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Tata Motors – second largest company in the Indian passenger car market The company started with manufacture of commercial vehicles, later forayed into passenger vehicles The Tata promise of a good product backed by a tradition of trust Ratan Tata had a vision of making transportation affordable to families, the Nano car shall replace two wheelers and make transport safer Tata Motors had joint ventures with different suppliers – to produce components in the most cost and design effective manner to reduce cost and increase ease of production Inclusive model of production – helped entrepreneurs to produce the car and make a living. Tata Motors shared technical expertise with the entrepreneurs Attention to detail in all parts – engine and transmission, body, vehicle, integration and safety Large scale innovation of parts and processes – Tata Motors filed 34 patents for design innovation The Nano was designed with all possible safety features and was positioned as a small car Very low car penetration in India provided ample sales and growth opportunities The Nano was priced low – the company looked at volume sales to improve profitability Challenges confronting the Nano :a) Major car manufacturers have entered / trying to enter the small car market b) Reselling of factory conditioned old cars by large manufacturers

Presenter - Rohit Basuri (U111160)

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