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Published by: Aditi Patil Ghate on Nov 18, 2011
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Adept (a

very skilled; expert

Adorn (v)
to decorate or add beauty to; enhance


Aflame (a)
on fire

Aggravated (a)
annoyed or irritated


Aghast (a)
struck by shock or amazement

Agility (n)
the ability to move quickly and easily


as after a flight Alight .Ailing (a) unwell. sickly Ailing Alight (v) to settle down.

Aloft (a) in the air or flying Aloft Alpine (a) pertaining to the Alps or other high mountains Alpine .

especially outerwear Apparel Apprehension (n) fearful or uneasy anticipation. dread . made to laugh or smile Amused Apparel (n) clothing.Amused (a) entertained.

scorpions. mites) Arachnid Arid (a) extremely dry .Apprehension Arachnid (n) a type of arthropod (spiders.

Arid Ascending (a) going or moving upward Ascending Asylum (n) an institution for the care of the mentally ill .

Asylum Asymmetrical (a) not identical on both sides of a central line Asymmetrical Attire (n) clothes. especially fine ones .

Attire Auburn (a) a reddish or golden-brown color Auburn Auditory (a) relating to hearing .

Auditory Badgered (a) nagged or pestered Badgered .

Bale (n) a large bundle Bale Bare (v) to expose Bare .

Bask (v) to expose oneself to or to enjoy warmth Bask Bawl (v) to cry loudly Bawl .

Bay (n) a deep howl Bay Beam (v) to smile brightly Beam Bedraggled (a) wet or limp as if dragged through mud or water .

Bedraggled Beefy (a) muscular and heavily built Beefy Bejeweled (a) decorated with jewels or jewel-like stones Bejeweled Bellow (v) to make a loud sound. to roar .

round cap Beret Berserk (a) crazed in a violent or destructive way .Bellow Beret (n) a flat.

Berserk Bewildered (a) completely confused Bewildered Bizarre (a) strikingly strange .

steep front . cheerless Bleak Bluff (n) a cliff with a broad.Bizarre Bleak (a) bare and often windswept.

Bluff Blustery (a) blowing in strong gusts Blustery Bovine (a) of or like a cow .

or break .Bovine Brawn (n) muscular strength and power Brawn Breach (n) a gap. tear.

Breach Breaker (n) a wave that breaks up into foam Breaker Brooch (n) a piece of jewelry that can be pinned to clothing .

Brooch Buck (v) to leap in order to throw a rider off Buck Bulwark (n) a wall built for defense .

Bulwark Buoyancy (n) the ability to float in water Buoyancy Bust (n) a sculpture showing the head and shoulders .

Bust Bustling (a) having noisy and energetic activity Bustling Cadaver (n) the body of a dead human being .

Cadaver Calamity (n) a terrible disaster Calamity Canopy (n) the cover formed by trees' branches .

Canopy Capsize (v) to turn bottom up. to overturn Capsize Caravan (n) a group traveling together for protection .

Caravan Carcass (n) the dead body of an animal Carcass Caress (v) to touch or stroke with affection .

Caress Carp (n) a type of fish found in ponds and rivers Carp Cascade (n) a waterfall or series of waterfalls over steep rocks Cascade Cask (n) a container like a barrel. intended to hold liquids .

elevated walkway .Cask Casualty (n) a person who is killed or injured in an accident Casualty Catwalk (n) a narrow.

Catwalk Cavern (n) a cave or large compartment of a cave Cavern Cerebral (a) involving the brain or intellect .

Cerebral Chalet (n) a dwelling resembling a ski lodge Chalet Chamber (n) a room in a house or apartment. often a bedroom .

especially in France Chateau Chic (a) stylish .Chamber Chateau (n) a castle or fortress.

Chic Chums (n) good friends Chums Clamor (v) to express desire by making loud noises .

Clamor Cluttered (a) filled with scattered things Cluttered Comical (a) funny or amusing .

start Commence Commode (n) a toilet .Comical Commence (v) to begin.

Commode Compact (a) taking up little space Compact Conch (n) a type of shell .

Conch Congested (a) overcrowded or overfilled Congested Congregate (v) to come together in large numbers .

Congregate Conjurer (n) a wizard or sorceress Conjurer Contorted (a) twisted out of shape .

