dearest and most beloved brethren. ever heartily farewell in the Lord . . and may you attain to the crown of heavenly glory. For many various But and uncertain things are current in men's opinions. and he begs him to intimate the same to the rest colleagues. greet you. were unable in any way to depart hence. first prepared for 1 you a dwelling in the prison. in whatever contest. marking out the way for you in some measure. there is no doubt but that this letter was written near the close of his life. all of them being prepared in accordance with the devotion of their mind But know that those have for divine and heavenly glory. stant prayers. and. Xistus the pontiff had suffered at Rome on the eighth of the Ides of August. tells Cyprian severe persecution that the bishop Successus. in you. also to and those who are with me. in martyrdom. 1 " Metator.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. that they might find out and bring back to us the truth. come whom I had sent to the City for this purpose. manner it had been decreed respecting us. ARGUMENT. dearest brother. was that all the clergy. that each one might animate his of his own flock to as Cyprian suffered sJiortly after. 2 TO SUCCESSES ON THE TIDINGS BROUGHT FROM ROME. EPISTLE LXXXI. Ixxx.

I beg that these things may be made known by your means to the rest of our colleagues. if any are presented to them. . martyred. and sent into banishment. with full faith and entire courage. waiting according to the strength of our faith for the endurance of suffering.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. and moreover be deprived of their property . and if. to the effect that bishops and presbyters and deacons should immediately be punished . and expecting from the help and mercy of the Lord the crown of eternal But know that Xistus was martyred in the cemetery on the eighth day of the Ides of August. which letters we are daily hoping will come. people of Csesar's household. whoever of them had either confessed before. that Valerian had sent a rescript to the Senate. but crowned. ever heartily farewell in the Lord. wherein they know that the soldiers of God and Christ are not slain. I bid you. 1 Moreover." . the prefects in the city are daily urging so that. on this persecution exhortation. should have their property confiscated. 1 Or. they should persist in being Christians. should lose their dignity. 330 the truth concerning them is as follows. then they should also lose their heads . but that senators. when their means were taken away. dearest brother. and men of importance. Moreover. by their deacons. are and their property claimed by the treasury. and Roman knights. and should be sent in chains by assignmerit to Csesar's estates. may rejoice rather than fear in this confession. and. The Emperor Valerian also added to this address a copy of the letters which he sent to the presidents of the provinces concerning us . that every one of us may think less of death than of immortality . dedicated to the Lord. that everywhere. and with him four life. " and with him Quartus. the brotherhood may be strengthened and prepared for the spiritual conflict. they 2. but that matrons should be deprived of their property. or should now confess.

and thence depart to the Lord even as I ought. that city in which he presides over the church of the Lord. icas told that messengers him for punishment to on re- were sent Utica. will be mutilated if I. he speaks in the mouth of all. and there suffer. near turning to take to his the end of his life. I pray with continual supplications. in that moment of confession. viz. and with all my desires entreat. Therefore here in a hidden retreat I await the arrival of the proconsul returning to Carthage. of God. and that the whole people should be glorified by the confession of their prelate in their presence. gardens." . A LITTLE BEFORE HIS MARTYRDOM. when indeed. Cyprian. dearest brethren. Ixxxi. the confessor- bishop speaks. When. 2 Or. in lest it the sight of his own people. there to confess the Lord. that I may hear from him what the emperors have commanded upon the subject of Christian laymen and bishops. " commissaries. EPISTLE LXXXIL 1 TO THE CLERGY AND PEOPLE CONCERNING HIS RETIREMENT. a bishop placed over another church. that I may confess among you. by inspiration But the honour of our church. in . I consented For whatever. 1 Oxford ed.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. And should be thought that he had done so from fear of death. both for my own sake and yours. he withdrew. and I had been persuaded by the counsel of those dearest to me to withdraw for a time from my gardens. greeting. for the reason that it is fit for a bishop. and may say what the Lord will wish to be said at that hour. : Ep. as a just reason was afforded 1. receiving my sentence or my confession at Utica. should go thence as a martyr to the Lord. Cyprian to the presbyters and deacons. ARGUMENT. that 2 the gaolers had been sent to bring me to Utica. and all the people. When it had been told to us. he gives the reason in this letter. that he might undergo his martyrdom nowhere else than at Carthage. glorious as it is.

to remain safe in His church. So be it through His mercy. or voluntarily For when apprehended and offer himself to the Gentiles. delivered up. and condescend to keep you. inasmuch as the Lord abiding in us speaks in that hour. dearest brethren. nor let any of you stir up any tumult for the brethren. But do you. . dearest brethren. he ought to speak. what it is fitting that confess than profess. keep peace and tranquillity . according to the discipline which you have ever received from me out of the Lord's commands. we me should observe before the proconsul passes sentence on name of God. 332 2. and according to what you have so very often learnt from my discourse. we will with the for the confession of the instruction of the make Lord arrange in common.THE EPISTLES OF CYPRIAN. who willed that we should rather But for the rest. May our Lord you.

ON THE DRESS OF VIRGINS. for those wit. and a dress meet ivith a bridle of the Lord's lessons ?" a little more fully Then. and that even wealth did not excuse superon the part of those who had already care dress for fluous renounced the world. while so things are offensive to God. and therefore. honour. he celebrates the to praises of discipline. AEGUMENT. and proves its those who had from Scripand merits of usefulness describing the glory. and from the third chapter of Isaiah also. married women a dress to be moderation ought even more regulated by fitting be observed by a to virgin . and of holiness. but also in seemliness of dress to lie and ornament. virgins into a fitting discipline of modesty. explain the argument. tilings which God has commanded. more especially are the to prostitutes many sumptuous ornaments of women . ture. and therefore making a transition from superfluous ornament to the different kinds . even if they are wealthy. After to this he teaches from the Apostle. they should consider certainly liow to use their wealth. few " Who" " would restrain says he. virginity. and he infers that. The deacon Pontius. in ivords comprises the argument of the following treatise.THE TEEATISES OF CYPEIAN. but for good purposes. that the distinctions of dress and ornaments are more suited than to virgins . for and dedicated voiced their teaches that continence not only Christ. TREATISE I. since the apostle prescribes to limits. however. in his life of Cyprian. virginity consists in fleshly purity. as if Firstly. for being spent on the poor. but that rather.

and hast cast my words behind thee. 11. in Christ. in a brief epilogue. The Holy Spirit says in the Psalms. 17. 1 Ps. bravely. and to live continually for God. ii. To follow her is wholesome. iii. evil it is tvithout. the stimulus and nourishment of good dispositions. Moreover. guide of the way of salvation. go forward spiritually. he forbids to virgins those things tohich had negligently come into use. loves. ." 4 But if God rebukes whom and rebukes him for the very purpose of amending him. 11.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. as well as going to promiscuous bathing-places. to transfigure. who assuredly cannot with impunity strive to improve. not only to virgins. 4 Prov. but absolutely also to married women. attain happily. iii. warning us : " My son. and to turn away from her and neglect her is deadly. 1. that they may amend God also before predicted by Jeremiah. and to adulterate God's work. despise not thou the discipline of the Lord. 2 Ps. "Keep perchance the Lord be angry. Finally. when His wrath is quickly 1 And again : "But unto the ungodly kindled against you. do not hate. as being present at weddings. 12. 3 Wisd. Him : for whom the nor faint when thou art rebuked of Lord He loveth He correcteth. lest God. and but love those them since . the 'teacher of virtue. whom they rebuke. and takest my covenant into thy mouth ? Whereas thou hatest discipline. 334 of dyes and paints. also. he forbids such things." discipline. causes us to abide always |ISCIPLINE." And from saith away discipline Solomon we have received the mandates of wisdom. brethren also. only remember me shall begin to receive its honour" when your virginity the safeguard of hope. declaring what benefit the virtue of continency affords. Why dost thou preach my laws." 2 And again we read : 3 " He that casteth is miserable. and what he concludes the book with this " Endure exclamation. and ye perish from the right way. and especially priests. the bond of the faith. and to attain to the heavenly promises and to the divine rewards.

and with our houses based with solid mass upon the rock unshaken by the storms and whirlwinds of the world. heart : "And and they 335 I will give you shall feed you l in holy Scripture discipline is frequently and everywhere prescribed.ON THE DRESS OF pointed to our times. of living by divine teaching. We are the worshippers and priests of those temples let us obey Him whose we have already begun to be. iii 15. but more severely threatens him who is again enslaved by those same things of which he had been healed. said. and since we have been redeemed by the blood of Christ. . for ye are bought with a great price . when he shepherds according to my with the food of discipline. while as yet you had not known God's discipline but there is no further pardon for sinning after you have begun to 1 3 John v. 14. and forsake the temple which He inhabits. in which he has formed us to a course as well as the filth of . and the whole foundation of religion and of faith proceeds from obedience and fear . the ing. . than to stand with roots strongly fixed. Jer. when purged from all the old contagion by the sanctification of the laver of life. if fitting for us urgently to desire. that nothing impure or profane may be brought into the temple of God. glorify and bear God in your 2 Let us glorify and bear God in a pure and chaste body." But VIRGINS. let us obey and give furtherance to the empire of our Redeemer by all the obedience of service. thou art made whole : sin no more. lest a worse thing come unto thee. as well curing as warnBehold. 2 1 Cor. and must not be violated nor polluted. nor suffers the man afterwards to wander with free and un- checked reins. since he who does violence to them is himself injured." a He gives the course of life. 19. " Ye are not your own. because it is doubtless a smaller fault to have sinned before. are God's temples. what is more 2. so that we may come by the divine precepts to the rewards of God ? considering knowing that our members. vi. lest He should be offended. are : " He gives the law of innocency after He has conferred health. The words of Lord giving health and teaching. Paul tells us in his epistles." body. what more to wish for and to hold fast. and with a more complete obedience.

the The more illustrious portion of Christ's flock. My address is ment. boys as girls let every sex and every age observe this. which were made eunuchs of men and there are eunuchs . : . and may not study any longer to be adorned or to please anybody but their Lord. and take care in this respect. and in . 1 now to virgins. may consummate their work. greater interest. This is the flower of the 2 ecclesiastical seed. He who perseveres unto " the end. To these I speak. . so much the more it increases the joy of the Mother. not that I would claim. And. and who depart from carnal concupiscence. 336 know God. the same shall be saved. ' : . For that is not an empty carefulness nor a vain fear. which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of 1 One codex adds here " since it is written." 2 Otherwise. which were so born from their mother's womb and there are some eunuchs. . but because. being unceasingly careful even to solicitude. indeed. which takes counsel for the way of salvation. the grace and ornament of spiritual endow3. which guards the commandments of the Lord and of life so that they who have dedicated themselves to Christ. according to the religion and faith which they owe to God. last and least. as a copious virginity is added to her number. Mother church rejoices by their them abundantly flourishes and in proportion glorious fruitfulness of means. as it is more excites the eminent. whose glory. and very conscious of my lowliness as I am.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. God's image answering to the holiness of the Lord. that what is received holy and pure from the condescension of the Lord be preserved with a no less anxious fear. For there are some eunuchs. and have vowed themselves to God as well in the flesh as in the spirit. but they to whom it is given. these I exhort with affection rather than with power. from whom also they expect the reward of virginity as He Himself says " All men cannot receive this word. I fear more from the onset of Satan. destined as it is to a great reward. let as well men as as well women. any right to censure. the wholesome and uncorrupted work of praise and honour. a joyous disposition.' " These are the flowers of the ecclesiastical seed. 4.

" and that Paul also has " If I yet pleased men." 4 But continence and modesty consist not alone in purity of the flesh. 11. as Rather 1 Matt. 5. vii. what have they to do with earthly and with ornaments. and in the male same time signified the woman also. according to the apostle. and is taken and formed from him. I gloriously and sublimely uttered. saying. her dread to please 2 Apoc. xiv. 32. she who is unmarried may be holy both in body and in spirit. bedeclared. and virginity is destined if kingdom of God. xix. should she walk out adorned ? Why Why with husband ? dressed hair. so that. for they have remained virgins . how he the unmarried Lord's. 337 this word of the angel the and virginity is preached by forth." virgin ought not only to "be so. i. 3 Ps. 10." gift of Again. because they are two in one flesh. how he may please God but he who has contracted marriage careth for the things which are of this : world. to please men " God? please men they offend They who not considering that it is are put to confusion. God in Scripture almost always speaks to the Protoplast. as well as in modesty of dress and adornment. these are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. 4. nor should the dress of the body discredit the good of the mind. that may please his wife. 5. but since the woman is a portion of the man." 2 For not only thus does the Lord promise the grace of continency to men. 1 Cor. But is at the continency follows Christ. Perfectness should show itself equal in all things .ON THE DRESS OF 1 heaven's sake. : "These are they which have not defiled themselves with women. continency is also set VIRGINS. * Gal. liii. 3 cause God hath despised them. but also to be perceived and believed to be so : no one on seeing a virgin should be in any doubt as to whether she is one. should not be the servant of Christ. So both the virgin and woman consider those things which are the 5 A they may be holy both in body and spirit. . things the Lord. wherewith while they are striving for the dress. Paul instructs and teaches " He that is unmarried careth for the of us. but also in seemliness. let if she either had or sought for a if she is a virgin . the first formed. and pass over women .

24. and contend tility that they ought to use these blessings. of means. You sprinkle yourself with the stains of carnal concupiscence. when ever. to regard any glory and honour of the flesh. and no contest more obstinate than that of con- quering and subduing the body. xl. grass. but also in spirit.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN." 1 And yet a virgin in the church glories concerning her fleshly appearance and the beauty of her " body Paul adds. who prefer their own wealth. to embrace benefits which shall endure for for Or if she must glory in the flesh. or boast of her flesh and of its beauty. " Cry. . These are the precious jewels of may the flesh. then assuredly let her she is tortured in confession of the name when when glory a woman is found to be stronger than the tortures. 6. should persevere. For it is not right that a virgin should have her hair braided for the appearance of her beauty. although you are a candidate of purity and modesty. ." no Christian. 3 Isa. when she has no struggle greater than that against her flesh. with its faults and lusts. 6." And she who ! professes to have renounced the lusts and vices of the flesh. 14. by whom the world is crucified unto me. and says. and wealthy in the fer- she suffers that she fire. be crowned. and I unto the world. 2 Gal. but only to desire the word of God. these are the better ornaments of the body. sound and pure not only in body. thou art exposed. thou art taken. and all the glory of it as the flower ! of the grass : the grass withereth. v * Jesus Christ. 338 and let her not invite her for better own and divine things. and the flower fadeth ." says the Lord to " All flesh is Isaiah. if she is keeping herself They who have not a husband whom they profess that they please. risk. 7. but 3 It is becoming the word of the Lord endureth for ever. is found in the midst of those very things which she has renounced Virgin. or the sword. v. vi. or the cross. thou boastest one thing and affectest another. For they that are Christ's have 2 crucified their flesh. and especially it is not becoming for a virgin. Let them know first 1 Gal. But there are some rich women. or the wild beasts. "But God forbid that I should O save in the cross of our Lord ^lorv. Paul proclaims in a loud and lofty voice.

nor gold. and the pride of life. It is written. adorn themselves with shamefacedness and sobriety. And the world passeth away. ." must 3 Therefore we must walk with equal steps. and the lust thereof: but he that in the world. the love of the For all that is in the world. and a reward the believer." said he. vi. and all things must be done after the will of abideth for ever. " Love not the " neither the world. 6. whose pomps and delights we have already renounced when by a blessed passage we came to God. and the lust of the eyes. John stimulates and exhorts us. Father is If not in him. But whatever things are earthly. witnessing with a spiritual and heavenly voice. heaven. " He that saith he abideth in Christ. your You if what is believed call yourself riches. and with is wealthy and rich his is given to also done. rich in is wealthy in God . which is not from the Father. 1 John ii. even as God also 1 Therefore eternal and divine things are to be followed. Then the following of truth strive with answers to the faith of our name. 3 1 2 John 1 John ii. ought so to be contemned even as the world itself is contemned. heavenly. things that are any man love the world. that we may follow the divine footsteps and teachings who warned us. doeth the will of God abideth for ever. we emulous walk.ON THE DRESS OF of she that all wealthy who is is rich who VIRGINS. and will remain here with the world. " I came down from of our Lord. and said. divine. ought himself also so to walk even as He sire to walked. and have been received in this world. 15-17." But if the servant is not greater than his lord. but Paul meets voice prescribes for the moornament within a just limit. not with broidered hair." says he." God. and is celebrated for our example by the church's mouth. 339 that she those are that is bless- Christ. . and he that is freed owes obedience to his deliverer. which lead us to God. which abide with us in perpetual possession with God. we who de- be Christians ought to imitate what Christ said and did. but the will of Plim that sent 2 me. but is of the lust of the world. and it is read and heard. ings which are spiritual. own derating of your dress and " Let " women. not to do my own will. 8. is lust of the flesh. nor pearls. 38.

You say that manner as to make you are wealthy and rich . as though they bought us. although you yourself perish not. the outward adorning of array. nor ought the broad desires that arise out of the pride of the world to be 9. should be restrained and limited by religious observance to the church's discipline. 4. since you live in such a objects of desire. x. that you are wealthy and extended beyond the honour and modesty of virginity . iii. ." " and Let there be in the woman not same says. says. 23. v. . so that. 3.. if you dress your hair sumptuously. your shameful dress and immodest ornament accuse you nor can you be counted now among Christ's maidens and virgins. a sword or poison to the spectators ." For the rest. or apparel. * Wisd. " What hath pride profited us ? or what benefit hath the vaunting of riches conferred upon us ? All these things have 4 And the apostle again warns passed away like a shadow. nourish the lust of concupiscence. nor can dress the deceitfulness of her fault be laid upon another. * 1 Cor. but as becometh women professing chastity. but all things edify not. how much more is it right that the virgin should keep that observance. But not everything that can be done ought also to be done . 10." " And that and they buy. but the 2 But if these also warn us that the adorning of the heart. 1 Also Peter consents to these with a good conversation. 2 1 Pet. but all things are not it is 3 expedient: all things are lawful. 1 1 Tim. or gold. since written. "All things are lawful. and draw the sighs of young men after you. you cannot be excused on the pretence that you are chaste and modest in mind . ii. who has no excuse for adorning herself. and offer yourself. and walk so as to draw attention in public. precepts. 9. yet you cause others to perish. and attract the eyes of youth upon you. 8. but she herself remains in You say its guilt! rich. as it were. but yourselves it becomes not a virgin to boast of her riches. 10.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and inflame the fuel of sighs. since holy Scripture says. 340 nor costly array." women who are accustomed to make an excuse for their by reference to their husband.

and fire. 2 vii. 341 though they possessed not though they used it not. and wine. on whom He he has no placed and founded the church. and to the Lord's rewards. The meaning is. and you think should use those things which God has willed you to you Use them. Hot . if are matter you think that sinning against God. where thief digs through.ON THE DRESS OF and they that possess. who had rather be rich to this world than to Christ. but says that he is rich in the that he is wealthy in his faith and virtue wherewith he performed many great works with miracle. nor sun burns. and free from were given you by Him for this purpose. Or because God ordained incense. possess. wherewith he abounded in spiritual blessings to the grace of glory. gifts to the poor will induce them to pray for the God will grant her the glory of to their prayers. but not on that account must riches murders be committed. grace of Christ You say that you are wealthy and rich. that use them. but for those things which God has commanded. Move [God] by God 2 many estate to the prayers of to carry out the glory of virginity. where no insidious plunderer breaks in. virgin. to whom the Lord commends His sheep to be fed and guarded. says indeed that silver and gold. that you are Christ. 31. and they that use this world. There entrust . 11. For God gave man also a voice . use them. give food to to grant you to succeed in coming your treasures. to enjoy them thoroughly. very you nial. and which the Lord has set forth. without a view to salvation. These riches. but let them rather be no heavenly ones. nor rain spoils your fruits constant and peren- For in this all contact of worldly injury. For : the fashion of this world passeth away. nor hail bruises. Lend your rich." 1 Peter also. certainly. And God willed iron to be for O the culture of the earth. where neither rust wears out. . but for good purposes . this wealth. and in answer virginity. are we thence to sacrifice to idols ? Or 1 1 Cor. Prepare for yourself possessions . 30. and yet love-songs and indecent things are not on that account to be smi. but for the things of salvation . as as VIRGINS. Let the poor feel that you are wealthy let the needy feel . she cannot possess.

