QUESTIONNAIRE FOR INVERTER 1.What do you use for power back up? A).Generator B).


2.List top 5 inverter brands : Luminous (rest u can fill)

3.What parameters do you keep in mind before buying an inverter? A).price B).Performance and quality C).after sales network

4.Which brand of inverter do you use? A).Luminous B).Sukam

>5 years .What kind of use do you have? A).Relatives/Friends 6.How did you come to know about Luminous inverter? A).TV C).1-5 years C).Corporate Office Any other specify- 7.C).Less than 1 year B).Microtek If other please specify- 5.How long have you been using inverter? A).Newspaper B).Residential B).

Less than 1.a 11.8.1.How is the after sales support system? A).a C).50 lakh p.a to 4.poor 10.50 lakh p.a.Yes.What income group do you or your family come under? A).>4.Good B).No 9.Are you satisfied with the performance of the inverter? A). B).Partially C).50 lakh p. B).50 lakh p.I have been delivered what I was promised.any other recommendation- .Average C).

Name.Ashish age.Student Sex- Male .25 occupation.

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