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Gluco for Phones

Gluco for Phones

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Published by: Faradilla Karnesia on Nov 18, 2011
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December 1, 2009

GLUCOBAND The Glucoband is a compact electronic scanning device that utilizes a bio-electromagnetic resonance phenomenon to non-invasively measure blood glucose levels in the human body, and to continuously monitor the blood glucose level. The device is based on the technology called Bio-Electric Impedance Spectroscopy (BEIS). A wrist-watch-like Glucoband, with fully integrated LCD screen, electronic circuits, integrated electrodes, battery and adjustable wrist-band, is placed on the person’s wrist. The initial measurement process takes only a few minutes, however, in the monitoring mode, measurements can be continuous and only the frequency of measurements must be determined. The Glucoband targets diabetics who are measuring their own blood glucose, and medical personnel who are using blood glucose measuring and monitoring devices in clinics, hospitals and other point-ofcare facilities. The measurements meet FDA requirements for accuracy and correlation. The design of the Glucoband is such that it may be used as a regular wrist-watch or be used as a blood glucose measurement device, at the discretion of the wearer.In the Continuous Monitoring mode, Glucoband can be set to alert upon surpassing a lowest and/or highest preset value. Glucoband worn on the wrist like regular wristwatch would allow people with diabetes to continuously and non-invasively monitor their blood glucose levels without the pain and inconvenience of multiple fingerstick blood tests or implanting a sensor. Prototypes of the device have shown the capability of providing readings once in 6 minutes. Continuous glucose monitoring has become an important component of diabetes management for both children and adults.Blood glucose levels are a measure of an individual’s health status. Because people with diabetes cannot properly metabolize glucose, they typically monitor their glucose levels by frequently pricking their fingertips to draw the drop of blood necessary for conventional glucose monitoring. The estimated worldwide market for glucose testing is $5.5 billion with an annual growth rate of 15 to 18 percent. GLUCOWATCH

a special version of the GLUCOWATCH is designed for younger diabetic patients aged 7 to 17. provides automatic glucose readings up to three times an hour for as long as twelve hours at a time. GLUCOPHONE . The system.The Cygnus GLUCOWATCH wrist monitor uses a low electric current to pull glucose through the skin. It gained FDA approval in May 2005. (CYGNUS GLUCOWATCH) Cygnus GLUCOWATCH G2 BIOGRAPHER. which employs a disposable sensor pad to collect and measure the glucose sample.

anywhere. glucometer cell phone and service for managing diabetes remotely. GLUCOPHONE A company called Healthpia America has developed an integrated cell phone-glucometer system that “uses custom software along with an LG UX5000. VX5200. physician.” WORKING OF GLUCOPHONES . or healthcare institution.” According to the company’s website. Whether you’re a guardian. all-inone. they believe that their system is “the world’s first. you can provide 24/7 support and emergency intervention to Diabetes Phone subscribers — anytime. record and send results to yourself and others. but specially equipped mobiles will actually be fitted with a GlucoPack that enables you to test Glucose level yourself as you would do with any other traditional glucometer. It will measure blood sugar levels. It not only allows you to send results over the air. (LG GLUCOPHONE) Glucophone is essentially a cellphone and glucometer. It’s a full disease management system. or LX350 and a Glucopack.GLUCOMETER + CELL PHONE = GLUCOPHONE Glucophone is a new technology that integrates a blood glucose meter with a standard cellphone.

. family members in real-time at the subscriber’s direction. (When you go visit or talk to your doctor or a hospital.HealthPia has developed a glucose meter (GlucoPack™) that can be fitted onto regular cell phones. (When you go visit or talk to your doctor or a hospital. with the subscriber’s permission all the test results are accessible online. The results can also be automatically sent to other sources such as your physician. The customer uses the GlucoPack™ in the same manner as any standard glucose meter.) The disease management center analyzes the test results and provides professional medical management for the subscriber. with the subscriber’s permission all the test results are accessible online. Software has been developed that can be downloaded into your cell phone that can interface with the GlucoPack™ to test and read your glucose level. guardian.) The test reslults are stored in the cell phone and also sent to an online medical management database.

Check out this Fox News link for a quick demonstration. 2007 When I first reported on the GlucoPhone last summer. The GlucoPhone is not just for SENDING blood glucose data over the net. After several years of what seemed like empty talk. She is Type 1 herself for 27 years and insists that she wouldn’t feel right promoting any diabetes product that didn’t live up to its promise of improving on the usability aspect. you set the access rights. “The fact of the matter is that most people with diabetes are more concerned with the daily hassle of managing the disease than the long-term complications.” HealthPia President Kathi O’Neill tells me. just like you would any meter. we can help cut the hassle and focus on what’s important. HealthPia has quietly “launched” its first marketable model. i.e. you stick your test strip into a little slot on the side of the phone and bleed on it. the Verizon LG5200 phone (CDMA platform) for the US market at last week’s AADE Conference. So yes. Then you can immediately “text” your results to a database available online with the subscriber’s permission. it was looking like a classic case of vaporware. It’s actually a special glucose meter (GlucoPack™) that’s fitted onto the back of a cell phone. . But now it seems that New Jersey-based HealthPia has actually pulled it off: they’ve obtained FDA approval for their patent-pending technology that integrates a blood glucose meter with a standard-issue cell phone. But with something like this.advertisement GlucoPhone Gets Real… Sleek Models You Bleed On By AmyT August 7.

