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Pds AP - Ipmp Pdp Template 2011

Pds AP - Ipmp Pdp Template 2011

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Published by: Harsh Bansal on Nov 17, 2011
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Name Current Position PDS Sector / Specialisation Manager
Fill out the Red Boxes Harshwardhan Bansal Assistant project Manager Hotels Pratiek Rastogi

Date joined JLL Location Date of 1st PDP meeting Date of next meeting


STEP 1 – My Objectives “Where do I want to be in the next 1 to 3 years?”
Fill this out yourself prior to meeting your Manager – Think about the short term & long term – but not too long or there is the tempatation to put things off!
Overview Detailed Objectives

In the next 1 to 3 years, I would want to see myself professionally grow in a manner, where different people within my company and also people in the local market related to the profession are well aware of my presence. In the near future, I would dedicate myself to enrich my knowledge related to the profession and would become a valuable asset to the organisation. I would like to be promoted to the senior levels of hierarchy within the coming years. Certainly 3 years down the line, I want to have a healthy earning, providing me an attractive lifestyle.

1. 2.

4. 5. 6.

I have to manage my time, so that I could maximise my productivity. I have to gather maximum knowledge that I lack in the areas of design construction. I have to meet maximum individuals -client, contractors, consultants, designers, architects or any person related to design and construction. I have to attend maximum trainings that could condition or enhance my knowledge. I have perform better than my superiors’ expectations. I have to establish and maintain healthy relationship with all my colleagues.

STEP 2 – Assessment of My Current Position “Where am I now?”
Fill this out for yourself – Be prepared for your Manager to challenge your thoughts so you start your plan from a realistic foundation.

In today’s date, I assess myself as a keen professional, with fair experience. I have a keen eye for design, posses good managerial and leadership skills. I lack in technical knowledge of core construction, being from the interior design background. I have learnt how the Indian Market runs in the field of Design and Construction. My strength being good communication and understanding skills. I am open to new ideas, and can think out of the box to achieve targets. Realistically, I should be earning more than what I am currently.
COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT (5- Excellent, 3- Proficient, 1- Development needed) Give yourself an hoonest score & use this section to provoke thought around areas of focus & ultimately ACTIONS


Strategic Thinking3

Revenue Impact3

New Business Devpt-3

Relationship Mgmt-3

People Mgmt4


Problem Solving3

Technical Competencies2


Team Work4

Project Mgmt-3

Summary of My Strengths:

Summary of My Development Areas:

PDS AP - IPMP PDP Template 2011

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1. Decision making ability. 7. Documentation STEP 3 – My Action & Support Plan “What Can I realistically do to put me where I want to be?” Fill this out in agreement with your Manager – This is what I’m going to do to really make things happen – Use IPMP S. design and communicate. 1. 4. not to do it for you. 1 2 3 SUPPORT / RESOURCE PLAN Key Action This is what you are really going to do. Ability to visualize. Commitment to high quality execution within limited time frames. Leadership skills. Measure of Success What is the actual achievement that would mean you’ve succeeded at the objective? Expected Completion Date Date Completed Date “What needs to happen around me to support my plan?” Remember though – this is about you creating change by developing & demonstrating your own abilities. 3. Project Planning IT skills. Attention to detail with a keen eye for aesthetics.. 2. No. Core construction technical knowledge.M. 5. PDS AP . 2.T principles for establishing the plan. 3.R. Written and verbal communication skills. Keep it to 3 key items – any more is probably unrealistic or incidental to the key actions.A. Passion for interior design. 6. with support from your manager or the business – they are there to assist & facilitate.IPMP PDP Template 2011 Page 2 of 2 .

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