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Dgca Orals(a) (2)

Dgca Orals(a) (2)

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Published by: Alden Rozario Andrade on Nov 18, 2011
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DGCA oral questions asked for ‘A’ category 2011

20th june

1. Explain with diagram fuselage section & water line, but line datum line ? 2. Make a diagram from cockpit to aileron & explain it ? 3. How aileron works ? 4. Is ur aileron is diff`ntial aileron then how it achieve explain the mechanism ? 5. Why ur spoiler mechanism get linkage from aileron system ? 6. 7. What is CMR explain it ? Explain flap system with diagram ?

8. What are the safety features in flap system? 9. Explain one by one flap protection system ? 10.Explain with diagram hyd system B? 11.Explain each component in the system ? 12.Explain about the PTU ? 13.Is any indication in cockpit when PTU in operation ? 14.Explain fuel system ? 15.Explain with diagram about fuel tank? 16.In ur aircraft wheel well area two indicator is installed why ? 17.What is the difference between ur main tanks? 18.In ur aircraft is DC boost pump installed if yes then where? 19.How ur APU get the fuel feed from tank ? PRACTIAL 20.During take off ur E-exit window open what is ur cockpit indication? 21.After landing when ur E-exit window open what is ur cockpit indication? 22.When u get ur PSEU light in ur cockpit what is it mean? 23.Where is PSEU location is on PSEU any bit system is available ? 24.Why Ur EDP pump s/w is ON & EMDP is OFF ? 25.Tell me about relation about eng-1,eng-2 pack-1&pack-2 s/w?

How ur ACM works? .What is RED trigger in ur L/G lever ? 30.If I will pull up ur landing gear lever to up what happen? 28.26.Why we have two place green indication of l/g &red indication at one place? 31.What is that in ur wing tip what is it function &what is advantage? 37.What happen when u put up the l/g lever? 33.If u find that ur one l/g not then what is cause? 36.If u get one light red &rest are green what is it indicate? 32.Explain about ur isolation v/v s/w & it position ? 27.If ur left l/g frangible fitting is broken then what is indication in cockpit? 34.Where is ur standby pump ? 38.Explain about ur shimmy damper ? 40.Is rest of l/g will go up or not then why? 35.Explain ur 3 position of L/G lever? 29.A scale on ur keel beem what is for ? 39.

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