Install Domain Controller and DNS server in the new server.

Edited and tested by : QuangTM

• Install Domain Controller
At the Run box, type dcpromo and then press enter

At the Active Directory Installation click next

At the next windows, click next

Check the Domain Controller for a new domain box click next

Check the Domain in a new forest and click next

Give the full DNS name and click next. Ex :

Give the NetBIOS name and click next. Ex : DC02

In the next windows, click next to make dafault Database and log folder path, click next to continue

Click next to make dafault shared folder location

At the DNS Registration Diagnostics, check Install and configure DNS server on this server….and click next

At the next step, check the Permissions compatible only with windows 2000 or windows 2003…click next to continue

Give the resotore mode password and click next

Click next and wait until the installation completed

When the installation completed, click Restart now to restart the server

• Configure the DNS server

The first step is set the Preferred DNS server to the IP address of server. Ex :

Open Administrative Tools and open the DNS. Right click on the Reverse Lookup Zone and click New Zone…

At the New zone wizard window, click next to continue

Check the Primary Zone box and click next

Check the To all domains controller in… and click next

Give the network ID and click next to continue. Ex : 192.168.1

In the next window, check the Allow both nonsecure and secure… and click next

The next step is to set the default gateway, Preferreed DNS server and Alternative DNS server address. Ex : Preferred DNS server : Alternative DNS server : and default gateway :

Right click the network icon under the right corner and choose repair to reset the network settings

Open DNS server, expand the Reverse Lookup Zone, then right click on the zone name and choose Reload.

After this step, DNS server will create a reverse pointer automatically From Run box, type nslookup command to sure that the DNS server is OK

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