Script: TV advert: M&S clothes Shot 1: Starts off with a deserted school; fades out (Dramatic music is faintly

played) Shot 2: Fades in - Student walks to school in uniform (black and white and slow motion effect) – fades out Shot 3: Fades in - Side view of them walking down the corridor (black and white and slow motion effect) – fades out Shot 4: Fades in – walks to door (black and white and slow motion effect) (Music stops) Doors closed with sound of door closing Shot 5: Camera zooms out (Footsteps) Camera turns around, (music starts) freezes, turns around Shot 6: Shot of door Shot 7: Closer shot of door Shot 8: Doors pushed open Shot 9: Close shot of leg whilst walking Shot 10: Close shot of school tie Shot 11: Close shot of glasses Shot 12: Close shot of student flicking her scarf (slow motion) Shot 13: Zoom out: Front view of student walking Shot 14: Backs of student walking down the corridor NARRATOR This is not just clothes; this is M&S school uniform. Shot 15: Logo appears

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