In honor of National Poetry

Month, we’ve written ten new
books from Summer 2011 each its
own haiku. Please enjoy.

you still shouldn’t date A celebrity. But. girl.Psychologists help. Your Voice in My Head: A Memoir  Emma Forest    978‐1‐59051‐446‐7  HC  5/3/2011   $22.95   Other Press  .

99/$16.At least handsome men Don’t have superpowers too… DAMN YOU. RY REYNOLDS! Green Lantern: Secret Origin  Geoff Johns    978‐1‐4012‐3086‐9     TR   4/12/2011   $14.99C  DC Comics  .

But my blender seems to be Looking at me weird.95C  Doubleday .Kitchen’s not alive. Wilson    978‐0‐385‐53385‐0  HC  6/7/2011  $25.00/$28. Robopocalypse  Daniel H.

Suicide? Really? It’s hard to believe.00/$27. Sister: A Novel  Rosamund Lupton    978‐0‐307‐71651‐4    HC   6/7/2011  $24.00C  Crown    . Unless… She’s not who we thought.

95C  Random House      . They do anyway.In Santorini.00/$28. Sisterhood Everlasting: A Novel  Ann Brashares    978‐0‐385‐52122‐2   HC  6/14/2011  $25. You don’t have to wear your pants.

The Profession  Steven Pressfield    978‐0‐385‐52873‐3   HC  6/14/2011   $25.00/$28.2032: Every good corporation Should have an army.95C   Crown  READ AN EXCERPT ON SCRIBD!  .

Girl meets magician. Vaclav & Lena: A Novel  Haley Tanner    978‐1‐4000‐6931‐6  HC  5/17/2011  $25.00/NCR  The Dial Press   . Spells only last so long. though— Down in Brighton Beach.

Very toothy grins Can be nice if they are not The last thing you see.95/$31. Demon Fish  Juliet Eilperin    978‐0‐375‐42512‐7  HC  6/14/2011  $26.00C  Pantheon  .

Necessarily. But not found.95C   Broadway  .00/$28. Finding Everett Ruess  David Roberts. foreword by Jon Krakauer    978‐0‐307‐59176‐0  HC  7/19/2011   $25.Explore wilderness— You might get lost.

The Autobiography of Mrs.95C   Delacorte Press    READ AN EXCERPT ON SCRIBD!  .00/$28. Castaways. Love finds them.Circus performers. also. Little people. Tom Thumb: A Novel  Melanie Benjamin    978‐0‐385‐34415‐9  HC  7/26/2011   $25.

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