Tyler Morgan (123)456-7890 123 Southview Ave Moscow, ID 83843 Christa Teston University of Minnesota #317

PO Box 307 St. Paul, MN 56636 Dear Chery Pierzina, I am applying for the English/Language Arts Instructor opportunity as listed at http://iasc.powerhrsystem.com, at Deer River High School. In this letter I will describe my love for teaching and my genuine care for the students. I am applyi ng because I am new to the state of Minnesota and would love to begin my teachin g career in a place like Deer River. I anticipate graduating from the University of Idaho in May 2013 with a degree i n Education majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. At the University of Idaho I was able to discover my real passion in life and that is t o teach young students who are on their way out into the real world. I learned t hat in order to achieve my dream to teach I need to be a hard worker and committ ed to my work. A service-learning project during my freshman year sent me to the local Elementary School where I assisted in Reading activities for all grade le vels. The joy that I felt after helping those kids read and seeing their faces l ight up when they discovered new words guaranteed to me that being a teacher is what I need to be. After being a student at the University of Idaho for two years I had to apply to the College of Education, and after a month of waiting for a reply I got the re sponse that I had been accepted. This message kicked my studies into high gear, as my grades improved dramatically, I began to realize that the only thing that was keeping me from teaching was the degree that I have finally earned. I have also worked as a youth hockey coach for the past four years and much of m y experience in that field is transferrable to teaching. I was able to learn wha t children respond to best and how to earn their trust and respect. I have spent countless hours with kids and I work tirelessly to see that each kid reach his or her full potential. I am eager to work with students from a variety of cultur es in a classroom setting, and helping them to reach new heights. My phone number is (123) 456-7890 and I will also follow up with a phone call wi thin the week. Your time and consideration is much appreciated. Sincerely,

Tyler Morgan

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