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Emerging Trends

Emerging Trends

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Published by: Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav on Nov 18, 2011
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Emerging Trends in Job Market

Emerging trends in the job market

The world of work is changing in myriads of ways and at rapid and intense speed Technology significantly plays a crucial role in harmonizing, within and across industries Talented people are in demand all over the world

Working culture
 Many companies in India have adopted 24 hrs working culture  The work is performed in rotational shift schedule  Pick up and drop facility is provided for the employees  Recreational activities are provided to motivate the employees.

International job scenario
 Indian students are achieving high academic standards and making it to the honour roll  More openings are available to Indians in the international job market  Major areas of specialization include, IT, Management, Accountancy, Engineering, finance, pharmacy, software, BPO ect.

Performance linked salary
 Hiring good people and treating them well is critical to the success of the company  Performance linked salary is becoming a common trend in job market  In most firms, performance criteria are linked to individual, team and company performance  Doors are wide open for performers and one can walk with good salary

Shift of focus from employer to employee
 A significant emerging trend in the job market is the growing importance of the employees.  In the growing tendency of job, the employers are offered competitive salary and other benefits.  “quality of people is a key determinant of success in a rapidly changing world”.

Recruiters expect
Factors needed to ensure getting a well paid job are  Relevant Qualifications and Experience,  Intelligence and knowledge,  Creativity and a dynamic personality  One has to be smart to understand what would work, where and when.

Creativity at work
 “set your own targets, achieve your own goals”  Create opportunities for yourself  The present day companies are willing to give you the freedom to work creatively.  The company give freedom for growth and benefit of the company for which you work.

All rounders
 The recruiters select an average academic record but possess certain qualities that are a „must‟ in a practical business.  The recruiters look for all rounders.  Theoretical knowledge is put aside once you become a part and parcel of today‟s corporate world.

All rounders
 The recruiters look for in a candidate with a team spirit  They look for a candidate who can successfully work in coordination with staff  They look for a candidate who is dedicated and committed to work for the company

Leadership and vision
 Any management look for people with leadership and vision  Any candidate should have the ability to lead and motivate a team  Any candidate should have the ability to create strategies to meet new challenges  Proper educational qualifications are a must for all position

New thoughts and new energy
 Candidate having a positive outlook is important  A consistently good academic record is a proof for that the student  Based on their intelligence and knowledge their performance is evaluated.

Qualities expected by the organization
 Highly competent, motivated, innovative approach, negotiating skills  Excellent public relations and inter personal skills, pleasing personality, smartness, good academic records  Creativity, exceptional conceptual, analytical, extremely good and active contacts within the industry  Good track records of success, gogetter, dynamic in nature

Employment opportunities:
 The job market being highly competitive today, it is desirable to posses additional relevant qualifications  This will provide an edge and enhance your chances of getting a lucrative job.  For a gainful employment in addition to a degree other professional qualifications are essential requirements.

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