and departing from God for the sake of the carried . more expensive than the dress " of those whose modesty is cheap i. 13. and with her ornaments and the rather on account of those very ornaments . that sitteth upon many waters. and was adorned with gold. . and rebukes them. who have no modesty at all. and 2 Let chaste filthiness. are not fitting for any but and the dress of none is prostitutes and immodest women more precious than of those whose modesty is lowly. 1.e. " And there " one of the about to perish. corrupted with gold. full of curses. ought you to immolate victims and offerings to the gods ? Otherwise a large estate good uses is a temptation. . very 2 little. Come hither. no women is. or 1 Perhaps dress of . " The daughters of Sion.s O of the earth have committed fornication. And he me away in spirit and I saw a woman sit upon a and that woman was arrayed in a purple and scarlet mantle. 12. and talked with me. in proportion to his wealth. cries out and chides the daughters of Sion. and walk with stretched-out neck and beckoning of " and the this sentence would be more literally translated. The characteristics of ornaments. and pearls. and precious stones. came. the manners of the immodest. full of the Holy Spirit. which had the seven phials. generally speaking. 1 Thus in the holy Scriptures. and of garments. saying. having a golden cup in her hand. Apoc.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. I will show thee the judgment of the great whore. world's delights. and fornication of the whole earth. 342 because the flocks of cattle abound in your fields. the ensigns of brothels. and the allurements of beauty. the harlot city is described more beautifully arrayed and adorned. unless the wealth minister to so that every man. the ornaments of harlots. xvii." says he. beast. " are haughty. with whom the kino. and raiment. affluent as they were in pernicious wealth." it is said. Moreover Isaiah. his ought by patrimony rather to redeem his transgressions than to increase them. by which the Lord wished us to be both instructed and admonished. and silver." and modest virgins avoid the dress of the unchaste. seven angels. .

and their round tires like the moon. Having put on silk and purple. you would know that what he had drunk was poison taken it were to perish. wherewith you would hide the neck which He made. they merited . and their ornaments. and their curls. and mincing with their feet. and that may be seen laces. dishonour and disgrace. and silks woven with gold and hyacinth. And God will humble the princely daughters of Sion. Lifted there shall be dust of with a girdle . adorned with gold. to w ish for that which both has hurt and always will hurt and to think that you yourself W ill not perish by those means whereby you know that others have perished 14. he who had would know that what. on taking food. and neckthey have lost the ornaments of the heart and spirit. they cannot put on Christ . nor taught the juices of herbs and shell-fish to dye and colour wool. Now what ignorance of truth is it. up. . 343 the eyes. was deadly nor would you eat or drink of that whence you had before seen that others had perished. would not execrate and avoid that which has been the destruction of another ? Who would desire and take up that which has served as the sword and weapon for the death of another ? If he who had drunk should die by draining the cup. 7 ! upon it which the devil has invented in addition. when taken.ON THE DRESS OF VIRGINS. what madness of mind. that what God formed in man may be covered. r . and pearls. they have fallen with their heads adorned. And instead of a sweet smell and thou shalt be girt with a rope instead and for a golden ornament of thy head thou shalt have baldness. and their bracelets. and their armlets and rings. nor arranged necklaces with stones set in gold." This God blames. . Has God . and with pearls distributed in a woven series or numerous cluster. and their crisping-pins. and their hair. 16. iii. this He marks out hence He declares that virgins are corrupted hence. . and ear-rings. that they have departed from the true and divine worship. 1 Isa. could kill. and the Lord will unveil their dress and the Lord will take away the glory of their apparel. Who . and their clusters of pearls. For God neither made the sheep scarlet or purple. trailing their gowns as they go. you if. * : .

If any artist. I think that not virgins only and widows. and to stain the cheeks with a deceitful red. God says. that subsequently from the scars and holes of the ears precious beads may hang. an offence to God the artificer? For although you may not be immodest among men. when. artist. that the work of God and His fashioning and formation ought in no manner to be adulterated. they forsook their heavenly vigour. or with black dust or rouge. everything that is changed is the devil's. not knowing which comes into being is God's work. i. may be put to pain. wherewith infancy. lowered to the contagions of earth. 1 Gen. were to delineate in envious colouring O the countenance and likeness and bodily appearance of any one. could amend it. a serious wrong and a just cause of indignation would seem natural to the former And do you think yourself likely with impunity to commit a boldness of such wicked temerity. either with the application of yellow colour. being more skilled. still by the amount of their cost ? all which things sinning and apostate angels put forth by their arts. if not by their weight. which brotherhood requires. when it was already formed and already painted. as yet innocent. They taught them also to paint the eyes with blackness drawn round them in a circle. he. And indeed in that very matter.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and all females alike. for the sake of the love 15. and to transfigure that everything it. . "Let us make man in our image and. for the sake of the fear which faith suggests to me. should be admonished." 1 and does any one dare to alter and to change what God has made ? They are laying hands on God when they try to re-form that which He formed. in painting. 344 willed that wounds should be made in the ears. as if.likeness. and to drive out all truth. heavy. but married women also. and to change the hair with false colours. or with any kind of medicament which can corrupt the native lineaments. and are not unchaste with your seducing dyes. and unconscious of worldly evil. another person were to lay hands on it. both of face and head. by the assault of their own corruption. 26. and the likeness being now painted and completed.

nor is this our image. v. make a beginning to yourself of flame-coloured hair . that ye may be a new lump. is a pre- varication of the truth. 3 Apoc. are. you have imitated the red and painted eyes of the serpent. v. not with old leaven. . rebuking you with the vigour of a Censor and Judge. 2 Matt. That violated. will be more mighty than He. but those which the You have followed him. neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness. and may exclude you you. 16. but with the unleavened bread of 1 But are sincerity and truth preserved. 7. Therefore let us feast. and may turn you away when come to His rewards and promises. in order to overcome the word of your Lord. and what is true is changed into a lie by the deceitful dyes of medicaments ? Your Lord says. You cannot see God. "Purge out the old leaven. with the nobler part of your body ! And although it is written of the Lord. those things which belong to God are corrupted you are engaged in a worse adultery. i. and sin (oh. is to be adorned. sincerity and truth. As you are adorned in the fashion of your enemy. 36. 17. that and say This is not my work. presage of the future. your figure is corrupted. 1 I Cor. your face is : violently taken possession of by a is another's." and you. your Maker not may recognise you again. your countenance your eyes are not those lie. 14. wickedness !) already with your head that is. being such as you when the day of resurrection cornes. " Thou canst not make one 2 hair white or black.THE DRESS OF when yet and VIRGINS. with him also you shall burn devil has spoiled. as ye are unleavened. I entreat you. and stain your hair with a daring endeavour and with profane contempt ." keep the when what is sincere is polluted by adulterous colours. since which God made. for even Christ our passover is sacrificed. you think yourself to be dressed. The voice of the warning apostle is. 345 . with evil Are you not afraid. " His head and His 3 hair were white like wool or snow. You have polluted your skin with a false medicament." you curse that whiteness and hate that hoariness which is like to the Lord's head. that you think your hair an assault upon the divine work. you have changed your hair with an adulterous colour.

assuredly. matters to be reflected on by God's servants ? are they not always to be dreaded day and night ? Let married women see to it. but. and in that freedom of lascivious discourse to mingle in unchaste conversation. bodies that are dedicated to chastity and modesty ? They who disgrace- fully behold naked men. in tongue. to be present in the midst of disgraceful words and drunken banquets. by which the ardour of lust is kindled. and are seen naked by men. have made for themselves a usurped Some are licence. do they . and wishes are different from her own ? what is seen ? How greatly a virgin falls short of her resolution. which while by negli18. What place is there at weddings for her whose mind is not towards marriage ? or what can there be pleasant or joyous in those engagements for her. yet body eyes. when she who had come there modest goes away immodest Although she may remain a in in and mind. to be driven from the holy and pure flock of virginity. to whom this address is intended to appeal. And I will not pass over those things. But what of those who frequent promiscuous baths .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. I should think ought not to be counted among virgins. she virgin where both What is desires learnt there ! has diminished the virtues that she possessed. contrary to modest and sober manners. they make them partners in the association of guilty consent. let gence they come into use. in ears. us also avoid everything that is pernicious and hostile to it. not ashamed to be present at marriage parties. I beg. to hear what is not becoming. who prostitute to eyes that are curious to lust. 346 by and by. to say what is not lawful. in what respect they are flattering themselves concerning the solace of their husbands with the desire of pleasing them. lest by living together they should pollute the rest with their contagion. 19. like infected sheep and diseased cattle. Virgins. and while they put them forward indeed as their excuse. lest they ruin others even as they have perished themselves. and the bridegroom to dare lewdness. who have adorned themselves with arts of this kind. to expose themselves. and the bride is animated to bear. And since we are seeking the advantage of continency. Are not these.

" say you. " look to the disposition with which he comes thither my care is only that of reand freshing washing my poor body. when 20. beseech you. fears while he warns . who O I virgins. 21. but stains them. nor let the precious chain . one faithfully consulting for your advantage and your profit. but you yourself are gazed upon immodestly . not cease to to their husband. therefore. the places where : you assemble are fouler than a theatre. while virgins wish to be more carefully adorned. but in delighting others you yourself are polluted you make a show of the bathing-place . corrupted by a furtive more liberty. 347 not themselves afford enticement to vice. In proportion as they had been as virgins destined to great rewards. the boldness of nakedness has conduced to immodesty. For this reason. Let your countenance remain in you incorrupt. widows before they are married. hear one who is Therefore hear me. and all its glory and dignity are profaned. . Such a washing defiles . consider pointed at and to be handled. There all modesty is put off with the of the honour and together clothing garments. thus by snares that deceive.ON THE DRESS OF VIRGINS. to be And now. be such as the hand of your Father ordained you. by secret ways. the church frequently mourns over her virgins ." That kind of defence : does not clear you. the devil creeps in. You behold 110 one immodestly. then. detestable stories . your neck unadorned. they dishonour . you do not pollute your eyes with disgraceful delight. as a parent . Thus the hostile besieger insinuates himself by his arts. adulterous. Thus. do they not solicit and invite the desires of those present to their own corruption and wrong? " Let every one. but to Christ. the honour and modesty of continency are injured. nor does it excuse the crime of lasciviousness and wantonness. hence she groans at their scandalous and hence the flower of her virgins is extin- guished. and to wander with be virgins. your figure simple . let not wounds be made in your ears. so will they experience great punishments for the loss of their virginity. virginity is exposed. Be such as God the Creator made you . hear. modesty of the body is laid aside . whether when you are clothed you are modest among men. it does not purify nor cleanse the limbs.



and necklaces circle your arms or your neck let
free from golden bands, your hair stained with
your feet
no dye, your eyes worthy of beholding God. Let your baths
of bracelets


be performed with women, whose bathing

Let the shameless





modest towards

lascivious banquets of

marriages be avoided, the contagion of which is perilous.
Overcome dress, since you are a virgin ; overcome gold, since

you overcome the flesh and the world. It is not consistent to
be unable to be conquered by the greater, and to be found
no match^for the less. Strait and narrow is the way which
leadeth to life ; hard and difficult is the track which tends to


pathway the martyrs progress, the virgins
all kinds advance.
Avoid the broad and
There are deadly snares and death-bringing


pass, the just of

roomy ways.

pleasures; there the devil flatters, that he may deceive; smiles,
that he may do mischief ; entices, that he may. slay.
first fruit for the martyrs is a hundred-fold ; the second is

As with the martyrs there is no thought of
yours, sixty-fold.
the flesh and of the world, no small, and trifling, and delicate
encounter ; so also in you, whose reward is second in grace,
there be the strength in endurance next to theirs.
ascent to great things is not easy. What toil we suffer, what
labour, when we endeavour to ascend the hills and the tops of

What, then, that we may ascend to heaven ? If
reward of the promise, your labour is less.
given to the persevering, eternal life is set


Lord promises a kingdom.
hold fast what you have begun
hold fast what you shall be. A great reward awaits
to be
you, a great recompense of virtue, the immense advantage
before them








of chastity.

Do you

wish to

know what


the virtue of con-

"I will multiply,"
tinence avoids, what good it possesses ?
thy groanings
and in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children ; and thy desire


be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."

Otherwise read,
bathing is modest."
Gen. iii. 16.

"among you;"

or probably,



among whom your




are free from this sentence.
You do not fear the sorrows
and the groans of women. You have no fear of child-bearing
nor is your husband lord over you
but your Lord and
Head is Christ, after the likeness and in the place of the
man your lot and your condition is equal [to ours]. It is the
word of the Lord which says, " The children of this world
but they who are counted worthy
beget and are begotten
of that world, and of the resurrection from the dead, neither




nor are given in marriage



neither shall they die

for they are equal to the angels of
children of the resurrection."
That which

God, being the
we shall be, you

You possess already in this world
the glory of the resurrection. You pass through the world
without the contagion of the world ; in that you continue
chaste and virgins, you are equal to the angels of God. Only
have already begun to be.

your virginity remain and endure substantial and uninjured ; and as it began bravely, let it persevere continuously,
and not seek the ornaments of necklaces nor garments, but
Let it look towards God and heaven, and not
of conduct.
lower the eyes raised up aloft to the lust of the flesh and of

the world, or set




upon earthly




to increase




the second enjoined continency. While the world is
rough and void, w e are propagated by the fruitful begetting of numbers, and we increase to the enlargement of the

Now, when the world is filled and the earth
who can receive [the precept of] continency,
living after the manner of eunuchs, are made eunuchs unto the
kingdom. Nor does the Lord command this, but He exhorts



supplied, they



nor does


impose the yoke of necessity, since the free
is left.
But when He says that in His

choice of the will

many mansions, He points out the dwellThose better habitations you
ings of the better habitation.
are seeking ; cutting away the desires of the flesh, you obtain
the reward of a greater grace in the heavenly home. All

Father's house are

who attain to the divine gift and
sanctification of baptism, therein put off the old





xx. 35, 36.

by the

man by




grace of the saving laver, and, renewed by the Holy Spirit
from the filth of the old contagion, are purged by a second

But the greater holiness and truth of that repeated
birth belongs to you, who have no longer any desires of the
flesh and of the body.
Only the things which belong to virtue
and the Spirit have remained in you to glory. It is the


word whom the Lord called His chosen vessel, whom
sent to proclaim the heavenly command : " The first
" is from the
earth, of earth the second man
man," says he,



from heaven.

Such as is the earthy, such are they also
who are earthy and such as is the heavenly, such also are
the heavenly.
As we have borne the image of him who is
earthy, let us also bear the image of him who is heavenly."



Virginity bears this image, integrity bears it, holiness bears
it, and truth.
Disciplines which are mindful of God bear it,
retaining righteousness with religion, stedfast in faith, humble
in fear, brave to all suffering, meek to sustain wrong, easy to

show mercy, of one mind and one heart in fraternal peace.
24. Every one of which things, O good virgins, you ought
to observe, to love, to fulfil, who, giving yourselves to God
and Christ, are advancing in both the higher and better part
to the Lord, to whom you have dedicated yourselves.

that are advanced in years, suggest a teaching to the younger.
that are younger, give a stimulus to your coevals.


one another up with mutual exhortations


provoke to glory

by rival proofs of virtue. Endure bravely, go on spiritually,
attain happily.
Only remember us at that time, when virginity shall begin to be rewarded in you.





Cyprian had frequently promised, that as soon
as peace should be restored to the church, he would write

something definite on the subject of the lapsed; and in the
following treatise he fulfils his promise. And first of all,

1 Cor. xv. 47.



having enlarged upon the unlooked-for peace of the church,


the constancy of the
confessors and others who had
stood fast in the faith; and then with extreme
grief having




downfall of the lapsed, and unfolded the

causes of the bygone persecution, namely, the neglect
discipline, and the sins of the faithful; he severely re-

proaches the lapsed,

that, at the

very jirst words of the


enemy threatening them, they
sacrificed to idols, and
had not rather withdrawn, according to Christ's counsel:
moreover, that now that they had been polluted with sacricontrary to the law of the gospel, before their sins
were atoned for, before confession of their crime had been
made, they were doing violence to the body and blood of


Lord, and loere extorting communion and peace from
certain presbyters, without the bishop s judgment.
exhorts them accordingly, in many words, that,

by the divine vengeance on certain of the lapsed icho had
communicated umvorthily, (casually making reference to
the certificated, that they were not excused from sin),


animated by the example of those, who, although under the
bondage of no crime, either of sacrifice or of certificate,
yet, because they had even thought of these things, confessed with grief and sincerity the actual sin to God's
priests and made avowal,
they should confess their sin,
to public
repentance and full satisfaction.
Lastly, he
ivarns his readers to avoid the Novatians, confuting their

heresy ivith



Behold, beloved brethren, peace


restored to the church


and although it lately seemed to incredulous people difficult,
and to traitors impossible, our security is by divine aid and retribution re-established.
Our minds return to gladness ; and
the season of affliction and the cloud being dispersed, tranPraises
quillity and serenity have shone forth once more.
must be given to God, and His benefits and gifts must be celebrated with giving of thanks, although even in the time of
persecution our voice has not ceased to give thanks. For not

even an enemy has so

much power

as to prevent us,





Lord with our whole

heart, and life, and strength, from
praises always and everywhere
with glory. The day earnestly desired by the prayers of all
has come; and after the dreadful and loathsome darkness
of a long night, the world has shone forth irradiated by the
light of the Lord.
2. "We look with glad countenances upon confessors illustrious with the heraldry of a good name, and
glorious with
the praises of virtue and of faith ; clinging to them with
holy kisses, we embrace them long desired with insatiable





white-robed cohort of Christ's soldiers


in the fierce conflict have broken the ferocious

turbulence of an urgent persecution, having been prepared
for the suffering of the dungeon, armed for the endurance
of death.

Bravely you have resisted the world


you have

afforded a glorious spectacle in the sight of God ; you have
been an example to your brethren that shall follow you. That
religious voice has


once confessed that



of Christ, in

whom it


those illustrious hands, which
had only been accustomed to divine works, have resisted the
sacrilegious sacrifices ; those lips, sanctified by heavenly food



body and blood of the Lord, have rejected the profane contacts and the leavings of the idols. Your head has
remained free from the impious and wicked veil 1 with which
after the

the captive heads of those who sacrificed were there veiled ;
your brow, pure with the sign of God, could not bear the

crown of the


but reserved

itself for

the Lord's crown.


joyously does your Mother church receive you in her
bosom, as you return from the battle ! How blissfully, how
gladly, does she open her gates, that in united bands

may enter, bearing the trophies from
With the triumphing men come women


a prostrate enemy !
also, who, while con-

tending with the world, have also overcome their sex and
virgins also come with the double glory of their warfare, and

boys transcending their years with their virtues.



head was the sign of Roman worship. Oxford trans.
Some read, with very uncertain authority, " with the virtues of con-





the rest of the multitude of those


who stand

fast follow

your glory, and accompany your footsteps with the insignia
of praise, very near to, and almost joined with, your own. In
them also is the same sincerity of heart, the same soundness
of a tenacious faith. Resting on the unshaken roots of the
heavenly precepts, and strengthened by the evangelical traditions, the prescribed banishment, the destined tortures, the
loss of
property, the bodily punishments, have not .terrified

The days for testing their faith were limited beforebut he who remembers that he has renounced the'




world knows no day of worldly appointment, neither does
he who hopes for eternity from God calculate the seasons of
earth any more.
3. Let none, my beloved bethren, let none depreciate this
glory let none by malignant dispraise detract from the uncorrupted stedfastness of those who have stood. When the day
appointed for denying was gone by, every one who had not


professed within that time not to be a Christian, confessed
It is the first title to victory to
that he was a Christian.


