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Spring 2000 Dear Members, We asked, and you came forward with prompt approval!! Thank you for your support in reviewing the"p[oposed changes to our bylaws and amendments to the articles of incorporation. The special fall membership meeting recorded 205 in favor of the changes and one against. We are currently preparing the next set of information required for the filing of our 501 (c) (3) application. We extend our thanks to Arv Munson for his dedicated service as Commodore the past two years. Arv was recognized at the Commodore's Party and as a token of our appreciation the club presented him with a pottery platter that depicts Eagle Harbor. Arv continues on the board as a director and Rear Commodore. Holly Hanselman, John Peterson, Brud Sturgis and Bud Weaver were elected to three-year terms as members of the board of directors. Fritz Hanselman leaves the board but continues as treasurer. John Peterson was elected Vice Commodore. Thanks to our entire board for the dedication they continue to show in serving our yacht club. We ended our year with assets of $49,194.27, an excellent position considering our purchase of new boats last year. The end of summer brought sadness with the death of former commodore Chuck Sauter. His presence and contributions to the club in so many ways over the years will be sorely missed. A large number of members were able to attend his memorial service in DePere, and they shared memories with his wife, Martha, and sons Steve and David (Ruth) and daughter Jenny. Several of you have forwarded memorial contributions to the EYC, and we will be in consultation with the family before a deslqnation for the donations is established. For those who have inquired, donations can be made at any time. The new season's calendar is enclosed. We expect to have sufficient water in Eagle Harbor for our fleets, but don't forget to wish for a few rainy days before our sunny summer sailing season. Join us for the cleanup morning if you are able to on Saturday, May 27, or vve'lilook forward to seeing you in June. Suzanne Lisle, Commodore

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Club Opens!! Skippers meeting Sunday Sunfish Series Start first race Start Monday Ladies Bridge Skippers meeting MonfThur Junior JYs (Series A) Start first race Skippers meeting MonfThur Flying Scot (Series A) Start first race Start Tuesday Ladies Bridge Skippers meeting Tues/Fri Sunfish (Series A) Start first race EYC Sponsored Community CPR Class (See Staff) Fyr Bal Regatta Skippers Meeting Start first race Start Group Lessons (Session A) First Mates Coffee #1 Start Private Lessons Opening Social Fundraiser (Bring Hors d'ouevres) EYC Explorers (new activity, see posting, especially for age 8 and under with parent) Start Group Lessons (Session B) Ice Cream Social (Bring a Topping) Start Junior Activities - Age 9 and up (See posting at club) EYC Explorers Beach Party/Sand Castle Contest Boat Maintenance Clinic Day Skippers meeting Sunfish Regatta Start first race Start Group Lessons (Session C) First Mates Coffee #2 Skippers meeting MonlThur Junior JYs (Series B) Start first race Skippers meeting MonlThur Flying Scot (Series B) Start first race Skippers meeting TueS/Fri Sunfish (Series B) Start first race EYC Founders Day (Race or watch -- cookout following) First Mates Potluck Dinner Skippers meeting Round Robin Regatta Start first race Ephraim Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament Start Group Lessons (Session D) Skippers meeting 95 Annual Ephraim Regatta Bratfest Skippers meeting ss" Annual Ephraim Regatta Start first race EYC Annual Membership Meeting Eye Board Meeting Commodore's Cocktail Party Fundraiser - Bring hors d'oeuvre Skippers meeting 9th Annual Richie Hall Junior Regatta Start first race Awards Picnic