Contorted Corridor (n) a narrow hallway Corridor Cower (v) to cringe or crouch in fear .

Cower Cross (a) angry and annoyed Cross Culinary (a) relating to cooking or the kitchen .

Dapper (a)
neat and stylish in dress

Dappled (a)

Dashing (a)
elegant in appearance and manner

Defiance (n)
bold resistance or opposition to authority

Delusion (n)
a false belief or opinion

Dentures (n)
a full or partial set of artificial teeth

Dentures Desolate (a) Deserted and lifeless Desolate Deter (v) to discourage .

Deter Diagnostic (a) used in identifying a problem Diagnostic Dilapidated (a) fallen into disrepair .

Dilapidated Distort (v) to twist out of shape Distort Distraught (a) deeply upset .

Distraught Distressed (a) having anxiety or mental suffering Distressed Diverge (v) to branch off .

to drench Douse Downcast (a) low in spirits. depressed .Diverge Douse (v) to splash with water.

or frightening .Downcast Dreary (a) having little cheer. depressing Dreary Eerie (a) strange. mysterious.

not complicated .Eerie Elated (a) very happy or proud Elated Elementary (a) easy.

release . long Elongated Emit (v) to send forth.Elementary Elongated (a) extended or stretched out.

burdened Encumbered Endorsement (n) support or approval .Emit Encumbered (a) loaded down with something.

cover completely .Endorsement Engrossed (a) absorbed in something Engrossed Engulf (v) to swallow up.

Engulf Ensemble (n) an outfit with more than one element Ensemble Enticed (a) attracted or tempted .

Enticed Enveloped (a) wrapped up in a covering Enveloped Equestrian (a) relating to riding horses .

made joyful .Equestrian Equine (a) relating to horses Equine Exhilarated (a) excited or stimulated.

Exhilarated Expedition (n) a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose Expedition Expel (v) to breathe out .

Expel Expressive (a) clearly showing thoughts or emotions Expressive Facets (n) the flat. polished surfaces of a cut gem .

Facets Famished (a) extremely hungry Famished Faux (a) artificial or imitation. fake .

Faux Festive (a) appropriate for a festival or celebration Festive Fiery (a) like or suggestive of fire .

Fiery Flabbergasted (a) speechless with amazement. astonished Flabbergasted Flamboyant (a) bold or showy .

Flamboyant Fleet (a) swift Fleet Flounder (v) to struggle clumsily .

thrown off balance Flustered Foliage (n) the leaves of a plant or tree .Flounder Flustered (a) nervous or confused.

suggesting danger Forbidding Foyer (n) a hall or room in a building near an entrance .Foliage Forbidding (a) frightening or threatening.

Foyer Frenzied (a) violently excited or frantic Frenzied Fret (v) to express worry or annoyance .

Fret Frilly (a) having a lot of ruffles Frilly Frock (n) a dress .

Frock Frolic (v) to behave playfully. romp Frolic Game (n) wild animals that are hunted for sport or food .

often specialized .Game Gaping (a) wide open. as in a hole Gaping Garb (n) clothing.

Garb Garnish (n) something placed around food to add decoration Garnish Gawky (a) appearing awkward or clumsy .

Gawky Gaze (v) to look or stare at something Gaze Glacial (a) extremely cold .

Glacial Glee (n) great delight or satisfaction Glee Gloomy (a) very sad .

Gloomy Gnarled (a) bent or twisted Gnarled Gosling (n) a young goose .

Gosling Gourd (n) the hard-shelled fruit of certain plants Gourd Grave (a) serious or solemn .

covered with dirt or soot Grimy Grisly (a) gruesome or horrible .Grave Grimy (a) dirty.

Grisly Grove (a) a group of trees without undergrowth Grove Guffaw (n) a loud laugh .

Guffaw Gush (v) to flow out forcefully. often in large amounts Gush Haste (n) hurry or rush .

