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kev|ew of 1w|n C|t|es Safe Streets V|o|ent Gang 1ask Iorce (1CSSVG1I

1he SLaLewlde CoordlnaLor ls charged wlLh ºcoordlnaLlng and monlLorlng all funded mulLlŴ[urlsdlcLlonal
enforcemenL acLlvlLles and monlLorlng compllance wlLh lnvesLlgaLlve proLocolsŦ" Pe ls also Lo submlL
audlLs and correcLlve acLlons based on audlL resulLs of Lhe vlolenL Crlme LnforcemenL 1eams (vCL1)
Lo Lhe Commlssloner of Þubllc SafeLyŦ
1he 1CSSvC1l dlffers slgnlflcanLly from oLher vCL1 as lL operaLes under a lederal memorandum of
undersLandlng (MCu) among Lhe l8lţ Lhe ClLy of Mlnneapollsţ Lhe ClLy of Lhe SLŦ Þaul and Lhe 8ureau of
Crlmlnal ApprehenslonŦ 1he MCu deslgnaLes Lhe l8l as Lhe responslble agenL for Lhe overall
managemenL of 1CSSvC1l and furLher ouLllnes Lhe purposeţ mlsslonţ supervlslonţ case asslgnmenLsţ
resource conLrolţ operaLlonsţ reporLs and recordsţ lnformaLlon sharlngţ prosecuLlonsţ lnvesLlgaLlve
meLhods/evldenceţ undercover operaLlonsţ shooLlng lncldenL pollclesţ depuLaLlonsţ vehlclesţ
compensaLlonţ properLy and equlpmenLţ fundlngţ forfelLuresţ dlspuLe resoluLlonţ medla releasesţ
securlLy clearancesţ llablllLyţ duraLlon and LralnlngŦ 1he MCu sLaLes LhaL law enforcemenL acLlvlLy ls Lo
be conducLed ln accordance wlLh Lhe unlLed SLaLes ALLorney Ceneral CuldellnesŦ
ln 2010ţ Lhe Commlssloner of Þubllc SafeLy accepLed Lhe MCu and l8l supervlslon ln lleu of adherence
Lo Lhe vlolenL Crlme CoordlnaLlng Councll (vCCC) CperaLlng Culdellnes Manual whlch governs law
enforcemenL acLlvlLles for oLher vCL1Ŧ lunds were awarded Lo boLh Lhe clLles of Mlnneapolls and SLŦ
Þaul Lo supporL personnel cosLs Lo esLabllsh and malnLaln opLlmal sLafflng levels for Lhe 1CSSvC1lŦ
1hls ls Lhe flrsL revlew of Lhe 1CSSvC1l
ln preparaLlon for Lhe revlewţ Lhe sLaLewlde coordlnaLor spoke wlLh currenL and former employeesţ
members of oLher Lask forces as well as prosecuLlng aLLorney's from Lhe unlLed SLaLes ALLorney's CfflceŦ
Cn CcLober 11ţ Lhe sLaLewlde coordlnaLor meL wlLh Lhe supervlsors of Lhe 1wln ClLles Safe SLreeLs
vlolenL Cang 1ask lorce (1CSSvC1l) aL Lhelr offlce ln MlnneapollsŦ Pe spoke Lo each supervlsor
lndlvldually and assessed Lhe same areas LhaL he had revlewed aL Lhe oLher vCL1Ŧ Pe used Lhe besL
pracLlces guldance ln Lhe vCCC manual Lo evaluaLe operaLlonsŦ
Pe acknowledged Lhe successful ouLcomesţ Lhe hard work and commlLmenL of Lhe 1CSSvC1l and also
ldenLlfled several areas of concernŦ
Cn november 3
ţ Lhe LxecuLlve ulrecLor of Lhe Cfflce of !usLlce Þrograms meL wlLh Lhe supervlsory
sLaffţ uepuLy Chlef 8ob Allen of Lhe Mlnneapolls Þollce ueparLmenL and 8lck 1hornLon of Lhe l8lţ on
behalf of Lhe sLaLewlde coordlnaLorţ Lo ask addlLlonal follow Ŷup quesLlonsŦ 1hls followŴup sesslon ls
cusLomary when lssues are ldenLlfled ln Lhe lnlLlal assessmenLŦ

