,H!$F~ ~KGROLJ',No.., ••,.,,,.,".,••,••,••,••,.,.",.,"u",l

ilNTRODt..FOTlO'N .,••,.",.,.,.,•• ,.... ,.,.,.,.,."'""'""'".," •. ,".,..""., ..,"3 SlMIUAR: AI( ~fl!J8 ".,",".,.•. ," ,.. ,.. ,....... "",,,, ... .4
IBSFORE ¥OU BEGINI .,"","",","","•. , ,."....•".•_..",.,••".._,_, ••60 IF!LU!.Al!f1iOCO~ASION MEll'JOO #1 .•.,••,..... ,.,"'~ IF'LUL A!.!f1IiiO f:1IiRTS I<:liT ...... ".'"~"'"~"~ .•. ~ .... ,._, •• ,•• ,,,,.,.,!l, I~RIIWNr3! 1i1IE REOElI\fm ."... ~","~"~".,"•. ,,"; ,.... ,••1IQ IMOll1mN:G,THE 'BObTI'b\IlLGUliOE .•"._~ ".12-1S IFIEVIIOFHNG'THE S.1W1ITY IBffiRSfOP ~",""",..14 CREATINC3i ,II ·S.~CliOJ1: ~ l![Igmf'IT ., ,••, Hi 1FlU. AUiFO VS.,~MI A.lIfO' CAf1H!~ 1S' IMOOIFYlNGTI-lE 13m AI.JiI'O BOlTCMRlER 19 flILLAUiI"O CONVERSIONIIMEm-I:OO n ,••,.,••,••,.,2V,



mE AUTO SEAR, ..,22
,......~..... ""'"..".."'"~

~NG"iffrlEliliJT~'SEAA ,.,••, ~a.,tBL y.•,..,.,•.,.•,.•'""'., ..,..,

"'""'"'""'""'""' '".,~ .•.•. TIMINE, THe: eoll.T WIi1HI THE AlFWO $~ " ••,••,... 2a


rbine chamber.IiCation must be seoured from 1he BAT. IButol<iukai.SEl!ECT FIRE AK47 AK-47 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND sian Is CCnlmUed by the.rld War II. The main differences between the' two weepons are ~he AIKM has a s. and Ftr'9arms diVision.o 1. waslhe semi automsnc SKS. as well as th~ personnel working allhe facilily. Sgt IMikhail T_ IKa'la. midh may l'E!suil. RU5Slan Troops captured ~heGe'liman anrny facility wherelhe ~~ Mil 43 assau[t IFifleswere manufactured. 1"10' responslbility'or [iabile of~histylPe weapoo). of the U.Tobacco.sigl1s.tsJ1'1ped" rather thana milled r~iver. namec afte'Jtme''Weapons.AiIWlia~. Tlhe SKS \I!ii35 SlDOil replaoed by Ule Automat Ha'lashiIikm orAK-47.S.:000 meters. Also lhe 'CLI'I"ent AK·'11 se~ed were several prototype weapon de- . Treasury D'epart· of a. 11 .ses- . In 1959..nufactured In 1'!3<46. ~I·uted gas. lihefirSl: SO\I\iet weapon ma. CYlind~r tube and a rear sight graduating t. Ilnfmnati. and captives were SJentto Russia.ewty aqufred imormation.mlmm X :i9mml cartird!ge.teaJilc local laws may prooibitOll'mefShip academic ment. a :seteO'!~reoa.w evolved from ~he IMP 48.shnikov_ The AiK-4!7 rille was used by the Soviet Army betwee!'l\1949' and 1951. govemmental a. andl siniiiar desgnw ha.iiskir IPUrpaOOs . Bur. all authorized epp.only.on provided in this book. ln any g~un damage· oar bodily harm. F.An oonv·effiions must be done by a licensed 01$$$11ma!'!l._ During Wo. The' ~blish~r. a ribbed r. designer. ~mes iI:y for' illegal or improper firearm modiik:a· tiol'll!>.My aJJtoll'l1ati'c ThO! !egal ccmS'irueliion ~pon and poo. The n.saulof . Kalashnlkov redesigned the AK47 and the weapon waslihen Iknown as the AKiM.ed for 'lhe 7_92mm cartridge.e~iver cover. wh[ch has a 1.lfacturer _In adClrlion. products.gency before any (Xlf'lWuotion lbegiM" (Sta.