Lord under the

violence of the hands of


It is the second step to glory to be withdrawn by
a cautious retirement, and to be reserved for the- Lord. The


a public, the latter




a private confession.

former overcomes the judge of this world; the latter, content
with God as its judge, keeps a pure conscience in integrity
of heart.
In the former case there is a readier fortitude in
the latter, solicitude is more secure. The former, as his hour

approached, was already found mature

the latter perhaps


was delayed, who; leaving his estate, withdrew for awhile,
because he would not deny, but would certainly confess if he
too had been apprehended.


cause of grief saddens these heavenly crowns of
glorious spiritual confessions, these very great
and illustrious virtues of the brethren who stand; which is,

away a part of our
in the destructiveness of its

that the hostile violence has torn

bowels, and thrown




shall I


do in

this matter,

in the various tide of feeling,



beloved brethren

what or how






speak ? I need tears rather than words to express the sorrow
with which the wound of our body should be bewailed, with

which the manifold loss of a people once numerous should be
For whose heart is so hard or cruel, who is so
unmindful of brotherly love, as, among the varied ruins of his
friends, and the mournful relics disfigured with all degradation, to be able to stand and to keep dry eyes, and not in the


breaking out of his grief to express his groanings rather with
tears than with words ? I grieve, brethren, I grieve with you;
nor does my own integrity and my personal soundness beguile


to the soothing of
griefs, since it is the shepherd that
wound of his flock. I join



breast with each one,

and I share

in the grievous

burden of

sorrow and mourning. I wail with the wailing, I weep with
the weeping, I regard myself as prostrated with those that are
limbs are at the same time stricken with those


enemy their cruel swords have pierced
through my
my mind could not remain untouched
and free from the inroad of persecution among my downfallen brethren
sympathy has cast me down also.
darts of the raging





Yet, beloved brethren, the cause of truth is to be had in
view ; nor ought the gloomy darkness of the terrible persecu5.

tion so to have blinded the mind and feeling, that there should
remain no light and illumination whence the divine precepts
may be beheld. If the cause of disaster is recognised, there


once found a remedy for the wound.

The Lord has

desired His family to be proved ; and because a long peace
had corrupted the discipline that had been divinely delivered
to us, the heavenly

rebuke has aroused our


which was

giving way, and I had almost said slumbering ; and although
we deserved l more for our sins, yet the most merciful Lord

has so moderated

things, that all which has transpired has
rather seemed a trial than a persecution.
6. Each one was desirous of increasing his estate; and forgetful of what believers had either done before in the times of

the apostles, or always ought to do, they, with the insatiable
ardour of covetousness, devoted themselves to the increase of



" to suffer."



Among the priests there was no devotedness
of religion ; among the ministers 1 there was no sound faith :
in their works there was no mercy ; in their manners there
their property.

was no

In men, their beards were defaced in
women, their complexion was dyed the eyes were falsified
from what God's hand had made them their hair was stained



with a falsehood.

Crafty frauds were used to deceive the

hearts of the simple, subtle meanings for circumventing the
They united in the bond of marriage with un-


they prostituted the members of Christ to the
They would swear not only rashly, but even more,
would swear falsely would despise those set over them with





haughty swelling, would speak evil of one another with envenomed tongue, would quarrel with one another with obstinate hatred.

Very many bishops who ought

to furnish


and example to others, despising their divine
agents in secular business, forsook their
people, wandered about over foreign
markets for gainful merchandise,
while brethren were starving in the church. 2 They sought to


money in hoards, they seized estates by crafty deceits,
What do
their gains by multiplying usuries.
not such as we deserve to suffer for sins of this kind, when

even already the divine rebuke has forewarned us, and said,
" If
they shall forsake my law, and walk not in my judgments ; if they shall profane my statutes, and shall not
observe my precepts, I will visit their offences with a rod,


their sins with scourges




These things were before declared to us, and predicted.
of us,
forgetful of the law and obedience required

But we,

have so acted by our sins, that while we despise the Lord's
commandments, we have come by severer remedies to the corNor indeed
rection of our sin and probation of our faith.
have we at last been converted to the fear of the Lord, so as
to undergo patiently and courageously this our correction and


A late version gives,

" in the


brought no aid to starving brethren in the church."

3 Ps. Ixxxix. 30.



divine proof. Immediately at the first words of the threatening foe, the greatest number of the brethren betrayed their
faith, and were cast down, not by the onset of persecution,

but cast themselves down by voluntary lapse. What unheardof thing, I beg of you, what new thing had happened, that,
as if on the occurrence of things unknown and unexpected,

the obligation to Christ should be dissolved with headlong
Have not prophets aforetime, and subsequently
of these things ?
Have not they, full of the
of the righteous, and
Does not the sacred
strengthens with
a voice from heaven the servants of God, say, " Thou shalt


Spirit, predicted the afflictions

worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve ?"
Does it not again show the anger of the divine indignation,
and warn of the fear of punishment beforehand, when it says,
They worshipped them whom their fingers have made ; and

the great man humbleth
and I will forgive them not?" 3 And again, God
" He that sacrifices unto
speaks, and says,
any gods, save unto

mean man boweth down, and





In the gospel also subby His words and fulfils
by His deeds, teaching what should be done, and doing
whatever He had taught, did He not before admonish us of
whatever is now done and shall be done ? Did He not before
ordain both for those who deny Him eternal punishments, and
only, shall be destroyed."
sequently, the Lord, who instructs



saving rewards ?
all these
things have fallen
away, and have passed from memory. They indeed did not
wait to be apprehended ere they ascended, or to be interrogated

for those that confess

From some

ah, misery


ere they denied.
Many were conquered before the battle,
Nor did they even leave it
to be said for them, that they seemed to sacrifice to idols
They ran to the market-place of their own
accord ; freely they hastened to death, as if they had for-

merly wished


as if they

would embrace an opportunity


" Christ! sacramentum."








8, 9.



xxii. 20.



given which they had always desired. How many were
by the magistrates at that time, when evening was


coming on


how many even asked that

their destruction


not be delayed
What violence can sucli an one plead as an
excuse ? How can he purge his crime, when it was he himself

who rather used force to bring about his own ruin ? When
they came voluntarily to the Capitol, when they freely approached to the obedience of the terrible wickedness, did
Did not their sight darken, their
heart tremble, their arms fall helplessly down ?
Did not
their senses fail, their tongue cleave to their mouth, their
Could the servant of God stand there,
speech grow weak ?
not their tread falter?

and speak and renounce Christ, when he had already renounced the devil and the world ?
Was not that altar,
whither he drew near to perish, to him a funeral pile ?
Ought he not to shudder at and flee from the devil's altar,
which he had seen to smoke, and to be redolent of a foul
foetor, as if it were the funeral and sepulchre of his life ?



bring with you,

immolate a victim




wretched man, a sacrifice ? why
yourself have come to the altar an

you yourself have come a victim

immolated your salvation, your hope
up your faith in those deadly fires.




you have

9. But to many their own destruction was
With mutual exhortations, people were urged

not sufficient.
to their ruin


death was pledged by turns in the deadly cup. And that
nothing might be wanting to aggravate the crime, infants
also, in

the arms of their parents, either carried or conducted,
little ones, what in the
very first beginning of

while yet

their nativity they


had gained.

judgment comes,

we forsaken



Will not they, when the day
have done nothing; nor have

the Lord's bread and cup to hasten freely to a
the faithlessness of others has ruined us.

profane contact


have found our parents our murderers they have denied
to us the church as a Mother
they have denied God as a
Father so that, while we were little, and unforeseeing, and
unconscious of such a crime, we were associated by others to







and to be of Elsewhere also a polluted and corrupted with deadly food. but he will be wounded with the plagues w ho is found a companion in the And therefore the Lord commanded us in the persecrime. go ye out from the midst of her. and faith burdened. the Holy Spirit cries by the prophet. be done. and that ye 2 receive not of her plagues. departing when their wealth fettered them like a chain. nor must blind the matter and cause of our wound be concealed. Behold. whosoever abiding in Christ departs for a while does not deny his faith. 11. must not be disguised. lii. Yet to whom that is born 10." those who are the vessels of the Lord and the temple God do not go out from the midst. 358 the partnership of wickedness. . and to suffer the loss of his estate? But let not Christ be forsaken. is there. The truth. forewarning what is becoming for the servants of God to do. by which both and the spirit bound. nor depart. or at ease in. remained to deny it. and loss of one's estate was to be suffered. and dies is there not a necessity at some time to leave his country. Those were the chains love of one's to them that remained 1 Isa. but waits for the time but he who has fallen. nor could be they prepared for. r cution to depart and to flee and both taught that this should For as the crown is given of the condescension of God. brethren. after refusing to depart. A own property has deceived many ." He who goes out and departs does not become a partaker of the guilt . alas. depart ye. saying. and " deceit of others ? Nor we were snared by the any just and weighty reason which One's country was to be left. that ye be not partakers of her sins. " Depart ye. excuses such a crime.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. go ye out from thence. it. " Come out of her. those were the bonds virtue was retarded. that they may not be compelled to touch the unclean thing. and Himself did . 2 Apoc. Yet l and be ye separate. touch not the unclean thing . 4 . my people. that bear the vessels of the Lord. and cannot be received unless the hour comes for accepting it. xviii. so that the loss of salvation and of an eternal home should be feared. voice is heard from heaven. 11.



who were

involved in

earthly things might become a booty and food

for the ser-

and the

soul hindered


so that they


pent, which, according to God's sentence, feeds upon earth.
And therefore the Lord the teacher of good things, fore"
warning for the future time, says, If thou wilt be perfect,
go, sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou
shalt have treasure in heaven : and come and follow me."


If rich

they laid

did this, they would not perish by their riches ;
up treasure in heaven, they would not now have a

domestic enemy and assailant. Heart and mind and feeling
would be in heaven, if the treasure were in heaven ; nor could

he be overcome by the world who had nothing in the world
He would follow the Lord
whereby he could be overcome.
loosed and free, as did the apostles, and many in the times
of the apostles, and many who forsook both their means and
their relatives,


and clave

to Christ

But how can they

with undivided

follow Christ,

by the chain of their wealth
and climb to sublime and



Or how can

lofty heights,


are held back

they seek heaven,


are weighed

earthly desires ? They think that they possess, when
they are rather possessed; as slaves of their profit, and not lords
with respect to their own money, but rather the bond-slaves of

down by

money. These times and these men are indicated by the
when he says, " But they that will be rich, fall into
temptation, and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful
lusts, which drown men in destruction and in perdition.
the root of all evil is the love of money, which, while
have coveted, they have erred 4 from the faith, and pierced
themselves through with many sorrows."'' But with what


rewards does the Lord invite us to contempt of worldly
wealth ? With what compensations does He atone for the
" There is no
small and trifling losses of this present time 1
" that leaves
man," saith He,
house, or land, or parents, or
the kingdom of God's sake,



According to some, for things" read desires."
" could be bound."
Some substitute, " have made shipwreck of."
Matt. xix. 21.

5 1


vi. 9.



but he shall receive seven-fold




even in


this time,




we know

these things,
have found them out from the truth of the Lord who




promises, not only is not loss of this kind to be feared, but
even to be desired; as the Lord Himself again announces and

warns us, " Blessed are ye when men shall persecute you,
and when they shall separate you from their company, and
shall cast you out, and shall speak of your name as evil, for
the Son of man's sake
Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for
joy ; for, behold, your reward is great in heaven."
13. But [say they] subsequently tortures had come, and
severe sufferings were threatening those who resisted.
may complain of tortures who has been overcome by tortures ;
he may offer the excuse of suffering who has been vanquished
in suffering. Such an one may ask, and say, " I wished indeed

to strive bravely, and, remembering my oath, I took up the
arms of devotion and faith; but as I was struggling in the
encounter,* varied tortures and lon^-continued
O overO


came ,me..; My! mind stood firm, and my faith was strong,
and .my soul struggled long, unshaken with the torturing
pains ;: but when, with the renewed barbarity of the most
cruel judge, wearied out as I was, the scourges were now
tearing me, the clubs bruised me, the rack strained me,

the claw






into me, the fire roasted

me; my

flesh deserted

the struggle, the weakness of my bodily frame gave
not my mind, but my body, yielded in the suffering."
a plea may readily avail to forgiveness ; an apology of

that kind


excite compassion.



one time the Lord

thus, overcome in the first
forgave Castus and ^Emilius
in the second battle.
encounter, they
that they who had formerly given way to the fires became
stronger than the fires, and in that in which they had been
vanquished they were conquerors. They entreated not for

pity of their tears, but of their wounds; nor with a lamentable
voice alone, but with laceration and suffering of body.



" a hundred-fold."






" the
scourges were lacerating


Mark x.
" Were


at hand."

already wearied body."



flowed instead of weeping ; and instead of tears, gore poured
forth from their half-scorched entrails.

But now, what wounds can


those Avho are overcome
what gashes of gaping entrails, what tortures of the
limbs, in cases where it was not faith that fell in the en-



counter, but faithlessness that anticipated the struggle?
does the necessity of the crime excuse the person compelled,
where the crime is committed of free will. Nor do I say this in
would burden the cases of the brethren,
instigate the brethren to a prayer of
atonement. For, as it is written, " They who call you happy
cause you to err, and destroy the paths of your feet," l he
such a


as that I

but that I


soothes the sinner with nattering blandishments furnishes
nor does he repress, but nourishes wrong-

the stimulus to sin


But he who, with braver

counsels, rebukes at the
same time that he instructs a brother, urges him onward to



and chasten."

As many


as I love," saith the Lord, " I rebuke
thus also it behoves the Lord's priest

not to mislead by deceiving concessions, but to provide with
salutary remedies. He is an unskilful physician who handles
the swelling edges of wounds with a tender hand, and, by retaining the poison shut up in the deep recesses of the body,
The wound must be opened, and cut, and healed
by the stronger remedy of cutting out the corrupting parts.
The sick man may cry out, may vociferate, and may com-


plain, in impatience of the pain


thanks when he has


felt that


but he

will afterwards



15. Moreover, beloved brethren, a new kind of devastation
appeared ; and, as if the storm of persecution had raged


little, there has been added to the heap, under the title
of mercy, a deceiving mischief and a fair-seeming calamity.
Contrary to the vigour of the gospel, contrary to the law


Lord and God, by the temerity of some, communion
relaxed to heedless persons,
a vain and false peace, danto
grant it,
likely to avail nothing

of the




They do not seek for the patience
the true medicine derived from


1 Isa. iii.










Penitence is driven forth from their breasts,
and the memory of their very grave and extreme sin is
The wounds of the dying are covered over,
taken away.
and the deadly blow that is planted in the deep and secret

by a dissimulated suffering. Returning
draw near to the holy place
of the Lord, with hands filthy and reeking with smell, still
almost breathing of the plague-bearing idol-meats and even
with jaws still exhaling their crime, and reeking with the
fatal contact, they intrude on the body of the Lord,
the sacred Scripture stands in their way, and cries, saying,
Every one that is clean shall eat of the flesh and whatever
soul eateth of the flesh of the saving sacrifice, which is the
entrails is concealed

from the

altars of the devil, they



Lord's, having his uncleanness upon him, that soul shall be
cut off from his people."
Also, the apostle testifies, and
" Ye cannot drink the
of the Lord and the

ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table and of
the table of devils."
He threatens, moreover, the stubborn
and froward, and denounces them, saying, " Whosoever


eateth the bread or drinketh the cup of the Lord unworthily,
guilty of the body and blood of the Lord."
16. All these warnings being scorned

and contemned,

expiated, before confession has been made
of their crime, before their conscience has been pui^ged by
sacrifice and by the hand of the priest, [before the offence of

before their sin


an angry and threatening Lord has been appeased, violence
is done to His
body and blood and they sin now against
their Lord more with their hand and mouth than when they
denied their Lord]. 4 They think that that is peace which
some with deceiving words are blazoning forth 5 that is not
peace, but war and he is not joined to the church who is
Why do they call an injury a
separated from the gospel.



Why do they call impiety by the name of piety ?
do they hinder those who ought to weep continually

kindness ?






2 1

Cor. x. 21.

3 1


xi. 27.

some, the passage in brackets is placed at the beginning of the
" contemned."
paragraph, after the word




and to entreat their Lord, from the sorrowing of repentance,
and pretend to receive them to communion ? This is the
same kind of thing to the lapsed as hail to the harvests as

the stormy star to the trees ; as the destruction of pestilence
to the herds ; as the raging tempest to shipping.
They take

away the
from the

consolation of eternal hope ; they overturn the tree
roots; they creep on to a deadly contagion with

words ; they dash the ship on the rocks, so
not reach to the harbour.
Such a facility does

their pestilent




not grant peace, but takes it away ; nor does it give commuThis is another persenion, but it hinders from salvation.
cution, and another temptation, by which the crafty enemy
further assaults the lapsed ; attacking them by a secret
corruption, that their lamentation may be hushed, that their
grief may be silent, that the memory of their sin may pass

away, that the groaning of their heart may be repressed, that
the weeping of their eyes may be quenched nor long and

penitence deprecate the Lord so grievously offended,
" Remember from whence thou art
although it is written,

and repent." l
17. Let no one cheat himself, let no one deceive himself.
The Lord alone can have mercy. He alone can bestow
pardon for sins which have been committed against Himself,


bare our

who sorrowed


for us,

whom God delivered


cannot be greater than God, nor can
a servant remit or forego by his indulgence what has been
for our sins.

committed by a greater crime against the Lord, lest to the
person lapsed this be moreover added to his sin, if he be
ignorant that

it is


" Cursed




that putteth

man." 2

The Lord must be besought. The Lord
must be appeased by our atonement, who has said, that him
that denieth Him He will deny, who alone has received all


judgment from His Father. We believe, indeed, that the
merits of martyrs and the works of the righteous are of great
avail with the Judge but that will be when the day of judgment shall come when, after the conclusion of this life and
the world, His people shall stand before the tribunal of Christ.






Jer. xvii. 5.



18. But if any one, by an overhurricd haste, raslily thinks
that he can give remission of sins to all, or dares to rescind
the Lord's precepts, not only does it in no respect advantage
it does them harm.
Not to have observed
His judgment is to have provoked His wrath, and to think
that the mercy of God must not first of all be entreated,
and, despising the Lord, to presume on His power.'" Under

the lapsed, but

God the souls of the slain martyrs cry with a
loud voice, saying, " How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost
Thou not judge and avenge our blood upon those who dwell
on the earth ?" 3 And they are bidden to rest, and still to
the altar of


keep patience.


does any one think that, in opposition

can become of avail 4 for the O
general remission and pardon of sins, or that he can shield others before
he himself is vindicated ? The martyrs order something to

to the Judfre,
O J a


be done; but only if this thing be just and lawful, if it can
be done without opposing the Lord Himself by God's priest,


the consent of the obeying party be easy and yielding,
the moderation of the asking party be religious.

martyrs order something to be done but if what they order
be not written in the law of the Lord, we must first know

what they ask from God, and then
do what they command. For that may not always appear
to be immediately conceded by the divine majesty, which has
that they have obtained

been promised by man's undertaking.


For Moses



besought for the sins of the people
for these sinners, he

when he had sought pardon


I pray Thee," said he,
O Lord, this
people have sinned a great sin, and have made them gods of
Yet now, if Thou wilt forgive their sin, forgive it ;
but if not, blot me out of the book which Thou hast written.

did not receive


me, him



unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned

will I blot out of

my book."


He, the friend
face with the
the wrath of an indignant God by his entreaty. God praises
of God



" To


vi. 10.



" On his

Worthy of."





