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Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ,

Rizal, alive in Ateneo!
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Did you ever wonder how the new president of Ateneo is like? Last September 22, 2011, the editors of Eaglet with the Student Activities Coordinator, Mrs. Gargaritano, and our moderator, Ms. Perez, went to Xavier Hall to interview Fr. Jett. In this experience, I could see why our president is in his position right now. He is the only son his parents have. He isn’t a very tall man. In fact, a few editors are even taller than him! However, size can never affect the values of a person. He is a very funny man. As we were discussing issues in the Ateneo, a subject that is very serious for a few people, he still never forgot to add humor to all the answers he gave. He also stresses important points he gives to us. He is a very spiritual man and also a guardian of the environment. “So what else makes him a good leader?” you may be asking. A few years before, he was the president of Ateneo de Cagayan. He was also a scientist, a physicist to be exact. Did you know that he won the Nobel Peace Prize? A group which he was part of, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, won the award on 2007. This group did projects to help our environment in different ways. I think this is how he got his habit of taking care of Mother Nature. What did you say? You want to know what he wants to do to our school? Well, he always stressed these three important goals. First of all, he wants us Ateneans to learn to take care of our dying earth. He will make projects for all grade levels, including our continued on page 5

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Ms. Mara Melanie D. Perez

A Message from the Headmaster
I feel happy to discover that this issue honors Dr. Jose P. Rizal on his 150th birth anniversary. Rizal, in many ways, has served as an excellent role model to all of us – our national hero, doctor of medicine, writer, poet, patriot, artist, social worker, and an exemplary Ateneo alumnus. Through his martyrdom in Bagumbayan, he exemplified tremendous courage and zeal for his beloved country. It is this virtue of love for our dear nation that we want to learn from him. It is vitally important for us to love our own – our own language, culture, traditions, and values. He was also a very talented person who maximized his potentials for the service of others. He pursued excellence in everything that he pursued not for its own sake but for the sake of wanting to become a true man-for-others. Moments before he was executed, he mentioned that he had spent his happiest years in the Ateneo. Ateneo, through his Jesuit friends, was not only responsible for his education, but also for his solid character formation. Good Catholic and Jesuit character formation impels us to pursue excellence as a means to an end which is serving our neighbour – a necessary consequence to our loving our own nation. May this issue of the Eaglet inspire us to be like Rizal, our national hero and our fellow Atenean. May God through the intercession of St. Ignatius of Loyola bless us all.

Ms. Angeline Martha M. Cariquitan

Mr. Jan Fredrick Cruz Mr. Diego Santiago

Mr. Mark Benedict F. Lim

The Eaglet Editorial Board: We commit ourselves to chronicle the
events in Ateneo de Manila Middle School for the greater glory of God.

Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Managing Editor/President Vice President General Secretary Graphics Design Editor Opinions Editor Art Director Photo Editor Reviews Editor News Editor Technology Editor EAGLIT Editor EAGLaugh Humor Editor Class Chronicles Gr. 6 Editor Features Editor Sports Editor

“Men make history, and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” - Harry S. Truman

Tranquil Matthew A. Salvador IV Rafael John R. Dimla Miguel Gabriel T. Defensor Ethan Derrick D. Del Rosario Aaron Carl S. Seechung Ariel Cerino D.R. Ignacio Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa Angelo Joaquin L. Advincula Diego Santi M. Manalastas Kynan Daro Claver Taclobao Carlo M. Acosta Alfonso G. Dolina Reuben Andrew F. Antonio Luis Ignacio C. Jose Miguel Mari C. Dobles Ebenezer Samuel L. Rojas Jose Alfredo L. Crisol Jose Rafael F. Fernandez Mico Lorenzo M. Baviera John Angelo S.P. Abarrientos Gonzalo Alfredo Benjamin J. Bongolan

Fr. Norberto Maria Luza Bautista, SJ

A Message from the Asst. Headmaster for Academic Affairs (MS)
As we celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Jose Rizal, it is but fitting that this year’s first issue of the Eaglet draws inspiration from our national hero, a model Atenean. As a young man, Rizal became acutely aware of the social injustices brought on his countrymen. Rizal dreamt then that, one day, his countrymen will be freed from the shackles of suppression, slavery, poverty and deprivation under foreign colonizers. Rizal was a prolific writer. Though passionate in his ideals, he was a man of peace. He fought with his pen, not with violent means. He exposed the abuses of the colonizers and the friars in his two novels Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) and El Filibusterismo (The Rebel). Rizal fought for reforms to elevate the status of Filipinos. His writings and his death inspired his fellow countrymen to fight tyranny. Later in history, this same inspiration moved many Filipino heroes to fight for our country’s independence. Such was the effect of Rizal’s dream. I commend the writers of this first issue of Eaglet. May you be inspired by Rizal’s example of committing one’s talents to promote a more significant cause – that of our countrymen and our country.

Dr. Gina P. Serquiña

A Message from the Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs
This is a particularly special time for us Filipinos. This year we are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of our beloved and esteemed national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. In more ways than one, within our campus and even beyond, we have as an institution and as a nation been commemorating this man’s heroic deeds and contributions to our homeland practically the whole year round. Now that we are almost entering the month of December, it cannot be denied that for most of us, the mere mention of this man’s name easily conjures in our minds the image of his death at Bagumbayan. However, it is my intent and fervent wish that through this first publication of the Eaglet, we might celebrate more of Rizal’s many life moments rather than this singular inevitable appointment with death through firing squad. Flipping through the annals of history is certainly one way of remembering the great man that is Rizal. What I am proposing though is for us to revisit not his- story but to see Rizal instead through his writings. For it is through his great literary works where we can see a glimpse of his soul, who he really is as an individual. Together, let us take delight and learn a lesson or two from the trickster tale, The Monkey and the Turtle. In time, let us enter the world of the Noli and Fili and allow the events of these novels unfold through our imagination. Do not hesitate to pick from the shelf a classic story or poem Rizal’s mother used to read to Pepe when he was a child. Become part of the mystery of Rizal’s world of literature. In so doing may we all be inspired to continue doing what our national hero did in his time: to write responsibly and truthfully, to write with substance, and more importantly, to write with a purpose in mind. To all the writers and staffers of this publication, I congratulate you on this your first issue of the Eaglet. This is a particularly exciting time for all of you. You are given a rare opportunity to carry on the work of one of the greatest writers of Ateneo’s past, especially on the year when the entire nation is celebrating the sesquicentennial anniversary of his birth. May all of you then continue this journalistic tradition with the same zest and passion like that of Rizal. God bless you all.

Mr. Jervy M. Robles


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Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ: a Man of Inspiration
By: Raf Dimla He is more than just the Ateneo de Manila President. He is also a scientist, environmentalist, Nobel Laureate, teacher, Jesuit Priest, elderly brother, son and a nerd, as he calls himself. Fr. Jett is undeniably the ideal example of a man of success. And the success he has, is also God’s. As smart as he is, he was still overwhelmed by a multitude of questions in our interview. He had this sense of humor that made our interaction with him not awkward and fun at the same time. He is such an intelligent man for he answered all our questions meaningfully. The very first question was about why he was chosen to be the successor of Fr. Nebres as the Ateneo de Manila President by the Board of Trustees. He answered, “Well, that is also MY question. And until now, I still don’t know the answer.” He just said that he will do his very best to be a good leader of this prestigious university. He even said that he prays more often and asks guidance from God. He also said that he should be more formal, but he has his family and friends to still remind of who he really is.He also described what a true leader is and how Ateneans are different. According to him, a leader does not divide, listens, makes a decision, and sends a direction. He also believes that what makes an Atenean different is what is mainly inside. Ateneans display MAGIS and AMDG in their daily lives. That is what we are. As the Ateneo President, he is not just here to show his splendid traits and make people admire him. His purpose is to improve the Ateneo and lead the whole university. He made emphasis during the interview on three things he shared in his Inaugural Speech last September 8, 2011. The three things are: taking care of God’s creation, the environment, continue building the nation and strengthen our identity as Ateneans. As he said in his Investiture Speech, “We cannot leave this garden the way it is now to our children.” He said that we should take good care of God’s creation. That is why one of the things he wants to accomplish during his presidency is to make the Ateneo an environmentalfriendly place. He wants to reach to the point that when the outsiders hear the word “ATENEO”, the first word that comes to their mind is a green place, a beautiful garden. He even said that space is important. Enough space for us can give us a lot of pleasurable things. Secondly, building the nation. During his speech, he shared these meaningful words: “We have been vested with the power to rebuild this nation or break it apart. The poverty that we see is not our helpless fate, nor is it God’s dream for us. Our poverty is the tragic result of wilful divestment.” He also described poverty as a ravenous monster with many hearts. It is a beast with many hearts to spare, as he said. Then he asked, who will initiate and orchestrate to slay this monster? The answer is the leaders. We, the Ateneans. Here is a short passage from his speech: “Men and women who have been schooled to step up and take charge because they have been taught as well when to stand down and surrender their pride and ambition. Men and women, here at the Ateneo, beyond the Ateneo, who have been taught to stand on a hill, between earth and sky, so that they can train their sights beyond themselves and look after the common good, the greater good.” Lastly, the third thing is to strengthen our identity as Ateneans. Here is a very inspiring paragraph from his speech: “But as members of an Ateneo that shares in the apostolic mission of the Society of Jesus, we need to ask ourselves every so often about the motive force that ultimately propels this drive for excellence. What or who is the excellence for?” “The Ateneo way is more than just a way of schooling you to become proficient and successful in the professional world. Yes, you will be stretched here to hone your talents, deepen your knowledge, and develop your character. But the Ateneo way is more than just a matter of education and excellence.” Ateneans are here to share the important mission to help change the world for the better. These three important things he shared both during our interview and during his investiture speech will be transmitted to the Grade School students, to be part of our lives, he promised. He also said that he will make sure that the formation of leaders in the Grade School will be improved and maintained. He promised that he will do his best to make the Grade School and High School closer. He even shared that it’s quite ironic that the Grade School and the High School are very far away from each other and that these two departments are located in both ends of the campus, while in the other Ateneo universities, they are close. That only a wall separates the two sectors. That is why he promised that he will make the relationship of Ateneo Grade School and Ateneo High school stronger. As the president, he has projects to initiate and continue. He plans to build a Cultural Complex in the Ateneo where we will see more about arts and humanities. He also said that there will be a state-of-the-art football field here in the Ateneo that will be opened this January. Lastly, he described himself metaphorically as the crew, or backstage helpers, and the teachers and the STUDENTS are the main actors. He shared that the administrators are here to help forming the students for their future. This article will be ended with a short message from Fr. Jett particularly to the Grade School students: “Become who you are. You are an Atenean. God has given you this. I hope you find your purpose.” Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Fr. Jett, The Optimist & Doer
When we hear his name, we probably think about a man, head held high, wearing a suit made of the finest garments available, and having a most stoical expression on his face, a face that cannot be read. Well, once you meet him, you’ll realize that EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you think about people who lead is ENTIRELY WRONG. First of all, he is not someone who has pride as a characteristic. He is someone who is down-to-earth, and has a yearning to be humble. Second, he is not wearing some frumpy suit stitched with gold thread, he’s really simple, actually. He just wears the normal Jesuit habit; a short-sleeved black polo, with the white collar, and black pants. That’s it. This habit of his raises the bar for simplicity in the Ateneo. He yearns to give the students a simple, yet effective way of teaching and activities. Lastly, he is very friendly and not someone who gives orders before he even meets that person. He is someone who is approachable, jolly and optimistic about his presidency in the Ateneo. You can treat him as a usual friend, someone who’ll guide you to pick right from wrong; to pick what you need versus what you want. These are what make him different. Why was he even picked to lead one of the most prestigious organizations in Philippine history? He said that that is also his question. He was really startled by the fact that he, and not the other hundreds of men who were nominated, was picked. He shared that at first, he was afraid of the spotlight. He wasn’t used to being the centre of attention; he wasn’t used to being the one who was revolved upon. But slowly, he coped. Slowly, he managed to take on the challenge directly, and without further hesitation, he grabbed the Ateneo by its head and put it on his shoulders. And he shared his secret. Prayer. He would always pray, for every single decision he made. Small or big, effective or not, he would attack it with prayer. He treats his journey as a blessing, an opportunity to make the Ateneo a better place. As he said, “Blessings are not easy, they’re difficult.” He talked about making the Ateneo a more environmentally-inclined school. He said that we cannot let our children inherit a broken and diseased world. We are here today, to make the most out of our resources and make the world we live in, a better place. He wants not only to make this happen in his presidency but for it to continue for the years to come. According to him, space is a key to a healthier lifestyle. These spaces will be filled with parks and gardens, to encourage the Ateneo community to have and to hold the greener mindset within them. He shared words on how the Atenean should build the nation. He said that poverty and all the other adversities will just eat us up if we, ourselves, don’t go hand-in-hand to stop them. Here, he targets the school leaders. He yearns for them to realize that it is not long before we are eaten up by poverty, it is not long before we are contained inside a jar, with nothing to do but plead. He says that we should be the light, though small, that will guide the people to attack the ferocious beast, head-on, He wants to provide not only excellent teachers, but excellent facilities, programs, and needs, for all the members of the ADMU community. He doesn’t want anyone, not even a single person, to be left out. He said that in order for a machine to function properly, it needs cohesive parts to work together for it to conduct its job properly. He also said, “No man is an island”. No man is committed to be alone. He should have partners to love, to learn from, and to lean on. This is one of his purposes as the president of the Ateneo. He wants to bring everyone, as children of God, in one family; in one community. The bottom line? He wants to make all students, teachers, everyone to be treated as the cream of the crop. He wants us to work together. He wants the Ateneo, during his term and in the future, to be a socially-competent school; an organization that is not to be taken ridiculously. He wants us, as Filipinos, to understand that it has come to a time when our country is in danger of going down, head first, to the ground. He tells us to be lights to inspire others; to work handin-hand and make the Philippines a better place. Finally, he wants us to have confidence in ourselves as Ateneans, to have the yearning and will power to continue fighting for Mother Earth, the Inang Bayan, and God. He wants us to start and finish this journey with him; together. And no matter how many mistakes you encounter, treat them all as blessings, which teach you, and harden you to get ready for something that is worth all our hardships, sacrifices and pains. And only if you are honest and confident in yourself will you get through the wall, and come out-victorious. Fr. Jett may not be your typical leader, but what he lacks, he makes up for his optimism and compassion. His kind of optimism is not only visionary, but comes out with doing and action. His compassion for everything and everyone stretches to the extent that he takes care of each of us as an individual person, as a person with special needs, as someone who needs love, and as a person who has unique traits that need to be honed properly, in order for him to shine. This is what makes him a true leader. A leader that loves everything that God created and has a yearning to save it. A visionary who wants to lead the country, through the school into receiving economical, spiritual and emotional independence. A man who wants to tell all people, that Ateneans are different, that Ateneans are people who identify themselves not with their words, but with their lives. Truly, Father Ramon T. Villarin, S.J., is a person who has many talents, but lives up to the community’s one expectation; for him to initiate action within and outside the school, and not just be a leader with a plaque put upon his table, entirely for show. And what he is showing now guarantees that the Ateneo de Manila University community will follow in his footsteps to become beacons of hope for the country, the environment, and for GOD; the sign of a genuine Atenean, Marian, Ignatian, and Christian leader.