The 15!raU ma.owo·to 1)111'.i~h a new 5.. onl¥ ~m· and liIlE'illnfa.eetils~he weapOirl has a.AK"'""Il has nm been dhangoo i'n over 40 years. PQ~nd.'ll ili1l:o' the 21 st oanrwry" IEMgaria. (SeleO't tire m.y seleetto fire the wea:ponllin~he mlty a1:lklmailc: fI"IOdl1!) . rully Giilili isstilll ..a~gn iroo a$~~fir'e\..otuf11rrg i'niorrnatiol1 10.elociiy" The AK-74 action 15 scaled 00V!lf1 :5onlG¥inal:to afXlom· rnodmelihe Inew round Mol i$~h:e first AIK't1() h~t\le a muael Aoother bral<'s\.!llJl!Oltu~J KaJashnikov C!!Jp~" av~DiililE!l in TIS2 NMO.56m ver6too o~~heI\. A semi al. nd INoM Korea a Th~ oa<sio dl'.18'iI\srfuat OOI~M tfi1e.62mrr!1 X b X 45mfin Nato calibers.5.>Sllgn t'I~U!le. whicliJ EgyPt acql.45 X :39trtrr1 round wrtlh 'very high v. ~ is chamberedl w. as in I~gypt and lis [:lure Kal~. exhemely r~liabl~andiwill prob. '!'!'all as .' be ~d Ull oornbat we.> Russian machinery.hI1!i:kov design. lmake a semiautomatic AK-47 Or :slmi'liarAK . or ma. righ~ d.pon in eithar 000' :5hOt bur5l.K is the SwE!d· [5 availi:l.ootmtrles offering weapons wldl the A!K de$lgn are ~st Ge:rrmMry. :2 3 .OurremJy~he $oviiets hava again nnod[fied the basic AK design inlo th!lul!.AKlMl is produced This man\!laJ C()tIItaillls Illecessary blueplilms pJiovedl The weapon pro\leSOCI be durab!e. Soo~h Arfrr~ca. Oth~r .lLreollin ills l~ro·Soviet days.K-74f.llo o:n~ .!je ~nl olh 7.223.!lom<lllic weapon.abfi.operatorto fire thewt'l<l. [:s!h VaimetaJlld 39liT1mand5.

l<li from the.2 Purch~se an AK-47 full auto kit Th~re !iJjre manydifferel1t manufi:l. you must be able 10 reassemble thai complete lrigger mechenism_ SlicP #5 If you . times so you are f·amiliar with each step OOnVl1lrsiiln.guid!e.~he des~n and fLiriotlon of the trigger dilSconnectQr assembly.62 X 39nlm) S'1lI:P #4 Aquire 1ne tools and equiptmlnl: i neeCied._ Wha.62 X 51 mm) · " ·. "..are ~he same as the originall design.62 X 39mm) Wl!ih (7.t'9VeJ' it takes.vennm.•" Any Calibre .Iit WlEAPQC'II" IlIEFORIE YOU BEGINI STEP' #1 Ge. lI.. Ibefore 'tou attempt to modify ailY "similar" AJKweapon . STEP #. Go. sill I pictures Of even 'lid-eo ta_pe 1r!~ tOC!\lJ~iOIl of all of 'the \!'.. you $.re!uIlY" M~ dlagmms.arnO'Um of "similar weapmw' all rar._ Wrth (i.! shou1d IM:lrk en the.areootOQmpletely 4 ..AT.enl: B.reT FIRE AK-47 IDBFINING lHE 1EFIM "'SlMIUA.sB. Please Nk)te.•.per license and apPfO'l. iheaboveinf~onhatSlb~en~edjust as a . INote: Tf!is step is very innpcJrtMtl' famililar wi~h. be vel)' sure th-atll1e interne'l pans .Arri CaJibre "'rn .: DuelQ Ula large: .. 'klilowlrng rritll!es~ Vahnel Gilil ". STiEP#3 Reiad through the book severall of the Yugoslav$! Hungarian Maadi .tall)e. 1tiJart Iusethe Al1<:-47desigJ'L COl"lwr-siJ:lrls # 1 and #:.'! listed.l'iIouldi :sway it V>El1'Y ca.t tlte prQ.e no.•.ru1ous parts. " . All 0a1ibres Exoept -308 Winchesler (7.cturers·itom different oounrlries.f.S.

