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Unit 4 Festivals and Celebrations

Unit 4 Festivals and Celebrations

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1 a


Complete the sentences with the verbs below. Use the gerund. meet· go • make· wear· spend· eat

1 d)

Write four sentences using gerunds about a popular holiday in your country. Read them to other students to guess what holiday it is. I love decorating the house. Watching the children open their presents is great.

1. 2. 3.

0 'The kids love 0'
me ill.'

ghost and witch costumes. They have a lot of fun.' so much turkey always makes


2 a)
up with all the family. faces in pumpkins is always

'I hate We always argue.'

CD1/30 Listen. Which public holiday is the speaker talking about?


great fun.'

5. 6.

0' 0

hours cooking in the kitchen is not my idea of fun.'

t to people's houses and asking for sweets is a bit dangerous these days.'

1b) 1c)

How much do you know about US holidays? Write Halloween (H) or Thanksgiving (T) in the boxes in front of the sentences in 1a).

2 b)

.CD 1/30 Listen again. Write down the details.

USA cjay of the week month How long?


CD 1/29 Listen and check if you were right about Halloween and Thanksgiving.

28 twenty-eight

. meet up with • eat out ~----~---- 3 c) What do you do on public holidays? Make a list. take a break· catch up on • go out· stay in • do nothing . I usually catch up on some DIY.. Write the names of the people under the pictures..' (Hank) 1tliketo from cooking every day so we usually a) eD.2 c) Match the American words you heard with the British words.soccer· pavement ~ ~~' sidewalk ~ ~ ------------ IIiIlE§ _ ------------ ~~ ~~ 1ft . How I spend myThanksgiving 3 d) _ Tell your partner what you do.fall •. Listen to the phone call and tick the things Dawn tells her to bring. "lIove Thanksgiving. 4 a lot. Use your dictionary if necessary. 2 d) 3 a) Read the sentences.1113~ Angela is going to the US to spend Thanksgiving with her American friend Dawn. --I football ------------ ~ ~~ P!i 3b) Complete the sentences in 3 a) with the words below. (Joan) '!lIse the holiday weekend to ~ __ my sleep!' (Tim) ') usually for four days and watch TV or ~ . it's a great time to I always meet up with my sister..sidewa'fK. lmerican football. Do you know of any other differences between British and American vocabulary? Write the words on the board. autumn ~ football. friends and and have some fun.' (Larry) Rli!asonfor hol iday Things pecple do twenty-nine 29 .

[II Is there anything I should bring? o 1. Put the past forms in the correct column. Dolt's quite cold here so you should bring some warm clothes. Spanish explorer Don Juan de. 4. A Spanish Affair? 5 o Help from a local [d] arrived [t] [Id] ~ _ THANKSGIVING Everyschool child learns how the original British settlers in America... A year later. rived in Plymouth in 1620 and: looked around. they-realised they we~e.thousands of miles away from England. Tick the correct boxes. 0 Oh. People from EI Paso say the first Thanksgiving didn't happen in Plymouth with the Pilgrim Fathers.their county held the first ever Thanks- 30 thirty .Texas.called· celebrated· answered· created· realised· looked· showed· helped 5 o a) CD1(32 On her way to the US Angela read the following article in the in-flight magazine. We're going to have fun. He explored North America. Point to a symbol and make dialogues. warm coat. Luckily they had a Native American with them. He helped make life easier for the early settlers.sunglasses· scarf cold hot rainy snowing 5c) What clothes should I bring? . they came to the' banks of the Rio Grande and the thirsty travelers drank the cool river water. Look back at the paragraph Help from a loeal. moWell. 4oc) In pairs. The Pilgrim Fathers created Thanksgiving to celebrate their first harvest in the New World. Here are two lesswell-known stories about it settle into the new home. On April 30th they made and ate a huge feast. Listen again and check.It's windy here so bring a warm coat. • To form the Past simple of regular verbs we add the letters -_ or -__ to the base form of the verb. He also worked as a translator between the English and the local people. Of course not. I want to take lots of photos. Iwon't. After a four-week journey. Anything else? 3 pm. (Irregular verbs just have to be learnt!) To make past sentences negative we use the word (did not). they had a lot to thank Squanto for.gloves· woolly hat· shorts> boots· 'l-shirt . d) (. Fathers ar. Underline eight regular verbs in the past tense. don't forget your camera. DoMe too.:* PI When the Pilgrim. Read it. Squanto helped them lEI People from EI Paso.He showed them how to catch eels. Onate went to the area with . Grammar o o o o o o o o 0 o Don Juan announced the ocoaslenas Amerlca'sflrst Thanksgiving celebration. Don Juan thought they should all take a break from their exploration. DOr) Juan announced the occasion as America's first Thanksgiving celebration.the members of his expedition. then practise it in pairs. then match the titles to the paragraphs.. In 1598. They claim that. = Angela.D1/33 Listen. . I can't wait. But it was not a celebration of the harvest. Luckily they had a Native American called Squanto with them. Sure. I'm so excited. Squanto Don Juan . He-answered their questions about how to grow corn. arrived· worked. 5 b) Read the text again. say the first Thanksgiving didn't happen in Plymouth with the Pilgrim Fathers. created Thanksgiving to celebrate their first harvest in the New World. 0 0 = Dawn o o So your plane arrives on Tuesday at 3 pm. and one last thing. giving feast. and don't forget your scarf.. He was born in Europe. the Pilgrim Fathers. Then listen again and practise. He helped with communication.. . 3. It's Thanksgiving this Thursday so don't eat too much on the plane.4 b) [Z] (D1/311 Put the dialogue in order. 2. when the Pilgrim Fathers celebratedtheir first Thanksgiving. That's right.

