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November 2011 Coletti Chronicle

November 2011 Coletti Chronicle

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Published by: RColetti on Nov 18, 2011
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The Coletti Chronicle

7 Carri age Cov e Littl e Rock, AR 7227 F amLif eW yo@juno. com (501) 219-4760

October//November 2011

A broadening perspective...

“ I feel like I have ten plates spinning and they are beginning to crash around me.” “I don’t even want to get out of bed because I am insanely overwhelmed.” “My husband is constantly working, even when he’s home.” These are just a sampling of statements made by staff in our department at FamilyLife. When I took on the role of Chief of Staff, hearing statements like these, coupled with watching the Field Reps becoming more and more buried under the vastness of ministry, made me absolutely ache to help them. Why? Because they absolutely ache to reach marriages and families and they ache to help others who want to do the same. A plan was determined, some of which I have shared with you in previous newsletters, and as of last month, the major components of this plan was completed. The third leg of the HomeBuilders stool was launched: Regional Dashboards. Months ago, my team listed all the steps to complete a conference from beginning to end. We started with 172 for each conference. We asked God to tell us the most important, and wrestled with each one of them. Finally, we pared them down to 36 critical steps. I then took these critical steps and developed Regional Dashboards. Here is one… Each stoplight represents one city and the 100’s that will meet God in a ballroom in that city. Behind each stoplight are the critical steps to fill that ballroom. If a light is green, all steps are up to date. If the light turns yellow, a task is coming up. However if the light turns red, a step needs immediate attention until completion. Red lights are marching orders for that city’s team until it returns to green. Thus our staff can finally take a deep breath knowing which steps are accomplished, which are coming up, and which are top priority. Knowing they are on track allows our regional teams more opportunity for the depth and quality, as well as the quantity, of ministry. And deeper relationships mean that more will hear of God’s plan for restoration for marriages and families. With the launching of the Dashboards, the legs of the ministry stepping stool are also complete. The first leg of the stool is the stewardship of our relationships. This is CRM– a computer application that captures the depth of relationships and allows us to keep those relationships connected. The second leg is the stewardship of our information and processes. This is another computer application called SharePoint. SharePoint is web-based document storage. This was a priority as we expanded our staff to include those not living in Little Rock, allowing for access to documents no matter where they are. The third and final leg is the stewardship of our mission’s tasks, and that is the Regional Dashboards. The mission of FamilyLife is to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time. So why a stool? Notice that it is not our mission to change the world, but to partner with others so they can. Add to this the vision God gave to Dennis Rainey three years ago of 10X growth in ten years. Since we were not likely to increase 40 reps to 400 and 130 conferences to 1300, something had to change. We recognize that we had to give away ministry and this stool is for anyone who desires to reach marriages and families. It is to step up onto, to reach higher on a solid foundation! Please know that without your faithfulness the 1000’s already impacted by those standing on this stool would not have been! God’s plan is to reach more and more with His restoration, and you are a critical part of the plan!


Reaching the world with your help...

icago Ch ut! o sold
at the Weekend to Remember Getaway! 405 salvations and 11,000 attending so far this season!!
“We were on our way to divorce and this weekend was our last hope. My husband said earlier, “Well, don’t expect MAGIC!”. What we got was a MIRACLE!! Thank You.” From San Diego “This Getaway was awesome! It helped open our communication more and opened our eyes to God’s purpose for us as a couple. We are doing good but this Getaway provides us with tools to have an “awesome marriage” – not just a good one!” From South Padre Island “Our marriage was good but I struggled with stepping up and being the man that God wanted me to be. My wife nearly walked out of our hotel room 40 minutes before the first session… she was leaving me and we just had a big fight. I pleaded… she stayed... we attended the Friday sessions and everything turned around 180 degrees. I am a changed man. Praise the Lord!” From Pittsburgh “This weekend led me to examine the role of God in my life and my marriage. For the first time, I came to understand that my wife is a gift from God. We are not together by accident or our own actions but through His plan.” From Milwaukee “After 11 years we started to co-exist and hold onto bitterness…drifting, questioning if we made a mistake. We have had 100% confirmation that we are designed for each other and talked more in 2 days than we have in 5 years. We actually like each other again.” From Chicago “Wow, what an impact. Thank you for showing us how to fall in love with each other again. This was a wonderful experience and my husband and I appreciate all you managed to do for us. We love each other again… Oh what a feeling!” From Delray Beach “During the course of this conference a miracle has taken place in our marriage. My husband committed his life to Christ and I recommitted mine. Our marriage now has hope and a future. Praise God!” From Columbus

AND thru the Art of Marriage...
2000 Events! 120,000 Attendees! All 50 States! 20 Countries!

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