Good and D own-to-Earth
By:Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa “There are parks instead of parking lots all across the University and the environment is cared for. Teachers teach with a sense of purpose and the campus is considered happy and beautiful. Likewise, the University is a model for eco-friendliness and academic excellence for the nation, and leadership is nurtured.” The University in question is the Ateneo de Manila University, and, the description above is an apt summary of what one can glean from interviewing the new man at the helm of the Ateneo, our new University President, Fr. Jet Villarin. In our interview with the man himself at a conference room in Xavier Hall on the 22nd of September, we covered a variety of topics, ranging from questions regarding his personal-slashwork life to his policies as University President. An important point that was consistently touched on was the environment. In light of this, Fr. Villarin explained how the Ateneo is making moves toward progress, talking about the possibility of promoting alternative lighting, and emphasizing water conversation as an essential concern. Another issue also brought up was the traffic issues in the Ateneo, wherein Fr. Villarin said that coordination with agencies such as the MMDA was necessary for the situation outside the university and that the administration would do its best to alleviate the situation inside. As for any major changes in the school with his succession as the new University President of the Ateneo de Manila University, Fr. Villarin said that on the contrary, it would be preferable that his succession would be as unobtrusive as possible, likening his work as an administrator being only as a back-stage personnel supporting the main actors or the teachers in their work in helping and teaching students. When asked questions like about what exactly can the ordinary AGS student expect from his administration, and what changes in the AGS can occur under his watch, he stated that there could be consultations with local (AGS) school officials on how to implement policies which reflect the three core values of Creation, Nation and Identity (see his investiture speech for details), change and prepare new leaders, perhaps more communication between the AHS and AGS to form a continuity between the two, maybe even put structures in place to help the Office of the University President keep in touch with what’s happening in the AGS as well as in the AHS. But, even with this, he still stressed that change was to come from the AGS itself (preferably, from the students themselves), and that his office was that of last resort, like the “Supreme Court”. Later on, even somewhat more abstract questions were raised in the interview, like what exactly defines an Atenean or what makes a leader. Explaining the former, Fr. Villarin emphasized that “what makes us different is what’s inside”. That the spirit of St. Ignatius, along with the lofty virtues embodied in MAGIS and AMDG set us apart, in practice, to engage at the frontier and to “stand on a Eaglet editors hill, between enjoying jokes two polar from Fr. Villarin realities”. As for the latter, on the topic of leadership, he talked about it as a listener who can also get things done, an open and honest person, but, what was often mentioned, quite consistently even, was that a leader should not divide. He even cited a personal example in which there should always be a leader that does not divide, for a divisive leader can divide, and hurt a community, whether that be your subdivision, class or workplace. There were not much big words said in the interview, and the plan was simple enough. In fact it could be summed up in three words: “Creation, Nation and Identity” (look up the investiture speech). It was actually, quite downto-earth, good and honest even. In a way, the vision our new University President is simple and it improves on the rudiments, the basics so to speak. Creation-or the environment, Nation-or forming the next generation of leaders through world-class education and Identitystaying true to oneself. Maybe, it might be not too long, when we’ve all grown up, that we take time to look around and see that changes have been happening, slow but harmoniously, without us even noticing or batting an eye. Truly, at least take this from this perspective, I think we have a bright future ahead of us, good and downto-earth. Just the way everyone likes it.

but, together as well. We, as Ateneans,should know our sole duty to our country as Filipinos; we should save the country that cradled us from the start, and taught us that Filipinos were, are, and always will be different from others. He discussed also about our identity as Ateneans. He told us that we should live out everything that the school incorporates in our life. The AMDG, the Ateneo Way, the EXCELLENCE DRIVE, the MAGIS. These are not just things we recite every day. We should live each one out in our lives, like our personal mantra. We know that we should be doing everything for the greater glory of God, but are we doing it? We know that we are taught in a unique way, in the Ateneo way. But are we realizing it, or even know it? We always encounter the saying “excellence is a must” but do we follow it? Do we even try to veer away from mediocrity? We endlessly hear our teachers talk about MAGIS. But does it stay on our head? Or do we let it go out the other end of our head? These are the questions we need to reflect on and live out in our everyday lives as Ateneans. These are the things that would keep us truly blue, truly Marian, truly Ignatian, and truly, a son of God. We are the actors, and he is part of the backstage crew, as he said himself. His purpose is to hone the players to be the best they can be onstage. He also wants the whole university to have closer ties with each other. He wants the grade school and the high school to interact and work together more often with each other. He wants to establish bridges of friendship between two other-worldly sectors. He said that his mission not only ends with the College. He wants to make every single sector here, in the school, to be committed attention to, to be equal in all matters possible. He wants to make all sectors better places to study in, to live in, and to worship in.

From page 1: Fr. Jett Villarin

older schoolmates in high school and college, about improving the cleanliness of our school. Then, he wants to continue building the nation through us, the students. He wants to raise us to be good leaders so that one day we can lead the Philippines to the right path, the path of peace and improvement. Finally, he wants us to strengthen our identity as Ateneans. To be honest with you, I don’t even know how he would do this, but I figured out where to start, finding your identity. I think our school will get better because of our new president, Fr. Jett. His mission and vision for the Ateneo is very important, especially in a world where people are getting separated from God. He, a spiritual and environmental person, should be a good example to us all, and we should follow his influence to us because we believe that he is the epitome of leadership.

by Carlo Acosta
Ateneo Grade School student leaders during the he Investiture of Fr. Jett, Sept. 8, 2011, Blue Eagle Gym

Rizal, Inspiration for Ateneans
Tranquil Matthew A. Salvador IV, 7- De Brito Rizal, Noli me Tangere, inspiration. This is the language our school spoke as we celebrate Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary. But we always ask ourselves, do we really need Dr. Rizal? Do we really need to celebrate his birth? Most of us would say that we celebrate his birth because he’s an Atenean, or maybe because he’s our National Hero. But if he’s just a famous Atenean or a hero in the past, why is it really important to celebrate him? First and foremost, it’s because he inspired multitudes of people in the past and the present. For one, he inspired many of our heroes to stop hiding under their shells like scared turtles and start bringing justice to our countrymen. A concrete example is the inspiration he gave Andres Bonifacio, through his inspirational writings, to create the KKK and start rebelling against the Spaniards. Today, we, in the 21st century, are inspired by Rizal in so many different ways. We are inspired by his different admirable characteristics and abilities. For me, his most important characteristic is his passion to bring justice and freedom to his countrymen. Like Rizal, we should be passionate about our hobbies and the things that we are committed to. For example, if your passion is basketball, you should continually practice hard and often to perfect your art. Passion does not necessarily mean to just practice our likes, but to enjoy and be open-minded about your passion, to take ideas from other brethren to make yourself better. Our school always says that we should always strive for excellence like Rizal. Mediocrity is NOT, I repeat, NOT an option, while excellence is always a must. As students, we should never settle for less than the best we can do. We should always make adrenaline, and the urge to become the best in anything we do run through our veins. To be truly like Rizal requires many changes in our lifestyles. During these changes, we should never let anything in our way bother us. We should also learn from everything we do, may it be correct, or a mistake. Practicing excellence and passion is honoring God, and at the same time fulfilling the motto of the Ateneo, “ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD”. Kagalang-galang na Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Isang mapagpalayang araw po sa inyo! Ako po pala si Aldrin Benedict R. Camba, ang inyong kamag-aral sa Mababang Paaralan ng Ateneo. Kung Pepe po ang inyong palayaw, ako naman po ay higit na kilala sa pangalang Benjo. Isinusulat ko po ang liham na ito dahil nais ko pong ibahagi sa inyo ang kahalagahan ng mga ginawa ninyo para sa Pilipinas ngayon.


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150th BIRthdAy of RIZAL
Alfonso Miguel L. Casanova | 5-Malacanang Raphael L. Gatchalian | 5-Barasoain Arvin Almario 6-Aguinaldo

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Pagbibigay-pugay sa Iniidolong Kamag-aral
(Ang liham na ito ang opisyal na inilahok ng Mababang Paaralan sa Timpalak ng Pagsulat ng Liham para sa ating Pambansang Bayani) Kaya naman po kayo ang itinuring na pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas! Tinuruan po ninyo ang ating mga kababayan upang iwaksi ang kasamaan nang hindi nagdudulot ng karahasan kahit sa mapang-api. Dahil sa inyong mapayapa at makatarungang uri ng pakikipaglaban, gamit lamang ang kapangyarihan ng inyong isip at panulat, kayo ang nagsilbing modelo at inspirasyon upang ipaglaban ng ating mga ninuno ang ating karapatan bilang mga mamamayan ng Perlas ng Silangan. Sa kasalukuyan, pinahahalagahan po kayo ng mga milyun-milyong tao, hindi lang sa ating bansa kundi pati na rin sa ibang bansa sa pamamagitan ng pagdiriwang ng inyong kaarawan, at marangal na kamatayan. Noong ika-19 ng Hunyo sa taong kasalukuyan, lahat po kami, sa paaralang binanggit ninyong ginugol ninyo ang inyong masasayang araw, ay nagbihis ng mga kasuotang kagaya ng nauso sa inyong panahon. May mga gumaya sa suot ni Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo at Padre Damaso subalit karamihan po sa amin, kagaya ko, ay nagbihis na kamukha ninyo. Mayroon rin pong pinaghandaang mga museo at pagtatanghal tungkol sa inyong buhay, mga gawa at pamana. Tunay nga pong buhay na buhay pa rin po kayo sa aming puso at isipan. Salamat po sa inialay ninyong oras upang basahin ito. Isang napakalaki pong karangalan na nabibigyan po kami ng edukasyon sa paaralang kinalakihan ng mga bayaning kagaya ninyo. Kaya umasa po kayong dugong bayani na rin ang nananalaytay sa aming mga tinawa ninyong pag-asa ng bayan. Kayo po ang patuloy na idolo namin sa pagiging “Sobresaliente.” Bilang tunay na tao para sa kapwa ay iaalay rin po namin ang aming buhay sa ating Inang Bayan. Mabuhay po kayo! Lubos na gumagalang at humahanga, Benjo Camba

Hinahangaan ko po talaga ang mga kontribusyon ninyo para sa ating bansa. Para sa akin, ang pinakamahalaga po sa sangkatutak ninyong naiambag sa mahal nating bayan ay ang inyong mga isinulat na tulang gaya ng “Sa Aking mga Kababata” at “Huling Paalam.” Lubos po akong humanga sa unang tulang inyong ginawa kung saan sa mura ninyong edad ay napasayaw na ninyo ang inyong pluma sa wikang Filipino at naipahayag ang pagmamahal dito. Malaki rin po ang naiambag ng inyong mga nobela kaya naman ang dalawang ito ay naging bahagi na ng kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Higit na dumarami na po ang nagbabasa nito ngayon, at isinalin na ito sa iba’t ibang wika at dialekto katulad ng Mandarin at Panggalatok. Kaya naman nasasabik na po ako sa pagtalakay namin ng inyong mga nobela sa Mataas na Paaralan ng Ateneo. Nalaman ko po kasing napakalaki po ng naitulong ng mga ito upang gisingin ang mga Pilipinong halos nawawalan na ng pag-asa mula sa mahigit na 300 taong pananakop ng mga Kastila. Iminulat po ninyo ang mga kababayan natin sa inyong panahon na lumaban upang maipagtanggol ang kanilang mga karapatan bilang isang nagkakaisang bansa. Hindi man po biglaan ang naging resulta subalit pagkalipas ng ilang taon, ilang labanan at ugnayan, nabigyan din po tayo ng soberanya! Isipin po ninyo, ang inyong mga isinulat ay nagkaroon ng malaking papel sa pagkamit ng ating kalayaan. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi natin maitatayo ang isang maayos at demokratikong pamahalaan, at marahil ay nasa kamay pa rin tayo ng mga dayuhang mananakop.

Eagleteers at the “Rizal in Ateneo, Ateneo in Rizal” Exhibit
Benjo Camba, 6-Burgos Kynan Taclobao, 7- Berchmans
August 25, 2011, at 2:40 pm, this was when I and my fellow club mates went in the Old Rizal Library. This was actually my first time to lay my eyes on the building, or that section of the college area. In our “Rizal” costumes, we walked the whole way to the college area, meaning we wandered the path wearing tuxedos, barongs and all those things. On our way to the library, we actually got a few confused or even stunned looks from some of the students, fetchers and the traffic personnel. When we got there, the Grade 6 and 7 students were separated, I really don’t know where they took the Grade 6 people, but they took me, along with my other batch mates, upstairs and gave us a tour. First, we saw some replicas and the actual things that Dr. Jose Rizal wrote like the El Filibusterismo, Mi Ultimo Adios and even some letters he, himself, wrote. Then, we moved to another room, the American Historical Collection, where we saw pictures. Yay! These pictures were taken by Austin Craig, who documented the life of Rizal. The lady there gave us brochures and let us stay for a few minutes to view the exhibit. After, she gave us candy, and asked us to leave. We went downstairs to see exhibits of pictures and instruments that Jose Rizal used and made. We saw his rosary, the alcohol lamp he used to hide the poem, Mi Ultimo Adios, and tons of his works and pictures. We wrapped up the trip by taking pictures to remember the event. In the end, I didn’t just leave the venue with brochures and a bookmark, but I had a new-found respect for our national hero, José Rizal.

