Committee for the Bourgeoisie By: Erin Pembroke 11/15/2011 Are we truly a freed nation?

No, we are a nation that has succumbed to the current committee for the bourgeoisie. This committee of the bourgeoisie only looks after its own self-interest. It contains those whom you know so well; those that are suppose to stand up and protect you. They are comprised of the government and the wealthy ellite. These current politicians and canidates do not have any nexus between themselves and all of the poor, suffering middle class. They believe our government should keep wasting trillions of tax-payer's dollars by blowing up other nations and never resolving any underlying issues. They do not see in the most logical and clearest sense that we, as Americans, do not have money to keep supporting our troops in the current war. These poloticians only think emotionally and not what is logically best for the country...Some of these same ellite have used nonpublic stock trading information to get ahead of the game and sold their information to the highest bidder (or at least thought and attempted to do so). How is that fair to the now new mass of lower class people? The committee of the Bourgeoisie has now officially sucked capitalism bone dry of itself. What system do we use now? What? Socialism? Communistic ideas? Surely, the ellite will not take this lightly. Surely, the ellite will retaliate. I implore the committee of the bourgeoisie that if one central system has finally failed, to stop using the same dead-end system that does not work anymore. Or else, we, all as one nation, will cease to exist and lose our place in the world. I implore you all to find another system that works. It does not have to be socialism or communism. It just has to work. Have you not learned from history and yet you all continue to repeat the same dreaded dead-end doom? Have you not learned about the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, fall of all the Pharaohs and the fall of the British Empire and now you want to put us, Americans in the same category? Yes, it is true that Machiavelli once wrote that “philosophers make great kings” because they do not want nor wish to rule, therefore, I implore you to appoint an intelligent philosopher as the new head of government to help solve our nation's problems.

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