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SAP-PP Restrict TECO Revoke During CLSD

SAP-PP Restrict TECO Revoke During CLSD

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Published by Mayank Mevcha

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Published by: Mayank Mevcha on Nov 17, 2011
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Restricting revoking of TECO, after Order Settlement Done The client wants to Restrict the Revoking of TECO after

the Order Settlement is done. Simultaneously he also wants to allow the Revoking of TECO if the Order Settleme nt is reversed. This is required, as in some cases, even after Settlement they have to Revoke TE CO, do some changes and do the TECO again. ===================== the easiest way would be to use a customer own status profil. Transaction BS02, define a user status which is set automatically in case of ord er is settled and which prevent the revoking of TECO. ===================== Yes it is easy to manage via BS02, but to my knowledge an order settlement will not set any status on the order. ===================== You can use User exit as you have condition for restricting. From BS02 you canno t apply any condition e.g once user had done TECO then he would not be able to r evoke whether the order is settled or not. You can use user exit PPCO0007 and table COEP for checking production order sett lement. ===================== Can we apply this logic ? * Collect the Production Order No. * Pass this production order through Table AUAK, Field: OBJNR (Object No. = Prod uction Order No.) * If Production Order available in Table AUAK, Restrict Production Order TECO, E lse Allow TECO. * Further more, If Production Order available in Table AUAK check for field STFL G (Reversal Document) * If STFLG = BLANK, TECO should be restricted and should generate an ERROR messa ge PLEASE REVERSE THE ORDER SETTLEMENT * If STFLG = X, TECO should be allowed. ===================== Create one user status profile in BS02 with forbids Revoke technical completion business transactions BTCL, BTCT or BUT A and assign it to order type. ===================== It is possible to restrict the revoking of TECO afetr the settlement is done thr ough Status Profile. Transaction: BS02. And assign the status profile created to Production order, if it is specific to an order or to Order type (Trnx: OPJH) in case if it is for Order type. ===================== If a user status is defined that forbids to reset the 'Technically completed' st atus, the status will not be modified when you try to execute a reset, but the a

Allow TECO if Order Settlement is not done or Order Settlement is Reversed. ===================== I agree we can restrict revoke of TECO. Field: OBJNR (Object No. ====================== Try this. * Further more.ctions that are linked to the Business Transcion Revoke technical completion and Actual settlement please check in BS02. If Production Order available in Table AUAK check for field STFL G (Reversal Document) * If STFLG = BLANK. but my requirement is not only to Restrict TECO but t o control the TECO revoking through Order Settlement Status. Case: I reverse the settlement. but here it is a conditional case. CO02: Revoke of TECO and doing Production Order Changes. i had seen this post. Anyway. Restrict Production Order TECO. TECO is set & a user status which prevents revoke o f TECO is also set. CO01: Co11n: CO02: KO88: Production Production Production Production Order Order Order Order Creation Confirmation Technically Completion (TECO) Settlement 5. 1. let me know would you setup the user status & what actions need to be ta ken for the below: Scenario: Order is completed. What steps to take for allowing revoke of TECO? ===================== Yes. TECO should be restricted and should generate an ERROR messa ge PLEASE REVERSE THE ORDER SETTLEMENT * If STFLG = X. 2. E lse Allow TECO. settled. 4. Process Cycle: 1.Select the system status TEC0 (I0045) & just duble click it. 1. generate ERROR Msg . can you check my logic which i am planning to apply.Restrict TECO in Process Order if Order Settlement Done. Sir. .) * If Production Order available in Table AUAK. TECO should be allowed. How will the user status know the settlement is reversed & that it is ok to a llow revoke of TECO? 2. = Prod uction Order No.Goto BS22 2. 3. Client Requirement: . Here the Syst em should check the following logic Logic: * Collect the Production Order No. * Pass this production order through Table AUAK.

====================== Yes. Not only the balance of the Order.3. Still 700 is left. Now do TECO again Then Calculate WIP thru tcode KKAX Then Settle that order thru tcode KO88 Now goto process order and mark the status for "clsd" This will solve ur issue. https://forums. "Restricting of reversal of TECO after Settlement" is not possible. That is why we tick the final delivery check box and then settle the process ord er for 300 qty.. Suppose if you want to short close a Production Order this month and continue ne xt month again then what is the process followd in your Organization?? At best what we can do is restriction of postings of Costs on the Orders if the Status is TECO. So the authorization to change the Production Order (CO02) should be restricted first. which lets system to understand that there would be no delviery . (SAP standard allows the Goods Movements and Confirmations after TECO also) If you want to restrit posting of Costs on Production Orders. But. ==================== If balance of order quantity is not equal to zero that order can not be closed. It is best to Close the Orders after the Settlement.. Either DLV and/or TECO wil l influence the Settlement. The system allows you to do further confirmation because system understands that the target qty of order was 1000 and out of which only 300 was delivered..sap. Now system will give the error message when u revoke TECO status at CO02.jspa?threadID=914960 But after revoking the TECO. Then if you keep on maintaining the Status TECO for the Orders after settlement also then month on month the TECOed Orders will hamper the Month end clsing acti vities by long run times. as there are lots of other issues are also involv ed. your requirement is genuine.Maintain the Revoke technical completion (BUTA) =Forbidd (not allowed). there are number of other dependencies to set the Status : CLSD Reverse the TECO Pls goto the goods receipt tab. which would show up as WIP. Infact.com/thread.sdn. In that check the "Final Delivery" box.. So. this is not a simple one. some one can post the Costs (Goods movements and co nfirmations). After the Settlement there will not be any status change for the Production Orde r. TECO is not a mandaory status for Settlement. It is better to re strict the Goods Movements and Confirmations for the Status TECO For this you follow the process specified in the below thread..

further. When the order is settled and closed the system will not show up anything in WIP also. .

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