Fort Salvador, 7-De Brito Ito ang isa sa mga pinakatinatampok na selebrasyon ng Mababang Paaralan ng Ateneo. Kinikilala nito si Manuel Quezon at si Jose Rizal, na mga tagapagtaguyod ng wikang pambansa. Ano pa nga ba ito, kundi ang Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa! Dahil dito, kinapanayam namin, ang Eaglet, si Ginang Panganiban, ang Tagapag-ugnay sa Filipino ng Gitnang Paaralan tungkol sa kahalagahan at kagandahan ng pagdiriwang na ito. Fort: Dahil gusto po nating lahat ng baitang ay makisali sa pagdiriwang, ano po ang mga proyekto ng bawat baitang para sa Buwan ng Wika? Ginang Panganiban: Para sa ika-apat na baitang, nagkaroon sila ng tAPATan. Dito nagpapakitang gilas ang mga batang taga-ikaapat na baitang na magaling sa mga asignaturang Filipino at Araling Panlipunan. Para naman sa ikalimang baitang, nagkaroon sila ng TALENTO SINGKO, kung saan ibinabahagi ng ilang piling mag-aaral mula sa ikalimang baitang ang kanilang mga natatanging talento. Isinagawa naman sa ikaanim at ikapitong baitang ang BUGSO at PARADA NG MGA SIKAT. Ang BUGSO ay para ring Talento Singko, ngunit ipinakikita nito na napakayaman ng Wikang Pinoy, sa manipestasyon ng mga tula, kanta, at flip-top. Ang PARADA NG MGA SIKAT naman ay nagbibigay halaga sa mga tao, o icon na nagpapakitang ang mga Pinoy ay isang hindi binibirong lahi. Fort: Ano po ang gustong makamit ng pagdiriwang na ito? Ginang Panganiban: Unang-una, gustong makamit ng Kagawaran ng Filipino na mapaigting ang paggamit ng Wika, lalunglalo na sa kabataan. At dahil dito, nararapat lamang na turuan sila ng maayos na uri ng mga salita. Nakapagtalaga kami ng tatlong lupon ng mga salita. Ito ay ang pormal na uri, na maaaring gamitin sa mga debate, opisyal na dokumento, sa pakikipagtalastasan, at sa loob ng silid-aralan. Ang pangalawang uri ay ang dialectal, na nanggagaling sa mga dialekto ng iba’t ibang lalawigan o rehiyon sa bansa. Ang huli ay ang mga salitang balbal, na hindi maaaring gamitin sa anumang uri ng opisyal na pakikipag-usap o talastasan, o kaya nama’y sa papel. Kasama sa pagpapaigting ng kanilang paggamit ng Wika, dapat rin ay ituro sa kanila ang karapat-dapat na uring maaaring gamitin sa paaralan, na ang uring pormal. Fort: Ano po ang gustong mangyari ng Kagawaran ng Filipino sa mga susunod na pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa? Ginang Panganiban: Layunin ng kagawaran na magkaoon ng bago at mas magagandang gawain para sa Buwan ng Wika. Gusto rin naming maalis sa isipan ng kabataan na ang wikang Filipino ay isang mahirap gamiting lenggwahe. Gusto naming maisaisip nilang mayamn ang wikang Pinoy, at kaakibat nito ang kadalian nitong gamitin. Sana ay mas marami pang bata ang makasali sa mga proyekto nating gustong itampok ang mga talento ng bawat isa. Samakatuwid, maraming gustong maabot ang Komite sa Wikang Filipino. Ngunit, sa tulong ng Diyos, at sa pagtutulungan, marahil ay makakamit natin ang lahat ng mga ito. Fort: Mraming-maraming salamat po, Ginang Panganiban. Sana po, magbigay-daan ang selebrasyong ito upang mas maging gamay at matatas ang mga estudyante sa Wikang Filipino. Talagang napakaganda ng ating wika. Sana, matutuhan ng kabataan na tulungang umapoy and espiritu ng pagmamahal sa wika sa ating mga puso at kalooban.

Eaglet would like to thank Ms. Karryl Kim Sagun & Ms. Dorothea Garing for this memorable and enlightening Rizal Exhibit tour. ü

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Grade 4 PaGbiGkas and PaGbasa
We, the Grade 4 students, had our PaGBasa contest on sePtemBer 5, 2011 st held in the sinGson hall. on the same day, the judGes announced the Winners from 1st, nd 2nd, and 3rd Place. all the sections from rd ati-yakan ParticiPated in the contest. the name of the story Was, “a nG mahiWaGanG kaldero”. at the end of the contest, the judGes announced the Winners, and 1st Place Was ifuGao, 2nd Place Was yakan, and 3rd Place Was ati. that contest Was truly memoraBle.


1 - IFUGAO 2 - YAKAn 3 - AtI

We had our PaGBIGKaS conteSt on SePtemBer 5, 2011, held In the SInGSon hall. after, on the Same day, the judGeS announced st the WInnerS for 1St, 2nd, and 3rd Place. a ll the SectIonS from atI-yaKan PartIcIPated In nd the conteSt. the name of the PIece all the rd conteStantS recIted WaS, “a nG WIKa at anG landaS”, WhIch WaS WrItten By m r. StePhen ryan n. BatIStIana. at the end of the conteSt, the judGeS announced the WInnerS: 1St Place WaS dumaGat, 2nd Place WaS BaGoBo, 3rd Place WaS tauSuG. that conteSt WaS truly memoraBle.


By: Cesar Fabro 6- Aguinaldo and Emerson Enriquez 6- Tandang Sora
July 21 2011- a day to remember for all grade-6 students and teachers, “Gabing 6-sik sa saya!” “Grade-6 Class Night na!” “Halina’t pumunta!” “Humataw, Tumawa’t, Kumunta!”- what else could it be, but the Gr.6 Class Night! After the 3:10 dismissal, the fun begins... well kinda. Actually, after Intrams most people went hectic, looking their mom, dad or fetcher to get their stuff for the night. When most of the students have gotten their things, they went back to the classrooms to setup their sleeping bags, and to play basketball, soccer, boardgames, etc. Or they ate dinner. As soon as dinnertime was over, everyone was either waiting anxiously or waiting nervously for the program. When the program started, we immediately had a challenge, making a creative cheer using the title of the Class Night. When that “nightmare” of howling and shouting ended, the dance of the sections of Abad Santos-Bonifacio started, with a mix of Black and Yellow, Lazy Song, Yeah x3 and Party Rock Anthem. When that performance ended, the first game, a three-legged race with an evil twist: dribbling ping–pong balls started. Then, another dance took place with the sections of Burgos-Jacinto dancing to the music of the 4 songs: Hataw na, Don’t Wanna Go Home, Just a Dream and Blame it on the Pop. The 2nd game came right after their dance which was a tire race. When that game “rolled” away it was Lopez Jaena-Mabini’s turn to dance with the music of Yeah x3. Immediately after that performance, the final game took place which was another race (not a surprise) wherein a player has to fan a ping-pong ball. When the final game ended it was also time for the final dance, which was performed by the sections of MalvarTandang Sora who danced Party Rock Anthem. As the program ended with the awarding of the victors in the games, most went ghost-hunting and back to the classroom to watch movies such as Incidius and other shows. Even though the time was already midnight lots of students from different sections stayed up late to play card games or board games. When the clock struck 6:00 all those who slept have woken up. Sadly, everyone went home still half-asleep. Truly, the Grade-6 Class Night was a memorable event, an event that is full of exuberant activities that really taught us the real meaning of bonding. Bonding with our classmates that turn to friends/best friends, teachers that turn to our 2nd mom/dad. The Class Night is an event that will be remembered by every student and teacher of Grade-6, because it was truly a “Gabing 6-sik sa saya!”

By: Jolo Crisol 6 – Tandang Sora
The fluttering and squeaking of rubber shoes; the beeps coming out of computers being powered up; the dizzying sounds from the opening and closing of lockers; teachers hurrying out of classrooms right when the bell rings to escape the deafening sounds of excited, loud cheers and laughs --these are the unmistakable signals of an upcoming class night. It all started when the last period of Friday, July 22, 2011 was over and it was time for one of the most awaited events of the school year to begin. We were given time to put back our school stuff in our lockers. We then went down to the covered courts to have our final dance practice for the program. We were all eager to get it over with, so we can kick off the class night at once. When we had mastered the steps to our dance and song number, which happened to be ”Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO for my section, we ran up the steps of the covered courts to lay down our sleeping bags in our classrooms and have a little free time to kick back and relax a bit. After a few card games of Uno, I had to go to the open courts for a basketball tournament that my section, 6 – Tandang Sora, arranged as a fundraiser for the Bigay Puso project. The entrance fee was P20 but the game was only among class members of 6 - Tandang Sora. The tournament is planned to be expanded in the future to include other grade six sections. It also gave a good feeling that we were playing for the benefit of other people in need. After we finished the tournament, we all went our own ways around the grade school having fun. Some of us continued playing basketball, some just chilled in the classroom, and some drank a little too much Shirley Temple and pretended to be tipsy from the non – alcoholic drink. After our fun time, we went up to the classroom for attendance check and hurried up again to the covered courts for the program. It was even more fun for us because we were sitting beside our friends chatting, telling jokes, and joining the parlor games. What was great was that our class was even recognized as the most disciplined of all, which was honestly a shock to some of us. We then went back to the classroom. Not surprisingly, we drank even more Shirley Temples. We also went ghost hunting, but others decided that staying in the classroom and playing Monopoly suited them more. We were all back at the classroom when Mrs. Santos rang the bell to signal the lights out time. It was, however, more of movie time. We watched movies like Insidious and Transformers 3. I don’t know if it was the Shirley Temples, or the “Pusoy Dos” card games, or the horror stories, but I fell asleep instantly.
Last July 2, 2011, the members of the AGSCOM, also known as the Ateneo de Manila Grade School Class Officers Movement conducted the first part of the Leadership Seminar and Workshop for the Class Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Middle School. The event was held in the Mariano Singson Hall. The program kicked off with a message from our Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs, Mr. Jervy Robles. He told the officers that being a leader requires open ears, but a reserved heart. After Mr. Robles’ remarks, the Child Development Center, or CDC officially started the seminar by conducting several games starting with the ever popular “Arrange Yourselves According To..” activity. Mr. San Jose, a Primary School Guidance Counselor advised the student leaders to take the game seriously, since it was to test our ability to listen and discern what others say. It also served as a chance to get to know ourselves. Another challenging but fun game named “Egg Drop” was played by leaders and was used to test how the officers strategize and handle seemingly impossible problems. After the fun games, we had a talk about leadership and reflections about the first activities. They then had scrumptious brunch which includes Chicken Carbonara and Iced Tea. The officers got a chance to describe different animals which they think are synonymous to the way they lead their class. Last year’s AGSCOM Executive Council also mentioned how they would describe being a leader, and how it was fun too. Mrs. Dimalanta showed up as well, and described the AGS’ missions and visions of saving the environment. She also received the money for the planting of additional trees on the campus, from last year’s different projects to raise money for the environmental causes of the Ateneo. The lunch served afterwards gave the leaders Chicken Teriyaki, Buttered Vegetables, and as always, Iced Tea. A big chunk of the time after lunch was taken by the GLCs to discuss with their respective grade level councils the importance of setting definitive goals for their individual classes. The last hour of the seminar focused on the new kind of nomination, rules and the definition of the AGSCOM. The student leaders were also given regulations on the schemes of nominations and parties, which were discussed by Mrs. Gargaritano, Mrs. Panlilio, and Mr. Robles. These rules were taken seriously by the participants, and were honored accordingly. Once the program officially ended, we came home with a tall glass of Iced Tea, a Clubhouse Sandwich, the spirit of satisfaction, knowledge, and excitement for the next session of the fun-filled seminar. The second part of the Seminar took place still in Mariano Singson Hall, last July 6, 2011. The program started off with distributing of heavy snacks provided by the school. After all the officers were finished, Mrs. Panlilio already introduced our guest speaker from the Loyola Schools, Stephanie Gumaru. She is presently the Finance Officer of the Sanggunian in College, and talked about Servant Leadership. The leaders really learned a lot from Ate Steph’s talk. Since we didn’t really have the luxury of time, Mrs. Gargaritano right away discussed that the reaming time will be dedicated for choosing and planning of parties for the AGSCOM National Elections. The whole crowd of leaders was divided into three parties, composed of the candidates, official point person, campaign managers and the supporters. The seminar ended with a closing prayer and the final reminders by the AGSCOM Moderators. All the leaders went home contented, and treasured each lesson learned from the memorable Leadership Seminar.

1 - dUMAGAt 2 - BAGOBO 3 - tAUsUG

John Arvin R. Almario 6-Aguinaldo

This year’s 6th grade fieldtrip was LEGEN-..wait for it… We first went to the “GSIS Museo at Sining” where paintings by modern artists were collected so people can see or buy their eye catching work. There were many paintings to visit. First, we saw abstract and oil paintings on our right side while we were walking inside the museum. Then, we all went down and inside a room full of the magnificent paintings by the famous Filipino artist Fernando Amorsolo. It strengthened our Filipino pride as young as we are now. When we went out of the room we visited more rooms with themes like water color and portraits of wellknown people. When our first destination finally came to an end, we headed off to Seri Land in Manila Ocean Park. When we finally arrived in Seri Land we got our tickets from our class adviser, and waited patiently for our PGH partner. Then everyone was grouped in to three or four students and one PGH patient. I was grouped with my classmates Luca and Diego and our PGH partner Jan. Our class first went to the jungle gym, there were lots of things that you can do there like play with the machines wherein you put a plastic ball near it then shoots it out on top. It was truly exciting! Then we went inside a room called “Trick Art” where designs on the walls appear 3D when you take a picture of it. There were many designs like a ferocious tiger, E.T., and many more. After that, we all watched a short 3D film called “Dinky”. It was about a dinosaur trying to survive from being eaten by another dinosaur. After the visit to Seri Land we all had a scrumptious lunch at “Taste Asia”. For our third and final destination we all went to “Discovery Science Center”. First, we all lined up to watch “One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure” where Big Bird, Elmo and there friend from China named Hu Hu Zu took us to a journey in learning the Big Dipper, North Star, and the moon. Then my class played this interactive soccer game wherein you have to hit the balls to protect your goal. After that, we tried playing lots of things at the Grossology section. Some of the things there were pretty gross but very interesting. Then we went upstairs to go to the earthquake simulation where it shows you how a real earthquake feels like. The floor was shaking! It got stronger and stronger. Even though it was a little bit scary, I’m glad I learned new things about earthquakes. Last but definitely not the least, we went to a section where there were interesting facts about sea creatures, not only that, but there was a virtual fish where you can ask questions to. The Discovery Science Center left us with one lesson: never hesitate to discover things about life. Even though our field trip was about to end, we still felt a consistent fascination about the wonders of local art we were able to experience firsthand.


Joaquin Gatmaitan 6-Del Pilar

One of the few events that I will remember Grade 6 for is the Field Trip. Last August 18, 2011, sections Bonifacio, Burgos and Del Pilar had their Field Trip. When I woke up that day, I already knew that I was in for a hectic but happy day. When we were in the bus, our tour guide told the restrictions. Our first stop was the GSIS Museum. The GSIS Museum was full of life because of the beautiful paintings displayed. Our next stop was the Science Discovery Center where we were going to meet the people who benefit from the Bigay Puso program. When we got there, we entered a room where the PGH cancer patients were waiting for us. Most of them looked sad and dull because they just finished their chemotherapy. After we were assigned to our respective cancer patient partners, we toured the Science Discovery Center. One of my favorite displays were the earthquake simulator which enables the rider to experience an earthquake and the airplane simulator lets you see the view of a pilot from the cockpit. Sadly, we had to say our last goodbye to our new friends. Our final stop was the Kulturang Pinoy. Here, we got to see the effect of the green screen and we also went inside a room about Jose Rizal. After one tiring but fun day, we went home with another happy memory that will be kept in our minds and hearts.

