So You Want to Start an Agribusiness

Agribusiness  is  the  businesses  collectively  associated   with  the  production,  processing,  marketing  and   distribution  of  agricultural  products.  

TCCC   and   NC   Cooperative   Extension   in   Cherokee   and  Clay  County  have  partnered  in  a  new  initiative  to   focus  on  assisting  agribusinesses.  

TCCC,  Small  Business  Center,  can:    

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Provide   assistance   with   writing   a   business   plan   –   an  absolute  MUST  if  you  are  seeking  financing  for   your  venture.   Help  you  determine  the  direction  of  your  plan.     Give  you  the  tools  to  make  your  business   profitable.       Assist  you  to  determine  product  pricing.   Provide  networking  opportunities  for  growth  and   marketing   Offer  tax  and  compliance  information  for  your   business.   Provide   you   the   technical   assistance   and   expertise   in   the   actual   day-­‐to-­‐day   operation   of   your   business.   Provide   you   with   Enterprise   budgets   to   give   you   an   idea   how   to   create   a   budget   specific   to   your   operation.   Share  how  to  find  markets  for  your  products.   Bring   in   other   Extension   partners   to   assist   in   teaching   safe,   effective   ways   to   handle   finished   products. Show   you   how   to   effectively   use   Social   Media   to   promote  your business.

NC  Cooperative  Extension  can:  

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CENTER  FOR  APPLIED  TECHNOLOGY  (CAT)     2415  Airport  Road  –  Marble,  NC  28905   828-­‐835-­‐9564                      Paul  Worley  

          From  the  CAT  Building:                                    



Cherokee  County  Cooperative  Extension   828-­‐837-­‐2210                            Keith  Wood,  Agent   Follow  129/74/19  West  to  Murphy.      Turn  right  onto   Peachtree  Street.    Office  is  on  the  right,  39  Peachtree   St.,  Murphy,  NC  28906  


Clay  County  Cooperative  Extension       828-­‐389-­‐6305          Silas  Brown,  Agent   Turn  left  onto  141;  at  light,  left  onto  64E;  at  light,  left   onto  69N;  around  traffic  circle  to  64  Business;  left  onto   Davis  Loop.    Office  is  on  the  right,  36  Davis  Loop,   Hayesville,  NC  28904