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#Dys160 Show Notes

#Dys160 Show Notes

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Published by: dyscultured on Nov 16, 2011
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#dys160 Show Notes

Preamble • That was none other than Fab & Dan from the Linux Outlaws (episode 208) giving props to our own Alex Blackie's WordPress prowess. Please to note that his theme is back. Housekeeping • Fuck Posterous. We'll explain why. Good Times Bad Times • CRTC backs off from usage-based-billing. • SOPA is stupid. Even this Hollywood drone thinks so. • But does it mean the end of our Internets? Tired Old Media • British film director to direct film of British TV series. • Music conglomerate buys same. • Your weekly JoBlo bounty: One, two, three links, ah-ah-ah... Goin' Mobile • China Telecom coming to North America -- and Canada?!1! • Industry Minister shows us how big 700MHz is. • Regional transit app launched with help from Canadian University. AppleAppleApple • Zomg, demand for the iPad is fading!!1! (welcome back, Mike!) • Samsung has AppleAppleApple by the short and curlies in Australia. • Siri has been h@X0r3d. Does anyone care? Pew Pew! • • • • • • Mario's raccoon suit engrages PETA. Canada spends upwards of half a billion on Norton Defender. Commodore bets big on nostalgia. RIM's unfortunate sound bite of the week. Beware the Wikileaks telemarketing scam. No social media network is worth this, kids.

Your Weekly Mission • We want our tweeps to give us a #FollowFriday. Is that so hard? Music • Duhr, Anth?

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