Ex. xxxii. 31.




Jeremiah, and announces, saying, Before I formed thee in
the belly, I knew thee ; and before thou earnest out of the


I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto
And to the same man He saith, when he often
entreated and prayed for the sins of the people, " Pray not

the nations." 1

this people, neither lift
up cry nor prayer for them ;
for I will not hear them in the time wherein they call on me,

thou for

in the time of their affliction."


But who was more

than Noah, who, when the earth was
alone found righteous on the earth ?










more strong for suffering martyrdom in
firmness of faith, more happy in God's condescension, who
so many times, both when he was in conflict conquered, and,
when he had conquered, lived on? Was any more ready in
good works than Job, braver in temptations, more patient in
O more submissive in his fear,9 more true in his faith?
And yet God said that He would not grant to them if they
were to seek. When the prophet Ezekiel entreated for the
" shall sin
sin of the people, " Whatsoever land," said He,
against me by trespassing grievously, I will stretch out mine
hand upon it, and will break the staff of bread thereof, and
will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast
from it. Though, these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job,
were in it, they should deliver neither sons nor daughters
than Daniel





but they only should be delivered themselves."
Thus, not
everything that is asked is in the prejudgment of the asker,
neither can human judgbut in the free will of the giver

ment claim



or usurp anything, unless the divine

pleasure approve.
20. In the Gospel the
shall confess



Father which


will I also deny."

neither does









before men,


and says, Whosoever
will I also confess before



but he that denieth me, him

does not deny him that denies,
that confesses ; the Gospel can-

not be sound in one part and waver in another. Either both
must stand firm, or both must lose the force of truth. If they



Ezek. xiv. 13.




Jer. vii. 16.



xii. 8.



who deny shall not be guilty of a crime, neither shall they who
confess receive the reward of a virtue. Again, if faith which
has conquered be crowned, it is of necessity that faithlessness
which is conquered should be punished. Thus the martyrs
can either do nothing if the Gospel may be broken ; or if the

Gospel cannot be broken, they can do nothing against the
Gospel, since they become martyrs on account of the Gospel.
Let no one, beloved brethren, let no one decry the dignity of
martyrs, let no one degrade their glories and their crowns.
strength of their uncorrupted faith abides sound ; nor


can he either say or do anything against Christ, whose hope,
and faith, and virtue, and glory, are all in Christ those cannot

be the authority for the bishops doing anything against God's
command, who themselves have done God's command. Is any
one greater than God, or more merciful than God's goodness,
that he should either wish that undone which God has suffered to be done, or, as if God had too little power to protect
His church, should think that we could be preserved by his

21. Unless, perchance, these things have been done without God's knowledge, or all these things have transpired
without His permission ; although holy Scripture teaches the

and admonishes the unmindful, where
Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel




speaks, say-

to those


him ? Did not the Lord against whom they
not walk in His ways, neither were obesinned,
dient unto His law ?
And He has poured upon them the
And elsewhere it testifies and says,
" Is the Lord's hand
shortened, that it cannot save or His
But your iniquities separate
ear heavy, that it cannot hear 1
between you and your God and because of your sins He hath
hid His face from you, that He may not have mercy."
us rather consider our offences, revolving our doings and the
let us
secrets of our mind
weigh the deserts of our conscience ;
let it come back upon our heart that we have not walked in
the Lord's ways, and have cast away God's law, and have
never been willing to keep His precepts and saving counsels.


a booty of






Isa. xlii. 24.


Isa. lix. 1.



What good

can you think of him, what fear can you
have been with him, or what faith, whom neither
fear could correct nor persecution itself could reform ?
rigid neck,

suppose to

swelling and haughty soul

is not
broken, even when it is
those who stand ; and
conquered. Prostrate,
may not at once re-

body of the Lord in his polluted hands, the sacriis
angry with the priests. And oh your excessive
one you are angry with him who enO
deavours to avert the anger of God from you you threaten
him who beseeches the divine mercy on your behalf, who
feels your wound which you yourself do not feel, who sheds
tears for you, which perhaps you never shed yourself.
are still aggravating and enhancing your crime; and while you
yourself are implacable against the ministers and priests of
ceive the

legious one


God, do you think that the Lord can be appeased concerning

23. Receive rather, and admit what we say.
Why do
your deaf ears not hear the salutary precepts with which we
warn you ? Why do your blind eyes not see the way of
repentance which we point out 1 Why does your stricken
and alienated mind not perceive the lively remedies which
we both learn and teach from the heavenly Scriptures ? Or

some unbelievers have


faith in future events, let


with present ones. Lo, what punishments do we
behold of those who have denied what sad deaths of theirs
do we bewail
Not even here can they be without punish-





ment, although the day of punishment has not yet arrived.
Some are punished in the meantime, that others may be corThe torments of a few are the examples of all.
24. One of those who of his own will ascended the

make denial, after he had denied Christ, became
The punishment began from that point whence the
crime also began so that now he could not ask, since he had
no words for entreating mercy. 3 Another, who was in the
Capitol to







are angry."
Some omit
" for the mercifulness of


" and



baths, (for this was wanting to her crime and to her misfortunes, that she even went at once to the baths, when she


lost the grace of the laver of life) ; there, unclean as
she was, was seized by an unclean spirit, 1 and tore with her
teeth the tongue with which she had either impiously eaten

or spoken.
After the wicked food had been taken, the
ness of the mouth was armed to its own destruction.


was her own executioner, nor did she long continue
tortured \vith pangs of the belly and

to live afterwards


bowels, she expired.
25. Learn what occurred






when I myself was present and a
who by chance were escaping, being

on account of their

under the care of a wet-nurse.

terror,' left a little



nurse gave up the forgave it, in the presence

saken child to the magistrates. They
of an idol whither the people flocked (because it was not
yet able to eat flesh on account of its years), bread mingled
with wine, which however itself was the remainder of what
had been used in the immolation of those that had perished.
Subsequently the mother recovered her child. But the girl
was no more able to speak, or to indicate the crime that had
been committed, than she had before been able to understand or to prevent




happened unawares in

their ignorance, that when we were sacrificing, the mother
Moreover, the girl mingled with
brought it in with her.

the saints, became impatient of our prayer and supplica-

and w as

at one moment shaken with weeping, and at
another tossed about like a wave of the sea by the violent


excitement of her mind
the soul of that


; as
by the compulsion of a torturer
tender child confessed a consciousness

of the fact with such signs as it could.
When, however, the
solemnities were finished, and the deacon began to offer the
to those present,


and when,

as the rest received



turn approached, the little child, by the instinct of the
divine majesty, turned away its face, compressed its mouth
with resisting lips, and refused the cup. Still the deacon



" and fell down."
read, "of themselves ;" others, "of their belongings."


and to become stiffened with frenzy. which was not yet of an age to speak of the crime committed by others in respect of But the woman who in advanced life and of more mature age secretly crept in among us when we were sacrificing." A etc. 26. in which was the holy [body] of the Lord. the . the draught sanctified in the blood of the Lord burst forth from the polluted stomach. . In a profaned body and mouth the Eucharist could not remain . She who had deceived man. This much about an infant. but found in his hands when opened that he had celebrated Thus by the experience of one it was shown that Lord withdraws when He is denied nor does that which a cinder. and as if J taking some deadly poison into her jaws and body. taking vengeance. since 1 2 through the manifold lapses occurring in the " And receiving the blood as " a certain one. received benefit the undeserving for salvation. I. Then there followed a sobbing and vomiting.THE LAPSED. felt that God was herself. received not food. make with unclean spirits How many are shaken even to unsoundness of mind and idiotcy by the raging of madness Nor is there any need to go through the deaths of indifilled ! ! viduals. she fell down. although 369 against her efforts. and. dared with the rest to receive secretly a part of the sacrifice by the priest . . who are cinder. persisted. t. but a sword for herself . of her dissimulated conscience was not long unpunished or concealed. if . and suffering the misery no longer of persecution.2 some deadly poison. was deterred by fire rising from it from daring to touch it. began presently to be tortured. and not the Lord's power. The were disclosed under His light. forced on her some of the sacrament of the cup. since saving grace is changed by the departure of the sanctity into a is How many there are daily who do not repent nor confession of the consciousness of their crime. he could not eat or handle the holy of the Lord. 2 who himself was defiled.. when she tried with unworthy hands to open her box. but of her The crime crime." Or. And another woman. So great is is His majesty. shivering and trembling. so great secrets of darkness even hidden crimes deceived God's priest. And when one.

Be that as it may. Apoc. " Ye cannot serve two masters. 28. who. 3 1 Sam. 23. and although it is written. 2 Ps. how much are they both greater in faith and better in their fear. but even of our words and thoughts. although bound by no crime of 1 4 Matt. man be hidden in secret places. very lurking-places of the heart that is still closed up. That profession of one who denies. although they have not polluted their hands with abominable sacrifices. Let each one consider not what another has suffered." l he has served an earthly master in that he has obeyed his edict . and eyes did see my Thy book in shall all men be written. shall not I therefore see him ? Do not I fill heaven and earth?" 5 He sees the heart and mind of every person . 24. Moreover. the minds. of God the judge has reserved it for himself. he has been more obedient to human authority than to God. 27. xxiii. saying. * Jer. cxxxix. and not a God afar off. who " I am a God at hand.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. who. and the wills. and considers those things which are concealed nor can any one evade the eyes of the Lord. If a says." a forewarns and prepares us. yet have defiled their conscience with certificates." "And all also And God seeth the outward appearance. know that I am He which the churches shall searcheth the reins and the heart. 16. is the testimony of a Christian disowning what he had been. but The Lord Himself 2 again " : Man seeth the heart. since he ought to fear it the more that the wrath suffer. and He will judge not alone of our He looks into deeds. 7. vi. . he will not be able to escape and avoid God his judge. ii. in the . Nor let those persons flatter themselves that they need repent the less. 23. He says that he has done what another has actually committed . but what he himself deserves to nor think that he has escaped if his punishment delay for a time. xvi. It matters not whether he has published what he has done with less either of disgrace or of guilt among men. that it was imperfect. " Thine substance. seeing that the Holy Spirit says in the Psalms. 370 world the punishment of their sins is as varied as the multitude of sinners is abundant. and conceptions of all men." 4 He looks into the hid- den and secret things.

nor defiling his lips with the wicked food. sacrifice or of certificate. This is advan- tageous to this extent. 29. of him shall precepts. and not your gar. your ye. his crime. since of such things. and at the same time with fasting. that each one should confess his own sin. by not seeing the idols." l God canwritten. I entreat you. and not polluting his hands by the deadly sacrifices. Let all our hope to Him. Yea. ought heart. Let our atone Him. that the fault is less. and not profaning the sanctity of the faith under the eyes of a people standing round and insulting. not that the conHe can more easily attain to pardon of science is guiltless. believes that he evades the penalty of his crime if he has not openly admitted his crime. should be increased by his neglect of atonement." And does he think that he like is a Christian. nor deceived. 2 Mark viii. for not be mocked. yet. with grief put off simplicity confess this very make the conscientious avowal. Himself tells lean upon " to me with all " Turn He to ask. vi. . lest what seems to be less in the quality of his fault. who either blushes How or fears to belong to Christ ? He Avill certainly have sinned less. Let us turn to the Lord with our whole heart. and with mourning and rend your hearts. slight " God is not mocked. nor deluded by any deceptive cunning. 7. while he who has sinned is still in this world. beloved brethren. and expressing our repentance for our sin with true grief. mourning what manner we in He us Him. Christ says in His " Whosoever shall be ashamed of me. who is either ashamed or afraid to be a Christian ? can he be one with Christ. 2 the Son of man be ashamed." says. and seek out the and moderate wounds. yet he is not free from crime . he sins the more. and with weeping.ON THE LAPSED. 83. Let our soul lie low before let us entreat God's mercy. while his confession may be received. 1 Gal. who. while the satisfaction and remission made by the priests are pleasing to the Lord. thinking that God is man. salutary medicine even knowing that it is they have even thought and God's priests. and let him not cease to carry out his repentance. and from them the load of tiling to 371 their minds. and to entreat the Lord's mercy.

sin belches forth on the next day his indigestions. show the signs of grief. " Ye shall 2 not mar the figure of your beard. and puffed out with fuller dainties. . and although yourself walking about. to live to yourself. Do we believe that a He Himself admonishes man us. with ments. entreating from with who the first day of his and mourning." weeping. 372 l Let us return to the Lord with our whole heart. either for shame of your sin or for continuance of your lamentation? Behold. and dresses his hair and does he now study to please any one who displeases God? Or does she groan and lament who has time to put on the clothing of precious apparel. weeping. If you had lost any dear one of your friends by the death incident to mortality. you would you have lost your soul . and with that he is Lord heart. spiritually dead here. 12. and poor? . you would groan grievously. And you who stain your hair. xix. Miserable creature. not to consider the robe of Christ which she has lost . with changed dress. 2 Lev. with dejected appearance. feeding at rich banquets. now at least wash your eyes with tears. as 30. these are still worse wounds . lamenting with his whole the with fasting. and gems. And do you not bitterly moan do you not continually groan do you not hide yourself. and receive valuable ornaments . and does not dispense of his meat and drink so as to aid the necessity of the How does he who walks with joyous and glad step mourn for his death ? And although it is written.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and not to bewail the loss of divine and heavenly ornament ? Although thou clothest thyself in foreign garments and silken robes. you are continuing neglected hair." he plucks out his beard. and gold. to and richly wrought necklaces. weep with disordered countenance. yet without the adornment of Christ thou art unsightly. thou art naked . Let us appease His wrath and indignation with fastings. you have begun to carry your own death with you. is daily frequents the bathing-places with women. 1 Joel ii. with mourning. 27. . although thou adornest thyself to excess both in pearls. now at least cease in the midst of sorrows and you who paint the edges of your eyes with a line drawn around them of black powder. who. with with clouded face.

after the condescension of the Lord often repeated in respect of his virtues and praises. in wholesome remedies. and saying. 4. meek. strives by fastings still further to deserve well of God. and opening his mouth. yet they did not cease from maintaining their humility." 8 Dan. these are greater crimes to have sinned. . the illustrious and noble youths. wraps himself in sackcloth and ashes. made confession before God together with his com1 Daniel also. and now those who have denied the Lord refuse to make atonement to the 32. and from making atonement to the Lord. obey better counsels. keeping Thy covenant and mercy for O love Thee and keep Thy commandments. even amid the glorious martyrdoms of their virtues. great. Azarias. and departed from Thy precepts. did not desist from making public confession to God. but unto us 3 These things were done by men. brethren. and from Thy judgments. after the panions in the midst of the fire. and not to bewail your crimes. sorrowfully " Lord God. join your groans with ours turn our that we in order we for beseech God you you may . Although possessed of a good conscience. Some add. and dreadful. deserving well of the majesty of God. and to all the nations. innoin cent. up and prayed. acquiesce Lord. and to all the earth. strong. we have transgressed." belongeth unto Thee. simple. our prayers with which Song of the Three Children. glory. 373 of sinning . associate your we beseech tears with our tears. " Azarias stood saying. and having often deserved well of the Lord by obedience of faith and fear. and have done wickedly: them that sinned. I beg you. neither have we hearkened to the words of Thy servants the prophets. righteousness confusion. behold. : very prayers to you 1 2 first. and to entreat Him.ON THE LAPSED. we have we have committed iniquity. O 2 Lord." manifold grace of his faith and innocency. we pray ix. Ananias. The sacred Scripture speaks. 31. and not to make atonement to have committed crimes. even amid the flames and the ardours of a raging furnace. and Misael. which they spake in Thy name to our kings. " to Thee. and making confession.

they despise the Lord's precepts. they think they stand fast. Flee from such men as much as you can avoid with a wholesome caution those who adhere to their mischievous Their word doth eat as doth a cancer their concontact. atonement. and linked with apostates and unbelievers. and will not repent. beloved Isa. that. Thoughtless O O f after their sin they are obstinate . brethren. : . although they are involved in so grave a crime. that they might be saved. Vulg." ready towards 2 Thess. 34. so that they neither understand nor lament their sins. the 35. And for : God this cause shall send them the working of error. before their sin was acknowledged. .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. ." 1 And again " They received not the love of the truth. who. They have taken peace for themselves of their own accord when nobody granted it seduced afterwards : . . close the But they who take away repentance Thus it happens of atonement. neglect the medicine for their wound. and mad with the aliena- tion of a hardened mind." ' Unrighteously pleasing themselves. is is for a crime. nor suppliant when they ought to have stood fast. way by the rashness of some a trusted. . Repent abundantly. versation advances like a contagion their noxious and envenomed persuasion kills worse than persecution itself. whose fear " is 2 transpunctionis. while either promised or taken away. In such a case there remains only penitence which can make false promises. the prove 33. This is the greater visitation of an angry God . that they all might be damned who 1 believed not the truth. that they should believe a lie . although they have not believed God against men. 1 hope of true safety But you. sorrow of a grieving and lamenting mind. . 374 you that He would pity you. by take hold of error instead of truth they regard a comthey munion as valid with those who are not communicants they believe men against God. are struck with blindness of mind. neither stedfast before. xxix. 10. false safety 10. Neither let that imprudent error or vain stupor of God for some move you. but had pleasure in unrighteousness. " And God gave them the spirit of deadness. they fell when they ought to fall and prostrate themselves to God. as it is written. ii.

