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tt Zon. ZopHaAATI of 8.46 WE ° ARCHITECTURAL GRAPHICS — caine fine] VAN NOSTRAND REINHOLD COMPANY NEW YORK CINCINNATI » TORONTO. + 1ANMON © MEI RONEN ARCH TECTURAL GRAPHICS VAN NOSTRAN EINHOLD COMPA PRANK CHING BN dedcared ve my mother and father Van Nysbrand Kenheld Company Regional OHices New Yark Cineinnati Chicago’ Millerae Pallae Van Nostrand Keinhold Company International Offices London Torenko Melbourne Copyright © 1078 by Litter Educational Fbliching, Ine. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 74-1924 ISBN O- 442- 21531-2 paper ISBN O- 442-21530-4 All righte reserved. No vart of the work covered by the copyright hereon may be repradwced or sed in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including Photocopying, recording, taping, or formation storage and retrieval “systems - withouk written germission of the pubiehen. Manvtactuned in the Unted States of America, Designed by Franks Ching Fabled by Van Neetrand Keinheld Company A Division ‘ot Litton Educational Piklishing, ine- Io 6 4 13 12 WH e@ 967 OB Library oF Congress Cabalaging m Poblcation Data Ching, Frank, 1943 Architectural Graghice. Includes index. 1. Architectural drawing. I. Title NA2700. C4. 720.20 TALE 2AB