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FIRST MATES The very active first mates are a critical link in the success of our club. They provide the leadership and labor for many of our social and fund-raising activities. We especially thank Lola Munson for her leadership over the past two years. She coordinated with event chairmen and lined up help whenever and wherever needed. Highlights included the Opening Social organized by Prilla Beadell; the regatta breakfasts and luncheon organized by Mary Skatrud; the Ladies Potluck Dinner planned by Sue Christensen, Gretchen Meilinger, Lindy Robinette and Mary Lee Weaver; and the Commodore's party chaired by Judy Harmon. If you haven't attended the first mates' coffees in the past be sure to join us this summer. (June 19th and July 1th at 10:00 a.m.) We think you'll find the planning is often nearly as much fun as the events. MONDAY A.M. BRIDGE The Monday ladies bridge group ended its season September 13, 1999 with a potluck salad luncheon. Thanks to Arv Munson, we were able to play into September. Our season was most successful, averaging three tables every Monday and three times we had five tables! Our wonderful volunteer hostesses supplied us with delicious goodies. Thanks to all of you. The group starts meeting in June, meeting at noon with bring-your-own-Iunch (treats and beverages provided). New members are always welcome. Dorothy and I have enjoyed being your co-chairs these past two years. June of 2000 will find Jay Hellyer, Priscilla Apfelbach and Mary Lee Weaver at the helm. We hope you will give them the wonderful support you have given us. Have a good winter and we'll look forward to your return to Door County in the spring. -- Doris Price and Dorothy Piumbroeck TUESDAY A.M. BRIDGE The Tuesday morning bridge group has been active all summer. We start about 9: 15 and finish shortly before noon. We play three rounds of six hands each. Often some of us go out together for lunch at various restaurants. We welcome anyone who enjoys bridge and good fellowship to join us. -- Eloise Hanselman THE 94th REGATTA The Sun Ark, with Captain George Reynolds at the wheel, sounds the hom as it leaves the dock to Signal the beginnini of one more EYC Regatta. This August 1999 was the 94th annual, and final for the 20 Century, what a milestone!!. For over twenty years, the Sun Ark, with race committee aboard, has carried George (Boom Boom) Reynolds, the fusilier; Jean Reynolds, the flawless flag lady; Weed (spar judge) Vail; Frank (Regatta Chairman) Heidler, and his wife Sallie (recording secretary). Over the years, numerous loyal EYC members have donated time and effort to get the job done. This year, Hugh Meilinger (registrar), Mary Johnson (timer), anchormen Don Polzin and Max Robinette and mark boat experts Guy Bush and Lal Burridge all did a great job! The committee boat has always provided "the best seat in the house" for watching the races, but this year anchored out from Anderson Dock on Saturday, we were treated to a real

sideshow - the rescue by Mike Kahr of one damaged, listing, double masted sailboat, and one yacht that had sunk the night before. Never a dull one for this committee! We are accustomed to dealing with racing boats that request a change in crew throughout the five race series, but this year we were confronted with a first. One of the sixteen racing Scots registered and raced all Saturday with a boat name okayed by the skipper's grandmother. Now, we are all familiar with rulings and variations being "grand fathered," but Sunday, the same Scot reported in on the water with the name changed on its transom. The problem - could the race committee consider awarding a trophy to this skipper when the original name had been "grandmothered???" This year it was accepted, but beware you skippers in the year 2000!! Several years ago, Bill Wilson began serving as "Mediator" to review protests before they went before the protest committee. It is amazing how clean the racing has been and was this year. Thanks for a great job, Bill. Looking ahead to the 95th Regatta with EYC's first lady commodore, and the beginning of the 218t Century certainly is appealing. -- Sallie Heidler

24th BRA TFEST Rosie and Bill Klein again welcomed our membership to their property for the Brat Fest during Regatta weekend. Two hundred thirty members, visitors, guests and friends enjoyed the Klein's hospitality along with 440 brats, 38 dozen (!) ears of com, and soft-drinks and beer. This tradition is a miracle of planning and organization on the part of the Kleins. Our deep appreciation for the chance to all be together. Thanks also to the Claypool family for their assistance, the Schoendorfs for donating the beer, to the staff for their set-up assistance, and to the first mate volunteers who boiled the brats and provided other preparation. Bill reported that $260 was turned over to the treasurer as proceeds from the event.

LESSONS Our staff provided a total of 3270 hours of instruction to 107 students ... a record! Our lesson revenue was more than 50% higher than the previous year, but most importantly we are seeing increased interest from our students as measured by signing up for additional classes, time spent at the club and an increase in racing. . Racing saw as many as 10 Sunfish on some days. Thank you to Mike Lisle, director; and Anne Skatrud, Sarah Lisle, and Will Packard, instructors. Ted Lott also taught during two of our heaviest enrollment times. We could not have done it without all of you. It is well to remember to get sailing school applications in on a prompt basis, as we cannot accept an unlimited number of students per session and maintain acceptable safety or teaching standards. Our staff members are U.S. Sailing Certified Instructors. SUNFISH REGATTA The Sunfish regatta was held on Sunday, July 18 with a fleet of eight boats participating. The sailors were all very competitive, and the results were different in each of the races. The