Think you that the Lord can be quickly appeased. Let good works be done without delay." some read. neither despairing of the Lord's mercy nor yet at once claiming His pardon. souls are freed Wealth must be avoided as an enemy must be from as a robber must be dreaded by its possessors as a sword and as poison. whereby sins may be . in propor. . you must prefer fasting be earnest in righteous works. in the same proportion majesty of a judge. . . God. wear out nights in watchings and weepings occupy all your time in wailful lamentations lying stretched on the ground. by which you have been both deceived and purged . God. largely. be held or loved. you must be willing now to have no clothing. What the adversary took from let Christ receive . it is mindful of is its 375 placed in the midst of misery.ON THE LAPSED. thus the first people of believers 1 Instead of " and a poison. whose temple you have violated with a sacrilegious contact? Think you that He will easily have mercy upon you whom you have declared not to be your God ? You must pray more eagerly and entreat you must spend the day in grief . and whose mind. Thus faith flourished . do you in re- pentance and grief look into your sins acknowledge the very grave sin of your conscience open the eyes of your heart to the understanding of your sin. whereby from death. let not the repentance be less than the sin. fled . 1 To this end only so much as remains should be of service. nor ought your estate now either to you. to whom you have rather preferred your worldly estate. after the devil's meat. you must cling close to the ashes. . be surrounded with sackcloth and filth after losing the raiment of Christ. tion as with the affection of a Father and good. let all your estate be laid out for the healing of your wound let us lend of our wealth and our means to the Lord. . Even as is we have He to is always indulgent be dreaded with the sinned greatly. frequently apply yourself to almsgiving. so let us To a deep wound let there not be wanting a greatly lament. whom with faithless words you have denied." . . although [a grievous] lapse. long and careful treatment . and conquered. in the time of the apostles . " and sold. who shall judge concerning us. that by it the crime and the fault may be redeemed.

and of great mercy. and shall know where you have 1 been. either regard martyrs have besought or priests have done. has conceived more both of virtue and of faith from the very grief of his fall. xxxiii. they were liberal. 36." And again: "I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth. . 51. but that he should return and live. 11. He restores and confirms the strength whereby the refreshed faith may be invigorated. 2 Ezek. He can mercifully pardon the repenting. 8 Joel ii. for He is merciful and gracious. and shall now deserve of the Lord not only pardon. who by . he will provoke the enemy. in the Lord's to the Him and patient. they gave their all to be distributed by the apostles and yet : . 376 kept Christ's commands they were prompt. Or move Him if still more by his own atonement. the labouring. he who expressed His mercy in these words may pity such men: "When you turn and lament. they were not redeeming sins of such a character as these. if he groan with the true lamentations and tears of repentance. if any one he appease he appease the wrath of an indignant God by righteous entreaty.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. when he says: "Turn Lord your God. and indeed by his very suffering he is His anger. He can turn back His judgment. If a man make prayer with his whole heart. if . The soldier will seek his contest anew he will repeat the fight. and repenteth 3 can spect to the evil that He hath inflicted. if he incline the Lord to pardon of his sin by righteous and continual works. but a crown. made braver for the battle. shall make the church which he had lately saddened glad. 1 Isa. these. He who has thus made atonement to God he who by repentance for his deed. 13. heard and aided by the Lord." 2 And Joel the prophet declares the mercy of the Lord ye own admonition. the beseeching sinner. He can as in effectual behalf of as such whatever. shame for his sin. saith the Lord. xxx. then shall you be saved." He with re- show mercy . He gives arms again whereby the vanquished may be armed.

who already were not averse to him." and since He bids us to be simple to harmlessness. . not marvel that heresies flourished. since they had been foretold by Christ . Further. nor that certain Roman confessors acquiesced in the schism. to keep back from him the Carthaginians. 13. he exhorts to constancy. and the traitor Judas was found in the Yet he charges them to very company of the apostles. the unity of the church. and finally exhorts them by the Scriptures to peace and unanimity. TREATISE 377 III. Then he proves. on account of Novatus and some other presbyters of his church. on the the other. what else. nor. as well by the Scriptures as by the figures of Old and Neio Testament. could martyrdom be of any benefit to them Then he tells them that they need outside the church. saying. Cyprian wrote this treatise. all. beloved brethren. of any avail to compensate their as the church : " Wherever two fewness against for or three are gathered together in my name" etc. fortifying them against the deceits of these. that the them primacy of Peter is contemned. and the throne and the one church and the one episcopate are deserted. 1. shun the association of schismatics and heretics. than to use foresight and watching with and yet with our 1 Matt. he argues at length.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. On the occasion of the schism of Novatian. simplicity to be prudent. befits us. that neither on the one hand is the passage in Matthew xviii. " Ye are the salt of l the earth. ARGUMENT. and instructs them that heresies exist because the Head of the church is not looked to. who had originated the ivhole And first of disturbance. Since the Lord warns us. . describing in few words the ambition and dissimulation of Novatian in invading the episcopate of Rome. ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. v. because before one's death no one is blessed.

that is his dark and for circumventing man. but you. may not seem to be wanting in wisdom in the matter of providing for our salvation ? For not persecution alone that is to be feared . 3 John xiv. whence also he lias . name received the thing]. that we may not again be incautiously into the nets of death. That is stealthy artifice of the Serpent [the creeping. but foreseeing our danger. nor those things which advance by open attack to overwhelm and cast it is down Caution is more easy where manifest. 378 an anxious heart. when he creeps on us secretly when. in opposition to all the tempests the world. as if he would creep on Him again. stealing always his subtlety. Thus he endeavoured to tempt the Lord Himself . xix. But how can we possess immortality. The enemy is the servants of God. and driven out and overcome. and " Whosoever. From which an example is given us to avoid the way 1 of the old man. is commandments?" 2 command I And again: "If ye do the things that call you not servants." says He. 2. danger is more to be feared and to be guarded against. because he was recognised and detected. when He Himself " If thou wilt enter into life. may possess the immortality that we have received. . 15. to stand in the footsteps of a conquering turned back Christ. established with immoveable and unshaken upon friends. the rock. unless we keep those commands of Christ whereby death warns us. he steals forward by hidden approaches. and deceive . "living. who have put on Christ the wisdom of God the Father. 1 " and hurricanes of my words. Thus from the veiy beginning of the world he deceived and flattering with lying words. heareth Or." 2 Matt. that we. he misled inexperienced souls by an incautious credulity. both to perceive and to beware of the wiles of the crafty foe. and therefore prostrated.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN." 3 firmness. keep the says. henceforth I Finally. these persons He calls strong and stedthese He declares to be founded in robust security fast. and the mind is prepared beforehand for the contest when the adversary avows himself. yet he was understood. 17. and beaten back. deceiving by the appearance of peace. : he secretly approached Him.

the floods came. We fast on His words. and under the very title of the Christian name to deceive the incautious ? Pie has invented heresies and schisms. and beat upon that house and it fell not for 1 it was founded upon a rock.CLV THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. the weak might grow strong again with eternal health. and saving rays have shone for the preservation of men." ought therefore to stand : : . and his fanes and his temples deserted by the numerous concourse of believers to devise a new fraud. But. not only must we beware of is open and manifest. he pours over them again. he circumvents and deceives by the error of a new way. new darkness . that built his house upon a rock the rain descended. the blind might open their eyes to God. and with the observa1 Matt. 24. be blown about. . the dumb might pray with clear voices and prayers seeing his idols forsaken. after light has come to the nations. the lame might ran to the church. necessity waver and wander. and to have escaped the night of the world. detected arid cast down by the advent of Christ. in their unconsciousness. cannot keep in the darkness of the old way. that the deaf might receive the hearing of spiritual grace. than for this enemy. to have already approached to the light. like dust which is shaken by the wind. beloved brethren. who does not do what Christ commanded him to do ? Or whence shall he attain to the reward of faith. whereby he might subvert the faith. but also of what deceives by the And what can be more crafty. might Those whom he corrupt the truth. 3. and he will make no advance in his walk towards he does not keep the truth of the way of salvation. 379 doeth them. He snatches men from the church itself and while they seem to themselves . the winds blew. although they do not stand firm with the gospel of Christ. to learn and do whatever He both taught But how can a man say that he believes in Christ. vii. might divide the unity. what what more subtle. and. or craft of subtle fraud. who will not keep the faith of the commandment ? He must of and did. so that. I will liken him unto a wise man. caught away by a spirit of error. because salvation.

380 and law of Christ. 2 John xxi. and. death for salvation. after His resur- 2 "Feed my sheep. that . as we do not seek the head nor keep the teaching of the heavenly Master. 21. 19. There is is The easy proof for faith in a short summary of the truth. and they are all shepherds. He His church. while the adversary is flattering and deceiving. while they feign things like the truth. as beginning from one.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. they still call themselves Christians. they think that they have the light. they shall be remitted unto him and builds : : . and the And I will give gates of hell shall not prevail against it. unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven . brethren. [and the primacy is given to Peter. transforms himself into an tion angel of light. even so send I you Receive ye the Holy Ghost Whosesoever sins ye remit. He arranged by His authority the of that unity. whosesoever sins ye retain. 18. 8 John xx. endowed might with a like partnership both of honour and power . This happens. they void the truth by their subtlety. and upon this rock I will build my church. beloved Christ . and the flock is 1 Matt. l And again to the same He says. . and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven. " As the Father hath sent me. that thou art Peter . antichrist under the name of so that. and equips his ministers as if they were the ministers of righteousness. 4. despair under the offer of hope. according to the apostle's word. so long as we do not return to the source of truth. and commits His sheep to be fed. they shall be retained He "3 yet. If any one consider and examine these things. perfidy under the pretext of make faith. there no need for lengthened discussion and arguments. xvi. He gives an equal power. 15. who maintain night instead of day. and says. Lord speaks to Peter. that there might be shown one church of Christ and one See .] And although to all the apostles. " I say unto thee. but the beginning proceeds from unity . set forth unity. being one. Assuredly the origin rest of the apostles were also the same as was Peter." [Upon him. walking in darkness. saying. and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." rection. who. after His resurrection.

ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. 1 * is the unity of the body separated. 381 which is fed by all the apostles with unanimous consent]. 3 This Cant. 1 which one church. its unity does not allow a division of light . will not be able to bud . one faith. sheds forth her rays over the whole world. placed in brackets. My dove. which is spread abroad far and wide into a multitude by an increase of fruitf ulness. but and since from one in its tenacious root . and many branches of a tree. when moreover the blessed Apostle Paul teaches the same thing. beyond 2 nor is all question spurious. but one light one strength based . is the She my spotless one. cut off the stream when broken. a falsehood: let The episcopate is one." hold this unity of the church think that he holds the faith ? Does he who strives against and resists the church. and says. 4. ] trust that he is in the church. Her fruit- This passage. " There is one body and one one. the Holy Spirit in the Song of Songs " designated in the person of our Lord. upon whom the church is founded. of us that are bishops who preside in the those especially that we church. Let no one deceive the brotherhood by no one corrupt the truth of the faith by one and undivided. may also prove the episcopate itself to be 5. yet spring flow many the unity is still preserved in the source. one Lord. yet it is one light which is everywhere and that which diffused. is but one. shone over with the light of the Lord. As there are many rays perfidious prevarication. [who 3 deserts the chair of Peter. one And this unity we ought firmly to hold and assert. 9. each part held by each one for the whole. elect of her that bare her. also. one God ? calling. of which is of the sun. iv. is . streams. vi. only one of her 2 Does he who does not mother. is undoubtedly spurious. saying. it from its fountain. Separate a ray of the sun from its body of light. and sets forth the sacrament of unity. although the multiplicity seems diffused in the liberality of an overflowing abundance. as well as one a few lines before. passage also Eph. Thus also the church. cut off dries up. break a branch from a tree. one hope of your " baptism. The church also is one. spirit.

and of the Holy 3 one. 7 of this passage seems hopelessly obscure. he is profane . who has not the church for his mother. and can be separated by the parting asunder of opposing wills ? He who does not hold this unity does not hold God's law. x. and jured and undivided robe by those Christ's 1 4 Matt." peace and the concord of Christ. and it . " I and the scatters the church of Christ. against me. liberally flowing. The we are nourished. church to the he is . rewards of Christ." And does any one believe that this unity which thus comes from the divine strength and coheres in celestial sacra- ments. can no longer have God for his Father. is joined to an adulteress. 30. This sacrament of unity. If any one could escape who was outside the ark of Noah. can be divided in the church. by her spirit we are animated. Father are one 2 . 7. chaste modesty the sanctity of one couch. She keeps us for God. ful . does so in opposition to Christ . garment. She broadly expands her rivers. The Lord warns. is separated from the church and is separated from the promises of the nor can he who forsakes the church of Christ attain He is a stranger . ' 6 1 4 John Holy v. 082 abundance spreads her branches over the whole world. She appoints the sons whom she has born for the Whoever kingdom. does not hold life and salvation. he who gathereth elsewhere than in the church. and he who 1 He who breaks the gathereth not with me scattered!. " He who is not with me is saying. her source one and she is one mother. it is of the Son. He an enemy. spouse of Christ cannot be adulterous . 30. but is received as an entire garment. who should xii. plentiful in the results of fruitfulness from her womb we are born. The Lord says. : 6. is set forth where in the Gospel the coat of the Lord Jesus Christ is not at all divided nor cut. and " And these three are Spirit. does not hold the faith of the Father and the Son. this bond of a concord inse- parably cohering. yet her head is one. she is un- by her milk She knows one home ." and again written of the Father. she guards with corrupted and pure. then he also may escape who shall be outside of the church.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. The above reading 2 John is possessed as an unin- who cast lots concerning rather put on Christ.

" And 3 And does any there shall be one flock and one shepherd. and I will give ten sceptres unto thee and two sceptres shall be unto him for my servant David's sake. meeting Jeroboam the king in the field. is not divided rent. has declared the who is so insane with the madness of discord. they said one to another. the sacrament and sign of His garment. united. Behold. "But of the coat. then. is so wicked and He faithless. which was not to be at all rent by the receiver and the possessor. On the other hand. editions. But because Christ's people cannot be His woven and united throughout. potius" " who should read. put it on. and for Jerusalem.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. connected. unity of the church. divided his garment into twelve sections. beseeches and exhorts. but cast lots whose it shall be. that is. for thus saith the Lord. kingdom and people were Abijah the prophet. the prophet Abijah rent his garment. moreover. He cannot possess the garment of Christ who parts and divides the when church of Christ. again. Who. 24. saying. or should dare to rend He the garment of the Lord the church of Christ? Himself in His Gospel warns us. robe. Let us not rend it. us this same urging upon unity. apparently by substituting " be in as in which case we should some omitted. 8. saying. . but woven from the top throughout. it shows the coherent concord of our people who put on Christ. who those by possess it." l That coat bore with it an unity that came down from the top. that came from heaven and the Father. by the name of our Lord ing. I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon. say"I beseech you. is not unless much mended . undivided. but without separation we obtain a whole and substantial entireness. shepherds or " ipsam" for Christum. 31. 23. because it was not sewed. Kings xi. saying. brethren. 1C. " Take thee ten pieces ." 3 John x. that either he should believe that the unity of God can be divided. and teaches. 1 2 1 John six. By at Solomon's death his divided." the twelve tribes of Israel were divided. 383 Scripture speaks. the 2 As city which I have chosen to place my name there." one believe that in one place there can be either many it many flocks ? The Apostle Paul.

xii. spending their life in mutual intercourse." 3 Josh. the Holy " God. Spirit designates and points out in the Psalms. saying. ii. saying. when " Thy father. in whom was prefigured the church. whosoever shall go abroad beyond the door of thine house. Hospitium. this household of unanimity. and thy brethren. Ixviii. that ye all speak the same thing. in all This is the simplicity things fulfilling the law of unanimity. that ought to be known in the church. 46. . men dwell with one mind. cannot be sent is slain in the figure of Christ should God house. 6 Ps. thou shalt gather unto thee into thine house and it shall come to pass. 9. knowing the have young. not bitter with gall. This home. remaining in their flights by the side of other. 4 The ye shall not send its flesh abroad from the house. but that ye be joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment." 2 Do you think that you can stand and live if you withdraw from the church. loving human association of one home . this is the charity that ought to be attained. he " says. in the church of Christ. not cruel in its bite." 6 In the house of God. that their gentleness and meekness 1 1 Cor. abroad. i. 10. ing the concord of peace with the kiss of the beak. that so the love of the brotherhood may imitate the doves. 2 6 Eph. his blood shall be upon his . 384 Jesus Christ. speaks. acknowledg. bringing forth their young together when they one anfly abroad. a simple creature. 3. who maketh men to dwell with one mind in a house." flesh of Christ. when they not violent with the rending of dwellings. 4 Ex. own head ? nothing which " Also. nor is there any other home to believers but the one 5 church. Forbearing one another in love. Therefore also the Holy Spirit came as a dove. and all the house of thy father. 19. and that there be no schisms among you . and joyous its claws. and continue in concord and simplicity. and the holy of the Lord. 6." 1 And again. building for yourself other homes and a different dwelling.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. " iv. and thy mother. it is said to Rahab. endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. the sacrament of the passover contains law of the Exodus than that the lamb else in the be eaten in one " In one house shall ye eat it .

darkness with light. 2 B 1 Cor. nor does the hurricane uproot the tree that is based on a solid root. the apostle. 2 19. lest they should We lay waste the doves and sheep of Christ with their cruel and envenomed contagion. battle good can depart from the church. What does the fierceness of wolves do in the Christian breast ? What the savaeeness O of dogs. drought with Let none think that the springs. . that they which are approved may be made manifest among 2 Thus the faithful are approved. and the chaff is separated from the wheat. rain with clearness. Bitterness cannot consist and be associated with sweetness. The wind does not carry away the wheat. 1 1 John ii. They went forth from us. 385 may be like the lambs and sheep. although no one gives them the episcopate whom the Holy Spirit tion. thus even here. The Apostle John execrates and severely " assails these. surely 1 have continued with us. the souls of the righteous and of the unrighteous are already divided. xi. while the choice of one's own liberty remains. barrenness with fertility. while the perverted mind has . The lio-ht straws are tossed about O the the feeble trees are overthrown by tempest. storm with tranquillity. but continue to be so no peace But the Lord permits and suffers these things to be. so that while unity. 19." detected. and the sanguinary are to be congratulated when cruelty of wild beasts ? such as these are separated from the church. while a discordant faithlessness does not maintain nated. the discrimination of truth is testing our hearts and our minds r the sound faith of those that are approved may shine forth The Holy Spirit forewarns and says by with manifest light. Hence heresies not only have frequently been origi." would they 10. before the day of judgment. and the deadly venom of serpents. when he says. . " It is needful also that there should be heresies. with peace. but of us for if were not they they had been of us. set themselves to preside among the daring strangers assembled. thus the perfidious are you. by the onset of the whirlwind.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. without any divine arrangement. These are they who of their own accord. who appoint themselves prelates without any law of ordinawho assume to themselves the name of bishop.

and spots of the faith. xxiii. they think that they can baptize . no evil shall come upon him. and had heard my words. Nor let any deceive themselves by a futile interpre" Wheresoever two in tation. They say to those who cast away the word of God. " living waters. since they have madness of They cannot attain to the reward broken the Lord's peace with the discord. from these restrains and recalls His erring people. : as they xviii. vTroaTaaei). and lay aside the former ones. saying." 1 Again. but not out of the mouth of the Lord. but are even forsake the fountain of rather are made life. yet they prophesied. plagues. but nor are sins purged away. and have hewed them out broken cisterns which can hold no water. and artful in corrupting the truth. 20. By a falsehood they are born. for the visions of He their hearts deceive them. although they they promise the grace of living among them. . 3 Matt. I have not spoken to them. are not washed accumulated. but to the devil. and craftily suppressing part 2 Jer. They speak. Ye shall have peace. the Lord points out and designates They have forsaken me. saying. 13. words. and they do not receive the promises of truth. respect of the Lord having said. Against people of this kind the Lord cries. Begotten of perfidy. 386 points out in the Psalms as sitting in the seat of pestilence. " Hearken not unto the words of the false prophets . Such a nativity does not generate sons to God. If they had stood on my foundation (substantia." 2 Although there can be no other baptism but one. the fountain of these same. 11. ii. vomiting forth deadly poisons from pestilential tongues . I would have turned them from their evil thoughts. 16-21. Jer. or three are gathered together in name. and every one that walketh after his own will.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and taught my people." false and intepreters of the Corrupters 12. they lose the grace of faith. there am I in 3 the midst of them. of peace. whose speech doth creep like a cancer. deceiving with serpent's tongue. my Gospel quote the remembering 1 last part. foul . Every one who walketh in the error of his heart. Men and saving water. whose discourse forms a deadly poison in the heart and breast of every one.

said." says He. who. I am with them. God's With these. He animated them. He said that He was. who are in the church He speaks. "If. with the breath of dew: in the way in which. although only two or three gathered together with unanimity should pray though they be only two or may obtain from the majesty of God what " Wheresoever two or three are gathered together in my name. But how can he agree with any one who does not agree with the body of the church itself. I. For wheresoever two or three are gathered together in my name.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. That if two of you shall agree on earth touching anything that ye shall ask. 19. in the same manner as He was with the three youths in the fiery furnace and because they abode towards God in simplicity. it is evident. 387 themselves are separated from the church. and in unanimity among themselves. when He would "I urge unanimity and peace upon His disciples. although only two keep or three. " am with them . because they were simple-minded and of one mind. with the simple and peaceable with those who fear God and commandments. and to those also they are in and admonished." 1 showing that most is given." He says." that is. For the Lord. ing flames. and with the universal brotherhood? How can two or three be assembled together in Christ's name. and since heresies and schisms have risen subsequently. in the midst of the surroundthree they they ask. that if agreement. but to the unanimity of those that pray. if according to what He commanded of the truth. xviii. He has made the concord of peace a prerequisite . say unto you. not to the multitude. "two of you " shall agree on earth : He placed agreement first . they have forsaken the Head and Source But the Lord speaks concerning His church. 1 Matt. with the two apostles shut up in prison. are separated from Christ and from His Gospel ? For we have not withdrawn from them. He taught that we should agree firmly and faithfully. He Himself was present . from their establishment for themselves of diverse places of worship. so they cut off the substance of one section. it shall be given you by my Father which is in heaven. . . 20. but they from us .

