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Mihi Presentation for Year 0-4

Learning Intention:
To present my ideas to an audience using digital technology

Criteria I can:

One slide is required which will include all the following

Insert name Word Art
Enter Mihi • Font change
• Colour
• Style
• Use Enter key in correct place
Photo Use camera and take photo of peer
• Download
• Insert
• Edit
• Size to fit
Background Format background using
Fill effects minimum of 2 colours
Custom animation Add effect
File management Save to folder with appropriate name – Mihi
(student name)
Insert new slide New slide opened
Insert clipart Appropriate clip art inserted
Text Hobby or interest heading created
Custom animation Clipart animated using animation options and
Marking Schedule for Year 0-4 Power Point Presentation

Achievement Achievement
Not Achieved Achieved
with Merit with Excellence
All content is there
and has
All content is there
Content Some content is presentation which
Not all content is there and has appropriate
Mihi there has a high standard
presentation design
of design layout
and effects
Photo is presented Photo is imported,
and has text placed in a correct
Photo Has not inserted photo Photo is present wrapping and is position, has text
placed wrapping and
appropriately resized

Has some Has background Has background

Has not inserted
Background background which is fit for which is effective
effects purpose and is effective

Has animated work

Has animation
Custom Has no animation Has some which is effective
which is fit for
animation sequence animation and used

Is filed and named

appropriately under
File Is filed and named
Has not filed info in Is filed under my documents and
manageme under my
correct place my documents in a folder
nt documents

Achievement Achievement with
Not Achieved Achieved
with Merit Excellence
Design: Overall design,
The overall Overall design,
• Capture Has not met length and
design and length and
the desired content is of an
Audience length is content is of a
criteria excellent
• Length appropriate high standard
• Layout