sioo may be used wim tile mal.>ler is made 'I'I"om stamped sheet meta'I). chined ~~r (recEWver Is ma.This oQnver.ohifi!edfrom Ofile solidi pieoem metal) or may be !lI5edl \Mfh ~he s!ttlmpedll1f. .!C$iw! (receT.

ls qui~cntioa~ arid ~he holes mnlllS1: be dril~edl €l"KactIYin their proper E I~roion.J'm~tal~o d.. The Il:lcalion ohhlS $ear.This ililCludes the diSoon:nector.Spmgl 8 . aliJlo sear.. [Hammer C. DisconlileCk!r [).urredse:lectflre pai1. Aurto Sear E. '( the receiver to inmll 'llile new auto saer. On~ ~ to 0'-0 thi~ is to purchase. hammer. lhe linsiruclilons FlJ!U_ Jl!l!JT!OPAJRIS KIT A. aLl:1!o iSear~pri:rngl<'ind pln.aJ template and &imptyfollow lFwo¥idledwith it.9lo:!it. Pin B..Tha mest common ril'liatlilod ofoorweF>sion is to p'!lJclhase~he lreq.

a 5ffil!lll or of Figure 1. dimen- A. holes are in their proper location. 11 . use a small drnl iff or smaller) 10 drill a pilot hole.of this. With ·lhe hclles !'M'bd and' .IDrUi 7rnm or 9/32" a hole ofl~l1e le:ft:si:deand Note: IIIat all possible use the metric drill bits.iIOsefir pill to dheck. c.SEL£Cl FIRE NK-41 SSLEClIFIHE AK-4'1 SlEP1 If y01.. 11 Slz~·hol~ on It'Ie lriigtu sida.. Cheal( to make sure thai:tile.J do not have a templarte" IJse the siorlS on Whe draw.. proper fit I You may have to lil'"llm 1tiJeleng~h ..or just slightly beyond tne reoeiv·er on the iiight s. n should iiI fh)s:h..(The·&mIy~or !ever is the 1r91rt sic:leJ.1.nstalillihe a.oeli1ter pur1Ch6d.

Ifr\ j III \.. To create this.}'2"may ['Mutt in the' bolt 'dropp.r- ~ ..:Ll$o be modified.Jroject above th. is reworked t.lla oot rel'TllJ1il'emore: that a 1/2" wide section. --Ii ) .GUIDE RAJL MEllIm.t€:rsioo method indluded inlhis book. 2).E) boll: rail" enga.lout takes a little rners WlJrk. r~ngl more 1haTI1.It aliso 'i'iOaiks beH.ver mw.eoel. f. sbt you must drill a SElries 01 00119$with a 11116" do not Ibreak:'lhe aii'll bit or distOf1 tl1~ hOlies. Caution: Th.l2 AGURE 2A The bolt rail on the right $id~ of the r.n. This ml!. There awe' two ways to mOdify the bolt raill assembly.lS'~be 0'0111$ so 1118 must: be .2 MOD1FYiLNG tHE BOLl 'GUIDE IRAil IMI:1iHOD ~IIIFIlGUFlE 2 MODIFYING THE SOl'll" . I~11 I 1 I IFigure2 112 . Method 1 lis to COlTJ.ust abOV€! the lfiivillocation. K-41 A on'lIhe seOCfi1d col'lli.llletefy remove as~of ~his rail (sea Fig. flhe second '1I!Iafti to aeeomphsh this is to create' a slot ~ha1Jhe hip Ilever arm oftheauto sear wallpass IhrQug:h.lihisslot me~hod lis the best way . .and easy into this opening and iammlng l1ewea:pon.o accept the auto sear" 1.900' . a5~he lenglh of the slot can be made longer to aCCQlllmodate~he altered angle' of the' Eillto sear.done slow.SELECT FIRE AK-47 SSLECT IFIIIRE. sear 1ripaIm wlil.gi09 the cam on the full auto bolt carrier. whiah. The leng~hoo the slot can 'be increased ~o end j. . Cautioii!: YOLD s!'u.