Angela and Dawn weot I didn't go to see a film one night..Yes.No. Angela ate 1 didn't eat turkey. What programme did you watch? . y And did they have a turkey? . To find out an activity.. I (2) (have) a lot of fun. football: 4.c) You have three minutes. reality show: 8) went out: 6 people (cinema: 3. Eight people did this. v y = Lucy. to the mall. watched TV: 8 people (film: 3. = Angela So how was your first real American Thanksgiving? ..e) Write the past forms of these verbs. four people watched the football match and three watched the Saturday night film. To find one detail for each activity you can ask a whquestion (What? / Where? / When? / Why? / ••. ). It (1) (be) great. We (8) (go) out a few times.. Staying in and watching TV was the most popular activity last weekend for students in our group. We (14) (not see) a lot of them. Each group must contain one person from each of the original groups. thirty-one 31 . All of these eight people watched the reality show. . 2. Of course...amej clfqrl't ~ome to see them on Saturday. And then on the Saturday we (10) faid (pay) a visit to her aunt... But I (6) (not have) any because I'm a vegetarian.. We went to the cinema one night and we (9) _ (eat) out another. v So you spent a lot of time with Dawn's family.. It was fantastic. Dawn's mum (7) (make) a special vegetable lasagne for me. • To make questions in the Past simple. I did.. It was delicious. Activity Detail watchedrv watched the news 'b) OD'1134 Complete the dialogue with the past forms of the verbs in brackets. Mark the correct options. Dawn's family (4) md (meet) up at her house and they (5) caught (catch) up on all the family news. Did you go to the cinema? . Dawn's aunt c. Listen to Angela telling her friend Lucy about her Thanksgiving. Angelaspentl dkln't sp. partner's weekend and complete the table. 3.elld Thanksgiving with Dawn's family. Well. v What sort of things did you do? .. I didn't.. They (12) (not do) anything. Did you watch TV?. 6.they did.. Angela stayed in I didnl(s~iin all the holiday. 2. 1. 8. Make a short presentation of your report. then look back at the paragraph A Spanish Affair? and check. 3.. drink think make eat 5 Grammar cinema. What were the most and least popular activities for the people in your group last weekend? Take notes.. your partner can only answer Yes or No. hold be go come 5. not with her brothers. 6. 7. . Dawn's brothers drove! didn'f.. v Did you stay in all the time or did you go out? . Well. I did. we use the auxiliary _ 'a) CD1/34. . 'd) In groups. 5. Going out was also popular . Find out about your . ~ But did you have a good time? . ) 'e) Use your notes to write a report about what your group did last weekend . 6f) Make new groups. Yes... we (3) (talk) a lot. 7 Why not? .ddve. and after that we (11) (drive) to the mall to do some shopping. 4.. 4. They just (13) (watch) the football on TV for four days.The news. 1. Then listen again and check..

