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V work was onward the sletten mccunes sletter one ona from Mc Cunes ietter mcclunes letten McCune letter amah burmah surmah bu rmah in connexion with elder mccunesletter we have received onari6m ea 21st of baptiz baptie september elder elam ludington dated septemberist ist on the 21stof august he baptized on person one eperson amid jhb will be thb we trust that elders ludington savage and mccune willbe enabled amidtv6 eiders in4 ina falth faith nth chances of war to plant the gospel firmly in burmah the mth energy and ij tegrity of elder mccune are highly commendable we can appreciate the nature of his feelings when the doctrine of celestial marriage was first made known to him we are gratified to learn that his integrity of heart carried him eventually to a rightwhic chic eous conclusion on the subject and enabled him to triumph over the traditions winch oftel of the he had previously imbibed such will be ever the case when the revelations oft1l thoss almighty come in contact with our preconceived notions and the feelings those reel feel our debf fee these notions have engendered in tuse moments of weakness and of trial we feelourde abd theyare always themare pendence on the inspirations of the holy spirit and thanks be to gbd they are al w ay pen dence given when humbly and faithfully sought so that the truly honest and diligent may mij walk without stumbling there are doubtless many truths yet which when made thadd teat tead tett as known tous will come as much in opposition to our ideas and feelings Is any thatd to us toms have already been revealed


touy nalof discoursenay nour s may Tour extract from the journal of discoursesnay startie tournalof some of someof our readers but we would wish them to recollect that in this last dispensa anan ii rnan sena tion god will send forth by his servants things new as well as old until mandi tend nis mid we perfected in the truth and wo would here take occasion to remark that it would edin bih bid perfect be well if all our readers would secure a copy of the journal of discourses as it la only securo secure issued and also of every standard work of the church and not onlysecuro these works but attentively read them and thoroughly study the principles they contain iha fali saints who fall those of the saihtswho fail to obtain the standard publications of the church will somo will be not be likely to prove very intelligent saints and willbe very liable to wake up some bo day and find themselves wonderfully behind the times and consequently will not ve inwithout the inss abl& to stand the day of trial which will come upon all the world abla abie able salvador telligenca telligencer that comes through the holy priesthood the saints cannot gain salvation telligence genea gence theli anyihis intelligence is given in the various publications of the church who then ancftbis glyen giyen wisek not the wise certainly endanger hiisaltation by being behind will endangerhiisaliationby beifigbebind the times hIi salTation behina
OCR batner amui OUR FATHER ADAM oub fatner



tieb york the wyk the extracts from tile mw nyk tribune and chambers nob public quarters publio y kepository repository of tracts show that in many quartbrspublic opinion is not so fiercely rpositbr we not bar mee llave noc bat vie mormonism as set against 11116rinonismas has been the custom in times past but vee have nod

room to enlarge on the subject this week
Ati rival att niVAL &ftnival atinival

we may say a word or two next

tho boardl the b6ar6lil elder thomas obray left malta on the 23rd of october on boardltho I he erty of london and landed at southampton after a passage of thirteen days 1 a eity city designs emigrating to the salt lake valley the coming season



via paris

s wit zeflnd ath london eider Y elder J F secrist left londony on the 8th instant for rswitzerland

appointments in appointing the successors of those pastors and presidents who will alteratiom alteration be released at the newyear we have ordained the following alterations and appointjanuary 41854 1851 1854 ments to take effect on ah dafter the first day of ja td aft and ant erthe afterthe ani ann

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