Photos courtesy of 6-Del Pil


by: Raf Dimla of 7-Pignatelli and Fort Salvador of 7- De Britto


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by JC Cruz, 6-Agoncillo

Remember during Schola Brevis when your teachers told you to save the environment and we would eventually face the facts and accept it? Well, we all did and weeks ago we just had the Environment Week. Of course, we were told to wear green, blue or whatever shirt has that environmental message in it. And we all did! Now, even if the environment week is finished, should we stop/not care about the environment anymore? Of course not! Now, I don’t know how many of you would stop, but imagine if we never ever took care of the env ironment? None of us would have a place to live (obviously), our food source could dwindle (if we are going to throw our trash at plants and trees that produce food. One Friday morning, as I went to different places of the campus, I found that most people were using reusable containers. Obviously, these are the people who cared for the environment. They used containers, I barely saw anyone lining up in the cafeteria, moreso, I saw someone and asked him if he made the shirt. Here is what shirt has to offer --> Now, based on this checklist, would you do the following in your own right? I will leave that up to you. If you wouldn’t, that’s okay, but your own planet will be less stable for you to live in and we won’t have anywhere to live. And even if environment week is over, we should still remember one thing: “Practice MAGIS for the Environment!”

Environment Week
by Diego Manalastas, 7-Xavier Last July 9, 2011 we celebrated environment day. Now, we celebrate this every year… but why do we do this in the first place? One reason on why we do this every year, is to remind us what is going on with our surroundings. It is like a wake-up call for us to help save the environment. The second reason on why we do this, is to raise awareness for nature. On that day we usually come in environment t h e m e d shirts. I was able to picture those with the ones that standout

My Post -Biglaang Pagt at alumpat i Experience
By: Kynan Taclobao On September 20, my batch and I had our Pagbasa, Biglaang Pagtatalumpati and Pagbigkas Competitions. I was picked to represent our class for the Biglaang Pagtatalumpati Contest. Sadly, I lost. I was the first one to perform, and at first, I thought I did okay. But all hope of winning slowly and gradually diminished as I watched my fellow competitors say their speeches. After the thirteenth person, I knew that it was done. I couldn’t win. When we went up the stage and the winners were announced, I felt bad. I have nothing against the winners because they were really great and I know that they truly deserve it. But I felt bad because I hate losing. Not to be cocky or arrogant, but in all the other contests I joined, I won a place. Losing, to me, is not being good enough, and I hate that feeling. I always want things to be great and to lose is the exact opposite. After the competition, I really didn’t have much time to feel bad for myself because the schedule was tight and we had to get on with the next contest. When I got home, I didn’t cry. I wasn’t sad, but it was more of a mixed feeling of frustration, anger, rejection, and a little bit of selfloathing. During the night, I came to a realization. I have told my friends that losing was part of life and those cheesy stuff, but why can’t I accept it myself? I thought about it for a while, and decided that I could either drown myself in selfpity or move along and continue on with life. Fortunately, I chose the latter. I know that we’ve seen, read or heard stories like these before, so this is kind of “gasgas”, but this really did strike and got through me. Some of you may say that I wrote this just to comfort myself and to hide my despair with losing, and maybe it is. Maybe that’s a part of it. But I know that when I lost, I did learn something; to pick myself up when I fall. “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up. “ -Vince Lombardi.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Morales, Gr. 7 GLC, about his opinion on what he can suggest to help the environment. He mentioned three things, first: throw trash properly, second: “Think Green”, third: we students should plant a tree for the environment. Mr. Morales also added, that we should always think about the one who created the environment– God. He also mentioned what we are expected to become, in order to help the environment, we should be G. good, O. orderly and have a D. direction in life. And I’ll leave it to you to judge if these will help the environment. So let’s all show Magis for the environment.

Mass in Honor of St. Ignatius and AGSCOM Induction

Let Chan, 6-Del Pilar Class President the White Wolf Win Nico

Mass of the Holy Spirit

The gospel that was used during the Induction of Officers mass was surprisingly deep and touching. It was about two wolves in constant conflict inside each and every human being. White Wolf and Black Wolf. Black wolf stands for everything evil in a human, greed, anger, wrath and other wrong and evil thoughts and actions. White wolf on the other hand, stands for everything good and pure in a person. Honesty, loyalty and other pure thoughts and actions, but the thing is, the wolves do not decide the outcome. You do. By feeding either wolf through your actions, you strengthen the one you feed and weaken the one you don’t. Feeding the either wolf even at this early age can influence your decision later on in life. For example: if you get used to cheating in quizzes or generally being dishonest, it can lead to you being unfair, corrupt and even a criminal later on in life. But, on the bright side, if you get used to leading the class and being responsible for your actions, it can lead to you being a leader of something bigger. A leader of a company, a mayor of the town, or even president of the country. So after learning all this, you must ask yourself. Who will you feed? This is indeed a very fitting homily for young leaders like us.

June 7, Tuesday morning. I woke up at 5:30 AM, thinking to myself “Why am I waking up so early in the morning?” And then it hit me. No, not the pillow my little brother threw at me to wake me up, but the realization in my head that summer is over, and it is time for a new school year. At first I felt depressed at the fact that I can’t sleep at 12 midnight and wake up at 9 AM anymore; that mornings would involve waking up early, taking a shower, having a quick breakfast and then rushing off to the car, instead of playing PS3 and sleeping all day. Once I got to school though, my depression turned into excitement. I saw my friends that have been my classmates since Grade 4, for the first time since March. I got to meet our class adviser for the year, Mr. Ignacio, who is already proving to me that he will be one of my favorite teachers during my stay in the Grade School. I also met my talented and funny new classmates who will help me get through the ups and downs of Grade 7. Now, instead of dreading another year reading and studying my way to pass test after test after test, I am excited at the fact I have an awesome teacher, awesome classmates, and awesome friends to create new memories with. I am looking forward to Grade 7, to the wonderful activities and experiences we will have, until the last days of my being a Grade School student. This year will be a year I won’t forget, and I hope you readers will love this new school year too.

B t S o l! ack o ch o

By: Jose Rafael Fandiño Fernandez

by Miguel Casanova The Palarong Pilipino was held at the covered courts last September 22. It was held together with the Pagbigkas contest, Pagbasa contest and the Talento Singko. We, the Grade 5 students, played three games. The first game was called “Gulong”. It was a relay game where the players had to roll wheels and pass it to the next player until all twenty players were finished rolling the wheel. The second game was Luksong Baka where the player had to jump over the other players. The third game was Ipasa ang Mensahe or in English, Pass the Message. In this game, a player receives the message and passes it on until the correct message reaches the last player. The last player has to run to the teacher assigned and tell the right message. Each section had to line up in four lines, by ten, in their respective places. The section that won 3rd place was Pinaglabanan. The section that won 2nd was Barasoain. The 1st placer, the champion, was Bagumbayan. We had so much fun and I hope to have something as fun as this event next time.

By: Miguelito Moses A. Angeles The Grade 4 Talentadong Pinoy, which happened on September 5 2011, was a great and exciting contest to watch. It was a talent show that gave each class a chance in sending a representative to show his talent. The ones who shared their talent of playing the violin were James Borres of 4-Maguindanao, Isaiah Masongsong of 4-Maranaw, Joel Noah D. Rehido of 4-T’boli and Carlo Go of 4-Yakan. The one who shared his talent in playing the flute was: Cedric E. Azada of 4-Tausug. The ones who shared their talent in singing were Ice Miravite of 4-Ati and Elijah Nierres of 4-Mangyan. The ones who shared their talent in playing the guitar were: Gian Miguel Bautista of 4-Ifugao and Sebastian Alfonso Paez of 4-Kalinga. Finally, the ones who shared their talent in dancing were Gerald P. Kainglet of 4-Bagobo, Zach Rondario of 4-Dumagat, Rafael De Guzman of 4-Manobo and Kobe Deonio of 4-Subanon. These were the contestants of the Grade 4 Talentadong Pinoy of school year 20112012 who shared their wonderful talents.

Grade 7 Honors A ssembly

Reuben Antonio of 7-Claver This year’s Honor’s Assembly was held last June. It was a wonderful experience being onstage with the other awardees. It felt like all my hard work really paid off. Being an honor student after that experience became really important to me because I feel that I need to keep up what I am doing to gain more confidence in myself. Well, nobody really should tell you to be an honor student and force you to go up the stage. It’s what you want to achieve that will help you get honors. Anyway, it will pay off for it will help you lift off for high school in future years. But it’s still a choice of working hard or not. I tell you, it’s very exciting to be recognized every year in the Honors Assembly. Just remember that there is a saying “ No pain, no gain” so if you don’t work hard, no honors. [ No Pressure ; ) ]

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By Rafael Francis Dela Rosa of 7-Kostka

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By Rafael Francis Dela Rosa of 7-Kostka

PNoy, Faces

PNoy, and it is paraded for its help to thousands of families, with a 80 percent success rate. Jobs are a key point, with million+ jobs created, a bright spot indeed. Applause, applause once more. However, this speech is taking a moralistic tone. He goes on and condemns the corrupt like a priest going on a witch hunt. As the word wang-wang is often used, I lose interest in this ‘all-too’ strange turn for this speech, but I see the light when he says that we must work to the bottommost Filipino for change, and that we must think positively. I see the promise he has, I also long for a time when it is your values and skill that speak louder than connections. Of course, you critics may say ‘what about extra-judicial killings and RH’. That is all well and good, but let PNoy have his day. Let him go for a feel-good trip once in a while, he has his hands full running away from Media personal ruining his chances of being Mr. Right and chasing after ‘suspicious’ people and groups, like a coffee-crazed former PAGCOR management that made a ton of bad decisions according to some, all while being fueled by a billion pesos in coffee. It is his special day. He did well enough for a president of this era, and is one of the first, if not the first to address this mentality of corruption that so many Filipinos ignore. A work of progress he is, but with promise at that. Diba, kailangan daw nating huwag mag-isip ng negatibo, so ibigay natin kay PNoy ang extension of our good graces. He’ll need it.

He dreams of a better future for all. Driven by grand visions of a straight path (tuwid na daan), he sees the issues before him as black and white. Good is he and his merry crusade and bad are the corrupt, deceitful and dishonest, last year epitomized by a certain someone and now symbolized by an abstract concept; the ‘wang-wang’ mentality. Surrounded by his close allies, he fights gossip, an all-too-eager press, and the forces of ‘injustice’. Who is he, certainly not a superhero, but he is PNoy! And, all of this was embodied in this year’s SONA. Of course, what better way to describe the year under him than to examine what he says for himself. Starting off with a some-what odd way in terms of a statistic on self-rated hunger, where he gives himself a pat on the back, he then moves on to the often vague topic of finance, describing reductions on debt, stock market all-time highs and credit rating upgrades by agencies such as Standard Poor’s. ‘Oh no’, I say to myself, how can Juan de la Cruz, the masa, ever understand this stuff, alas, if I can recall it was the same rating agencies that were partially to blame for the financial crises if late. I listen intently, as PNoy takes a detour in the energy concerns, I think it was about oil deals of something, but afterwards, he goes into an exhortation of sorts, taking us on a quite fiery sermon of the ‘wangwang’ mentality. Bar that mention of used helicopters, it appears the ‘one-that-must-not-be-named’ has not been bashed to a pulp last time, obviously someone appears to be relieved. However, now I see PNoy, the sheriff, who appears to go after every corrupt official, provinciallevel downwards, from Region 4 to Mindanao, where he inserts his stand on that controversial ARMM election. To delay or not delay that election, he says yes, under the usual reason of ‘bettering the situation’, which I find hard to believe if it will actually work, in a region until recently was ruled by warlords. He shows off that, impressive halving in our rice imports, which makes us one step closer to being rice-sufficient. We now move on to PNoy the generous giver. His Conditional Cash Transfer program is in the spotlight, earning Dinky Soliman, DSWD secretary a rare mention by

He dreams of a better future for all. Driven by grand visions of a straight path (tuwid na daan), he sees the issues before him as black and white. Good is he and his merry crusade and bad are the corrupt, deceitful and dishonest, last year epitomized by a certain someone and now symbolized by an abstract concept; the ‘wang-wang’ mentality. Surrounded by his close allies, he fights gossip, an all-tooeager press, and the forces of ‘injustice’. Who is he, certainly not a superhero, but he is PNoy! And, all of this was embodied in this year’s SONA. However, within his SONA and his achievements, perhaps it would surmise to say that, we can see the many “faces” of his administration in the overarching themes of this year’s SONA, to better understand our past and our future with PNoy. 1.PNoy, the amateur economist PNoy starts this SONA with a less than explosive statistic of a decline in self-rated hunger, where he gives himself a pat on the back, and afterwards, moves on to the often vague topic of finance, where we see PNoy, the Amateur Economist, describing reductions on debt, stock market all-time highs and credit rating upgrades by agencies such as Standard Poor’s. One can wonder how the average Filipino, Juan de la Cruz, can ever understand such concepts and their ramifications in his life. 2.PNoy, the Sheriff Going into an exhortation of sorts, he now is taking us on a quite fiery sermon of the ‘wang-wang’ mentality. Bar that mention of used helicopters, it appears the ‘one-thatmust-not-be-named’ has not been bashed to a pulp last time. Next, now I see PNoy, the sheriff, who appears to go after every corrupt official, provincial-level downwards, from Region 4 to Mindanao, where he inserts his stand on that controversial ARMM election. To delay or not delay that election, he says yes, under the usual reason of ‘bettering the situation’, which can be found as hard to believe if it will actually work, in a region until recently was ruled by warlords. 3.Pnoy, the Generous Unlike the beginning of this SONA, PNoy starts this phase with a bang indeed, showing off an achievement worthy to be praised in the impressive halving in our rice imports, which makes us one step closer to being rice-sufficient. His persona of being generous is reinforced with his Conditional Cash Transfer program in the spotlight, earning Dinky Soliman, DSWD secretary a nod from PNoy, and it is paraded for its help to thousands of families, with an 80 percent success rate. Jobs are also a key point, with million-plus jobs created, a bright spot indeed. 4.PNoy, the preacher The last part of PNoy’s SONA is vocal and fierce, emotional and unabashed, with PNoy going all out against all kinds of evil corrupt officials. He appears to strike fear into them, warning that they will be brought to justice for their wrongdoing. Almost no concrete achievements other than a relative few (The appointment of a former Supreme Court Justice to the Ombudsman), can be seen in this ocean of morality. In fact, here, we see the inner pulpit of PNoy, where he relishes in his top form as a crusader for justice. Indeed, this phase is marked not by the parade of petty and a few large accomplishments like the rest, but instead, it is absolutely idealistic, almost, the antithesis of the other parts of the SONA. However, we do get an unexpected silver lining, in the form of his final exhortation, that we must shed our negative, cynical attitude, and replace it with a flourishing positive attitude, so that we may fix this weary nation’s problems. In all of this, although, it appears, that PNoy’s SONA and thus, his administration’s agenda, is focused on four parts (Economy, Transparency, Welfare and Justice), I see it more as two themes, or rather, styles in this SONA. One can liken PNoy’s SONA to a Cake. While we can see a lot of his achievements paraded and celebrated, like statistics on the stock market and job creation, these only serve as the “frosting of the cake”. Essentially, they’re there to make the cake (the SONA) look good and delicious. Statistics on Economy and Welfare, and, model provincial efforts to clean up regions of this country, only serve as such. The second level or rather, the real message of the SONA is most prominent in the fourth face of PNoy, him as a preacher, and in fact, this is where he is at his top form. Idealism is celebrated, Justice is sacrosanct, and PNoy evokes “Justice” as Obama does with “Hope”, both Presidents making the most of these abstract concepts which serve as the core of their platform. It is seen and heard that HE wants to pry this country out of corruption’s grasp, away from the corrupt officials, away from the influential, away from those who only seek to steal and not serve. This serves as the “rest of the cake”, in due respect, one can only conclude that this SONA was simply all about…….Justice, other concerns only being addressed as if it was only done so because it was required. Justice is PNoy’s crusade and platform as a whole in short. In the end, what can we look back to in this SONA, was a confident and valiant President, who is keen to clean up the messes of the previous administrations. One can only take a good look at the news to see that corruption cases are falling out of the sky along with the culprits, right into a courthouse. What, we can look forward to however, is simply promise. PNoy showed promise when he addressed not the corrupt, who are only symptoms, but the root of it all, that our problems lay ingrained in our society, as a “wang-wang mentality”. He can be elevated to the ranks of the best leaders of the country that it ever had, just by addressing it. Time will tell, but one thing is for certain, Justice is coming, one way or another. That, is his SONA in brief, in my own eyes.

