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Name : J.Srinivasa Rao

Designation : Lecturer
Branch : Electronics & Communications
Institution : Govt Polytechnic Bellampally
Year/semester : VI semester
Subject : Analytical Instrumentation
Subject Code : AEI- 603
Topic : Computer Applications in Medicine
Duration : 50mts
Sub Topic : Medical diagnosis & Decision making
AEI-603.54 1

On completion of this period, you would be able to

know …

• Computer applications in Medical diagnosis

• Computer applications in decision making

AEI-603.54 2
Medical Diagnosis & Decision Making

• Computer is used in clinical decision making.

• They improve diagnostic accuracy.

• They use systematic approaches and explicit decision


AEI-603.54 3
Computers are used to

• Enhance diagnostic reliability.

• To increase cost efficiency.

• To gain insight it clinical decision.

AEI-603.54 4
• Two streams of research on medical decision making
are identified

• First steam consists of the development of the

mathematical tools.

• Using which the physician sharpens his decisions.

AEI-603.54 5
• The other stream consists of studies of how physicians
make decisions.

• The studies are related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

• They emphasize computer augmentation of clinical


AEI-603.54 6

• Another emerging direction in computer aided decision

making combines computer graphics with medical
system analysis.

• For example computerized cephalometrics, which

implies a study of the dimensions of the head region.

AEI-603.54 7
Digital Cephalographic Image of Before &
After Treatment for Malpositioned Teeth

AEI-603.54 8

• A system named DIG-CEPH has been developed at

Indian Institute of Technology and the all India

Institute of Medical Sciences.

AEI-603.54 9

In this period, you have learnt about

• Computer applications in Medical diagnosis

• Computer applications in Decision making

AEI-603.54 10
• Computer applications in medical diagnosis and
decision making have following advantages

a) Enhancement in reliability

b) Increase cost efficiency

c) To gain insight

d) All of the above

AEI-603.54 11
Frequently asked Questions

• Write about the computer applications in medical

diagnosis and decision making

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