STREAMLINE PRODUCTIONS A screenplay by Elliot Mckenzie, Jake Smith, Jamie Ellis, and Pablo Ortiz FADE IN: 1. EXT. BUS STOP-DAY <<COLOUR SEQUENCE>> A TEENAGER waits at a bus stop, looks up and down the street, shakes head, PHONE BEEPS, checks his phone, puts phone away with a smile, 77 bus to Waterloo ARRIVES, gets on. FADE OUT: EXT. SOUTH BANK, CENTAL LODON # Teen arrives at destination, meets up with the OTHER two teens, one of whom sends him the MESSAGE, a CHASE breaks out above them, MYSTERIOUS MAN mid 30s, grey suit is running with BLACK BREIFCASE form another man with black suit, glasses, wire in ear, looks like SECRET AGENT, 30’s, grey suit man THROWS BAG over BRIDGE, aiming for RIVER, misses, bag lands IN FRONT of boys. Samuel Excuse me mate! Oi did you drop this? (He shouts but, Smith keeps on running with purser in tow) Dam! (Looks at the case, at his friends in confusion and shakes head) What the hell was that? SHOT REVERSE SHOT: Antony (Laughing with Vince) That’s what I call bad luck. (Serious tone and look at Vince and ) Looks like some next briefcase and that other guy who was chasing him was all suited and booted. What should we do with it, take it to the feds? Vince (Vince shouts and looks at both boy with shock on his face) What? We don’t even know what’s inside. SHOT REVERSE SHOT Antony Hell no! (Antony exclaims and starts to rant and rave) We aint opening it or carrying it anywhere. (He tells both boys firmly) I bet has goanna come back for it. I say we leave it and go fam

SHOT REVERSE SHOT Samuel Well looking has never hurt anyone. He won’t know if we have a little look, but don’t touch anything coz he’ll know. CLOSE UP Vince Cool man besides what could go wrong? We’re only looking. OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT: Vince’s rips the briefcase out of Samuels hand and opens it before anything else can be said. BIRDS EYE They look into the bag with a look of awe, greed, and fear on their faces.