July 27, 2011-It is unfair, at least from our point of view at the halving of the minimum wage in Saudi Arabia for the Filipino domestic helpers and for the halt in the hiring of them in Saudi Arabia. That their minimum wage is cut from 400 US$ to 200 US$ is not fair. At the very least, barring living standards and cost, the highest minimum wage in the Philippines (NCR-Non-Agricultural) is at around 201 US$, roughly the same as the new minimum wage implemented for the Filipino domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia. This, also coming at the worst of times, with the implementation of a Saudisation program (Nitaqat), although delayed, is still around the horizon. It is not right, that our people out in Saudi have to receive a halving in their pay and that now, hiring for them has ceased. Alas, all is not well and certainly does not bode well for our countrymen and women over in the Middle East. But, we are not here to criticize, but rather examine the situation. Let us leave the issue of wages for a while and focus on the issue of their Saudisation program or Nitaqat. Although it may seem unfair that Saudi Arabia is implementing these regulations, perhaps the timing of events may shed light, on why this is all happening now. So far, as prosperous Saudi Arabia is, it wants to avoid unrest. And, unrest will most likely come in the form of unemployed men and women rising up in the streets. If any common denominators can be found in the “Arab Spring” or the overthrowing of several Middle Eastern and North African governments, it is that many of their citizens are unemployed. What is worse is that this is not your ordinary unemployed person who you would expect to be middle-aged, but most of the unemployed happen to be the youth. So the youth are the unemployed and they were the ones on the streets in the Arab Spring. The statistics can speak for themselves on this issue with youth unemployment at 28.2%, more than one-fourth of the population. This is all worrying for a government such as Saudi Arabia, even if its position is one of the safest, with its welfare system well-funded with oil revenue and a society that is still very conservative. In an effort to combat unemployment, and perhaps keep their regime stable, they may have come to the conclusion of a “Saudisation” program. But, there is an important question in all of this. Why now, why only now do they seek for a halt in domestic helpers in a conservative society where usually women are not known to keep jobs outside of the household? It is only logical, that to increase employment among their citizens, it is important to limit the presence of migrant workers from countries such as ours. Of course, one can say that it is logical to seek for cheaper sources of workers who’ll work for far less. Alas, that is the question.

Alas, that is the question.


Problematic Divorce
Kynan Daro Claver Taclobao | 7-Berchmans Marriage is a life-long partnership between a couple to love and stay together forever no matter what. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about divorce and how the Congress is starting to make laws to legalize divorce. We should all know that when breaking up a family, there is only one victim: the children. In my opinion, divorce should not be legalized here in the Philippines. I understand that some families have their issues, but I believe that once you sign up for marriage, there’s no way out. The couples from these families should settle their differences before these issues affect the whole family. If divorce will be legalized, a lot of things can happen. First, children may feel resented and even hated by their parents, making them depressed and withdraw themselves from society. Divorce can also cause the child to be prone to bad vices like smoking, drinking or even drugs because of the lack of guidance given by the parents. Another problem caused by divorce would be the impact of the divorce to the child’s self-esteem. The child would consider him/herself different with the ideal family and the tendency is that he would have very low self-confidence. This is only a few of the many effects of a divorce to children; parents must know what’s best and stay together for the sake of the family.

By Rafael Francis Dela Rosa


power grows out of the barrel of a gun. ” -Mao Tse-tung

Everyone or at least anyone with access to a television knows that Sara Duterte, the mayor of Davao, and how she punched a sheriff for carrying out an order by the court for demolition. The sheriff refused to follow her orders and got punched as a result. Some see this as backward, as if she puts herself above the law; others applaud her bravery in defending the poor and their rights. However, while all agree that she did it for the right cause; most disagree on whether she took it too far with punching the sheriff. I once read an opinion piece on a major newspaper which I think explains the situation the best. It explained how this represents a crossroads at how leaders in the Philippines lead. Rule in a feudal-like manner, with a strongman, usually, an assertive leader calling the shots in a country, where the institutions are weak and the rule of law partial and biased in some cases, as is the argument of those who applaud her. Or, must we put priority on strengthening the rule of law and our institutions, so that justice may be dispensed equally and fairly, as put by most who criticize her on this issue. While she may have taken it too far, she did do the right thing or is it always that, as they say, “The cause does not justify the means”. I for one believe that both points are reasonable. However, this event can be taken as a “litmus test” of sorts for the state of the Philippines. If “justice” comes from the sheer force and determination of authoritarian leaders and not the people, then that does not bode well with our institutions. In a truly democratic country, there would be no need for a strongman-like leader to impose rules, as respect for institutions and the laws that come with them are enough to sustain order. If it takes a strongman leader to take matters into our own hands, then the problem is not the mayor; she only did what she could in a society where the respect for law is weak. Why argue that it undermines the rule of law or democracy when it is non-existent, or it is too insignificant to see, why say something can destroy something that does not or at the most, barely exists. This issue is, but a mere symptom of a larger problem, the lack of order and respect for it in this country. We need not a society where “power flows from the barrel of a gun”, or where force is the only answer. So, for now, leaders like her and these actions are justifiable, for the short-term. We need right now a strong foundation; strongman leaders may serve as the cornerstones of an order where they are not needed, where the strength of order in a society runs not from the leader, but from where the values of a nation are sacrosanct and embodied in, the law. Let us only hope that these leaders may come, and that they may serve their purpose to build a just society. Citations/Sources: (quote)


nIck World Celebration
by: A ngelo JoAquin A dvinCulA
Last April 9, I attended the Nick World Celebration at Bonifacio Global City. I found the experience really enjoyable. Since the entrance was free, lots and lots of people were there. Once I stepped inside, I knew I was in for a wild experience, since there were loads of rides and attractions. A gigantic Spongebob inflatable placed near the entrance dominated the scene. One of the attractions was a booth for the Spongebob Goody Gulp, a chocolate milk drink. Each one cost 20 pesos, which I think is a fair price given its awesome taste. There was also this Spongebob-themed ride called the Jellyfish Trampoline, were one could don jellyfish tentacles and bounce to your heart’s content. My brother had so much fun on it that he wanted to go a second time! Unfortunately, the line was really, REALLY long, so he didn’t get a chance to ride it again. The inflatable Planet Sheen’s Giant Slide towered over the other tents. Attached to it was a climbing range and three basketball hoops. Laying at the center of the field was a gigantic inflatable bouncy house that looked like a soccer ball. There was also this attraction called the Slime Nose, where you could poke the nostrils of a giant nose with poles. I found this really funny, especially the sound effects whenever you hit the inside of the nostrils. While strolling around the field, I chanced upon this awesome shop chock-full of toys. There were rubber balls, candy packs, and badminton play sets, just to name a few. I ended up buying a Giant Bubble Wand for 100 pesos. Eventually, my brother and I got hungry. Luckily, there was a convenient KFC Food Stall. My brother and I each bought one-piece chicken with rice (my brother wanted a two-piece, but I said no since it was only a snack). I saw a lot of families eating KFC as well, and I liked how the staff had laid out flattened cardboard boxes to function as mats to eat on. However, I would like it if Nickelodeon provided actual mats instead of just flattened cardboard boxes. I say this because it’s a little gross when you’re eating and you touch a wet spot on the cardboard where someone spilled gravy or a drink. Amidst all the attractions, there was a program going on at the central stage. It started with a dance number, then the two hosts introduced themselves. They then called up some kids to participate in the games. The first one was named Ni Hao, Kai Lan’s Chopsticken Relay, and the participants had to transfer as many dumplings as possible into a bowl before the time ran out. There was this other game called the Penguins of Madagascar’s Crooked Path, with a Penguins of Madagascar Theme, and the participants had to put on penguin flippers and waddle their way along a crooked path aided only by backwards binoculars. There were also other games, like Fanboy and Chum Chum’s Masked Musical Chairs, Dora’s Sombrero Pass, and Diego’s Relay. Over the course of the program, there Animal Rescue Kyle JoshuA “Awesome” ozo were even guest star appearances by Kai Lan, Koala’s March, Aang, Spongebob, and Dora, just to name a few. Towards the end, they even premiered the first episode of the new show: House of Anubis. And on top of all that, there was also this feature wherein people got poured on with slime! You usually knew when someone was going to get `slimed’ when a loud siren sounds. I would have volunteered to get slimed myself, but I had my cellphone and camera in my pants pockets. I really liked the program because the hosts did a wonderful job of performing it. I found myself literally laughing out loud at their jokes. It was also obvious that they had the crowd’s attention, since everyone was quiet when they were talking. In my opinion, the staff at Nickelodeon picked a perfect place for the Nick World celebration. I couldn’t imagine how cramped it would be with all those people inside had Nickelodeon chosen a smaller place for the Nick World Celebration. I also liked how the decided to hold the Nick World Celebration in a grassy field. That way, you could just sit down on the grass to relax. I, however, disliked the fact that there weren’t any trash cans in the location. Either that, or there were only a few that were hard to find. The result of this was a lot of trash. There was at least one empty paper cup or water bottle every ten square feet. I also think Nickelodeon didn’t put enough seats for the program. I saw lots of people who had no seat to got to, and were forced to sit on the ground or stand up. I also found lots of people trying to steal the seats I had reserved for my brother and our yaya. This lack of seats apparently caused a chain reaction. Since there were a lot of people without seats, lots of people started going really near the stage and making it hard to see what was going on. Even though I was at the front row, I still had to stand on my seat to catch a glimpse of what was going on stage. What was worse, some parents put their kids on their shoulders, making it even harder to see what was going on stage. Luckily for me, Nickelodeon had put screens on either side of the stage featuring what was going on, so the people in the back could watch the program as well. The Nick World Celebration really meant something to me. It showed that Nickelodeon cared for its fans in the Philippines, despite the fact that it’s a company that’s based in America. I’ve never been to a Cartoon Network Celebration or a Disney Channel Celebration. This proves that Nickelodeon cares for Pinoy kids just like you and me. I had a feeling that Nickelodeon did a good job of making a festival that’s enjoyable to everyone; since I saw not only kids but teenagers as well. To be honest, Nick World has been the best event I have ever attended.

Steve Jobs’ Apple Tree
by Luis Ignacio Jose | 7-De Brito On October 5, 2011, the world lost a visionary, an inventor and a genius. Steve Jobs couldn’t be stopped by lawsuits and poverty, but he was stopped by the murderous hand of cancer. And so, to commemorate his life and passing, I’m giving him a place in the Eaglet. Not only that, but I’m using what he invented: a MacBook, TextEdit, and Special Apple Fonts. Why an Apple Tree? You’ll find out. Look around you, and you’ll see Steve Job’s legacy all around you. Chances are, you’ll see a MacBook in any cafe with Wi-Fi. You’ll see iPads with their massive screens. iPhones, the staple of the smartphone market, and iPods, which revolutionized the way we listen to music. The world would be much different today if it weren’t for his actions. By establishing Apple, he made other computer companies run for their money. By selling Pixar to Disney, he gave them the capacity to make great children’s films, but I’ll leave that to the Review Editors to judge. This is the commonly seen side of Mr. Jobs, but how did he end up there? In 1972, he attended only one semester of college in Reed College before dropping out due to financial issues. He slept on the floors of his friends’ living rooms, he returned Coke bottles for food money, and he got free weekly meals from a local temple. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? You would usually expect a person like Steve Jobs to be an Ivy Leaguer, and have enough funds to start his own company. This poverty didn’t prevent him from learning. He continued to audit (that is, to go to class without being graded) classes in Reed College. He remarks that “If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionately spaced fonts.” In 1974, Jobs started attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club with Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple. He picked himself up and got a job in Atari, making video games. He went to India and came back a Buddhist and a vegetarian. In 1976, he and Wozniak founded Apple, named after his favorite fruit. They started by assembling a computer and selling it. The company rapidly expanded. In 1984, the Macintosh was introduced, and earned millions in months. However, Apple was expanding too fast, and an internal power struggle got Steve Jobs fired. Steve Jobs then founded NeXT Computer, which was most notable for its role in making the World Wide Web. (A NeXT was used to make the first server in the World Wide Web). In 1996, after eleven years of exile, Steve Jobs returned to Apple after NeXT was bought by Apple. I need not mention what happened next. Oh fine. The iPod happened, the Mac OS X was introduced, and the iPhone started a whole new industry. So, what’s my point in this substantially long biography? He was resilient, no matter how much he was brought down, he fought back hard. He wouldn’t let anything stop him. He was intuitive, and he didn’t care about what others thought about him or his ideas. He was “brave enough to believe in something else, bold enough to think he could do it, and had the skills to make it happen.” And what do we have because of this? A healthy, blooming apple tree, whose gardener has just changed.

IncredIble experIence at

Kyle Ozo, 6-Del Pilar

Image courtesy of: chrismaddencartoons (wordpress)

Beyond the sand, sea and sun
It was the semestral break of school year 2010-2011 when my whole family went to the island of Guam- known for its beaches with white sand, historical sites and luxurious shopping places. When we went out of the airport, we were amazed when we saw the night lights of the island dancing through our eyes, because the airport was actually on top of a high mountain. My welcoming uncle, who is now a resident of Guam, gave us a quick tour and passed by some pleasant sites on our way to their house. There, we built our energy because we knew we will have a tiring, but fun week ahead of us. Days passed by… we went to several tremendous places, and more family members came. But why did we actually go to Guam in the first place? One of my cousins was turning eighteen then, and my uncle and aunt prepared a debut party for her. For six long years, we have not seen each other, and this party served as a venue for a family reunion. The celebration turned out to be quite emotional because most of the guest speakers for her eighteen candles told stories of the past when we were still together here in Manila. For the next few days, we were never apart. We made use of the remaining days to bond and enjoy each others’ company. Our trips to the beaches; dining out; and movie watching were really full of fun. The memories we shared will always linger in our thoughts, and we look forward for another trip with them.

