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Enneagram in Business

Enneagram in Business

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Published by: lauttascibid on Nov 17, 2011
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Type Four customers have a need to connect on an emotional level. They

respond well to highly personalised service and need to maintain the

relationship with the salesperson after the conclusion of the sale. Salespeople

who are adaptable and empathetic and able to relate to customers in an intense

and personal way will form the best relationship with Type four customers.

Special favours like after hours delivery and free gifts and add-ons will also

appeal to these customers, as Type Four customers need to feel pampered and

cared for and prefer special treatment. These customers will be drawn to

salespeople who are not traditional or bound by rules and regulations, and who

are prepared to go beyond the scope of their job description in order to get the


Vehicles that are unique and different will hold special appeal and this typology

will be most drawn to extra features and ideas that are not basic or ordinary as

they are uncompromising in the search for the perfect vehicle for themselves.

Motor vehicle manufacturers who offer vehicles that are unusual or do not easily

fit into a specific category, ike the Nissan Murano (which is a 4x4, automatic and

has six gears) will appeal to these customers.


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