Kurkure is one oI the premier brands in the light snack industry in India.

It is manuIactured by
the Frito Lay's Indian division and is marketed by Hirani Industries Corporation. Kurkure is
named aIter the Hindi word 'crunchy' and is one oI the popular Iood products in India. The
product comes in 4 Ilavors to suit the tastes and styles oI the consumers.

Kurkure has also devised wonderIul advertisement and marketing strategies to increase their
reach to their target market. In order to increase their sales revenue, the brand has devised upon
various advertising strategies. They have roped in various popular super stars to endorse their
products. Endorsements by Bollywood Stars have been successIul Ior a lot oI brands and in this
case too, it has helped increase the revenue oI Kurkure. The latest endorsement oI Kurkure is the
leading actress, Juhi Chawla. The product is using the actress as their brand ambassador.

The advertisement oI Kurkure is based on Iunny sequences. Juhi Chawla has been endorsing the
brand Ior a year.
The advertisement oI the product comes up with plots oI popular serials and Iilms like Kyunki
Saas Bhi Kabhi bahu thi, Jassi Jaisi koi Nahin and Mughal-e-Azam. The smart and Iunny tagline
"masti bole to Kurkure" also adds color to the advertisement. The chirpy and charming
personality oI Juhi Chawla goes well with the name and taste oI the brand.

In addition to the charming advertisements, the taste oI Kurkure has also led to its popularity.
The snacks come in 4 Ilavors namely:
O reen Chutney Rajasthani Style
O Masala Munch
O Red Chilli Chatka
O Tamatar Hydrabadi
A special Ilavor named Jaljhalo Hit was launched during Durga Puja in the year 2007.

The market oI Kurkure has increased to a great extent. The brand contributes around 40 ° oI the
total revenue oI Frito Lay India. Due to the immense popularity oI the brand, the company has
decided to introduce Kurkure overseas. The product has been introduced in United Kingdom,
South AIrica, Middle East and Australia. The product is available in small, middle and bumper

The endorsement by Juhi Chawla has really led to the popularity oI the brand. It has made the
brand more exciting and tempting. In addition to this, special oIIers are made to the consumers
All these make Kurkure give the competitors a run Ior their money.

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