Rafael John R. Dimla

This year, as some of us enter the higher middle school, we are offered more Club/COCA choices. This is because there are some “EXCLUSIVE ONLY FOR GRADES 6 AND 7” COCAs. Mrs. Gargaritano and Mr. Robles carefully arranged the list of available activities so that the students’ COCA time would be productive and enjoyable. One of these is the “Isaiahs” moderated by Mrs. Blanco, Mr. Batistiana, and Mr. Ganhinhin, who make you and help you teach public school students “ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD!” There is also the “Musikeros ni Bro” club, moderated by Mrs. Saldaña. It is where you are taught to play mass songs with various instruments. There is also a new COCA called “Judo” which is a martial arts moderated by Mr. Sulit. Of course, the Boy Scouting Movement also exists with the Scout Commissioner Mr. Tamayo. And to keep us all entertained, there is the Ateneo Children’s Theater with Mr. Ignacio as the Director. All these exciting COCAs are so AWESOME that you probably want to join all at once but since you only have one choice, you had to think very carefully about which COCA you want. I just hope that all of you out there made the right choice because these COCAs would be with you until the end of the year. As for me, I decided to join the official School Publication, The Eaglet. My class adviser and COCA Moderator, Ms. Perez, told us that if we join this, we would be able to chronicle the events in our school and make history. I am so excited! :D


How to become a tennis player.

R euben A ndRew A ntonio 7-ClAveR

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is located in Arizona in the Unites States of America, 2 hours from Las Vegas via bus. This attraction is more than 4000 feet from the bottom of the canyon. The Skywalk is a balcony that juts out at the edge of the Grand Canyon. This was made to withstand an 8 magnitude earthquake. The transparent floor is what makes this attraction thrilling. When you look down you can see the bottom of the canyon. While I was in the Skywalk, I felt afraid yet at the same time excited and awe inspired. The camera man made me do poses which made me feel braver. As long as you don’t jump, you can do any pose you want to try. You can lie down, pose like superman, or even do a handstand! To enter this exciting adventure, you must pay $30 per person. Even if it is expensive, the view and experience is all worth it. They also provide lockers if you are afraid something you own might fall into the canyon. In my opinion, this attraction tests your courage and can be a very worthwhile experience. So when you go to America, Grand Canyon Skywalk is a very good place to start your trip.

Carlo M. Acosta

Most of us have interests in physical activities like sports. Some of these are basketball, soccer, swimming, table tennis and a lot more. One of these sports is tennis. Tennis is a game played in a court with a net in between. It is played a tennis ball and with 2 or 4 players each of them having a racquet. The main objective of the game is to win a series of points equal to a game; a series of games or a set and a series of sets equaling to a match. Tennis is not just a game where you just have to hit the ball back. You have to hit it with confidence and determination to win the opponent across the net. Tennis also requires physical strength to overcome the exhaustion of the match. Mental strength is a must. You must have a strong mind to surpass all the stress caused by your opponent. Like any other sport, tennis of course has a number of benefits to you. These are physical and mental gain, determination is formed, and it becomes an occupation to you so you cannot be influenced by vices. In short, tennis is a very good sport. It is one of all the sports which help you become a better person in life.

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Nyan Cat: and Reuben Fernandez menace? Meme or By: Alfonso Dolina, Carlo Acosta
Let me start of with the question, “Do you know Nyan Cat?” Well if you answer no, then I’m telling you that you’re missing out on a lot, and I mean A LOT! Before I get ahead of myself ranting on and on about how you’re missing a lot, I’ll tell you what “Nyan Cat” is. Nyan Cat, also known as Pop Tart Cat, is an 8-Bit animation depicting a cat with a cherry pop tart body flying through space. Now if you think this is weird, it’s just going to get weirder. Nyan Cat started out as just a simple GIF animation, but became a very viral video on YouTube on April 5th, 2011. From 0 views on April 5th until it reached over 30 million views and counting. The song is actually a song sung by Hatsune Miku, a computer generated voice in a series called Vocaloid. The video itself shows the cat flying in space with a rainbow shooting out of it’s butt. Truly, Nyan Cat is very unique. From its song to its very different mascot. Like most say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, you should not judge Nyan Cat by its rainbow colored cover, no matter how weird it may seem. Source:, prguitarman

Nintendo 3DS
Jose Raymund Z. Apostol Jr.

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Generation after generation, Nintendo has made a lot of DSs, or as it really is called, Nintendo Double Screen. The first product that they made was the regular DS, followed by the DS Lite, then the DS XL, and finally, the DSi. Their latest product is the 3DS. The 3DS, as it is called, portrays video game graphics in the “3rd Dimension” to bring the hardcore and casual gamers, a new gaming experience. The device comes in different colors such as black and blue. The 3DS has 3 built in cameras where it can take pictures of people in front of the user, or the user him/herself. It also has a graffiti option where the user can edit pictures for their own pleasure. The 3DS also has 4 built in applications that other DSs don’t have. These are: “Mii Maker”, “AR Games” , “Face Raiders” , and “Street Pass” . In Mii Maker, you can create Miis like in the Wii. AR Games need special kinds of cards; luckily, there are some in the 3DS package. AR games are different from regular games because they don’t need cartridges to be played; instead they just need a working 3DS camera to be activated. Once you play it, I guarantee, it will be mind blowing. In Face Raiders, you can take pictures of your friends or your enemies and hit them with balls on their faces. Street Pass is a very hitech application. It works like this: After making a Mii, and walk by someone who also has a 3DS and a Mii, you can get their Mii and play with them. This may seem hard and awkward to do, but once everyone has a 3DS, it would be tons of fun. Since the 3DS is a new product, it should also have new games. There are many new games that Nintendo will provide gamers such as “Kingdom Hearts : Dream Drop Distance” , “Resident Evil : Revelations” , “Mario Kart 7” and many more, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t play old DS games such as “Kirby: Mass Attack” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”. There are many more things to explore about the 3DS and as a gamer myself, I highly recommend it because you can get a whole new experience from this gadget, it is very hi-tech and it can be fun for more than just one person. Once again, Nintendo has made a new impact in gaming history. Sources : &

Angry Birds : The Game of the CenturyBy: Benjo Camba 6-Burgos
Angry Birds is no doubt the best game on the planet. (Heck, maybe even the universe!!) It’s a worldwide phenomenon and people just absolutely LOVE it. That’s why I’m writing this review in order to make more people get sucked into this game. Gameplay: A physics game that involves 7 different birds sacrificing themselves in order to kill the bear-pig abomination. Where have you seen a game like that?



Sound: Everything you do in the game will produce various sounds. When you sling the birds, they’ll shout a battle cry. When the pigs don’t get hit because you missed them, they’ll give off an obnoxious laugh to make fun of your failure. I don’t know with you, but I think it’s awesome.

Replay: About 300 different levels with different birds in each level. Some are
difficult and some are easy. In a few levels, you need to hit obstacles to get bonus stages. I’m pretty sure this will take you half a year to finish it.

Graphics: 2D graphics that are drawn and animated to perfection. If you play this game you’ll see those tiny little details like the pigs blinking and the birds bouncing in despair while waiting for their turn to get slung.

Job well done, Angry Birds!! You proved that epic games don’t need to have blood and gore. As of now, it’s still dominating the world of gaming.

iPhone 4S
Jendrietch Lopez 6-Jacinto In the recent events, Apple announced that they have a new product to be released starting the second week of October which is the iPhone 4s. The upgraded product of iPhone 4 has a few features that differentiates them from each other. One of the few new added features is the app called “Siri”, this built-in app is a personal digital assistant, and is said to plan, text, call and much more with the use of the microphone. Another big change between the iPhone 4 and the Iphone 4s is that 4s runs faster than 4 which is useful in running apps. The rest of the new add-ons are just edited or carry overs from the iPhone 4, which isn’t really surprising. To sum up, the new Iphone seems innovat ing, but it also has its flaws, though in my opinion, I would save up for a better product or even for the r u mor e d iPhone 5.

By: Nacho Montoya 6-Tandang Sora Harry Potter, also known as “The Boy Who Lived.” After all the other movies came out, the final one was released. It was a very exciting movie. It had lots of very thrilling action scenes. The best fight was when Harry faced his main nemesis, Voldemort. It was a great scene because Harry and Voldemort both put up a great challenge for one another. The other parts of the movie were very interesting too. Even the part where Neville Longbottom destroys Nagini (the last Hocrux) or better known as the pet of Voldemort. It also includes the part where the three main protagonists had to fight against Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle for the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw and also the part where they broke out of Gringgots on a dragon. But there were lots of sad parts like when Fred Weasley died. In all, it was a very great movie, but i’m sure we all will miss this wonderful series. If you have not watched it yet, I recommend you do ASAP. I rate this movie 5/5. Unknown Writer The movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2” is to DIE for!! After 7 books, 8 movies and 10 years of filming, the Harry Potter franchise has finally come to a close. Harry, Ron, and Hermione has grown up and is now defending Hogwarts. In this movie there will be LOTS of lethal bolts that will be discharged by wands. There are lots of depressing moments because *SOMEONE* is going to die (don’t want to be a spoiler). The battle between Voldemort and Harry Potter is very exciting and EPIC! The scene when Molly Weasley killed *SOMEONE* will surprise you because you wouldn’t expect that he can do that. If I was to rate this movie out of 5 stars I will give them 5 perfect stars because of the cool battles.


by: Alfonso Dolina


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St. eDmUND camPioN
johN abarrieNtoS
One word, AWESOME. That’s perhaps the only word I can describe our Class Night experience. Like any other Class Night, the day started off with normal class periods with lessons, but we were also hyper and excited for the event to take place. The real fun though, didn’t happen on the program itself. But after the program, our adviser, Mrs. Antonio, had some activities in store for us. Right after the program, we didn’t waste time to go ghost hunting with her. Many of my classmates were terrified with all the ghost stories Mrs. Antonio told us, and when we found out that she had a third eye. When we got tired of walking around, we went back to the classroom to watch horror movies. Although my team and I (PAYA) had to go home since we had a game the following morning. My classmates just told me about the priceless look on each other’s faces when the ghosts attacked in the movie when we got back. It truly was one of the most memorable events in my life even if I wasn’t there the whole time. It really was able to strengthen our friendship and trust with each other.

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kyNaN Daro c. t aclobao
Interesting. The best word to describe my class would be interesting. My class, 7- Berchmans, is a class of very different people and personalities. But despite all that, being a class for a semester, we have grown to learn to “accept differences” and sort of become a, as cliché as it sounds, a family. There were activities that defined us as a class. One of these was our Class Night. Well it started, like any other class night. There was the program, the games and of course, the performances. But the real “class bonding” began after the program. Majority of the class, excluding me, went ghost hunting, though I highly doubt that they saw any supernatural entities. After that my class watched the film, Insidious. The movie was alright, but the screams and the shrieks were priceless. After the film, it was time for “Lights Out”, but that didn’t stop us. Some of my classmates and I were playing cards, we taught some how to play Pusoy Dos and spent literally the whole time playing. The class’ relationship isn’t just because of card games and horror movies. We also had other bonding times like our Bahaginan, GK activity and our recently concluded Fair. This is our last year here in the Ateneo de Manila Grade School, and I hope that this will be a memorable one. I hope that in the future, when I try to recall the fondest memories here, I would remember 7Berchmans Batch 2012.

St. johN berchmaNS

editor: Raf Dimla SECTION NAMES Design: Josh deveras GRAPHIC DESIGN: Raf Dimla, Alfonso Dolina and Diego Manalastas

St. FraNciS Xa Vier
echoe rei Saito

St. robert bellarmiNe
aiDaN toleNtiNo

alFoNSo DoliNa
Have you ever gone on a roller-coaster? If yes, did you feel a rush when you went on it? Well, I know something that will give you that kind of rush, 10-fold! That my friend is my class, 7-Brebeuf. When you walk through the door of 7-Brebeuf, you will see what I mean. Even our class adviser, Mrs. Cariño thinks we’re crazy, but the good kind of crazy. At times, we also need to be serious. I’m proud to say that we are able to collect a large amount of money for the Bigay Puso weeklythanks to the generosity of both the parents and the students. At the start of the school year, our teacher told us that we shouldn’t create factions in class, but instead, we should act as one big family. This class has really changed a lot of us. For instance, my classmate from last year, Franco, who wouldn’t to make a sound, has now broken out of his shell and is now socializing with others. The Class Night was truly a memorable experience for us. Our class clown, Cohwen Ong, livened the night when he danced around the Covered Courts dressed up as the Box Head from Party Rock Anthem. It was CRAZY! Life really is roller-coaster ride, with 7-Brebeuf!

St. jeaN De brebeUF

All I can say is 7-Xavier is one of the best classes I have ever been part of. I say this because even if we don’t get a prize in academic or sport contests we had the better one: Teamwork. For 5 months, we have experienced different events, but for me the best was our very own class night, entitled “Mi Ultimo Class Night”. That night, memorable experiences have happened. All of us participated in a class dance and we even watched the teachers dance too! After that, we went back to the class room and watched scary movies such as Insidious and some of us went ghost hunting. The next was our Bahaginan. Even though some of us were nervous to meet other students from Leodegario Victorino Elementary School, we went through it as a class. It wan’t such a bad experience. We performed Party Rock Anthem and Just The Way You Are and then they performed Waka Waka. Other events like the Pagbasa and Pagbigkas were fun too. Our contestants failed to win but everyone in our class knows that they did their very best. From random people sitting around each other in the first day to friends and the class we are proud to call 7-Xavier. If a few months changed us, then I wonder if my class will change more in the future, but I hope it is for the best. More stuff are happening like the Field Trip and our Recollection, and I’m sure these events will be unforgettable. This school year will be very memorable, for me and for everyone in 7-Xavier.

St. Peter cla Ver
aaroN SeechUNg

For 2nd quarter, the sport was basketball. A lot of us were very excited because in our thoughts, we can actually win and become champions. As the first Intrams came by, we won teams A, B, C, D. We were so happy because we were one step closer to the grand finals. Every Tuesday, Our team C and D members will always play at the open courts during recess and lunch. And during PE, we take the training or exercises seriously. The next Intrams didn’t go with what we expected. Our teams B and C got eliminated. Even though our teams A and D will go to the semi-finals, we were still so sad that teams B and C will no longer play for Intrams. For the teams who made it through, there was no time to be sad because it was time for our next Intrams which was already the semi-finals. As we watched the first ones, we were nervous for our teams A and D. But our teacher, Ms. Bolasco, told us that win or lose, she will still be proud of us. In the end, we won as champions, and we were so proud for our teams A and D and also B and C. They worked so hard to achieve what they have accomplished and now 7-Claver will always be remembered champions in Basketball.


