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WCf OverView

WCf OverView


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WCf OverView

Wcf is part of SOA Service side story Clientside neednot have to WC

Client side Story

Client side Story

ould be Client or Server side ould be Integrated with WCF


• Suppose you have a CRM System, Accounting System and Reporting System in place, you will think of creating a API layer for this Functionality. • WCF is all about exposing the functionality over API layer (Service) defined by a contract.

• WCF is Buildup from Ground up level to be a first class SOA citizen.

Lets discuss that in SOA we have Little SOA and Big SOA

• Suppose we have a Agency Management System of a Insurance Company which is Busy in day to day activities, like providing certificates, issuing policies, keep track of customer for a particular customer on a particular Policy.

• There fore “Agency Management System ” that is small exe but in the backend it has big activities/functionality like Reporting System with a separate database, CRM System with a Separate Table etc.

create a API layer for this Functionality, that’s is exposing the functionality over ayer defined by a contract. By hiding the crucial details.

ness Tier Components Cordinates the Functionality at Data Tier Level

All the details of access to table and all

hould have a Service that Isolates this Business Tier and Data Tier that plication system from another. And expose this a s unit over a Service defines security, contract, policy of Communication) to Agency manag tle SOA and to other applications of Business Partners etc. Over the ne

Scenarios/ Applications Where I can USE WCF

Here we have Messag level Security

WCF- Interoperability and Integration

We are getting into the scenario where I have to look and think less At/on xml form in message more concentrate on features required

Client and Service

Client will choose one of the end point based on the Protocol to use

Explicit contract are Defined over the Service Contract


Host is Living for the Message to be receive And the End Points are the entry Points





Manually copy the meta data

ere is away to generate the Proxy (Meta Data Information) hout hand Coding it, that’s via WSDL

Should be service description Language. For Http Protocol

When we say host.open(), it create/opens the channels for communication and the creates the Service Description , so at runtime information of the Protocols, what all End points are available . So it generates the WSDl document. And client use the same to create the Proxy.

The service Model Generates the Service Description file

You can mail this WSDL to Client and Ask client to use svcutil.exe tool, to generate the Proxy


Keep this on therefore will have two endpoints

The end

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