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Published by: Yaqiong Zhang on Nov 18, 2011
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After ICMC

Ŵ uown !ones ( ) be closed aL 10ţ991Ŧ34
Ŵ Aslan counLry sLock ( ) be closed aL 1ţ774Ŧ02
Ŵ Lxchange raLe of korean won and uS dollars ( )
wlll be 1ţ2801Ŧ13 won/ dollar
Ŵ uue Lo Lhe negaLlve markeL respond Lo Lhe
led new pollclesţ lnvesLors are more panlc and
sell Lhelr sLocksŦ
Ŵ lnvesLors wanL Lo be safeţ so Lhey Lend Lo
lnvesL ln oLher cholceţ led's Lreasury or goldţ
more Lhan sLockŦ
Ŵ Lveryone wanL Lo hold dollar currency
because lL ls safer and more useful (demand
lncreasesţ prlce lncreases)

 °°°n ¯ ° °° ¾%% n¾ f   ¾f°n°¾n%% n¾ f   nf°– f € f°°f° D f¾%%    °$ f .

 f¾°   ° –f ¯f  ¾½°    ° ½n ¾ ° ¾¾f ¯ ½f°nf°  ¾  ¾n¾ ° ¾¾f° ¾f€ ¾  °  ° ¾° nn  #¾ f¾–  ¯ f°¾n  ° f°  fn °n nf¾ ¾¾f€ f° ¯ ¾ €% ¯f°  °n f¾ ¾ ½n °n f¾ ¾% .

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