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St. johN FraNciS regiS
joc bUlaN

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St. alPhoNSUS roDrigUeZ
joSh DeVeraS
The newest class section that has been added to the Grade 7 batch is 7-St. Alphonsus Rodriguez. This section was added to fit in the capacity of the students from our batch who mostly passed to be part of Grade 7, giving the school a fresh, eminent section. I am blessed enough to be one of the first 40 students to be part of the 7-Rodriguez class which is quite surprising. I didn’t really expect to have such a remarkable yet strict class adviser, who is currently our AP and Filipino teacher. He is Mr. Jesus Joseph Ignacio or “Mr. I.” Since this is his first time being the class adviser in the new section, he makes sure we can make this section the best among all of the sections or at least one of the best by the “Class Goals”. Basically, this system of achievement in our class helps us complete the most important objectives a class is highly recommended to achieve such as graduating with flying colors, be on the top 5 in the Bigay Puso, or even become the winners of the Spelling Contest with the help of the S.E.P or Spelling Enrichment Program. Now, that’s how you make a new section an awesome one! Not only the class adviser that gives a satisfaction to this section but also my classmates. They are endured with compassion and potential to make this class such a good one and I can see that. Seeming to celebrate their last year in the AGS, we also want to be serious and access a higher portion of education by doing well in our studies. Overall, this has been a memorable year for me and I will start continuing my adventure here in my current class in Grade 7... 7-Rodriguez..

St. johN De brito
Fort Sal aDor V

St. Peter caNiSiUS
kriStoFFer johN lobo

7-Regis is a group of intelligent, active, respectful, funny and talented students alongside with their excellent teacher, Mrs. Castaneda. This class is always united even if sometimes they have some problems with each other. Even in tough times, they always find a way to entertain each other, have fun and forget their problems. For the past two quarters, they earned some achievements such as winning 2nd Place in the Team C division of the Basketball Intramurals. They are also currently the highest section in their grade level for giving the most amounts in the Playbill. Now, for the upcoming quarters, they hope to learn and achieve more things that they can apply or use in the future.

A saint. Sometimes his/her reputation comes out as cliché. But, for our class, the class graced with the name of De Brito, nothing’s common. Everything’s original. From our teacher, Mr. Tamayo, the proud Palawanian, to our students. A class wouldn’t be complete without achievements. We have a couple up our sleeves! One was when our representative for the Pagbigkas contest won FIRST PLACE. It was the best feeling you could ever have- the fact that you beat the other 12 sections, and, man, were they GOOD! Another was our placing in the MAGIC 3, for Team B, in Intrams, Basketball. We had mixed feelings when we were guaranteed the title. We were sad because we didn’t reach first place. But, nonetheless, we were happy because we won second/ third place. But DO NOT EVER forget the staggering HONOR STUDENTS! Actually, they have the right to be thanked, because, face it, they’re always the ones who get burdened with the hard questions teachers asked. And as a section, WE ARE PROUD OF THEM!!! De Brito is a magnet of achievement. To us, losing is never an option. As we say, MEDIOCRITY KILLED THE CAT. But before all this, we put God first, as every Atenean should. And by doing this, we are following in Rizal’s AWESOME footsteps. (seriously, they’re AWESOME!)

Our class is awesome. We are so athletic. Almost half of our class plays basketball, and we always play during break times. We always help each other in our studies. As a result, no one fails in our tests. Our class loves music, too. We sing, play instruments and have jamming sessions. We also talk about different remarkable muscians. Along with our adviser, Mrs. Lacuna, we spend time talking about stories on our life. We underwent through fun activities like Bahaginan, GK Trip, Feast Day Mass and intrams. Even if we lose, we are still bonded. THAT IS HOW AWESOME WE ARE. We are that bonded.

St. joSePh PigNa telli
raF Dimla
Our class is actually considered a “family” with different sorts of members- internet geeks, athletes, actors, jokers, writers, dancers, etc. along with a single mother, Mrs. Ibarrientos. Though at times, when we are placed in one room, we create a lot of noise. We may have been scolded by various teachers already, but this doesn’t break our unity as a class, as a family. Our class is a home to a Biglaang Pagtatalumpati Champion, Pagbigkas Second Placer, Intramural T eams Runner-ups, honor students, and more. Who else would these achievers get their inspiration and support from aside from their own families? Of course, us, 7-Pignatelli. However, this is only the first half of the year, and I’m sure this class is still hungry for more accomplishments. I know we will be able to achieve these. There are actually a lot of instances when we have opportunities to bond together as a class. Aside from our everyday classes, we had our class night, fair bonding and booth manning. The class night was fun, aside from the games and dance numbers we did during the program; we were able to do more. Of course, ghost-hunting is a ritual every class night, and as expected, most of us took part of this event. We went to really scary places around the campus and told freaky stories to each other. Our adviser shared the most stories, and I tell you, those really were mind-boggling. After that, we took a break, and some ate food. Then, we watched the movie that almost all classes in Grade 7 watched, the ever-loved “Insidious.” I assure you, the lowpitched screams and reactions were priceless. Some months after that, we had our fair. The most interesting of all was our Marriage Booth manning, when we caught a lot of girls and boys to “marry” each other. We even caught teachers, our own GLC and our Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs. The laughs, conversations and bonding during these times are treasures to keep forever in our hearts. Though we really face problems as a class (the noise that leads people to get mad, especially), that rope that binds us together will not be cut.

St. St aNiSlaUS koStka
raF ael FraNciS Dela roSa
Fun and easy going, that is how life goes in 7-Kostka. Everyone gets along well with each other, and the mood is lighthearted and jolly. Each day is punctuated with laughter, and not a day goes by without jokes. Alas, with all of this fuzzy carefree light-heartedness, (creative) noise, is (sometimes) a problem, but we get along with our teachers, most of the time. In fact, sometimes, our teachers join in the laughter as well. Happiness is infectious, so they say. We also all had fun together in all of our class-wide activities. When it came to Intrams, we’d usually cheer for our classmates along with Mrs. Elgar, lending our support. In winning, we all shared in joy, and in defeat, we’d all share the burden of loss. In the Class Night, we all had fun when she took us ghost hunting and when we watched Insidious. We’d all huddle around and listen to her as tells us scary ghost stories, which seemed even scarier because these were eye-witness accounts. We even managed to hear a personal account from a guard. At our last stop, she told us a story about a woman, a man, and a gold prosthetic limb, and in the end, she surprised us all with a scary twist. We then capped off the night by watching Insidious, where we experienced mix of laughter and (feigned) screams. Before that though, we also had an interesting visitor, a bat which terrorized us all and made us duck for cover. And also during the Fair, we all had our fair share of fun, and we had fun with our booth duty (All Marks Booth). In all of these fun events, nothing seriously bad happened to us, and we enjoyed every moment of it without problems. Whether it may be joy and sadness or triumph and defeat, we all were united and resilient as a class. Even when the worst came, we’d find time to crack a joke or two afterwards, easily getting back on our feet. We all especially revelled in our element, frivolity and happiness. Really, I could say so myself, that we embodied the spirit of hakuna matata, no worries. And, that sums up what all 7-Kostka’s about.

St. aloySiUS goNZaga carl PiNo
Of all the sections I’ve ever been in, 7-Gonzaga has undeniably been the best. Although we do have our share of flaws and limitations, our class never fails to show its kaleidoscope of colors. We have writers, readers, athletes, artists, and dancers, each with their own unique talents. Gonzaga is also home to our AGSCOM president, Pagbasa and Biglaang Pagtatalumpati second placers, and even a YouTube phenom. But that’s not what makes our section so special. It’s our fighting spirit, our ability to go on despite the fact were losing. Our resilience during the hardest of times, and our imperviousness when we are told we would never succeed. We are a family, and we do our best to use our strengths to fill each other’s weaknesses. I believe that our differences keep us together, no matter how ironic that may sound, and that as a class, 7-Gonzaga can achieve anything.


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By: Cesar Fabro 6-Aguinaldo 6-Aguinaldo, how may I describe it, maybe fun, serious, or even annoying? I think a better way to do this would be by listing down some of the best and most memorable events that have transpired so far for “Agui”. To start with, we have an understanding, beautiful, and awesome class adviser; Ms. Lao. 6-Aguinaldo also has a wide array of hilarious, smart, and somewhat annoying students who always manage to keep our classes interesting.

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It always feels gloomy when it’s the first day of classes. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I first met my classmates whom I would be together with for the whole school year. It was the first day of school, and I was assigned to the class of 6 – Agoncillo. I proceeded to my designated classroom, and the first thing I said was, “Hi” to my classmate last year who was talking to another new classmate of mine. Then, I sat down on my chair and began looking around my area because everyone seemed a bit sad. I wondered if most of us were forced to sleep early the previous night for the first day of school. But that’s just me wondering if it really happened. So our class teacher came in and introduced herself to us as Mrs. Blanco and she told us things about herself and pretty much the usual stuff. Overall, she was a nice teacher and even supported us in everything that we did. She was also fun to be around with, because she enjoyed the simple games that we would usually play during Intrams. She would always be willing to help those in need. She also supported our Intramural teams very well like in Volleyball. However, she left our class for a while because she had to take care of her son, which meant a substitute teacher would take over our class for the first two quarters. Mrs. Mallillin was the teacher for the job. She keeps our class in proper shape and most of the time, reminds us about the things we needed to improve on, like the Bigay Puso and the like. Speaking of the Bigay Puso… This program is very important to Grade 6, since we had to help out cancer patients in their chemotherapy sessions so they would be well in a month’s time. And, the constant reminders that our two class advisers would give to us, which was probably the reason why we got a higher rank on the list. The class is awesome in many ways because we have some funny, smart, athletic, and skilled people who are all great guys. These people include by far, the best group of officers, who I have been together with, for the past weeks. But, the usual things like the noise level are still a problem for our class, even with the officers trying to help. For me, the class seems pretty fun to hang around with, especially during the Class Night when we had fun playing games; even though there were some noisy people but some behaved ones as well. We always stick together. We socialize well, and we always help our teachers in need like Mrs. Blanco and her son since our president had a great idea to donate money for her child. We were able to reach around 15,000 pesos which means it was a successful program to donate to her and to her son. But in special activities, well... we did okay. But the only thing I can put it into words is that we did our best in everything such as in Volleyball and PintoPilipino, even if we barely managed to reach the 1st or even 2nd place, I know that all of us can do better than the last one because there’s always hope waiting for us in all the other activities to come.


By: Emerson Enriquez and Nacho Montoya of 6 TandangSora
After spending weeks with my class, I have only one word to describe it: Insane. You might think that we are just any other normal class but, we are one of the noisiest and most fun-loving classes in Grade 6. We have already played at least all the games possible under the sun; football, basketball, but we still patronize our country’s sports and language. We play games like Sipa, Pogs and Agawang Base whenever we can, and we speak our country’s native tongue all day long, sometimes even during English time! Our class adviser; Mrs. Chona Patricia B. Siruno, always supports us in whatever we do and believes that we are truly a fun loving class. So much that when asked, she described us as the color Yellow; a fun color, if you may. Our class officers know how to have fun, and of course how to discipline us properly. We even have a new student; Gabs Manalo, originally from Lourdes in Quezon City. He says that when he first came into the classroom of Tandang Sora, he was nervous. But he managed to get along with us quickly and is now enjoying his time with us, as he had said. We persevere for greatness in everything we do as a class. In the 1st Quarter of Intrams, we landed 2nd place in Volleyball. But for a time, we were the last placers or ‘’kulelat” in the Bigay Puso. Although after the first PTC, we quickly rose up in the ranks and are now currently still working to be the best in the grade level. We have classmates who we are proud of in the fields of both academics and in sports. For academics, we have various “Albert Einsteins”, like Matt Rodriguez, Elmo Jose and many more. In sports, Carl Paterno, Coby Hechanova and a lot more are our class representatives. Our teachers are very good educators that don’t only teach us in their respective subjects, but also the virtue of being a man for others. We comfort each other instantly, once a tear starts to shed on someone’s face, and that is really one factor on how we became a great family. ‘’Together we are united’’ I always say. We care for each other and even if sometimes we fight, we go back to where we started; Together.

The major event our class has experienced in the 1st quarter was the Class Night. This was very enjoyable since our entire class did so many things like ghost hunting, watching movies (Ms. Lao wouldn’t look at the screen when we watched Insidious), and many other enjoyable activities. In conclusion, I have only one thing to say about 6-Aguinaldo, it is the best class ever!

Bonifacio is a really fun class. Many of the students in our class are into sports, such as football and basketball. Currently, our Bigay Puso collection amounts to more than 43,000 Pesos, and we are still planning to improve on that. Our officers are working hard to improve this by implementing projects such as selling candies. We also love to joke around and play games amongst ourselves. Our class proves that school can’t stop you from having fun.

One of the most known classes of grade six is the fourth section, six Bonifacio. The class adviser is the students favorite teacher, Mr. Aquino. He teaches AP/Fil, and disciplines them. Bonifacio has won two banners for intrams of the first quarter. This includes first place for Team D and second place for Team B, both for the sport of volleyball. Not just that, but Bonifacio, as of October 21, 2011, has the third highest collection for Bigay Puso. The class was able to achieve this by reminding each to give generously to the collection. Their favorite event of the school year so far is the class night. They said they really enjoyed when they hid places and scared people and shared ghost stories during the night. The bottom line is this class consists of disciplined student, whole-hearted Ateneans, and great-hearted Filipinos.


One thing you would notice about our class is that we always have a big smile on our faces and we would always be optimistic. Everytime the intramurals are over, we would always have a “Class Jog” (sounds like class jug). One of the things we also do in class is hangout with Ms.Sydiongco which we call BARKADA TIME. We would often talk about random things such as my classmates having “girlfriends” at a very young age. So far, our class improved in Bigay Puso because our officers and beadles encourage us to give money and help us think ways to earn money. Even if our class is not perfect, this class would always be our favorite!!!!


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With a new batch of students coming in Grade 6, comes new changes happening to the grade level, which are already happening. I can say the same for my class, 6 Jacinto. Truly, many have happened so far for us, like when our Team B won third place and our Team D third in the volleyball intramurals. Another example would be during the class night, wherein we won second place in one of the challenges. We were also chosen as one of the cleanest classrooms. Then during the second quarter, our pagbasa contestant, Mio Gorospe won first place. Even with the many awards we have already won, we still strive to become a better class every day.

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BY: LAWRENCE ALEXANDER SANTOS STRUIJK 6 RIZAL Although this is my first year in the Ateneo De Manila University as a Grade school student, this year so far, has truly been the greatest sequence of events in my life. I would like to thank Mr. Cariño and the other students of Rizal for implanting an idea in my mind that there’s still hope in my life and I shouldn’t give up. The fun started in the class night; I brought my 1.5 TB Hard Drive with a ton of movies, games, comic books and movies. The class had a blast as we watched many flicks such as the infamous movie: “The Exorcist.” The problem was that we only saw the first-half of that film because Mr. Guerrerro interrupted the class in order for us catch some sleep. Because of our “class secret” most of us couldn’t sleep well that night. It’s a secret that will be known only through all the sections under our beloved teacher, Mr. Cariño. During the 2nd Quarter, when we were supposed to have the Palarong Pilipino, I had the greatest idea to bring my life-saving box once more just in case something happens. Mr. Cariño wasn’t present but Mr. Rulloda was there to save made my day. Only Malvar, Rizal & Tandang Sora know about this. But let me just say that plumbers are great at doing their duties (Mario.) Another great moment was the school fair. Even if I had to go to many shifts and attend to a lot of customers, I still drank tasty drinks and had a lot of fun. During my free-time though, when there were no shifts, customers or girls, so instead, I had lots of fun watching movies with my friends again. Recently when the intramurals were cancelled due to the rain, we had time to spare to once again watch another film. There were so many choices in my head on which movie to watch but I could only pick one. It so happened to be “Insidious”. The clock was ticking and we only had 10 minutes left, so we skipped to the ending and everyone but me wet themselves like 7 year olds. I wish there will be more moments like this in the remaining months of the school year. And I want everybody else in Rizal to enjoy too. I wish all the 6-graders the best for this year and to do their best so they enter Gr. 7. I had a very good time thinking and writing about these moments while pressing the buttons of the keyboard.