He And when ye stand praying. to He . and commending peace by His word that He is to the faithful. 25. name. . " have ought against any . What peace. Thus. He bade us be in agreement. than by the discordant supplication of many. who are gathered together outside the deem church of Christ ? 14. if ye 13. do the enemies of the brethren promise to themselves ? What sacrifices do those who are / : . added. also. than with a great many who differ. He cannot be a martyr who is not in the church he cannot attain unto the kingdom who forsakes that which shall reign : . Christ gave us peace and of one mind." He does not divide men from the therefore. then. seeing that He Himself ordained and made the church . who through envious discord had not peace with his brother." 1 And He calls back from the altar one who comes to the sacrifice in strife. and then return O with peace and offer his gift to God for God had not respect unto Cain's offerings for he could not have God at peace with him. that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. forgive. that stain is not even washed away by blood the inexpiable and grave fault of discord is not even purged by suffering. charged the bonds of love and charity be kept uncorrupted and inviolate . but rebuking the faithless for their discord. he cannot show hima martyr who has not maintained brotherly love. rivals of the priests think that they celebrate Do ? they that they have Christ with them when they are collected together. When. 388 He Himself having loosed the them again bolts of the in the market-place. that they dungeon. in am church.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. I He lays it down. placed might declare to the multitude the word which they faithfully preached. and that more can be obtained by the concordant prayer of a few. Paul self 1 Mark xi. when He gave the law of prayer. and " His commandments Where two says. rather with two or three He shows who pray with one mind. saying. there. and bids him first a^ree with his brother. or three are gathered together in my with them. Even if such men were slain in confession of the Name.

" 3 xiii. Discord cannot attain to the kingdom of heaven . that will down nor will it be the glorious ending of . flames and to fires. all unity of a brotherhood linked to herself. I am nothing. although he deceives deceive many. "Many shall come in my name. 389 the apostle teaches this. is certainly a sublime and an to be a Christian in such a self to way as the devil often feigns be Christ. " This is my commandment. but one does not attain the kingdom of 1 1 Cor." says he. but the or lay wild beasts. saying. and shall 5 As he is not Christ. and testifies. "to Christ. feed the poor. and though I give my body to be burned. The word of the blessed " " is love and he that God. Such an one but destruction religious valour. 2 John xv. says. who said. believeth all things." For she will ever be in the kingdom. may punishment of perfidy himand us. "never faileth. Charity never things. it profiteth me nothing. According to some readings. the of despair. and to do great acts upon the earth." in respect of the name. so neither can he appear as a Christian who does not abide in the truth of His gospel and of faith. charity not easily provoked. of . Charity is mag- nanimous . 2-5. given up their lives. and God dwelleth in : him. loveth not charity envieth . Pie who has not charity has not God." or 4 1 John iv. thrown to the not be the crown of faith. 7. as the Lord Himself forewarns admirable thing. "to the rewards 5 Mark xiii. "And though I have faith. so that I can remove mountains. 6. I am Christ. even as I have loved 2 you:" he cannot attain 3 who has violated the love of Christ by faithless dissension. Although they burn. all is things. For both to prophesy and to cast out devils. He professes himself be slain crowned he cannot be. acteth not vainly. 1 faileth.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH." 4 . Christ. to the rewards of Christ. They cannot dwell with God who would not be of one mind in God's church. Apostle John is dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. endureth . 8. thinketh no evil kind is charity not puffed up. that ye love one another. 12. she will endure for ever in the all hopeth things." saith he. is . . 15." "Charity. 16. saying. and have not charity. and have not And though I give all my goods to charity.

in His Gospel. This evil. 390 heaven although he is found in all these things. without natural affection. that one may deserve well of God the Judge ." in : There need of righteousness. and men shall be lovers of their own selves. unless he walks in the observance of the right and just way. divides the church. ye that work iniquity. and " says. and the envenomed plague of heretical perversity and schisms has begun to spring forth and shoot anew because even thus it must be in the decline of the world. 29-31. Of 2 this sort are Mark xii. they 3 . perilous times shall come.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. fierce. " The Lord thy God is one God and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy This heart. high-minded. proud. have Many shall say to me in that in Thy name. traitors. dissipates charity. Lord. . savage with the madness of discord. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 22. boasters. at the same time. and with all thy soul. we must obey His precepts and warnThe Lord ings. what love does he maintain or consider. destroys the faith. that our merits may receive their reward. day. but denying the power 1 thereof. but now the mischievous destruction of the same evil has increased. vii. said. and in Thy name -done many wonderful works ? And then will I profess unto them. saying. who creep into houses. unholy. Pie has included all the prophets and the law in two precepts." says he. blasphemers. taught. hating the good. who. incontinent. The Lord denounces. disobedient to parents. Lord." 2 He is : . and with all thy strength. lovers of pleasures more than lovers of 3 God. Deformationem religionis. days. is : the first commandment and the second is like unto it Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. since the Holy Spirit foretells and forewarns us by the " In the last " apostle. heady. disturbs the peace. Matt. having a sort of form of religion. l I never knew you depart from me. profanes the sacrament ? 16. unthankful. false accusers. had long ago begun. most faithful brethren. and we not prophesied Thy name have cast out devils. when He would direct the way of our hope and faith in a brief summary. But what unity does he keep. love and unity by His instruction. covetous. truce-breakers.

covetousness makes blind. so let other brethren beware of matters of a like kind. 14. and drive away from your side and from r your ears. * 6 Ecclus." an one he may Such be turned away from and avoided. 23. pride puffs up." 5 The Lord " saith. but they proceed no further. xv." " And again. and refuse to hear a wicked tongue. so do these also resist the truth l . people ? introduce. and if the blind They lead the blind. I beseech you. xv. things predicted world is approaching. because these also were predicted beforehand. as if it w ere the contagion of death. As disturb us. because these things were predicted beforehand. " But take ye heed behold. 1-9. and says. impiety depraves.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. who of his own self. Vulg." 2 2 Tim. withstood Moses. . Yet let not the excessive and headlong faithlessness many move of or but rather strengthen our which has foretold the matter. 8 Mark xiii. Error deceives as the adversary more and senselessness more lifts rages up. 17. even as the Lord instructs us. 391 and lead captive silly women laden with sins. He teaches and warns us to depart from such. things. are blind leaders of the blind . : I have told you 3 all Avoid. discord exasperates. His clergy and 1 6 Some is condemned Christ. faith in the truthfulness some have become such." Whatever were are fulfilled as and the end of the . And as Jannes and Jambres . as it is written. whosoever Such an one be. 33. Cor. envy inflames. acts in opposition to who separates himself from the company of He bears arms against the church. 5 1 iii. which are led away with divers lusts ever learning. shall . " men corrupted in feeling. Matt. is to perverted and sins. " Hedge thine ears men 4 about with thorns. their mischievous conversation . that is separated from the church. brethren. and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. even as theirs also was." of this kind. they have come for the probation as well of the men as of the times. they shall both fall into the ditch. anger hurries headlong. and Does he think that he has is Christ's priests. for their folly shall be mani2 fest unto all men. xxviii. reprobate concerning the faith. 24. Evil communications corrupt good manners.

deserve well of the Lord. and the cleft of the receding ground swallowed up the men standing and living.. who endeavoured to claim to themselves the power of sacrificing in opposition Moses and Aaron the priest. Nor did the anger of the indignant God strike only those who had been the movers [of the sedition] but two hundred and fifty sharers and associates of that madness besides." or deign. for religion profane. Dathan. to profane the truth of the Lord's offering by false sacrifices. An enemy of the altar. a rebel against Christ's sacrifice. who had been mingled with them in that boldness. he dares to set up another altar. to . is punished on account of the daring of his temerity by divine visitation. and forsaking God's priests. These. for the faith faithless. Thus Korah. would not be was confounded by the divine indignation. a hostile brother. Thus also Uzziah the when he bare the censer and violently claimed to himking. and when Azariah the obedient and yield. a disobedient servant. and was polluted upon his forehead by the spot of leprosy he was marked by an offended Lord in that part of his body where they are in order : signed who And the sons of Aaron. priest withstood him. who placed strange upon the altar. .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. despising the bishops. Ye reject the commandment " disdains to know. and Abiram. 392 he contends against God's appointment. and not 1 to know that he who strives against the appointment of God. underwent immediate punishment for their attempts. and bring in teachings of human appointment. whom the Lord rebukes and " reproves in His Gospel. " docs not 1 to According some. who. of an avenging fire 19. breaking its fastenings. an impious son. gaped open into a deep gulf. The earth. seek after strange doctrines. which the Lord had at once extinguished in the presence were not commanded. doubtless. despising God's tradition. had been done in opposition to God. 18. saying. Lord. the fire that went out from the Lord consumed with a hasty revenge doubtless to admonish and show that whatever those wicked men had endeavoured. by human will to overthrow God's appointment." . they imitate and follow. to make another prayer with unauthorized words. self to sacrifice against God's law.

or dearer to long as 1 . make defend a with a perpetual security from temptations. and thence some also that some [others] sin thus wickedly. yet after he forsook the 2 And therefore it Lord's way he lost also the Lord's grace. and fornications. or see in confessors those subsequent frauds. In this case. beloved brethren. the risk of many. he sins daily. and attacks of the world .Mark vii. puffed up in his heart. if he have been slain without the church. he is not greater. and God than Solomon. in that case. cannot attain to the rewards of the church. it is the in the latter. neither does confession devil. " As it is (Satan) against Solomon solemnly warns John. and laments and bewails it . with full satisfactions.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. better. himself in his very crimes. Certainly the one both understands that he has sinned. 9. although so he walked in God's ways. the other. entices sheep from their shepherd. 2 Some read. Nor let any one marvel. and otherwise we should never onsets. may keep your own of God. he who has endeavoured to cause a heresy or a schism has deceived many by drawing them one soul with him. Finally. who has subsequently attained to martyrdom. And the Lord stirred up the adversary and therefore in the Apocalypse the Lord . For 20. that ye 393 1 This is a worse crime than that which the lapsed seem to have fallen into. standing as penitents for their crime. and dangers. the lapsed. disturbs the sacraments God of . and while the lapsed has sinned but once. while the other. thus grievously. In the former. on the other. there sisted : the will is engaged in the wickedness : on the one hand. who. the church God beseech is tradition. that even of the confessors advance to these lengths. retained that grace which he had received from the Lord. the church is rehere it is possible that there has been necessity . . may receive the promises of the kingdom . who nevertheless." written. separates sons from their Mother. nor does it a man free from the snares of the man who is still placed in the world. ho who has lapsed has only injured himself . groans in some." sought after and entreated . and we witness which with sorrow now adulteries. and pleasing loss of . Whosoever that confessor is.

"To whom much is given. because as the Word. 394 " Hold fast that which thou hast. since he has by the gospel is a confessor . but it initiates and since it is written. 48." 4 and since He Himself has been exalted by the Father. and the strength. 4 Luke xviii. 22." whatever has been before the end is a step by which we ascend to the summit of salva- our dignity tion. xii. . let it not be turbulent. the crown must also depart. let no one learn arrogance. 11. ." Lord would not threaten assuredly thy that the crown of righteousness might be taken away. but only so if the majesty and dignity of Christ be not afterwards blasphemed by him. and to whom more dignity is ascribed. He for this cause he ought the more to stand on the side of the Lord's gospel. no one learn injustice. were is written. attained glory from the Lord. let him be lowly and quiet let him be in his doings modest with discipline. is a confessor . "Whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased. He is a confessor. For the Lord says. He humbled Himself upon earth. 2 Matt: x. is but after confession his is more provoked. not a terminus wherein the full result of the ascent He already gained. of him more service is ex3 Let no one perish by the example of a confessor. not the full desert nor does it perfect our praise. since He says. Let not the tongue which has confessed Christ be evil-speaking . from the manners of a confessor.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. who even by His own law enjoined upon us humility. For acted. Luke iii. let not be heard jarring with reproaches and quarrels. so that he who is called a confessor of Christ may imitate Christ whom he confesses. the same shall be saved. and he who humbleth himself shall be exalted . let it it 1 3 Apoc. Confession of the crown . how can He love arrogance. " He that endureth to the 2 end. when righteousness departs. because the adversary peril is greater. of him much shall be required . 14. and the wisdom of God the Father. and Himself received the highest name from the Father as the reward of His humility ? He is a confessor of Christ. 21. it not that." let . is the beginning of glory. lest another take 1 But the crown. let no one learn treachery.

who remember that they have obtained grace in the church by the condescension of God . quently blameworthy wasted his confession by evil conversation if he shall have if . and severing the concord of unity. and that our rejoicing Mother may enclose in 1 Rom. stained his life by disgraceful foulness . because the traitor Judas failed from their fellowship so also in the case in question the holiness and dignity of confessors is not forthwith diminished. The blessed Apostle Paul in his epistle speaks in this manner: "For what if some of them fall away from the faith. 22. : shall their unbelief God forbid : for make God is the faith of true. and Yet not on that yet afterwards Judas betrayed the Lord. God without effect? man be a liar. iii. that if it be possible. Illuminated by the true light of the gospel. and by this very thing they obtain a higher praise of their faith. that they have separated from the faithlessness of those who have been associated with them in the fellowship of confession. he of his confession that he may not flatter himself on account elected to the reward of glory. 23. none of the brethren should perish. I indeed desire. beloved brethren. . because the faith of some of them is broken. 3." l though every The greater and better part of the confessors stand firm in the strength of their faith. not after words of praise. and I equally endeavour and exhort. and withdrawn from the contagion of crime. dart forth serpents' the brethren and God's priests. he shall have exchanged his first faith for a subsequent unbelief. But venom 395 against one shall have subsebeen and if he shall have obnoxious . and in the truth of the law and discipline of the Lord . if. this very fact his deserving of punishment has when from is become the greater. as they have been victorious in their combat with the devil. forsaking the church in which he has become a confessor. finally. shone upon with the Lord's pure and white brightness.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. they are as praiseworthy in maintaining the peace of Christ. neither do they depart from the peace of the church. account did the faith and firmness of the apostles fail. For the Lord chose Judas also among the apostles.

" We The word of the wit- " in the nessing apostle you. that desireth to live. he " What man is Spirit warns us. 12. and thy lips that they speak and do good seek peace. added this one. v. He who knows and loves the bond of charity. 13. and goes on in ways of error and of sin. division of its structure. " is one. or deceived by some craftiness of misleading cunning. and ensue guile. for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children tradition that they " Let no says. free your wandering steps from errors'. Among His divine commands and salutary teachings. nor can one body be separated by a be found in like church is guilt. nay rather must flee. yet do you others. Whatever has proceeded live and breathe in its detached con- wrenched asunder by from the womb cannot but loses the substance of health. when He was now very near to His passion. " Peace Refrain thy tongue from Eschew no 1 8 2 Thess." The son of peace ought to seek peace and ensue it. iii." 6. 6. ought to refrain his tongue from the evil of dissension. that ye withdraw yourselves from all brethren that walk disorderly. with its entrails laceration. Unity cannot be severed . loose yourselves from the nets of deceit. from those who fall away. evil. 4 it. acknowledge the straight way of the heavenly road. name of our Lord Jesus Christ. lest. and not after the is : command have received from us. dition. should God is faith is and Christ is one. . who abide in blind and obstinate madness. and His 3 one. nor torn into pieces. . and the one. 2 Be not ye therefore partakers with them. wandering away from the path of the true road. 2 Eph." 1 And again he man deceive you with vain words . or induced by error. saying. if either taken in simplicity. Yet if wholesome counsel cannot recall to the way of salvation certain leaders of schisms and originators of dissensions. and the people is joined into a substantial unity of body by the cement of concord." "VVe must withdraw. one. Ps. while any one is associated with those who walk of disobedience. he himself also. 396 her bosom the one body of a people at agreement. xxxiv.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and says." says he. and would fain see good days ? 24. wickedly. The Holy evil. the Lord.

" 1 He gave this to us as an heritage . brethren. think you that He shall find faith on the earth?" to pass. we ought to be peacemakers. 9. And therefore . " When the Son of man cometh. day futurity." It behoves the sons of God to be peacemakers. 14." interpolate 3 Acts c Luke iv. xviii. maintained its charity. says. 8. do not even give the tenths from our patrimony But now we . 25." 26. the wrath of God. and with His 4 And 5 they prayed with effectual prayers. keeping the Lord's Divine Scripture commandments. agreeing in affection. none considers the fear and of the and none the takes to heart Lord. If we are fellow-heirs with Christ. to be distributed for the use of the poor. if we are sons of God. * Acts i. 27. . of which " " are the Blessed. looking to our days. says in His Gospel. There We no is see that what He foretold has faith in the fear of God. and Mary the mother of Jesus.ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. 2 Matt. in labour . " But the multitude of them which when it this. This unanimity formerly prevailed among the apostles . thus they were able with confidence to obtain whatever they asked from the Lord's mercy. come upon unbe- 32. gentle in heart. let us abide in the peace of Christ . proves 3 believed were of one heart and of one soul. He promised all the gifts and rewards He spoke through the preservation of peace. in love. But in us thus unanimity is diminished in proportion as Then they used to give for liberality of working is decayed. and while our Lord bids us sell. sale houses and estates . in the come law of of righteousness. v. and thus the new assembly of believers. and the punishments to 1 John 5 Some xiv. faithfully linked to one another in the bonds of unanimity. the Lord. my peace I give unto you. " because. Thus has the vigour of faith dwindled away among us thus has the strength of believers grown weak. we rather buy and increase our store. peacemakers . for they shall 2 be called the sons of God." says He. presented to the apostles the price of them. and that they might lay up for themselves treasures in heaven. simple in speech." And again : " These all continued with one mind in prayer with the women. 397 I leave with you.

. beloved brethren. and receive from the Lord the reward of our vigilance. it would escape. Some read. Let us always with solicitude and caution wait for the sudden coming of the Lord. and most for obtaining our petitions. and your lamps burning. "Let your loins be girt. it would also take heed. The treatise of Cyprian on the Lord's prayer comprises three portions. In the second part. " in your hands. saying. our faith may be on the watch. and if it took heed. Blessed are those servants He whom 2 their Lord. 1 and ye lievers. That which our conscience would fear if it believed. it should find us burdened and entangled. out that the Lord's prayer is the most excelhe points lent of 1 all prayers. yourselves like unto men that wait for their Lord." effectual . profoundly spiritual. he undertakes an explanation of the Lord' s prayer . be overtaken in slumber by the deceit of the devil . 2 Luke xii. and glow in such wise as to lead us from the night of this world to the daylight of eternal brightness. shall TEEATISE IV. If these commands be these warnings and precepts be kept. let us be watchful to observe and to do the Lord's precepts. and. shall find watching. Let our light shine in good works.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. 27. we cannot observed. in which division he imitates In the first portion. ON THE LORD'S PRAYER ARGUMENT. Let us be such as He Himself has bidden us to be. when He shall come from the wedding. lest. 35. but we if reign with Christ in His kingdom as servants that watch. But if it believed. that when He cometh and knocketh. Tertullian in his book on prayer. when cometh. 398 and the eternal torments decreed for the faithless. Let us. it fears not because it does not at all believe. that when He shall knock." to be ought girt about. arouse ourselves as much as we can and breaking the slumber of our ancient listlessness. they may open to Him. when the day of setting We forth comes.