..)..3).eoeiver_ allow.2J!. .. side at the·.iog th~aulO seerio rest agd!i05tllii~in· FlEWOFlKlNG.>etlr\ree!1this!lf..clrrill up fromltie mag:azllilEl weIIll when drilling tnesel holes" ~"n 3. YOUI rnaylind it. .With a file 0.\ilh1he$id~ of the· reoeiver" The safety ~ever no . ltIE fl19!!JRE3 SAiIFIETY l!EVBR SlOP This stop must be bent oli.roxim~elo/ a45degr'ee approximately angle..r.. INcwthesslector re'l"er'lllJn pass I.p and the reoeiver ( . remove the rti'letal t me:Ilore~ ($e~Frg •.para:II~Iij!. You must. easier to.s also the i S>el!eotor r. dr·ernell ool. Pla~ a piece . Now witn a sm~11ham· me<f"bendfflleslQ. also ret1l'lG\le~he side portion of th!1l raildtrectly below the series of h.oIes.!!.p$oitr~.SELECT FIRE AlK·47 2.0'1 metal 1/8" thiok betJrnd~his sImp atild' a{jiatnst me rel.

You may needito t1I1IO\!Ie'~"..ev8r protruslon automaticalty create a mark agii!jn8t~he j&Oeiver.ed~ve). Figure< 1. detefilt OM be creal'ed by using ~W drill hit and >drilling just into. The oofetyfsell9clDr lever wi[1 now CliCk: iili'llD· 9i ~ir~ posiIio:n" position which ls juiS! below the.ely f.. This.eryou 1ii8/li'ekiulfld the locatlon.000 . showing its arCh af hive!.ent lJy USing a standlard roWI)' fiI@" roodily avail!ebte for dreme~ tools.easured from Itle ~C\P QfUle Ir'Ele>eive(. position ..esroh m. you mUSl: create a detent HlatNla :selector !aver wil! $«¢ II!rto (00 most guns !his is an el~al. move the safety/selector from !he..:saifeW'lever se'lerOlJtimes to $a$!ty see lli~ fIlark.lFortnEt locaiJ:n of iliis dsrem. upper mo$!. AJit. ¥OIJ Imaywish ~od'up~icate this det. Caution:: DQ Ilotdrill through the metal.EVER IlJrnNl IfIGURE 1 Te mild the locatioo Ofth@saleot fire detent. ssml auto· ~c. see IiIgure 14\.. L~tet'he otman$ion 1.$$ in dra~ng.along ~h. 16 1"1 . th.ECT FIRE AK~7 SELECT FIRE AK-47 CREATING. 1I'he saf.e metal!.SElL.down Wits 10000Stpos~loi'il passtngl behind w:i[I the stop . AI Sm:L£CTOR L..