Haste Haughty (a) arrogant or snobbish Haughty Helm (n) a wheel or device by which a ship is steered Helm Hieroglyphics (n) a system of writing with symbols .

cozy Homey Hulking (a) so large as to appear clumsy .Hieroglyphics Hilt (n) the handle of a sword or similar weapon Hilt Homey (a) like home.

not fancy or of high quality Humble Hysterical (a) uncontrollably emotional.Hulking Humble (a) simple. inactive or doing nothing Idle Immerse (v) to thrust or throw into liquid. often from fear Hysterical Idle (a) not working. often completely .

motionless Immobile Inclined (a) sloping or slanted .Immerse Immobile (a) not moving.

searching .Inclined Indulge (v) to give in to a desire Indulge Inquiring (a) as if asking a question.

Inquiring Irrigate (v) to water land Irrigate Jalopy (n) an old. unreliable car .

a maze .Jalopy Jowls (n) the flesh under the lower jaw Jowls Labyrinth (n) a system of interconnecting paths.

Labyrinth Lavatory (n) a bathroom with a toilet Lavatory Loaf (v) to lounge around in a lazy way .

Loaf Lofty (a) extending high in the air. towering Lofty Loiter (v) to hang around an area without much purpose .

bright . to appear magnified Loom Luminous (a) radiating or reflecting light.Loiter Loom (v) to come into view as large.

Luminous Lurk (v) to move in a sneaky way Lurk Luster (n) the shine from reflected light .

Luster Maimed (a) having a part of the body disabled or disfigured Maimed Mangled (a) mutilated or disfigured .

typical of a maniac Maniacal Marina (n) a place where boats are docked .Mangled Maniacal (a) suggesting craziness.

Marina Masquerade (n) a celebration in which elegant costumes are worn Masquerade Matador (n) a bullfighter .

D.Matador Meager (a) small in amount or quality Meager Medieval (a) pertaining to the Middle Ages (350 to 1450 A.) .

Medieval Melancholy (a) sad or unhappy Melancholy Miscellaneous (a) having a variety of kinds .

not showy Modest Moored (a) fixed in place by cables or the like .Miscellaneous Modest (a) limited in size.

mouth. usually a horse Mount Muzzle (n) the jaws.Moored Mount (n) a means of transportation. and nose of some animals .

or navigation Nautical . sailors.Muzzle Nautical (a) having to do with ships.

Nestle (v) to settle snugly Nestle Neurotic (a) affected with an emotional problem Neurotic Numerous (a) .

different from what is expected .very many Numerous Nuzzle (v) to rub or push gently with the nose Nuzzle Offbeat (a) unusual.

Offbeat Overcast (a) cloudy Overcast Overkill (n) an excess of what is needed or necessary .

Overkill Parasol (n) a light umbrella used to provide shade Parasol Patriotic (a) having or showing love for one's country Patriotic Paunch (n) a protruding stomach. potbelly .

Paunch Pedestrian (n) a person who is walking on foot Pedestrian Pediatrician (n) A doctor who specializes in the care of babies Pediatrician Peer (v) .

to peep out Peer Pelt (n) the skin of an animal with hair or fur still on it Pelt Peppy (a) lively or energetic Peppy Petrified (a) scared to death .

Petrified Plumage (n) a bird's feathers Plumage Populous (a) full of inhabitants Populous Posterior (n) the rear or back end of an animal or person .

such as rain or snow Precipitation Predicament (n) a difficult situation .Posterior Precipitation (n) liquid falling to the earth.

Predicament Preen (v) to clean or trim feathers with the beak Preen Prevail (v) to triumph over or against someone or something Prevail Prominent (a) sticking out. immediately noticeable .

Prominent Pucker (v) to gather something together into a fold Pucker Quench (v) to satisfy (thirst. glowing Radiant Rant (v) to speak violently or in a wild way . etc.) Quench Radiant (a) bright with joy. desire.

Rant Receptacle (n) a container or device that holds something Receptacle Reckless (a) very careless. unconcerned about consequences .

horror. or disgust Recoil Recreation (n) fun activity or play .Reckless Recline (v) to lean or lie back Recline Recoil (v) to move back in fear.

Recreation Rejoice (v) to express great joy Rejoice Relic (n) something remaining from the past .

Relic Relish (v) to greatly enjoy Relish Remedy (n) something that cures or relieves a problem Remedy Reprimand (n) a criticism. usually from someone in authority .

