Letter to Congressman Patrick McHenry Biotechnology is very important.

Your task is to write a letter to your congressman as to whether or not you want a proposed, 20-million dollar Stem Cell Research Biotechnology lab to be built in Shelby. This laboratory would employ close to 100 people during the construction phases, and approximately 40 full-time employees during general operation. This new research laboratory will only be doing work with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, which are different from Embryonic Stem Cells. Our congressman is Mr. Patrick McHenry, and he has a local office in Washington, DC and Shelby, NC. Here is the address to his local office: SHELBY REGIONAL OFFICE 311 East Marion Street, Suite 119 P.O. Box 732 Shelby, NC 28151 In this letter be sure to recognize both viewpoints while defending your beliefs about stem cell research. Specifically, please identify: • • • • What Biotechnology is What is an Embryonic Stem Cell What is an Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell What your opinion is about the new laboratory proposed for Shelby

The letter should be two-three paragraphs, single spaced (because this is not a scholarly paper or letter, but a letter to a congressman. It should reflect your sincerity in trying to convince our congressman of your stance.

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