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Enneagram in Business

Enneagram in Business

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Published by: lauttascibid on Nov 17, 2011
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While organisations around the world are demanding more accurate information

about customers and employees (Lamb et al, 2004:42), many are also

interested in developing a more humane and person-centred approach to the

workplace. This is essential for organisations to attract and retain valuable

employees and achieve peak productivity while building long-term relationships

with customers (Business Resources, 2001).

The key to achieving the above objectives, and the success of any venture,

according to Kamineni (2003), depends on the ability to communicate effectively

with others, to inspire them to share an opinion, vision and goals, as well as to

provide effective direction and to keep things on track. Yet communication is

often difficult if the personality of the individual involved is not taken into

consideration. People tend to believe that others think the same way they do,

that they have the same motivations, values, and priorities which is not usually

the case (Business Resources, 2001).

Therefore, the Enneagram is currently being applied in the business fields of

human relations and management so that practitioners in these fields can gain a

better understanding of human behaviour to improve current marketing


practises. However, marketers are only beginning to consider the Enneagram as

a tool to analyse human behaviour as it can be applied most effectively to the

area of pyschographic segmentation and can be used as a tool to differentiate

between different world-views of target segments (Kamineni and Kale, 2004).

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