lhave afull . Ih~.oH~he excess.ich can easll~ybe dane w.e earner. bolt. then grindl . Fill this area in with weld.r. If! your boll: carri@r does not already :have the mmp or camas In IFigure 16.giindlng a sepe. It is <I semi auto boil carrier and must be modiified. .auto.225~ .tHE SEMI AUTO IBOLI CARRIER· MElllon11 IfllG'URE (.rate piece of l1~mjened steel" which is 1Ji~n plaoedl onto th.e ~\le~lon. I :=. but were.::::~"'"I-___' I Ramp 18 19 . your rifleITI1. MODIFY1NG THE SEMI AtrrO BOLT CJmR~R: MaHOO:2 AQURE6 This cam surfaoe can be 'created by . as lin IFigure' 6 and! sllve:r sotdered into place. Many AK or ·sirnilia:r"IPifies imported intoothe 1!I.eYOUI ~ears of bOl!Jbl:eIree sem:oe . J~ E. The ~ullauto bolt earner will have the: p:rqjectililg cam $\J(. At fum pcfnt you must detannlne· if YOUf rHl'ehas a full or semi aUito bolt carrier. carrier.e' a U aiftO bolt ·canrle.face as $.!St: ere'aled. manufactured as semi auto weapons. bolt cani~r does. This meij.F:ULLAUlO VS" SEMI AUTO BOlT CARAIElRS 10 Qompl:e1.SE__]£CT FIRE ~JK-47 SElJECT FIRE AK-47 MOIJIIr"III"ilrI'IG. .Jst tha.S. so ~oo rl' sear cam suria<:e on fhe rtgtitside.iJlaWrl in lhesemiauto. !"lot haw tile . To do 11lis $~mptyb-uild ba up ~hesurface by welding. See IFigurEl' 6.od will gkJ. wh. Fig:ure 6.rth a wipe m·lder.

tamped reoei.emern off the auto sear.a. i 21 . $L!EC'f FIRE AK-47 Do You are rEiady to . 11 silze hole 00 fhe rigtltslde.ilh a. a stamped (sheet ma!al receiver).oothis you mUSl'firSl:remove the Irh.ol~e·as5embleyoufrme IUsing the pam provided in the MI aUto pa!1$.e s.onversoo method #1 om fh. Assemble'~h. N:o~e: rrf alail pO$stble us.S1iEP 6 REASSEMBLY The final step in your corwerslen tosslect fire ist.i1L not reuse th:e semi aLflD can use FUll AUTO CONViERSlON ME11HOD IJ2 Important!! I This conversion me1t1od mil not worK w.r dl$. You may Ilow~. Ik. ~er than drilling a new sear t1o~e. II C'anoili/f be used wilh.l'er.moohined recejver.les ~n your stamped l"eC*il.and a . which should release the hammer when the bolt is approximately 1116" to 3!3Z' from being oompletely Closed.mmer.e Ihe liYli'!fbiic: driIl15i2e5.~yware not C(ll'liiIfortable dliilling iilew hd. the existing iiNel hote on 1tiestairnped semil auto receiver localed just j'n front of the Ihammer. iliQ. simply add to or remQW some of the ramp or cam slJrfac9t~hM w~ added to the' bOlt carrlsr in 1lhe previous~ps.SEUECT FIRE AK-47 . STBP11 .!'et.i5mmor No.ver. . If adju>s>tment is needed.check the timing of the bdlt with the mOlf.there is another wrq. then enlarge the small riYel holes to ..e nigge.ltccepl the new aUito seer pin you received in your peJ15 kit Ilrilla 7mm or 9/32' nol@On tne 'iefl side. use 'I. connector assembly.

Hem 1 & 2. detent See fljll auto co~r$iOIii MlMlilod Fig. CLmlNG ~Ji] AELOGAliING fHE~OSEAA FIGURE 4. lea.ure 1. liTEM 1 & :2 Now the tr'tCky part of this oonversion me~hodl The aUla sear IT)u$l. .00 CUi!and retocated as shOM'i in Figu~13I4. iFlguJe. *'. 4" iteliJl 3" so~hal: Pant A. The· auto sear moot: lOa cut lin Ihalf aloog the linside ed'g~ . S11EP' 3 Ae\IVOrkthe sarety lever stop.ving . Metlliod#11. STEP 4 Oreate 8J S!eledOr leve. Me1hod 2 Figure:2 A.sElECT FIRE A!1(.ped over nr M"lfEI"$:@dl so 1hat fle'spring hole ls now on top.of! part A. can be flrp. .app~oximately . See full auto 'COnVetSlOO Figure 3. See full auto oolf!\ler!iior! method #1..SELJECT FIRE AK-47 SliEP 2: Modify 1he bort guide rail. Item 2.201)" Might on th.47 Next out off tiiJe lower portion of Part A as shown in Ftgure 4.e sear face that connects with Ula ihammer.