spend a lot of money 32 thirty-two . do 3. I don't want to 4. stay 9. I'm bored . 2. 2. 8. aul P Is there anything I should bring? ~1'"'1 • It's snowing here so you should bring some warm clothes. Look at the sidewalk.. There's nothing in heM 4. 6. ~ ~ Yes. 16. 6. ~ ~ It's the same back home . 17. Let's after lunch. 3 1 o = Bob. 8.:. )I TV fast week. You can't to look after your little sister.CD 1/36 Use the pictures to complete the dialogue. ~1'"'1 . 2 b) 4 b) 1. We need to the fridge at all. 14. catch 8. 3. I'm tired. II Don't you just love the fall? is my favourite a) . Then listen and check. I always listen to the news to what's happening in the world. 3. • Yes..Our _ are dirty. and finish this . Use the expressions in 2a) to complete. they're a lot more difficult than your that's for sure. 1. Yeah. 1. _ 3. 3 b) Write a similar.. 7. People don't care where they throw their garbage. the sentences. have D e) out D f) nothing D g) a break D h) up with. 1. drove 4 c) What did you do last week? Write a sentence for. I need you . 12. take 4. 11. go 2. meet 5.. 5. 18. time of the year. 1. I'm too tired to go to the cinema.and don't forget your <> OK. I want to and watch a DVD. 10. 15. then listen . meet up with friends my best friend once when I speak 3. I usually .and check. 9.a month. I always Italian. 9.. 2. each of these things. Let's 7. too.see you soon. I don't want to cook tonight. eat 7. Write the past forms of the verbs in 4 a). 13. 5.Practice CD1/35 Complete the three dialogues. • o . dialogue using these pictures. 2 a) Match the halves to make expressions. watch TV _ _ / dttln't watch day fast week. D i) a lot offun D D a) upon D b) in III c) shopping d) out 4a) Split the wordsnake up into 18 verbs. II . tonight. / / watched TV every 2. ~I~ I quite like your American football ~ _______ _1 o What? Like a a ______ and but the rules area bit difficult. go 6.

you = 5. Have you got a I::liggerone?' saysthe ma~. and the butcher 'is"justcJos·ililg'h. But there were never enough legs to keep everyone happy.elJ man begins to knock a loudly on the front d06r. I lot ofgardenlng. few minutes and brings the same turkey back out to the man. Sunday? a 11. then listen ..1 thin tl!lrkey. write a bJrthday card •I all-of Sunday outside.1w~. Thinkabout your favourite public holiday.yonein his famil'y liked the turkey's leg best. and check•. left. drink champagne 6 • Yes.6 Where -lbbsfer . make a present .• you' it .. . 'Please let me in:" sayslthe manldesperately.. ~ Sowhat 7. 'you eat? anything but .6 it great new·restaurant.is sh0P. At0r many months he. shopping on Saturday.ch side of the-turkey has the most feathe7s?'. l'll have to take both of them!' Whi. I 6. drlve to the office • No. 7. 5 Reading for fun c01/38 It's the day before Tbanksgiving. . '.. no.' 'OK:. go to the cinema 4 d) 6.te a . Har. 'it's too fast to catch-' r.' saysthe man. What did :you do the last time? Wri.' He goes into the freezer and. 'Let me. turkey fanner. eat out in anew-restaurant Sally a good weekend? bad.fn.I out in 8. ~ver. .see what l've got left.'No.the e.' says\ the butcher and he opens the t(00r. good?' his friend asked him. 6. And whatabout anywhere. That turkey is much too small.vening? in •I and.He Dring~it oCJt to show fA~ manr.iept0~lem ev. and my wife will kiil me if Ifdo. no. 'I forgot-to buy. do the gardening • Well. Jllelol!ltside! • Do you know any jokes jl) English? thirty-three 33 .. come back from holiday •1 ..0K.(J. finds that'thers's only-one really 'Pi.any bette~. The butcher takes th~ Bird back into Hie freezer'and wa:itS9.~ry ThaFlksgiving. I we .lt you delicious.ry. He decided 1'0create the perfect l)him~sgivi ngJ fUfkey. 'Tnat one doesn't 100k. :DlCl tI.finallY'did it. 'And does 'it taste. 'Oh.t come heme with one. you spend a lot? . herdthe sarr.few sentences.a turKey.' replied the farmer.= 6 CD 1/37 Complete the conversation' '. . 9. 'I don't-know. I TV.

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