1st. so that we who have before been wandering in the darkness of death. the third. might keep the way of guide life. persevering and continuous. associated with the brethren by saying ansiver " good works and alms. supports to strengthen faith. which. Finally. to ^vit. watchful. evangelical precepts. not now bidding to prepare the way for His coming. after the example of the priest who. Himself also gave a form of praying He advised and instructed us what we should pray for. and the ninth hour. of believers on the earth. He. and especially at the three hours appointed by the church for prayer. he considers the conditions of prayer. prepares the minds of "Sursum Corda" to which the people Habemus ad Dominum . the sixth. like that of Tobias and Cornelius ." 3dly. rudders for guiding our way. who made us to live. are nothing foundations on which hope is to than divine teachings. in order that while we speak to . moreover. lie goes througJi seven chief clauses. but Himself coming are those which the was and opening and showing to us the way. beloved brethren. and. after the example of Christ our Lord. lead them to heavenly kingdoms. willed many things to be said and to be heard by means of the prophets His servants. we must pray morning and The 1. among the rest of He divine precepts wherewith and confer all things else . 2dly. wherewith He has condescended to give 2. 399 treading in the footsteps of Tertullian. with the Lord for our ruler and ! His salutary admonitions and counsels His people for their Himself salvation. and poured forth from the heart. in the third part. nourishments for cheerthe heart. to wit. without forethought and blind. being enlightened by the light of grace. taught us also to pray. while they instruct the docile minds built. in thepreface which precedes the prayer. and tells its that prayer still its ought to be. moreover.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. guards for obtaining ing salvation. God. with that same benignity. at every hour of the day. but how much greater Son speaks. ^thly. else be evening. which the Word of God who in the prophets testifies with His own voice.

9. 400 the Father in that prayer and supplication which has taught us. it is man to pray with moderated petitions. truth. on the other hand. so.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN." 2 so that we who by His sanctification have received the Spirit 1 and may also by His teaching worship truly and spiriFor what can be a more spiritual prayer than that which was given to us by Christ. And voice. It is a loving and friendly prayer to beseech God with His own word. But discipline. the divine eyes both with the habit of body sider that r measure of voice. that ye may keep 3 your own traditions. 23. Let us therefore." 4 John xvi. Let us conWe must please and with the we are standing in God's sight. pray otherwise than He taught is not ignorance alone. and said. . to "Ye reject the commandments of God. by whom also the Holy What praying to the Father can Spirit was given to us ? be more truthful than that which was delivered to us by the Son who is the Truth. when as sinners we petition on behalf of our sins.O " when worshippers should worship the Father in spirit the Son Already the true and in and He thus fulfilled what He before promised. since He Himself has established. to come up to His ears Let the Father acknowledge the prayer. that 4 will give us. for it in His own prayer if we ask ! 4. fitting to the modest 1 John iv. let us. pray as God our Teacher has taught us. let our speech and petition when we pray be under observing quietness and modesty. For since He " whatsoever we shall ask of the says. brethren beloved. 3 Mark vii." 3." how much more effecname. tually. 2 " Satisfaction. Father in His He tually do we obtain what we ask in Christ's name. put forward the words of our Advocate. but also sin . For as it is characteristic of a shameless man to be noisy with his cries. we may be the more easily heard. and let Him in the prayer of Christ. words of His Son when also who we make our dwells within in our breast Himself dwell in our since we have Him as an Advocate with the Father for our sins. out of His own mouth ? So that truth. 23. He had foretold that the hour was comino.

6 Ps. and God did hear 5 her. 4. and be ye pierced. ii. 13. 24. but with her heart. iv. suggests these same things by Jeremiah. in our secret very bed-cham- which bers God is we may know best suited to faith. * * 1 ix. and celebrate ] earth : divine sacrifices with God's priest. as the Lord proves to " think ye evil in your hearts?"' says. who was a type of the church. that that everywhere present. 2 3. but silently and She spoke modestly. because she knew that thus God hears . xxiii. shall I not then see him ? " " The ? And not I fill heaven and again eyes of the Lord are in every 2 and the evil the good. with unsubdued voices. And this Hannah in the first book of Kings. 23. Why in another place : " And all the churches shall 4 that I am He that searcheth the hearts and reins. 401 Moreover. and her voice was not heard . beholding meet together with the brethren in one place. because she asked asserts this. and she effectually obtained what she Divine Scripture it with belief. " transpungimini. within the very recesses of her heart." And when we place. nor to cast to God with tumultuous wordiness a petition that ought to be commended to God by modesty ." . and hears and sees all. Do places. but of the heart. " She spake in her heart. and in your beds. and If a man shall hide himself in secret it is off. sought. 23. since when He us Nor need He be clamorously re- He sees men's thoughts. we ought to be mindful of modesty and discipline not to throw abroad our prayers indiscriminately. Sam." "VVe read also in the Psalms. " Speak in your hearts. Prov. and her lips moved. 4." 6 The Holy Spirit. hand. in that she prayed to God not with clamorous petition. moreover. and 1 Jer. Apoc. minded. 2 3 Matt. but with manifest faith. She spoke not with her voice. in His teaching the Lord has bidden us to pray in in hidden and remote places. with hidden prayer. maintains and observes. when it says. xv. as God not a afar " I am a God at written. i. for God is the hearer.ON THE LORD'S PEA YER. not of the voice. and in the plenitude of His majesty penetrates even into hidden and is secret places." And know 5.

the rather deserved up And with himself. Thy kingdom come. saying. extortioners. And debtors. " pray ye : "Our Father. These things. . God. when we have learnt from the sacred reading. : 2 and whosoever humbleth himself shall be exalted. Give us And forgive us our debts. And pardons the humble heard the petitioner. unjust. but deliver us Amen. I give tithes of all that I But the publican stood afar off. and would not so possess. 10-14. let us know also from the Lord's teaching what we should pray. because there is none who is innocent and . and the other a publican. vi. even as this pub: I fast twice in the week. The Pharisee stood. " Two the Lord records in His men went up into the temple to pray Gospel. this man who to be sanctified. and rant in what .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. saying. the one a Pharisee. saying. he humbly prayed. 9. . 1 by thee. within. he implored the help while the Pharisee was pleased thus asked. 402 teaches. 3 Matt." 7. adulterers. 6. from 1 evil. Pharisee for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased. God. be igno- let manner the publican prayed with the Pharisee in the temple. beloved brethren. than the house rather man down to his this went justified you. -which art in heaven. suffer us not to be led into temptation . be merciful to me a sinner. nor with hands proudly raised but beating his breast. I thank Thee that I am not as other men are." says He. I say unto breast." 3 " In the heart. beloved brethren." And 6. as we forgive our this day our daily bread." (Baruch vi. Thy will be done. " Thus. He who these things but confessing his sinfulness. since he placed the hope of salvation not in the confidence of his innocence. and prayed thus with himself God. ought we to worship Thee. and have gathered in what way we ought to approach to prayer.) 2 Luke xviii. as in heaven so in earth. Or. but smote upon his lican. much as lift up his eyes unto heaven. testifying to the sins shut of the divine mercy. " But in the heart ought God to be adored not the worshipper. Hallowed be Thy name. Not with eyes lifted up boldly to heaven.

but for the whole people. : deserved well of the Lord. nor does he request for himself alone that he may not be led into temptation. willed that one should thus pray for all. Ixviii. even as He Himself bore us all in one. But what matters of deep tained in the Lord's prayer 1 3 ! moment (sacramenta) are con- How many and how great. because we the whole people are one. that God." 2 They continued with one accord in prayer. The God of peace and the Teacher of concord. i. as if from one mouth sang an hymn. and spiritual prayer .' This law of prayer the three children observed when they were shut up in the fiery furnace.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. briefly Song of the Three Children. 403 the Teacher of peace and the Master of unity would not have prayer to be made singly and individually." nor does each one ask that only his own debt should be forgiven him. we pray not for one. continued with one and in with the accord women. mother of Jesus. as they prayed. ." 2 Acts 4 Ps. and blessed the Lord. and sincere. with the disciples." only admits into the divine and eternal home those among whom prayer is unanimous. and delivered from and common Our evil. because a peaceful. their speech was availing and effectual." it says. and with His brethren. although Christ had not yet taught them how to pray. For we say not " My Father. and this the faith of the sacred Scripture assures us." nor "Give me this day my daily bread. and in telling us how such as these prayed. Before 8. as for one who prays to pray for himself alone. Mary who was the prayer. prayer is public and when we pray. in order that we may be such as they were " these three. gives an example which we ought to follow in our " Then prayers. v. and being of one heart in the agreement of the spirit ." 1 They spoke as if from one mouth. G. speaking together in prayer. : and by the agreement 3 of their praying. And therefore. "who 4 maketh men to dwell of one mind in a house. 14." says the Scripture. declaring both by the urgency apostles. all tilings. 9. which art in heaven. " Both the urgency and the agreement. 28. who taught unity. Thus also we find that the prayed after the Lord's ascen" " sion They all.

who not only unbelievingly despised Christ. and His own Him not. . ought from this point to begin both to give thanks and to profess gave power to that believe in His name. among the very first words heaven of his new birth. these have observed who believe of those who. and that he has begun to know as well as to have as a father Him only who is in heaven. which rebukes and condemns the Jews."" He says. 9." says He. I have and who have not acknowledged their own Thy precepts. which art in heaven. and restored by the nativity of spiritual grace.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN." And to the disciple who had made mention of his dead father. He replied. moreover. have begun to be sons of God. 10. as it is written : " They who say unto their father and their mother. 404 collected in the words. thee. since the Deut. 9. as in a compendium of heavenly doctrine. only to observe and understand that we should call Him Father who is in heaven . " Let 4 the dead bury their dead. while the Father of believers is living. and also to bear witness. by declaring that God is his Father in . the Father of not known children . and sent first to them." us to call "no man our father upon earth. who had been announced to them by the prophets. A word this. even to them 1 The man." The new man. beloved brethren. xxiii." " a son. 3 Matt. and have kept 2 Also the Lord in His Gospel has bidden Thy covenant. because there is 3 to us one Father. but spiritually abundant in virtue ! so that there is absolutely nothing passed over that is not com- prehended in these our prayers and petitions. that he has renounced an earthly and carnal father. being sanctified by Him. 11. begun place He came. who has believed in His name. and say our Father. " After this manner. born again and restored to his God by His grace. now 2 call God their Father. " to His own." for he had said that his father was dead. to them received He become the sons of God. xxxiii. 4 Lord con- Matt. but also cruelly put Him to death and those . says " in the first because he has now to be Father. Nor ought we." himself God's son. but we add to it. these cannot 1 John i. that is. 22. "pray ye: Our Father. who is in heaven. and has become God's son. But as many as received Him. therefore. viii.

none of us would dare to venture on in prayer. 44. evil seed. seeing that He has wished us to pray in the sight of God in such a way as to call God Father. . and has ceased to be the Father of the Jews. 2 ! Ye have forsaken the Lord ye have proOne of Israel to anger. and to call ourselves sons a name which of God. . But how great is the Lord's indulgence ! how great His condescension and plenteousness of goodness towards us. and the lusts of your father ye will do. For he was a murderer from the beginning. 2 " 4 John A very viii. a corrupt children voked the Holy wicked seed. Let us converse as temples of God. to remember and to know. a people laden with sins.ON THE LORD'S PEA YEE. so that in the measure in which we find pleasure in considering God as a Father. 3." 34. in self: " Whosoever committeth sin is is the servant of sin. ." 11. unless He Himself had allowed us thus to pray! We ought then. may consider and do nothing but spiritual " Them that things since the Lord God Himself has said." 1 And by Isaiah the prophet brought up knoweth God cries children " I have begotten and in wrath. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever. . so that we who have begun to be heavenly and heavenly tual. say Our Father . lawless children. but the name of sons attributed is granted. and my people hath not understood me. sinful nation. The ox and the ass his master's crib but Israel hath not known me. who have forsaken Him. that it may be plain that God Let not our doings be degenerate from the dwells in us. and spiriSpirit . saying. but they have despised me." 3 In repudiation . we Christians. and to them the words of our Lord Him- remission of sins immortality is promised anew. 1 John 8 Isa. behas begun to be ours. beloved brethren. He might also be able to find pleasure in us. founds and confutes them. i. " Ye 405 are born of your father the devil. viii. even as Christ is the Son of God. and abode not in the truth. Father. but the son 4 abideth ever. Nor can a of these. cause He sinful people be a son to those to whom . when we pray. that when we call God we ought to act as God's children. Ah his owner. because there is no truth in him.

nor extortioners. to sin no more lest a worse thing happen unto him. selves with mankind. But by whom is God sanctified. 2 1 Cor. Him that His name may be hallowed in us. that we who were sanctified in bapwe have begun to be.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. shall inherit the kingdom of apostle declares. And continue in that which we daily pray for . xx. effeminate. " Be ye holy." not that great price. Thy kingdom come. And what the sanctification is this which is conferred upon us by the condescension of God. because He says. nor deceivers. nor revilers. 2 Glorify and bear about God in your body. and because our Lord and Judge warns the man that was healed and quickened by Him." 12. He may be hallowed by our prayers." tism we may ask and entreat." " : epistle and he that despiseth me shall be . Lord Jesus Christ. but ye are washed . for we have need of daily sanctificathat we who daily fall away may wash out our sins by tion. we ask day and night. and by the Spirit of our God. After this we say. 4 1 Cor. 9. we make this supplication in our constant prayers." 4 He says that we are sanctified in the name of our Lord Jesus We Christ. blessed apostle also has laid down in his are not your own for ye are bought with a I will honour 1 Ye . nor nor nor abusers of themnor idolaters. 7. pray that this sanctification may abide in us . ii. since He Himself sanctifies ? Well. even as also ask that His name may be sanctified in us. even as I am we wish God for that but that we beseech of 3 holy. continual sanctification. nor thieves. nor drunkards. There follows in the prayer. when he says. 13. such indeed were you . the " Neither fornicators. And God. adulterers. 30. and by the Spirit of our God. but but ye are sanctified in the name of our ye are justified . 406 me honour The despised. For when we does God not reign. Sam. 20. vi. " Hallowed be Thy name . and never ceases to be? Him which We pray that 1 1 3 Lev. that the sanctification and quickening which is received from the grace of God may be preserved by His protection. We this ask that the kingdom of God may be set forth to us. . vi. or when does that begin with both always has been.

as in heaven so in earth . desires not earthly. : But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer 3 there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. may hereafter . 11. is moreover greater than its honours and kingdom. 2 Or." not that God should do what He wills. however. xxv. which has been promised us by God. also. . so also the kingdom of God may be understood to be HimBut we do well in seeking self. may be kingdom of God.OiV THE LORD'S PRA YER. that we fall not away from the heavenly kingdom." shows that the Jews were previously children of the darkness He : kingdom. viii. whose advent we crave to be quickly manifested to us." 1 Christ Himself. "Come. and shall recline with Abraham. ye blessed of my Father. because But he who has already there is also an earthly kingdom. " shall come from the east and from the west. and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. renounced the world. 407 our kingdom. dearest brethren. as He Himself promises and says. the heavenly kingdom. in our prayer begin to call God our Father. that is. fell away even as the Lord sets forth and proves " Many. we pray and ask that God's but that we may be able to do He may 1 Matt. whom we day by day desire to come. that the devil from obeying with our thought hindered we are by in all will deed and God's things. 34. " our resurrection. so long as they continued also to be children of God. its . who " add. pray also that God's kingdom may come to us. receive the kingdom which has been prepared for you from the beginning of the world. 14. the kingdom also ceased and therefore we Christians. to whom this promise had first been given. since in Him we shall reign. But there is need of continual prayer and supplication." 3 Matt. We what God wills. and Isaac. but heavenly kingdoms. Thy will be done. may come. but after the name of Father ceased to be recognised among them." says He. is the kingdom of God. reign with Christ when He reigns. 2 since in Him we rise again. and say. For since the He Himself the Resurrection. And therefore he who dedicates himself to God and Christ. which was acquired by the blood and passion of Christ that we who first are His subjects in the world. as the Jews. . For who not do what He wills ? But since resists God.

and affording an example to His disciples that they should do not their own will. world. 39. God And also abideth for ever. to love God a Father . to stand by His cross bravely and faithfully when there is any contest on behalf of His name and honour. "Father. that is. the love of the also exhorts Father is For not in him. mercifulness in works . prefer nothing whatever to Christ. which is not of the Father. my own will. 408 may be done in us . since no one is strong in his own strength. to love in that . be possible. to be unable to do a wrong. discipline in morals . and the all that is in the world the is and the ambition lust of the eyes. and that it may be done in us we have need of God's good will. 15-17. but as Thou wilt. .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. 38. If any man love the world. 2 John vi. that confidence wherewith we do battle. the world. because anything to us . Humility in conversation stedfastness in faith modesty in words justice in deeds . He went on to say. and the lust thereof : but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. of His help and protection." We who 3 who ever should do the will of God." Now if the Son was obenot as I His Father's dient to do how much more will. 1 Matt. . to exhibit in discourse that constancy wherewith we make confession in torture. but God's. ! and instructs us to do " Love not the world." " I came down from heaven not to do says. but 2 the will of Him that sent me. able to bear a brethren that He . . setting forth the infirmity of the further. with to fear to keep peace with the one's heart all Him Him in He is God to He did not prefer . but he is safe will And by the grace and mercy of God. in death. let this cup pass from me. 8 1 John ii." says. even as of life. Now that is the will of is desire to abide for everlasting. God which Christ both did and taught. 15. is wrong when done. . xxvi. "Nevertheless if it 1 And in another place He will. but of the lust of the the world shall pass away. . the Lord. lust of the flesh. He humanity which bore. this is to desire to that patience whereby we are crowned . to adhere inseparably to His love . servant be obedient to do his Master's will John should the as in his epistle the will of God. neither the things that are in saying. and to be .

in that is the spirit seeks heavenly and divine things. dissensions. variance. agreement may be made between these two natures. and a daily strife as they disagree one with the other. wraths. Moreover. and therefore we ask that. against the spirit." says he. revelI tell you before. magnanimity. and the for these are contrary the one to the spirit against the flesh other . . that earthly . strife. drunkenness. 16. a struggle . and such like : of the which have also told you in times past. and should things give place to heavenly. the will of God concerning us should be done both in heaven and because this is the will of God. faith. 17-22. Now the works of the flesh are manifest. emulations. goodness." Gal. fornications. Apostle Paul openly and manifestly declares by his words : " The " lusteth flesh. v. each of which things pertains to the fulfilment of our safety and salvation. things shall not inherit the of the spirit which do such But the fruit is love. as I lings. hatred. lasciviousness. . this is to 409 do the commandment this is to fulfil the will of the Father. For since we the from the earth and the possess body spirit from heaven. envyings. witch- craft. since the 1 it may be thus understood. continence. which are these adul: . so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. that prayer daily. that to love Lord commands and admonishes us even Some add " 2 earnestly. the soul which is This is what the new-born by Him may be preserved. joy. and that spiritual divine things should prevail. 2 And therefore we make gentleness. while the flesh lusts 1 after earthly and temporal things. murders. so cannot do those very things that we would. teries. be fellow-heirs with Christ of God . idolatry. so that while the will of God is done both in the spirit and in the flesh.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. that they kingdom of God. heresies. by the help and assistance of God. beloved brethren." it our in in continual supplications. seditions. chastity. we ask that the will of God may be done both in heaven and in earth. peace. both in body and there that is we we pray spirit For between that God's will the flesh and spirit there may be done. we ourselves are earth and heaven . and in both that is. uncleanness. in earth And 17. yea.

