Black Friday: Nov. 25, 2011

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Growth in unique visitors, by percent

Results are among the top four most visited retail properties on Black Friday. Excludes auction sites (e.g. eBay). Black Friday 2010 vs. Black Friday 2009 TARGET BEST BUY SITES WAL-MART AMAZON 1% SITES -1%


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$10.66 B

2009 Black Friday retail sales

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Up 0.5% from 2008

$10.69 B

2010 Black Friday retail sales
Up 0.3% from 2008

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Dangers of shopping
• A man in Roanoke, Va., shopping at Best Buy was recorded on video assaulting another shopper.
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• At a store outside Columbus, Ohio, several employees were pinned against stacks of merchandise while customers rushed in.

• In 2008, a crowd of approximately 2,000 shoppers in Valley Stream, N.Y., waited outside the local Wal-Mart. When the doors were unlocked, the crowd broke the door

down and trampled a 34-year-old employee to death. • A man in Buffalo, N.Y., was trampled at a Target store in 2010.