Correct|ve Act|on Issue 1
Adv|sory 8oard
MlnnesoLa SLaLuLe 299AŦ642ţ subdŦ 11 requlres a governlng body of aL leasL slx membersţ conslsLlng of
Lhe chlef law enforcemenL offlcer or deslgneeţ from each parLlclpaLlng agencyţ a prosecuLor for one of
Lhe parLlclpaLlng agenclesţ and up Lo Lhree addlLlonal members selecLed by Lhe governlng boardŦ
1he 2010 1CSSvC1l appllcaLlon(s) from Lhe local parLlclpaLlng agencles sLaLedť º1he Safe SLreeLs
lnlLlaLlve requlres an acLlveţ advlsory board LhaL wlll govern Lhe acLlons of Lhe Lask forceŦ ŧŦ lL wlll be
comprlsed of members from each of Lhe lnvolved agencles and wlll lnclude one member of Lhe SLŦ Þaul
Þollce ueparLmenLţ one member of Lhe Mlnneapolls Þollce ueparLmenLţ one member of Lhe lederal
8ureau of Apprehenslonţ one member of Lhe MlnnesoLa 8ureau of Crlmlnal Apprehenslonţ one member
of Lhe uŦSŦ ALLorney's Cfflceţ and one member of Lhe Pennepln CounLy ALLorney's CfflceŧŦLhe advlsory
board wlll meeL quarLerlyţ wlLh mlnuLes Lakenţ and wlll have a slgnlflcanL role ln developlng and
monlLorlng of Lask force prlorlLlesţ budgeLsţ and operaLlonal pollcles and proceduresŦ 1he board wlll
also ensure meanlngfulţ sLraLeglc resulLsŦ º 1hls body was never convenedŦ
AL Lhe followŴup meeLlng on novemberţ 3
ţ supervlsory sLaff lndlcaLed LhaL Lhey had no knowledge of
Lhls requlremenL as Lhey dld noL wrlLe Lhe appllcaLlonsŦ
Correct|ve Act|onť 1he 1c55v61l must immediote/y identify ond convene qoverninq boord members
to meet the /eqis/otive requirementŦ
Correct|ve Act|on Issue 2
1he sLaLewlde coordlnaLor also ldenLlfled deflclencles ln Lhe areas ofť supervlslonţ communlcaLlonţ
LargeL selecLlon and prosecuLlonŦ
ln Lhe followŴup sesslonţ Lhe supervlsory and command sLaff sLaLed LhaL ln Lhelr oplnlonţ hls assessmenL
of Lhese areas was sub[ecLlveţ lllŴlnformed and lncompleLeŦ
Correct|ve Act|on 2ť
WheLher Lhe deflclencles ldenLlfled by Lhe sLaLewlde coordlnaLor are pervaslveţ exlsL Lo a cerLaln degree
or are merely percelved by oLhers Lo exlsLţ Lhey musL be clarlfled and addressedŦ 1he lmmedlaLe
creaLlon of Lhe requlred advlsory board ls a vehlcle Lo accompllsh Lhls ob[ecLlveŦ 8oard meeLlngs wlll
provlde a forum for operaLlonsţ pollcy and procedure revlewţ problemŴsolvlngţ confllcL resoluLlonţ
sLraLegy developmenL and resource allocaLlonŦ 1helr prlmary role ls Lo provlde overslghL and asslsLance
Lo ensure LhaL Lhe mlsslon remalns clear and LhaL Lhey law enforcemenL Leam obLalns ºmeanlngful and
sLraLeglc resulLsŦ"
Correct|ve Act|onť 1he 1c55v61l must immediote/y identify ond convene qoverninq boord members
to provide /oco/ oversiqht ond quidonceŦ

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