The class of 6-Luna is a very hardworking section, filled with very studious students. We always study hard for each and every lesson. We are also a fun-loving class. Every day, everyone likes to play basketball in the courts. Some of us also play chess and other board games. Although we have been together for only a few months, our section has already achieved many things. We have collected around Php 30,000 so far for Bigay Puso, for which we are ranked second in the entire Grade Level. We have also won in a championship in one of the intramurals. One of our classmates, Angelo Francisco, won in the Pagbigkas contest. Of course, we didn’t achieve these overnight. It took lots of effort, patience and determination. Aside from just dropping money in our Bigay Puso jar, we also had to come up with a variety of ways to raise money. Such examples are selling tickets for a cake raffle and auctioning toys, books, board games and even shoes. We also practice our assigned quarterly sport as often as possible. One of the best times our class has experienced was the Class Night. We had lots of fun eating and playing in the classroom. We even set up an Angry Birds® game using Speed Stacks cups and a Angry Bird® toy , and we were able to raise more money for our Bigay Puso collection by charging 5 pesos a drink from our classmates. During the program, we did our best in all the games. We also performed our dance of “Yeah 3x” very well. After that, we went ghost hunting. Our class adviser, Mrs. Desiree M. Reyno, even told us scary stories while we hunted for ghosts. Although we didn’t find any ghosts, we still got a good scare out of doing it. When we went back to the classroom, we watched some films, such as “Rush Hour 1” and a few “Simpsons” episodes. Although most fell asleep after the movies, some of us stayed up late playing “Monopoly World”. There was no silence until 3:00 AM due to the beeping of the Monopoly machine. At around that time, it became very quiet. We were still very sleepy the next morning, but we remained happy because that night was truly a memorable experience. I would never think of wanting to change sections, because I feel comfortable and happy in where I am already.

JENDRIETCh LOpEZ 6-JACINTO The class of 6-Jacinto always have fun times whenever, and some of these times are momentous where we achieved something together. One of the victorious achievements we’ve accomplished was being 2nd place in the games of the class night, and winning 2 banners of the volleyball intrams. The feat we have accomplished because of a representative was winning 1st in the Pagbasa contest, and probably more to come. The effort we have given in these achievements were valuable because it is a reminder of our hard work given in the actions we do. Everyday is also fun time for us because of what we do we also try to make it fun among ourselves.



Entering a new classroom always feels like you are a new student. But this year, I felt very comfortable since I already knew almost everyone in my class. Some have been my classmates in the previous years, while others, I met in the corridors. I remember the first day of classes when our class adviser, Mr. Robert Selorio, first entered the classroom. I felt very nervous because he looked strict. But as he told the class about himself, I realized that there was nothing to worry about. He also encourages us in different grade level and school projects, like the Bigay Puso. Then, after the “Schola Brevis” week, of course, we met our subject teachers whom we will be with for the rest of the year. After meeting them, I thought almost majority were strict. But as the school days went by, I said, “They’re not strict after all!” Then, I also have smart, athletic, and bossy classmates. I am very thankful to have these people as my classmates because they contribute to the fun and joy in my class. I also remember the time when we had our Grade 6 orientation with Mrs. Santos. She is very kind and helpful to us Grade 6 students. She reminded us to “always think before you act.” This line that she said inspired me not to tease my classmates anymore. She also talked about the Bigay Puso. Speaking of which… During the first week of classes we weren’t able to collect at all for the Bigay Puso. So, when we heard that the other sections have collected money for it already, we tried our best to be able to give to the Bigay Puso in order for us to catch up. For our Intrams, even if we didn’t win, we did our best and we knew that everyone gave 101%. Then, an unforgettable experience for us was the field trip. It was unforgettable because for me, because it was my first time to cross roads with someone who has cancer. We realized that our donations don’t only help them get past all their challenges but, these also give them more joy and hope. Next, we had our class night. In the Classroom, we played and watched different movies. Well, our classroom was small, so I didn’t feel very comfortable. Still, my classmates gave joy that made us forget about feeling uncomfortable. After all these events during the first quarter, I hope and look forward for more.

BY: Benjo Camba, 6 Burgos From the very moment I first stepped into my classroom, I immediately felt that this school year’s going to be a great one. Although the journey’s not finished yet, there are a few moments that have struck me and made me look forward to each and every school day. The first day of school wasn’t really what you call exciting. If you ask me, it was really more of brutal and awkward. While some of my classmates were having fun and talking to each other, the introverts and I were just looking at them and thinking, “Why am I in school?” and, “How do you talk to someone without making them go away?” Just to tell you, I am not an introvert, but shy when it comes to the first day of school. This continued for the rest of the day. Once I got home, I asked myself, “Am I friendly?” feeling like a loner. I know some of us will agree with me that this is the worst day of every school year; it just really has to be.

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Kyle Joshua Ozo, 6 DEL pILAR Del Pilar is the best section for me, not just because I’m from 6 - Del Pilar but also because of our achievements as a class such as consistently topping the Bigay Puso chart by having the highest donations, 58, 000 Pesos as of press time. We are also one of the highest in Playbill! In our first competition against the whole level during the Class Night, we were hailed as CHAMPIONS in the Class Night tournaments. We also have a lot of honor students and subject excellence awardees. I think the most important one though would be that our awesome class adviser, Ms. Perez, considers us to be angelic students. ü The Del Pilar Class Night was one of the best nights ever for me! After the program, most of us went ghost hunting along with Ms. Perez. We went to different places in the AGS like the Old Prep Area where we witnessed the disappearance of a random security guard. We also went to the Fermin Hall where we explored the dark hallways in the 2nd and 3rd floor with random ghost story telling. After ghost hunting, all of us went back to the classroom. The night wasn’t over yet though. We still watched movies like Zombie Land and Saving Private Ryan. Some of us stayed up all night. We played cards and told ghost stories. Then we told jokes to each other because we were really getting creeped out with the ghost stories Ma’am told us. And when the clock hit 3 AM we all prayed for our protection and help because we were so scared. In the morning, we were dismissed and to my surprise, some of us, including me still had energy to jog around the campus for around an hour and play basketball for three hours with Ms. Perez. That was one of the most unforgettable nights, and mornings in my Grade 6 life. by: GABRIEL DATILES, 6-DEL pILAR My Class Adviser, Ms. Perez, came into the classroom with a lot of announcements. She started off with all the achievements last year’s Grade 6 batch was able to reach. We had to do even better if we wanted to impress her. We were also told when we were going to start Regular classes. As the regular classes started, I began to know my teachers, classmates, and friends even more. A few weeks passed by, and I started to eat, befriend and talk to some of my new classmates. I felt like the right word to describe our Class would be: Energetic. “Zombie” is our favorite game to play during our free time. This game has really brought us together, as a class. We also learned more about our teachers, how they teach, how they treat us, and how they care about us. Other activities have also brought us together, like the PTC, Intrams, and even the Field Trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well on the day of the field trip, so I wasn’t able to join them. My classmates were able to bond with the cancer patients, and with each other. Our amazing CPR, Mrs. Carol Rivera, also gave free Krispy Kreme to the whole class. Then, the fair came, along with our assigned booth, The Kubol ng Katatakutan. We had a great time, scaring other students. We were able to manage our shifts, and on our free time, many of us, Del Pilar angelic students rode the Octopus and Anchors Away together, as a class! JOAQUIN GATMAITAN, NICO ChAN, AND LUIS DE LEON, 6 DEL pILAR Ms. Perez, the greatest teacher ever, announced that the class we were going to face in the basketball intramurals was 6-Abad Santos. This made almost the entire class groan because 6-Abad Santos was well known for their skills in sports. Several students even mentioned that we might as well give-up. This got Ms. Perez very upset, she told us to never give up and always to always work hard as a team. That’s how the Ateneo UAAP players won. She also reminded us to do everything for God’s glory; dedicate each shot, each move, each defense, for the Lord. Later, Ms. Perez held a meeting to discuss strategies with our sports beadle, JV Mata. During the meeting, Miguel Garrido, pessimisti-

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On the bright side, the class got a little bit noisier the next day. What I said earlier may have seemed weird but it only meant that we, as a class, were starting to have a better friendship. For one time, can’t you be optimistic? The day after, progress could be felt. I, for one, had someone to talk to during that day. Day after another, we became more united as a class. With this little achievement, I knew then that this class will be the best and noisiest section ever. But, at present, it still isn’t. How can a class be formed if there aren’t any students? From Aliño to Umpad, we ourselves made the class to what it is now. Each and every one of us has a special trait or talent that will put you in awe. Well, sometimes. Burgos is not like your usual class. We have nearly every type of student, such as the nerds, the jocks, the awesome ones, the Brainiacs, the “priests” and the dancers. But, what are we missing? Oh yeah...the future Mozart. We don’t have those. They were out of stock. We only have the next Eminem. But trust me; you wouldn’t want them pawning you. If you try it, you’ll get yourself killed. Beware, I have warned you. Bigay Puso was actually a really big highlight for the class. At the start of the quarter, we were the biggest donator. But as the quarter progressed, the money we used to donate daily decreased in amount. As of now, we have only one project, which is to give a prize to the column that gives the highest amount of money for that week. For me, I honestly think it is okay to be one of the lowest donators, as long as the money you donate comes from your heart. There’s one more event that I was really anxious about, and that was the class night. This event’s purpose was not really celebrated properly. Each section gave and treated it with another meaning. We didn’t really get to find out more about each other, but boy, we did have some fun. With all that movie-watching, ghost hunting, running, laughing and playing, I don’t know how we were able to survive the night without collapsing out of exhaustion. If there is a class, there’s got has to be a class adviser. And our class adviser is Ms. Maria Theresa Carmine Diaz! She’s the motivator of the class when there’s intramurals and contests. She’s always there for you when you need help. Some people say that she’s quite strict, but when you get to know her more, you’ll learn that she’s not what many think of after all. She’s everyone’s friend and you can talk to her about random stuff like her experiences as a teacher every lunch time. I ‘m really sure that she is the best and most fun teacher to be around with in the whole of Grade 6. A few of my classmates’ quotes are completely stupid and just plain awkward to begin with. Having said this, it doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Don’t you find “I AGREE!!” hilarious? Imagine saying something really stupid and then a person, out of the blue shouts “I AGREE!!”, it can be used after any statement and leave a person in embarrassment. This is only one of the many ridiculous quotes under our belt. All of us in Burgos have learned to embrace the might of our sayings to leave people crying tears of joy and laughter. Even though there’s still about 3 quarters left, I have learned to love my section and cherish all the seemingly absurd yet meaningful moments with my classmates. Sure, we got scolded and punished by some of our teachers, but there’s one thing they can’t change about us, which is our love and care for one another. It’s not what you think. Ha-ha!

cally said that the only strategy he could think was to lose. This got Ms. Perez so upset. As a class, we didn’t want to see our teacher upset, so we took to the basketball courts to practice for the matches. After our last period before Intrams, we psyched ourselves up for the game. We walked to the courts to see the other class already there shooting some hoops, but we didn’t get intimidated because we wanted to show confidence. After settling down in our area, the team-A game started. I got the ball in the jump-ball. I quickly pushed the ball towards the team-A star player, Peter Romero, who grabbed it and quickly dribbled towards the other team’s basket. He got the first shot of the game and the ball went to the other team. Luckily, I managed to quickly grab the ball and get a shot. We got 2 more shots in thanks to Peter without the other team even getting any. Then, the referees called the second-half and we got a much appreciated break. Their secondhalf players were slightly better, and got 1 shot in, but in the end, we still won. Next up was the team-B match. Abad Santos got the ball first and got a shot in. Luckily, our team-B players got the ball and quickly got a shot in, tying the game up. Sadly, the Abad Santos players got the ball again and scored another shot. Our team struggled to get the ball back but lost. Their final score was 6-2, with Abad Santos as the winner. Next up was team-C with our 2 officers, Simon Coloma and Patrick Carreon. Patrick managed to grab the all at the start. And pass it to Simon who quickly dribbled and shot one for the team. We got 2 more shots in before the other team started their devastating comeback. After our last shot, the second-half started and their team got 2 shots in. Team C game ended with the victory on our side. The last match went by quickly, and the score was 6-4, with Abad Santos as the winner. Though they didn’t win, we witnessed how are Team D elite players courageously faced Back at the classroom, Ms. Perez congratulated all of us for showing confidence and perseverance in the battlefield where many thought that we would easily be defeated. But all went home satisfied that they did their best. Truly it’s cool to win the intrams knowing that your opponents are really good and we are very lucky to have such a wonderful class, and an awesome teacher.

Lopez Jaena is located between the classrooms of Jacinto and Luna. But from what I know, there is more to them than being placed in the middle of all the grade 6 sections. The color of their P.E. t-shirt is green, but yellow would be more suiting for them because it is a happy and awesome color, and those are the traits that can best describe Lopez Jaena. Other neighboring sections say Lopez Jaena belongs to one of the noisiest classes in the batch, but when Lopez Jaena falls down, they know how to get up again immediately. If not, they just forget about it and have a heck of a time. They describe their class adviser, Mr. Castro as a relaxed and fun-loving guy that likes to bond with his class especially when they watch movies. So far, they have two major achievements. They were placed second in the Pinto Pilipino contest for vividly showcasing their assigned feast which was the Moriones Festival. They are also the second to the highest ranking class in the Bigay Puso donating a staggering 50,000+ pesos. Smart, awesome, and kind are the three words their class president, Renz Reyes used to describe them. Coming from another class, I have bursted with curiosity after writing this article to learn more about Lopez Jaena, the ones in the middle. Special thanks to Billie Fajardo and Renz Reyes for putting some of their time aside and sharing some information about their class


If you were to ask any of our teachers about their opinion of 6-Mabini, expect to hear something like, “Oh, Mabini; a very happy class. They haven’t really successfully achieved to possess the characteristics of the real Mabini yet, but almost. But very, very deep down, Mabini is a great class.” We at 6-Mabini have everything from dancers to geniuses, and from athletes to bookworms. We may also be “ Pa- Guwapo” sometimes, but deep inside, we are really kind-hearted people. Our very well-rounded class has won many awards so far, like when our Pagbasa Contestant won second place, winning third place in the volleyball intramurals, and having one of the cleanest classrooms during the Class Night. What else can you ask for?

Rizal Era in AGS

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Melchor Simpao, III

Photos by Budski & Ms. Perez

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