Long day, need liquids. You bring water in a glass. You don’t understand. Long day, thirst growing. Pontificate my request. Please don’t bring me juice. Silence, hiss, pop, hiss. I heard you crack a soda. You idiot, NO!

Squirm worm  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  baby on ground  squirming like an inch worm does  Arms then buns  Soon the knees  The crucial piece discovered  Moving on  He had learned  The ancient art of crawling  On the move .

The Fyder  •  It’s a FYDER!  •  SREAM intense as expression  •  Freaked and psyched  •  Happiness  •  It comes with eight eyes and legs  •  It’s crawling  •  Can’t you see?  •  There’s a fyder on your back  •  sneak attack .

Captain of the Ship Don’t do that. Close the door Don’t you tell me to do that I tell you Come here please No. I can’t do that right now I am two . Don’t tell me not to do that! I do that.

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