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Introduction: mh9 solutions provides comprehensive background screening services that help organisations mitigate risks and make informed decisions in mission critical areas such as employment and resource selection. From traditional background checks to specialized searches, our wide range of background screening services can be tailored to your specific needs. mh9 solutions has access to international terrorist, criminal and financial crimes databases and all applicants will be checked whether their name appears in any wanted persons list. Overall 22 screening checks will be conducted per applicant apart from University degrees, if required. The search to be conducted will be through the largest repository of international crime and terrorism data. It contains over 500 million records sourced from over 209 countries worldwide.
Types of searches and Time Frame: There are two tiers of searches we conduct. Below is their detail and approximate time required: International Criminality and Terrorism Local Checks including employment, education, local Police records, litigation, etc. 3 days 15 days

*The fee for each applicants background check varies depending on the type of search required. Please contact to discuss your personalized account package.

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