" Our Father. that even in respect of these God's will should be done. we should ask. and warns. as withheld and not communicating. so also we call Christ our bread. apostle designates the first man as being from the dust of the earth. who maketh His sun to the upon good and bad. and sends rain upon the just and the unjust. in those who being born of water and of the Spirit. not. may. And according as we say. which Christ accomplished in preserving and renewing humanity. the bread of and For Christ is bread does not belong to all men. I am the bread of life which came down from heaven. so pray and ask by the admonition of Christ ought be like to rise make our prayer for the salvation of all men that as heaven that is.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. who and the God our Father. For since the disciples are not now called by Him earth. by being prevented. in us by our faith the will of God has been done. moreover. in . and have not yet begun to be heavenly." because Christ is the life ." because He is the Father of those who understand and believe . that they 1 who believe [not] God's'will may be done. that is. for those who are still earth. and to pray even for those who persecute us. he shall live for ever : " not. from partaking of the heavenly bread." editions omit this 1 Some 2 This passage " is differently read as follows And according as we say Our Father. 410 our enemies. but it is ours. as He Himself predicts. the prayer goes forward. this 2 And we are in union with His body." And this may be understood both and because either way of understanding spiritually literally. begin to be of heaven. If any man eat of my and the bread which I will give bread. who and may daily receive the Eucharist for the food of by the interposition of some heinous sin." : . salvation. it is As rich in divine usefulness to our salvation. but the second from heaven. as yet are by their first birth of earth. be separated from Christ's " body. we reasonably. so also we call it " our bread. so that we might be of heaven so also in earth as to . we ask and say. 18. " Give us this day our daily bread. ask that this bread should be given to us daily. that we who bread of those are in Christ. because He is ours as we come in contact with His body. but the salt of the earth.

that whoever shall eat is world. to ask for his daily food. " Unless ye eat the flesh of the Son of man." renouncing all all that he hath. be to us that we who abide and may given daily. therefore.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. 2 John vi. and into many and hurtful lusts. as He Himself threatens. ought " Take no thought for the morrow. into this world. since he is prohibited from thinking of the morrow . so. on the other hand. my " Whosoever forsaketh not 3 disciple. 34. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare. being withheld from communion. Having therefore food and raiment. 19. and not to extend the desires of his petition to a long period. shall take itself thought for itself. John vi. 3 Luke xiv. and says." says he. that we who have renounced the world. 53." 4 With reason. we must fear and pray lest any one who. for the morrow says. Thus also the blessed apostle admonishes us. 2 And therefore we ask that our bread that is. But it may also be thus understood. is separate from Christ's body should remain at a distance from salvation. giving substance and strength to the stedfastness of our hope and faith " since we : " brought nothing. and have cast away its riches and pomps in the faith of spiritual grace. 58. us be herewith content. cannot be to be Christ's disciple. But he who has begun things according to the word of his Master. 4 Matt. vi. we let which drown men in perdition and destruction. does Christ's disciple ask food for himself for the day. We nor indeed can carry anything out. should only ask for and support. in Christ may not depart from His sanctification and in you. ye shall have no life ever . 33." 1 411 When. because it becomes a contradiction and a repugnant thing for us to seek to live long in this world. as the Lord again prescribes. Sufficient for the day is and the evil thereof. . for the life of the He says. ask that the kingdom of God should come quickly. then. and ourselves food says. For the love money is the root of all evil which while some coveted of 1 . my flesh. and drink His blood." Christ live body. since the Lord instructs us. of His bread shall live for as it is manifest that those who partake of His body and receive the Eucharist by the right of communion are living.

He promises that we eat. accompanies his possessions. For daily bread cannot be wanting to the righteous provided ? man." 3 will not slay the soul of and again. let him thus learn to pray. the Lord tells us that he becomes perfect and complete who sells all his goods. 7. and with his loins girded. what he ought to be. that in them is the root of seducing evils. who thinks of his earthly wealth. Whence also God fool. this night thy soul shall be required then whose shall those things be which thou hast " The fool who was to die that very night was rejoicing in his stores. and now am old. was thinking of the abundance of his food. He teaches us that riches are not only to be con- temned. 20." seek God's kingdom and righteousness. made shipwreck from they have the faith. is involved in no entanglements of worldly estate. the other hand. that deceive the blindness of the human mind by a hidden deception. "I have been young. Thou fool. of thee . For which result. since it is " written. which before have been sent to God. He says that that man is able to follow Him. and so lays up for himself treasure in heaven./ rebukes the rich " saying. free from hindrance. yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken. The Lord the righteous by hunger. and to imitate the glory of the Lord's passion. and boasts himself in the abundance of his overflowing o harvests. 2 Luke 5 Matt. and know. 25. from the character of the prayer. says. 3. vi. what shall we drink. and have l pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 3 Prov. who. vi." " Take no over and What shall promises thought. saying. 21. and he to whom life already was But." 20. and 5 To those who all these things shall be added unto you. x. 412 after. And your Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. or 1 1 Tim. . on failing. that every one of us may be able to prepare himself. 4 Ps. but that they are also full of peril . or wherewithal shall we be clothed ? For after all these things do the nations seek. 31. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. and distributes them for the use of the poor.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. 4 And the Lord morenor his seed begging their bread. xxxvii. but at large and free himself. xii.

as we also forgive our debtors. and in the midst of wild beasts who were hungry." the supply of food. the man of God was Thus Elijah ministering to him fed. we deceive ourselves. 3 1 John L 8. xviii. in his flight was nourished both by ravens in his solitude. himself that he flatter is 11 If we say that we have no sin. Thus. while ! men lay snares. pardon of sin is also asked for. as all 1 And we ad- monished that we are sinners.ON THE all LORD'S PRAYER. For things shall be added. 32. to these the Lord if He our sins are forgiven . that debt. has promised that His fatherly mercy and said that the faith of pardon 1 Matt. " And After forgive us our debts. because thou desiredst me. . the soul recalls its own consciousness [of guilt] ! Lest any one should 2 innocent. and Therefore he that we should obtain pardon when we ask. keeping the His promise . and the truth is not in us . and rage ! 22. Thus a meal was divinely when he was shut up by the king's provided for Daniel will : command in the den of lions. since we are compelled to entreat for our sins. but if we confess our sins." 3 In his epistle he has combined both. be wanting to him who possesses God." necessarily. Although none is innocent" is here added by some. the Lord is and just to forgive us our sins. if God nothing Himself be not wanting to him. he is instructed and taught that he sins daily. saying. and says. After this we also entreat for our sins. faithful Lord was faithful to forgive sins. that he who is fed by God may live in God. and while pardon is asked for from God. but the eternal which we may come also. 2 " shall follow. moreover. are gave thee how calls debts. and yet spared him. that we should entreat for our sins. and by exalting himself should more deeply perish. and by birds bringing him food in his persecution. and that not only the present and temporal life may be provided for. in that he is bidden to entreat daily for his sins. and " I forsays in His Gospel. And oh detestable cruelty of the malice of man the wild beasts spare. because He who taught us to pray for our debts and sins. 413 since all things are God's. how providently and salutarily. the birds feed. John also in his epistle warns us.

that so God also may be Our peace and appeased by the prayers of a peacemaker. would not forgive his fellow-servant. having one spirit. he lost the indulgence that self his lord. vii. 24. neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive you your 2 There remains no ground of excuse in the day trespasses. gifts. that you also will suffer. had been shown to himstill more by urgently sets forth in His precepts with yet greater power of His " When " rebuke. and in agreement." of judgment. it shall .THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. such He washes us when newservant. and of one mind in His house. For God commands us to be peacemakers." 1 And the servant who. With be measured to you again. . when you will be judged according to your own sentence and whatever you have done. we should also have one heart and one mind. 414 23. For even in the sacrifices which Abel and Cain offered. is cast back into prison because he would not forgive his fellow- what measure ye mete. but commands him to go back from the altar and first be reconciled to his brother. He " says in another place. that we should ask that our debts be formven us in such O a manner as we ourselves forgive our debtors. so who was 2 acceptable in his Mark xi. 25. ye stand praying." says He. unity people is Son. and of the Holy Spirit. that your Father which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. and a brotherly agreement of in the of the and the in one united Father. And these things Christ . But if ye do not forgive. that we who have begun to be sons of God may abide in God's peace. Thus God does not receive the sacrifice of a person who is in disagreement./ after havino. that he God looked not at their was acceptable 1 Matt. and such as He makes us by a second birth. born to continue. in his gift first but at their hearts.O had all his debt forgiven O him by his master. 2. the greater sacrifice to God. and has bound us by a certain condition and engagement. forgive if ye have aught against any. He has clearly joined herewith and added the law. knowing that that which we seek for our sins cannot be obtained unless we ourselves have acted in a similar way in respect of our Therefore also debtors. and that.

even if he have been slain . nor does he live with God. "He who 2 hateth his brother is a murderer." 3 But power is given to us according to our sins. of came to and Jerusalem.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. With reason did he." 2 Kings xxiv. with the law of righteousness. xlii. which says. such 1 will be avenged with the Lord in the day of judgment but the quarrelsome and disunited. with a simple heart. and Israel to those who make a prey of Him ? Did not the Lord. and he who has not peace with his brethren. heart. taught others also. with the peace of concord. 2 1 John iii. This is " Nebuchadnezzar proved by divine Scripture. Finally. peaceable and righteous in sacrificing in innocence to God. " Who gave Jacob for a spoil. brought upon them the anger of His wrath. such are crowned by the Lord. How great is the sin which cannot to the even be washed away by a baptism of blood how heinous ! the crime which cannot be expiated by martyrdom 25. as it is written. temptation. nor hear His law ? and He has 4 And again. as it is written. and obedience may be turned towards God. 24. who was such in respect of God's sacrifice. and initiated the Lord's passion by the glory of his blood. 415 Abe]. 11. and evil against would not walk in His ways. since in our temptations nothing is permitted to evil unless power is given from Him. had both the Lord's righteousness and His peace. 15. He cannot be with Christ." 1 3 " will judge." In which words it is shown that the adversary can do no! thing against us except God shall have previously permitted it . Moreover. and devotion. who had rather be an imitator of Judas than of Christ. shall not be able to escape the crime of fraternal dissension. the Lord of necessity admonishes us to " And suffer us not to be led into say in prayer. against whom they sinned." and no murderer attains for the kingdom of heaven. when they bring their gift to the altar. . so that all our fear. thus to come with the fear of God. . king Babylon besieged it . in accordance with what the blessed apostle and the holy Scripture testifies. become subsequently himself a sacrifice to God so that he who first set forth martyrdom. because. and the Lord delivered it into his hand. name of Christ. 4 Isa. Or.

if He afford His help to us who pray for and implore it. For we conclude by saying. " Lord Himself." 4 so that while a humble and submissive confession comes is first. lest any should take to himself the glory when the Watch and pray. 11. And when we say. saying. in the conclusion of the prayer comes a brief clause. temptation. all that he hath I give unto 2 hands but be careful And the not to touch himself. there. John xix." comprehending all adverse things which the enemy attempts against us in this world. then against everything which the devil and the world work against us we stand secure and safe. Deliver us from evil. For what fear is there in this life." 26. 38. 12." thy Lord in His Gospel says. to the man whose guardian in this life 1 8 1 is God ? Kings xi. as we see was done with respect to Job. When we have once asked for God's protection against evil. 416 when Solomon sinned. said. it is recorded. and departed from the Lord's commandments and ways. " But deliver us from evil. 2 * Job i. . we are reminded of our infirmity and weakness in that we thus ask. which shortly and comprehensively sums up all our petitions and our prayers. as God Himself : " Behold. 14. or for glory when we are proved. "Thou couldest have no power against me unless it were given thee from above. from which there may be a faithful and sure protection if God deliver us. and have obtained it. that ye enter not into temptation . the spirit indeed is willing.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. After all these things. and God. may all is attributed to sought for suppliantly with fear be granted by His own loving-kindness. lest any should insolently vaunt himself. lest any should proudly and arrogantly assume any- thing to himself. teaching humility. whatever and honour of God. either of confession or of suffering as his own. "And the Lord stirred 1 up Satan against Solomon himself. but the flesh is weak. Mark xiv. remains nothing further which ought to be asked. Now power is given against us in two modes either for punishment when we sin." * But when we ask that we may not come into sets forth. in the time of His passion. . 27.

this eternal. Nor also. and Jesus Christ. 2 29-31. xxii. and con- Lord taught us to : tinued all night in prayer to God. O Israel the Lord thy God is one God and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. 3. what it behoved us to do. : second self.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. when He taught what is life eternal." " And again He went out into a mountain to pray. but in deeds this is the 29. and with all thy strength. these two commandments hang And : 7 law and the prophets. as it is written. B Matt." 3 For when God. our Lord Jesus Christ. the law and the prophets the when He would gather from and greatest commandments. that the pray. because a shortened teaching word 2 Word the Lord make in the whole earth. vi. that the memory of the scholars gathering alike the learned might not be burdened in the celestial learning." 4 Also. published to every sex and every age the precepts of salvation. 12. and will the of and unlearned. do ye even so to them. 3 Isa. " Hear. " consummating and shortening His word. the only and whom Thou hast sent. 9 Luke 1 * Verbum. " in righteousness. is the His This had in all our prayer in one saving sentence ? been before foretold by Isaiah the prophet. . He made a large compendium of His precepts. but quickly learn what was necessary to a simple faith. beloved brethren. D 22. vii. sacra- " And might know Thee. saying. might Thus. This is the first commandment. and there prayed. if such prayer which God taught." l He says. 6 Matt. he spoke of the majesty and loving-kindness of God. Himself praying frequently and thus showing us. when. and with all thy mind. that they is life true God. 16. 417 What wonder is it. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy- all the law and " Whatsoever good things ye again should do unto you. He said. already filled with the being Holy Spirit. And the first . xii." 9 But if He prayed who 2 Sermonem. John xvii." G would that men For it. seeing that He condensed 28." was it only in words. by the testimony of and beseeching [God]. 7 Matt. came unto all. x. 8 Luke v. He embraced the ment of life in' a large and divine brevity. His example. 12." 5 is " like unto On the prophets. 40. " But 8 Himself departed into a solitary place.

For frequently he steals upon us. He in addition also prayed for us. but for them also which shall believe on me through their word that they all may be one . we ought to He knew come that discord cannot into God. no less than His mercy. 418 was without if He how much more ought sinners to pray and the whole prayed continually. in uninterrupted petitions. prepares the minds of the brethren by saying. 31. desirous doubtless that His people should thus be saved and desire of so also His petition. and I in Thee. Father. when He half? 30. watching through night sin." fail not. intent on our prayers. Moreover.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. as Thou. pray I for these alone. up unto "We the Lord. since for this same thing even the Lord besought. beloved brethren. nor let it God's enemy to approach to it at the time of prayer. and suffer 1 Luke xxii. that like as the we should abide in absolute unity live in peace. how much more ought nightly in constantly repeated prayer ! we to watch But the Lord prayed and besought not for Himself why should He who was guiltless pray on His own bebut for our sins. Let all carnal and worldly thoughts pass away. is great in respect of our salvation. Behold now what was the Father and Son are one. art in me. be watchful and earnest with our whole heart. saying. " Behold. not content to redeem us with His blood. For this reason also the priest. they also may be one in us. as He Himself declared." he may be reminded that he himself ought to think of nothing but the Lord. since the kingdom of 31. nor let the soul at that time think on anything but the object only of its prayer. that thy faith 1 subsequently He beseeches the Father for " Neither all. in that. . and be open to God alone ." lift them that so upon the people's response. But I have prayed for thee. . 20. by way of preface before his prayer. how he sins who divides unity it be understood may greatly and peace. " Lift up your hearts. 2 John xvii. and penetrates within. when we stand praying. that 2 The Lord's loving-kindness. Let the breast be closed against the adversary. Satan hath desired that he might sift you as wheat. for said to Peter. so that from this ." And .

' it is. assuredly also. 2 Col. for instance. when not the sound of the voice. saying. as if there were anything which you should rather be thinking carelessness How can you ask you are speaking with God be heard of God. 2. yet my heart waketh. 2. eyes. ought to be awake with his heart." 2 to obtain is. 8. as it is written in the person of the church you pray to lessness of speaking in the Song of Songs. when he prayed. to be distracted and carried away by foolish and profane thoughts when you are praying to the Lord. 8 Tob." result. when God. is as every tree that bringeth not forth fruit is cut down and cast into the fire . claim to be heard. because they are fruitful in no And thus holy Scripture instructs us.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. even though he is asleep with his eyes. whom God sees to be teaching. and of ever praying to God." 1 Wherefore the apostle anxiously and carefully warns us. give us in the day of judgment a reward for our labours and alms. that one thing in our heart and another in our may have we voice. words that do not bear fruit cannot deserve anything of God. and watch in the same. when you yourself do not hear yourself ? Do you wish that God should remember you when you ask. Cornelius the centurion. Thus. Moreover. xx. For he was in the habit of doing had a many alms-deeds towards the people. that watchful in their prayer. saying. " Continue in prayer. "I sleep. to offend the majesty of God by the careyour prayer. . i. and showing that those are able from God what they ask. " Prayer 3 is For He who will good with fasting and almsgiving. v. is abso- is. this is to be watchful with your and to be asleep with your heart. of than that ! to you yourself do not remember yourself? This lutely to take no precaution against the enemy this if . while the Christian. 32.7 oucrht O to be praying to the Lord with a But what simple intention. by 419 crafty deceit calls away our prayers from God. Petition is ineffectual when it For a barren entreaty that beseeches God. 1 Cant. is even in this life a merciful hearer of one who comes to Him in prayer associated with good works. those who pray should not come to God with fruitless or naked prayers. but the soul and mind.

4. but didst go out and cover the dead. and giving alms that will among the members of God's household according to His com- mands. and the glory of God shall Then surround thee. and Sarah. Iviii. 12-15. full. and righteousness shall go before thee. Thus also Raphael the was a witness to the constant angel prayer and the constant " good works of Tobias. when he prayed about the ninth hour." saith he. The blessed Apostle Paul. and bring the poor that are without shelter into thy house. I did bring the remembrance of your prayers before And when thou didst bury the dead in the holiness of God. 420 To this man. He shall say. " Cornelius. one of the seven holy angels which stand and go in and out 2 before the glory of God. when aided in the necessity of affliction by his brethren. let the troubled go into peace. saying. and says promises that and while thou He He hear and protect those who. shalt thou call. and God shall shalt yet speak. said that good works which are performed are " I am sacrifices to God. and despise not those of the same family and race as thyself. simplicity. loosening the knots of unrighteousness from their heart. Those prayers quickly ascend to God which the merits of our labours urge upon God. and teaches similar things. "having received 1 Acts x." 33." 3 He . every knot of iniquity. thy prayers and thine alms are gone up in remem1 brance before God. appeared an angel bearing testimony to his labours.THE TREATISES OF CYPRIAN. and break every unjust engagement. and thy raiment shall spring forth speedily ." By Isaiah also the Lord reminds " Loosen us. and again God has sent me to heal and Sarah thy daughter-in-law. When thou seest the naked. I was sent to prove thee . arid saying. 6-9. . Then thy light break shall forth in season. xii. no power. saying. release the oppressions of contracts which have thee. do themselves also deserve to be heard by God. It is honourable to reveal and confess the works of God. For I am Raphael. For when thou didst pray. hear thee I am. Break thy bread to the hungry. and because thou didst not delay to rise up and to leave thy dinner. 2. clothe him . Here will be at hand. even in hearing what God commands to be done. 3 Isa. 2 Tob.

being strong in faith and victorious in captivity. for a sacrament of the Trinity. washed away our sins by salvation. 18. prayer observed of old. And in discharging the duties of prayer. as it were. who fulfilled the grace of the Lord's Moreover. He then accomplished His victory by His passion. he lends to God and he who gives to the least gives to God spiritually to God an odour of a sweet smell. the perfect Trinity is numbered every three hours.ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. Thou hear my voice. both the times and the sacraments have now increased in number. which spaces of hours the worshippers of God in time past having spiritually decided on. Peter. iv. Lord. Holy the house-top. saying. sixth. sacrifices 34. observed the third. because unto Thee will I cry . that the Lord's resurrection by morning And this prayer. 421 of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you. and that He might redeem and quicken us. which in the last times had to be manifested. For upon the disciples at the third hour the Spirit descended. 1 be celebrated formerly the Holy Spirit " and My my God. beloved brethren. besides the hours of His blood . going up unto promise. But for us. For we must also pray in the morning. King. in the morning in the morning will I stand . 35. well pleasing 1 to God. made use of the ninth is for determined and lawful times for prayer. and also the fourth proceeding to the number sixth declares another Trinity . a sacrifice acceptable. that these things were of old Sacraments. the ninth. pointed out in the Psalms. . And subse- quently the thing was manifested. in that anciently righteous men prayed i