AK47 SElLECT FIRE AK-4i" W.eoolll'er.urface should . Part IB.ELDING mE AUTO SEA!R BAOK IOGETiIrIER FIGURE 411iElM13 .OH)".cut The' •72S' S!houl~d be Plus or minus . welding eteoln)tle. Fig ure 5.e slot: that was cut Oul: of the guide mil and must rest ag:alnsl !tie inside oUtle uece'Ner.od tihrough~he 5mm prn liIole. The' Mip lever muS'~p~~roogl'i til.sascr FIRE . so that it rests agallls~ the' top rail of the r.!.t!.ooeLver and i~ 91'1gaged and held ~ by i1stallinQIboth halves J into'~'hereceiver usingl the IiIi~W and locaIpin if1g~he trip lever. lihe ~.iIt 4 Welding the aUilo saar back t'ogether can be done' by using a.overlap 'by . locate I?a.fhe graphit. n '6". to align file two halves al!o'JlQI VIIiIha small washar1:0 makie up jarthearflouril: of metal removed WI1en .rtA so t'hatthe top =wrfllce is rEr\llell or par:allel wilt1 ~h:etqp of tl''191 r. This will lilelP. You may have k1trim theb'lip lever .at least '1 and ~he vertical portion 01 the guide rail as shovm in Figure 5.e rod can be purchased from your local weldingi:iupPIy house and is called . You can locate the new 150 degr. place II'iIiIhthe> seer on the hammer.w~ph:1te rumed tofitsnug r.

al ijm~s untillhe hemmer jUlst passes under Ui!~ .and move freely. remove tn. You may lhiav·Eito do this sever.MOmfiEIl AUTO SEAR (ON LEFJ) .graphite rod into U'le auto saar before wel:ctlng.After welding. y.) Re· move the.SELECT FIRE AK-47 SELECT FIRE AK-41 Alter ma}(!ing Sure everythlngl is aligned and held il'llpllim8.nment. auw. With the bOlt closed. Gheck to see iI tne hammer sear will clear . SlEP6 You are IlOW ready ~o massemble and c:neo'k 'kJr proper alig. lhasa speciall welders may be rented 'from your Iloea'1 equipment y. sear fn:nm 1tJe receive. ell metal shavings wom the hole.OI'W{ilfder. If this.>k weldillie alJto sear together at this.autto' 5e<lf wihen the Ibo'it is distorting 1he' 5mm lhotEli. This Vilill tu:!'lp keep tihe' w~rd tr. Install the awo sear alOng lWh1heo~ endl i~~ pin.QLJ may now spot we'ld the auto sear using a sma]] wir.tiI auto sear and 'grind just OJ tiWa more . make surelhe: pin willl'ft . Tat. (Cai1lloo: lake care not to weld Ihe auw sear ttlrou"ighto the pin ins [de'. and insert the . )"OU! may need to remove. time.e 0011 and cari'tElr into the receiverandi check fm proper movement.erdl. does not occur.and move IJnde:rlihe auto sear. . Repliiloo th.oft ~he bottom of Part f\ liigure 5.

or Cau~loiil: Be very carefu'l not 'to remove too much. wt'Ilchi sliould ~elease the' iilammer 1111 6" to 31:32" from whenl the bolt is approximateliY beingl cOrl1p~e. This $hou'ld be acoompl[s!hed Iby gJiindililg off just the front eerner the semv ·auto bolt carrier.i~hlhe mOllement oflhe auto sear.lIM11'IlG mE IOOLli wmtIliHEAUifO SI:.!apon to wo:r1kto tsst fire ood put y'Our .tety oIooed. You a:~ now r~dy wl. Figure 6 .lime the! Ibolt "".A.M: lthe li!'!~1 Sitep.

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