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How to Impress Interviewer

How to Impress Interviewer

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Published by Bhaskar Rao P

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Published by: Bhaskar Rao P on Nov 18, 2011
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Step 1

When Iacing a situation like an interview come prepared as possible. Practice well
beIorehand what you will say and how you will answer questions.
Step 2
Conduct yourselI businesslike. Greet employers with proper respect.
Call him/her Mr. or Mrs. not by a name as though you have known each other Ior
years like buddy, dog, homey, girlIriend or lady. Use good english and speak
Step 3
Be conIident and enthusiastic but do not become arrogant. Do not talk too much and
do not try to dominate the interview.
Step 4
Think beIore answering question. Be polite, accurate and honest. Give Iull
inIormation. Employers oIten see through exaggeration. Do not brag and put yourselI
on a pedestal to the point that you are making it seems as though you are a better
Step 5
Sit up straight in chair, Ieet Iirmly on Iloor and look alert. Avoid going to an interview
looking as though you had a long night at the club the night beIore. Advance planning
will help you to be calm, poised and at ease.
Step 6
The employer is interested only in how well you will Iit the job. Do not mention
personal, home, Iinancial or baby momma/daddy problems.
Step 7
An important concern oI employers is how interested you are in their company and
the job oIIered. You must convince them that you want to do the work and can.
Having the attitude oI what is in it Ior me quickly turns oII the interviewers interest in
Step 8
ast but not least send the employer a bried thank you letter immediately aIter the
interview. Don't make it a long drawn out letter like one you would write to your
parents; to your children that are away at college or your Iirst love. The key word is
keep it BRIEF.

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