The company has ambitious plans to develop more models for popular. Kathi read my recent appeal to Steve Jobs for some help “consumerizing” D-devices). about the size of a quarter. “The wireless people don’t understand the glucose monitoring business.” O’Neill laments. sleek consumer phones including the Motorola Razr and the Apple iPhone. established OEM (original equipment manufacturer). you have lots of questions for Ms. and imported to the US by Dr. and software functions normally contained in traditional “bulky” glucose meters are handled by the cellular technology. if you can believe it (see prototypes pictured — and yes. So did I: So who actually makes the BG meter technology and test strips? We work with a major. and the glucose monitoring people don’t understand the wireless companies. and HealthPia must negotiate certification with each cellular carrier. I know. yes. the first models have hit the market at a humble introductory rate of $149 for the unit. HealthPia’s iPhone prototype uses a small dongle device called the Gluco+. Stephen Kim in 2003. But you have to buy the test strips from HealthPia? What about insurance coverage? . The hardware is specially designed to fit in standard commercial cell phones. since a new mold must be developed for each individual phone design.The original GlucoPhone technology was developed in Korea. Yes. O’Neill. The glucose meter component actually replaces the back of the cell phone. But it hasn’t been — and won’t be — easy. plus $20 for each vial of 50 test strips. Meanwhile.

I forget other things. you could set the GlucoPhone to send results to their parent during that time period. no-datalogging. I’m more visual. with reimbursement. What about calibration and test strip coding? Yes. but I never forget my phone… Well now. There’s no extra charge for transmitting your data. we can move to more equitable market pricing. I mean. etc. you can purchase the meter pack and software only as an add-on. But it’s impossible for me to do my own trend charting. and there are lots of security layers. impatient. You can either provide your login and password to individuals you want to allow access. I just never download all the data. less-blood-and-fewer-gadgets-please world. Otherwise. I go out often and forget my meter. Verizon or AT&T. just like most regular meters on the market today. It’s totally separate from the glucose meter portion. By the way. That’s handled by the carrier. You have to get a foothold in the market. I need graphs. you have to enter a code (calibrate).Yes. for example. I’ve worn an insulin pump since 1986. we distribute them exclusively at the moment. And the cellphone service? Of course. The ultimate goal here is to get the meter manufacturers and the wireless technology manufacturers to work together to get us something useful. and it comes with control solution. We’re selling the supplies at a loss for the introductory period. it’s a turnkey solution: you buy the whole product together. if you already have a Verizon LG5200 phone in the US. So who’s actually used this in the real world so far? We held clinical trials with adolescents at Indiana University. but the results were amazing — even in regard to lowering A1c levels. Now my doctor might actually be happy. because I refuse to write down my blood sugars. or we can add other authorized users for you. very wireless. The huge advantage is the ability set parameters to automatically send results to anyone you want. I can’t wait to try one in my real. It was a relatively small sample size. that’s part of the deal. . but only with your express permission. any time you want. to make them affordable without insurance coverage. Is there any charge for the database service? No. Later on. So if a kid’s in school from 9 to 3. you still have to pay for that. that SOUNDS pretty real. and you can text message anyone you want.

VX-6100. including the Motorola Razr and the Apple iPhone. and a continuous monitor or logbook along with your cell phone. an all-in-one product that combines a cell phone with a blood glucose monitor.HealthPia GlucoPhone With every new step in diabetes technology. you can combine two diabetes tools into one. The Technology The glucose meter component. Your logs are placed online where the results are accessible to you and any authorized healthcare professional you choose. Glucose results are recorded in an "electronic logbook" that eliminates the need for manual log books or synchronization with a computer. The convenience of this device makes it easier to monitor blood sugars. glucose meter. wallet. VX7000. A text message of the results can also be transmitted to anyone you choose. VX-9800 made by LG. VX-5300. including the VX-5200. called a GlucoPack. VX-8300. Thanks to HealthPia. there seems to be a new piece of equipment to carry around. Carrying an insulin pump. VX-8100. and other daily use items can be a little cumbersome. . The phone/GlucoPack combo handles all the functions of traditional blood glucose meters handled. replaces the back of a cell phone and works with several standard commercial cell phones. the GlucoPhone. The company has plans to develop more models for other popular phones.

00. and service.logicmobile.Just as you would with a standard blood glucose meter. The GlucoPhone Promotional Bundle includes:   FREE LG 5200 cell phone (a $149. family member(s) in real-time at the subscriber's direction. you can just buy the meter. If you do not have any parts of the Glucophone.99 value) GlucoPack starter kit (a $79. The Cost The GlucoPhone site offers various bundles for people interested in the GlucoPhone. guardian. Visit www. the promotional bundle may be best for you.95 for 50 strips. uploaded to the HealthPia website. You place the strip in a small slot on the side of the GlucoPak and 9 seconds later your results are shown on the phone.com for rates for compatible phone plans. The GlucoPak meter alone is $69. Insurance coverage is unclear at this time. you place a small drop of blood on a test strip.95 value) . The test strips are relatively expensive at a regular price of $44. If you already own a compatible phone.95. but there is no indication of how long this discount will be available. test strips. HealthPia currently provides these strips for $10. and securely stored there. The results can also be automatically sent to other sources such as your physician. Even the regular price is offset by the value of instant communication of glucose values. You can view the information from any computer without having to download any extra software.

. This device can make carrying a glucose meter and checking glucoses easier. The GlucoPhone can be a helpful tool. Every time they check a result can be automatically sent to you or your physician. You or the physician also have the ability call or text back instructions on how to adjust doses. Accuracy of glucose readings from the GlucoPack meter compared to other meters is unknown. Free activation on LOGIC Mobile (a $30 value). while encouraging improvements in your overall diabetes maintenance. Parents of teens with diabetes no longer have to continuously check to make sure they are testing their blood sugar.

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