Restless (a)
unable to rest, relax, or stay still

Retract (v)
to draw back or in

Retro (a)
suggestive of an earlier fashion in hair or clothes

Roost (v)
to rest, sit, or sleep on a perch

Root (for) (v)
to cheer on; to encourage by cheering

Root (for)
Ruffle (v)

to raise (feathers)

Rupture (v)
to break or burst

Rural (a)
of or having to do with the country

Savor (v)
to taste or smell something with pleasure

Scepter (n)
a rod used as a symbol of authority

in past) . frown Scowl Scribe (n) a person who copies documents (esp.Scepter Scowl (v) to wrinkle the face in displeasure.

Scribe Scuffle (n) to fight or struggle in a confused or rough way Scuffle Seafarer (n) a sailor or traveler on the sea .

able to be seen through .Seafarer Sheen (n) the shine of reflected light Sheen Sheer (a) of thin texture.

Sheer Sibling (n) a brother or sister Sibling Silhouette (n) the outline of something .

Silhouette Slab (n) a thick slice of something Slab Sleek (a) graceful. streamlined .

Sleek Sleuth (n) a detective Sleuth Slovenly (a) untidy or unclean in one's habits Slovenly Sluggish (a) lacking energy. inactive .

Sluggish Slumber (v) to sleep Slumber Sneer (n) a facial expression that shows disgust .

Sneer Solitary (a) without others. single Solitary Solitude (n) the state of being alone .

Solitude Somber (a) extremely serious Somber Sound (v) to produce a sound .

to plant Sow Spacious (a) containing a lot of space or room .Sound Sow (v) to scatter (seed) over land.

fascinated Spellbound Staged (a) planned in order to produce an impression Staged Stagnant (a) foul from not flowing (as in water) .Spacious Spellbound (a) bound as if by a spell.

Stagnant Stamp (v) to hit by stepping down hard Stamp Stature (n) the height of a human or animal .

Stature Stench (n) a bad smell. a stink Stench Steward (n) an employee in charge of something .

Steward Strapping (a) powerfully built Strapping Strewn (a) to be scattered or sprinkled over a surface .

Striking (a)
attractive or impressive

Stroll (v)
to walk in a casual way

Submerged (a)
below the surface of something (often water)

Subterranean (a)

Suckle (v)
to take milk at the breast or udder; nurse

Summit (n)
the highest point, as of a hill or mountain

Suspended (a)
hung from above

Taunt (v)
to make fun of in a particularly mean way

Terrace (n)
a deck or balcony

Terrace Thunderstruck (a) astounded Thunderstruck Tiara (n) a small jeweled crown worn by women .

Tiara Toddler (n) a young child learning to walk Toddler Toil (v) to work hard at something exhausting .

Toil Tote (v) to carry Tote Train (n) a part of a dress or robe that drags on the ground .

terror. peacefulness Tranquility Transfixed (a) held motionless in amazement. or interest .Train Tranquility (n) calmness or stillness.

Transfixed Traverse (v) to cross over or pass through Traverse Treacherous (a) violating trust. deceptive Treacherous Tresses (n) long locks or curls of hair .

Tresses Tumultuous (a) wild or violent Tumultuous Turban (n) a type of headwear .

Turban Turbulent (a) full of commotion. having wildly irregular motion Turbulent Turret (n) a small tower on a larger structure .

Turret Underhanded (a) not straightforward. deceptive Underhanded Unshod (a) without shoes .

Unshod Urban (a) having to do with or characteristic of cities Urban Vacant (a) unoccupied .

Vacant Vast (a) of great size or range Vast Vessel (n) a boat or ship bigger than a rowboat .

one seen through a passageway Vista Vulnerable (a) capable of being hurt or wounded . esp.Vessel Vista (n) a view.

or something similar . snow.Vulnerable Wake (n) the track of waves left by a boat Wake Wallow (v) to roll around in mud.

Wallow Weary (a) physically or mentally exhausted Weary Weathered (a) worn by exposure to weather .

Weathered Whirlpool (n) water that is moving fast in a circular motion Whirlpool Wilt (v) to droop or become limp from lack of water .

Wilt Withered (a) dried or shriveled up Withered Wrath (n) fierce anger .

clownish behavior Zany Close .Wrath Zany (a) showing wild.

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