For peace in memory to RACHEL CORRIE

A few days ago a young pacifist, Rachel Corrie of only 23 years lost her life. She was a student of the Olympia University (Washington) and she made part of a voluntary organization for justice and peace. With her pacifist organization she remembers in occasion of the anniversary of September 11 to remember the victims, but also those of the war in Afghanistan.

This year Rachel decided to pass from theory to action, she went to Israel, where she was involved in action with a International Solidarity Movement at the border of Palestine.

She participate to stop the Israelian bulldozer which destroy the houses of kamikaze and their families in Palestine territories. territories

To her friends she wrote by e-mails: “They destroy the houses also if the people are still inside. They have no respect for nothing and nobody”

On 15 march in an action near the Gaza line , Rachel was with her friends to oppone against the demolitions.

“She was doing a sit-in on the way of the Bulldozer, the driver saw her, but went straight on, passing over her” declares Joseph Smith, american pacifist militant.

“the bulldozer put earth over her and began to press on her” told Nicholas Dure, another friend of her

Her friends tried in every way to stop the bulldozer, and to give her the first aid, but their was nothing to do.

Rachel Corrie lost her life with only 23 years, defending with her body and her ideas the right of civil Palestines to have a house and a peace of ground.

The Israeli authorities gave different versions of the happening, but all of them were contradicted by the photos and testimonials. The young was killed in a barbarian way, while she was doing a pacific sit-in. Rachel and her friends denounced : every day lots of houses are destroyed in the Gaza line, and that bombs damaged the sweet water sinks in the camp of refugees in Rafah and those have no possibility to defend themselves without staying in the fireline of israeli.

There have been a lot of initiatives in Olympia (Washington) and in the US to remember Rachel.

• Send this message to all the people you know to remember what happens, to learn of it and to never forget… PEACE!!!

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