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Caruso English 1101 17 November 2011 Fall Resolution


Photography is an art and science with the purpose of capturing an image in perfect light, angle and timing. This paper will address the purposes of photography itself and how well a specific photograph fits into those standard purposes of photograph. A local professional photographer, Jeff Miller, captured an image of trees leaves changing and falling at the Hendersonville Country Club in 2008. This photograph is essential to art because it is something that does not occur in every location in the world and also what it invokes in ones mind. Living in a city with four seasons sometimes influences quarterly changes in habits, in particular, a fall season resolution. The purpose of Jeff Miller’s photograph is to inspire change and to stimulate an appetite in some circumstances. Miller’s photograph was first displayed in a bistro in January 2009. The patrons who admire it are quickly turned off by the price. This photograph is for sale at a whopping five hundred dollars! Most of the customers and employees secretly hope that no one rich enough will ever walk in to the restaurant to purchase the photograph. Despite how many people adore the photograph, Miller, the artist, eats at the restaurant frequently to encourage the sale of his photograph. Miller captures the alluring hues orange, green and yellow he trees produce in the fall in Hendersonville, NC wonderfully. Most people have experienced the mind-blowing colors the trees turn in the fall but often have never fully appreciated this remarkable sight until the leaves

Ciampi have fallen and/or died or perhaps have moved to a place with only two seasons. This photograph or text brings about a flush of memories from high school football games; the crisp, bittersweet smell of the school year starting back up again and the arrival of silly, fall inspired decorations.


The photograph contains simple shades of orange, green and yellow. For a photograph to have such a limiting palette consisting of three colors and still be considered powerful is very rare; this depicts why Jeff Miller is so talented at what he does. Having three colors represent an image and still be strong and attractive is a very difficult objective to achieve. Yellow is a primary color and green and orange are secondary colors made when red and yellow are mixed to make orange and yellow and blue mixed to make green. These colors all reside in the yellow to blue color wheel. This color choice often makes an exciting blend as it is in this photograph. Jeff Miller’s nature collections’ purpose, specifically this specific picture of autumn, may be to peak the customer’s appetite. This could explain why this photograph is displayed in the front of a restaurant and is so popular with customers. After research, an online source explains, “A variety of colors can trigger hunger. The most influential colors in terms of food are: red, orange, yellow and green” (Williams). Coincidence? One might wonder after learning this that this research has been used in the restaurant industry for decades. The hungrier the customers are, the more money the owner of the restaurant makes in profit. Jeff Miller may have been approached by the owner of the bistro and asked to take a local photograph that included the trigger colors of hunger. The drive behind this photograph could also be to stimulate hunger in addition to suggesting a fall resolution. Fall is a welcoming time of year in Western North Carolina and this image depicts the hospitability of the southeast flawlessly. Change is an important theme in this photograph that is

Ciampi undoubtedly assumed when one is thinking about the concepts of the photograph. The photograph represents change by portrays many different trees all exemplifying the same process. Commonly trees change at different times, whether it is because of less exposure to sunlight or because they are different types of trees and some trees do not change at all. Jeff


Miller chose those sets of trees for his picture because they were all demonstrating the same idea of change. Despite Jeff Miller’s intentions for the photograph, one might extract the idea of change in all aspects of life; politically, socially, and economically for Americans during the year this picture was taken. With our country in economic decline in 2008, when this photo was taken, he might have thought of taking this photo of “fall” and “change” because of the newly elected president’s platform of change in America. The most obvious change has been that George Bush is no longer the president. This very change in American leadership has increased Americans hope in the transformation of laws and the economy. As one peers at the photograph one initially thinks of change in their world, their lives and likewise change in others. There had just been a massive change in social class and race. President Obama, an African American, had just recently been elected to be one of the greatest and one of the most influential men in the free world with massive responsibilities. This in itself shows the greatest amount of change the United States of America has collectively initiated in decades. With all of these events occurring with months of the photograph being taken one cannot deny the similarities between the two. Jeff Miller was obviously representing the change in America with his photograph. This text can be easily represented in many ways but Jeff Miller chose photography. Most people who view this image think photography is a wonderful way to represent the purposes. There are obviously many other trees to capture and different genres to represent

Ciampi change with such as paintings, poems, and songs to name a few. Jeff Miller is a photographer


and obviously does that best because he chose that for his career path. Photography as a genre for the idea of “change” is rare and usually is represented in poems. A quote from an Ethan Allen poem:

A change of schools, begin again/ A change of age, a change of space/ A change of morals, A change of rules/ A change of sails, blowing you into the unknown. (Allen, 9-12)

This poem represents the transformation of humans, money, rules, and friends, (etc.) Ethan Allen does an excellent job of putting forth an action and giving many examples of the action; thus being “change”. This poem could actually be shown under the photograph taken by Jeff Miller to further embody what Miller was trying to convey to the viewer about fall. Millers’ photograph is very similar to Ethan Allen’s poem, “changes”, specifically in the phrase about changing of schools, which we all know, usually takes place in the early fall. The audience of this particular photograph changes daily. One day, in Square One Bistro, during the Fall Apple Festival, thousands of men and women might glance at the print and recognize it as a piece of art capturing that time of the year in Hendersonville, NC. Other days, the restaurant may have a slow day with snow or rain with maybe thirty senior citizens glancing at the photograph reminiscing on times when they would scramble through the leaves on a chilly fall afternoon with their grandchildren. Perhaps Jeff Miller was hoping to capture a group of affluent senior citizens looking to spend money, not only to gain profit but to also help the

Ciampi elderly recollect on the past. Possibly Jeff Miller had already achieved his audience, being the


owner of the bistro, by using triggering hunger colors. The choice of location, inside Square One Bistro, located at the center of historic Hendersonville, is a perfect venue because it attracts a varied audience. In summary, Jeff Miller’s photograph has proven effective in two purposes: to inspire change in those viewing the photograph and pleasing the restaurant owner by influencing his customers to think they are hungrier then they were before they saw the photograph. The audience of Jeff Millers photograph is a widely varied group of interested and hungry spectators. Some look at the photograph and feel nothing and others become overwhelmed with feelings, whether that feeling is hunger; recollection or urge to change is dependent upon the viewers. Although, some purposes may be overlooked by many, and some people might write off the image as a mere landscape, those who dig deep, end up finding the real meanings and purposes in life. After all, every object, action, person, mishap and sentence has a purpose.

Ciampi Appendix


Ethan Allen

“A change in time, a change in place a change of jobs, a change of pace Change your style or change your friends Change your path and change the end Chance for a 20, change for a 10 Change for the bus, 'Change please, friend' a change of homes, a change of kin a change of friends you never win a change of schools, begin again a change of age, a change of space a change of morals, a change of rules a change of sails, blowing you into the unknown”



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