Let's hope it was instant.

All around the world...

LOL Web 2.0

Some people see signs everywhere.

Yes, those are all real Michael Jackson lyrics.

Two things we'll never see: A. Tucker Carlson getting high. B. Terry Gross representing for da ghetto

Bo Bice, we hardly knew ye.

The daughter is actually Curly Sue with Natalie Portman's hair from "The Professional" (or whatever it's called in French)


It seems today, that all you see...

Oh, honey, of course we have torchieres! Step this way...

Good kitty.

This...is Vatican Idol.

Mixin' bizness with leather.

LOL big pharma

The 60's were all about Univers and Didot

Always look on the dark side of life.

One letter makes such a difference.

Compassionate conservative.