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Generated on: Friday, October 21, 2011 Statement Period:

Daily E-Statement 20-OCT-2011 to 20-OCT-2011

Account Information ATTAULLAH SHAH&INAYATUR RAHMA S/O FAZAL UL RAHMAN,MOHALLAH ARIF ABAD,FATIMA ROAD SALAR KOROONA,TEHSIL MARDAN MARDAN A/c Opening Date: 03-SEP-2007 Account Number: Branch: Account Type: Currency: Current Balance: As at: 0103368-9 CANTT BRANCH MARDAN CD LEDGER NO.1 PAKISTANI RUPEE 701.26 20-OCT-2011

Transaction Details Date Description 20-OCT-11 ** OPENING BALANCE 20-OCT-11 ** CLOSING BALANCE Totals: Total 0 transaction(s) found. This is system generated Account Statement. Sr no: 8495822 Withdrawals Deposits Balance 701.26 701.26 0.00 0.00

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