top three finishers at the end of the day were Talia Hanselman, first, Eric Hanselman, second, and J.P. Pillat, third. JUNIOR SCOT REGATIA The final regatta of the season was the Junior Scot regatta in August. Four boats participated, and as in the Sunfish regatta, the results were different in each race ... a good sign of a competitive fleet. The Haggertys finished first with 3.5 pts, T. Hanselman second with 7 pts., J.P. Plllat, third with 8 pts. and K. Edwards, fourth with 11 pts. JUNIOR ACTIVITIES Our juniors look to the club and friends there for fun outside the regular sailing program. Each Wednesday a different social activity was held, having been planned by a parent or parent committee each week. The junior social season opened with a cookout at the Munson/Edwards home followed by mini golf. Diane Taillon planned the traditional progressive dinner for the second activity. Murcella Fults created a new "hard to find" list for the scavenger hunt for the next week. Pat and Mary Haggerty chaired the popular sailing picnic. Tricia Cramer planned the visit to Peninsula Park for an AFT play and had to do quick contingency planning due- to rain. Nancy Pillat and Mary Skatrud planned a beach picnic as the final junior activity of the season. The participation of juniors' parents and the staff members that all participate in each of the junior activities is greatly appreciated. Bud Weaver did an outstanding job in coordinating the parent volunteers for the junior season. ICE CREAM SOCIAL John Blossom once again provided the critical ingredient for the success of our annual Ice Cream Social. John's acclaimed Door County Ice Cream Factory donated 6 large bins of their premium ice cream. Thank you for your generosity John. One hundred seventy-five empty bowls and a few "sticky chins" (on all agesl) were testimony to the success of this annual event. NEW JY BOATS PROVE POPULAR Last March the Board approved the purchase of 5 JY15 boats. The boats proved to be a valuable addition to the program in teaching two-handed racinq, Our Scots have seemed to be a little intimidating for students migrating from Sunfish racinq, and the JYs seemed to provide a more comfortable intermediate step. After students are familiar on the JYs they seem more ready to advance to the Scots and spinnaker handling. EYC WATERCLOR PRINTS

At the Commodore's Cocktail Party the Club accepted with appreciation a check for $1100.00 from Bob Bentley, the artist who painted "Ephraim Yacht Club - February". As a reminder, the Club receives $50.00 for each print that is purchased. Prints cost $130.00 unframed or $300.00 framed. They make excellent gifts in particular for members who hold EYC as a special part of their lives. Bob can be contacted at 1-888.261-6883 ,(toil-free) for additional information.

Our summer breezes were very cooperative in providing us with the opportunity to complete 84 (!) series races in addition to our 3 regattas. Our congratulations to the skippers and their crew members for the excitement they brought to the club. Season awards were presented at the Awards Picnic:
Sunfish Tuesday/Friday

Series A

Flying Scot

Monl Thu( Sereis A

1 Place - Talia Hanselman 18.75 pts nd 2 Place - Erik Hanselman 44.00 pts 3rd Place - Catherine Hambleton 46.00 pts Sunfish Tuesday/Friday Series B

1_~Place - Haggertys 5.0 pts 2 Place -Lewises 10.0 pts 3rdPlace - Jay Lott 13.. pts 5

Flying Scot Monrrhur Series B

1sl Place - Erik Hanselman 46.00 pts nd 2 Place - J.P. Pillat 72.50 pts 3fd Place - Ryan Qualkinbush 80.75 pts Sunfish Sunday Series

2n<;l Place - Lewises

1~ Place - Lisles

35,25 pts

37.75 pis 3n:lPlace - Malmgrens 54.50 pts

Flying Scot Salun:lay Series 25.50 pts 26.75 pts 30.00 pts

1st Place - Christian Pillat
2 Place - J.P. Pillat 3rd Place - Talia Hanselman

Place - Jay Lott . 3 .-Place - Ryan Matmgen


1at Place - Joh n Peterson

21.5 PiS 37.0 pts 40.0 pts

Also presented at the awards picnic were "Junior Skipper" certificates to J. P. Pillat and Christian Pillat. We look forward to having them continue sailing in the Ephraim waters for many years to come. Congratulations to both of you for what you have achieved!

Something to think about: In the November issue of Soundings magazine we came across an interesting article featuring Jeanne Carey Flynn, a lady whose main mission is "getting as many families sailing as soon as possible". We feel that her thought provoking description of sailing is well worth passing on. In Mrs. Flynn's own words; "Sailing is one of the few projects left in our frantic culture where a family can word and play together, develop inter-relationships, cooperation and family cohesiveness. Sailing together adheres to the pioneer principles of sharing both work and fun, developing responsibility, each finding a better image of oneself and respect for and to others in the crew as each fulfills his role in a joint endeavor". -- Contributed by George Carey